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The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Behind the Wheel Q4 Winter 2018 -- Maria Wittmeyer, Burris Logistics

The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Q4 WINTER 2018

WMaitrtima eyer

Burris Logistics

2018-2019 MMTA Chairman

3INSIDE: Steps to Improving
Maryland Stepping into Driver Retention
the Autonomous Age

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An Unexpected Turn

Maria Wittmeyer of Burris Logistics
never planned to enter the trucking
industry, but she couldn’t be in a better
position as she moves in as the new
chairman of Maryland Motor Truck



7 Maryland 5 Chairman’s Message
Stepping into the 6 Dates to Know
Autonomous Age 26 New MMTA Members
26 Advertising Resource Index
12 Listen, Act,

Three Steps to Improving Driver


22 Maryland on
the Move

MMTA’s Fall Conference





The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

Behind the Wheel is owned by the Maryland Motor Truck Who’s Word Is Law?
Association and is published by Matthews Publishing Group.
To request additional copies, order reprints of individual articles One load, one road, one set of rules - wouldn’t it be great if that was actually
or to become a subscriber to Behind The Wheel, please contact the case? Instead, most interstate trucking companies are faced with a multitude
Selena Griffin at (410) 644-4600. To inquire about advertising, of industry rules and regulations from the federal, state and local levels that
overlap and potentially conflict with one another.
please contact the publisher at (501) 690-9393.
Our company has a route every day that leaves from our Elkton, MD
Publisher location to Jacksonville, FL. It is a straight shot of 804 miles on Interstate 95
Jennifer Matthews-Drake with 2.5 miles to get from our location to I-95 in MD and another 4 miles from
Matthews Publishing Group I-95 to our location in Jacksonville. During this one load on a single interstate,
[email protected] we pass through six states and I couldn’t tell you how many counties, cities,
municipalities, etc. While changes to speed limits or lane restrictions are clearly
Executive Editor posted for the driver to know the law on a specific roadway, other regulations,
Louis Campion laws, or rules at state and local levels don’t have signs posted about rest breaks,
[email protected] paid sick leave, or pay rates.

Managing Editor The driver, the trucking industry and the economy as a whole, require
Selena Griffin a uniform system of rules to operate in interstate commerce. State-by-state
variables disrupt the flow of commerce and threaten the safety of the motoring
sgriffi[email protected] public on our roads. That’s why standardization, through preemption, is
necessary. Preemption prevents lower levels of government from implementing
Art Director their own policies that differ from a higher level of government. The most
C. Waynette Traub fundamental examples of the need for preemption are found in the trucking
[email protected] industry where you have a mobile workforce that regularly travels between
different jurisdictions (i.e., truck drivers), and/or you have business locations in
Copy Editor/Proofer multiple states that operate in interstate commerce.
Lynne Phillips
In recent years the trucking industry has seen expanding rules across all
Photographer levels of government that require some consistency.
David Sinclair
Contributing Writers prohibited states from any regulation relating to motor carrier prices, routes,
or services. However, in recent years some courts have imposed state meal and
Steve Brawner Jennifer Barnett Reed rest break laws on interstate motor carriers in direct conflict with Congress’
Mary Lou Jay John Schulz prohibition. The hours of service of commercial motor vehicle drivers, including
Renee Miller Angela Thomas rest break requirements, are within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of
Derek Rayment Todd Traub Transportation as documented in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
– that is more than enough.
Maryland Motor Truck Association
PAID SICK LEAVE – Across the United States, cities, counties and states
Louis Campion are imposing mandatory paid sick leave rules on employees who “work” in
President & CEO their jurisdictions. In Maryland we have a statewide mandate, with a slightly
[email protected] different variation in Montgomery County. Nearby we have varying rules in the
Dottie C. Duvall District of Columbia, Connecticut, Vermont, and in several cities in New Jersey.
Vice President - Administration The “letter of the law” in many of these cases requires a business to calculate
[email protected]
Brenda Tharp
Director of Safety |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2018 5
[email protected]
Selena L. Griffin

sgriffi[email protected]
Margie Anne Bonnett
Marketing & Communications Director
[email protected]

Kathy Norris
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry.
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, education services, operational services and serves
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact MMTA at:
Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc.
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045
Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537

