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Nebraska Trucker Issue 6, 2017 -- Krisha Bosselman Dolton, Bosselman Energy Companies

The Official Magazine of the Nebraska Trucking Association

Keywords: trucking,politics,safety,association,business

Volume 79 Number 6 | 2017

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The Official Magazine of the Nebraska Trucking Association

Krisha Dolton

Bosselman Energy Companies



MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 1


2 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017



VOLUME 79, NUMBER 6 • 2017


On the Cover: 16


Krisha Bosselman Dolton, third

generation leader, on the future

of Bosselman Energy Companies



Changes to bridge posting signs
require truckers’ attention







Chris Paulson, Grand Island Express, Inc.

Steven McCreary, Williams Transportation, Inc.


Member Spotlight:  24




From the Interim President: Sheila O’Connor....................4
NTA Board of Directors.........................................................4
2017 Year in Review...............................................................5
Along the Route....................................................................22
NTA New Members.............................................................22
Calendar of Events...............................................................26
Advertiser Resource Index................................................26 IMAGES ON COVER AND THIS PAGE

Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 3

PRESIDENT’S Nebraska Trucking Association
PERSPECTIVE Executive Committee 2017-18

Greetings from Lincoln! CHAIRMAN
This is the time of year I find myself thinking about Romans Motor Freight
opportunities, luck and gratitude.
I am, like many of you, lucky to have a job that I love CRYSTAL ANDERSON
and where I make a difference every day. Our happiness is Pitney Bowes Presort
determined directly by doing the things we love, those who
surround us and how hard we persevere. TREASURER
I am lucky because when I struggle, I get to struggle here. I get to overcome Greater Omaha Express LLC
challenges here. CORPORATE SECRETARY

I am thankful that my parents taught us the three ‘F’s: faith, family and friends; TIM ASCHOFF
hard work pays off and unconditional love. Crete Carrier Corporation

I am grateful that our members pick up the phone, and are happy to hear from AT-LARGE DIRECTORS
us, because not many people use the telephone anymore. I am thankful when a call- TIM MCCORMICK
er says, “I didn’t know who to call,” because they know we are a reliable and valued
resource. Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc.
I am grateful that for those of us in the association world, it’s easy to stand out.
All we have to do is care! AIT Worldwide Logistics
If we show our members we care to help them more, they will thank us with Distribution Inc.
more business and referrals. How lucky are we?!
I’m glad that perseverance turns no’s into yesses. Perseverance is one of the most DANNY TOMPKINS
powerful ways to show others that we care.
Nebraska Transport Company
I’m grateful for members who become friends, and make up the majority of our ALTERNATE STATE VICE PRESIDENT TO ATA
I am thankful that when we ask for volunteers and sponsors from our member- Seward Motor Freight Inc.
ship we get them.
I appreciate that when we tell our members about other services we offer, they MARY DAVIE
purchase our services, because they need those things too, and they’d rather use our Flatbed Express
services than going anywhere else.
I am grateful that when we ask for referrals, ideas and input from our members,
we often get them. Don Adams Chris Klotz *

I am grateful that growing our association is simple. All we have to do is care. Dean Aden * Tom Koenigs
And try. And try some more.
Steve Aherns Jean Kurtenbach *
And when we do, our membership is grateful for us. And then they refer, engage
and recruit. And that’s awesome! George Akerson * Heidi Loop

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Through our Executive Committee, Crystal Anderson Mike Maloley
Board of Directors, Council Leaders, volunteers, sponsors and employees, it is our
honor and pleasure to provide service and support for you, the champions of our Tim Aschoff Jamie Maus
Blaine Batten Terry McMullen
From our families to yours, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a joyful and
prosperous New Year! Dennis Bauder Ron Mencl

Regards, David Billings Lloyd Mettenbrink *

Sheila O’Connor Joanie M. Bogers Trey Mytty
Interim President
Nebraska Trucking Association Kurt Brown Scott Olson
[email protected]
Butch Brown * Tonn Ostergard *
4 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017
Bob Clark * Dave Parker *

Eldon Dokter * Jack Peetz *

Eric Downing Dick Pierson *

Dwight Dunsworth * Tom Pirnie *

Dave Erlandson Gene Quandt

Brent Falgione Dick Reiser *

Ross Faubel Greg Reitmeier *

Corby Flagle Norm Riffel

Hugh Fugleberg * Scott Romans

Michael Galvin Ronald Romans *

Norman Geiken John Sahling

Rick Gomel Roger Schmidt

Tom Hastings Russell Stough

Mark Hauptman Danny Tompkins **

Erich Helge Nick Vuko

Mike Herre * Dave Walde

Albert Hill Curt Werner

Phillip Holliday Jerry Wessel

Dan Hurt Bob Winter *

Don Kaiser Brian Wood

Larry Kersten Rallen R. Zeitner

Jerry Kilthau



2017 Stops on the Road

Nebraska Trucker is owned by Truck Services, Inc., and is January February
published bimonthly by Matthews Publishing Group. For
additional copies, to order reprints of individual articles or to 17th-18th - Safety Management Council 9th - SMC’s Lunch and Learn – Driver
become a subscriber, contact Becke Galarza at 402.476.8504. Safety Summit and Exhibition, Omaha Health, Lincoln
10th - Trooper in a Truck inaugural run,
publisher March Omaha
Jennifer Matthews-Drake 17th - NTA’s Holiday Party, Omaha
Matthews Published Group, LLC 9th - SMC’s Lunch and Learn – Q and A
[email protected] with FMCSA, Omaha April

production editor May 6th - SMC’s DOT Level 1, Scottsbluff
Sheila O’Connor 20th - ‘How to Survive a DOT Audit,’
11th - SMC’s Courtesy Scale Checks, Omaha
art director Waverly 21st - Nebraska Logistics Council
Douglas J. Benjamin 18th - NTA Spring Conference, Ashland Luncheon, Omaha
[email protected]
associate art director June August

