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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-01-31 01:49:41

Sappi Headlines 18_02

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter 31 January 2018
Are you passionate about wellness and making a difference?
The Sappi HO Employee Wellbeing committee is looking to recruit new Employee Wellbeing ambassadors to be a part of the team.
Check out the new Sappi Group Sustainability Report and nd
out how our activities are adding value to our stakeholders and the bottom line. It’s worth the read.
Group Sustainability Report now available
With the move to a new head of ce, we are looking for volunteers from each oor in
the building.
What is the role of an EWB (Employee Wellbeing) ambassador?
• An EWB ambassador has their colleagues’ best interests at heart.
• An ambassador strives to create a healthy and balanced working environment for their peers.
• In this role, the ambassadors support the EWB committee with creative thinking, and volunteer their time to support and participate in wellness initiatives.
An EWB ambassador should be a team player who:
• Is a people’s person, passionate about helping others
• Leads a healthy lifestyle and is committed to inspiring and motivating others about wellness
• Is caring and happy to support initiatives that encourage the betterment of all.
This role will require you to attend a monthly meeting and to volunteer a few hours a month to the programme.
Giving to others is a rewarding experience and a gift in its own right. We look forward to welcoming new team members.
If you’d like to be a part of the team, kindly
eMail [email protected]
Latest published
sustainability reports
2017 Sappi Group Sustainability Report
Click here
2017 Sappi Europe Sustainability Report
Click here
2017 Sappi North America Sustainability Report
Click here
2017 Sappi Southern Africa Sustainability Report
Click here