DATES TO KNOW the number of hours that employees aligned with every state in the union.
are located in each jurisdiction and There are many other examples where
DECEMBER 12, 2018 offer sick leave in accordance to that
jurisdiction’s rules for the time the preemption and standardization are
MMTA Western Maryland employee is working there – impossible needed. From discrepancies in what you
Chapter Legislative Dinner for a trucking company that could can ask on an employment application
have drivers traveling through multiple (“ban the box”), to what qualifies as
Fountainhead Country Club, jurisdictions daily. nexus for determining when an interstate
Hagerstown MD ~ a gathering of motor carrier must pay a state’s income
members and state legislators will PIECE RATE PAY – Similar to the tax (New Jersey), we have created a
assemble to hear about The State meal and rest break requirements, some dangerous, inefficient and confusing multi-
of Maryland’s Trucking Industry; courts have ruled motor carriers cannot tiered system of rules that are difficult
presented by MMTA Chairman Maria pay their drivers a lump sum for moving for even large companies with dedicated
Wittmeyer and MMTA President a load from origin to destination, even staffs to follow. For smaller companies,
Louis Campion. if the amount paid exceeds the state’s who lack time and resources, they can
hourly minimum wage when you look be overburdened trying to comply. In the
JANUARY 29, 2019 at total pay divided by total hours. Some end, it is the driver who may be delayed
courts have deemed any associated non- or fined if stopped by state or local law
MMTA’s Driver of the Year driving time (inspections, paperwork, enforcement.
Banquet fueling, etc.) to be uncompensated work,
even though drivers often earn more While the risk of enforcement of many
NEW LOCATION Turf Valley Resort than they would under an hourly system. of these rules is low, the potential for a
~ don’t miss the chance to submit your Although truck drivers make far more class action lawsuit remains and should be
best drivers as candidates for Driver than the minimum wage, with cities eliminated through standardization.
of the Month/Year. Our safest drivers and states across the country changing
deserve to be noticed & recognized, their minimum wage rates, the trucking In 1994 Congress preempted states from
they power our economy as well as industry needs clarification that it is imposing many of their own policies in
your company. Submissions accepted subject to the federal minimum wage and these areas on the trucking industry, saying,
in November; contact Brenda Tharp cannot be forced by states to abandon “the sheer diversity of [state] regulatory
for the necessary paperwork. Drivers the piece rate pay system. schemes is a huge problem for national
of the Month will be honored at and regional carriers attempting to conduct
this event with one being selected as 18- TO 20-YEAR-OLD DRIVERS – the a standard way of doing business.” It’s
MMTA’s 2018 Driver of the Year. issue of younger commercial drivers is time for Congress to step up and reaffirm
the reverse where the federal law is more that commitment to preserve the efficient
FEBRUARY 14, 2019 restrictive. While all 48 of the contiguous and safe flow of goods across the country.
states issue commercial drivers’ licenses Either that or make the Welcome to Our
Valentine’s Day ~ Don’t forget to those 18 years and older, federal law State (county, city, etc.) signs bigger in order
prevents those under 21 from hauling to list the rules a truck driver needs to
your sweetie! interstate freight. The use of imaginary lines follow in that area.
on a map as a barrier makes no sense if
FEBRUARY 28, 2019 the states have all determined that an 18- Maria Wittmeyer
year old driver can operate a commercial 2018-2019 Chairman of the Board
Oyster Roast & Trade Show vehicle safely. An 18-year old can drive
~ Martin’s West from Sacramento, California to San Diego,
California (500+ miles) or El Paso, Texas
You don’t want to miss this annual to Houston, Texas (700+ miles) without
feast & impressive trade show, the issue, but cannot drive from my company’s
opportunity only comes once a year! location in Elkton, MD to Delaware (2
This event has sold out completely in miles) or to Pennsylvania (5 miles). This
the last several years – get your tickets is extremely limiting in smaller states
& booths early, sales will start in or where major population centers and
early January. Watch our website for commerce routes are situated on or near
updates! the state borders. Federal law should be




A statewide effort in Maryland is attempting to is studying urban platooning. The CAV Freight
help the state and the motor carrier industry adapt Subgroup is studying how autonomous vehicles
to growing automation. could be used to reduce congestion around the
Port of Baltimore. Also being considered are traffic
Established by Maryland Transportation laws that might be impediments to the adoption
Secretary Pete Rahn in 2015, the Connected and of the technology, such as those dealing with
Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Working Group’s safe following distances and lane restrictions.
purpose is to coordinate and strategically plan for Platooning is a focus because it may represent
the deployment of new automated technologies. a low-hanging fruit, Campion said. He said the
It includes member stakeholders in the public Aberdeen Proving Ground would be an ideal
and private sectors and is chaired by Maryland location for testing the technologies.
Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary
Jim Ports and Motor Vehicle Administration Even as autonomous technologies are rapidly
Administrator Chrissy Nizer. advancing, the legislative and regulatory process
is moving more slowly. Campion said many issues
A CAV Freight Subgroup was recently formed remain to be settled at the federal level, including
to study autonomous freight transportation at determining if the second vehicle’s operator is still
MMTA President and CEO Louis Campion’s on duty and driving for hours of service rules.
request. It includes Maryland Department of
Transportation business units, Maryland State “What we’re trying to do is make sure that
Police, Maryland Transportation Authority we have positioned ourselves so that when those
Police and other working group organizations. It decisions are made, there’s an opportunity for us
is monitoring autonomous driving advances in
Maryland and elsewhere, such as Ohio, which CONTINUED 


to promote that technology to a greater Carrier Safety Administration’s Office of preparation, and protecting Americans’
extent here in Maryland if companies want Research and Information Technology, freedoms. The previous guidance, AV
to adopt it,” he said. said Congress has allocated $100 million 2.0, published in September 2017 was
for research and deployment of automated the most-viewed policy document on the
The spirit of the meetings is commercial motor vehicles. That research department’s website with more than
positive. The Maryland Department of will include an assessment of the potential 125,000 downloads.
Transportation is fully engaged, and the impacts of automated vehicles on the
agency’s various modal administrators driver workforce. He said the agency Chao said the technology could save
attend frequently. In 2016, Campion has developed a comprehensive strategy lives, but three-fourths of American drivers
sent a letter to then- US. Secretary of of building knowledge, identifying have expressed discomfort with riding in
Transportation Anthony Fox in support of what works, and implementing leading an autonomous vehicle. The technology’s
an unsuccessful MDOT grant application practices. It is currently seeking feedback. potential will never be realized without
for the I-95 corridor to become an public acceptance, she said.
automated vehicle technology development On Oct. 4, U.S. Transportation
pipeline. The letter noted that the corridor Secretary Elaine Chao described her The next day, Oct. 5, the Maryland
already has significant automated testing, department’s updated autonomous Motor Truck Association heard at its
planning and development of levels 3-5 technology guidelines at its headquarters annual meeting a presentation regarding
technology along the corridor. Meanwhile, in Washington. As reported by Transport
law enforcement representatives have Topics in its Oct. 8 edition, the
identified items that need to be addressed. guidelines, “Preparing for the Future of
One example: In Maryland, citations are Transportation: Automated Vehicles 3.0,”
issued to the driver, so what happens in would apply to trucks and other forms
autonomous and platooning situations? of transportation and would focus on six
principles: safety, technology neutrality,
At the CAV Freight Subgroup’s third modernizing regulations, encouraging
meeting Sept. 25, Jeff Loftus, technology consistent regulations, proactive
division chief for the Federal Motor



* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *autonomous technology by Denny
Mooney, Navistar’s senior vice president,

global product development.

