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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-08-30 02:58:01

InTouch 18_17

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
Want to be a hero? Someone who cares about other people? Who puts others rst, and who uses their time
and resources in aid of a worthy cause? Casual Day,
Friday 07 September 2018, is your chance to ‘be an everyday hero’ – in line with the theme of this year’s national fundraising and awareness campaign in aid of people with a disability.
30 August 2018
Buy a sticker for R10 from your EWB oor coordinator to create awareness and support for people with disabilities to be recognised as a valuable part of a diverse society.
Money raised from our sticker sales will be donated to the Gateway Society, an NGO that caters for the physical, emotional and social development needs of intellectually and physically disabled people.
Our EWB oor coordinators are:
Ground oor: Brenda Khumalo Canteen: Zeenat Khan
Sappi Clinic: Sonel Botha
1st oor: Candice Palmer
2nd oor: Thanessa Moodley 3rd oor: Surprise Maluwa and
Khethiwe Hlubi
Dress up
Buying a Casual Day sticker will also give you the chance to dress up according
to this year’s theme, ‘Be an everyday hero’... so use this opportunity to get creative.
Thank you that we can count on your support!
Find out more at
On be an
Being a hero
Casual Day 2018 calls on you to be a hero, a protagonist for change in the lives of our country’s disabled citizens. Heroes:
• Care about other people
• Have empathy
• Use their skills and talents to do good, rather than waiting for someone else to do so
• Don’t give up. They are de ned by their strength of character
• Never stop working to make the world a better place for everyone.

30 August 2018
August is Organ Donor Month
Save seven lives...
become an organ donor
Want to do something truly sel ess? Become an organ/ tissue donor and give someone else the gift of life.
Why become an
organ/tissue donor?
Your sel ess act can change many people’s lives. A donor heart, liver and pancreas can save three lives, and your kidneys and lungs can help up to four people.
As a tissue donor, you can help up to 50 people by donating your corneas, skin, bone, tendons and heart valves.
You could also agree to donate only some organs or tissue.
How to register as an organ/
tissue donor
• Contact the Organ Donor Foundation toll-free on Tel 0800 22 66 11
• Or register online at
The process takes less than ve minutes and is free of charge. You can also cancel your registration at any time.
Once you are successfully registered, the Organ Donor Foundation will eMail you an organ donor card to carry in your wallet, as well as stickers to place in your ID book
and on your driver’s licence to make your intentions known, in case of an emergency.
Giving consent
It’s crucial to talk to your family about your wish to become an organ/tissue donor. Your organs/tissue cannot be procured for transplantation without consent from your next of kin.
Parents need to give written consent
if they give permission for their babies, toddlers and teenagers younger than 18 to be organ donors.
On Facebook:
The future is exciting
An item worth watching, liking and sharing on our Sappi Group Facebook page is the video, ‘Sappi at a glance’ – a visual account of our business interests, product portfolios, markets and goals.
Take a look at this short video at Sappi at a glance.
Performance Management survey:
Have your say
Is Sappi’s Performance Management System effective? Is it fair? Are you aligned with its objectives? Please participate in a short survey and share your views on the current system. The survey also allows you to provide input on how to improve this process to make it more effective.
Contact Greschel Ramkelawan on
Tel 011 407 4098 if you have problems accessing the link.
Complete the survey by clicking here:

Up close with...
Lindisizwe Thwala, Junior IT Technician
9. My favourite holiday spot is... the
Kruger National Park.
10. Which talent would you most like to have? The skill to dance. I just wish I had that talent.
11. My rst job was... as a data capturer.
12. What people at Sappi don’t know about me is... that I’m a huge animal lover and a great fan of classic cars.
13. I love working at Sappi because... of the people working here. Also seeing where the company is going. It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to our future.
30 August 2018
A sel e taken on the beach at Ballito.
1. I am happiest when... my favourite sports teams win (I’m an Arsenal and Kaizer Chiefs fan/supporter).
2. When I feel stressed ... I go out and socialise. That’s when I get to realise that some people’s problems are bigger than mine.
3. My most treasured possession is... my hard drive, which contains my favourite music collection (‘old school’ soul music), eg Manhattans, The Temptations etc.
4. I am inspired by... my father. He simply is the best (my best ).
5. I can’t live without... my cell phone and sports, as I’m a fanatic.
6. My favourite read is... Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
7. I love watching... Troy and 300. There’s something about those movies... I just love them.
8. I’m moved by... love. And the character trait I value most in a person is honesty.
Sizwe has a love for classic cars, such as this Chevrolet 1940.
Who should be featured next? You can nominate
Who at Sappi Head Of ce would you like to know more about? A senior manager, a quiet colleague, someone everyone deals with, or one of our execs? We invite you to nominate speci c people you would like to see featured in the ‘Up Close with...’ column.
Send your suggestion/s to [email protected]
Sappi Learning now more
Sappi Learning (Cornerstone) has been updated with a new look and feel. The new user interface is much more intuitive and user friendly.
To support the update, a new online course on development plans has been created; including the development process, elements of a quality development plan and a new six-minute video tutorial on how to navigate the new plan.
Go to Sappi Learning and check it out.

