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Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Behind the Wheel Q2 Spring/Summer 2018

Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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HowardPersonof theYear

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INSIDE: Forecasting Federal Tax Congestion
Logistics Overhaul Impacts Study

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16 Howard Levine, MMTA’s
Person of the Year, Considers
Himself ‘Just an Old Trucker’

Years devoted to the betterment of the industry,
improving consumer knowledge and making a
difference in every way he can led to Howard Levine
being named MMTA’ s iconic member this year.



7 Maryland, DC, Home to Six
of the Worst Bottlenecks

ATRI’s research ndings on bottleneck issues
in Maryland and surrounding area


11 Impact of Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
on Transportation Industry


23 Maryland on the Move
MMTA honors Maryland’s extraordinary drivers

25 ATA’s Fleet CyWatch
ATA’S New Fleet CyWatch program helps
protect trucking from cyber-attacks

28 What’s the Forecast
for Weather Services?

The Weather Company offers current technology
to improve trucking’s bottom line



5 Chairman’s Message
27 Dates to Know
30 New MMTA Members
30 Advertising Resource Index




The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

Behind the Wheel is owned by the Maryland Motor Truck The Driver Shortage –
Association and is published by Matthews Publishing Group. When will this End?
To request additional copies, order reprints of individual articles
or to become a subscriber to Behind The Wheel, please contact The cover story in one of MMTA’s quarterly magazines reads, “The Driver
Selena Griffin at (410) 644-4600. To inquire about advertising, Shortage: What’s Being Done?” You might think this magazine article was probably
written in the last year, with the shortage of drivers ranging from 50,000 according
please contact the publisher at (501) 690-9393. to the American Trucking Associations, to 248,000 according to transportation
consultant FTR. However, that cover article appeared in the May 1988 issue of
Publisher MMTA’s magazine – 30 years ago.
Jennifer Matthews-Drake
Matthews Publishing Group The chronic driver shortage is even causing my customers to ask, “When will
[email protected] this end?” With many drivers retiring and young people choosing not to enter the
industry, there really are no short-term solutions to this long-term problem. How
Executive Editor do we make this a more attractive industry? I believe drivers are interested in three
Louis Campion things in this order: 1) Pay, 2) Schedule and 3) Leadership.
[email protected]
For the trucking industry to attract a quality workforce, our pay needs to
Managing Editor beat other industries by a lot. I would guess that we are probably $10 per hour
Selena Griffin behind where we need to be to have a meaningful impact on the shortage. For the
record, we don’t want people who can drive a truck. . . we want – as Jim Ward
sgriffi[email protected] of D.M. Bowman, Inc. states – Professional Vehicle Operators. We want safe and
professional drivers who take their careers seriously. The industry needs this more
Art Director than just someone who can hold a steering wheel.
C. Waynette Traub
[email protected] Driver pay needs to be high enough so that people in other careers question
their current career choice and at least explore a career change. I understand that
Copy Editor/Proofer many trucking companies today simply cannot afford that type of pay increase, but
Lynne Phillips without a dramatic compensation adjustment our industry will continue struggling
to attract the quality workforce we need.
David Sinclair One reason we need to dramatically exceed other industries in compensation
is because of the demanding driver schedule, which also must improve somehow.
Contributing Writers Consider the difference between truck driving and competing blue-collar industries
such as forklift operators, mechanics, or electricians. In these industries you have a
Steve Brawner Jennifer Barnett Reed guaranteed start time, a consistent schedule, get paid overtime, can make plans after
Mary Lou Jay John Schulz work, can schedule a doctor’s exam during the day, and can attend or coach your
Renee Miller Angela Thomas kid’s soccer games in the evenings. Most drivers face inconsistent schedules with
Derek Rayment Todd Traub little flexibility. The sense of freedom that used to exist has virtually disappeared
with constant on-board monitoring systems. Being micro-managed or nano-
Maryland Motor Truck Association managed is psychologically tough.

Louis Campion Finally, I believe drivers are looking for great leadership. This comes in the form
President & CEO of a high focus on safety, quality equipment, consistent and accurate pay and, most
[email protected] of all, compassion when personal things happen in a driver’s life outside of work.
Dottie C. Duvall I’ve heard dispatchers say, “We need to get rid of this driver.” My response is, “No,
Vice President - Administration we need to understand this driver.” A personal issue in the family at home may be
[email protected] the reason a driver has a change in production. First, we need to understand and

Brenda Tharp CONTINUED 
Director of Safety
[email protected] |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q2 SPRING/SUMMER 2018 5
Selena L. Griffin

sgriffi[email protected]
Margie Anne Bonnett
Marketing & Communications Director
[email protected]

Kathy Norris
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry.
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, education services, operational services and serves
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact MMTA at:
Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc.
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045
Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537

then lead with compassion. Further, our “I BELIEVE DRIVERS ARE INTERESTED
recruiters must be honest with driving
prospects, our dispatchers need to treat SCHPEADYULEIN THREE THINGS IN THIS ORDER:
them with respect, and we need to improve #1
the overall driver experience.
The need to transport goods is only
going to increase, particularly with the #3LEADERSHIP
rapid growth in e-commerce sales. Our
industry needs to throw everything on
the table and take a fresh look at what
is causing us to lose the lifeblood of

our companies. Doing more of what FOR THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY
we’ve been doing for the past 30 years TO ATTRACT A QUALITY
is not going to be the answer. This may
mean a seismic shift to break away from WORKFORCE, OUR PAY NEEDS TO
traditional models, such as: BEAT OTHER INDUSTRIES BY A LOT.”

