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The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Published by Matthews Publishing Group, 2019-12-11 17:52:55

Behind the Wheel Q4 Winter 2019 ~ featuring Armand Patella, Pref

The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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ON THE 14 New MMTA Chairman
Always Knew He
Would End Up 'on the

Getting to know MMTA's incoming leader,
Armand Patella of Preferred Services, and
what he deems important


9 Buying vs. Leasing
Industry leaders provide insight to help you
decide which is right for you

21 Bozel Transfer Has ‘Always
Been a Family Effort’

Bozel Transfer reaches a milestone in 2019
that few trucking companies ever achieve –
100 years in business!

23 Thank you, MMTA

24 Maryland on the Move:
MMTA's 2019
Fall Conference



5 Chairman’s Message
6 Dates to Know
26 New MMTA Members
26 Advertising Resource Index

MMTA's 2019 Fall Conference, hosted on Sept. 26, brings industry COVER AND INSIDE IMAGES OF ARMAND PATELLA
leaders together for education, information, networking and fellowship. BY DAVID SINCLAIR

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The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

Behind the Wheel is owned by the Maryland Motor Truck
Association and is published by Matthews Publishing Group.
To request additional copies, order reprints of individual articles
or to become a subscriber to Behind The Wheel, please contact
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Publisher THERE IS A LOT
Jennifer Matthews-Drake
Matthews Publishing Group
[email protected]

Executive Editor ON THE HORIZON,
Louis Campion
[email protected]

Managing Editor BUT WE WILL ALSO

[email protected]

Creative Director WHAT HAS KEPT OUR
Fran Sherman
[email protected]

Graphic Designer ASSOCIATION AMONG At our recent combined
Barbara Negron THE STRONGEST IN Management Conference and
THE COUNTRY. Board meeting [or “Annual
Photographer Meeting”] on September 26th,
David Sinclair

Contributing Writers

Steve Brawner Derek Rayment I was honored to become the
Dan Calabrese Jennifer Barnett Reed
Mary Lou Jay
Renee Miller John Schulz
Todd Traub

78th Chairman of the Board

of the Maryland Motor Truck

Association. It is a privilege for me to serve you in this position and I want to assure you

all that I will represent the interests of all our industry sectors. We will continue to focus

Maryland Motor Truck Association on fulfilling the Association’s mission to support and advocate for a safe, efficient, and

Louis Campion profitable trucking industry regardless of industry type or size.
President & CEO
[email protected] Two weeks earlier, I had the opportunity to attend the Association’s annual Call on

Dottie C. Duvall Washington where we visited with Maryland’s members of Congress on Capitol Hill.
Vice President - Administration
Although there are a number of important trucking issues being debated at the federal
[email protected]
level – hours of service reform, infrastructure investment, allowing younger CDL drivers to
Brenda Tharp
Director of Safety operate across state lines, and ratification of the new trade agreement between the United
[email protected]
States, Canada and Mexico to name a few – the polarizing climate in Washington left me
Selena L. Griffin
Controller feeling that these issues will face the same gridlock that our trucks face on the highways.

[email protected] At the end of the day, it appeared to me that little or nothing will get done as everyone

Margie Anne Bonnett keeps “playing politics” rather than working for the good of the people.
Marketing & Communications Director
Fortunately, that same gridlock is not facing us at the state level. As we prepare for the
[email protected]
2020 General Assembly session, we have several priorities that we will be pursuing.
Kathy Norris
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

• Renewing the $400 income tax credit for Class F tractors that are titled and registered

in Maryland. The current credit expires after Tax Year 2019 and the Association is

pursuing a three-year extension. MMTA worked hard to obtain this credit, which

helps offset the high cost of vehicle registration fees, tolls and fuel taxes in our state and

Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the we will work just as hard to keep it.
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets CONTINUED 
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry.
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2019 5
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, education services, operational services and serves
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact MMTA at:
Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc.
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045
Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537


DECEMBER 5, 2019
Legislative Dinner TRUCKING COMMUNITY.

