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Symonds & Sampson Lettings Brochure. We know the local market, our fees are transparent, we know the law, we protect your money, our Specialist Property Management Department and we are we are a multi-disciplined firm.

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Lettings Brochure

Symonds & Sampson Lettings Brochure. We know the local market, our fees are transparent, we know the law, we protect your money, our Specialist Property Management Department and we are we are a multi-disciplined firm.



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Let us guide you through the tricky terrain of Tips for buyers and sellers, ideas for converting
planning permission, proprietary estoppels your swimming pool into a natural beauty,
and where the law stands on privacy and our take on why the high street must adapt
to survive, and a look behind the scenes at
drones. Then catch up with our young
professionals, get the low down on running Axminster Carpets. Plus a family tribute to the
a holiday let, step back in time in Salisbury, heroes of the Somme, and insights from our
and discover why we’re not the retiring type.
Move to the Country show.
How to make a success of letting your
property, an accountant’s-eye view of Why we’re saying “long live livestock
buy-to-let investments, and your red tape markets”, the expert definition of a guide
round-up. Plus we turn the spotlight
on Performing and Creative Arts at The price, and a cautionary tale from our
own gavel master. Plus the surprising link
Blandford School, and embark on a between tractors and Formula One cars,
photographic journey to 19th century China.
and a generous serving of seaweed –
the coastal superfood.

Editors: Mark Lewis, Marlise Jolliffe, Roger Excell, Imogen Robinson The contents of this publication are intended as guidance and general interest.
It does not constitute legal advice and can be no substitute for considered
Proof Readers: Richard Miller, Marilyn Wright advice on specific problems. Although every effort has been made to ensure
the accuracy of the information printed in this publication, Symonds & Sampson
Artwork: Shaun Hodge LLP cannot accept liability for errors and omissions. The views expressed in this
publication are not necessarily those of Symonds & Sampson LLP.
Show/Farm Sale photos: Rob and Lucy Nolan

Printed by: Remous Ltd, Glovers Close, Milborne Port, Dorset DT9 5EP

tel: 01963 250920




Our Head of Farm Agency assesses the market,
news of how we can help you to secure a

loan, and a word to the wise on diversification.
We unpick the do’s and don’ts of firearms
licensing, tell you what to expect when

dealing with utility companies on your land,
and ask five farmers for their views on the
future of farming. Plus, we dip our toes into

the water at the region’s best beaches.


It’s been another great year for charity
fundraising, and we’ve got the pictures –
and the strained muscles – to prove it! Plus,
memories of a safari in Botswana, a review
of our sporting endeavours, coffee break
moments that are just for fun, and everyone’s

favourite... the photo gallery.



W elcome to the 2017 edition of our multi-award winning magazine,
Country Matters. You will have noticed the image on the front
cover and we feel this sums up Symonds & Sampson succinctly.

Everyone in the business is a vital part of our overall team, and we’re all travelling
in the same direction. While we are on our journey, we look for opportunities and
then tell as many of our clients as possible so that all can benefit. We do this by
holding numerous seminars throughout the region, often in conjunction with
solicitors, accountants and other professionals. Our stands at various agricultural
shows are great places for us to meet clients new and old, and ideas are often
exchanged in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere over a suitable beverage.

We also hold a number of seminars for our residential landlords and others thinking
of investing in buy-to-let properties, with the aim of providing a professional
management service wherever it is required.

The wheels on our elongated bicycle are cogs, and it hopefully portrays how we
strive to work together, like any well-oiled machine. Needless to say, the smaller
components are as vital as the big cogs, and every member of staff and every client,
big or small, is extremely important to us.

We hope that you enjoy the magazine as much as we have enjoyed putting it
together. Please remember we are only a phone call away, so do get in touch to
discuss any form of property-related business. I am certain we will always be able to
match you with a relevant member of staff.

Andrew Robinson FRICS FAAV
Senior Partner


Situated on the West Dorset coast we produce the world's only Pure
Milk Vodka™ made entirely from the milk of grass-grazed cows and
nothing else. Fresh whole milk makes an exceptionally smooth vodka
with a unique creamy character.

