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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-04-11 04:08:35

Sappi InTouch 18_07

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
Team Sappi does well
11 April 2018
at the JP Morgan Challenge
It was a great day of running, walking and building team spirit at the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge held on Thursday, 05 April 2018. Our Sappi team, consisting of over 50 employees, set a great example of wellness-in-action, whilst fostering camaraderie and promoting the Sappi brand.
Our top runners in the male category included:
Our top runners in the female category included:
Team Sappi... a colourful presence at the 2018 JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.
Time nished:
Waseem Agherdien
Deon van Aarde
Matt Spence
Alex Thiel
Mark Siddall
Time nished:
Heather Carruthers
Tashmeen Authar
Rosa Moodley
Liana van Zyl
Mpho Lethoko
The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Series is a worldwide initiative of 5.6km running events open to groups of employees
from the business and public sectors. Participating companies use the event as
a platform to promote health and tness in the workplace, foster goodwill among their employees, and show their commitment to the community and best environmental practices. Read more at:

Up close with...
Pat McGrady, VP Manufacturing and Technical
11 April 2018
Pat McGrady puttering around on the golf course. He used to be a scratch golfer (a player with the ability to play to a course handicap of zero).
10.What character trait do you value most in a person?
Integrity... no explanation needed.
11.What can’t you live without? I don’t think I could do without
a car.
12.What don’t people at Sappi know about you? I was once
a scratch golfer, but now I just scratch around.
13.What excites you about working for Sappi? The
energy... there is never a dull moment!
Who should be featured next? You can nominate
Who at Sappi Head Of ce would you like to know more about? A senior manager, a quiet colleague, someone everyone deals with, or one of our execs? We invite you to nominate speci c people you would like to
see featured in the ‘Up Close with...’ column.
Send your suggestion/s to
[email protected]
1.What makes you happy?
Of course my family, but Builders
Warehouse is a close second.
2.How do you deal with stress? I relax with a game of scrabble. An
entertaining sitcom such as The Big Bang Theory also does wonders for stress.
3.What is your most treasured possession? I’d say my power drill
is a favourite ... it has afforded me huge brownie points from my wife – an avid collector of art – as her ‘picture hanger’ over the years.
4.Who is the person in history you admire the most?
Neil Armstrong – one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
5.What is your favourite movie or play? Forest Gump – after all, life
is like a box of chocolates.
6.What is your favourite book? Angela’s Ashes by Frank
McCourt....a remarkable, moving and harrowing memoir about the author’s miserable and poverty-stricken childhood in Ireland and his subsequent success in life, despite all that he had been exposed to as a child and the challenges of growing up in such a harsh environment. My father is Irish, so I was able to relate to the Irish humour and sayings.
Share a hidden gem in SA that
is worth a visit. I don’t really know of a hidden gem as I’m a creature of habit, but I can never get enough of losing myself in the Kruger Park.
9.Which talent would you most like to have? I really admire the
tenors, such as Pavarotti, Bocelli and Domingo...I’d probably sound much better in the shower too.
What was your rst job?
I was a week-end barman when I was at University in Durban in the 70s. I’m not sure if the bar made any pro t though.

Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival
It’s time to enter
If you’re a keen mountain biker, or just enjoy some leisurely cycling in the great outdoors, make sure that you enter
the annual Sappi Karkloof MTB Trail Festival, held in the beautiful Karkloof Valley near Howick in KwaZulu-Natal.
The festival takes place on 26 and 27 May 2018, and includes the following races:
11 April 2018
Saturday | 18km Karkloof Trail Run Saturday | 9km Karkloof Trail Run
Sunday | 9km Karkloof Trail Run
Saturday | STIHL Karkloof Enduro
Sunday | Sappi Karkloof 60km Marathon Sunday | aQuelle 40km Half Marathon Sunday | aQuelle 20km Family Ride Sunday | aQuelle 10km Kids Ride and Run
Sappi employees and their families are welcome to come and relax in the Sappi hospitality area on Sunday 27 May 2018.
Check out this handy progress review pocket guide
As we continue on our OneSappi and 2020Vision journey, it is important to remind ourselves of the signi cant achievements we continue to make. A 2020Vision and Strategy update highlights how we delivered on our strategic objectives during 2017.
“Our actions to grow pro tability, target higher-margin growth segments
and push product innovation and development enable us to be agile and to respond to market demand,” said Chief Executive Of cer Steve Binnie. “We are collaborating to build our expertise and acquire technical know-how that will support our high margin growth strategy.”
Steve added, “Our results mean little if we are not a safe company. Safety
at Sappi comes before everything else. We do not accept that injuries and accidents are inevitable. We remain fully committed to our project zero goal of zero injuries and have increased our focus on improved personal behaviour and making safe choices.”
Click here to view the pocket guide online.