Dutch’s Daughter, Frederick MD ~ a • Revisiting Maryland’s Preventive industry has taken many steps to improve
gathering of members and state legislators Maintenance Program, which is currently its equipment over the last 10 years and the
will enjoy special guest speaker Lt. required annually or every 25,000 miles so called “dirty diesel” has quickly become
Governor Boyd K. Rutherford. (whichever comes first). Only California a thing of the past. We will ensure that
has a more stringent rule. The current PM legislators understand
DECEMBER 10, 2019 rules were drafted over 25 years ago. With that these newer and cleaner technologies
the design and engineering of today’s newer are what power today’s trucks and the
Drug & Alcohol equipment (automatic slack adjusters, associated costs they represent to our
Suspicion Training LED lights, radial tires, anti-lock brakes), a industry. If any further actions are
modest change to require a PM for newer considered, they need to
8:30 at MMTA model vehicles every 50,000 miles may be focused on protecting our industry’s
DOT requires all supervisors of drivers make more sense. access to a readily available and affordable
to be training in drug & alcohol testing ULSD fuel supply as we deliver the
rules! This seminar meets all DOT training • There is growing tension between the products our citizens need.
requirements and includes materials states and the federal government as more
pertinent to rules & regulations. Attendees and more states look to allow recreational There is a lot on the horizon, but we
receive a certificate of completion. marijuana use, which remains illegal as a will also remain focused on what has kept
*Register online at Schedule 1 drug in federal law. This is a our Association among the strongest in the
public safety issue not just for our drivers country. We hope to increase our support to
JANUARY 28, 2020 but for everyone. The Insurance Institute legislative leaders who endorse policies that
for Highway Safety has found that, for the represent the needs of Maryland’s trucking
MMTA’s Driver of the second year in a row, crashes in states with community. We will continue to oppose
Year Banquet legalized recreational marijuana continue to any actions or interpretations that may
rise compared with neighboring states that be detrimental to our industry by offering
Turf Valley Resort, Columbia MD ~ have not legalized recreational use. Law informed opinions and alternatives. And,
don’t miss the chance to submit your best enforcement needs an effective field tool to we look forward to continuing to work
drivers as candidates for Driver of the help determine if any driver of any vehicle with our partners at the American Trucking
Month/Year. Our safest drivers deserve is impaired by the effects of marijuana Associations on a national basis for their
to be noticed & recognized, they power use. And while federal law mandates drug industry-leading initiatives as well.
our economy as well as your company. testing for your commercial drivers, we
Submissions accepted thru December need to preserve the right of employers to Please consider becoming involved.
10, 2019; contact Brenda Tharp for the promote a drug free workplace and ensure Whether it’s attending a presentation on a
necessary paperwork. Drivers of the testing can be done of any employee in variety of subjects or participating in one
Month will be honored at this event positions that involve employee or public of our events, it’s a great way to network
with one being selected as MMTA’s 2019 safety – such as your warehouse workers or with other trucking professionals who share
Driver of the Year. truck loaders. your concerns.

FEBRUARY 9, 2020 • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Looking forward to a great year!
transportation sources will be a continued
National Pizza Day! challenge as the General Assembly looks Armand Patella
to take further actions to address global 2019-2020 Chairman of the Board
FACT: Americans consume on average warming and climate change. The trucking
23 pounds of pizza per each year
FEBRUARY 27, 2020

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Buying vs. Leasing
Industry leaders provide insight to help
you decide which is right for you



The easiest decision you have to make their goods to customers, but don’t need changed their thinking on buying vs. leasing.
is that you need a truck. Or multiple trucks. to be spending time and resources William Caterham, director of leasing
It’s essential to your business operations and dealing with issues like Department of at Potomac Truck Leasing (a division of
you know exactly how you’ll use it once you Transportation requirements, tax reporting Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers), said food
have it. and vehicle maintenance. service is a prominent example.

But the much more complicated question Most lease agreements specify that the “What we’ve found over time since
is exactly how you should structure your dealer will provide maintenance on trucks the ’60s is that clients in food service have
acquisition of the truck. When users consider and offer replacement vehicles if a truck gravitated from almost exclusive ownership
the question of whether to buy or lease truck under lease breaks down. to almost exclusive lease,” Caterham said.
assets, they need to consider everything from “If they have 40 trucks running, they need to
the nature of the use to the likely length of “If you own your truck, you have no keep 45 on the ground so they have enough
use to what kind of capacity they have in- idea if it’s going to break down and cost spares to do the same thing they could with
house to handle maintenance. you $15,000 to get fixed,” Kevin Saum said. 40, and leasing becomes a good way to do
“With a full-service lease, if it breaks down that because of the substitution clause.”
There are pros and cons to each option, you don’t have to fix it, and you’ll get a
but there are also some general principles that replacement vehicle at no extra charge.” But according to Caterham, ownership
will tend to point most potential users in one
direction or another. Over time, certain industries have CONTINUED 

Two Baltimore-based dealerships who |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2019 9
handle both sales and leasing are Beltway
Companies (an International dealer) and
Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers (a Mack,
Volvo, and Hino dealer). The sales and
leasing professionals at both dealerships
offered some perspective for MMTA
members on how to decide between leasing
and buying.

Jack Saum, CEO at Beltway Companies,
said certain industries are better positioned
than others to take advantage of leasing.

“For example, highly specialized
equipment doesn’t easily fit into a leasing
application,” he said. “Trucking companies
whose only real mission is being a common
carrier are not a great fit for leasing. Leasing is
more for somebody in the private, traditional
business where trucking is not necessarily the
primary focus of their business.”

