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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-12-12 04:59:18

Sappi InTouch 18_26

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
Sefate dividend to be paid out
In keeping with Sappi’s improved performance and commitment to pay an annual dividend to shareholders, an increased dividend was announced in November 2018.
12 December 2018
In January 2019, US17 cents (ZAR2.45) is payable on each Sappi share, and US8.5 cents (ZAR1.22) per ‘A’ ordinary share. This includes the Sappi shares held by the Sappi ESOP Trust and the Sappi MSOP Trust on employees’ behalf.
All current permanent employees who were allocated Sefate units in the Sappi ESOP Trust and the Sappi MSOP Trust, will qualify to share in the dividend payment.
For unit holders who have left Sappi, dividends will only be paid on the units that have vested up to the day the employee left the company. The trustees of the Sefate Trusts will meet on 23 January 2019 to decide on the nal (Rand) value of the dividend that will be distributed to Sefate unit holders by mid-February 2019.
The nal (Rand) value will be the net amount after costs and tax have been subtracted from the dividend received by the Trusts.
As from February 2019, we will also communicate regular updates on the Sefate vesting in August 2019 and the impact on employees.
More details will be communicated in January 2019 as to the dividend payment dates, amounts involved and any other relevant information.
Fergus Marupen
Group Head Human Resources

12 December 2018
Life Saving Rule #5
Anything lifted above ground is considered a suspended load. In an of ce environment, this rule cautions us to take extra care when planning on lifting or carting around heavy loads such as boxes or of ce equipment like printers or computers.
Is the activity that you or a colleague are engaged in, prone to cause injury? If so, how can you prevent it?
There are many ways to apply this rule:
• Assess the task before taking any action.
• Ask for help.
• Get a professional to do the job if need be.
• Use a trolley or other means of assistance to lighten the load.
• Prevent back injury by using the correct posture when picking up a heavy item. Bend your knees, not your back.
• Take care to avoid pinching of ngers, nipping of skin or a load falling on a foot or crushing a toe.
Life Saving Rule #6
In a corporate environment we don’t need hard hats, ear plugs or laboratory jackets to do our jobs, but we should keep this rule in mind in several other places, such as in and around our homes.
Apply this rule:
• By wearing oven mittens when working with hot dishes in your kitchen.
• When trimming the edges in your garden, wear safety goggles and long pants to prevent injury from ying rocks; and closed shoes to protect your feet from the edge-cutter’s sharp blades.
• Wear the correct helmet when doing welding work.
• Apply sunscreen and wear a hat when outside in the sun.
• Don’t forget your safety helmet when going cycling.
• Kids who cannot swim should always wear safety swimwear when in or around the pool. Also make sure that there’s always a responsible person around to keep an eye on them. Better yet, have the pool properly fenced o .
Conduct lifting and suspended load operations safely.
Wear the right personal protective equipment.