• Paying drivers by the hour instead

of by the mile or load.

• Offering drivers consistent start

times regardless of when customers arrive. The customer doesn’t tell the benefits that we offer to our

are asking for service. (Or perhaps plumber or cable company what management or office personnel.

carriers need to tell customers when time to arrive at the home.) • Purchasing trucks with better

the truck will arrive. If you call a • Paying drivers more when traveling features for the driver (i.e.

plumber, the plumber gives you a in heavily congested lanes. automatic transmissions that cause

four-hour window when he/she will • Providing drivers with the same less wear on the body, heated seats,

or SiriusXM Radio).

• Charging customers a full day of

When was the pay for a “truck ordered, not used.”
(A fee of $150 or $250 for capacity

last time the ordered, but not used doesn’t
pay the bills and capacity is too

fuel in your important for a minor charge like
storage this anymore.)
tank was
If we don’t take radical action to solve
this problem, we will continue to ask

cleaned? ourselves, “When will this end?” Our
Professional Vehicle Operators drive our

nation’s economy. We have to treat them

like it.

Carpe Viam (Seize the Road),

Don’t let your operations
be impacted by water,

bacteria or sludge in your fuel.

Call 410-834-5000 for your free fuel test. BRAD’S Matt Ritter
MMTA 2017-2018


MMTANET.COM Maryland, D.C.
Home to Six
of the Worst



The American Transportation Research Institute
has released its list of the nation’s 100 worst truck
bottlenecks, and six locations in Maryland and
Washington, D.C., are on it.

Using data collected throughout 2016, the
worst location in Maryland was the interchange in
Baltimore at I-695 and I-70, which ranked seventh
worst nationally. According to ATRI, the bottleneck
had an average speed of 46.6 miles per hour. Truck
speeds fell to 35 miles per hour during the 8-9 a.m.
hour, fell again to that speed during the 3-4 p.m.
hour, and then were even slower during the next
two hours.

Two other Maryland locations were in the
top 50. At number 30 was the I-695 and I-83
interchange, where the average speed was 50 miles
per hour. Speeds fell below 45 miles per hour
during the 8-9 a.m. hour and then dropped again
during the afternoon to just above 30 from 5-6
p.m. The good news was that peak average speeds
had increased 6.7 percent from the year before.
At number 50 was the I-95 at Maryland 100
interchange in Elkridge, where the average speed
was 51.9 and fell to below 40 from 5-6 p.m.

Three Washington, D.C. bottlenecks were
included in this year’s report. I-95/I-495 on the
district’s east side ranked 52nd, while the I-95 at
I-495 interchange on the north side of town ranked
86th. The I-495 at I-270 interchange ranked 99th.



The rankings were based on a formula Speeds at the worst five locations decreased ‘This is what I think is the worst traffic in the
that factored average speeds and the number 5.5 percent. country.’ This is real-world data that’s saying,
of trucks affected. ATRI’s Rebecca Brewster, ‘These are the 100 locations where trucks are
president and chief operating officer, said This year’s study used GPS data collected having the most difficulty operating.’ And as I
that because the study uses 2016 data, some from more than 800,000 trucks throughout always tell people, where trucks are going this
locations could be in better or worse shape 2016. Brewster said the trucks produced slowly, cars are going this slowly as well.”
now than their ranking suggests. “terabytes of data” that require tremendous
effort to analyze. The American Trucking Associations
The state with the most bottlenecks was (ATA) has proposed a Build America Fund,
Texas, which had 11, while Tennessee had “I’ve got a lot of smart people who work a 20-cent-per-gallon motor fuel tax increase
nine. Three states had seven: California, here and a lot of computer horsepower,” she applied at the wholesale level that would
Georgia and Connecticut. said. be indexed to inflation and fuel efficiency
Texas covers 268,596 square miles, while Brewster said the report can serve as a
Maryland and D.C. cover a combined 12,474 catalyst for action and a tool for targeting ATRI will soon release a report describing
miles, according to the United States Census resources. Policymakers can rely on data, the costs of highway congestion. Last year’s
Bureau. not just anecdotes, to know exactly where report, “Cost of Congestion to the Trucking
the worst bottlenecks are. She said ATRI’s Industry: 2017 Update,” estimated that
ATRI has been producing the list since ranking the Jane Byrne Interchange in congestion cost trucking companies 996
2002. The study has identified congested Chicago as the nation’s number one million lost hours of productivity – the
road locations to study in partnership bottleneck three years in a row led Illinois to equivalent of 362,000 truck drivers sitting
with the Federal Highway Administration, reconstruct the interchange. That project is idle for an entire year. The ATA said last
state departments of transportation, motor expected to be completed next year. year the industry had a shortage of 50,000
carriers, and state trucking associations. drivers, meaning that completely congestion-
Suggestions from stakeholders upped this “It was that type of attention, based on free highways would more than wipe out the
year’s total studied from 250 to 300. This a very large, robust empirical data set that shortage.
year’s list added a new feature, year-over-year incentivizes those in a position to make these
comparisons with last year’s average speeds. decisions to want to do something about it,” The losses were estimated at $63.4 billion
she said. “It’s not a survey where people say,

