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Tennessee Trucking News Q2 Summer 2018 -- Jason Higginbotham, Ozark Motor Lines

Official Magazine of the Tennessee Trucking Association

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Q2 SUMMER 2018

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Weather App
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MemberSpotlight Jeff Allen, Great West Casualty

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Q2 Summer 2018



Jason Higginbotham,
Ozark Motor Lines


For Ozark’s Jason
paying drivers well
is a good investment

FEATURES 22 Protect Your Company
from Cyber-Attacks
9 What’s the Forecast for ATA’s Fleet CyWatch program offers
Weather Services? advice and resources


13 Providing World Class 25 TTA’s Road Team
Benefits at Half the Cost…
Part II in a two-part series on
debunking the myths surrounding 28 Member Spotlight: 
healthcare Jeff Allen, Great West Casualty


30 Calendar of Events
5 Chairman’s Message 30 Advertiser Resource Index
by Wayland Thompson

7 President’s Message
by Dave Huneryager


When Neely B. Coble and his
son opened the doors of Neely
Coble Company in 1951,

there were few truck dealerships to model the
business after. However, with great foresight, they
knew they could offer the Tennessee trucking
industry a valued service.
Neely Coble Company was built on the premise
that “the customer comes first!” After adding over
60 years of truck experience and the progressive
ideas of today’s technology, there are few dealer-
ships that can offer your business more support!
One man’s dream has become a full service
Freightliner, Isuzu & Sprinter dealership offering
parts, service and an excellent inventory of new & used trucks. Neely Coble Company also provides a highly expe-
rienced sales force and state-of-the-art body shop. We may have grown substantially since 1951, but our objective is
still the same…

Quality you can depend on,
from a name you can trust!

Nashville, TN - (615)244-8900 - (800)367-7712
Decatur, AL - (256)350-1630 - (800)433-6351

truckingTENNESSEE Chairman’s Message
Hot Times in the Summertime in Tennessee!
Official Magazine of the Tennessee Trucking Association
The trucking business is pretty hot, too. Drivers still seem to be the hottest item. I am sure
Tennessee Trucking News is owned by the Tennessee Trucking everybody has experienced and read articles about the 50,000-nationwide driver shortage.
Association and is published quarterly by Matthews Publishing This is not going to get any better any time soon and will propose challenges for us all in
the future as the unemployment numbers are lowered and the economy seems to be off and
Group. For additional copies, to order reprints of individual running full speed ahead.
articles or to become a subscriber to Tennessee Trucking
News, contact Carol Foster at [email protected] TTA’s Donna England is doing an outstanding job on our new member campaign. She
has already added 50 new members with a goal of 100 by TTA’s Convention in September.
Publisher Jennifer Matthews-Drake That’s a lofty goal, but, by working together, it’s within reach. Please refer anyone you know
who isn’t already a member of TTA to Donna and let’s help her get ‘er done!
[email protected]
We’ve had significant participation to our TTA PAC fund by a large majority of
Executive Editor Dave Huneryager our members. We would like to get 100 percent participation. If you haven’t made a
contribution, please consider committing to fund our PAC. Your investment will benefit our
[email protected] industry in this year’s elections and beyond.

Art Director C. Waynette Traub This is my final magazine article. Yep, Dave and the fine staff at the TTA office have
had enough of me and are ready for a change. I want to tell you all there is an upgrade
[email protected] coming. This year we are going to have the absolute best person for the job to serve as
TTA’s Chairperson – Connie Vaughn of McKee Foods Transportation. I can tell you she is
Photographers Clay Cook absolutely one of the finest people I know and promise you will not be disappointed in her
Larry Kuzniewski reign as Chairperson for the 88th & 89th year of the TTA.
Caleb Shane Lollar
John David Pittman I will close telling you all what an honor it has been serving as your Chairman of
Catherine Stuart Tennessee Trucking Association, one of the finest trucking organizations in the United
States. I have been humbled by the time and effort all the fine folks in our organization
Contributing Writers Steve Brawner do. The executives who serve on the executive committee, the allied group and the board
Jim Harris members put everything competitive aside to give back to an industry that has given so
much to us all.
Renee Miller
Derek Rayment May the good Lord continue to bless us all.
Jennifer Barnett Reed Sincerely,
Wayland Thompson
John Schulz FirstFleet and TTA Chairman
Todd Traub [email protected]

Ad Production Doug Benjamin
Tennessee Trucking Association Staff

President & CEO
Dave Huneryager
[email protected]

Director of Safety
Jeremy Snapp

[email protected]

Membership Coordinator
Donna England

[email protected]

Foundation Coordinator
Catherine Stuart

[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator
Carol Foster

[email protected]

An affiliate of the American Trucking Associations

Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) has served as the voice for Tennessee’s “The more you read and observe about this Politics thing,
trucking industry since 1930. TTA is a trade association dedicated to the you got to admit that each party is worse than the other.
furtherance of the trucking industry’s goals and interests in Tennessee and the The one that’s out always looks the best” – Will Rogers
United States. Our membership is a diverse group comprised of motor carriers,
both public and private, and companies providing products and services to the Q2 SUMMER 2018 TENNESSEE TRUCKING NEWS • 5
industry. TTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs representative
before legislative, regulatory and executive branches of government on issues
that affect the trucking industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, operation services and serves as a forum for industry meetings and
membership relations.

For more information, contact TTA at:
Tennessee Trucking Association

4531 Trousdale Drive, Nashville, TN 37204
Telephone 615-777-2882
Facsimile 615-777-2024


5712 Commerce Square
Jonesboro, AR 72401
(800) 264-0148


2448 McCullough
Belden, MS 38826
(800) 844-3262

We have 11 locations for Sales, Parts & Service MISSOURI

3792 Highway 67 North
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
(573) 785 0193

307 Lynual
Sikeston, MO 63801
(573) 471 7100

14785 State Highway 177
Jackson, MO 63755
(573) 339 1890

2880 Hwy 67 South
Farmington, MO 63640
(573) 747 0190


215 Campbell Drive 112 E. L. Morgan Drive 4450 American Way
Calvert City, KY 42029 Jackson, TN 38305 Memphis, TN 38118
(270) 906-0345 (800) 423-2599 (800) 264-0336
Our Memphis Office has moved as
of 12/11/2017 . Including our Body
Shop that was located in Arkansas

