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Published by Candace Bentel, 2018-08-17 06:51:37

Sappi InTouch 18_16

Sappi Head Of ce Internal Newsletter
Slight dip in results doesn’t deter growth
17 August 2018
The slump in Sappi’s seasonally weaker third quarter results for FY2018 was expected, “but it doesn’t change the fact that we are on an exciting path of growth,” Sappi CEO Steve Binnie told Rosebank staff at the Q3 results presentation yesterday.
“We’re on track to achieve our 2020Vision targets, all our businesses are in a good place and I’m very excited about our future.”
Market response
Generally, analysts and nancial markets didn’t share our optimism following the weaker results. “Their feedback and the drop in share price was marked by a bit of negativity,” Steve said, “but it was also an overreaction.”
In essence, some project management issues hampered our performance in the quarter. The conversion of Somerset PM1 took longer and cost more than planned, and the extended shuts at Sappi Saiccor and Ngodwana Mills also affected our bottom line – but only by a slight margin.
“It is something we will learn from. We will not be repeating our mistakes and we
intend to prove to the investment market that our projects for growth will reap the expected bene ts,” Steve added.
Sappi Southern Africa
In his presentation, Richard Wells, Sales and Marketing Director for Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging (standing in for CEO SSA Alex Thiel), agreed that it was a tough quarter for the business, but that prospects in the SA region look very promising.
On the dissolving pulp (DP) side, we had a loss in productivity, but market demand remains strong. Whatever we produce, we’ll be able to sell at good prices.
The paper business performed exceptionally well; 3% ahead of budget. Market conditions are looking good and the focus for the next quarter is to further maximise production and boost earnings.
Also, in the packaging sector, the future is bright – especially in the light of a huge global drive to convert plastic to paper.
Our tissue and newsprint businesses are under a bit more strain – “which makes it crucial to continue our focus on containing costs and work as ef ciently as possible,” Richard said.
He also pointed out that SSA’s safety performance has shown a huge improvement. “Looking out for our own safety and that of others is an important part of our success as a business; something we should continue to prioritise.”
Steve concluded that Sappi is well on track to achieve its intended goals, and that we are working on setting targets for 2025.
Sappi Link: We have lift off
Part of collaborating as One Sappi is to use the best tools available for the job. Sappi Link – an initiative to convert our IT resources to Of ce 365 – will provide modern digital services to every employee.
The implementation at Sappi Rosebank will commence on Monday, 20 August 2018. We ask for your cooperation in making your PC available to our IT guys, who will be working hard to migrate 10 to 15 PCs per day over the next four weeks.
Any questions/queries can be directed to Carl Lategan.

Women’s Day 2018:
thumbs up to greater health
You are what you repeatedly do. If these words of Greek philosopher Aristotle are true, then a healthy lifestyle – marked by consistently making good choices – is one of the key factors for greater wellness.
17 August 2018
On Women’s Day this year, a women’s health workshop was hosted by Suede Wellness; with the focus on women’s health. An instructor also demonstrated some practical exercises, which focused on breathing techniques, strengthening the pelvic oor and attaining a good posture.
Winners on the day included Brenda Khumalo, who won a full body massage for best representation of the day’s (tropical theme). Jenny Duwarkah won the lucky draw and will enjoy a complimentary physiotherapy session courtesy of Suede Wellness.
Women in Sappi say...
“Women are masters at multi- tasking and are highly collaborative. We also tend to take complete ownership and will not quit until a task is done.” Pramy Moodley, Chief Financial Of cer, Sappi Southern Africa
Sappi is committed to the empowerment of all people, especially women. This is part of our strategic agenda. Also, women in Sappi have the opportunity to thrive in roles that were previously dominated by men. There is no glass ceiling and it is possible to excel at the most senior levels
of the organisation.” Leola Britton, Group Organisational Development Manager
“The best women leaders have circular vision that enables them
to be well-rounded people. According to a Harvard Business Review, adaptability is also a new competitive advantage. Women are highly adaptable by nature. They can seamlessly manage crisis and change and are turnaround experts. Liza Koen, Group Corporate Communications Manager
“Those who had the privilege of watching the show ‘In Defence of the Caveman’ by Tim Ploughman, will understand that women are gatherers, and to be able to be a gather, they need to communicate ef ciently. Women focus on team work to get tasks done, they are exible, and they value diversity; just to name a few unique qualities.” Ellenore Melrose, Regional Health and Wellness Manager
The Women’s Day event held in the Oxford Room.
Our female employees getting active during the practical exercise session.
Well done on long service
Congratulations to our fellow colleagues who received long service awards:
Ravie Kupersamy (35 years), Samantha Johns (10), Nat Maelane (10) and Erick Jacobs (10 – not photographed). Other long service awardees are Jessie Freitas (10), Kumarasen Soobramoney (20), Barbara Verster-Nowak (20) and Alan Naidoo (30).

