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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-11-23 01:22:31

Sappi Typek Special Edition

Special Typek Edition
Live a life of
23 November 2018
note withTypek
New brand campaign launched
You might have seen it on social media. Or on billboards on the highway. Sit up and take note, because Typek – Sappi’s leading brand of multi-purpose of ce paper in the trusted red box – is challenging consumers to nd their best life and live it.
The launch of Typek’s new media campaign, Live a life of note, features some rsts for the brand, including an exciting competition to encourage people to showcase the small inspirational things that make their lives less ordinary. One lucky consumer could win R10,000 when they share how they live a Life of note.
As Vice President Sales and Marketing
for Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging, Richard Wells says, “If something is worth doing it’s worth doing well, which is why the Sappi Typek team want people to live a life of note... and reward them for it.
“Just as we do our best to make sure Typek is as good as it can be, we want people to be inspired to make their lives as good as it can be.”

Extraordinary starts with the small and ordinary
The ‘Live a life of note’ theme is all about the small things in life, and it challenges us to do something ‘extra ordinary’ in our own environment.
Things like waking up half an hour earlier
to watch the sunrise. Baking with the kids, running a half marathon (or doing a Park Run) or starting to save for a dream trip. It’s about doing the little things that make our corner of the globe a bit better. Random acts of kindness that uplift other people.
Just as Typek is as good as it can be, we want to inspire people to make their lives is as good as it can be.
– Richard Wells, VP Sales and Marketing Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging
23 November 2018
A visual, interactive campaign
The campaign is promoted through various out-of-home activations with quirky images in creative spaces that sets the tone for the message. These include:
• Large format billboards that rotate on various highways
• Street pole adverts that supplement Typek’s presence around key areas in Gauteng
• A new addition to the media mix, an integrated social media campaign, with an exciting competition that kicked off on 05 November 2018.
Think red, think Typek
Follow the campaign on social media
• Instagram @TypekSA
• Facebook Typek South Africa
• Hashtags #LiveALifeOfNote #ThinkRed #TypekSA

23 November 2018
Ideas on how to live a life of note
Learn to play a musical instrument. Make a habit of taking ‘friendies’ (sel es of you with your best friends). Earn a scholarship. Start birdwatching. Spend Saturday mornings helping out at a Children’s Home. Write someone special a ‘thank you’ note. Teach yourself to draw. Smile at a stranger. Make a toy for someone. Collect blankets for a charity. Have a party for no reason. Run a half marathon. Plant a tree every month for a year. Start dancing classes. Repaint your room or your house. Start saving for your dream trip. Hang a wind chime in the garden. Take your mom or dad out for a treat. Record your own love song on your phone and send it to someone. Change your job and do something you love. Overcome a phobia.
SRationale behind the brand campaign
appi employed a creative agency it is clear that Typek is made to be the best to assist with the brand campaign. it can be.
Research revealed that the consumer
Why ‘Live a life of note’?
paper category is a very low interest one, with a great deal of parity. Experience have taught us that a purely intrinsic brand approach carries very little weight and is far too imsy to be a real differentiator.
Therefore, a powerful creative strategy must be relevant and should be derived from a meaningful consumer insight and product truth.
Looking closely at Typek and investigating its history and manufacture, we have come to the realisation that it is a brand that has always strived to offer the best in product attributes.
From the upgrades at Sappi Stanger Mill, to the way plantations are sustainably managed to global environmental standards and using waste sugar cane bre to ensure the product is differentiated,
Typek is a modern example of the familiar adage that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
This quest will be shaping the Typek brand going forward and is expressed with the creative slogan, ‘Live a life of note’.
What does the slogan mean?
‘Live a life of note’ can be paraphrased in many ways. Live a noteworthy life. Make it worthwhile. Live a life less ordinary. Search for the things that may have more merit. Strive for the extraordinary.
Just as we do our best to make sure Typek is as good as it can be, Sappi wants to inspire consumers to live a life that is as good as it can be – by doing more of the simple, ordinary things in life, and doing it with a more conscious state-of-mind.
Typek is already a trusted brand, but now more people can also associate with the campaign’s ethos – and be inspired to live their best life while doing so. – Michelle Thain
From past to present
Sappi started manufacturing A4 paper in 1971. Over the years, we have had several rebrands on packaging and positioning to keep the brand fresh and appealing.
We collaborated with various retailers, stationers and OEMs on sales and cause-related marketing campaigns like Saving the Rhino, the Pepper Bark Tree project, the Nashua Children’s Fund etc.
Typek also expanded its footprint into Africa. This new phase leads into the latest social media and outdoor campaign, with a new brand positioning and creative style. All these efforts support the notion of how paper remains a strong platform for communication, education and creativity.

23 November 2018
Using the theme to position the brand
This new territory for the Typek brand is positive and uplifting. It gives us the opportunity to communicate with people in ways that are humorous and unexpected, but which can also be re ective, powerful and motivating. It lls the brand with a sense of optimism and positive, forward-moving energy.
‘Live a life of note’ also has relevance to the product itself by using the word ‘note’.
It must be stressed that this campaign is viewed as a brand positioning idea and not a product message. Consumers already know the product and its uses well.
Since the launch of the social media campaign, there has been huge consumer interest and participation with posts showing how they live their lives of note. Some examples include showing people bungee-jumping, shing, swimming with dolphins, facing their fears of spiders and extra special moments with loved ones.
How do you live a life of note?
Living a life that is worthwhile doesn’t mean you have to y into space. Or conquer Everest. Or achieve some other superhuman feat.
It simply means opening the door to making some small difference in your part of the world. Seeing your world through different eyes and making a positive contribution in helping others to see that too.
We can and should still be inspired by greatness; like Lewis Pugh swimming the world’s coldest oceans. Or Warrick Gill climbing Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair. Or Xolani Luvuno nishing the Comrades Marathon with only one leg.
But living a life of note is also about the small things. Getting up half-an-hour earlier to see the sunrise. Taking a moment to have a giggle with your kids. Random acts of kindness. Little things we do for each other that bring a smile, a bit of comfort or a bit of relief.
It’s about going that little further. Doing a tiny bit extra. Surprising yourself. Living your best days.
We want to connect with our audience on an emotional level to maintain our relevance. – Michelle Thain, General Manager Of ce, Tissue and Timber,
Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging
Did you know?
• Typek is a leading retail brand in South Africa.
• Its speci c red colour, Pantone 186, differentiates it from other of ce paper brands.
• Typek is made at Stanger Mill, where it is uniquely produced from sugar cane bagasse.
• The paper comes in A4, A3 and A7, made in reels and cut to size.
• It is distributed to supply chain partners, and then sold through the supply chain to consumers in the corporate and retail sectors.
• We have partnered with various retailers to sell our brand, such as Shoprite, Makro, Game, Spar, CNA and PNA.
• Typek is a trusted of ce brand used by corporates, stationers, retailers, schools, home users and government departments.
Competition entries
From bungee jumping to snake handling...
the ‘Live a life of note’ competition has already attracted several entries from the public, showing how they live a life less ordinary. With prize money of R10,000, it’s worth the effort.

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