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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-05-10 05:25:59

Sappi InTouch 18_09

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
10 May 2018
Thanks for bringing our leave balance down
Having annual leave and not using it, is almost like getting a birthday present and not opening it. You are likely to enjoy the gift and it may even add value to your life, but you’re just too busy to unwrap it...
For several years, this seemed to be the case at Sappi. We had too many employees who had too many accumulated leave days. Not only did this jeopardise the overall wellbeing of staff, but also the company’s nancial liability.
“As a result, we appealed to people to help bring down Sappi Southern Africa’s leave balance. We also asked that they get themselves in line with our new 30-day leave cap policy requirement,” explains General Manager: Remuneration and Bene ts, Barbara Verster-Nowak.
A cap of 30 days of accumulated annual leave was implemented on 01 April 2018. This means that employees are required to
have a maximum leave balance of no more than 30 days a year.
People listened
“We want to thank staff for their tremendous effort in heeding this call,” says Barbara.
The leave reduction process turned out to be very successful, with up to 88% of employees complying with the new rule. Only 12% still need to bring their leave days in line with the 30-day cap.
It’s a win-win
“Taking the annual leave days due to
you, is a win-win for the business and our workforce,” adds Barbara. “It lessens our legal responsibility, simpli es administration,
adds to productivity and improves the general wellbeing of staff.
“We therefore ask that you continue to use your leave as required.”
There’s a deadline
Staff have until 31 December 2018 to align their leave balances with our annual leave policy. As an added incentive for this period, an encashment option – ‘take one day’s leave, cash one day’s leave’ – is available to those with leave of more than 30 days.
On 01 January 2019, SAP will be programmed to only allow leave accumulation of 30 days.
Click here to read Sappi’s leave policy, or nd it on Sappi Net (listed under Information Centre > Sappi Southern Africa > Human Resources > HR Policies and Procedures).

Need extra motivation
to take a break?
Do you nd it hard to go on leave? There are many good reasons why it’s crucial for you to take an occasional break from work.
Get the most from your time away
Not everyone can afford the luxury of spending their leave at a holiday destination. And you don’t need to. You can still reap the bene ts by breaking away from normal routine and making time for the things you never have time for.
10 May 2018
#1 It resets your mind:
On, Minda Zetlin cites scienti c evidence that suggest if you “push yourself through too many hours or days per work, your brain starts to push back. Ideas that once owed easily dry up, and tasks that you should be able to complete quickly becomes extremely dif cult.” Getting some rest will help to change that.
#2 It promotes creativity:
More companies recognise the value of taking time off, especially when it’s done to pursue your own creative ideas. Timi Gustafson notes on Huf ngton Post: “Forward-thinking companies like Google are well known for their efforts to enhance creativity by giving employees time off to pursue ideas of their own, regardless of the outcome. Some of their best ideas have come out of that policy.”
} Rekindle neglected relationships. Make some phone calls to old friends, spend more time with the kids, plan a romantic evening with your spouse and visit relatives that you haven’t seen in
a while.
} Re-establish healthy habits and ditch the bad ones. Go to bed early, eat well-balanced meals, get some exercise, spend time outdoors soaking up the sun, walking the dog or puttering in the garden. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy it.
} Rediscover your hobbies and interests. Do at least one activity per day that makes you truly happy – something that you are passionate about.
} Make time to do nothing, and don’t feel guilty about it. Look, you’re busy most of time, so when taking time off, it makes sense to doing nothing at all – at least for an hour or so a day. Use it.
} Stay of ine for a while. Don’t check your eMails, if possible don’t answer work calls, keep your laptop stored away and limit your time on social media. The more you can break
away from normal routine, the more refreshed you’ll return to work.
Take that break and enjoy it. It’s Sappi’s gift to you.
#3 It improves work-life balance:
Taking time off helps to remind you that you are a person with interests and hobbies outside of work. So, “take the time to remember what they are and make sure your schedule them into your weekly routine,” says Carolyn Steber
in her article ( on the health bene ts of taking time off.
#4 It refocuses your priorities.
Technology enables us to be on call 24/7, blurring out the boundaries on
our personal time and putting strain on our relationships. Taking leave – and staying of ine for a while – has helped many people to readjust their priorities and set healthier goals for a happier, more ful lled life. Take a break and give yourself this opportunity.

