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Published by Candace Bentel, 2020-02-07 04:17:43

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About this report Governance Targets Accolades Key material issues Key relationships Prosperity People Planet UNGC and SDGs GRI Glossary
2019 Group Sustainability Report
Group Sustainability Report
Sappi Head Office Internal Newsletter 07 February 2020
Highlighting the importance of mutualism The clownfish and sea anemone
Neither clownfish nor anemones need each other to survive but, through mutualism, they thrive better together.
The 2019 Sappi Group Sustainability Report is now available, highlighting a crucial theme in the dynamic environment and challenging economy in which companies have to operate and prosper these days.
Mutualism most commonly reflects the positive signs characterising the outcome of interactions between individuals of different species that benefit both of them.
We chose this theme because it reflects the interconnected relationship we have with our stakeholders and the fact that this connection enables all parties to thrive.
Various types of fascinating mutualism are showcased throughout the report in beautiful images accompanied by a short explanation.
With the global economy under pressure, concerns about plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity escalating and increasing demands for greater levels of social equity, our stakeholders want to know how we are ensuring our business remains viable today, tomorrow and well into the future.
The report meets this need by providing:
 An overview of our operating context
 Key material issues, explaining our strategic response to each and demonstrating how they tie in to risks and relate to stakeholders’ issues and concerns
 Our approach and actions in terms of Prosperity, People and Planet (3Ps)
2019  Details our performance in terms of the 10 principles of the
 The action plans we have developed in order to entrench the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals
throughout the group
United Nations Global Compact.
The theme reflects our belief that, to succeed in the long term, Sappi needs to be inclusive.
Valli Moosa, Chairman – Social,
Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability (SETS) Committee
Group Sustainability Report

07 February 2020
Our EWB team at your service
Our committed team of Employee Wellbeing representatives carry the health and wellbeing of the Rosebank staff very close to their hearts.
There is at least one EWB representative per floor, and they are tasked to provide advice and input into the inhouse and away- from-work factors that might have an influence on the wellbeing of staff and/or their families.
View them as your first port of call to help with any wellness challenge that you may experience at work or at home.
Here are your representatives per floor:
The team also plays a vital part in the planning, organising and implementation of a proactive wellness programme to prevent or reduce the impact of these factors. They are responsible for wellness advocacy and leadership at every level.
Brenda Khumalo – Corporate Facilities, ground floor
Receptionist and Switchboard Supervisor
[email protected] or x8111
Khethiwe Hlubi – Corporate Affairs – third floor
Junior Communications Officer
[email protected] or x8378
Candice Palmer – Logistics, first floor
Customer Services Administrator
[email protected] or x4014
Lois Palmer- HR, third floor
Senior HR Advisor
[email protected] or x8150
Sonel Botha – Human Resources (HR), ground floor
Health and Wellness Sister
[email protected] or x8308
Joni Coetzee- HR, third floor
HR Business Partner
[email protected] or x8157
Thanessa Moodley – Engineering, second floor
Administration Manager
[email protected] or x8394
Surprise Maluwa – HR, third floor
HR Administrator
[email protected] or x8156
Get to know the team members up close and personal in subsequent editions.