Mooney said a record 3.2 trillion miles

wlimerieteddrievxecnepintiothnes UthnaiteddoSNtaOteTshinav2e0t1o6, are not required to use ELDs. FMCSA rec- not driving, time. The final rule requires

2co8m8pbliyll:ion by trucks. The National Safety ognizes that these drivers occasionally do fleets to retain up to eight supporting doc-

C• ounDcriilveesrtsimwhatoesustheepraepwererloeg4s0f,o1r0n0otrmaoffriec not meet the conditions of these exemp- uments from several categories per driver

fataltithieasni8n d2a0y1s7,dduoriwngnafrnoym30thdea4y,p3e2r7iod. rteioqnusi“.reIAnduttohtooksneeeoipnmastpaoanpuceesrs,lvodegr;ihvheiorcwsleeavrseerw, dirlilv-notf•ob reeBapcilhels2ro4ff-ehlacodtui.rnTgph,eirteiionyde.hraTarhiveesey, satcrohe:ebdueles or
that occurred in 2016. Prior to those years, ersbwehottuesre athpaapnerhlougmmoarne tsh.aInf8thdaeyys ianre, theeqnuiwvaele’nvtedoimcumpernotvseinddiscaatfinegtyth,e
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2007b.eFfoartaelmitioeds eplluyemamr 2e0te0d0,frdoume tcolose any 30 daay npedrioisdnm’utstthstaatrtwushinegrEeLwDse. want tooriggion?a”ndCdaemstipnaitoionn soaf aidtr.ip;
to 3,e0l0ec0trpoenri1c0co0nmneilclitoivnitvyehcaicplaebmiliitleysof
travetlheed vineh1i9cl8e0. to about 1,000 in 2010, location Monitoring: • Dispatch records, trip records, or
Ml9e•4 voeMpolitDeensoodrrewctoiyohevnanfeesweftraypasaoirdyenwfox.dodchBpprueolauevcasctrteihoannsbetnieenisrddoiicinunsnetegchsvnttedowhdselefhvlrilniveeiigvv,erhdeetedthrarlteiiwyafhvd.tfaeee.Hryrrva-eeeetnrehsrtaohiciradlses. 4-5, ethqueivveahleicnltedisoccuapmaebnletso; f driving itself
l1e•- v2e,ltSstihhomeofertactruauhtrcoadkuneloisxdmcoreoiupvuttefsiirotsdtneurdi(,gt1.thh0Aae0tdlalvoeiagvrnbemcolseoidlkes) tItpifnoehndapeeroaevvneurip7LcteteedrEcuou0scerrioLrrnilayyvLpsademDgegTi6c.reolalshipor0Iotin3Mclnaafmyclmefunnoaas-nooutstufygditftidsne’thuaorstowteupatanohlcmryttprifeeoeiitdarnntcahdslufsoilogtc.euimsixrinrrsamotiTtideienytmhonaoauegaeno,snsnarptefovoeittmar1dneswern,ot8,clhtiu-ftcyitr-thdtreiosimehcohgoecunalaeatmnietodsdnnty’etdinseiidnao4t1rttvmlkighioin00aoivmeccitnepmlsepareelrayseteeaislraipaartwlotientcersoensieitdamdflv.nloaa.tstrcy pw•r iotNhjeEnacnoxvtotpiisneddtnarrciisrovveieli slnrraeigbsnc,uoevtpioripameltvrtsieveo ;dirnseiilownantiae.tdhp tltaoht eooonTn-edxinuagtsy,
driver assistance systems. Those include automation, the truck includes highly nD•o etpeaiTvnreetsxrmttyaeomnnntetemsosisfeasgTcseorasang,nveesismnp, cooaerridltoamttthhieoaesntrs.atergBlueeuccsttk,ronic
platomoonbinilge wcoimll mbeuansicbaetnioenfiscitarlaanssmitted
SelhecotrrotnHicastualbiDlitryivceonrtsr:ol, adaptive cruise aSdvuapnpceodrltoinnggituDdioncaul amndelnattesr:al guidance advetrhtirsoeudg. hAas frelepeotrmteadniangTemraennstpsoyrsttem;
conDtrroivle, rcsowllihsoioanremnitoigt arteiqounirseydstteomcso,mplete withBethcaeuasbeilEitLyDtsoncehgaantegethlaenneese, dbufotrthsuep- Topics Oct. 8, mileage gains in tests were
loobgsstabcelceaduesteetchtieoynm, leaenteodneepoafrttuhreeshort dproivretrinisgrdeoacduymtoenttaskteocvoenrtirfoyl.dIrnivtihneg time, “•n otPaasyhroigllh reacsoerxdps,e scetettdl,e”maecncto rsdhienegts, or
hwaaurlneinxegms apntidonacstiinvesebcrtaikonin3g9. N5.1av(ies)taorf twhiell hFigMhCesStAlehvaeslsimofpaleumtoennotmedounsewdrdivoicnugm, leenvtels to Moatrhteinr dDoacuumm,enwthsoreleflaedcstiDngaidmrilveerr
FsoeodnerbaleMadodtoinrgCaarlraineer SkaefeeptiyngReagsusilsattainocnes retention requirements to verify on-duty,
payments. CONTINUED 

Baltimore Potomac truck ceNters, iNc.

Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now offering full-service
leasing and rental! NAVY BLUE: PMS 2965 |BBEEHHIiNnDdTtHHE EWWHEHEELElQ~4 QW3INFTaElRl 22001186 159