Pure Milk Vodka™ is the invention of West Dorset dairy farmer Jason Barber. His
inspiration came from a desire to diversify the produce from his 250 strong dairy
herd and his deep personal interest in vodka.

The milk is separated into curds and whey. The curds are used to make cheese, the
whey is fermented into a beer using a special yeast that converts the milk sugar into
alcohol. This milk beer is then distilled and treated to our secret blending process.
The vodka is then triple filtered and finished, before being hand bottled. Black Cow
is made from the same milk that is used to make Barber’s 1833 Cheddar, and our
own Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar.




Planning Matters
- An Overview

The Government continues to encourage development and house building as the
demography of our country changes but Local Planning Authorities have not always

been willing to adopt such a positive approach

Opportunities for landowners with land Permitted Development – from Dwellings
suitable for development to Commercial Use

There have been an influx of option and promotion There continues to be a wide range of opportunities under
agreements following opportunities presented by new Local the Government’s Permitted Development Regulations
Plans and pressure from Government for development of including the following:
both large and small scale schemes.
• Class Q permits the change of use of agricultural
In their simplest forms, under a promotion agreement, a buildings, both modern and traditional, to dwellings
promoter obtains planning permission for development of provided you are outside an Area of Outstanding Natural
the landowner’s land, which is then sold and the promoter Beauty (AONB).
shares in the sale proceeds.
• Class O is a temporary Permitted Development Right
Under an option agreement a developer obtains planning allowing for the change of use of premises from B1 (A)
permission for development of the landowner’s land and then office use to C3 residential use.
has the exclusive right to purchase the land at a price below
its open market value. • Class PA allows for the change of use from B1(C) (light
industrial) to C3 dwelling houses.
Any decision about the most suitable agreement for a
landowner looking to maximise the value of his land in the • Class P is another temporary Permitted Development
short or even longer term must be considered against a wide Right allowing for the change of use of premises from
range of factors including the backdrop of the current political B8 storage and distribution use to C3 residential use.
and economic climate.
• Class R allows for the change of use of agricultural
If you have land that you think may be suitable for buildings under 500 m2 to a flexible commercial use
development in the future, submitting an application which including A1 (shops), A2 (professional and financial
identifies your land as being available for development uses services), B1 (business use), B8 (storage and distribution),
to your local Council under the Housing and Economic Land C1 (hotels) and finally D2 (assembly and leisure).
Availability Assessment (HELAA) may be the first step in
assessing the land's planning potential.


A number of our agricultural clients have
been taking advantage of the Class R PD
Rights to create commercial units on their
farms. This is particularly useful where there
may be a son or daughter looking to set up
their own business and requiring an office
or workshop. We have also had a client who
runs a camping and wedding venue on the
farm and wanted to set up a shop and club
house which was then achieved under the
Class R PD.

Permitted Development What if I don’t qualify under
the Permitted Development
Barn Conversions Regulations?
All of the above Permitted Development Changes of Use
are subject to meeting certain criteria and prior approval If you fall within an AONB or you have recently
being sought in respect of transport and highways impacts, erected a new agricultural building under
noise impact, contamination risks, flooding risks and Permitted Development Rights and therefore
whether the building is suitable for the proposed use. can’t exercise your Class Q rights to create a
The Class Q agricultural buildings to C3 residential dwelling out of an agricultural building all
use is still a very effective way of securing a house on is not lost. The majority of local authorities
an agricultural unit provided the building is capable of have now adopted their new local plans
structural conversion and great care must be taken in pulling which interpret the National Planning Policy
together the application in order to avoid being tripped up Framework (NPPF) and include policies which
during the prior approval process. allow for the change of use of traditional
buildings to dwellings subject to certain
criteria. As a result if you lie within an AONB
and have a fine range of traditional buildings
or even a single traditional building which
would be suitable for conversion to a dwelling
then there is still great opportunity to pull
together and pursue a successful planning
application. Local authorities will always
prefer the change of use of an existing
building to create a dwelling, however,
provided you have a viable agricultural
business and can demonstrate the essential
need for a dwelling there is always the possibility of securing
planning permission for a new
house which would be subject
to an Agricultural or General
Occupancy Condition.

