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Published by Candace Bentel, 2017-12-13 08:32:09

Sappi Headlines | 13 December 2017

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter 13 December 2017
CEO Awards: They make us proud
Their exceptional commitment to our One Sappi drive, our 2020Vision and our core values have earned several employees special recognition through the Sappi Group Chief Executive’s and Regional CEO Awards for 2017.
Congratulations to the following recipients in South Africa:
Sappi Group Chief Executive’s Award
• Paul Bortolan (General Manager, Paper and Paper Packaging, Sappi Southern Africa): for his contribution to the longevity and pro tability of our newsprint portfolio.
Alex Thiel (CEO Sappi Southern Africa, left) and Steve Binnie (CEO Sappi Limited, right) with some of the local CEO Award recipients: Merten Jansen van Rensburg, Paul Bortolan, Leander Jarvel and Deon van Aarde.
Regional CEO Award – Sappi Southern Africa (SSA)
• Deon van Aarde (Chief Information Of cer, IT): for project managing the head of ce move to our new home in Rosebank.
• Merten Jansen van Rensburg (Regional Risk Services Manager, Manufacturing): for realising ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certi cation for Sappi Southern Africa. The system has enabled the region to improve its energy ef ciency and exceed its Project Ranulph cost-saving targets in 2017.
• Leander Jarvel (Lignin, Sappi Biotech South Africa, previously General Manager: Forests KZN): for being instrumental in revitalising and rebranding Project Grow as Khulisa within Sappi Forests. Today, there are 3,849 growers and R362 million has been paid to participants in the value chain during 2017.
• Melanie Jacobs
(Regional Learning
Manager, HR): for being instrumental in introducing
Udemy as a new online
learning tool within the SSA region. She also helped to develop the new skills training facilities at Saiccor and Ngodwana Mills.
• Mark Barnardo (Senior
Area Manager in the
Highveld, Forestry): for
excellent leadership and
signi cantly exceeding
operational objectives in a consistent manner.
• Schalk Jacobs
(Regional Risk Manager Mpumalanga, Forestry):
for his innovative thinking
and tactical execution in
changing the safety culture in Sappi Forests through the Stop and Think before You Act campaign.
• Tim Netterville (Project Manager (Forestry): for addressing the need for
training of small growers, contractors and others
involved in land reform
projects through the training and development initiative called Khulisa Ulwazi.
In the January/February edition of My Sappi, read what these award recipients say about achieving excellence in one’s job.

headlines 13 December 2017
on long service
Lazarus Machini
Lazarus’ Sappi journey started in 1982 as Logistics Supervisor for Save All Paper, in Alrode. Later, they moved to Germiston and the company’s name changed to Sappi Waste Paper (which, in 2013, became Sappi Re bre).
In 1999, the company was outsourced to Cash for Trash, which later became Remade. “At this juncture my position changed to that of managing the waste paper warehouse in Isando.” Following several transfers, Lazarus was appointed as Logistics Controller. He also managed operational issues concerning waste paper at Sappi mills.
His current job involves logistical functions, as well as assistance in developing new small waste paper suppliers. “It’s been tough but rewarding going through all the changes, but I love what I do. I’m proud to be a ‘true blue’ Sappi employee.”
From left: Alex Thiel (CEO, Sappi Southern Africa) joined by staff members who recently celebrated long service: Lazarus Machini, Deon van Aarde (fourth left) and John Shaw. Fred Brandt (third left) bade Sappi farewell at the same occasion.
Sharing some memories...
Deon van Aarde
In 1993, whilst still being employed as an accountant by the then Timber Industries, Deon managed to burn down half of the guest cottage on the Venus plantation. “Needless to say, within a year I found myself transferred to head of ce to take charge of the SAP implementation.”
Tongue in cheek, Deon recalled how a few blunders followed. “More recently, during the building move from Braamfontein to Rosebank, I’ve managed to get the roof next to Steve’s of ce to collapse on day two, the basement to ood, the phones to work only when they feel like it and the ceiling to spring a leak in the middle of a board meeting!
“But jokes aside, it’s been a privilege to be a Sappi employee. My blood is Sappi blue and I’m excited to be part of our 2020Vision and to work towards One Sappi.”
John Shaw
“I’ve been fortunate that Sappi has afforded me the opportunity to have a varied career, but my managers quickly realised that I should not be kept in the same for position for too long!” says Deon.
John joined Sappi in 2002 in the Corporate Accounting department as Financial Accountant. He was promoted to Group Accounting Manager, and later to his current position of Group Financial Manager.
“Sappi has had a lot of high interest-bearing debt in the past, but thankfully, after much improved results in the last couple of years due to our group strategy, we are now in a much stronger nancial position,” he noted. “That’s good news, rstly as Sappi’s share price has increased substantially, and include a 100% share vesting this year. Secondly, it means I don’t have to do another debt re nancing in the near future.”
John added, “I would like to thank Sappi for the last 15 years. It has been a very interesting and challenging environment. And since I have recently purchased some Sappi shares, I’m looking forward to some further increases in our share price.”