AG’s trucks and buses divisions. Daum countryside however, driverless vehicles a report saying the cost to operate a truck
discussed those tests’ results at the IAA will be used in more limited ways. One had increased 6 percent to $1.69 a mile.
Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, way could be through truck-mounted Driver wages rose for the fifth year in a
Germany. attenuators, which provide portable row, with wages and benefits totaling 43
cushioned barriers in work zones. Road percent of carriers’ operating costs per mile.
All told, autonomous driving could maintenance and construction projects Moreover, autonomous trucks can reduce
produce savings in excess of $225 often cause significant traffic congestion traffic congestion, which Mooney said is
billion, which naturally has attracted and contribute to an increasing number of projected to increase 50 percent between
manufacturers. Companies running live work zone accidents and fatalities, which 2014 and 2030, by operating in off hours
tests include Uber, Waymo, Tesla and could make them the first industry to and through more efficient routing. That
Embark. Uber’s Otto self-driving truck incorporate autonomous vehicles. will be needed as the trucking industry
has already delivered a truckload of continues to expand, with volume projected
50,000 beers with the driver sitting in How soon it all happens depends to grow 36 percent in 10 years from 2017.
back. Embark’s truck has driven 2,400 on what Mooney called the “Golden
Triangle.” At the top are the technologies In its first-ever comprehensive policy
TRUCK-MOUNTED needed to make the systems viable: approved by the board of directors in
ATTENUATORS, WHICH sensors, software controls, artificial October 2017, the American Trucking
PROVIDE PORTABLE intelligence and precision mapping. At Associations said the technology will
CUSHIONED BARRIERS another angle are the economics: the improve driver safety and productivity and
IN WORK ZONES. will come “in many levels that will assist the
driver shortage, congestion, safety and driver and in some cases, handle the driving
miles across the country. A Chinese truck manufacturer responsibilities. task.” However, the policy stated, “The
startup, TuSimple, raised $55 million in At the third angle are societal and application of automated and connected
its efforts to enter the U.S. market. As regulatory issues, including state and vehicle technology in the trucking industry
reported in the Sept. 24 Transport Topics, federal regulations such as hours of will center on solutions in which there
at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in service requirements, infrastructure, remains a role for drivers, recognizing
Hanover, Volvo exhibited its Vera cabless and liability for accidents. the duties and requirements drivers have
autonomous concept designed for low- According to the National Council beyond operating the vehicle.”
speed, high-volume dedicated routes such of State Legislatures, 29 states have
as those between logistics hubs and in enacted autonomous vehicle-related Most believe the impact of autonomous
drayage operations. legislation, the first being Nevada in technologies will be positive for the
trucking industry. Trucks will be safer,
Before autonomous trucks cover the 2011. Maryland is not one of them. driver conditions will improve, allowing
Mooney expects the technology to take for rest during long trips, and the driver
|10 BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2018 shortage will be eased. Meanwhile, motor
hold faster in wide-open Western states carriers will form new kinds of partnerships
than it does in the congested Northeast. regarding hubs and connectivity, and
Campion believes Maryland is somewhere resources will move from traditional
in the middle regarding acceptance of the mechanical needs to software and controls.
technology. He said the state doesn’t want
to be the “Wild West,” but it does want to Safety will be the top priority as the
be a leader on the East Coast. industry moves forward. No doubt there
will be fits and starts. As Campion noted,
“I think we’re trying to be cautious to accidents during testing of autonomous
ensure safety, but also ready … in looking vehicles make news, and no automated
at these opportunities for trying to advance technology will be perfect. Still, current
testing in Maryland,” he said. technologies such as collision mitigation
systems undoubtedly have made trucks
Autonomous trucks could help safer, and as the technologies advance, so
address the nationwide driver shortage. will the opportunities.
According to the American Trucking
Associations, the shortfall reached 60,000 “Autonomous vehicles will not be
in 2018, with the numbers projected to perfect. They have to be better than
steadily increase to more than 160,000 humans. If they are, then we’ve improved
by 2026. Autonomous technologies could safety, and isn’t that where we want to go?”
help carriers reduce costs associated Campion said.
with drivers. On Oct. 2, the American
Transportation Research Institute released




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3 Steps to Improving
Driver Retention


We’re all reading the same retention, Here is some simple advice:
things: driver shortages, Listen to your people; Act on what
driver turnover, a fire-hot they say; Respond to show them
freight market, etc. that change is happening. Here
are a few tactics you can apply to
Now more than ever, trucking improve driver retention.
executives are wanting to take advantage
of the business opportunities provided by LISTEN
the industry. But there’s a roadblock and
it’s tough to find and keep truck drivers. Listen to your drivers. Ask
open-ended questions instead
For too long trucking companies have of survey questions, which
focused strictly on recruiting. But with introduce bias. This allows
recruiting metrics favoring the advertiser drivers to share the good, the
and not the trucking company, driver bad, and the ugly.
retention is being revisited. Why?
Because it’s less expensive to keep your Here’s an example of why
people than it is to replace them. It’s this is recommended: when we
safer to coach drivers than to replace analyzed 8500 drivers’ feedback
bad habits. And you can build a culture last year, pay was one of the top four
when people stick around. issues (as you would expect). However,
the top issue within the pay theme
Instead of continually hiring and wasn’t about wanting more money.
training new drivers; focus on driver




The top issues within pay were “I don’t changes based on their feedback can
understand my pay” and “my pay is make all the difference. For example, if
incorrect.” your drivers are noticing inefficiencies
in load planning, you could put a task
By asking open-ended questions force together to map out improvements
we can understand the root of the in the process; include a driver on the
task force so they feel represented.
issues causing drivers to seek new
opportunities. When we close the feedback loop,
Listen to their expectations we must respond. The most toxic thing
when they join your team. we can do is ask for feedback and then
Expectations for a new hire do nothing with it. It is also imperative
are the glue that makes or to communicate that feedback led the
breaks their trust with charge. Here are a few ways you can
your company. Aligning close the feedback loop.
expectations on pay,
home time, equipment, and RESPOND

communication are crucial and set Share regular progress updates on
your relationship up for success. company feedback. Highlight actions (even
small wins), bigger changes, and clear up
Listen to the industry. Every good miscommunications. The rumor mill runs
company embraces safety and has an wild if you don’t communicate directly and
open-door policy. Those are table stakes. continuously.

Pay attention to the pay raises and Take advantage of multiple
other incentives that are being shared with communication styles to reach drivers in
drivers in your market. If you are seeing the way they communicate. Connect via
text, email, conference calls, town halls,
these trends, you’d better believe and even Facebook Live to share updates.
your drivers noticed it first.
Listen to the online chatter. Show that deliberation is happening.
Drivers are sharing feedback Sometimes drivers simply need to see that
their ideas and issues are being discussed in
somewhere. Forums and Facebook the office and at the leadership level. Even
are increasingly popular avenues to talk if you can’t make a change, explaining
shop. If you don’t know what’s being why you can’t goes a long way.
said, you can’t do anything about it.
There’s no silver bullet when it comes
But listening is only part of the battle. to driver turnover. But respect is more
When we ask for driver feedback, it’s valuable than higher pay almost any
important they see action come from it. day. By committing to a continuous
feedback loop with your drivers you will
ACT show that your company is listening,
working to get better, and that their
Find small wins. For example, if a voice matters. There’s nothing more
vending machine is broken in the driver powerful than that.
lounge, get it fixed quickly. It’s a small
thing, but it’s an indicator that your
company is attentive to driver needs.