11 April 2018
Get your
u vaccine
With the turn of the season, don’t let the u get the better of you. Take preventative measures such as getting a free u vaccine at our Occupational Health and Wellness Clinic (ground oor). Contact Sonél Botha at [email protected] to make an appointment.
You can also act preventatively by:
ü Boosting your immune system with a range of remedies on the market
ü Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
ü Getting enough sleep
ü Practicing good hygiene, eg washing your hands regularly and sanitising your cell phone and other frequently used items in your of ce
ü Exercising. Exercise strengthens the immune system and cuts your risk of getting sick by nearly 50%
ü Staying warm. Research has shown that when cells infected with the cold virus were exposed to a healthy core body temperature, the virus died off more quickly and was unable to replicate itself and spread.
Life Skills
Learn how to manage stress
We’re proud of you Sipho!
Congratulations to Sipho Ngubane (Communications Services and CSI Manager)
for completing his PMD (Programme for Management Development) at GIBBS, the number one business school
in Africa. He also received an award with his syndicate as the top performing group in
the programme.
Prevention starts here
Enrol for the 2018 Life Skills Bootcamp with FAMSA and
gain life long skills to help you balance your life.
Ready for the next Life Skills Bootcamp with FAMSA? The next
Bootcamp sessions (no tness gear required)
topic, ‘Manage stress like a pro’ will take place on 12 April 2018
from 11:00 to 12:00 in the Oxford Training Room. Come and The art Dealing with Power
leaornf chomwmtounciocapteiownith stress in a healthy wacy.ouples
14 February 2018 | 10:00-12:00 tweens so 16 August 2018
Especially with your loved ones!
21 June 2018 11:00-12:00
Learn the secrets of keeping each other happy
they get you
Enrol by sending an eMail to [email protected]
Communication is the key to success.
with FAMSA
the next
donation drive
Date: 26 April 2018
Time: 09:30 – 11:30
Venue: Ground Floor – Training Room
Thank you that we can count on your support.
Learn how to get your
like a pro point across and deal trauma
with di cult situations
Manage stress Navigating
12 April 2018 | 11:00-12:00 18 October 2018

Prescribed Minimum Bene ts:
conditions covered
The Medical Schemes Act provides a list of 270 conditions identi ed as Prescribed Minimum Bene ts. The list is in the form of Diagnosis and Treatment Pairs (DTPs).
11 April 2018
A DTP links a speci c diagnosis to a treatment, therefore broadly indicating how each of the PMB conditions should be treated.
Should there be a disagreement about the treatment of a speci c case, the standards (practice and protocols) in the public sector will be applied.
The 270 conditions that qualify for PMB cover are diagnosis- speci c and include a range of ailments that are divided into 15 broad categories. They can be viewed on the website of the Council of Medical Schemes (
Chronic conditions
The Chronic Disease List (CDL) speci es medication and treatment for the 25 chronic conditions covered as PMBs. View these at the website above.
Emergency medical conditions
An emergency medical condition means the sudden and, at
the time, unexpected onset of a health condition that requires immediate medical treatment and/or an operation. If the treatment is not available, the emergency could result in weakened bodily functions, serious and lasting damage to organs, limbs or other body parts, or even death.
In an emergency, it is not always possible to diagnose the condition before admitting the patient for treatment. However,
if doctors suspect that the patient suffers from a condition covered by PMBs, the medical scheme has to approve treatment. Schemes may request that the diagnosis be con rmed with supporting evidence within a reasonable time.
If you have one of the 25 listed chronic diseases, your medical scheme not only has to cover medication, but also doctors’ consultations and tests related to your condition. The scheme may make use of protocols, formularies (lists of speci ed medicines) and Designated Service Providers (DSPs) to manage this bene t.

11 April 2018

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