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Published by , 2018-11-01 22:57:29

MY urban legend - Google Docs

MY urban legend - Google Docs


Josie m 


There was an old woman that lived in the woods 
that supposedly has supernatural things happen 
back there… so she's living almost in the middle of 
nowhere AND surrounded by haunted woods.But 
one day she went missing, people say that the 
demon that rules the woods back there took her. 
But if you go in that house you can never get back 
out. It all starts to look like a maze and you get 
lost and they come for you. Her family hadn't 
heard from her in days, then, months, without 
nothing and they were finally going to go to her 
house to look for her and before they even could 
go in they saw a sign on her door that said goodbye 
signed by her…  

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