headlines 13 December 2017
Sappi adds eMail tags
to improve cyber safety
Cyber crime is increasing at an alarming rate, posing huge threats to the security of global computer networks, company information and the personal safety of online users.
As a result, Sappi is stepping up its cyber safety security measures by improving the Symantec protection service on our eMail network.
To help you visually identify the nature
of eMails arriving in your inboxes, the Symantec security lter will be con gured to add speci c tags to the subject lines of certain types of eMail messages.
The [Newsletter] tag has been in place for two weeks and the feedback is positive.
The next tag is [EXT], agging eMail sent to you from a non-Sappi user.
How will this be useful?
Many eMails arrive from external sources that are ‘spoo ng’ our executives. For example, what appears to be an eMail from [email protected]; is in reality a message someone pretending to be Steve.
The [EXT] ag will give you a quick visual to know if it is not from an internal Sappi eMail sender, and will alert you if someone is spoo ng an internal Sappi person.
eMails are categorised as [EXT] by Symantec if the sender is not a domain eMail sender.
To recap: If the eMail appears to be from an internal Sappi person and has [EXT] in the subject line, you are being tricked. Delete the eMail, with no further action required, or send the message to [email protected] for further analysis.
why you shouldn’t use designated parking bays
Public parking spaces for people with a disability are situated in convenient spots, but before you take the chance and occupy them without really needing to, consider why they are allocated to people with special needs.
Proximity: The distance to get into the building is shorter, which makes it easier for mobility and visually impaired people to access the building. Designated parking bays are also usually situated near a ramped access point.
Safety: It’s dangerous for a mobility impaired person to cross a car park, as they may not be able to move out of the way of reversing vehicles quick enough. A wheelchair user cannot be easily seen by a driver, especially when reversing. Also, visually or hearing- impaired people may not see or hear vehicles approaching.
Size of parking: Many people with a disability require more space alongside their vehicle (from either the driver or passenger side) to manoeuvre a wheelchair, a prosthetic limb or the like. Wider parking bays are necessary.
So now you know. Never use these parking areas unless you have someone with a disability with you. Also, don’t block access to a ramp by parking in front of it.

headlines 13 December 2017
for the
festive season
Use technology to make this festive season as fun and trouble-free as possible. Here are some useful apps that will come in handy.
• Get creative: Use Pinterest to nd some great (and cheap) festive season DIY gift ideas.
• Find your way: The Waze app is real-time (GPS) navigation, with a difference. While taking you
to your desired location, it also shares other information on route, eg roadblocks, traf c jams, speed cameras, road works and other useful info such as the fuel price.
• Saving lives on the road: CrashDetech is an app that works to reduce the amount of time
it takes for emergency services to get to crash victims. When downloaded to your phone, it automatically detects when you are involved in a vehicle crash. The app will pin-point your location and the nearest ambulance will be dispatched.
• Snap and save: Snap-n-Save helps you save on groceries from your favourite supermarkets. It works like a coupon system where you can book coupons that gives you discount on speci c products. All major grocery chains are featured on this app.
• Make last-minute bookings: Airbnb is an international platform that allows people to offer their homes (or rooms) up for rent. A great way to nd last-minute accommodation or to earn extra cash by renting out your home.
• Impress with your cooking skills: Yummly is a recipe add that allows you to browse millions of recipes, meal plans and food shopping lists.
• Keep your brain active: The Scrabble app allows you to play solo or show off your wordsmith skills by competing against your friends.
• Bad weather? Keep the kids busy by using the Net ix or Showmax online streaming services
to watch some favourite TV shows, movies and documentaries. The kids can even watch their favourite shows and movies on their tablet during a long road trip. But download these in a safe Wi-Fi area to avoid the shock of high data costs.
Early in 2018 we’ll be running a staff competition for the renaming of our Headlines newsletter.
HINT: The new name should re ect our new Head Of ce.
Get your thinking caps on and watch this space for competition details in
the new year edition.
Out with the old,
in with the new

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