07 February 2020
MIT applications
now open
Are you a manager or an employee with the potential to fulfil a managerial role
in the future?
Do you aspire to develop the skills needed to manage
high performing teams?
The Sappi Manager in Training (MIT) programme is a 21-month learning programme that offers you the opportunity to develop the critical management skills needed to function effectively as a manager. The programme covers 21 essential management competencies through online courses, classroom practical sessions and real-world workplace assignments.
Accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management based in the UK, the Sappi programme gives you the option to attain a Level 4 Diploma Leadership and Management, equivalent to a Higher Certificate in SA.
Welcoming our Workplace Integrated Learners
Dineo Madiga
 Communications Intern
 Institution: Vega School of Brand
 Course studied: BA Strategic
Brand Communications
What was your first impression of
My first impression has overly exceeded my initial preconceived ideas of how working in a corporate environment would be like. The friendly, warm and welcoming organisational culture at Sappi has made me feel very welcome as a new member of the company.
What do you hope to gain from this intern experience?
I hope to acquire new skills and expertise that I have yet to learn while applying what I have previously learned in varsity. By doing so, I hope to grow as a communications professional, while adding a meaningful contribution to Sappi.
Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
I see myself as an industry expert within the branding
and communications field. Apart from establishing and running my own brand in the future, I see myself being an accomplished brand manager that has experience in both the corporate field, as well as the advertising/marketing agency field.
Lwazi Nhleko
 IT Intern
 Institution: Durban University of
 Course studied: Information and
Communication Technology in Application Development
Why are you interested in the
specific field you were assigned to at Sappi?
I want to grow my knowledge in the IT field. I have always loved to resolve end-user issues. Now that I’m going to be exposed to a number of end users, I hope to learn a lot within this field.
What are your personality traits that you value the most?
I am ambitious, respectful, goal-driven and a good listener.
In what areas do you hope to improve during your internship at Sappi?
Firstly, I’d like to grow within IT. I trust that this internship will be beneficial to me in terms of resolving end-user issues. I would also like to gain exposure to new programmes and systems that the business uses, and learn from the seniors within the department.
How to apply?
Click on the Sappi Learning (Cornerstone) logo on the Sappi Net homepage, and then search for Manager in Training 2020.
Closing date
Applications close
20 February 2020. If you have any questions, please contact your local Learning Manager.

07 February 2020
Good reason to join
our Pilates classes this year
Wouldn’t it be great to start the year on the right note and invest in your health and fitness? Here is a little incentive to help you to do just that.
For every 10, 20 or 40 Sappi Pilates classes attended, you will receive a useful item as encouragement to come back for more.
We all know Pilates is an effective way to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone and release tension.
By joining one of the classes offered at our Sappi units, you will receive the following once-off incentives based on attendance:
1. Your first 10 classes: a Sappi glass water bottle
2. First 20 classes: a Sappi sport bag
3. First 40 classes: an Orbit smart watch
 You will only receive the three incentives once.
 You do not have to attend the classes in consecutive order.
The Pilates instructor will keep an attendance register. The incentives due to the relevant employees will be handed out by each unit’s clinic sister once the applicable target has been reached.
Why wait? Join the next class
Classes at Sappi Rosebank take place on:
Coronavirus: What you need to know
The outbreak of a respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus, which originated in the Hubei Province in China, has put millions of people on high alert globally. This virus is contagious and person to person spread has been confirmed.
To date, over 31,000 confirmed cases have been reported and 28 countries
are affected. More than 600 deaths (two outside China – one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines) have been reported.
No cases have been reported in South Africa, but the National Department of Health is monitoring the situation and has instituted measures to detect symptoms at important ports of entry.
Signs and symptoms
For confirmed novel coronavirus infections, reported illnesses have ranged from people with little to no symptoms, to people being severely ill. Symptoms may appear in as few as two days or as long as 14 days after exposure.
Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. It can progress
to severe illness signified by various symptoms, including severe respiratory illness to multiple organ failure. The risk of being infected is higher for patients who may have underlying medical conditions.
Currently there is no vaccine to prevent the novel coronavirus infection. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid close contact with people who show signs and symptoms of the virus, and to implement standard infection control precautions.
These include:
 Washing your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser  Avoiding touching your eyes, nose and
mouth with unwashed hands
 Avoiding close contact with people
who are sick
 Staying at home if you are sick
 Practicing cough etiquette by covering
your cough or sneeze
 Cleaning and disinfecting frequently
touched objects and surfaces.
Based on current information, the immediate health risk to the general South African public is low, but people are urged to take the necessary precautions when travelling to affected areas.
Days: Time: Venue:
Mondays and Wednesdays 12:00 to 13:00
Oxford Room, ground floor (but subject to change
if other events are booked for the same time)
Jessie Freitas is our Pilates coordinator. Contact her should you have any queries.
What to bring along...
Comfortable clothes/shoes/socks to wear during class. Also remember your water bottle and a small sweat towel.
Mats and balls are provided.
See you there!