Act with bigger initiatives. Change
is hard. But showing drivers substantial




Maria Wittmeyer never planned to enter the
trucking industry, but she couldn’t be in a better
position as she moves in as the new chairman

of Maryland Motor Truck Association.

Maria Wittmeyer entered and the challenges that are inherent in She and her now-husband were getting
the logistics field quite by doing so when faced with regulations ready to consolidate their households,
chance. It wasn’t her plan and infrastructure shortcomings.” and Wittmeyer saw an opportunity to
by any means. take a break from her long commute and
But after 15 years helping lead How those issues manifest at a given the pressures of the workforce.
transportation operations at Milford, point in time may vary, of course, but
Delaware-based Burris Logistics, Wittmeyer emphasizes the importance Or so she thought.
Wittmeyer couldn’t be in a better of keeping an eye on those broader “His son and my son came back at us
position to move into the chairmanship principles as she takes the association’s with college financing needs within the
of the Maryland Motor Truck leadership spot following two years as first two weeks,” Wittmeyer said. “So,
Association. an association vice chair. we went from me taking time off and us
doing renovations to, ‘Let’s look for a
As she prepared to take the reins of Then again, her journey to this full-time job.’”
MMTA on October 5, the Reading, position is a matter of recognizing She found one, but it might not have
Pennsylvania native emphasized the opportunity and knowing how to make seemed like an obvious fit.
importance of advocating for the adjustments. Wittmeyer’s move into the Burris Logistics was looking for a
industry on crucial challenges like the transportation field was anything but transportation supervisor, and they
driver shortage, emerging technology conventional. In fact, at the time, she looked at Wittmeyer’s background
and regulatory issues impacting the wasn’t planning on working at all. and believed she could do the job.
industry. From furniture store retail manager
Wittmeyer had built a career as a to transportation supervisor? To
“The challenges we face today are store general manager and regional Wittmeyer, the transition wasn’t as
very similar to the front page you would operations manager within the furniture implausible as one might think.
have seen in Transport Topics when I industry, working for now-defunct “You take your managerial skills,
started in the industry 15 years ago,” Levitz Furniture. your leadership ability and the principles
Wittmeyer said. “It comes down to of time management and utilization of
having a quality workforce, servicing When a downturn in the furniture resources, add to that your people skills,
your customers with on-time delivery industry left Wittmeyer without a job,
she saw the opportunity to take some
time off and focus on home renovations.



and those are portable regardless of different, especially when the furniture customer’s home compared to when
your industry,” Wittmeyer said. retailer handles its own deliveries. you’re supplying a retailer’s needs
and impacting their ability to serve
But how do you make the veterans “Instead of getting yelled at because their customers. It’s still about the end
of an industry where you’ve never worked someone’s table didn’t arrive in time for consumer and where you are in the
accept you in a supervisory position? Thanksgiving, you’re getting yelled at supply chain. And if you forget that,
because someone’s turkey didn’t arrive,” you’re not going to survive.”
“You basically come in and you’re very Wittmeyer said.
forthright and up-front with the people During her tenure at Burris, the
you’re supervising,” she said. “That you’re As the two problems require similar company has grown and undertaken
going to be looking to them to train you solutions, that means applying the ambitious transportation-related
on the technical details, and you’re there same timeless management principles initiatives. These have included moving
to help them on the procedural, and regardless of the industry. Wittmeyer a major facility from New Castle,
on driving efficiencies and improving cites the opportunity to work directly Delaware into Maryland and the growth
processes.” with the Burris family members, who that has come from the customer
own the company, and the overall relationship associated with the move.
It worked. Within five years, Wittmeyer company philosophy that put her in a
had advanced to the position of vice position to be successful. Burris also decided about a decade
president of transportation for Burris – a ago to start up a new freight brokerage
company founded in 1925 delivering Beyond that, it’s a matter of division, with Wittmeyer responsible
tomatoes from farms in Delaware and understanding how to make things for the launch and oversight. In more
Maryland to markets in Pennsylvania. work, and she had more than learned recent years, she has taken on a variety
Today, Burris has 1,800 team members that in her furniture days. of special projects and oversight of the
and provides end-to-end supply chain company’s corporate standards for
solutions, with an emphasis on the “We would, depending on the size transportation.
handling of temperature-sensitive products of the store, visit 60 different homes
such as fresh, perishable food. in a single day,” Wittmeyer said. “So She took the job in part because she
it’s still just customer service. It just was convinced Burris would offer real
Working in retail furniture isn’t entirely changes a little bit when you enter a


BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473
FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009

Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester



* * * sPEcialJohnW.Burris pictured driving Edition on Elds * * *
the company’s very first truck in
1925; smaller truck (right) added
in late 1925; and the white truck
“When wiesftihrset fiimrsptlefmroeznetnedfoeloecdtrtornuicck
logs, we brouagdhdt eevdertoy dthrieveflr einettoionu1r 949.