C. Waynette Traub 2nd-4th - Nebraska Truck Driving 5th - ATHS Classic Truck Show, Omaha
[email protected] Championships, Grand Island 23rd - Cargo Securement and ELD
5th-8th - Call on Washington, D.C. presentation, Norfolk
photographers 12th-15th - ELD Town Hall Meetings,
Kristian Anderson Grand Island, Lexington, Sidney and September
Thomas Grady 19th-22nd - ELD Town Hall Meetings, 1st - Nebraska Logistics Council Golf
Callie Tuck Knapp Lincoln, Omaha, Norfolk and Valentine Tournament and Scholarship Fundrais-
er, Bellevue
Kaylie Sirek October 7th - ‘How to Survive a DOT Audit,’
contributing writers Fremont
18th-19th - Ford Driving Skills for Life, 15th - Presentation at the National
Steve Brawner Lincoln and Papillion Horse Carriers Association, Lexington,
Renee Miller 19th - SMC’s Lunch and Learn – Best KY
Jennifer Barnett Reed Practices, Driver Hiring and Qualifica- 21st-22nd - Fall Management Confer-
Derek Rayment tions, Lincoln ence, Lincoln
John Schultz 28th - SMC Lunch and Learn – How to
Angela Thomas November Survive a DOT Audit, Omaha
Todd Traub
1st - SMC’s Lunch and Learn – Discus- December sion with CDL Educational Partners,
Interim President Omaha 14th - SMC’s Lunch and Learn –
Sheila O’Connor 7th - ELD Town Hall Meeting, Lincoln HazMat Training, Lincoln

[email protected] Thank you for joining us in 2017
Business and Human Resources Manager and we look forward to a great 2018!

Angela Ryba Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 5
[email protected]

Office Administrator
Becke Galarza

[email protected]

Nebraska Trucking Association is a statewide trade
association for commercial truck and bus operators and
affiliated businesses. It is a not-for-profit association
governed by a board of directors elected annually. Nebraska
Trucking is an affiliate of the American Trucking Association
(ATA). ATA serves and represents the trucking industry on
a national level, influencing federal and state government
actions, advancing positive trucking industry image,
providing education programs and industry research, and
promoting highway safety and security.

For more information, contact
Nebraska Trucking Association:

1701 K Street
P.O. Box 81010
Lincoln, NE 68501
Phone 402.476.8504 Fax: 402.476.8570

6 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

Signs of Change

Changes to bridge posting signs
require truckers’ attention

Guest Writers

Across our great state, highways and A critical piece of that infrastructure bridge weight limit signs.
byways connect our communities and network is our local and state bridges. At In November 2013, FHWA issued a
guide us home. These corridors of com- the Nebraska Department of Transpor-
merce are used for different distances and tation (NDOT), we manage over 15,000 policy memorandum on “Load Rating of
purposes, whether it’s running to the store bridges and make sure they are safe for Specialized Hauling Vehicles.” Through
to grab a gallon of milk or a trucker trans- passage. As you might imagine, this is not this memorandum, FHWA required all
porting a load across the state. Nebraska’s an easy task and helping ensure our bridg- bridges in the nation to be load rated for
infrastructure assets are critical to living up es last their expected usage lifetime means Special Hauling Vehicles (SHVs) in order
to the state’s slogan of “The Good Life,” it is critical that they are used properly. A for the states to be complaint with Na-
and few know how to navigate these open key component to this is that the trucks tional Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS).
roads as well as the Nebraska truck driver. which cross our bridges follow the posted
Continues  Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 7

These SHVs are closely-spaced multi-axle veloped the Manual for Uniform Traffic proven to be especially problematic with
single unit trucks, having 4 to 7 axles, and Control Devices (MUTCD) to determine recent changes to the FHWA requirement
have become more popular within the what signs can be used to indicate bridge to rate all bridges for (SHVs).
trucking industry. weight limits and provides specific guide-
lines to the states about what information By keeping all this information in mind,
While load rating help promote the should be on a sign. NDOT follows these truck drivers will help play their part in
proper usage and preservation of Nebras- MUTCD guidelines to help promote that making sure Nebraska’s corridors of com-
ka’s bridges, there is no substitute for a clarity of understanding. merce stay safe and open for business for
driver’s own education and understand- all whom use them.
ing before they even hit the open road. One of the most stringent directives
Nebraska’s truck drivers must be aware of outlined in the manual are the symbols Wayne Patras, Mark Travnowicz and Babrak
the type and weight of the truck they are that can be used on a bridge weight limit Niazi are with the Nebraska Department of
driving at all times to compare against the sign. Because every possible vehicle con- Transportation. For more information or to
posted signs as they come upon and cross figuration cannot be represented on a sign, request a brochure on these changes, contact
a bridge. Failure to follow posted bridge typical configurations are used to show Babrak Niazi at the Nebraska Department of
weight limits, unnecessarily puts the trav- easily recognizable vehicles. However, the Transportation: 402-479-3646, [email protected]
eling public, fellow truck drivers, and the number of axles shown on each silhou-
bridge condition at risk. etted truck on a posted sign is not to be
interpreted as the only possibility for that
Bridge weight limit signs are meant to particular vehicle.
be easily understood and prevent loads
from crossing a bridge that cause stresses There are occurrences where the intent
above the safe limit. In order to do this of these silhouettes has been misinterpreted
universally across the country, the Federal as being the actual configuration of the
Highway Administration (FHWA) de- vehicles being restricted. This has been

8 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

How to Read Bridge NE Type SUT (Single Unit
Posting Signs Truck) – 25 to 38.75 Ton

Nebraska is required to follow the Manual for Uniform
Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) to determine what signs
and silhouettes are allowed for bridge posting purposes.

The symbols shown below are the only vehicle silhouettes
allowed on a posting sign.