From The President

Tennessee Trucking Association The Value Of Membership
Executive Committee
Before becoming president of the Tennessee Trucking Association, I,
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD like each of you, was a member. Part of my responsibility was to evaluate
and justify the value of the expenses in my District. For me, the decision
WAYLAND THOMPSON to approve our renewal invoice was never in doubt. My involvement; first
with Board, then on the Executive Committee, and eventually as Chairman, made that decision
FirstFleet, Inc. an easy one.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE As it is true with any business, the services that the TTA provides must be worth the money
paid. It is important to evaluate what benefits are received in exchange for the dues paid. Dues
President & CEO Secretary range from $350 to $11,000, with an average being about $600. In addition, members time
DAVE HUNERYAGER JIM MOSBY serving on Councils, Committees, Conventions, meetings and issues. So, what do you get for that
Tennessee Trucking Association time and money spent?
TTA Members receive:
ATA State Vice President Treasurer • Leadership and on trucking issues and initiatives
SCOTT GEORGE SCOTT SCHUMPERT • Representation before state and local agencies and boards
TCW, Inc. Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPSs • Advocacy of the Tennessee trucking industry’s position for reasonable and appropriate

TruckPAC Co-Chairman East Tenn. Vice Chairman laws and regulations
DAVE MANNING JEFF REED • Access to subject matter experts
TCW, Inc. • Information and strategic advice on industry and business issues
Skyline Transportation • Recognition of outstanding company and individual performance including Fleet Safety,

TruckPAC Co-Chairman Middle Tenn. Vice Chairman Driver of the Year, Truck Driving and Technician Championships, the Road Team,
TERRY MINOR MIKE MCFARLIN Maintenance and Safety Councils and Allied Professionals of the Year
• Access to a broad network of motor carriers and allied suppliers who have common
Cumberland International M & W Transportation Co., Inc. concerns and goals to discover best practices
Trucks, Inc. Southeast Tenn. Vice • Oversight of the current system of taxes and fees to ensure fair and reasonable levels of
Chairman each for our industry
TTF President CONNIE VAUGHAN • A great source of trucking industry information for members, the public, public officials,
TOMMY HODGES regulators and legislators
Titan Transfer, Inc. McKee Foods Transportation, • Member education and training on regulations, laws and business practices
Allied Vice Chairman LLC • Endorsement programs that reduce expense in trucking-related areas
Individual members, even our largest ones, cannot represent the interests of an entire industry
TROY DICKENS West Tenn. Vice Chairman in the same manner as can be done by the TTA. The TTA, by its very nature, advocates positions
Rush Truck Center, Nashville JASON HIGGINBOTHAM that represent a compromise reached among a diverse membership. These positions are stronger
Immediate Past Chairman Ozark Motor Lines, Inc. and more comprehensive than those advocated by an individual company. These positions are
more likely to be readily implemented by a larger number of carriers.
JOHN ROSS Non-Domiciled Vice Trucking industry executives are investors. We have been entrusted with our firm’s limited
Milan Supply Chain Solutions Chairman resources to invest wisely in goods and services so that we will be able to continue to provide
services profitably into the future.
General Counsel NICK D’ANDREA People in our business are confronted with an endless number of opportunities and problems
C. DALE ALLEN UPS each year. Each of those opportunities and problems may have the potential to make or break our
Adams and Reese LLP companies.
Identifying and evaluating alternatives in a collective, collaborative way has always proven to
BOARD OF DIRECTORS be the most efficient. Membership in TTA provides the means and resources in this regard.
There is no guarantee that being a member of TTA ensures a long, profitable life for a business.
DIRECTORS AT LARGE BILL BOB WEST But, by being a member, more risks are minimized and more opportunities are realized. Time
R.E. West, Inc. and money spent with TTA are a proven good investment in a company’s future. Ask any long-
BRAD ALLEN time TTA member – they’ll tell you!
Venture Express JIM BRIGGS Thanks again,
Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. Dave Huneryager
BETH FRANKLIN President, Tennessee Trucking Association
Multi-Task Solutions JOE NACARATO [email protected]
Nacarato Volvo Trucks, Inc.
Multi-Task Solutions EDDIE WAYLAND
King & Ballow
Pinnacle Bank BILL TIRRILL
Fleetco, Inc.

Western Express U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.

Shoun Trucking Co. Kenco Transportation Services

FedEx Freight U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.

Rapid Ways Leasing Best One Tire & Service

R.E. West, Inc.
BILLY WHITE Intermodal Cartage Co., Inc.
Clarke Power Services
EAST TENNESSEE Milan Supply Chain Solutions

Forward Air Corp. Empire Express, Inc.

Skyline Logistics, Inc. H.B. Phillips, Inc.

Great West Casualty Company Reeves Brothers Trucking, Inc.

The Peterbilt Store,-Knoxville Thompson Power Corp.

TAG Truck Center
FirstExpress, Inc. DICK SWEEBE
Summit Truck Group, Memphis

Portland Express, inc. YRC Worldwide, Inc.

Sharp Transport, Inc. HELP, Inc., Provider of PrePass

Averitt Express, Inc. Vertical Alliance Group


over 100 locations in 16 states

Leasing & Rental
Truck Source Chattanooga
Carrier MHC Kenworth
RoadReady (866) 805-6403
MHC Kenworth
(866) 841-7961

MHC Kenworth
(866) 327-5750

MHC Kenworth
(866) 764-0367

MHC Kenworth

MHC Ford
(866) 292-8558

MHC Kenworth
(866) 450-3101

What’s the
forecast for



Wondering what the weather’s going myRoads app for drivers because of potential the fleet are looking at the same weather
reduced insurance premiums, reduced information from a credible source.
to be like? Depends on which of 2.2 billion scheduling penalties for late arrivals, fewer
places you’re located. spoiled goods, and better fuel mileage by For carriers, the service can help them
avoiding diesel-sapping winds in places like analyze routes and weather to plan the
That’s what The Weather Company says it Nebraska. Drivers and fleets can decide, with next several days. Alerts are available for
can offer – information for every 500 meters a snowstorm coming in Chicago, whether distribution centers and loading docks so
on the surface of the earth, updated every 15 they’d be better off pulling off the road schedules can be planned and people and
minutes. rather than burning up their hours sitting in equipment can be moved. Drivers have access
gridlock. to a pre-drive planning tool that includes real-
The IBM-owned provider last year time weather reports, traffic flows and traffic
introduced its Operations Dashboard for “It is becoming a hot market out there incidents. They also can be alerted to weather
Ground Transportation, which provides for it,” he said. “There are a lot of different patterns the vehicle will encounter in the next
weather tools for different uses in the freight companies, a lot of big companies out there 15-20 minutes.
industry: for dispatchers, a comprehensive who are starting to look at how they can play
view for the fleet’s vehicles and locations; for in this space.” “We boil it down to very relevant alerts
distribution center executives, a dashboard for that driver,” he said. “So getting an alert
view of weather and traffic affecting the The Weather Company’s John Bosse, that doesn’t have an impact on the roadway
center; for drivers, tools for planning and offering manager, said the company has seen would be overkill. We want to make sure
alerts while on the road. interest from long-haul and delivery carriers we’re providing just the alerts that are going
who realize the benefits of small, sustainable to matter for that driver in the direction that
And it’s just one of numerous companies behavior changes, such as drivers checking they’re heading on the roadway.”
offering weather-related services. Ryan the weather before leaving for their routes.
Jakubov, product manager for in-cab Bosse said it’s beneficial if drivers across CONTINUED 
displays for PeopleNet mobile software,
said fleets are interested in his company’s