International travel bene t
for Bestmed members
Did you know that as a Bestmed member you are covered for up to R10 million for international travel, for a maximum of 90 days per journey?
This policy is underwritten by Bryte Insurance and managed by ER24.
What you need to do
It’s important that you register your travel dates at least one week before you travel, either by calling Bryte Insurance on Tel 0860 329 329 or ER24 on Tel 010 205 3100.
You can also register your travel plans by sending an eMail to [email protected] They will request the following information:
1. Your Bestmed membership number
2. Names and ID/passport details of all travellers
3. Destination countries
4. Dates of travel
5. Contact details whilst travelling, including an eMail address
and telephone number
6. Information regarding activities or sports that you’ll be
participating in that could be considered as hazardous.
In the case of an emergency during your travels,
members should contact:
• Bryte Travel Assist on Tel +1 416 642 2910
• Or eMail [email protected]
• Alternatively, contact ER24 on Tel 010 205 3100.
They will put you through to Bryte Travel Assist.
For retrospective claims, request an international claim form by eMail from [email protected] or call
Tel 0860 222 446.
Note that should you have paid international medical costs and need to claim them back, you
will need to provide the following:
1. The international travel policy documentation
2. Airline tickets showing the dates of travel
3. Copies of your passports
4. Copies of all relevant invoices, as well as proof of payment.
Bryte Travel Assist may request further medical information from your treating practitioner in South Africa, including medical reports relating to any pre-existing medical condition or
Source: Alexander Forbes
For more information, download a copy of the policy document here
Congratulations to these colleagues who are celebrating their birthdays in September:
02 Lofentse Seate
03 Terri van Rensburg 04 Hugh Buisson-Street 04 Gregory Taylor
05 Richard Wells
06 Deon van Aarde
08 Charles Mayhew
08 Carel Opperman
10 Heleen Meyer
11 Steyn Jacobs
13 Clinton Clarence 13 Dalene Manneson 18 Collette Hurn
19 Georg Haupt eisch 19 Anel Nagel
26 Zelda Ricketts
29 Jeanine Janse van
30 August 2018

30 August 2018
Urgent repairs planned for M2 bridges
The newsroom reports that urgent repair work is planned on the Karzene and Selby sections of the M2 bridges. The bridges were built in the 1960s and are nearing the end of their design lifespan.
The report states that the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) appointed a specialist to do a detailed assessment. Feedback was that the affected sections suffer from severe cracks that are affecting the structural integrity of the bridges.
Once work begins, reconstruction of the affected sections of the bridges is estimated to take up 12 months.
Read the full article here.
Photo credit:
Don’t become a smash and grab victim According to the Rosebank police, there is an increase in armed robberies targeting
drivers at busy intersections.
Suspects usually wait at the traf c lights for motorists that are driving alone or that look vulnerable. Vehicles are also targeted that have visible valuables inside, such as watches, rings, cell phones or laptops.
The suspects will usually point a gun or knife at the victim and demand that they open their window.
The most common times for these robberies to take place is during peak-hour evening traf c from 16:00 to 19:00 during the week.
Tips to stay safe:
• Be aware of your surroundings and people next to the road at all times.
• Keep windows and doors locked.
• Avoid using your cell phone in identi ed problem areas, such
as traf c lights.
• Keep your valuables out of sight; in the boot is safest.
• If you are being targeted, keep calm.
• Rev the car or press the hooter to attract attention.
• Don’t try to be a hero. Cooperate if there is no way out of the

30 August 2018
Bursary applications are open
Do you know a bright young talented student who would be eager to join our ever- evolving industry? Sappi’s bursary scheme, in partnership with accredited universities, has been created so that innovative young South Africans are supported throughout their studies in line with real world business needs.
Applications for bursaries are open from 01 June to 30 September every year. Visit our Sappi Careers portal for applications:
Who can apply?
School leavers or university students between 18 and 25 who are studying (or intending to study) full time at any South African accredited university, could be eligible for our bursary scheme in one of the following elds:
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science –
Mechanical Engineering
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Chemical Engineering
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Mechatronics
• Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Forestry and Wood Sciences
• National Diploma – Pulp and Paper
• National Diploma in Forestry.
In addition, applicants must have:
South African citizenship
An average of 70-80% in Mathematics (not Maths Literacy),
70-80% in Physical Science, and 60% in English, and
Qualifying points for entrance at the university, or acceptance con rmation.
Current university results will be considered for undergraduate students. Preference will be given to learners with an average of 75% and above in Mathematics and Physical Science.

Help us ‘top up’ for a wheelchair
Every top and tag counts!
Sappi Head Office is on a drive to collect 450kg of plastic bottle tops and 50kg of bread tags in order to qualify for a wheelchair to donate to a charity of our choice.
Do your bit to help someone in need:
Collect your milk/juice bottle plastic tops and bread tags and place them in the container provided in the pantries on each floor.
Once we have collected 450kg of tops and 50kg of tags we will redeem them through the Interwaste ‘Tops and Tags’ initiative and receive a wheelchair to donate to a charity of our choice.
Every little bit helps!
30 August 2018

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