headlines 31 January 2018
Your chance to shine
With change comes opportunity, growth and revitalisation
– in all areas of the business. Help us to give our Head Of ce staff newsletter a new name that could re ect our move to a new location or resonate with our strategy.
Make your mark by participating in this challenge – and stand a chance to win a Rosebank Mall shopping voucher.
The competition deadline has been extended to 09 February 2018. Suggestions can be sent to [email protected]
The winner will be noti ed in the rst edition of the newsletter carrying the new name.
Have you completed your online Universal Pro le on Sappi Learning yet? A complete, up-to-date Universal Pro le will our assist our HR team with identifying internal talent and skills that match up to new job opportunities that become available internally.
How to complete your Universal Pro le:
1) Go to Sappi Net
2) Click on System Links and select Sappi Online Learning
3) Click on Universal pro le and complete the following details on your Bio. The Bio can be found under the Home tab on Sappi Learning ( samldefault.aspx).Select Universal Pro le.
4) Complete the following elds:
- About – Skills and interests
- CV – Education, skills, previous experience and accomplishments
- Career preferences – Career aspirations and goals
Your Universal Pro le is your chance to get noticed in Sappi.
Image credit: Freepik
Help to
the Headlines
Follow Sappi on
social media
You can now follow Sappi Southern Africa on the of cial Facebook and Twitter handles: @SappiSouthernA.
The Southern Africa pages, launched in addition to the Sappi Group pages, will focus on local SA content and related news and events.
Follow Sappi Southern Africa on:
Facebook (@SappiSouthernA) Twitter (@SappiSouthernA)
On LinkedIn
You can also nd the Sappi Group, Sappi North America and Sappi Europe on LinkedIn.
On YouTube
Sappi also has its own YouTube channel called Sappi Tube, which is loaded with interesting video content from across the globe.
Sappi Braamfontein Internal Newsletter 15 September 2016
Ready to be an ethical
team player?
A number of elements are necessary to ensure success in business. For Sappi, these were mapped out in our One Sappi approach and in our Mission, Strategy, 2020Vision and Values (MSVV) launched last year.
Code of Ethics
But, as CEO of Sappi Southern Africa, Alex Thiel points out, “It’s not enough to know where we want to go, what we want to achieve and how we will measure success. It’s also important to know what we stand for, how we will go about our work, and to understand the principles that will guide us along the way.”
Our Code and Sappi’s MSVV
The roll-out of our updated Code of Ethics provides these answers. It contributes to our ‘toolbox’ for long-term pro tability. “Our Mission, Strategy, 2020Vision and Values are about growth and sustainability. Positive, ethical behaviour is central to ensuring that we grow as intended,” says
Sappi Group Head Legal and Strategy, Maarten van Hoven.
Doing it together, as One Sappi However, key to being a trusted and sustainable company is that we should do it together, as One Sappi. The good reputation of a business is ultimately built, or destroyed, by people – through our choices, decisions and actions.
Staying true to who we are – in where we’re going and how we intend to get there – and doing this uniformly as One Sappi, is key to helping us succeed.
Find out more in the updated Sappi Code of Ethics brochure, or read in online on Sappi Net: CoE Brochure.
Get your free TAPPSA
Are you in Durban next week? Why not attend the 2016 TAPPSA National Conference and Exhibition held from 21 to 22 September 2016. Get your free ticket from Elijah Masondo ([email protected]).
For more information on the programme
and conference speakers, click on http:// Conference.html.
Sappi Braamfontein Internal Newsletter 01 December 2016
Charity drive: thanks for donating!
The gift packs for the Tswelopele Frail Care Centre have all been packed and are ready to go. Enough donations were received to make up 87 full sets consisting of personal care items such as toothpaste, soap, body lotion, toilet paper etc.
Soné Heyneke and Khethiwe Hlubi with the gift packs to be delivered to the Tswelopele Frail Care Centre.
The EWB team will visit the frail care centre on Tuesday
20 December from 10:00 to 12:00 to hand over the packs. There are ten seats available.
eTMhaoisl [email protected] sjoaipnpthi.cisoomutroeabcoho,katrheerier qsueeast.ted to send an
Donations for Four Paws continuing
The donations of cat and dog food, blankets, bowls and other pet items to the Four Paws animal shelter, are coming along well.
Date for donations extended
If you would still like to contribute to this cause, the date for donations has been extended to 09 December 2016.
Beware of SA’s
Drop off your donated goods, or cash, on Sappi East 4. Jenny Maree is in charge of this initiative.
Car hijackings have increased by 14.3% in all provinces according to the 2015/16 annual crime survey released by the SAPS. It was highest in Gauteng.
Click here to see the full list of hijacking hotspots in SA.
“We have also received R2,500 in monetary donations,” says Health and Wellness Sister Sonel Botha. With this money, the rest of the items will be purchased to make up 100 gift packs in total.
“Thank you so much to Sappi Braamfontein staff for their unsel sh support,” says Sonel, “not only of this project, but of all the EWB initiatives undertaken throughout 2016”.
Want to join the visit to Tswelopele?
hijacking hotspots
With the festive season upon us, the National Hijack Prevention Academy (NHPA) has released a list of hijacking hotspots in some major South African cities. Their latest list shows hotspots in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

headlines 31 January 2018
Young engineers and foresters
excited about Sappi
Our Learning team recently hosted the orientation of a group of Engineers-in-Training and Foresters-in-Training who started at Sappi on 15 January 2018.
David Keyser, Forester-in-Training: “The Sappi Head Of ce is an innovative and free- spirited environment. It gives one a sense of a fresh, renewable outlook.
Zamadlamini Dlamini, Forester-in- Training: “It’s clear that this is a company that utilises the art of growing trees to produce leading products, globally.”
Lehlohonono Joseph Radebe, Engineer-in- Training: “Sappi portrays a welcoming and challenging environment. The people are friendly and based on how long they stay with
the company, suggests that there is great room for growth within the business.”
The group of Engineers- and Foresters-in-Training, joined by Lebogang Shabangu (left, Manager: Young Talent).
Coping with crime levels in 2018
Current crime levels are the highest they have ever been in the history of South Africa. “Coping with the knowledge of the constant danger around us can be debilitating and depressing. It can lead to a feeling of fear and paranoia, which could make all of us suffer from secondary trauma,” says Aubrey Pieterse of TBS Services, a company that specialises in crime prevention.
Congratulations to our colleagues who are celebrating their birthday in February:
02 Soné Heyneke
02 Voyokazi Mvunyiswa
03 Cornelia Jansen van Vuuren 03 Joni Coetzee
06 John Anderssen
07 Lynn Kriel
13 Lois Palmer
13 Ariane Spanidis
20 Candice Palmer
21 Leander Brown
21 Absolom Simelane
21 Matt Spence
21 Barbara Verster-Nowak
26 Heather Carruthers
26 Vaughan Hartmann
Focus on the positive
“It is my belief that the way to cope is by not focusing on the negative, but rather on the positive,” says Aubrey. “If you constantly focus on crimes that are taking place and believe that at any time it could happen to you, you become consumed by fear.
“However, if you keep informed of what is happening around you and take active measures to reduce your risk, you’ll be more likely to have a positive mindset about your safety and that of your family. positive mindset that you and your family are safe.” This will help you to live free of fear and be able to cope with the environment that surrounds us.
“By keeping yourself informed of where and what the dangers are, you will have the knowledge to avoid them – and this is power,” says Aubrey.
For more crime tips and safety information, visit his website:
Source: TBS Services Security Newsletter, January 2018