NE Type 3 – 25 Ton, SU4 – 27 Ton,
SU5 – 31 Ton, SU6 – 34.75 Ton, and SU7 – 38.75 Ton

Because every possible vehicle configuration NE Type 3S2 – 37 Ton
cannot be represented on a sign, typical configura- NE Type 3-3 – 43 Ton
tions are used to show easily recognizable vehicles.
Special Hauling Vehicles (SHVs) fall under the top
silhouette showing a straight Single Unit truck. The
SHVs have 4 to 7 axles, which make interpretation
of the sign essential for truck drivers and law

The sign above represents that Single Unite
Trucks (SUT), top truck at 30 Ton are only
restricted for SU5, SU6 and SU7; NE Type 3S2,
middle truck is restricted at 33 Ton; NE Type
3-3, bottom truck is not restricted. However, by
law, all bridges are restricted at Nebraska legal
load limits whether posted or not. See Nebras-
ka Statute 60-6,294 for more information.

Signs apply to the gross vehicle weight
irrelevant of how short the bridge may be.

To the right are examples of vehicles gov-
erned by a given silhouette and their legal
max. load limits. Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 9

State Program Helps
Businesses, Employees
with Workforce Needs

BY DEREK RAYMENT change in the program paved the way for ify for Nebraska VR. CPAP is a five-year
Contributing Writer what benefits there currently are. The Ne- grant that was awarded to Nebraska VR in
braska VR program serves approximately 2015. It runs through September 2020 and
In order to meet the demands of grow- 6,000 people a year and requirements to has an overarching goal of helping disabled
ing workforce needs, the state of Nebraska participate include a diagnosed physical, individuals acquire skills and earn postsec-
needs to get a little creative. There is a de- mental, emotional or learning disability. ondary education, helping them advance
mand for talent in industries like transpor- in their career. It also helps individuals
tation, distribution, logistics, manufactur- “The organization’s main goal is to already in a job realize their potential and
ing and other areas that require employees help people prepare, obtain and retain can help them discover new opportunities
to possess trade skills. This is true across employment. We work with a wide range through training, stipends and tuition.
the United States and in Nebraska. That of individuals that battle disabilities such
is where programs like Nebraska Voca- as hearing and sight impairment, PTSD, “The Career Pathways Advancement
tional Rehabilitation (Nebraska VR) come depression, anxiety and anything else that Project is designed to help individuals ad-
into play. Nebraska VR is a state-federal can make work difficult,” says Zach Arter, vance in fields such as healthcare, Informa-
rehabilitation program that operates under career pathways recruiter serving Eastern tion technology, manufacturing, transpor-
the umbrella of the State of Nebraska Nebraska for Nebraska VR. “An impair- tation and more,” says Arter. “It began as
Department of Education. The objective ment or disability is not just something we were calling back many of our former
of the program is to assist individuals with that is observable. In fact, most of the time Nebraska VR clients and discovering that
disabilities by helping them discover new these are not observable.” they were still in the same position as they
careers, maintain a job and build job skills. were when they were our client. They
Other qualifications include displaying expressed the desire to advance in their
Nebraska VR’s roots go back to just that impairments have caused problems in career and enhance their job skills beyond
after WWI when U.S. Congress expanded employment and that services offered by what they currently had. CPAP’s biggest
the national veterans’ program to include Nebraska VR would be beneficial. aim is to help people and grow industry.”
those with disabilities. The original re-
quirements differ than those today, but the Nebraska VR’s Career Pathways Ad- More than 70 businesses have already
vancement Project (CPAP) is one of those joined the program according to Arter. The
services that can benefit those who qual-

10 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

grant provides tuition, fees and books for or manufacturing) can benefit from CPAP,” tives and will even reimburse a company
people seeking postsecondary education Arter explains. “I see all five of these for offering training.
and training at a variety of levels. Costs are industries benefiting from CPAP. Employ-
covered for those seeking certifications, as- ers and leaders of these industries stress “The grant can work with incumbent
sociate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s concerns of the skills gap and number of workers and fund education and training.
degrees and even doctorates. The costs are retirees that will occur within the next CPAP can also reimburse a company for
paid at the Nebraska public college or uni- 5-10 years. These industries are in high training wages if this training method is
versity rate. For state businesses, this can demand, and come with skilled/high wage preferred by the employer. The grant helps
be very beneficial. Through CPAP, busi- jobs. These industries are growing at a educate businesses on what disability
nesses are able to keep talent, grow talent rapid rate in Nebraska and on the national actually means and the people VR and
and backfill that growth with new talent. landscape.” CPAP can serve. CPAP is geared to help

“The CPAP grant through Nebraska The grant also gives businesses incen- Continues 
VR can be a solution to filling the work-
force needs of our industry across the HAPPY NEW YEAR!
state of Nebraska,” says Sheila O’Connor,
interim vice president for the Nebraska At Truck Center Companies, we’re driven
Trucking Association. “Our members will by your success and we had a great year!
see positive results from partnering with a
program like Nebraska VR’s CPAP grant. We want to thank all of our customers for choosing to
Employees will have more skills to do their partner with us. We will continue to work hard to make
job better and probably have increased subreestyocuussttoamy eurpsaenrvdicreunpnoisnsgib, alenndopwroavniddeinyothuewfuitthutrhee.
morale while doing it, creating a better
work environment.” May the new year continue you to bring you success!

Individuals interested in taking advan-
tage of the CPAP grant don’t necessarily Follow us!
have to be current or former clients of
Nebraska VR. However, they do have to Parts & Service Open 7 days • Service For All Makes and Models • Body Shops
qualify to receive the benefits, and the Parts Delivery • Online Parts Ordering • Fully Certified Technicians
qualifications mirror that of Nebraska
VR’s. Individuals that use the CPAP grant’s
benefits generally have their employer
onboard. That’s something that Arter says
is common.

“Businesses usually have to be onboard
with the CPAP grant for the individual to
take full advantage. However, a person
isn’t likely to know that their business of-
fers such benefits if it doesn’t market it. We
are happy to put up fliers, give information
and help Nebraska businesses provide a
pathway for advancement,” Arter explains.