PeopleNet’s Jakubov said his company from $2.2 billion to $3.5 billion. Moreover, the apps could provide good information,
is providing real-time road conditions, about 1.3 million vehicle crashes that occur they also could lead to drivers making wrong
hazardous weather monitoring, severe each year are weather related. That’s 22 decisions.
event warnings, event forecasting, and high- percent of the 5.7 million crashes that occur
resolution interactive maps and radar. When annually. Almost 6,000 people die in weather- “The intent is good, but there would be a
the driver is driving, the system is monitoring related crashes. fear that some drivers may use it as a reason
the conditions in the vehicle’s path and to stop too soon, and you could lose some
providing messages that can be displayed via Not everyone is completely sold on the efficiency,” he said. “Not that efficiency needs
text to speech. If there’s an issue ahead on the technology. Jeff Reed, president of Knoxville- to outweigh it all, but there has to be that
route, the system makes a dinging noise, and based Skyline Transportation, said his fleet balance there to where you’re truly dealing in
the driver will see a red exclamation point relies on driver reports and on a couple of what is a concern, what’s not a concern. If you
next to the weather icon on the screen. If he televisions in the dispatch center tuned to The start getting too many alerts that are really
touches the icon, an audible message will be Weather Channel. While weather apps could not alerts, then they’re going to stop paying
played. The driver can toggle to the screen be used for strategic planning, his fleet hasn’t attention to it when it truly is a concern.”
and see the road conditions. experienced that many instances where the
weather was so bad that the truck couldn’t Daniel Murray, vice president of the
Motor carriers who effectively monitor travel at all. American Transportation Research Institute,
the weather can save lives and money. likewise questions how much can be done
According to the Federal Motor Carrier “We don’t have that luxury,” he said. “If with the information. After all, there aren’t
Safety Administration, a study by what is now the customer wants it on this day, that’s when that many different ways to get from Denver
Noblis found that weather-related congestion we’ve got to go no matter what the weather’s to Chicago and still comply with contractual
annually costs trucking companies an doing unless it’s unsafe.” delivery time obligations.
estimated 32.6 billion vehicle hours in 281
metropolitan areas. The annual cost to Reed wondered how many drivers would “The number of drivers that can really act
carriers of weather-related delays ranged actually use the tool for trip planning, and on any weather information unless it’s really
said it could be one more distraction in a cab catastrophic weather is really, really small,”
that already has too many of them. While he said. “I can’t pull over and ride out drizzle.




Get a free month of PrePass weigh station bypass.
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and money. Try it today! | 866-228-1424

Offer good for first time PrePass customers for the PrePass weigh station bypass service. Service contingent upon application approval. Qualified applicants will
receive service transponder and one month of service at no up-front cost. At the end of the trial period, service will automatically renew at regular PrePass rates.
Customers may cancel service at any time.


… I think weather is good information Weather-related congestion annually costs
for the driver to have, but it’s not likely to
dictate major changes in his routing and trucking companies an estimated 32.6 billion
vehicle hours in 281 metropolitan areas.
Murray would like to see systems that
integrate more pieces of vital information: –Study for FMCSA by Noblis
not just weather, but also parking, hours of
service, and other information. storing the phone. The company processes “That’s our future,” he said. “We’re just
data from more than 160 weather models going to continue to process more and more
“For instance, there’s a weather pattern created by meteorological organizations information, make our information and our
an hour ahead that’s going to slow you down worldwide. That information is combined services more accurate.”
for one hour, but your hours of service are with other data sources, including 50,000
up in 30 minutes,” he said. “You need to pull flights for atmospheric information. PeopleNet gets its information from
off now because you won’t get through the AerisWeather, which has proprietary data
weather pattern legally with hours of service, In the next few years, The Weather feeds from road sensors, government
and by the way, there’s 10 of 15 spots available Company hopes to be connected to more than agencies, and other sources. Weather data
at exit 42 to park.” 2 billion devices. It’s working with trucking is derived from algorithms that consider
companies to collect data from their telematics ground level conditions.
The weather companies obtain their systems. Passenger and commercial vehicles
information from many sources. Bosse said can provide a lot of information – for example, Jakubov pointed out that myRoads is
100 million phones are offering pressure are the wipers on? If so, that tells the app more an in-cab tool that empowers drivers to
readings from users who have downloaded about the weather than the radar can. Engaged make more decisions and initiate proactive
a Weather Channel app and have opted anti-lock braking systems can offer an insight conversations with dispatchers.
to share their location with the company into the conditions of the road surface and
– pressure being a more accurate reading paint a picture of where the rain-snow line is. “This is really just painting the picture for
because it doesn’t matter where the user is them, giving them all the tools they need to
be successful,” he said. TTN


Partner Partner Associate Governmental Affairs Advisor Partner Special Counsel Partner Partner
Nashville Nashville Nashville (non-lawyer) Memphis Memphis Memphis Washington, DC
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Nashville [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]

transportation and logistics

Our Adams and Reese Transportation and Logistics Team advises clients on issues relating to the entire supply chain and
all modes of transportation: highway, water, air, rail, and pipeline. We understand the particular demands and complexities

of the industry, and therefore, maintain real-time knowledge of statutory, regulatory, and legal decisions that impact your
business. Through our governmental relations team and our membership and leadership in several transportation industry

organizations, we stay up-to-date on relevant legal developments on a regional, national and international level.
Fifth Third Center | 424 Church Street, Suite 2700 | Nashville, TN 37219 | 615.259.1450
Crescent Center | 6075 Poplar Avenue, Suite 700 | Memphis, TN 38119 | 901.525.3234
No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of the legal services performed by other lawyers. Contact: Guilford F. Thornton, Jr.