Expert financial wellness advice available
As communicated last year, Sappi
has partnered with Sanlam to provide financial wellness advice to staff in the form of retirement benefit counselling and financial guidance. Expert financial planners Francis Drake and Thulani Mahlangu from Simeka Wealth will visit Head Office once a month.
Simeka Wealth are accredited to give advice on different product providers, such as Investec, Allan Gray, Old Mutual, Momentum and more. Although Simeka is owned by Sanlam, the advice given is independent.
Both Thulani and Francis have been in the financial industry for more than 12 years. They specialise in investments as well as pre- and post-retirement planning, amongst other skills.
For financial advice/assistance, contact:
Francis Drake, Financial Planner
Email: [email protected] Tel: 011 263 4334 | 082 411 9149
Thulani Mahlangu, Financial Planner
Email: [email protected] Tel: 011 263 4316 | 083 432 7117
Head Office visit
Join Joekie Wagenaar from Bestmed on Friday 07 February 2020.
Time: 10:00 – 13:30
Venue: Carmignano meeting room, ground floor
07 February 2020
Healthy meal hamper
Buy 15 healthy meals and get the 16th meal free, plus a Sappi hamper filled with healthy treats.
Healthy meals include:
Wraps, salads and healthy hot subsidised meals.
Collect your card and sticker at the cashier.
Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate their birthday in February:
02 Soné Heyneke
02 Voyokazi Mvunyiswa
03 Joni Coetzee
03 Cornelia Jansen van Vuuren
06 John Anderssen
07 Lynn Kriel
13 Lois Palmer
13 Ariane Spanidis
20 Lesego Matabane 20 Candice Palmer 21 Leander Haylett 21 Absolom Simelane 21 Matt Spence
21 Barbara Verster-Nowak 26 Heather Carruthers
26 Vaughan Hartmann

07 February 2020
Up close with...
David Wood, Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence Manager – IT
My beautiful wife Sue, my two sons Jarred and Tyler and my nephew, Micah.
1. Describe yourself in a few words. Focused and driven.
2. How do you define success?
The ability to make time for all the important things in my life like my faith, my family and a little for myself.
3. What do you do to de-stress? Reflect on all I have been blessed with. I specifically dedicate time every week to do this. I also get into the bush, disconnected from technology, as often as possible.
4. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received? Don’t let your thoughts limit you. Advice given to me by one of the tutors in Transnet when I was doing an apprenticeship at age 17.
5. What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble? Failing to listen properly to what the other person is actually saying. It happens often and is usually
the root of disagreements and misunderstandings, especially with my wife.
6. Who or what inspires you? My family and my pastor.
7. What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? Assisting fellow divers to the shore after the boat we were in, capsized in large surf off Umkomaas.
8. What is your favourite book/ movie? Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – the book, not the movie!
9. What do you do in your spare time? I scuba dive when I have time. Also, working with my hands doing wood or metal work or working on my old Land Rover.
10. Which famous person would you like to be best friends with? Brian Joffe – I love his attitude towards South Africa and South Africans, and how he seems to think outside of the constraints of the current environment.
11. How would you want to be remembered one day? As a good, hardworking person who cared.
12. What do your colleagues not know about you? My first job was as a packer in Checkers at age 15.
I wanted to buy a motorcycle and this job allowed me to do this by the time I turned 16. Nowadays I’m a car park volunteer at our local church and on Sunday you will find me helping congregants park their cars.
13. Why do you enjoy working at Sappi? This company is like a living entity that operates 24 hours a day; and as I have given my time and energy to it, I have been rewarded in many ways in terms of the opportunities it has given me.
How I relieve stress... A trip with the old Land Rover Defender in the bush with my family. No technology other than a camera.
Diving in the Red Sea with Toti social divers.

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