headlines 31 January 2018
Admed Gap 2018:
What is covered and what is not
Disability inclusion
makes good business sense
All Sappi employees who belong
to the Bestmed or Sizwe Medical Aid Schemes are also covered for bene ts under Admed Gap. Admed Gap is a short-term insurance policy that covers certain claims not fully covered by your medical scheme.
It is important to note that not all claims that are not covered by your medical scheme, automatically qualify for cover from Admed Gap.
What is covered by Admed Gap?
} You are admitted to hospital and your specialist charges more than medical aid rates. Your medical scheme will pay the claim up to the medical aid, for those doctors who charge more than medical aid rates. You can submit a claim to Admed Gap, which will cover an additional amount of two times the medical scheme tariff.
} If you are admitted into hospital for a procedure and your medical scheme requires an upfront co-payment as part of the bene t design of the speci c option, the stated co-payment you paid can be claimed back from Admed Gap. This bene t is often misunderstood by members as it does not fund the shortfall if a member depletes a scheme bene t, but covers a stated co-payment imposed by the scheme.
} If you are admitted to hospital for an internal prosthesis and you reach the prosthesis limit as applied by your scheme. Admed Gap will cover the shortfall on the cost of the prosthesis up to R30,000 per year. This bene t does not extend to functional prosthesis like heart stents.
} You have reached the oncology limit as set by the bene t design of your medical aid and no longer receive oncology bene ts from the scheme. Admed Gap will cover 20% of the cost for your remaining treatment.
} If you are treated in the hospital casualty ward following an incident of accidental nature, Admed Gap will cover one incident per year up to R10,000, if there was a partial payment made by the medical aid.
} Lumpsum bene ts are paid to the insured member in the event of rst time diagnosis of cancer (minimum severity is a requirement), accidental death and permanent disability, as well as a trauma counselling bene t.
Shortfalls that are not covered by Admed Gap: blood tests done in hospital and not covered by the medical scheme, items included on the hospital account that are not covered by the medical scheme, any exclusions by the medical scheme resulting in non-payment, as well as shortfalls that arise while a member is not admitted into hospital.
It is good for a business and its brand to respect and incorporate diversity. Here’s why:
} One out of 10 people in the
world has a disability – that
means some 650 million people worldwide.
Image credit: Fotolia
} Approximately 470 million are of working age – people who could be contributing to the economy if given an equal chance.
} A work environment that is more accessible to employees with a disability, also makes that business accessible to customers with a disability, and their friends, family and network of in uence who are in uenced by their choices. This constitutes about 20% of the consumer population!
} Diversity and inclusion is about diversity of thought, background, experience and abilities – among other things. This is the kind of diversity that drives innovation.
} Successfully integrating people with a disability into an organisation, in meaningful roles, contributes to building and sustaining a positive brand reputation. People respond positively to equality and empowerment efforts, and appreciate respect for the value of diversity.

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