TA and Petro Announce Citizen Driver Award Honorees May 8, 2018

The year before Roland Bolduc was born, his father both male and female. She is fiercely loyal to the trucking drives, the other sleeps. They’re best friends and grow
purchased Kay’s Trucking, and the family’s trucking industry, proud to be a part of it and continually giving closer together each year. It also helps that they like to
business began. As he grew, Roland spent summers back to it. travel together, and they take advantage of their breaks
washing trucks and learning how to drive a tractor trailer. by traveling the world. So far, they’ve been to over thirty
After high school, he worked for his family’s business for While she’s known as “Half Pint” to her fellow drivers countries, and all seven continents!
a while before moving to a food service company, where because of her 5’2” stature, Ingrid’s contributions to the
he honed his skills driving a complicated route to community and trucking industry are anything but small. Carol Nixon has always preferred jobs that are more
Manhattan, the Bronx and Harlem. In 1993 Roland started In addition to driving our 48 contiguous states on a physical over those that are not. And being in a family
working with FedEx, where he has been ever since. regular basis, she spends countless hours enthusiastically that ran logging trucks, it was only natural that she
working with charities and trucking groups. entered the same field. She got her first trucking job just
Roland loves trucking and is proud to be a part of after she turned 21, delivering groceries in northeastern
the trucking industry. His attitude, knowledge, skill, Danny and Cindy George both come from trucking Washington. From there she added to her resume by
experience, image, gregariousness, generosity, kindness families, though the thought of making it their own career working with produce, pulling construction belly dump
and willingness to go the extra mile have earned the wasn’t an initial plan for either of them. Cindy’s mind trucks and working for FedEx.
respect of all who know him or know of him. He is an changed in fourth grade when a classmate told her about
amazing role model and will go out of his way to help the glorious summer he had trucking the country with his In 2012, she landed at her current position with Walmart
others gain his same successes. He is humble, with a dad. So at 16, she got her Class A license to drive the Private Fleet, which she loves, and they love her back.
strong work ethic and a drive to succeed that make him trucks on her family’s farm. In college, she spent breaks It would be hard for anyone NOT to love Carol. With her
the perfect example of a professional driver. at her dad’s cousin’s company, Texas Intermountain ever-present wide smile and upbeat positive attitude, she
Transportation (TIMT), working her way up to a local is a true inspiration. She loves meeting new people and
Ingrid Brown was born into her family’s large road driver position. She also met Danny there. has touched many lives with her caring and compassion.
construction company and it didn’t take long to see that If there is someone that could use some help, Carol
it was the perfect fit for her. She loved being around and Danny spent his childhood listening to stories of the road doesn’t hesitate to say “yes.”
operating the heavy machinery. When her dad bought her from his father and grandfather, but following in their
a truck for her 18th birthday, it was the perfect start footsteps never crossed his mind. He worked construction Her most profound act of kindness began in 2015 when
to her career! while occasionally taking classes at the University of she met a fellow Walmart driver named Deb Pollard at
Colorado, and then later decided he needed a change the Women in Trucking conference. When Deb shared
From the very beginning, Ingrid has worked hard to make of pace. Danny took a short truck driving course, and a that her husband Craig was on dialysis and needed a
her mark in the male-dominated trucking industry. And as month later landed his first over-the-road driving job with kidney transplant, Carol volunteered one of hers, even
an independent owner-operator and sole proprietor of her TIMT, where he met Cindy. They decided the best way to though she’d never met him. Both surgeries were a
own company, Rollin’ B LLC, she has hauled everything get to know each other better was to hit the road together. success and in November of 2016, Craig Pollard had
from produce to livestock, and proven she can handle a working kidney and no further need for dialysis. As
anything that comes her way with amazing knowledge and And hit the road they did! Living together in a box the for Carol, her greatest reward was being able to save
skill. Her dedication, tenacity and professionalism have size of a walk-in closet for 28 years takes a lot of work, another person’s life, and she says if it were possible,
earned her the respect and admiration from her peers, but Danny and Cindy make it work beautifully. While one she’d do it again!







In last quarter’s magazine, I shared the risks that is likely to occur and manage the
risk that is left. At the end of the day, you
fact that employers across the country control the unit cost of care by controlling the
supply chain.
are providing world class benefits
Rosen Hotels is a 5,000-employee hotel
to their employees at 30-40 percent chain in FL that spends 55 percent less than
average and has saved $240 million dollars
less than their competitors by simply over the past 24 years.

controlling the healthcare supply chain. Landale Industries is a small conglomerate
Now, I’m going to pull back the curtain and of 24 firms with 1,000 employees in the
show you exactly how they are doing it. The wood products industry in rural GA. They
best part, the strategies are easy to implement, saved $29 million dollars from 2000-2009
and your employees are going to love it. compared to the national average.

Before I share the strategies, it’s Enovation Controls is a 600-employee
important to recognize that your health manufacturer in OK that spends $4,000
insurance is not the problem. The reason less on benefits per employee than industry
healthcare is expensive is because care is average. They in turn spend two times more
expensive. If you want to lower the cost, you on R&D than their competitors.
just have to pay less.
So how are companies like Rosen Hotels,
Your company’s claims fall into 4 Langdale Industries, and Enovation Controls
categories: hospitals, free-standing providing world class benefits at drastically
ambulatory/surgical centers, physician lower costs than their local and national
services and pharmacy. Roughly 6 percent competitors? They control the supply chain
of your members are responsible for 80 and their strategies focus on lower the unit
percent of your total claims. You need a cost of care for their members.
strategy to manage the cost in each of the four
categories and those strategies need to focus
on removing risk that is avoidable, mitigating


These are the

seven principals

they focus on:

1Direct Primary Care 4Specialty/Rare Services 7Transparent Advisors
The primary care model in our country Smart companies know that eventually Whoever you work with to help you
is broken. Physicians are experiencing a member is going to be diagnosed manage your healthcare should have
burnout at an astonishing rate and the fee for with a rare and life altering condition and no problem disclosing all commissions,
service model most participate in severely they have resources in place for those bonuses, overrides, fees etc. that they are paid
limit the time they can spend with members. members when the time comes. These by working with you. Companies that are
DPC is the future and companies across the companies work directly with world class looking to change how they manage their
country are figuring out the fiscal impact facilities that specialize in specific diseases healthcare are working with advisors that are
DPC has on their bottom line. or illnesses. The resource provided give putting their money where their mouth is by
members peace of mind and access to the moving past commissions and even flat fees.
2Transparent Medical Markets best doctors in the world for their situation. These advisors are utilizing performance-
Healthcare is the only industry in the While a company may only need to access based compensation models where their
world where you don’t know the price these services once or twice every few interest truly align with yours. The more you
until after you purchase it. If you are relying years the savings can be in the hundreds of save (while also improving benefits) the more
on an insurance carriers’ discount for the thousands dollar range. they make, not the other way around.
best price, you have already lost. Even after
network discounts, the cost on average is 2-3x 5Employee Concierge Services So, you may be sitting thinking, “This is
more expensive than what the government At the end of the day healthcare is great, but where do I start?” or “I don’t have
pays for that same service under Medicare confusing. If you want your employees the resources to do all of this.” The good news
or what those who pay in cash are ultimately to make smart decisions, you remove any is you are not reinventing the wheel. There
charged. High performing companies barrier that exist, and a concierge service are multiple partners you may access who will
have strategies in place for common costly is a great tool. You never know when an provide you everything that is listed above.
procedures like knee and hip replacements or emergency or question is going to occur You just must be willing to erase everything
musculoskeletal conditions that reduce the but providing your employees with access you have learned about “health insurance”
costs of these procedures by 20-30 percent to a dedicated concierge team 24/7/365 is a over the past 20 years and start applying
and also produce better outcomes. start. These teams can direct members to the basic economic principles to your healthcare
appropriate resource, answer questions, find division like you do with the rest of your
3Transparent Pharmacy Benefits providers, audit bills all through a mobile app business. TTN
Did you know that up to 50 percent or dedicated 1-800 number.
of the costs of a drug can be directly If you’d like to learn a little bit more
related to a rebate or incentive paid to a PBM 6Active ERISA Management
or Insurance Carrier based on how that drug Wise companies don’t leave anything about how companies just like yours are
is treated on the formulary or in relationship to chance. They have a plan for
to a competing drug? Companies using everything and healthcare is no different. drastically reducing their healthcare spend
independent PBMs that are fully auditable You need to make sure your plan documents,
and offer flat pricing models based on the handbooks, and SPDs are consistent and you while simultaneously improving the coverage
actual cost of a drug are saving 30-70 percent are following them. One mistake could cost
on their pharmacy costs alone without any you millions in a lawsuit. to their employees, let’s chat. I’ll be at the TTA
employees changing medications.
convention right outside the auction and would