Typek scoops Shoprite’s Best Supplier Award
Competing against more than 50 suppliers, Typek recently won the 2018 Best Supplier Award in Shoprite’s general merchandise category. Shoprite is Sappi’s fastest growing retailer, and our paper offering on this account has grown by 70% in volume over the last ve years.
12 December 2018
Team work through peddling
This is an example of merchants living the Typek brand
Paper Peddlers, commonly known as Team Typek from Peters Papers, took part in the Coronation Double Century (DC) cycling event and nished with the seventh fastest time in the mixed category.
DC is one of the iconic annual events on the SA cycling calendar. It’s a time trial with teams consisting of between six and 12 riders who race against the clock over a distance of 203km in a roundtrip starting and ending in Swellendam.
“Shoprite only stocks Sappi grades in their stores, and both the Typek and 1Plus brands are a vital part of their stationery category,” says Michelle Thain, General Manager O ce, Tissue and Timer. Wendy Ford, account manager, Western Cape represented
Sapip at the awards ceremony held at
the Vergelegen Wine Estate in Somerset West. In fact, according to Shoprite, the Typek brand is particularly high in demand, especially during the back-to-school season.
The Sappi Typek team’s Wendy Ford joined by Shoprite representatives including CEO of Shoprite, Peter Engelbrecht at the Shoprite Group’s 2018 Supplier Awards.
The Typek team of Jordi Cardona, Tasha
Oosthuizen, and more recently Wendy Ford and Natasha Jackson, are thrilled to have secured a win. Their sustained e orts to ensure a high level of service to Shoprite have earned us a nalist nomination for the past three years; and now we have nally nailed it.
Congratulations to the team on a job well done!
Medical aid news
Bestmed/Admed integrated claims process:
Your consent needed
Bestmed and Admed have partnered to create a one-stop claims experience for its members. This means if you go to hospital for a procedure and have shortfalls or co-payments, Bestmed will let Admed know on your behalf and you will not have to submit the claim yourself.
For Bestmed to share your personal information with Admed, they need your consent.
Respond to the SMS campaign:
} Admed launched an sms campaign during the rst week of November 2018. Sms’s have been sent out to all Sappi employees.
} If you are comfortable with sharing your personal information, accept the question that will be asked during the sms campaign to give consent.
} If you give permission, Bestmed will be able to notify Admed of a potential claim without you having to contact Admed – thus creating a seamless, one-stop claims experience.
} Should you not give consent, Admed will not be able to process claims on your behalf.
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12 December 2018
Staff receive CEO Awards for exceptional service
“How we reach our strategic goals as a business is as important as reaching those goals. The Sappi CEO Awards recognise individuals who have lived and demonstrated our values through exceptional efforts.
Congratulations to the Sappi employees selected as award recipients. “They serve as an example and a reminder to us all to live our values in everything we do,” said Sappi CEO Steve Binnie.
The 2018 CEO Award recipients include:
Norma Brown, Corporate Events Manager, Sappi Limited
Norma was recognized for her exceptional service to Sappi sta across all levels of seniority through high-quality event management over the past 24 years; the last 10 in her current role.
Heather Pelletier, Director Packaging Brands Sappi North America
Through close collaboration across sales, supply chain, mills and business managers, her leadership achieved a 37% higher actual contribution for the web (reels) business despite higher variable costs.
Tea Toennov, Product Stewardship and Sustainability Specialist, Sappi Europe
While not being a senior manager, Tea stepped up and took over full responsibility for all sustainability matters across Sappi Europe when these roles became vacant earlier this year.
Allen van Zyl, Technical Manager Tugela Mill Sappi Southern Africa
Allen stepped in to add the responsibilities of the vacant Production Manager position to oversee production of NSCC pulp and lignosulphonate. He showed great leadership and determination in creating a culture of continuous improvement.
Our value statement de nes our operating ethos: Doing business with integrity and courage, making smart decisions which we execute with speed, underpinned by an unrelenting focus on and commitment to safety.”
Udemy: Take time to relax and learn
The year is coming to an end, giving you some time to
re ect on your development and sharpen your skills.
Sappi, through its subscription to Udemy, enables you to improve your skills through unlimited access to more than 2,000 online courses. These courses cover managerial, systems, technical and personal development skills.
Some of the courses that may be of interest:
To access the full catalogue you can visit the Sappi Learning Platform at:
Happy learning!
The Sappi Learning team
Course 01
Course 02
30-day challenge to a more productive and happier you
The 7-step system for goal- setting and achievement
Course 03
Radiate con dence: How to create a 1,000 watt presence