10 May 2018
Sappi Global Technical Innovation Awards
Our technical innovators
are thinking ahead
Congratulations to the Spraytec technology team from Sappi Kirkniemi Mill in Finland, who won the 2017 Global Technical Innovation Award (TIA) in London earlier this week.
Other Global TIA nalists
From Sappi North America
Who? Mark Philbrick, Mike Tripp, Ken Robey, Bob Murray and Mark Reifschnider from the Technology Centre and Westbrook Mill
What? Nano-Macro UC Textures and Sleeve Mounting project, which enabled the Ultracast business to expand into new biomedical and fashion markets with functional biomimicry- inspired textures.
Two members of the 2017 Sappi Global TIA winning team, Janne Lehtimäki and Satu Karjalainen from Kirkniemi Mill, being congratulated by
Steve Binnie (CEO, Sappi Limited).
The theme for TIA 2017 was ‘Think Ahead’, and the winners and nalists and displayed exactly this approach in their entries.
The winning Kirkniemi team – consisting of Satu Karjalainen, Janne Lehtimäki and Jari Nikkinen – developed a product that made the seemingly unreachable goal of glossy paper with an exceptionally high bulk, a reality.
The entry was chosen by the judges for its ability to nd a solution where others have failed, enabling Sappi to supply a pro table product that ful ls characteristics required by customers. It’s also a technology that can be used throughout the group.
“Thinking ahead underpins our strategic approach. Our 2020Vision provides the base on which our R&D and
technical innovation programmes are built. During 2018, we begin to consolidate the ideas that will become our plan for 2025.
– Steve Binnie, Sappi CEO
North American nalists Mike Tripp joined by Mike Haws (VP: Manufacturing, SNA).
From Sappi Southern Africa
Who? Jandri de la Rey and Lofté Grobler from the Sappi Technology Centre and Tugela Mill
What? NSSC Digester Control Optimisation strategy, which allows Tugela Mill to deliver high quality lignosulphonate, reliably and consistently.
From left (back): Gary Bowles (Group Head Technology), Alex Thiel (CEO, SSA) and Pat McGrady (VP: Manufacturing and Technical, SSA). Front: Jandri de la Rey and Lofté Grobler (SSA nalists).

10 May 2018
Up close with...
Fergus Marupen, Group Head Human Resources
4.Who is the person in history you admire the most?
Barry Godi, who founded Motown and introduced many talented groups and individual singers to the world stage.
What is your favourite book?
10.What character trait do you value most in a person?
11.What can’t you live without? Going to Outdoor Warehouse
and buying something I don’t need. I have bought all the camping gear, but still need to do the camping. My wife is my partner in crime – we always nd something that we can use for our braais at home.
12.What don’t people at Sappi know about you? I’m the
resident DJ for all our family and friends gatherings – everybody rst make sure
that I will be around and available before con rming the party details. They will even change the date for the parties just to make sure I’m there.
13. What excites you about working for Sappi? I joined
Sappi in 2015 just before we launched our 2020Vision. Sappi is a vibrant company, with good and committed people. I like the focus of our vision, the dedicated and very clever people, our innovative products and our commitment to our communities.
Fergus, Judy , Yarel and Taryne. September 2006, Orange River canoe trip.
I don’t have a favourite book, but
like to read books about SA politics (A Rumour of Spring and The President’s Keepers), as well as books on investments (When is enough, enough).
Fergus Marupen and his wife Judy at Diemersdal,a hidden gem close to Blouberg Strand.
1.What makes you happy? When the Bulls are winning I’m
happiest. I also love spending time with my family and friends.
2. How do you deal with stress? I run almost every morning, or as time
and weather permits. It helps me to clear my mind and re ect on the day ahead. However, at times the run can be stressful. My team members follow me on Strava (a mobile app for runners and cyclists), where they can see how good or bad my run was, or whether I even went for a run.
3.What is your most treasured possession? My personal laptop
with all my music and photos of family and friends taken over many, many years. My life is in there.
From left: Fergus, Judy, Charlie and Jane Clarke, and Linsley Jordan at the nish line of the Petra Desert Marathon in 2017.
What is your favourite movie
or play?
There are many favourites, but one that always stands out is Taken – I love the line that Liam Neeson says to the kidnappers, “I have a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a long time. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you and I will nd you and I will kill you”. I have watched that movie many times.
8.What was your rst job?
A teacher at Prosperitus Secondary
School in Eersterust, Pretoria.
9.Which talent would you most like to have? I always wanted to
be a singer, but got booted off the church choir at a very young age. I would like to learn how to play the drums though – it requires rhythm, good hand, eye and feet coordination, and it serves as a lead for the band.
Share a hidden gem in SA
that is worth a visit. Blouberg Strand – especially late March. Beautiful weather, long stretches of almost unspoilt beach. Long uninterrupted stretches to run or walk, friendly people, really good wine farms close by and, of course, if you want to let your hair down (I don’t have any) the Blue Peter and Jamie’s. There is some really good restaurants in Blouberg Strand.