love to connect for a few minutes. — Alex


“It’s roll your sleeves up
and get the job done. …

That’s trucking.”

Jason Higginbotham



For Ozark’s Jason Higginbotham, paying
drivers well is a good investment



The only way for a motor carrier to make money of these things that can be so out of a driver’s control.
We feel like if we’re going to ask a driver to do a good
is if good drivers are behind the wheel. And if it has job for us, we’ve got to do a good job for them, and
to invest 50 cents a mile to get them there, so be it, and that’s pay them a fair wage, give them good benefits,
besides, it’s the right thing to do for the drivers. treat them with respect, and provide them with the best
equipment possible to accomplish the job both safely
That’s the philosophy of Jason Higginbotham, chief and comfortably.”
financial officer of Memphis-based Ozark Motor Lines,
an irregular route truckload carrier that recently raised Competing carriers haven’t criticized Ozark for its
pay for the second time in less than a year. On June 1, decision.
the top pay rate increased two cents to 50 cents a mile
for over-the-road drivers who come to Ozark with “A lot of the other trucking companies that we
five years of experience and stay two years. Pay for less interact with are by and large of similar mindset: Treat a
experienced and regional drivers increased as well. driver with respect, pay them well, do what’s right, and
Ozark previously had instituted a pay raise last August. deliver quality service to the customers, and it works
out,” he said. “So no, I’ve never had anyone look at me
Higginbotham, 40, said that as expensive as 50 cents and go, ‘Gosh, I hate that you gave that raise because
a mile is, it’s cheaper than a truck sitting idle. And he’s now my guys are talking about it,’ or whatever. It’s just
not worried about setting a precedent of paying drivers market forces.”
too well.
Ozark Motor Lines hauls diversified dry van freight,
“Given the environment and the economy and the air mail, consumer staples, paper products and other
strength of our business, no, we have never approached goods on routes east of I-35. It has about 715 trucks of
a pay raise with the fear of, if we go there, we can’t back its own and about 80 owner-operators – the last number
down,” he said. “If we make a promise that that’s what having risen in recent years after the company opened
we’re going to pay a driver, that’s what we’re going to an intermodal drayage unit in January 2016 based in
pay a driver. We don’t have any gimmicks, no strings
attached, per mile bonuses of safety or fuel economy or CONTINUED 
you have to run so many thousands of miles a week – all


Memphis. It also has about 2,500 trailers. It starting the day they join the company. by taking advantage of its most important
operates terminals in Lebanon; Maysville, That’s been an important tool for recruiting recruiters, its existing driver force.
Kentucky; Springfield, Missouri; and Lenoir, because it means potential new drivers aren’t
North Carolina. faced with paying high COBRA costs for “We still believe in the value that the
temporary insurance for 60 or 90 days if they best recruiter and advertisement for your
Along with pay, Ozark takes care of its leave their current employer. company is an existing happy employee,”
drivers in other ways. It offers a ride-along he said. “So existing drivers, we really try
program for guests ages 18 and over. Some “We really haven’t seen the apocalyptic and motivate and incentivize them to speak
spouses take advantage of it – some often, health care increases which you hear well of us in the marketplace and attract
others weekly. A few wives have ended up reported,” he said. “We’ve certainly seen other drivers because they’re the face of the
earning their CDLs and becoming team increases with the Affordable Care Act, but company to the customer. They’re the face
drivers. The policy introduces older children by and large outside of year one, they’ve not of the company to the motoring public, and
and grandchildren to the industry, which been unmanageable, and again for the most they’re the most valuable asset we have, bar
on a couple of occasions also has resulted in part on average, is it cheaper to offer health none. Trucks are just stuff. The drivers driving
a new driver for Ozark. Pets are allowed to care 60 days earlier than you would have to them are the most valuable asset that we have,
ride along with their owners. The carrier is do it under current rules, or is it cheaper to and when they leave our facility, they’re out
dedicating more freight in order to generate have that truck full and running those 60 there representing this company both in good
more predictable schedules. It’s also moved to days? And in a lot of cases it’s cheaper to pay aspects and bad aspects, and so we really try
more regional hauls, which gets drivers home for the insurance 60 days sooner than you and keep that in mind and have the drivers
more often. However, Higginbotham said would because that truck’s running.” keep that in mind.
that change is being driven by shippers, who
are adding distribution centers to shorten Ozark is particularly focused on retaining “And so in a lot of ways, no, we’re not
haul lengths. drivers, the theory being that it’s cheaper and doing anything significantly different than
easier to keep a current member of the team we have been in the past few years, but the
Meanwhile, on Jan. 1, 2017, the company than it is to attract a free agent. Meanwhile, it’s flavor’s certainly a little different. If you had
began offering health insurance for drivers recruiting heavily through social media and told me 10 years ago that we would have a

YOUR DISTRIBUTOR FOR 8015 Piedmont Triad Parkway
(336) 292-9240
PARTS, SERVICE 1815 Starita Road
(704) 596-8000
engines 103 Austin Bradley Lane
New Bern, NC 28562
Please visit our website for details on additional branch locations in other states. (252) 638-3161
6725 Netherlands Drive
(910) 392-7220
Knoxville, TN 37914
(865) 689-3722

