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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-04-26 06:21:38

Sappi InTouch 18_08

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
26 April 2018
Business Leadership South Africa works to build the economy
South Africa is strong when business is strong. With its tagline ‘#BusinessBelieves in South Africa’, Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) aims to support the development of a prosperous South Africa by building a strong and inclusive business environment.
BLSA is an independent association of 80
of South Africa’s largest and most well- known companies, including Sappi, who use this forum to exchange ideas of national interest, and to create effective dialogue with government and other stakeholders.
BLSA has been vocal against state capture and corruption (both in the public and the private sectors); it has supported action
to protect our Constitution and remains focused on demonstrating that business
is a national asset, central in addressing poverty, unemployment, economic injustice, workplace transformation and racism.
and commitments over many years. An update is provided in Sappi Southern Africa’s latest 2017 Sustainability Report, which is available on Sapp iNet, on the Sappi website, as well as from your local communication manager.
Find out more about this business forum and its activities at
As a forum, BLSA (and its members) signed a ‘contract with South Africa’ in 2017, pledging to do all it can to:
} Create jobs by growing the economy
} Encourage and empower senior black
} Invest in South Africans
} Invest in communities
} Support small businesses
} Condemn and root out corruption.
Sappi is fully committed to these objectives and has a proud track record of actions
Watch this space for more articles on Sappi’s involvement with BLSA and its ‘contract with South Africa’.

All eyes on our 2017 SSA
Sustainability Report
26 April 2018
The new Sappi Southern Africa Sustainability Report is a worthwhile read and focuses on how we use a strategy of shared value – based on the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and prosperity – to unlock socio-economic development through our actions, processes and policies.
“Creating Shared Value is fundamental to our business as it enables us to unlock socio-economic development opportunities that lead to mutual bene ts,” said Director: Strategy and Business Development of Sappi Southern Africa, Tyrone Hawkes.
Highlights in the report:
} Growing our supply chain and developing local economies through Khulisa
} Empowering communities to create their own wealth
} Educating our employees to improve safety
} Engaging our employees and investing in our people
} Investing in Early Childhood Development
} Developing, protecting and imparting of skills
} Our active role in transformation
} Our plantation trails help grow local economies.
Find the 2017 Sappi Southern Africa Sustainability Report online at:
The printed report will follow and will showcase a combination of Sappi’s packaging and printing paper grades.
New appointments in Procurement
The following new appointments and promotions have been made in the Sappi South African Procurement business:
• General Manager: Sourcing (from 01 May 2018)
Carel Opperman, currently General Manager: Procurement will assume the role of
General Manager: Sourcing, replacing Etienne Ernst who is being promoted to General Manager Pulp Specialised Cellulose, Sappi Trading in Hong Kong. Carel has ful lled various procurement roles during his 23
years at Sappi.

General Manager: Procurement
(from 01 May 2018)
Stafford Augustine has been appointed as General Manager: Procurement. He will be responsible for regional governance,

Regional Sourcing Manager
(from 01 April 2018)
Preston Mayhew
has been promoted from Procurement Manager to Regional Sourcing Manager: Capex/Projects. He will be responsible for major capex sourcing
mill procurement support, RHO purchasing, regional technical and capex/projects sourcing. Stafford joins us from Alexander Forbes.
supporting Regional Technical and Mill Engineering, as well as providing support to mill procurement managers.
We wish them all the best in their new roles.

26 April 2018
Sappi has a Substance of Abuse policy
The safety and wellbeing of our staff is important to us and our Substance of Abuse policy – in line with legislation – is there to protect us.
The Drugs and Drug Traf cking Act of 1992 de nes substance of abuse as any illegal drug, or legal psychoactive drug, obtained and/or used without legal prescription or consumed beyond their therapeutic intent.
The Act includes natural or synthetic substances which, when consumed or used in their natural form, may affect normal brain functioning resulting in alterations in perception, memory, coordination, concentration, mood, consciousness, cognition and behaviour.
• When there is reasonable suspicion that someone may be intoxicated.
• When an employee conducts high-risk tasks as part of his/ her job, eg re ghters, drivers or staff members working at heights.
Should there be reasonable suspicion that a person is using a substance of abuse that could lead to impairment, a urine test will be done by the Occupational Health practitioner on site.
When does Sappi test for substance abuse?
Click here to read the policy online or nd it on Sappi Net under the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ tab > ‘Policies and Procedures’.
GSAW 2018
is about owning and sharing safety
‘Own Safety, Share Safety’ – that’s
the theme of this year’s Global Safety Awareness Week (GSAW), which will take place from 11-15 June 2018.
This theme encourages us to take ownership of our behaviour and actions, and to share that sense of responsibility with one another.
Let’s share our experiences
Sharing is a basic component of human interaction. It strengthens social ties and contributes to a person’s wellbeing. That is why it’s so important for us to share and collaborate on matters of safety, as we work toward achieving our goal of zero injuries.
The 2018 GSAW theme will also help us develop a safety culture at Sappi that endorses the notion that: “I follow the safety rules because I want to”.
Re-evaluating our safety approach
Sappi is in the process of reassessing its approach to safety by developing a holistic strategy aimed at improving our overall safety performance. It is this shared responsibility and collaborative effort that will help us achieve our goals.
“We encourage each of our business units and contractors to commemorate Global Safety Awareness Week with activities and events that highlight this theme and our commitment to achieving zero injuries,” said Group Head Technology, Gary Bowles.
Lucky completes his diploma
Congratulations to Lucky Sebothoma (Junior IT Technician) for completing his National Diploma in Engineering: Computer Systems at the Tshwane University of Technology.
What do we celebrate on 27 April?
Friday 27 April is Freedom Day – a day on which we commemorate the rst democratic, non-racial elections held on 27 April 1994. It is a day on which South Africans are encouraged to commemorate the pain of the past and join hands to celebrate the future together.
While enjoying this public holiday, take time to re ect on and appreciate our uniqueness as a nation – people with multiple ethnic, cultural and national backgrounds who can apply their diversity to build a better South Africa. What contribution can you make?

