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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-06-06 04:26:13

Sappi InTouch 18_11

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
06 June 2018
Get ready: GSAW is coming up next week
Sappi Rosebank will be commemorating Global Safety Awareness Week – ‘Own Safety, Share Safety’ – with several activities during 11-15 June 2018. You are all invited (and encouraged) to dedicate time during this period to participate in the planned activities.
} Hazard Hunt
Monday 11 June: Each staff member will receive a form for the Hazard Hunt. You will have from 11-13 June to nd ten hazards at Head Of ce. Clues will be provided on
the form.
When you have found all the hazards, put your entry form into the demarcated box in the pantries. Each completed entry will go into a lucky draw to win a weekend away for two, sponsored by Bleekers Travel.
Also, on this form will be a section for a safety suggestion. Give us your best safety suggestion on how you think safety could be improved at the Rosebank of ce. The ve best suggestions will receive prizes. The prizegiving will take place on Friday 15 June after the planned evacuation.
} Own your ergonomics workshop
Wednesday 13 June: Suede Wellness, who provide our onsite physiotherapy, will hold a fun and interactive ‘Own your ergonomics’ workshop. Suede Wellness will share professional advice and demonstrations on correct ergonomic practices.
Considering that many of us spend most of our day at our desks, correct and incorrect ergonomic practices can have a huge impact on our health. There will also be lucky draw prizes up for grabs.
} Planned evacuation
Friday 15 June: The week of GSAW activities will end with a planned evacuation, after which the prize-giving for the Hazard Hunt and safety suggestions will take place.
} Krav Maga Self-Defence workshop
Thursday 14 June: The Elite Self Defence Academy will host an exciting ‘Krav Maga’ Self Defence Workshop. Learn and practice skills that will help protect you in life- threatening circumstances. Share these skills with your family members at home.
See you there! Bring along your best ideas and loads of enthusiasm.

06 June 2018
Global Safety Awareness Week 11-15 June 2018
Join these activities taking place for Global Safety Awareness Week next week!
Three days, 10 hazards will you nd them all?
Entry forms will be made available on Monday 11 June 2018. All completed entry forms will be entered into a lucky draw to win awesome prizes including a weekend away for two sponsored by Bleekers Travel!
HAZARD HUNT 11-13 June 2018
Krav Maga Self-Defence Workshop
Own your ergonomics
• Posture analysis
• Learn correct ergonomic practice
• Excercise and stretches for the workplace
Lucky draw prizes up for grabs!
Attend and you could win an Elite Self-Defence Hamper packed with self-defence goodies!
Thursday 14 June 2018 | 11:30-12:30 | Oxford Room
Book with [email protected] by 07 June 2018.
Wednesday 13 June 2018 | 11:30-12:30 | Oxford Room
Book with [email protected] by 07 June 2018.
Own Safety, Share Safety

Sappi a visible
presence at KAP
To foster employee
engagement and promote
our brand, we once again
sponsored ve teams at
the KAP Sani2C held
in May this year – a challenging three-day, 263km MTB stage race.
Although Sappi is not a sponsor of this popular event, it serves an excellent brand- building opportunity as large parts of the race traverse our plantation land in KwaZulu- Natal. Banners are visible along the route, our Sappi-sponsored teams compete in branded gear and even some our plantation workers go out to greet riders and cheer them on.
The ve Sappi teams were chosen on merit, based on their motivation for wanting to compete in the race. As one of our riders, Jon Shepard, puts it, “Mountain-biking is an adventurous sport. It evokes a spirit of exploration and risk-taking. Riding the Sani2C opens doors to a world of possibilities, allowing you to gain access to places often too remote for the average person.”
Sappi on :
keeping you
up to date
Find out what’s hot and happening in Sappi, and ‘like’ and ‘share’ it with the rest of the world. The Sappi Southern African Facebook page contains some of the latest information and links to company and industry news relevant to the SSA region.
Want to know who won the recent Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival? Curious about what inspired the 2018 Sappi Calendar artists to create their master works of art? Want to see how Sappi’s Abashintshi are changing their lives and their communities?
Find these and many other stories on our SSA Facebook page: @SappiGroup
Long Service Award
06 June 2018
Well done to our teams on completing the 2018 race successfully and ying the Sappi ag high.
Next up for MTB enthusiasts: Sappi Scottburgh MTB and Trail Run, 22-22 July 2018. Check it out on Facebook (Scottburgh MTB).
“What a fantastic experience, one of those bucket list events for a South African biker! Thanks to Sappi for giving us the opportunity to be part of it.” A post-race comment from Sappi rider Trevor Harrison
Gavin and David Green, two of the proud riders in Sappi forestry workers greeting some our riders along Sappi gear. the KAP Sani2C route.
Alex Thiel (CEO Sappi Southern Africa) with Heleen Meyer, who recently celebrated 10 years of long service. Congratulations Heleen!