I-181 & Rock Springs Road
Kingsport, TN 37633
(423) 349-6141
115 Haywood Lane
Antioch, TN 37013
(615) 262-4141
124 Gateway Drive
Ringgold, GA 30736
(706) 965-7000
3070 Sandbrook Road
Memphis TN 38116
(800) 897-8901

corporate Facebook page, yeah, I kind of We feel like if we’re going to ask a driver to do a good job
would have laughed at you. Five years ago, for us, we’ve got to do a good job for them, and that’s pay
it was stick your feet in the water and see them a fair wage, give them good benefits, treat them with
what it was like, and today, recruiting in respect, and provide them with the best equipment possible
particular and to a certain extent employee
communication and engagement without to accomplish the job both safely and comfortably.”
social media would be a nightmare.” Competing carriers

Ozark Motor Lines is a family-run If he’s here and his door’s open, or any of us something, most of the time he can quote it,
company, which means Jason Higginbotham’s are here and our doors are open, we want all the details, he’s already aware of it. And
boss is also his father, CEO Tommy somebody to come in and talk to us, share if he doesn’t know, like operating statistics
Higginbotham. The arrangement does have their thoughts, concerns. That’s occasionally or something, he’s on top of that. He’s very
its challenges – namely, “You can be at home where you hear great, insightful ideas. That’s detail-oriented. In financial reporting, he
and look down at the phone at your caller occasionally where you just hear what you gives me all detail, and anything above and
ID, and you’re not sure if it’s your father, your already know, but then you know what beyond what he has shown me, he can readily
mother or the boss calling,” he said. the pulse of the company is. He’s been in recall it.”
this industry all of his life, and he’s a great
However, he said he’s “very fortunate to resource to have to talk to because he’s seen Jason Higginbotham’s preparation for
work for him, and not just because he’s Dad.” it all.” company leadership began long ago. He
Tommy Higginbotham is “an experienced grew up doing odd jobs for the company
and stable guiding hand. Really good to work Tommy Higginbotham said his son excels during summer breaks, including working
for, really empowers his leadership team to as CFO for a number of reasons, including on the dock and assisting in operations and
get things done. Very open and accessible. the fact that he’s “a great numbers guy.”
We’re a very open-door environment that a CONTINUED 
lot of people talk about. That extends from “He’s very detailed,” he said. “If he tells you
leadership to rank and file staff to any driver.


information technology. There were times company but also in the industry, serving on “If there were one thing I would hope
when the office would call at night for him the Tennessee Trucking Association’s board that we as an association could do to support
to come deal with a computer problem. of directors and on the American Trucking the Foundation, it would be to increase its
During those summers, he learned the value Associations executive committee. He’s funding. TTA’s Foundation supports the No
of hard work while obtaining a well-rounded pleased with the TTA’s membership drive and Zone program, Share the Road and our Road
education in the trucking industry regarding with how the association successfully worked Team Captains. With more funding, we will
how things work and interact. It also gave with legislators and the governor to pass be able to get TTA’s Road Team Captains out
him credibility among employees. He was on the state’s IMPROVE Act, which increased to more schools and more events to publicize
the Student Council in high school and was some taxes for highways while cutting others to the public about how to safely drive around
president of his college fraternity. elsewhere. He’s particularly proud of the tractor-trailers,” he said. “That’s something
TTA’s Share the Road program. that really seems to be a lost skill. And
Today, he’s a leader not just in the hopefully, as part of that message, we will
continue to tell people to put their damn cell
phones down when they’re driving.”

At the national level, he’s encouraged by
efforts to allow 18-21-year-olds to drive on
interstate highways, a major focus of the

“One of the things that really makes no
sense at this point in time: An 18-year-
old truck driver today could work for me
and drive from Memphis to Bristol legally
but legally can’t drive from Memphis to
West Memphis or from Bristol, Tennessee
to Bristol, Virginia because of federal
regulations,” he said.

Ozark Motor Lines was started by
Higginbotham’s grandfather, Mose, on
June 21, 1961. Mose’s background was
in railroads, but he’d been exposed to
trucking by moving freight from the tracks
to LTL carriers. Seeing an opportunity,
he obtained LTL operating authority to
run trucks to and from Memphis and
Pocahontas, Arkansas, and West Plains,
Missouri. The company still has the
paperwork and the $300 cancelled check
that Mose paid for the authority.

Like many motor carriers, Ozark
has always been a family affair. Mose
managed the sales and dispatching. His
wife, Dorothy, did bookkeeping and other
administrative work. His oldest son, Steve,
drove the company’s one red pickup truck.
The youngest son, Tommy, started working
on the dock during his high school years.

A native of Missouri, Mose had
experienced the Great Depression and
built the business buying one truck at a
time. As Tommy explained, “His outlook


was if he didn’t have the cash to pay for it, for Ozark Motor Lines during the day sell to another carrier, but instead Tommy
he didn’t need it.” while attending class at night. The intent bought him out. The previous CFO retired,
was to return to banking when he was and Higginbotham became CFO in
Tommy and Steve bought the company done, “but my father had his hooks in me October 2015.
in July 1979 in a leveraged buyout with and kept them there, and here I am 17
the stipulation being the company years later, and I have to admit it’s worked In a family-run company, titles aren’t so
couldn’t have debts lasting longer than out fairly well.” important, anyway.
90 days. At the time, it had about 25
tractors and 50 trailers with terminals in Higginbotham started as assistant CFO “I guess I would say while my title is
Memphis, Pocahontas and West Plains. in the finance department in July 2001. CFO, being a member of the family, any
When his uncle, Steve, retired several years and everything is possible,” he said. “It’s
Jason Higginbotham was only a year ago, the company had an opportunity to roll your sleeves up and get the job done.
old when that happened, but he grew … That’s trucking.” TTN
up around the company. For a couple
of years, the family lived next door to Natural gas
the terminal. When he graduated high fuel solutions
school, he didn’t want to attend the
University of Tennessee or Ole Miss Pivotal LNG is committed to providing customers
because “that would have been like going with liquefied natural gas supply 24 hours a day,
to high school four more years,” he said, 365 days a year. Contact us to design a flexible,
so he enrolled in the business program at cost-effective solution for your fleet.
the University of Alabama. He attended
the university during those years between | 713.300.5116 | [email protected] | Follow us on
coaches Bear Bryant and Nick Saban
when it sometimes fielded bad football © 2017 Southern Company. All rights reserved. Do not reuse text or graphics without written permission. PLNG-15905
teams, but he obtained a good education,
earned a finance degree, and remains an
avid Crimson Tide fan to this day. On
Saturdays in the fall he’ll spend hours
watching college football, often with
friends and family.

After he graduated in 2000, his father
insisted he work somewhere besides the
company for a while, so he took a job at
AmSouth Bank, a large, publicly traded
company, working in Memphis.

“He really wanted me to have some
idea of what the rest of the world was
like, which was a great thing,” he said. “If
you’ve only ever grown up working for
your family, you can occasionally have a
skewed view of the world.”