That would include companies,
for example, who need trucks to deliver


can make more sense if the client’s use of the By contrast, a user whose truck will put on transfer all those benefits back to us. I would
truck is either very heavy or very light. very limited miles might be better off owning tell the client up front, you don’t need to lease
because turning it in at the end of a lease means that truck, you need to own it.”
“In a high-mileage application, I have to giving away a potentially valuable asset.
build that into the rate so the rate becomes That might apply with users such as
oppressive,” Caterham said. “It makes more “If they turn the truck in at 60,000 miles, municipalities, whose travel would be limited
sense for the guy to own that truck if he’s it’s a truck we want to sell all day,” Caterham to a small geographic area, particularly heavy
going to take all the depreciation.” said. “It’s a used truck seller’s dream. So they equipment type trucks. Municipalities often
use the same trucks for a long time for such
applications and can still recoup some resale
value at the end.

“BGE builds these enormous trucks with
lift capabilities to service the tall power poles
out in the wilderness,” Caterham said. “That’s
definitely not a lease truck, because it’s got
one use and they’re probably going to use
that truck for 15 or 20 years.”

Mark Parker, director of sales and
marketing at Baltimore Potomac Truck
Centers, said leasing is also getting a fresh
look from fleets who used to be more inclined
to own the trucks and operate their own
service shops.

“These days trucks are really complicated,
and fleets are finding it more difficult to




BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473
FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009

Virginia Locations: Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Manassas, Verona, Winchester



* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *be proficient at maintaining their own
outsource, those things go away.” company. It can afford to hire experienced

trucks with their own shop,” Parker said. Saum often finds that dealing with trucking professionals, acquire and maintain

“It’s becoming harder and harder as CFOs, as opposed to working only with the assets, and hire the drivers.

people determine they can’t maintain those transportation managers, brings about a For smaller or midsize companies,

tru“cWkshaesneawseilyfiarstthimeypulesmedetnot.eTdheelye’crteronic heightened interest in leasing. however, everything starting with the cost of

sloeegisn,gwtehebrouungnhintgecvoesrtys dgroivuepr, ianntdotohuery’re “If you change the conversation, you acquisition might argue for leasing.
bNaosrictahllLyitstalyeinRgo,c‘Ok Kof,fIi’cme fjoursttsrhauinttiinngg bmeyfore
mtuarinnitnengaonncethsheoupndito,”wBnr.’o”wn tells us. And, typical“lytfinhd eoutwthaot lerasisngtdoteshn’ticnostg you“WchaennyouDleoase ta voehictlehaseopspoesed
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vinegh.icDlersivaesrtshsepirencotrteimcoeminpeatelanbc,yc. hanging been a mistake.”choosing to invest in ownership of a fleet
dutByeslttawtauyseCsoamndpagneitetsinwgilcloomftfeonrttaryblteowgiutihde manufacturer. By contrast, the end user
cthuestdoemveircsesawbeafyorferotmheoywevneerrsehviepn, paatrtteimcuplaterldy
itfoitopaperpaetaersththeeecleucsttroomneicr ldoogessinn’ttrheeciorgcnaibzse. asohftortrupuc, ckhkians—s,gmacswoawdmaeeplaylaandnsye.icetTisshbiooawrnt :nmmoItmawaiysavnignnooet,tienrnvbgaeipncttochkeoebeftrinafnwdtohseooprpusremleodcdirbaaoetlttilnaianirgosvtaetnsisostoieinnttn,gvewelaschtreghinnernitthdocionollgluaslordmsghionaryvea,ecuristeicdal

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Swaiuthmesaacihd.d“rBivuetrt,hleoygdgeodn’thtreumlyinun, mdearsdteand operating in every industry from steel to food Another problem for private fleet owners,
terdu,caknsdanddoumbalein-ctahiencinkgedcotomepnlisaunrcee dwriitvhesrtsate to lumber, but once you own and maintain even if it’s a somewhat newer problem, is the
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egtnruatyeisnrpiinsrighsea—cnadwntiahtfhefomorudtnteeowxprtuleancinhitinsnooglwohgnoywtrwuitictkhionugt to uOnfdceorugroset,radirnivinegrsawt eMreCanvO’etrNtichTkeI.oNEnvUleyEroyDnonese

wasn’t a simple thing to do, but it made for works, what it does, and why they have it. ➥



2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230

But if large numbers of private fleets start from the OEM’s and private fleets do assets even if it means they might be on the
competing for the same limited pool of not have the same access to this training.  hook for unexpected maintenance costs.
mechanic talent, now the industry has a Dealerships are better positioned to
serious problem. provide factory trained technicians to work “Some believe the equity in used
on the trucks.” assets is something they’re giving up to
“If we’re all appealing to the same the leasing company,” Jack Saum said.
pool of mechanics,” Caterham said, But what about the most fundamental “But at the end of the day you purchase
“then someone who has maintained their argument for ownership of an asset – that equity, so if you purchase the equity did
own fleet may consider captive leasing of equity? Even a depreciating asset still you really gain anything?”
services because of the shrinking pool has some value, and many companies
of mechanics.  The best training comes prefer to have complete control over their There is also a cash-flow argument
in favor of ownership, despite the more
predictable nature of costs with leasing.