North Little Rock office for training before “the worst thing you can Do to these
atdurvnainncgemonetnhteoupnpiot,r”tBurnoiwtinest.eIltlscuesr.taAinndly, guys is hanD them new technology
dkiede,pailnthmoiungdhththaot sMeaovpepriockrtiusnaintieOsThRad without training — without
toopebreathiaonrd, -seoabrrniendg.inCgotmheiinrg1,f7r0o0mdrreivtaerils,
Winiftotrmteryaeinricnoguwldashnaoveeabseyefneafto.rgiven for explaining how it works, what it Does,
thiAntkMinagvsehrieckw, atrsafiinnianlglycognosiinstgedtoofentwjooy a anD why they have it. turning it on anD
lhoowu-rpsroefsisnusrter,u9ct-otro--le5djoanbd. hands-on train- letting ‘em loose woulD’ve Definitely
hsuerrektnhoewtelecdhgneoloofgythweaisnwduorsktrinygaansdexpect- been a mistake.”
ietds ,parniodrditoiuesblteh-crhoeucgkhed10toyeenasrusroefdrivers
iunnvdoelvrsetmooednthwowithit MwoMrkeTdA. , including the —wayne brown, vp of information technology,
lastIntwthoe aesndse, cthoinsdinvviecset-mcheanitroanntdhtehfernont maverick transportation
feinrsdt dvriacme-acthiacairl.lyWmhiniliemhizeerdafsrcuesntsriaotniotno
aremcougchnimzeosrethpaotsicthivaeireixnpgetrhieenMce MforTeAvery- WTuitrtnminegyietrosnaiadn.dSlheettwinigll‘edmo ltohoastein close
oisnne’tinavoolnvee-dp.erson operation. cwoonusuldl’tvaetidoenfiwniittehlytbheeeonragamniisztaatkieo,”n’ssays
pBrreoswidne.nt, Louis Campion, and her
““TIhseewe othrset cthhainirgmyoaun’csarnodleoatso htheelpsieng
gtouyssuipsphoarntdatnhdemgivneewvotieccehannodlogcyonwtiitnhuoeudt Of course, drivers weren’t the only ones
tahnedcchoanifrumsiaonnsahmipoinsgntohesiurrdprriivseer,s.shIte also tsrpaointliinggh—t onwiothuorumt eaxjoprlaiisnsiunegs,h”ow it to undergo training at MCaOveNriTckIN. EUveErDyone

wasn’t a simple thing to do, but it made for works, what it does, and why they have it. ➥



2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230

GETTO KNOW MARIA… 1. Favorite Quote? My mother always told 5. If you had all the time in the
YOUR NEW CHAIRMAN me “Begin as you mean to go on”. However, world…what would you spend
the actual quote from Charles H Spurgeon it doing? Reading – a good book
continues with even more compelling advice: and your imagination can take you
“Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as anywhere.
you began, ….”. Unfortunately, manners,
simple courtesy, respect can sometimes be 6. Name one of your weaknesses?
forgotten as we get comfortable with people Reese’s peanut butter cups – mini’s,
in both business and personal relationships. peanut butter eggs at Easter, full-size
This is a great reminder to treat them just as frozen – I just can’t pass them up!
well after the newness (or honeymoon) has
worn off. 7. One word to describe yourself?
2. Best Vacation Spot? When I was
little, my grandparents took our family 8. First Job? Part time – restaurant
to Ocean City, NJ for summer vacation. hostess, full time – accounts payable
My husband, Richard, and I have started clerk
the same tradition with my son Jeremy,
daughter-in-law Melanie and grandkids – 9. Who or what makes you laugh
Mackenzie (6), Jeremy Jr (4) and Jameson (2). most? My sister, Andrea, can make
How could there be anything better? me laugh until my stomach hurts. She
can make going grocery shopping
3. Night Owl or Early Bird? Trained early bird or cleaning out the garage seem like
an adventure or the most fun thing
4. If you could learn to do anything, what to do. The most amazing part is she
would it be? Play a musical instrument. I does it without any profanity, without
make a great audience but have zero talent or maliciousness or without doing so
maybe it’s zero patience. at anyone else’s expense so she
obviously can’t be a professional


10. Do you collect anything? Other fellow board members along with the “You have a driver who can drive the
people collect giraffe’s for me. council and chapter chairs who serve length of California at 18 but can’t cross
Seriously, I happened to mention that throughout the state. the bridge from Pennsylvania to New
I think giraffe’s are cool because their Jersey or from Maryland to Delaware,”
feet are on the ground while their “My plans – and I’ve had some Wittmeyer said. “Overlooking that
head’s in the clouds and I’m now the conversations with the president and three-year period (of drivers who could
proud owner of around 87 giraffe’s – CEO of the MMTA – are to support be candidates) just because you’re
carvings, bobble-heads, statues from the association with the initiatives that crossing the state line is short-sighted,
less than 1 inch to over 6 feet tall, we already have, remain aware of the and we’re looking at how we can get
clothes, towels, rulers, bookmarks, needs of the industry within the state, industry support, so we have the ability
jewelry, stuffed animals, candles, you and provide a forum for those to get to insure those drivers and train them
name it. voiced at both the state and national adequately to be safe on the road.”
level,” Wittmeyer said.
11. What MMTA Found Out About That would start with the
Maria: MMTA staff spent the day with One of the leading issues on that list recognition that staying within a given
Maria during her photo shoot for this involves the status of drivers between state doesn’t make any driver safer.
magazine; finding out early on that 18 and 20 as it relates to the industry’s Otherwise, it’s unlikely that driver
getting her picture taken is one of her struggle to find qualified drivers. The candidates at 18 are going to stick
absolute least favorite things! In fact, status quo is that drivers between 18 around and wait until they’re 21 to
she hates it so much her husband had and 20 generally can be licensed to pursue jobs. Their likely choice will
to convince her to get any wedding drive only within the states in which be to pursue a different line of work
photos! But Maria was a champ they are licensed. Only when they turn entirely.
throughout this task, especially given 21 can they drive across state lines.
that it was 100º that day. “I don’t see how they can be less
Wittmeyer asserts that this makes safe just because they have to cross the
little sense, and flies in the face of the
industry’s needs at a time when good CONTINUED 
drivers are at a premium.