Edward Dyke FRICS FAAV
Sturminster 01258 472244


Planning Building Surveying

Edward Dyke – Sturminster 01258 472244 David Meaden – Wimborne 01202 639401
Philip Pollard – Salisbury 01722 334323 James Shapland – Wimborne 01202 639401
AJ Monro – Wimborne 01202 639408 Tom Schouten – Wimborne 01202 639401
Andy Booth – Yeovil 01935 382905 Chris Hall – Wimborne 01202 639406



Agricultural Professional Agricultural Professional
ljudd@ nrymer@

When did you qualify and what firm When did you qualify and what firm
were you with? were you with?

I joined S&S in 2012 and, in December 2015, passed my Central I graduated from Cirencester in 2012 and spent the summer
Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) exams, followed by working on the harvest, before starting with S&S. I did all my APC
the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) qualification training at S&S, completing my CAAV exams in December 2014

in May 2016. and qualifying as a member of RICS in 2015.

Are there some things you can only What impact will technology have on the
learn on the job?  profession over the next 10 years?

Hands-on experience and being face to face with clients Administrative systems such as Basic Payment Scheme and filing
is the best way to learn. annual returns are moving online. I would hope that, in 10 years’

What impact will technology have on the time, DEFRA and the like will have made them work
profession over the next 10 years? – you know, properly!

My feeling is that we won’t have paper files, Greatest challenge for surveyors over
it will all be electronic. the next 10 years?

Most important non-technical I do quite a lot of agency work and we are seeing more online
skills for surveyors? agents. There is no doubt that the service provided through a
face to face relationship with a client, complete with office, tea,
Setting – and meeting – expectations, undertaking work in a biscuits and occasionally cake can’t be beaten, but it is vital to
professional manner, being accountable for your actions and ensure we promote ourselves strongly against this new tide of

communicating well. web-based services.

Greatest change in the industry over 25% of RICS members reach retirement age
the next 10 years? in the next 10 years. Are we doing enough

Rural practice has been a male-dominated sector for so long, to replace them?
but there are more women joining the profession. It won’t be
In the rural sector, there aren’t a great number of firms that visit
long before they are leading firms from the front. schools and universities to explain what surveyors do and why it’s
such a great career. The first question I’m asked when I say I’m a
25% of RICS members reach retirement age
in the next 10 years. Are we doing enough rural surveyor is:“What does that mean, then?”

to replace them?  If you could go back in time,
where would you go?
What needs to be encouraged is personal development. This will
allow young professionals to develop into leaders and give them New York in the Roaring Twenties or take a stroll through Rome
during the height of the Empire – experience a time that’s almost
the tools to run multi-office firms with numerous employees.
unimaginably different. 
What sayings annoy you?
Your favourite film
‘Blue sky thinking’ and ‘popping' (to see someone
or put someone on hold). Back to the Future.

What’s your signature dish? 15

Slow cooked cod and saffron paella.

Dilapidated Farmhouse

to Luxury Holiday Portfolio

Ever considered owning a Holiday Let? The Crang family share their story...

Somerset based family run Woodlands Retreats is ‘‘
celebrating a decade of success in the Holiday ‘‘
Letting market. The Crang family began the venture ‘‘Right from day one we have focused
in 2006, renovating a dilapidated farmhouse near
Glastonbury into a stunning luxury holiday property. Today on quality and luxury, probably obsessively!
Woodlands Retreats operates six holiday properties with more I couldn’t work any other way, with a
in the pipeline.
family business you have to feel confident
‘‘Holiday Letting was expanding of what you offer… you can’t escape it
hugely especially here in the
South West, and seemed being personal to you. The results speak for
something we could manage themselves in happy and returning guests.
alongside the farming There is no hiding from poor standards or
mis-sold expectations, online reviews are
Following the renovation of four of the family’s old farm instant, frank and potentially damaging.
properties, and a very healthy booking calendar it wasn’t
long before Paul was being approached by local property
owners keen to enter the Holiday Letting market themselves.
The appeal is obvious, enjoy the benefits of owning a
holiday property whilst leaving the marketing and day to day
operations to someone else. Holiday property management
was an unexpected but most welcome addition to the
diversification. Woodlands manages two further properties
with plans for many more as the business expands. Of course
it hasn’t all been plain sailing but clearly Woodlands has
created a formula that works.


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