“At the beginning of the lease you’re
going to be paying for future expenses
because you’re going to have a mileage
charge that’s more than you’d expect to
run at the beginning, and less at the end,”
Jack Saum said. “So, from a cash-flow
perspective, you could argue that you’re
going to be pre-paying expenses that
you’re realizing later.”

There is a middle ground, by the
way. Companies who want the benefits
of leasing without losing the benefit of a
depreciating asset do have an option.

KELLY Benefit Strategies

is proud to be endorsed by the

Maryland Motor
Truck Association




“Let’s say their mileage falls in the this article are just that. Only you can help them.
right range for leasing, but they really ultimately decide the best course of action Whatever you decide, think critically
want to have that asset on the books as a when it comes to acquiring the use of a
depreciating asset,” Parker said. “In that truck or trucks. and find out everything you need to know.
case we could sell them the truck but put Dealerships like the two featured here,
it under a contract maintenance program, But it’s fair to say that everyone as well as many others, want you to
which offers all the benefits of a full-service is better off if they at least know the drive away with one of their trucks. They
lease, except that we don’t buy the asset questions they should be asking, and if also want you to do it under terms that
and lease it to them.” they understand the resources of other will, in the long run, make you happy
players in the field who might be able to you did.
That allows the company to claim the
depreciation in addition to maintaining the
residual at the end of its use of the truck.

Another option is straight rental, which
can work for those who want some time
to make a longer-term decision between
leasing and buying.

“Let’s say you’re starting a business,
you need a truck and perhaps you rent
one until you figure out what you need,”
Caterham said. “It allows you to make a
risk-free investment and you can turn it in
whenever you want to, so there’s no risk.”

Every company’s situation is unique,
of course, so the guidelines offered in


Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now o ering full-service
leasing and rental!


New MMTA Chairman Always Knew He
Would End Up 'on the Waterfront'

Getting to know MMTA's incoming leader, Armand Patella
of Preferred Services, and what he deems important





MMTA’s 2019-2020 chairman has City was ready to begin a long awaited, with industry-wide issues such as hours
worked in the intermodal industry since major rebuilding of Broening Highway of service regulations and the electronic
high school, and now he’s helping carriers which would lead to its own delays and logging device mandate. As he explained
navigate that challenging business as the intermodal trucking industry was just it, “I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily
a consultant. not ready for the additional stop-off.” he have to be a port trucker to experience
said. As it turned out, the road project ran the strain that these large import volumes
After a career working for other a year overdue and would, at times, have place on the supply chain. An intermodal
companies, Armand Patella, 61, this made access to the new yard impossible. carrier will most likely move the cargo to
January began advising clients through a distribution facility or warehouse, but
Preferred Services, LLC, a transportation In 2013, he led the charge for the then the same cargo is loaded to a domestic
consulting business. trucking industry against the Storm carrier for store or last-mile delivery. If it’s
Water Remediation Fee in Baltimore City. late to the warehouse, it may be really late
“Most of the companies I deal with Working together with other industry to the store — especially if your driver runs
really know trucking thoroughly, but the associations and individuals, the coalition out of hours!”
intermodal part is such a deep subject, with was able to convince city legislators of the
so many outside influences, that they may additional financial burden and obtain Most of Patella’s clients are smaller
not be familiar with the particular details rate reductions, caps, and discounts for operators who are dealing with giant,
or requirements of a certain situation.” he Baltimore City landowners. foreign-owned companies that know
said. “For instance, our clients may not how to turn fees into big profits. He
be aware of specific procedures for a By late 2015 and early 2016, it had often can help resolve their issues, or
certain equipment provider and assume become evident that the avalanche at least explain them, with a quick
the rules are the same across the board, of arriving imports was presenting a consultation. The bulk of his time is
so we try to guide them through their challenge for the Port’s infrastructure. As spent clarifying rules, regulations, and
individual situation. Other clients are the economy recovered and water carriers requirements. For example, a client might
looking for operational or sales assistance, navigated to the east coast through the be under the impression they must return a
terminal planning, human resources, or newly widened Panama Canal, Baltimore container to a pier in five days, but Patella
other services.” was suffering from the terminal congestion knows that particular company only
and associated truck delays that were also allows four days. Often, clients will have
Patella helps not only his own clients plaguing other ports. Working closely a contract issue with a chassis provider or
navigate these challenges, but also the with Ports America, Patella was able to container operator.
entire industry as the decade-long chairman communicate the needs and issues of the
of the MMTA’s Intermodal Council. He trucking community for better turn times “The big thing I find is people are
helped MMTA push a bill through the and increased visibility. Ports America so anxious to get in the business, they’ll
General Assembly in 2019 that increased added additional resources such as labor sign just about anything to get the wheels
the weight limit from 80,000 to 100,000 and equipment, RFID tag readers, and rolling. It’s not until there’s an issue that
pounds on certain routes for containerized posted times on their website. During they have to refer back to that contract
cargo, which was necessary because of particularly long periods of pier delays they signed and learn, ‘Oh, man, do I really
containers’ increasing weights. “Not caused by volume, weather, or other have to pay $200 a day to rent this piece of
because I liked the prospect of heavier factors, he was also successful negotiating equipment?’ or ‘I only had how much time
boxes, but because the Port’s customers extended free time for imports. to return it?’ ” he said. “So, we just try to
and our members needed it to keep pace give them a little help understanding those
with other ports.” he said. “Armand has been a tireless advocate issues and avoiding them in the future.”
for the trucking companies operating at
Several years ago, management of the Port. I am certain he will continue Wayne Gaumer, president emeritus
Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine Terminal was that approach representing the entire of intermodal drayage carrier Lightning
turned over to Ports America Chesapeake, membership of Maryland Motor Truck Transportation, said Patella has “unlimited
a private terminal operator, as part of a Association as our chairman,” said Louis energy.” He said Patella’s relationships
public-private partnership. The change Campion, MMTA’s president and CEO. throughout the intermodal sector benefit
means port users are now dealing with the entire motor carrier industry.
a private company rather than the state. While Patella’s career has been spent
In 2011, Patella led a group of members in intermodal operations, he understands “Anything that truckers aren’t sure
who successfully convinced Ports America the issues facing the entire industry. All of and need information from the
to delay their original plans to relocate intermodal carriers are considered to be stakeholders at the port, Armand has those
the Port’s chassis to an off-site yard. “The interstate carriers, and he’s had to deal