10 May 2018
New Bestmed App
to get membership info
As a member of the Bestmed medical aid scheme, you may be looking for an easy way to obtain information such as bene t statements and membership certi cates.
Some of your options are...
} To contact their call centre: 086 000 2378.
} Or to send an eMail to [email protected]
But there is a quicker, easier way....
The Bestmed App has now been updated with a fresh new look and better features to save you time and money. It’s more user-friendly and has been designed to put all your essential medical information at your ngertips.
To make the most of the new features, remove the old Bestmed App from your phone and download the new version from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
You’ll notice that the updated App has a new icon and an easy-to-use slide-out menu, giving you access to the following functions:
For more information, visit
} Download your tax certi cate
} Obtain a membership certi cate
} Get automatic updates on scheme communications } Find information on all bene ts
} Update your personal details
} Submit your chronic medicine application
} Search for a healthcare professional in your area.
Mpho gets her MBA
Mpho Lethoko (General Manager, Communications, Sappi Southern Africa) recently graduated with an MBA quali cation from GIBS. Her thesis topic was on 'The effectiveness of board directors who belong to multiple boards in South Africa'. Other GIBS graduates from Sappi who received their MBAs this year were Neeshan Sanker from Ngodwana Mill and Ashika Singh from KZN Forests.
Well done to Mpho Lethoko, who graduated with an MBA from GIBS. }

10 May 2018
Shine like the star you are
Universal Pro le Competition:
Congratulations to the following people from Regional Head Of ce who completed their Universal Pro les and one Udemy course in January:
} Bilal Vahed
} Ellenore Melrose
} Fumani Nkuna
} Indrani Moodley
} Kagisio Mamabolo } Yolene Moodley
} Khethiwe Hlubi
A complete Universal Pro le will:
} Make you stand out and open up new opportunities
} Assist our HR team with identifying internal talent and
skills that match up to new jobs that become available
} Improve your development discussions.
From left: Fumani Nkuna (completed Universal Pro le), Jessica Nkosi (Human Resources), Khethiwe Hlubi (completed Universal Pro le), Soné Heyneke (Human Resources) and Kagiso Mamabolo (copleted Universal Pro le).

10 May 2018
Let’s get well, let’s get walking.
Wear your takkies to work during AmaTeki Week 07-11 May 2018.
Join the daily walks and win!
• Meet at reception at 11:30 sharp for a 30 minute guided walk
• Each time you walk is an entry into the lucky draw to win one of four Mr Price Sport Vouchers
• Bring a buddy and receive an additional entry into the draw!
• Lucky draw will take place on Friday 11 May at 13:00 in the canteen
During AmaTeki Week:
• Ditch the lift and take the stairs.
• Join the AmaTeki Week Walks.
• Take regular breaks away from your computer.
• Walk whenever possible.
Did you know:
Lucky draw prizes:
First prize: R1,000 Mr Price Sport Voucher Second prize: R500 Mr Price Sport Voucher Third prize: R250 Mr Price Sport Voucher Fourth prize: R250 Mr Price Sport Voucherer
By raising our heart rate, stair-climbing helps protect against high blood pressure, weight gain and clogged arteries. This lowers the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, vascular dementia and even some cancers. Stair-climbing also exercises our bones and muscles, improving strength, bone density and muscle tone. This is especially important for women in sedentary office jobs, as they have a significantly higher osteoporosis risk than men. Incidental physical activities like stair-climbing are also associated with improved mental health. It helps our bodies to release endorphins, the so-called feel-good hormones. It also provides us with time to think and reflect, which are key factors in managing everyday stress and tensions.

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