Recruiters like Arter work directly with
Nebraska businesses to see where train-
ing opportunities exist. They also ensure
the match is the right fit and will provide
additional support when needed. After an
employee uses the benefits, recruiters will
follow-up on the overall satisfaction level
of both the employee and the business.

“Any business in Nebraska within the
five pathways (transportation, construc-
tion, healthcare, information technology Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 11

businesses retain key talent.” the goal is to supply that company with education and training, and all the way
An ideal situation consists of an em- a qualified, job ready candidate for that through successful placement in their new
vacant position, and ultimately backfill it.” position,” says Arter. “CPAP assists with
ployee taking advantage of the grant and identifying resources when individuals
earning further training or education be- Arter, who meets with businesses and need help in school or on the job with
fore being promoted to a higher position. clients across the state, says that there are tutoring and accommodations.” 
The business can then utilize that individ- endless opportunities with a grant such as
ual’s new set of skills while backfilling that CPAP. The grant not only benefits busi- O’Connor says the CPAP grant with
Nebraska VR is something that members
“The CPAP grant through Nebraska VR can be of the Nebraska Trucking Association
a solution to filling the workforce needs of our should consider when strategizing ways to
industry across the state of Nebraska.” improve their workforce.
- Sheila O’Connor, Nebraska Trucking Association.
“One of the great things about utilizing
programs like Nebraska VR’s CPAP grant
is that it’s Nebraskans helping Nebras-
kans,” says O’Connor. “Everyone benefits
when businesses empower their employees
to pursue career advancement and receive
additional training.”

person’s old position with someone else nesses, but provides individuals with great Additional information can be found at
from Nebraska VR, who has a quality pool incentive to pursue further training and Businesses or individu-
of applicants. education. The grant even provides for als interested in learning more about Nebraska
help along the way. VR or the CPAP grant should contact Arter at
“One of the primary goals of CPAP is 402-214-2847 or at [email protected]
the upskill/backfill model,” states Ar- “Career counselors work with these
ter. “Once an incumbent worker advances, individuals through the entire process of


Put the new logistics to work for you. © 2012 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. UPS, the UPS brandmark, and the color brown
12 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017 are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Safety Summit to Focus
on Legal Defense

The Nebraska Trucking Safety Management Council’s Maintenance Summit and Exhibition, January 30 - 31 at the Marriott Regen-
cy, is a two-day event where you will make contacts with Safety Managers, fleet owners, Maintenance Mangers and other key contacts
at Nebraska’s trucking companies and affiliates. The theme for this year’s summit is ‘Legal Defense,’ Tom Schulte, partner with Scopeli-
tis, Garvin, Light, Hanson, Feary, P.C. is scheduled to provide a mock deposition of a safety manager and mock trial. The second day
includes keynote sessions from industry professionals on topics related to spoliation, workmans’ compensation, human resources and
media training.

Schedule (subject to change)

Tuesday, January 30 8:00 a.m. Registration Opens
8:30 a.m. Welcome Breakfast
9:00 a.m. Deposition of Safety Manager
10:00 a.m. Networking Break
10:30 a.m. Mock Trial
12:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. Trial resumes
2:30 p.m. Networking Break
2:45 p.m. Completion of Mock Trial, jury deliberation,
presentation of finding and questions and answers.
5:00 p.m. Reception: Visit Vendors and Networking

Wednesday, January 31 8:00 a.m. Registration Opens
8:30 a.m. Breakfast: Spoliation with Mike Moran, Engles, Ketchum, Olson and Keith, PC
10:00 a.m. Networking Break
10:30 p.m. Workman’s Compensation Items
with Jenny Panko, Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit & Witt, LLP
12:00 p.m. Lunch: Human Resources with Fraser Stryker PC LLO
1:30 p.m. Networking Break
2:00 p.m. Media Training with Fred Clark, Clark Creative Group
3:30 p.m. Return your nametag for a chance to win a full registration to the 2019 Summit!

Registration is open: call 402-476-8504 ext. 109. For sponsorships, e-mail [email protected] Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 13

14 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017


Krisha Bosselman Dolton, third generation leader,
on the future of Bosselman Energy Companies

Contributing Writer


Bosselman Energy Companies has anniversary in 2018, Dolton said it must be you do, but we probably need to be ready
changed a lot in seven decades, and on its toes, ready to respond to challenges, for something else, too.”
and willing to take risks when opportuni-
Krisha Dolton, its third-generation ties arise – like its founder, Fred Bosselman, Bosselman Energy Companies is com-
president, is thinking a lot about did when he started it all with a truck stop posed of three divisions. Bosselman Energy
how it will need to adapt in the in 1948. is a wholesale fuel distributor. Bosselman
years ahead. Carriers is the energy division’s primary
As vehicles become more fuel “I think we’ve got to do the best we can carrier, but more than half of its business
efficient, fuel demand is drop- in everything we do,” she said. “We try to comes from other customers. It hauls gas
ping, she said. Ethanol mandates provide the best service possible and train and diesel for convenience store customers,
could be ended, reducing anoth- our people, educate them. We want our bulk plants and farms, and it also hauls
er revenue stream. Automated whole team to be just top-notch. And it’s ethanol and jet fuel. The third division,
trucks will change the indus- not going to go away overnight, hopefully. Bosselman Tank and Trailer, customizes
try. But as we see the demand for petroleum and refurbishes trailers for Bosselman
That means that even as products go down, we’ve got to start look- Carriers and for other customers. As
Bosselman Energy Com- ing at possibly diversifying what we haul. Dolton points out, “Each of our
panies celebrates its 70th … It’s one thing to be really good at what
Continues  Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 15