Maryland's Honorable Governor Larry Hogan with Armand Patella, Preferred Services Patella always knew he would end up
working on the waterfront. The native of
connections and works to get problems Maryland. The current credit sunsets after Brooklyn, New York, is the youngest of
solved. He gets answers to any questions the 2019 tax year. He also wants Maryland five children. Both his father’s and mother’s
that come up, and then disperses the to revisit its preventive maintenance families had early ties to the NY piers and
information back to the membership program for newer trucks equipped all the stories that came with it. “At least
through MMTA,” he said.  with modern safety technology. The current in my mind, there was never any question
program was drafted over I would end up in some sort of cargo
Gaumer said Patella’s thorough 25 years ago and needs some revision handling or transportation related business.
knowledge of the trucking industry will to account for the advances reflected in It was always interesting and seemed to be
translate well in his year as chairman of today’s equipment. what I was going to do.” Patella said.
MMTA. “He’s a leader,” he said. “His
communication and problem-solving skills The association is up against a Starting in his later high school years,
are fantastic.” number of important state and national he would spend his summers and other
issues, including infrastructure funding breaks in Miami working for Maritime
Increasing membership is one of and ensuring independent contractors Cartage Company. He started as a clerk,
Patella’s goals as MMTA’s chairman. As he aren’t reclassified as employees. The became a dispatcher, and then general
describes, “Nothing gets the attention of industry should support congressional manager. He earned extra money on the
legislators more than a large constituency.” ratification of the United States-Mexico- commute driving individuals’ cars between
He wants to increase support for those Canada Agreement, President Trump’s their homes in the Northeast and South.
legislators who endorse policies that replacement of the North American Free He continued with Maritime Cartage until
represent the needs of Maryland’s trucking Trade Agreement. Also important is the taking a job in retail in New York City
community and oppose any actions DRIVE-Safe Act, which would allow while earning a management degree at
detrimental to the industry. He’d also like drivers under age 21 to travel across state Brooklyn’s St. Francis College.
to attract a younger, more diverse member lines. For intermodal carriers, important
base by assuring them their ideas and issues remain relieving port congestion, Patella was recruited to work for
concerns are important and can help direct establishing “trucker choice” for chassis, water carrier United States Lines his
the association’s efforts. and improving the safety and reliability senior year of college. The company had
of equipment dispensed by intermodal been purchased in 1978 by Malcolm
Policy goals include a three-year equipment providers. McLean, who had pioneered containerized
extension of the $400 income tax credit shipping as the founder of Sea-Land. With
for Class F tractors titled and registered in the country in the midst of a recession,
Patella was glad to be one of the few
graduates among his classmates with a
job offer. In June 1980, he accepted a job
in operations and was sent to Savannah,
Georgia for training in every aspect of the
business, including equipment control,
administration, maintenance, terminal
and vessel operations, railroads,
and contracts.