Up close with...
Jo-Anne Ward, Senior HR Business Partner
17 August 2018
Jo-Anne Ward (left) in Venice with a friend.
1. I am happiest when... I’m travelling. There’s so much to explore and learn from other cultures and countries. I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively, however, South Africa is still a country so rich in beauty and culture. We really do live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
2. When I feel stressed out... I go for a run. It’s the only time I get to clear my mind. The most important lesson I’ve learnt from running is that the mind is a powerful thing. You can do absolutely anything if you put your mind to it. Your mindset can work for you or against you. It’s how you choose to look
at, or approach a situation, that will determine the outcome.
3. My most treasured possession is... an item of jewellery that belonged to my great grandmother. It was given to me on my 16th birthday by my mother, whom had it passed down to her by her mother.
4. I laughed out loud the day... I went to work with shoes of two different colours. I was obviously in a hurry
and ran out the door with one black shoe and one navy shoe. By the time
I realised it, it was too late, so I had a good laugh and wore the shoes for the entire day with the aim of setting a new fashion trend (not)!
5. I’m inspired by... positive people.
I don’t have one role model, but I’m inspired by those with a positive outlook on life, despite the odds they have had to face. People who made life’s challenges work in their favour.
6. I can’t live without... my morning cup of coffee. It’s a very bad addiction, but not one that falls into my yearly list of new year’s resolutions.
7. My favourite read is... The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a simple read, but the message is clear. Your thoughts really do become your actions, and what you put out to the universe you will attract. The biggest learning from this book is how to change negative thoughts and energies into positive ones, which will determine the course and outcome of your life.
8. I love watching Victoria... a series on Net ix about the English Queen Victoria, her coming into rule at the young age of 18 and her time of her reign from 1837 to 1901. I enjoy any book or movie about history and the English monarchy set in this period. Everything was so full of grandeur (for the aristocrats that is) – tea parties for the ladies, hunting for the men, dinner parties and grand balls. If only life was made of this.
9. My favourite holiday spot is... Croatia. A beautiful country with an exquisite coastline, clear, turquoise waters and a country rich in culture and history. A must-see for anyone travelling to Europe; and if you are a Game of Thrones fan.
10. In my spare time I... spend as much time with my family and close friends as possible. There is nothing more valuable in life than making and sharing memories with family.
11. My rst job was... as an HR administrator for a retail pharmacy chain in KZN.
12. What people in Sappi don’t know about me is... that I have skydived at 10,000 feet as a dare by my friends. Not something I would do again
in a hurry, but such an exhilarating experience – while screaming my lungs out! They could hear me, even before I made my landing.
13. I love working at Sappi because... it’s a company strong in values, serious about change and diversity, and it has an embedded culture of team work, collaboration, innovation and caring for its people.
Jo-Anne enjoying some gelato in Rome.
Who should be featured next? You can nominate
Who at Sappi Head Of ce would you like to know more about? A senior manager, a quiet colleague, someone everyone deals with, or one of our execs? We invite you to nominate speci c people you would like to see featured in the ‘Up Close with...’ column.
Send your suggestion/s to
[email protected]

17 August 2018
GBS works and plays as a team
Since the beginning of the year, the staff complement at the Global Business Services (GBS) of ces in Amanzimtoti, KZN, has been growing rapidly.
When the of ces were rst occupied, there were only about 40 people in total, mostly from the Shared Services of ces previously situated at Saiccor mill. Since then, we have had daily additions joining the GBS team from various departments. We will be introducing you to these colleagues in future editions of InTouch.
Boosting team spirit
Mervyn Nair, Financial Risk Manager/Global Credit Risk Co- ordinator, took the initiative in putting together a fabulous team building day to unite Sappi GBS staff members. This took place on 27 July 2018 at the Maharani Hotel in Durban. Employees were requested to dress in smart attire. Chief Financial Of cer Pramy Moodley joined in the day’s activities.
On arrival, staff were split into random groups and seated at separate tables. Here they were introduced to the day’s challenge,
known as ‘The Dinner Code’. Employees at each table had to crack an intricate code by hunting for clues, which were scattered about on the tables, hidden in the cutlery, table linen and even under the chairs.
The levels of team work and participation, as every team’s competitive spirit came to the fore, was soon evident – to the extent that the delicious buffet was almost overlooked.
Puzzles, brain-teasers and code words, combined with number- crunching, gave the answers that led the victorious teams to claim their prizes.
It was a wonderful day of fun and excitement. All agreed that the outing has managed to instil a greater sense of team spirit in and outside of the working environment.
GBS staff looking for clues during ‘The Dinner Code’ team building challenge.
Global Business Services

Global Business Services
Showing their true colours on Women’s Day
The GBS team celebrated Women’s Day in style this year. The theme was ‘Show your true colours’. Female staff were asked to dress up in the colours that best expressed their personalities and their characteristics.
The day’s proceedings were centred on poetry, as the ladies submitted poems that were either already authored or ones that they had written themselves. The poems had to be about women and the role they play in society. The poems gave everyone time to re ect on the many roles that women ful l – as mothers, daughters, grandmothers and businesswomen.
It was also a reminder that women had come a long way in our country, and that we were fortunate to live in a society where our constitution allowed equal rights for women.
Speaker of the day was Regional Payroll Manager, Linda Toward, who shared inspirational words of wisdom about her experiences as a woman – inspiring others to recognise the strength and the beauty in other women.
The prize for ‘best dressed’ went to Maria Camp (Creditor’s Clerk).
The day ended with the ladies enjoying some sweet and savoury treats, with a ‘high tea’ themed set-up that wowed everyone.
Featured participants
GBS’s female employees enjoying some delicious treats during the Women’s Day event.
Maria Camp (best dressed), Yuvika Pillay (best poem) and the speaker on the day, Linda Toward.
17 August 2018

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