divisions has customers that compete with “I’m sure that that’s going to happen to Bosselman Energy Companies’ roots
the other divisions.” some degree in our industry, but I just hope stretch back to 1948. Dolton’s grandfather,
that we’re kind of on our toes and ready Fred Bosselman Sr., a farmer, had spent
The company’s headquarters are in for the next thing,” she said. his and wife Maxine’s savings on a truck
Grand Island. Its 49 trucks are licensed to haul the corn he grew. He would return
in 20 states and travel mostly in Kansas, Dolton said her advertising career pre- from Wisconsin with dairy calves and from
Nebraska and Colorado. It has 76 trailers pared her for her career in transportation. Colorado with peaches that he would sell
and about 180 employees. She liked the deadlines. She decided to join from the back of the truck. In 1946, he
the family business in her mid-30s in 2008 started hauling gasoline from terminals in
Responding to changes in the market- when her father, Fred Bosselman Jr., the Omaha and Council Bluffs to small towns
place is nothing new for the company or company’s second-generation CEO, lured in western Nebraska.
for Dolton. After graduating from Grand her from Denver to Omaha to work as a
Island Senior High in 1994, she attended logistics coordinator. In that capacity, she During those years, he saw the need
the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as a worked with a vendor that was developing for full-service truck stops. What was
journalism and mass communication major proprietary software for the company’s available were the kind with “50 guys in
and then for about 10 years sold ads for wholesale renewable fuels division. one room with a gang shower,” said Fred
newspapers and other media companies. Bosselman Jr.
Her first employer was Tribune Media “That’s where I just really made the
Services, a syndication company. For a connection that it’s just really fun to put In 1948, Fred Sr. and Maxine part-
time, she sold movie ads in the days when loads on trucks or railcars or whatever,” nered with his brother, Charles; his sister,
readers looked to newspapers to tell them she said. “Moving product across the coun- Charlotte Eaton; and his brother-in-law,
what was playing at the local theater. try was just really cool to me.” Al Eaton, to open Bosselman & Eaton
Truck Stop and Restaurant on U.S. High-
That, of course, is no longer a viable When that division was sold, her way 30 in Grand Island. Maxine helped
career in the internet age, and she dad convinced her to come to Grand run the restaurant. When Fred learned
knows changes in energy and transpor- Island as the company’s executive vice that Interstate 80 was being planned, he
tation likewise can leave slow-footed president in 2011. She was named pres- decided to build the Bosselman Truck
companies behind. ident a year later.


ENROLL IN • Reduce road service calls
• Meet your delivery times
MICHELIN • Increase your customers’ satisfaction
TIRE CARE • Improve fleet safety & CSA compliance
• Maximize fuel efficiency & tire mileage
WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR TIRES. • Improve tire selection and inventory control


2547 W 23rd Dr 3334 W Cougar Dr 2810 Heartland Dr

402-753-2979 308-382-8167 308-324-4881

7800 N 56 2200 S Highway 81 7728 F St
402-379-4494 402-331-1999

16 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

Plaza in 1965 at the intersection with business in operation incognito, and then rounds to every single location. As I got
Highway 281. Through the years, the alert the management to improvements older, I’d fill in in the corporate office and
company expanded by operating restau- that needed to be made. help with filing and typing and stuff like
rants, motels and convenience stores. At
one point, it had seven full-service truck “He was really inquisitive,” she said. Fred Bosselman Jr. and Krisha Dolton
stops, and it operated about 40 Pump and “He always asked a lot of questions. I that. Every single morning, he would come
Pantry convenience stores before Fred didn’t see him a lot when I worked in the in and make his rounds and talk to,
Sr. passed away in 2006. Meanwhile, it restaurants, but he did always make his
bought its own fuel trucks, leading to the Continues 
creation of Bosselman Carriers.

In 2011, the company split. Dolton’s fa-
ther, Fred Jr., took the wholesale side, while
her late uncle, Chuck Bosselman, took
over the retail side. That separate compa-
ny, Bosselman Enterprises, today operates
convenience stores, restaurants, motels and
other establishments in 23 states.

Dolton wasn’t groomed to take over the
family business, although she was raised
along with a brother with the idea that
Nebraskans work hard. Starting at age 14,
she worked in the food court, in the ware-
house, and in the office where she could
see her grandfather at work. He would
visit every Pump and Pantry, observe the

ELDPrePass Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 17

Simple to use
compliance from
the brand drivers
trust most.

$14.99 per license per month, or $12.99 with weigh station
bypass service. NO long-term contracts!
Find out more: • 877-867-6704

seriously, everybody in the office, and just “I’m old school,” he said. “I didn’t He is reducing his activities with the
ask them what they were doing, what they believe in annual reviews and all the reg- company, which means her leadership role
were working on, how things were going.” ulatory things with employees, and she’s is increasing. At 41, she has been president
very regimented with that, and I think it’s a since 2012, when she was in her mid-30s.
Fred Sr. was tall, quiet and reserved.
Fred Jr., the company’s CEO, is more like [Dolton’s] grandfather took risks, and because
Dolton’s grandmother, Maxine. of that the family has enjoyed success and
employees thousands of people through its
“He likes to joke around a lot and various ventures. [Dolton] will be ready to lead
have fun with people,” Dolton said. “He’s the company on a different path, too, when the
got a ton of industry experience, and he’ll time comes.
always help solve problems. He has an
open door policy. Anyone in the company good tool. I remember one of my employ- However, Dolton said her age hasn’t been
can call him any time. He always answers ees that had been with us for many, many an issue.
his phone, and he doesn’t micromanage. A years, after she got through doing the an-
quote that he likes to say is that ‘Nobody nual review, said, ‘This was the first review “Some of these people have worked for
works for me. They work with me.’” I’ve ever done in 20-something years.’” the company as long as I’ve been alive, so
I’ve known them my whole life,” she said.
Father and daughter are a good fit.
While he’s a people person, she’s more seri-
ous, reserved and detail-oriented – like her
grandfather. She oversees safety and train-
ing and focuses on numbers and expenses.
She recently required employees to attend
a seminar focused on customer service and
phone etiquette that was provided through
the local community college. He said he’s
noticed an improvement since it was held.