Enjoy a safe festive season
12 December 2018
Be a defensive driver
It is generally accepted that 85-90% of road crashes can be attributed to driver error.
This includes error in judgement, driver recklessness and poor attention. We should strive to both reduce these errors on our side and adjust our driving to be more attentive to the errors of others.
How to drive defensively
⊲ Always be aware of what is on your right, your left and behind you.
⊲ Continuously look in your mirrors and scan the road ahead, checking for
hazards and slowing tra c so you can anticipate problems before they develop.
⊲ Try to see what is happening in front of the car ahead of you.
⊲ Follow the ow of traf c. Driving too slowly can be dangerous too. Drive at speeds that most other vehicles are going (within the speed limit of course).
⊲ Be aware of other drivers and road users around you (and what they may suddenly do).
⊲ Learn to make eye to eye contact with drivers and pedestrians. That way you know they see you. Be prepared for the unexpected.
⊲ Do not assume safety from other drivers or make assumptions as to their sobriety, alertness and intentions with regards to safety.
⊲ Assume that drivers might run through stop signs or red lights and be prepared to react.
⊲ At night it is good advice to follow safely behind another vehicle and use their headlights to look well up ahead. As long as the brake lights work on the vehicle in front of you, you will get early warning of trouble.
⊲ Check your blind spot before changing direction, making lane changes or merging. Also, avoid driving in the blind spot of another driver.
Keep your home safe while away
☑ Ask your neighbour to clear out the post and keep
your driveway clear of mail deliveries.
☑ Make sure you have good lighting around the house. Invest in globes with day-night sensors.
☑ Don’t let too many people know when you are going on holiday.
☑ Make sure doors and windows are properly secured.
☑ Ensure that your alarm is activated and in good working order.
☑ If your house is broken into, notify the police immediately.
Are you prepared for a
road emergency?
• Always have a fully charged cellular • phone at hand.
• Tell someone when you’re travelling,
and the approximate time they should • expect you.
• Take breaks to pull over and text or
call your contact to let them know how • the journey is going.
• Always have a container with water
for emergencies – either to drink or to •
Keep a set of jumper cables and extra uids for the car (such as windshield wiper uid) in the boot. Prepare for unexpected breakdowns with gloves, a ashlight and some basic hand tools.
An inexpensive raincoat is invaluable should a wheel change be required in bad weather.
Pack a rst-aid emergency kit, pillow, blanket and a roll of toilet paper.
clean the hands or the windscreen.
• Consider investing in roadside assistance.
Emergency numbers to keep handy
Police: 10111 Fire: 10177
Ambulance: 10177 Arrive Alive Call Centre:
0861 400 800
Emer-G-Med: 0861 007 911
Accident + Breakdown Towing:
0860 911 326 Netcare 911: 082 911 ER24: 084 124

12 December 2018
A beginner runner?
Here are some useful tips
Are you a new runner? Have you decided to start running to improve your tness or perhaps to enter the JP Morgan? Before lacing up your shoes, check out these seven extremely useful running tips.
01. Start with short running intervals.
As a new runner, you shouldn’t plan on running the entire distance in one go. Break it down into intervals. Don’t be ashamed to walk between the intervals so you can recover a little. After some time, you can start lengthening the running sections and reducing the walking.
02. Don’t start out running too fast.
Many beginners start out running too fast and pay the price for this mistake within just a few minutes. Frustration, overexertion, pain
or even injuries are just some of the consequences. Therefore, start running at a moderate pace (ie where you can easily hold a conversation).
03. Your body needs time to recover.
Wait a day before attempting the next workout. Your body needs to rest so it can recover from the rst running session. Schedule your training so you run one day and rest the next.
04. Run easy and take short steps.
Many beginners don’t have the proper technique and they make jogging harder than it has to be by wasting energy. Try to run relaxed and with good form. Short, easy steps are more e ective than long, powerful strides.
05. Choose the right surface.
A mix of di erent surfaces is the right choice. Running on pavement is ideal for fast running – there is very little danger of turning your ankle. However, it’s hard on your joints because the pavement does not cushion your steps.
A forest or park oor is soft and provides excellent cushioning. However, the risk of injury increases due to roots, rocks and bumps.
A sandy surface trains your muscles and makes you lift your feet. But be careful because it’s easy to overwork your calf muscles.
The treadmill allows you to train year-round with good cushioning. However, this type of running training requires you to alter your form because the belt moves beneath your feet.
06. Don’t get worked up about side aches.
Try to avoid eating anything solid about two hours before your workout and only drink in small quantities. When a side ache does strike, take a break and walk. Breathe calmly and in a relaxed rhythm. Press your hands against the side that hurts. Don’t start running again (and then only slowly) until the pain has gone away.
07. Take care of your body.
Running is a full-body workout. In order to run tall, you need a strong, healthy, stable core. The rest of your muscles should also be in good shape so that you can run light on your feet. A well- conditioned body helps to prevent injuries.
Happy training!
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12 December 2018
Join team Sappi
28 March 2019
Entries for Sappi employees close on 25 January 2019
Please note that Sappi has a limited allocation for entries, which will be allocated on a ‘ rst come, rst served’ basis and entries are limited to full-time employees of Sappi.
Enter through the link emailed to you.

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