Higginbotham sees things the same
way as his father. He and his wife,
Eleanor, have one daughter, Dottie, 9. It’s
up to her whether she grows up to work
for the company, but like him, she’ll have
to work somewhere else first.

He decided to earn his master’s in
business administration at the University
of Memphis while working at the bank, so
he approached his father about working


the common problem of national security. nation all on equipment designed from a
CONTRIBUTING WRITER Launching a program that connects fleets, vast amount of technology suppliers,” Froat
technology suppliers and service providers explains. “This equipment could be as much as
You may have seen major corporations with federal law enforcement and industry 30 years old with attachments and accessories
and even government entities become victim cyber resources is important to the United to stay compliant, or be brand new with the
of cyber-attacks in recent years. The trucking States and its economy. latest state of the art technology. Whichever
and transportation industry is no different, the combination, it’s all connected through an
in that it can be attacked by cyber criminals. “The program was developed from the open sourced CAN bus that connects all motor
The American Trucking Association (ATA) members of ATA and its Transportation functions to be diagnosed, enforced and used
is being proactive in preventing such attacks Security Council,” says Froat. “The as a service to make its business more efficient,
by launching the Fleet CyWatch program. Technology and Maintenance Council and more productive and more compliant.”
The new Fleet CyWatch program improves direction from the FBI and Department of
awareness of efforts being taken to combat Homeland Security also played a role.” ATA president Dave Manning believes
potential acts of terrorism using commercial the new program launch is an important step
vehicles as an instrument. The program is yet The ATA says there are three ways in towards protecting their industry from cyber-
another step taken to create a dynamic group which the Fleet CyWatch program can attacks. Manning says he believes cybersecurity
of members who are engaged in security serve members. The first is that it will report is an issue that doesn’t get enough attention and
issues nationally and in Tennessee. cyber-crime that impacts operations. The that educating employees is important when
second is that it will help implement best thwarting attacks.
Robert Braswell, Technology and practice solutions before finally helping share
Maintenance Council (TMC) member at ATA cybersecurity trends, patterns and bringing “As more and more technology is added to
says, “cyber-crime is a growing concern for awareness. Froat says trucking companies our trucks and communicate with our systems,
the trucking industry as trucking becomes should be proactive in helping protect their trucking is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks
more dependent on sophisticated computer networks by closing internet access and on our equipment,” said Manning. “We all
systems. That’s why ATA, TMC and others changing passwords. need to become more educated about the risks
are partnering to launch the ATA’s new Fleet and the strategies we can use to reduce the
CyWatch program with the help of the FBI “In general, fleets and manufacturers risk. There is no substitute for education and
and the department of Homeland Security. need to be active in industry developments,” training. I applaud ATA for tackling this issue
This new motor carrier program will identify Froat says. “TMC’s Cybersecurity Issues and helping to provide a credible resource for
emerging cyber threats and help guard against Task Force is a great example in that they are our industry.”
malicious acts by cyber criminals. It will assist development best practices in a number of
fleet members in reporting information about areas and hold responsibilities.” Everyone is familiar with personal email
trucking-related internet crimes and cyber- phishing attempts, but sometimes we forget
attacks and disseminate information about He also explains that being aware of email large corporations can be hacked as well says
cyber threats that impact their operation.” phishing attempts and training employees on Manning.
such hack tactics is important. But he says the
Ross Froat, director of Engineering and industry can still be susceptible. “We assume that won’t happen to us,”
Information Technology at ATA says it’s a he said.
great benefit for members of the association. “Trucking is a complex industry that
is full of various businesses with different If a Tennessee Trucking Association member
“At the beginning of 2018, we are starting customers hauling different loads that are believes they have been a victim of a cyber-
a brand new, fleet member benefit. This performing different services across the attack, they should visit fleetcywatch.trucking.
program brings together the Transportation org and report the crime by filling out as much
Security Council and the technology and information as possible before submitting. There
maintenance council at ATA,” he states. are also links provided that can lead members to
key contacts for law enforcement cyber incident
Froat explains that the purpose of reporting. TTN
launching a project such as the Fleet CyWatch
program is to unite trucking stakeholders over


ENGLISH/SPANISH This program teaches employees how to choose,
DVD PROGRAM inspect, and safely operate a forklift.

Anchored by a 20-minute video,
the DVD program also includes
3 bonus videos:

• Specialized Units & Attachments
• Non-Operator Safety
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Required forklift training is a Prices shown do not reflect
breeze with J. J. Keller’s shipping and handling charges.
high-impact program!

Also available in Online Course, Pay Per View, and
Video Training Book formats.

AD-52465 English/Spanish

J. J. Keller and your State Trucking To order, call TTA 615-777-2882
Association are partners in compliance. or email [email protected]


PC 201211

Road TeamTennessee Trucking Association’s

Tony Ellison – FedEx Freight and Tim Chelette – Big G Express at Clay County High School

Road Team Captains (in white shirts) Paula Harper - FedEx Freight, Christy McClain - TCW, Paula Harper – FedEx Freight, Jeff Gannon –
Devin Rackley - Averitt Express State Farm Agent and Tim Chelette – Big G Express
at Mt. Juliet High School

Ray Hightower - State Farm, Eddie LeSueur - Skyline Ray Hightower - State Farm, Eddie LeSueur - Skyline Transportation, David Brady,
Transportation, David Brady, Donna and Ken Wheeler - Old Donna and Ken Wheeler - Old Dominion Freightlines, DeAnna Coulter - State Farm at
Dominion Freightlines, DeAnna Coulter - State Farm at TTA East TTA East Tennessee Big Rigs
Tennessee Big Rigs

To submit an assignment contaTcet onunr 2e4s-hsoeuer cTlairmus cinktaikne gcenAtesr sato: ciation’s

Road Team-0300 or [email protected]

ord service, contact: Harrison Tisdal 615-221-5900 or [email protected]


Getting freight delivered on time is the top New
priority of the transportation industry.
TTA Members
But when an accident occurs, the roadblocks of getting
a claim handled can make your careful timeline grind to ALLIED:
a halt. That’s why Crawford®’s Transportation Services • Bloomberg Consulting, Inc.
are there for you with the total solution to get your • Clemens & Associates
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• Pyles Transport
• Vulcan Construction Materials,

• West Nashville Wrecker/Dad’s


Tennessee Trucking Association’s

Road Team

ATA Road Team Captains Wayne
Crowder, and Gary Helms, TN Road
Team Captains Carl Johnson-McKee

Transportation, Dale Moore-First
Fleet with State of TN Dignitaries at

Nickajack Safety Break

Eddie LeSueur – Skyline Transportation at Teen Event at UT Martin
Anderson County Prom Event