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18 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

“I believe I get respect, but everybody in sitions at Bosselman. Her grandmother and product. Drivers must input each supplier’s
leadership struggles with respect. I mean, aunts were active in the company, and 20 code flawlessly, or they could fill with the
look at Donald Trump. Does everyone re- percent of the staff members are women. wrong product – and the codes are long. If
spect him? No. I try to just do what’s right Besides, she points out, most industries are they make a mistake, it can cost the com-
for the company. I obviously don’t know male-dominated, so trucking and energy pany thousands of dollars. The pressure
everything. I’ve got to ask a lot of ques- aren’t actually so different. has led some drivers to quit.
tions and learn, and I need a lot of help
from people, and I don’t have problems “We try to encourage everybody – men, Moreover, customers are demanding,
asking questions, asking for help. And my women, whoever – in our company to just and the industry has consolidated so much
goal is to do what’s best for the company.” take on more leadership if they’re interest- that Dolton said transporters are “compet-
ed,” she said. “A lot of the women in our ing for pennies if even that.” The stakes can
Her father said she has gained respect company have started out in your admin- be high.
by being willing to learn from her employ- istrative roles, in your accounting roles,
ees, many of whom are baby boomers. But but when they show interest in getting into “All of our customers watch the market
make no mistake: She’s the president. fuel sales or something else, we definitely all the time, and some are a lot more
encourage that and hope that people will ratable on fuel, but, yeah, if the markets
“She don’t put up with any crap, but just keep growing with the company.” are going crazy, they want the product five
she’s fair,” he said. “With my father and minutes ago, and with trucking you can’t
working with my brother and different All but four of Bosselman Carriers’ make it that fast,” she said. “If there’s a
things, just be upfront, honest and we drivers are employees, but the company five-hour line at a terminal, they’re going
feel that 70 years starting next year, that would be willing to hire more owner-op- to have to wait five hours.”
we’ve built a good organization because erators if it could find them in the midst of
of honesty and integrity, and she’s instilled the nationwide driver shortage. Hiring and The Bosselman family long has been
that also.” keeping drivers can be especially challeng- active in the community, which is why
ing in the fuel transport industry, Dolton in 2011 it was awarded the Grand Is-
Working in a male-dominated field said. The trailers contain multiple com- land Independent Community Builders
hasn’t been an issue either, Dolton said. partments and transport more than one
Women have always been in leadership po- Continues 

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Technology

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to the previous API CI-4 PLUS 5W-40 formulation.

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Omaha, NE Des Moines, IA Sioux City, IA
402.344.4343 515.262.9381 712.258.7200

Family owned and operated Shell distributor – serving the Midwest since 1958! Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 19

Award. The beneficiaries of its support Store Association, and she has served a months pregnant the day Nebraska Truck-
have included Big Brothers Big Sisters; year with the Grand Island Area Economic er interviewed her Nov. 15.
Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts; the American Red Development Corporation. The city’s un-
Cross; and the United Way. Fred Sr. was a employment rate is low, but businesses are “The doctor surprised me today and
major early supporter of the Fonner Park struggling to find qualified people and are said it might be a little earlier,” she said.
horse racing track and the adjacent Heart- moving to other communities, so she’d like “It was supposed to be December 1. But I
land Events Center, which helped make to develop the workforce. Outside of the think it’s going to be either right before or
Grand Island the home of the Nebraska office, she plays league tennis and enjoys right after Thanksgiving.”
State Fair. walking her dogs.
She and her husband, James, planned
Dolton is continuing that family tradi- At age 41, Dolton has just started her to wait until their son was born to choose
tion as a board member on the Nebraska latest challenge: becoming a mother for a name so they could “see what he looks
Petroleum Marketers and Convenience the first time. In fact, she was almost nine like.” Once he’s home, Dolton said she
doesn’t expect “to be too terribly un-
HUB International Transportation plugged from work.” She lives three blocks
Insurance Services, Inc. from the office, and James works for a
construction company and has a flexible
Customized trucking insurance solutions, national schedule.
coverage, local operations and dedicated people
are what set HUB International apart. Would she want her son to be a fourth
generation company executive?
Je Dillon, Senior Account Executive
[email protected] “I would like to expose him to things
(888) 365-0923 and have him see stuff and be around, but
I don’t know,” she said. “I’ll let him decide what he wants to do for his career. My dad
was the same way. He didn’t pressure us
- at all and just let us do our own thing, but
yeah, I think it’d be really cool if he wants
WHEN YOU’RE STUCK ON THE SIDE OF THE to work in this industry.”
Max Edward Dolton, named for
Ask about our Choice Plus Coverage Endorsement which includes Dolton’s grandmother, Maxine, was born
towing and rental reimbursement. at 11:03 p.m. Nov. 26.

Corporate Office Regional Office Having a child is a big change, but
3311 Daniels Lane 1719 South Locust Street Dolton will be ready to adapt – just as she
South Sioux City, NE 68776 Grand Island, NE 68801 wants her company to adapt to changing
times. She’s aware that third-generation
402-494-4251 308-382-2280 family business owners sometimes struggle
to maintain the success of previous gener-
ations. On the other hand, as the head-
lines continually demonstrate, it’s not just
family-owned companies that can struggle
to remain competitive as time passes. Her
grandfather took risks, and because of
that the family has enjoyed success and
employed thousands of people through its
various ventures. She’ll be ready to lead the
company on a different path, too, when the
time comes.

“I think I’m pretty humble, and I think
about my family and my maiden name and
just try to do the best I can,” she said. “I
know we’ve got to constantly be paying
attention to stay relevant.”


20 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017


September 2017:
Chris Paulson

Grand Island Express, Inc.

Chris has 24 years of commercial driving and 7 ½ years have been
with Grand Island Express. He has more than 3 million career miles. In
his nomination, Lucas Mowery said, ‘Chris has a very positive attitude
and can always be counted on to do the job at a high standard. He has
always been safe on the job and maintains above average miles and
miles per gallons. He fosters positive relationships and reaches out to
others in the industry to help them have a positive experience.’ He has
competed in the 2016 and 2017 Nebraska Truck Driving Championships
and in his spare time, Chris likes to work on old muscle cars, work around
the house ride motorcycles and go fishing.

