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Low Organized Games FlipBook

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Published by chadwatkins1998, 2019-04-17 14:30:18

LOG Flip Book

Low Organized Games FlipBook

L.O.G (Low Organized Games)

MWF 8-8:50

By Chad Watkins

Table of Game 1 ( tic-tac-toe relay)
contents Game 2 ( line tag)
Game 3 ( capture the cone)
Game 4 ( scooter hockey)
Game 5 (mr freeze)
Game 6 ( ultimate soccer)

Table of Game 7 (sharks and menos)
contents Game 8 (ultimate frisbee)
Game 9 (Skool)
Game 10(around the world)
Game 11(cardio relay)
Game 12 (jack pot)

Tic-Tac-Toe Relay

Instructions: students will be split up into two teams evenly. Players will race to
place a designated color into hoola hoops to get 3 or 4 in a row, before the next
player can go the player before must high give them.
Objective: to be the faster team to get tic-tac-toe.
Equipment: 10 bean bags 2 different colors, 9 hoopla hoops


Line tag (pac-man)

Instructions: 3 players will be the ghost or the tagger(s). The ghost or tagger(s)
will have on penny’s (Jersey) the additional players will not. The ghost and
additional players will walk on the gym floor lines. The players not wearing
pennies (Jersey) will try avoid being tagged. If a player is tagged they have to sit
where they are, they can then help the ghost creating a obstacle or block for the
remaining players, to make it harder for them to move around.

Objective: avoid being tagged.

Equipment: pennys (Jersey)


Capture the cone

Instructions: Teams will be split up evenly, one team with pennys (jerseys) one
team with out. Players will run across to the opposing team's side to get a cone and
run back to their cone. If you are tagged while running across you go to jail and
have to wait for a teammate to come get you, or wait for the coach to say jail break.
If your teammate is tagged while breaking you out, you and your teammate both go
back to jail. The team with all of their opposing teams cones wins.

Objective: have the most of your opponents cones on your side

Equipment: pennies (Jersey)


Scooter hockey

Instructions: Players will be split into two even teams, one team will wear pennys
(jerseys) one team will not. Players will sit on scooters and use them to move
around the gym floor. Players will use field hockey sticks or scooter hockey sticks to
pass a wiffle ball around until a team scores. The team with the most points at the
end of the game wins.
Objective: score in the opening teams goal.
Equipment: scooters, pennys (Jersey), hockey sticks, Wiffle ball


Mr freeze

Instructions: everyone will close their eyes the teacher will randomly select ( Mr.
freeze) by tapping them on there head. Players will move around the gym or be
doing a work out. Mr. Freeze will stop what he is doing at some point and every one
must catch on and mimic what Mr. Freeze is doing. The first person to catch on is
the next mr. freeze, the last person is out or will have a extra set of the work out
they are doing.

Objective: observer

Equipment: N/A


Ultimate soccer

Instructions: Players will be split up in to even teams. One team will wear jersey
(pennys) one team will not. The game has the same rules as soccer but with a
football twist. If the ball bounces and you catch it you can run with the ball in hand.
After a goal is scored the ball is placed back on the ground and the game is
Objective: score in the opposing team’s goal, be the team with the most points
Equipment: Soccer ball, pennys (Jersey), Cones


Sharks and menos

Instructions: Players will line up on the baseline of the gym, one player will be
selected as the tagger. The player selected as tagger will select a category, for
example animals. The tagger will say animals and the players on the base line will
try to run across to the other side of the gym once their animal they were thinking of
is called. Those who were tagged will be out, the last person standing will be the
next tagger.

Objective: move across the other side without being tagged. Try to be the last
person standing

Equipment: Penny’s ( Jersey)


Ultimate frisbee

Instructions: Players will be split into two even teams, one team with Pennys
(Jersey), one team with out. Players will pass a frisbee around to one another in
order to score. Players can only take three steps once the catch the frisbee, Players
can only pass in front or to the side of them. The opposing team is allowed to move
freely to intercept the frisbee, if intercepted the 3 step rule still applies.
Objective: Move the frisbee across the court to get it in opposing team's goal.
Equipment: Pennys (Jersey)


Around the world

Instructions: Players will be split up into groups of twos. Your teammate will stand
on the opposite side of you on the court one teammate will shoot agents the opposing
teams teammate. The one person will shoot all the way around the 3 point line then
give the ball to their teammate and they will do the same. The team that makes all
shots and moves around the world completely wins.
Objective: be the first team to make it around the 3 point line
Equipment., basketball



Instructions: Players will line up in front of the goal. They will take turn shooting at
the basket. You will start with a lay up, move to a mid range shot, move back to free
throw, move back to the three point line and lastly make a layup. The person to
make all shots without out missing wins.
Objective: get as furthest as possible on the court.
Equipment: Basketball, Cones


Cardio relay

Instructions: You will set up four cones taking up half the gym floor. You will start
off with back peddle. Turn in to side step (shuffle). The turn in to lunges with hand
in the air and take off in a sprint while waiting to go, you will do push up until the
person in front of you moves to the first cone leading in to the second work out.
Objective: Concentrate on speed and agility
Equipment: Cones


Jack pot

Instructions: one player will stand alone with the football. The other players will
stand scattered around the gym. The player with the ball will throw the ball in the
air and he will say a number. whoever catches it thats how many points ( money )
they have who ever has the most at the end at the game will be the next person to
Objective: Be the person to catch the most throws
Equipment: Football


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