Devn Rackley – Averitt Express and Paula
Harper – FedEx Freight with No Zone Truck at
Harpeth High School

Cleve McCord and David Gooch-Sharp
Transport, Paula Harper-FedEx Freight, Tony
Ellison-FedEx Freight at Dickson Safety Break

wth Tennessee Dignitaries



Jeff Allen

Great West Casualty



It can be surprising in the modern describes himself as a servant leader. In another difficulty truck Drivers face daily is
other words, not a person with a big ego, the jamming and cramming of congestion
world when a company and its leaders but a person with a heart for serving and across America’s highways. This creates
protecting others. He brings this spirit of safety hazards on the roads and frustration
actually make serving their clients servanthood to his work and his family, for Drivers. Allen is clear that this, like
and both are central to his life. In fact, in a the driver shortage, is not something that
their highest priority. We’re accustomed day when people have hobbies from video can be solved overnight. “There is a lot of
to hearing companies say they have our best gaming to golf, Allen’s ‘hobby’ is spending infrastructure work that needs to take place
interest at heart, but then failing to deliver time with his family. His daughter is an in our country if we are going to have any
on their promise. Great West Casualty optometrist in the United States Navy, chance of alleviating congestion,” he says.
Company, known as the leader in insurance his son is completing coursework at the Increased online retail shopping and rising
products for the transportation industry, is University of West Virginia, and his wife is freight demands create a greater burden
one of those rare companies that believes a retired teacher. Everyone in the family has for the infrastructure we currently have.
that the people they insure really matter. followed Allen’s example in providing care, Safety, at all levels, is paramount to Allen.
Jeff Allen, Executive Vice President of Great protection and education to the community. He believes that all users of the road –
West and a 20-year veteran of the company, Originally from Indiana, the Allen’s have commercial and non-commercial – have
states that one of the primary reasons he lived in Texas and Arkansas, and now reside an obligation to operate safely. Distracted
has been with Great West for so long is in Knoxville. After 5 years in Knoxville, driving, though being dealt with legislatively
their integrity. “If you’re going to work for Allen says that Knoxville has definitely throughout the country is still a work in
an insurance company you want to work become ‘home.’ “We are blessed,” he says, “to progress. He also knows that the challenges
for one that takes the obligation and the be citizens of Tennessee.” that confront the industry can only be solved
promise to pay very seriously.” Of the 31 by everyone doing their particular part to
years he’s been in the industry, 20 of them Though Allen’s primary work is in the make a difference. “No one party in the
have been with Great West. “It’s the unique insurance world, he is not unaware of industry can fix all the problems,” he says.
culture of the company that has kept me the challenges faced by the Commercial “At the end of the day, it will be through a
here. It gets into your blood,” Allen quips. Truck Driver, or indeed, the transportation collective effort and a collective voice. This
“At this company our passion for serving our industry as a whole. Like so many other is why Great West is so involved in the
insureds becomes second nature, and we’re leaders in the industry, Allen cites the ATA American Trucking Association and the
consistently provided with opportunities to list of challenges with driver shortage as Tennessee Trucking Association.”
do just that.” the primary challenge to be addressed. “It
doesn’t matter what your role, the driver According to Dave Huneryager, President
It may be that serving others is just second shortage is front and center,” says Allen. of the Tennessee Trucking Association,
nature to Allen, so he’s quick to recognize Great West and Jeff Allen are an active and
the trait in other environments. He retired In concert with the ATA identification,
from the United States Army National
Guard after 21 years of service, and he


effective part of that collective effort. “Jeff We want to make sure that the TTA is strong from a
and the entire Great West organization grass roots level because at the end of day it’s about
are very supportive of everything we do,”
Huneryager says enthusiastically. But, it the trucker and the trucking industry.
isn’t only monetary support that a company
provides that’s important. Huneryager work of the Tennessee Trucking Association. has spent years in the military and in the
emphasizes that the lynchpin for lasting Underscoring the pattern of quiet service, corporate environment, Allen’s keeps his
change is personal participation. “Great Allen proudly says, “I personally, as Jeff sense of humor, telling his staff, “If you take
West,” he says, “is engaged in events Allen, am humble about what I get to do, away the service component of what we do
throughout the year and are always and I feel good about what I can do, for the as a company; what’s left behind is used
personally involved with the efforts of both industry.” With a sound of pride in his voice, furniture and blue sky.” It’s the keeping of
the Association and the Foundation.” With Allen says with a touch of wit, “Great West promises and the commitment to service
a genuine smile of gratitude, he says, “We has been described as a service company to that makes the real difference for Great West
really appreciate them!” Allen puts gravitas the trucking industry that also happens to and for Jeff Allen. TTN
in his own commitment to the industry sell a little bit of insurance.” For a guy who
by serving on the East Tennessee Board
of Directors for the Tennessee Trucking
Association. This kind of involvement in
the leadership and work of the Association
is crucial for change to occur. “We want to
make sure that the TTA is strong from a
grass roots level because at the end of day it’s
about the trucker and the trucking industry,”
Allen says with sincerity in his voice.

In his personal approach, Allen always
returns to the value of service. “Everything
we do is in the interest of providing a service
to our insureds. We do that pretty quietly,
and primarily through helping individual
associations have the ability to help their
members.” This is why Great West is so
personally and practically involved in the


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What makes the new International LT Series so breakthrough? We gave drivers a voice in
its design. Feedback from hundreds of drivers informed its new interior, featuring the latest
ergonomic design and a customizable driver display, placing everything within comfortable
reach. Dramatically improved aerodynamics and the 2017 Cummins® X15 engine deliver
improved fuel economy a nd outstanding uptime, which means happier drivers who stick
around for the long haul.

Cumberland International Trucks Landmark International Trucks Volunteer International Tri-State International Trucks
Nashville TN (615) 256-4633 Knoxville TN (865) 637-4881 Jackson TN (731) 422-3411 Union City TN (731) 885-9302
Murfreesboro TN (615) 427-4600 Cookeville TN (931) 738-0480 Murray KY (270) 753-1372
Morristown TN (423) 586-8558 Lee-Smith Bowling Green KY (270) 843-9031
Summit Truck Group Oak Grove KY (270) 605-5301 Chattanooga TN (423) 622-4161
Memphis TN (901) 527-5654
Memphis TN (901)345-6275

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Expect more. Rush Truck Center – Nashville is part of North America’s largest network of heavy-
and medium-duty truck dealerships, representing industry-leading brands including Peterbilt.
We offer an extensive inventory of parts and accessories and are staffed by ASE-certified service
professionals who provide skilled maintenance and repair for all makes and models.

Contact us today to see why no one offers you more.

Rush Truck Center – Nashville
900 Expo Drive l Smyrna, Tennessee 37167

800-489-7403 toll free l 615-220-7777 direct l 615-220-7625 fax

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