KELLY Benefit Strategies

is proud to be endorsed by the

Maryland Motor
Truck Association



big RIC6E 0TIREEafis“anetlnYvadltoerotesreaw?umys”l’Etrip1oXaneC8PlnteoEle-EeoRyyoflsTeoerrSieEYaefnaIirNBwgEtghboTRhAwhIerRltAediREod4nsTSrhc8SgkOtoIeiLhNpcf,mU”ooemTGrynImWOce’trNeneieSgirttiucsflte.imotaahuWlveesyidynehsrgtrciyvaassetnnacerohi’sstdtof.btooherl.eBMIESNAIENMFWNNACAAWCDEGEREWB1YEDO9LM.5ORIA6CEKINRC.ANCDITEOTCETM&ESID/ORTVRTLEIIICRROU.CEGETTFOIIHILRNOMEAEINEASST. Traditional insurance also tends to be
o prohibitively expensive for drivers with
Also on the workforce front, Wittmeyer less than two years’ experience.
k- said MMTA intends to work toward an “If they want to invest in some of
their warehouse employees and put
l apprenticeship program for the industry. them into a driving program, and then
and transition them to a driver trainee for
. To The hope is that non-driving employees – some type of finishing program, we need
to look at insurance options within the
g such as those who work in the warehouse industry to help,” Wittmeyer said.
– might be interested in moving into Changes are also under discussion at
s the federal level with respect to hours of
driving positions. An apprenticeship service, and Wittmeyer said MMTA is
if- keeping a close eye. Current regulations
program to create that path is a priority. have been criticized by the industry as
a too inflexible, often resulting in drivers
ly, “We’re working closely with the being forced to stop at inopportune
ust times and in less-than-ideal locations in
apprenticeship program in order to order to get mandatory rest periods.
we support retaining of employees to give Potential changes to these regulations
might permit drivers to take their rest
hy tinhFdeOmuRstaHrIycG,aHarenLeEdrVsEpoLamtSheERionVftIoCthEtehAgeNrDtarnVuAtcsLkUtihnEagVtISaIrTeUS AT ONE OF OUR 10 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS. time in shorter blocks, which would not
you availaBblAe LinToIrMdeOr tRoEsu: p4p1o0r-t73co7m-8p0a1n0ies beingFRabEleDtoEiRnIsuCrKe :th3o0s1e-6d9ri5v-e9rs652 only be more friendly to operational
- needs, but would also help them to
withCtUhiMs pBarEtiRcuLlAarNeDnd:e3a0v1o-r,7”77-0400 tGhaAt IaTreHcoEmRiSnBg UthRroGug: h30t1h-a3t3ty0p-8e4o7f3 better plan stop locations where they
mis- Wittmeyer said. “We’re also looking at apprenticeship program, since it can be can hunker down at a proper truck
s stop rather than along the side of some
ng, whatFoOptRioEnsSmTVigIhLt LbeEa:v3a0i1la-b7l3e6a-t8t7h9e7 diHffiAcuGltEfoRrSsTmOallWerNor:g2a4n0iz-4at2i0o-n0s0t0h9at random road – or even on a highway
n ramp, as has frequently been seen in
state level from an insVuirgrianianLcoecatsiotnas:nMdanpassoasi,nBrta,ndy Staatirone, Hnaorritsosnbeulrfg,-Wininschuesrteerd.” certain states.
im- Maryland Mobile MMTA is also engaged in standards
Trailer Service, Inc. concerning autonomous vehicles. The
y technology to make driverless cars and
u • Since 1983 • trucks a common sight on the roads – or
wherever they would travel – is clearly
on- COMPLETE TRAILER & TRUCK MAINTENANCE FACILITY a ways away. But the movement toward
uc- them seems to be accelerating, and
pent • Fleet P.M. Program associations throughout the country
• D.O.T. Indpections know they need to anticipate the issues
, • MD State Inspections “Trailers” autonomous vehicles will present.
• Road Service
➥ • DuPont Certified Paint Facility / 60ft. Paint Booth “We have not defined those standards
• R.V. Body Repairs yet,” Wittmeyer said. “I don’t think
• Maxon Liftgate Distributor anybody has. We work closely with the
• Interlift Liftgate Distributor ATA to try to get feedback from them.
• Morgan Parts Distributor / Warranty They have their own research arm and
• Great Dane / Utility Warranty Facility a larger reach, so we rely on them for
sharing information. However, MMTA
6735 DORSEY ROAD, ELKRIDGE, MD 21075 does sit on the state’s Connected &
Autonomous Vehicle Work Group,
410-761-4884 410-379-6090 spearheaded by the Maryland
PHONE FAX Department of Transportation and
Motor Vehicle Administration. At
|20 BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2018 BEHind tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 19

MMTA’s request, a subgroup was ”You have a driver who can drive the length of California at 18
recently formed to look specifically at but can’t cross the bridge from Pennsylvania to New Jersey
autonomous freight movements.” or from Maryland to Delaware.” ~ Maria Wittmeyer

An issue like autonomous vehicle ownership when you can’t or didn’t, is leadership. It’s all about knowing how
standards is clearly unique to the present the same for retail and for business-to- to bring people together and make
time. But as a general proposition, business,” Wittmeyer said. it happen – the very thing she’s been
Wittmeyer believes the needs of the training for her entire career.
industry don’t really change all that And so it is with association
much from one generation to the next.
The way an issue looks may change When was the
form, but it’s still the same issue. last time the
fuel in your
“The same topics we were talking storage
about when I joined the industry are tank was
the topics we’re talking about now,” cleaned?
Wittmeyer said. “We might have thrown
in something like autonomous vehicles, Don’t let your operations
or they might have moved from manual be impacted by water,
to automatic transmissions, or from
paper logs to electronic logs. But those bacteria or sludge in your fuel.
are the short hurdles rather than the
larger challenges.” Call 410-834-5000 for your free fuel test. BRAD’S

staffing, cost-efficiency and operational AT A FAIR PRICE.
excellence. Of course, a major factor in
all this is the regulatory environment,
and MMTA’s board and staff have long
been committed to communicating with
legislators at the state and federal level
to ensure the industry’s perspectives are
given strong consideration.

And for Wittmeyer, who grew up
in Pennsylvania and worked much of
her professional career in Delaware, 10
years of involvement with the MMTA
gives her a strong perspective to make
sure the unique concerns of Maryland
are addressed during the year she will
serve in the chair.

It’s been quite a journey from
managing furniture stores to leading
the transportation operations of a major
logistics company, and now leading
MMTA. Not all of it was by design,
but Wittmeyer is enthusiastic about the
point she’s come to and she is committed
to serving the industry well in her new

Doing that well, she believes, is all
about relationships – which help you to
deliver what people need most from you.