“Working for Mr. McLean and the team
he had put together was tremendous and
the time I spent in Savannah really shaped
my career. That’s where I learned that
despite all the investment in ships, cranes,
and boxes, shipping was a service business.
Learning how to deliver good service was
probably my biggest take-away. But, being
exposed to all the different elements of
what makes a shipping company work on




a global scale gave me the direction that I for bankruptcy. of the American water carriers. During his
wanted to follow.” Fortunately, earlier that year, Patella had career, the industry came to be dominated
by a small number of huge international
Patella started as an equipment control accepted a job as vice president at Picorp companies including Denmark-based
supervisor in New York and then moved to Inc., a container and chassis maintenance Maersk and Taiwan- based Evergreen
the company’s headquarters in Cranford, and repair company that operated as an Marine. Today, there are almost no
New Jersey. In 1982, he was transferred to agent for leasing companies. “At that point, American merchant ships other than
Baltimore, where eventually he became port the only aspect of operations I was missing oil tankers. Even the United States
operations manager. During his six-year was the maintenance and repair piece. military hardware is transported overseas
career with the company, he had temporary Picorp offered me the chance to develop under contracts with these foreign-
assignments in places as varied as Boston, that skill and learn the leasing component owned companies.
Chicago, Norfolk, and Oakland. of the business.” he said.
“It was a function of the economics
“It was like being in the Army,” he said. Patella would spend 32 years at Picorp, of containers driving the cost of shipping
“You had to show up with a packed bag where he played a variety of roles enroute down to ridiculously low levels so that
every day because you never knew where to the position of senior vice president the only way you could make a profit
they were going to send you. But it was a for business development helping the was to do it on a gigantic scale,” he said.
lot of fun.” company evolve into a full-service provider “Build ships bigger – every year the ships
of intermodal services. “It was great,” he get bigger, the cranes get bigger, and they
Tom Huesman, now the president of handle more and more volume so they
can benefit from economies of scale.
“[PATELLA'S] A LEADER. HIS And during that transition, the American
COMMUNICATION AND PROBLEM- companies simply said there’s just not
SOLVING SKILLS ARE FANTASTIC.” enough money in the return to justify the
amount of capital outlay.”
TRANSPORTATION The dominance of those international
water carriers would force the American
Terminal Transportation Services and said. “The job varied and came with a lot supply chain to react. For example, those
himself a former chairman of MMTA, of responsibility. I was able to use the skills carriers might decide to allow transporters
was the U.S. Lines boss who brought I already had and develop new ones along four days instead of five to collect freight
Patella to Baltimore after meeting him the way.” When the company was looking at the pier. Also, when they decided to
in New York. He said Patella knew how for new business opportunities, he would exit the chassis business almost overnight,
to get the best out of people and also help identify, set-up, and integrate the unit. other companies expanded or entered that
worked well with the company’s powerful After creating an equipment sales division, market and were not prepared for the
labor union. he headed up the resales of new and transition. Moreover, American regulators
secondhand containers and chassis. And have limited control over those foreign-
“We were a booming company back last year, he stepped in to reorganize their owned companies.
then that handled five or six ships a week, trucking division, using the experience he
and you had to keep everybody moving had learned earlier. “I’m amazed at the evolution that’s
and motivated,” he said. “It was a very taken place over the last 35 or 40 years
daunting task and Armand always did very Patella’s career has coincided with where so much of our supply chain is the
well stepping up to the plate doing that.” what he described as an “earth-moving” consequence of foreign flagged companies
The two remain close friends. evolution in the shipping business that making decisions that can rock our
was already occurring when he entered the infrastructure. Yet, U.S. transportation
But Patella could see hard times industry. Offloading by hand and pallet regulators have far less oversight and
were coming. The company was freezing was replaced by containerization, which control over these companies than they
spending and wages, cutting its budget, required ports to expand or move to areas ever did” he said.
and delaying vendor payments. Personnel that could handle the space demands.
were being moved around to fill openings Those huge water carriers can change
caused by employees leaving the company. Containers made it easier to transport their port destinations based on weather,
In November 1986, the company filed imported goods and also led to the demise port inducements and other factors. For
example, a port that might regularly
handle 1,000 loads weekly from a carrier


like Maersk might be asked to handle their customers and grow their businesses, to. They really don’t want to hear about
3,000 due to a hurricane or congestion but then supply chain disruptions all the complications that will make you
at another port. The supply chain must prevent them from meeting expectations. miss an appointment. Unfortunately, in
then react to an additional 2,000 loads Those disruptions can leave a driver the intermodal business, there are so many
in the same period of time with the same stuck at the port for hours and unable factors out of our control that most days
amount of equipment and labor resources. to pick-up because they’ve missed the it is difficult or impossible to control your
Meanwhile, there are seasonal variations delivery appointment, or the driver own destiny. We coach to manage those
and surges that occur because of consumer has run out of service hours. This can expectations, sometimes hour-by-hour, to
buying habits. The trade war with China lead to pier storage charges, known fulfill your commitments and not to go
has added a recent complication. as demurrage. broke doing it.”

That environment can make it hard for Patella helps his clients deal with And it’s that customer focused,
trucking companies to respond, especially all of those issues. “When a customer problem-solving approach that Patella
smaller ones. Patella said his clients seek commits their freight to you, they want intends to bring to Maryland Motor Truck
his help because they’re trying to serve it delivered when you say you’re going Association as its 2019-2020 chairman.