October 2017:
Steven McCreary

Williams Transportation, Inc.

Steven has 18 years commercial driving and one year with Williams
Transportation. He has more than 2 ½ million careers miles. In his nom-
ination, Michelle Leist shared an article from their company newsletter,
‘Steve really stepped up and helped Williams get started. He picked up
the first 7 tractors, brought them to the yard and installed the Omnitracs
boxes. Once he learned how to use the devices, he helped train other driv-
ers. Steve is what Williams considers a great representative of their Road
Team and all new drivers that have questions are sent Steve for mentoring.
He is the proud father of two sons and a daughter. When he was a regional
driver, and not with his family, he spent weekends driving in a local racing series
in Texas.


Fairplay Express LLC Bramhall Trucking LLC. Trans-Motion LLC
Broken Bow Fairbury Omaha

Midwest Rentals W.N. Morehouse Truck Line, Inc.. Trans Lease, Inc.
Lincoln Omaha Denver

Verizon Wireless Ellerbrock-Norris Insurance
New York Kearney Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 21

Along the Route award recognizing their achievement,” said
Timothy Zilke, ASE President & CEO.
Recent events and news from Nebraska Trucker advertisers
Stevens is the shop foreman at Truck
RECEIVES NATIONAL AWARD technician for 18 years. “ASE has been hon-
2017 was an exciting year for Truck oring outstanding automotive professionals
Center Companies and we’re proud to an- Leesburg, VA – Brian Stevens, an ASE in our industry for more than 40 years, and
nounce the additions we’ve made to serve Certified truck technician from Gretna, Ne- we are proud to once again recognize for-
your business like never before! braska, was recently honored with a national ty-seven outstanding individuals from across
achievement award as the Freightliner/West- the nation,” said Zilke
In August we made the move to our ern Star/ASE Master M/H Truck Technician
new location in Omaha. This new facility of the Year. Forty-seven automotive profes- The National Institute for Automotive
has allowed us to maximize our efficien- sionals were recognized on November 15, Service Excellence (ASE) was founded in
cy and to make our customers stay more 2017, at the Fall Board of Governors meeting 1972 as a non-profit, independent organiza-
comfortable. If you haven’t seen it, we’d of the National Institute for Automotive tion dedicated to improving the quality of
like to welcome you personally to come Service Excellence (ASE) held at the Marriott automotive service and repair through vol-
take a tour! Mission Valley in San Diego, California. untary testing and certification of automotive
professionals For more information about
The Freightliner new Cascadia took “Brian is one of the outstanding ASE ASE, visit the web site at
over the road this year and we couldn’t be certified professionals recognized annually by
more excited. Freightliner’s newest Casca- different segments of the automotive service Left to Right: Jeff Walker, Brian Stevens,
dia model has been a huge hit thanks to and repair industry. Each of these elite tech- Mike Mallett, Tim Zilke
innovative technology that blows all other nicians is presented with an industry-specific
trucks out of the water. It’s guaranteed to
work hard to drive your business further.

Additionally, the DD5 and DD8 engines
have finally debuted, bringing supreme
power and performance in a smaller pack-
age to the vocational sector.

Truck Center Companies is also proud
to have one of the best customer support
programs around, with features such as
Detroit’s Virtual Technician, which allows
our team to detect and diagnose problems
with your fleet before they go wrong, no
matter where your truck is. Our Mobile
Service program also makes service easy.
No need to worry, we can come to you.

As you can see, it’s our aim to provide
the best and most convenient service to all
our customers. You can always count on
Truck Center Companies to care about the
success of your business almost as much as
you do. Thanks for partnering with us!

22 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017 Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 23


He Believes in Commitment

Fugleberg retires after 43 years with Great West

BY STEVE BRAWNER age, cargo, and workers’ compensation. It terms and the operational components of
Contributing Writer specializes in insurance only for trucking, trucking and recognize the people part of
which Fugleberg said is a must in today’s the business that has never gone away,” he
Hugh Fugleberg met his wife, Deb, in environment. Insurers must rely upon enor- said.
college, married in May 1974, and went mous amounts of data to understand costs
to work for South Sioux City-based Great and set rates, and each state has its own Fugleberg continued to work in the
West Casualty Company in July of that laws and legal environments. Companies safety department for about eight years be-
year. that jump in and out of the trucking insur- fore becoming a marketing representative.
ance segment struggle as it is a long-term The next eight years were spent recruiting
Hugh spent his 43-year career at that commitment. independent agents. Most of that time was
one company doing one thing – growing spent traveling the western states of Arizo-
Great West, eventually serving as its Pres- “We are a niche market,” he said. na, Washington, Montana, and New Mex-
ident and Chief Operating Officer. When “We believe that if we stay focused on ico. Toward the end of that phase of his
he joined the company in 1974, it had $10 one specific segment, we can excel and be career, his focus shifted to eastern states.
million in business primarily in Nebras- successful.”
ka and Iowa. Today, it has more than $1 Great West was growing. In 1974,
billion in written premiums, and it markets Fugleberg, who retired November 1, it had approximately 20 agents and 50
products in 44 states through 200 indepen- joined the company as a safety trainee at employees. As a marketing representative,
dent agents. its headquarters in South Sioux City. In Hugh helped grow it to 50-70 agents. In
that capacity, he worked with insureds
So he’s the kind of guy who sticks with to help them remain in compliance with
a good thing. Department of Transportation safety
regulations. He served as the eyes and ears
“I believe in stability and commitment. of underwriters by studying prospective
When you have a supportive wife and a accounts’ risk factors.
great organization, it makes commitment
and loyalty pretty easy,” he said. That position gave him a foundation
for the rest of his career.
Great West offers a range of insurance
products including liability, physical dam- “Safety helped me understand the