“The ability to define your customer’s
needs and meet them, and to take



A Look Back

MMTA’ s Management Conference…. Reflections

Outgoing MMTA
Chairman Matt Ritter,
The Ritter Companies,
is presented his
mounted gavel
plaque by the
incoming chief,
Maria Wittmeyer,
Burris Logistics.

Brothers Mike (left) & Matt Ritter run the family owned CHAIRMAN’S AWARD
business, pictured here with their supporting cast – wives
Maureen and Kelly, respectively. Tom Farcosky, Fleetpro – for all his hard
work with MMTA’ s SuperTech event.


Sonny’s Trucking, The Terminal Corporation, The Ritter Companies

Sonny’s Trucking The Ritter Companies
0 -250,000 Miles Over 1 Million Miles

Terminal Corp
500,000 – 1 Million Miles
The Terminal Corporation had
the lowest accident frequency
rate of all categories.

MMTA Members Enjoying the Event


Thayonuk MMTA Conference



Beltway Companies
Kelly & Associates

Scott Taylor

Cowan Systems
J.J. Keller & Associates


Baltimore Freightliner Revolution Payment Systems
Burris Logistics Richard B. Rudy
Cummins Sprint

Franklin & Prokopik The Ritter Companies
Great West Casualty TMW Systems
Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel WABC

BRONZE Shell Oil Products
The Pete Store
Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers
Builders FirstSource The Selzer Company
Mack Trucks Towing & Recovery Professionals
Omnitracs of Maryland
One World Healthcare Volvo Trucks

Sometimes People
Must Come Together
for a Mission


Since 1954, the American Transportation Research Institute and its
predecessor have been the trucking industry’s source for scientific data and
analysis on the many high priority issues facing freight transportation today.
The people and companies listed here are our core contributors, annual
donors who have come together in this mission to help the industry as a
whole. If you or your company has not contributed in the past, now is the
time to step up and do your part.
Step up and leave your footprint for the good of the industry.
Visit to explore your giving opportunities.

Photo: NASA


Breg Environmental, Inc. Navistar, Inc.
Brightview Landscapes Safety Tank of Maryland, Inc.
Commercial Carpet Logistics Shelz Sanitation
Drayage Solutions, LLC Standard Petroleum Logistics, Inc.
Milestone Chassis Terrapin Transportation Services
Miller & Long Co., Inc.

Q4 WINTER 2018

American Transportation Drydene Lubricants/PPC.......................... 11 MMTA Drug Consortium...Inside back cover
Research Institute.................................... 25 Duralene Heavy Duty Lubricants............... 4 Maryland Mobile Trailer Services............. 20
Baltimore Freightliner Western Star........ 17 Great West Casualty ....................Back cover Rice Tire................................................... 16
Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers.............. 9 Griffith Energy Services.....Inside front cover Truck Enterprises Hagerstown................. 18
Brad’s Fuel Filtering................................. 21 Kelly & Associates.................................... 19 Truckers Against Trafficking..................... 26
Deeley Insurance Services......................... 8

1902+ ad hereCalls madeTO

the national hotline
BY truckers alone
Over This publication was made possible
INVOLVING with the support of these corporate

545 likely 1,008 advertisers. They support the trucking

human trafficking TRAFFICKING VICTIMS industry by enabling MMTA to provide

cases identified 315 this publication to its members,

OF WHICH prospective members, elected officials

WERE MINORS Truckers Against Traanfd fthiecbkusiinnegss community at large.

20+ 1 MILLION They deserve your consideration

trade shows wallet cards If you'd like to train your drivaenrds ptaotrroencaoggenwizheenthmeaksiinggnysouorf
human trafficking and to knocworphoorwatetpourrechsapsoinngdd, eccoisniotansc.t
attended since distributed Truckers Against Trafficking for


494,600+ Clearly this partnership your free training materials aPtl:ease visit mMmatkaneet.tcohmetocasele lth,e
with TAT and Polaris is [email protected] wdiigtihtallivveerlisni1ok-ns8too8f aB8sdea-vh3veinr7tedi3setl7hrise-v’8Wwe8ehsb8e!seiltes.
tat trained working well, and it is
showing the critical role
persons that truckers play.

- Bradley Myles, CEO, Polaris


Member Benefit!

MMTA launches its ...

D & A Testing Consortium

in partnership with

ARCpoint Labs of Southern Maryland!

Do you have problems with...

• Spending too much for tests?
• Employees waiting forever for a test?
• Chasing drug testing paperwork?
• Dialing 1-800 numbers and getting voice mail?
• Poor customer service?

Benefits include:

• Inputting, updating and maintaining your driver pool.
• Random selection of drivers each quarter.
• Access to 9,000 testing locations across the country.
• A state of the art system with electronic custody and control forms.
• 24/7 access to online reports and test results.
• Locally owned and operated – no 800 calls to a national hotline.
• Annual reporting in compliance with Parts 40 and 382 of the FMCSRs.
• No faxing or paper copies needed.

Competitive Rates:

# of Drivers Annual Enrollment Fee Questions?
1 – 9 Drivers $150 per year Call MMTA at
10 – 25 Drivers $200 per year
26 – 50 Drivers $250 per year 410-644-4600
51 – 75 Drivers $300 per year
76 – 100 Drivers $400 per year
Over 100 Drivers $500 per year

About the consortium:

• This is a random testing pool with employees from multiple members.

• Once the federally required random testing percentages are met
all companies in the consortium are in compliance.

800.228.8602 Knowledge is Power Not All Trucking Companies Are Alike

Trucking is all we do. When you choose Great West to insure your trucking
business, you are getting over 60 years of experience in the trucking industry.

Our agents work with you. Not every insurance agent can represent Great
West. With a keen focus on the trucking industry, our agents are knowledgeable,
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match the right coverage and level of service for your trucking operation.

Do one thing, and do it right. Our agents can guide you through the process and
customize a plan to provide you the broadest protection possible. You can also feel
confident knowing that our agents’ service begins, not ends, with the issuance of
your policy.

GREAT WEST CASUALTY COMPANY – No matter where the road takes you, you
will discover that at Great West, The Difference is Service®.

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