A Closer Look...

Night Owl or Early Bird? What is your “guilty pleasure”? Pacific. I’d settle on one of their secluded
Very much a night owl. Despite years of Bingeing on a TV series with Reese’s islands to read books and sail.

trying to break the cycle, I still cringe when I peanut butter cups. Having a pizza within Who or what makes you laugh
hear the alarm. reach is always helpful too. It helps to the most?
reinforce the “guilty” part.
What is one piece of advice would you Watching Rodney Dangerfield do his
offer to a young person today? Favorite kind of music? Or favorite song? stand-up routines. I have to watch them
I enjoy all kinds of music but, if I had a couple of times because I’m laughing so
Definitely to stay in school and much, I miss the next joke.
memorize the Times table. An education to narrow it down, I really like Alternative
is one thing you can’t lose and it can’t be Rock, Jazz, and Vocals. My all-time favorite Would you sing at karaoke night?
taken from you. The Times table will make song is Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s opera Probably not. My friend, Jack Daniels,
math chores seem second nature. Turando. It never gets old.
and I have much more fun watching other
If you could learn to do anything, what What makes you unique? people try to do it.
would it be? My family. I am truly blessed with the
If you could choose any job for one day,
Scuba diving. I’ve played at it and have a best family anyone can ask for. what would it be?
couple of friends who enjoy it and make
it part of their travel plans. And, it seems Name one of your weaknesses? Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It
like a better choice than jumping out of Easy — Food. Number one on the list is always seemed like so much mumbo jumbo
a plane. that I’d like to see if they really do anything
a big, fat, greasy cheeseburger with fries and all day.
a shake. Five Guys is the best.
Biggest pet peeve?
One word to describe yourself. A messy or disorganized work area…
Spontaneous. (You just have to learn to
unless it’s my own!
keep yourself out of trouble.)
Worst gift ever received?
First Job? I’m really not sure but if I had to pick
A mason’s helper during a summer. I
one, it’d be that fruit cake that seems to get
earned about $3 an hour to haul and stack re-gifted all the time.
concrete block and cement. Nothing makes
you want to stay in school more than that. Do you collect anything?
Yes, my thoughts. I find the older
If you could live anywhere, where
would it be? I get, the more time I have to spend
collecting them.
The small nation of Tonga in the South


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Bozel Transfer Has ‘Always
Been a Family Effort’

Bozel Transfer reaches a milestone in 2019 that few

trucking companies ever achieve – 100 years in business!



How do five brothers He was very hands off, very
likable. If you didn’t like Moe,
keep a 100-year-old trucking then it was a ‘you problem.’”

company – and their family – Moe’s talents, along with the
trucking industry’s deregulation
going strong? By basing both on in the 1980s, enabled the carrier
to expand its service area.
timeless values such as respect
Meanwhile, he insisted his
for each other, their employees five sons learn the business from
the ground up, so they worked in
and their customers – and by the warehouse, unloaded trucks,
and some even had delivery
trusting each other to do their routes during high school
and college.
jobs well.
The sons were all born
“With five brothers,” said within five-and-a-half years of
each other (Pat and Rick are
Chris Bozel, the youngest twins) and were raised in a strong Catholic
family and received Catholic educations. They
brother at Aberdeen-based graduated from Calvert Hall College High
School and then earned college degrees at
Bozel Transfer,“I guess you’re Loyola University Maryland.
Chris said their mother, Joan, deserves much
big enough so you can run your of the credit for the family’s success.
“She’s the saint in all this,” he said.“We grew
own departments and not step The Bozel Brothers (L to R) Rick, Moe Jr., Chris, Pat, Jeff up an old school family. The father worked.
The mother took care of the home. She did that
too much on each other’s toes. and she played referee. She had to pull us apart
a couple of times. But growing up, it was just
We’ve always respected each bought his first truck with proceeds from a fun. You always had a playmate, and there was
other’s boundaries and departments, and we pawned player piano. From its location at always something to do.”
don’t interfere or cross-reference. We don’t get Camden Yards, R.W. Bozel Transfer served Chris said it was not a given that all five sons
ourselves in the middle of each other’s business, small businesses in the Baltimore-Washington, would work at Bozel Transfer, which for a time
per se.” D.C. area. With help from wife Josephine, who wasn’t big enough to support them all. In 1978,
kept the books, he grew the company to 10 it had a little more than $1 million in sales.
The company was formed in 1919 by trucks by the mid-1930s in the midst of the But one by one, they all joined the business.
Richard “Dick” Bozel and is now led by five Great Depression.
of his grandsons. Chris is the company’s Chief CONTINUED 
Financial Officer. The other brothers are Pat, Meanwhile, the two also grew their staunch
CEO and President; Moe Jr., Vice President of Catholic family to 10 children – two of whom |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2019 21
Sales; Rick, Vice President of Facilities; and Jeff, became nuns while a third became a monsignor
President of the company’s brokerage firm, and a fourth was a Christian Brother. Three
Bozel Enterprises. sons, Richard, Joseph and Maurice, or “Moe,”
joined the company in the 1950s. Dick Bozel
Each brother has his own role to play at the died in 1971, Richard retired soon afterwards,
LTL refrigerated hauler. and Joseph died in 1978, leaving Moe, the
youngest of the 10, in charge of the company.
“Each of us gears our energies toward
running our department,” Chris said.“Then in He had no problem filling the role.
the board meetings, we talk about the bigger “He was a salesman’s salesman,” Chris said.
issues. They say you can’t rule by committee, but “He was one of those old-school backslappers.
we do a pretty good job of doing it.”