06 June 2018
Up close with...
Glen Pearce, Chief Financial Of cer
Glen Pearce, Sappi Chief Financial Of cer
I am happiest when... I’m in a busy
3. I am inspired by... people who follow their passion and dreams, and in spite of the odds against them, succeed
because they believe in themselves and the people around them.
4. I laughed out loud the day... my eldest son landed his rst job, which
he is doing during his summer vacation.
It’s a gardening job for the university he is at. When he was growing up, he always managed to dodge mowing the lawn or anything to do with the garden. He now literally has acres of lawn to mow, and miles of hedges to prune! What goes around, comes around...
5. I can’t live without... avocados, chocolate milkshakes and laughter.
6. My favourite read is... Homo Deus by Yuval Harari. It is a brilliantly written
book detailing the progression of human beings from the start of civilisation to where we are now, and what is to follow.
7. I love watching... various Net ix series. My most recent favourites are
Fauda, Mindhunter and Narcos, because they are non- ction and show life for what it is; as opposed to what people make it out to be.
Glen enjoying some time away on the Vaal River.
8. My favourite holiday spot is... where there are waves that can be surfed.
9. In my spare time I.... keep t and play guitar.
10. My rst job was... sweeping the pavement on Ladbroke Grove
in London. I received a 10-minute training session about which broom to use where, and what to do with the rubbish afterwards.
11. I love working at Sappi... rstly and most de nitely because of the
people who are working here. Secondly, seeing where we have come from and where we are going.
Who should be featured next? You can nominate
Who at Sappi Head Of ce would you like to know more about? A senior manager, a quiet colleague, someone everyone deals with, or one of our execs? We invite you to nominate speci c people you would like to
see featured in the ‘Up Close with...’ column.
Send your suggestion/s to
[email protected]
environment, things are pumping, people are being creative and where there is a lot of noise and excitement. The anticipation of doing something special or moving together in the same direction.
I get a thrill out of getting people contributing in ways they never thought they could. We just recently arranged a team building day, which included being locked in a room with a group of four/ ve people. You had to search for clues to solve a murder and in
the process, get yourself out of the room. The objective was to simulate a stressful environment (there was a time constraint) and get people to work together. We had a particularly good team and managed to do it within the allotted time. Great stuff!
2. When I feel stressed out I... play my guitar. I have only ever owned one
guitar, which I bought in 1977. When you play music, I am told, you use a different part of the brain. It certainly works for me.

06 June 2018
Simpli ed sign language – a tool to help
us all
Sign language is an effective way to empower people with a disability, but others can bene t from it too. In its simplest form, it is equally helpful when used by parents and their young kids. and babies/toddlers.
At Sappi, many of us are parents of babies or young children or have friends or family members with kids who are still learning to speak. We often see how, when these youngsters can’t communicate constructively, they get frustrated, which leads to tantrums and meltdowns.
Many of us have also experienced the feeling of helplessness when trying to comfort an inconsolable baby or toddler, guessing at what they want.
Baby sign language allows babies and toddlers to communicate what they want. They can tell you if they want their teddy bear, when they are hungry, if it is too hot, or if their tummy hurts. Families that sign report that both parents and child experience less frustration.
Emotional bene ts
Being able to communicate better with your baby forges a closer bond. The better you are able to understand each other, the greater the feeling of closeness. Parents have reported the following bene ts of signing:
} Parents and kids using sign language feel closer and more tuned in to each other
} Babies that sign, experience fewer moments of distress and frustration
} Parents report feeling better about themselves as parents, and more con dent.
Cognitive bene ts
Early exposure to signing helps babies develop their language and reasoning skills. While other babies are still yelling to get what they want, babies that use sign language are learning how to communicate with words and simple phrases.
Studies show long-term cognitive bene ts, including:
} +12 IQ point advantage
} Larger speaking vocabulary and ability to form longer sentences } Earlier reading and larger reading vocabulary
} Better grades in school.
Learn more about this topic in sources such as (Baby Signing – Bridging Communication).
What’s happening in Joburg
Out and about in
Looking for something to do over
the weekend? The website www. lists some exciting regulars:
Rosebank Sunday Market
Photo credit: Justin Lee
Rosebank Sunday Market
A wide-ranging rooftop market on the top of the Rosebank Mall, specialising in colourful crafts and artworks, with a healthy handful of gourmet food stalls and local fashion thrown into the mix.
When? Every Sunday, 09:00 to 16:00
First Thursdays Rosebank
On the rst Thursday of every month, you can enjoy contemporary art, live music, DJ sets, poetry, performance art, pop-up bars and much more at 19 Keyes Avenue. free and most events run between 17:00 and 22:00.
When? Between 17:00 and 22:00. Entrance is free.
Picnics in the sky
Fancy a picnic with a difference? Start your day at the Market on Main market in Maboneng, where you’ll be handed a picnic basket
to ll up with treats from the food stalls. Then hop on a shuttle bus
to be whisked away to the Roof
of Africa on the 50th oor of the Carlton Centre to enjoy an urban picnic with a view of the city skyline from 222 metres above ground.
eMail [email protected] for bookings.
When? 11:00-14:00, every Sunday. R250 for adults/R100 for kids

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