24 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

1993 he became the regional officer for its Nebraska Trucking Association chairman through an executive he knew, he said yes
northern region covering North Dakota, in 2006-07 and served on the American and never left.
South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Transportation Research Institute’s board
He remained in that position until 2000, of directors. Fugleberg, 66, intends to spend his time
when he became President and Chief Oper- traveling and enjoying life. He and Deb
ating Officer. “At the end of the day, we do not have will travel back and forth to Kansas and
a plan B to write other types of insurance,” Iowa to see their sons, Eric and Andy, and
The company has had to adjust to he said. “We are in the truck insurance five grandsons ages 8 to 2. They plan to
changes in the legal and regulatory envi- business, and through our support, our travel the country and the world for plea-
ronment through the decades, including involvement, and our commitment, we are sure, too. He golfs, though he said he’s past
the industrywide deregulation in the early definitely tied to the trucking industry.” the point of worrying too much about his
1980s and the Federal Motor Carrier scores. His true passions are hunting and
Safety Administration’s current CSA scor- Sheila O’Connor, NTA’s interim presi-
ing system. Motor carriers must manage
growth correctly, otherwise they may “Challenges occur frequently in any
increase their claims risk exposure. business. Hugh maintains the core values during
both good times and bad. His focus is to do the
That means he spent his career doing right thing, and the rest will take care of itself.”
what he originally did as a safety train- - Jim Jensen, CEO, Great West Casualty
ee – identifying risks and working with
companies to reduce it. An important part dent, said, “Hugh has served the member- fishing. Last summer he traveled to Alaska,
is helping motor carriers vet drivers. They ship as leader, listener, champion, advocate, where he fished for salmon and halibut
must have the skills to drive defensively on and vendor – truly, a man with ‘many hats.’ while staying in a resort near Juneau.
roads clogged with distracted passenger As a past chairman of the board and board
auto motorists. of directors member, Hugh worked tireless- After spending 43 years serving truck-
ly on behalf of our members.” ing companies, he’ll be sharing the road
“That’s one of the things that hasn’t with them. He’s excited about this upcom-
changed at Great West,” he said. “Drivers Fugleberg has been based in his home- ing phase and appreciative of the one he
truly impact our results. Through safety town throughout his career. Born in North just left.
compliance, we can help them have proper Dakota, he moved with his family at age
driver screening to get quality drivers to 6 to South Sioux City. During summer “It’s a people business – trucking and
operate their trucks.” times in high school, he would return to insurance,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed the
North Dakota to work on his grandfather’s people that I’ve met, the insureds that are
Jim Jensen, CEO of Great West Casual- wheat and oat farm. He played guard four in the trucking industry, whether it’s a
ty, said Fugleberg has been a “foundational years on the Chadron State College Eagles small business with one unit or to a large
leader” and a “difference maker.” football team.” He studied to be a coach fleet of 500 units or more. It’s still a people
and earned his bachelor’s degree in physi- business, and I value the relationships that
“Hugh is a quiet and humble leader cal education and biology but discovered I’ve developed over the years. And it just
who has a passion for helping our employ- through his student teaching experience makes you proud to be associated with the
ees, agents, and insureds,” he said. “He that he didn’t want to be an educator. trucking industry.”
leads with the highest level of ethics and When he was offered a job at Great West
integrity … Challenges occur frequently in
any business. Hugh maintains the core val-
ues during both good times and bad. His
focus is to do the right thing, and the rest
will take care of itself.”

While Fugleberg didn’t drive a truck,
he was very much a part of the trucking
industry. Great West is a member of the
trucking associations in each state where
it writes insurance. Fugleberg served as Issue 6, 2017 - Nebraska Trucker 25


DEC. 14 December Allied Oil & Tire..............................................19
SMC Lunch and Learn: Hazmat Overview, Lincoln, NE
Bauer Built Tire.............................................16
JAN 1 January
Estimated completion of Hwy 15 through David City Great West Casualty Co.............. Back cover

JAN 30-31 SMC Third Annual Summit and Exhibition: Legal Defense, HELP, Inc., Provider of PrePass..................17
Omaha, NE
HUB International Insurance......................20
FEB. 8 February
FEB. 16 SMC Lunch and Learn, Lincoln, NE Interstate PowerSystems..............................9

Holiday Party, Omaha, NE J. J. Keller & Associates.............................18

March Joe Morton & Son Insurance.....................20
MAR. TBA SMC Lunch and Learn, Cargo Securement, Omaha, NE
Nebraska Trucker.......26, Inside back cover
APR. 5 April
SMC Lunch and Learn, DOT Level One, Norfolk, NE Nebraska Trucking Association.................23

May RDO Truck Centers............Inside front cover
MAY TBA SMC Courtesy Safety Scale Check, Waverly, NE
JUNE 8-9 Nebraska Truck Driving Championships, Grand Island, NE Taylor & Martin..............................................22

DNIGOIWTAAL VMAAILGAABZLIEN!E Truck Center Companies..............................11

Volume 79 Number 4 | 2017 UPS..................................................................12

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26 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

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Values Drive Performance

800.228.8602 Shared Values Can Lead to Organizational Excellence We understand you are in business to make a profit. Our Value-Driven™
Company modules can help you reduce losses and increase profits by focusing on
influencing employee behavior, changing culture, improving communication, and
managing risk successfully.

We believe it is everyone’s job to do what they can to prevent losses. We have
developed a variety of training tools to help get all employees involved in safety. From
seminars and webinars to Self-Service e-Tools and FAQs, we have solutions to fit your

We see “Critical Crashes” as a risk to your company. Our Value-Driven™ Driving
program focuses on helping drivers do what they can to prevent these types of accidents:
rear-end, loss of control, lane change, and run under. All of our driver training programs are
FREE to our insureds and can be accessed 24/7 on Great West’s Online Learning Library.

GREAT WEST CASUALTY COMPANY – No matter where the road takes you, you
will discover that at Great West, The Difference is Service®.

28 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 6, 2017

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