The company started when Richard Bozel


Moe Bozel Sr. Richard "Dick" Bozel

Pat worked there all through high school and terminals in Norfolk, Virginia; Jamesburg, New together and have season tickets to Baltimore
college and never left. Moe Jr. also went to work Jersey; and Waterbury, Connecticut. Ravens football games.
there, while Jeff worked for Bozel Enterprises, the
brokerage firm. Rick and Chris eventually joined “We love this company, and we had a great The company celebrated its 100th year
the family business – Chris the last in 1989. blueprint from my father and my grandfather, with a company-wide celebration with
so it wasn’t really hard,” Chris said of the employees and their families at a nearby
Moe Sr. retired in 1995 after training his company’s growth.“We didn’t have to reinvent country club, with food, drink, entertainment
sons to run the business. the wheel, no pun intended. But we and lots of festive activities. Linda Schomer,
just added a few things here and there, and human resources and risk management director
“He involved us very early whether it was you have to remember, deregulation helped us and a 30-year employee, said employees are
meeting with the bank, or the corporate lawyer, immensely, too.” treated with respect, and the brothers are very
or even with drivers,” Chris said.“He made personable and maintain an open-door policy
sure we were present so we could see what While the five brothers each have their with all employees. There is definitely a family
transpired. So we were exposed to everything management roles, they also lead the company atmosphere. All day long, employees go directly
at an early age, and then he trusted us at a jointly. All serve on the boards of Bozel Transfer, to any of the brothers whenever they have
relatively young age. He let us grow each Bozel Enterprises, and Eskimo Enterprises, an issue.
department or each area and was hands off, and which owns the facilities. They keep an open-
then he just encouraged us to shoot bigger.” door policy for both employees and customers. Keith Butler, a trip driver who has driven
most of his 20-year career for the company,
The brothers’ combined efforts enabled “Being a service industry, I think it’s said he feels respected not just by the Bozels, but
the company to continue growing. Today it important to customers that they know they can also by his dispatcher, Marty Smith. One of the
has 110 employees, including about 70 full- pick up a phone and speak to a Bozel,” Chris reasons he’s stayed with the company so long
time and part-time drivers. It has 70 tractors said.“They know that they’re not just hearing is because he doesn’t feel taken for granted. He
and 120 refrigerated trailers, all company white noise; they’ll get a response. They know said another is because it’s a well-run, profitable
owned. It serves more than 400 customers that we challenge our employees, and they company where the “checks don’t bounce.”
ranging from Fortune 500 companies to those know that we try to go above and beyond your Talking with Chris, he said,“feels like I’m
shipping a couple of pallets a week. Among normal service expectations.” talking to a friend.”
its largest customers are Reser’s Fine Foods,
which makes pasta and macaroni salads; The family remains close and shares many “A lot of people are intimidated by their
Lamb Weston, which makes potato products; fun and meaningful activities outside of the immediate supervisors, bosses or owners, and
and US Foods, a food distributor serving office. Moe passed away in 2002. Their mother, I can talk to him just like I’m talking to you
restaurants and the healthcare industry. About Joan, will be celebrating her 82nd birthday in right now on the phone. That’s a pretty good
10 years ago, it added a 50,000-square-foot November. For her 80th birthday, the brothers situation,” he said.
refrigerated warehouse with 26 dock doors at took her to Las Vegas, which was one of her and
its headquarters in Aberdeen. Freight is brought Moe’s favorite places to visit. That’s not an accident. The brothers
there, sorted, and then shipped to supermarkets, understand how important drivers and
warehouses and food service venues as far south The brothers are among the founding employees are to the company.
as the Carolinas, as far north as Maine, and as members of GB Charities, a charity that is very
far west as Ohio. Those “trip drivers” are in and dear to their hearts. GB charities raises money “We all realize that it’s the employees of
out in two or three days. The rest of the drivers for low-income children in the Baltimore and Bozel Transfer that made this company great,
report every day. The company has satellite Washington, D.C. area to attend Catholic and not one Bozel is singularly responsible for
schools. Chris estimated it has served more than the success,” Chris said.“It’s always been a
100 students. For fun, the brothers play golf family effort.”


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Must Come Together
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Since 1954, the American Transportation Research Institute and its
predecessor have been the trucking industry’s source for scientific data and
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