26 April 2018
Up close with...
Pramy Moodley, Chief Financial Of cer Sappi Southern Africa
The Moodley family (from left): Pramy, Priyen (2), Kirushen (7) and Kreesan.
11.What can’t you live without? My contact lenses... I’m blind
without them!
12.What don’t people at Sappi know about you? I spent
the majority of my life growing up on a farm, surrounded by cows, chickens and horses.
13.What excites you about working for Sappi? Being part of a global company that has evolved over
time; one that is continually growing.
Pramy Moodley and husband, Kreesan. They’ve been married for eight years.
Who should be featured next? You can nominate
Who at Sappi Head Of ce would you like to know more about? A senior manager, a quiet colleague, someone everyone deals with, or one of our execs? We invite you to nominate speci c people you would like to
see featured in the ‘Up Close with...’ column.
Send your suggestion/s to
[email protected]
1.What makes you happy? Spending time with my family.
Playing with my kids takes me back to my youthful days, although they have more energy than I used to have.
2.How do you deal with stress? Baking. I enjoy being in the kitchen.
It’s my space to relax.
3.What is your most treasured possession? My two children, who
are always competing for my attention.
4.Who is the person in history you admire the most?
Mahatma Gandhi. He was one of the world’s most in uential leaders who taught us about tolerance, planning, perseverance and being persistent.
5.What is your favourite book?
I don’t have one, but when I do have
the time I read a variety of books.
6.What is your favourite movie or play?
Pretty Women – I loved the iconic red dress worn by Julia Roberts and the tale from rags to riches.
7.Share a hidden gem in SA that is worth a visit. Not a hidden
gem, but visiting the beaches on the North Coast for shing.
8. I worked as a trainee accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
9.Which talent would you most like to have? In my younger days,
I wished I was a music star, but sadly I don’t have the talent.
What was your rst job?
Honesty and integrity.
What character trait do you
value most in a person?

26 April 2018
To You
Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate their birthdays:
26 Candice Petrus 28 Sonja Farndon 28 De Wet Brummer May
04 Wayne Davis
05 Merten Jansen van Rensburg
06 Martin Mthembu
08 Louis Kruyshaar
10 Paul van Niekerk
11 Madelaine Fourie
11 Janice Gaitskill 17 Andre Schoeman
17 Joyce Van Wyk
18 Angela Teen
19 Robert Watkins
23 Logadarashini Govender 25 Siyanda Gama
28 Natasha Jackson
28 Sulochana Nair
29 Sipho Ngubane
29 Michiel van der Walt 31 Lebogang Shabangu 31 Graeme Wild
Use turnstiles correctly
For safety purposes, please ensure that you use the correct turnstiles in the reception area.
The employee turnstiles (indicated in red) should preferably only be used by Sappi employees when entering and exiting the building through the reception area.
Guests should enter and exit through the visitors’ gate (indicated in blue).
The arms of the turnstile gates are programmed on a timer. This means
that only one person can go through the turnstile gate at a time. The arm will then automatically drop to its original position.
When accompanying guests, you can scan your nger to open the gate (wait for the light to turn green), and then open the visitors’ gate for the guest/s. The gate can be opened in both directions.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Medical aid news: Rules about child dependants
Sappi members on the Bestmed and Sizwe medical aids should take note of the following rules regarding child dependants turning 21 years of age:
} According to Bestmed rules, a dependant turning 21 will remain a ‘child dependant’ until the age of 26 (provided they are studying full time at a recognised institution in South Africa).
} According to Sizwe rules, a dependant turning 21 will remain a ‘child dependant’ until the age of 24 (with the same study requirements as above).
} Bestmed and Sizwe will notify the principal member a few weeks
prior to the dependant turning 21, requesting proof that the dependant is studying and registered.
} Should they not receive proof of study, the dependant will be terminated from membership during the month they turn 21.
} Bestmed: Proof of study has to
be submitted annually until the dependant has reached the age of 26.
} Sizwe: Proof of study has to be submitted annually until the dependant has reached the age of 24.

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