KELLY Benefit Strategies

is proud to be endorsed by the

Maryland Motor
Truck Association




* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

limited exceptions that do NOT have to CONGESTIONare not required to use ELDs. FMCSA rec-
• Drivers who use paper logs for no more ognizes that these drivers occasionally do
not driving, time. The final rule requires
than 8 days during any 30 day period. fleets to retain up to eight supporting doc-

• Drivers of vehicles manufactured not mceeot tshetctonrduiticonks oifnthgeseceoxemmp-panuimeesnt9s f9ro6m smeveiralllciaotengories per driver
before model year 2000, due to equivalent of 362,000 trucklost hours of productivity – thetions. In those instances, drivers are
electronic connectivity capability of for each 24-hour period. They are:
the vehicle.
required to keep a paper log; however, driv- • Bills of lading, itineraries, schedules or
• Drivers who conduct driveaway-
towaway operations where the vehicle ers who use a paper log more than 8 days in equivalent documents indicating the
is the product being delivered.
origin and destination of a trip;
• Short haul drivers using the logbook drivers sitting idle for anany 30 day period must start using ELDs.
timecard exception (i.e., 100 air miles) entire year.location Monitoring: • Dispatch records, trip records, or
ELDs must record a vehicle’s location at equivalent documents;
Short Haul Drivers:
raeepevvnrceeedocrrriayysdgi6coalh0oin1nactim0nhonasB0ttafgi2ir,nnehao0e0upanw0o$1tprf025esdar2dtsumsoeo.,usrxr0pimtiTil0penyemor0oesgsa.niaptfntottoiartoen,otrelntu-dtyahdaesooecultartnuctdunoytedecdstrtkvmthiisaivmatcit–retleaeelrsmevapaaweontrsliiritdanlvelgacy os•hn etBshnEaroeioxdswtpe. sedttrnreuisrvceski anrsiegdbc,eebtciiopamttutselse ;erneoelcfakttehsdias ltcsooo noagnffe-esdctuitotny,,”
Drivers who are not required to complete duringthoefcf-odsutstydotnim’tejuosft wafiftehctintr1u0ckminigle.s. d•r iveTrerxettemnteiossnaagneds, reemcrauiiltmmeensts.ages,
logs because they meet one of the short
haul exemptions in section 395.1 (e) of the Instead, they are passed down to goods “iYnosutatnhtinmkeasbsoauget sth, oernoutmhberereolefcttrruocnkisc
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that smitosbtuilcekcoinmthmautntriacfafticiodnasytirnanansmd idtateyd
Supuprpchoarsetdinbgy aDllococnusummeerns.ts: out,”tshhreousagihd.a“fTleheatt’smgaontatgoemmaeknet istydsitfefimcu;lt
to convince people that this is a good career
B“eFcoarufsoeuEr-LwDhseneleegrsa,tneotthoennlyeeadrefothresyup- to• staPyayinrowllh reencoarlldtsh, esye’trteledmoienngti sshsietetitnsg, ostri ll
spiottritnignigndtohceusembeontttlsentoecvkesraiflyondgrsiivdiengthteisme e, burnointghethrrdooucguhmheonutrssroeffsleecrvtiinceg, dgerniveerrating
froertetnhteiognoordesquthireeymbeunytesvteoryvderaiyfythoant-adruety, frustrpaatyiomneanntds.fatigue for the driver.”

Baltimore Potomac truck ceNters, iNc.

Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now offering full-service
leasing and rental! NAVY BLUE: PMS 2965 |BEHIND TBHEEHWinHdEEtLHEQW2 HSPEREINlG~/SQUM3 MFaElRl 22001186 159


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mission fluids that increase the life and efficiency of your equipment,
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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), signed the miscellaneous itemized deductions for
into law by President Trump on Dec. 22, 2017, unreimbursed employee business expenses
affects all taxpayers, including those who earn (travel, lodging, meals, etc.). Thus drivers
their living in the transportation industry. who are standard employees will be taxed at
This article will discuss the effects of certain lower rates but will have fewer deductions. On
provisions of the TCJA on trucking. The TCJA the other hand, drivers who are independent
provides more tax benefits for drivers who are contractors may deduct these expenses as
independent contractors that own their vehicles business expenses on a Form 1040 (Schedule C)
as opposed to drivers who are employees and and will not be affected by this change. It may
use the vehicles of their employers. be possible for companies that employ drivers to
institute expense reimbursement plans that are
Individual Tax Rates “accountable plans” that fully reimburse these
employees for their business expenses.
For the years 2018 through 2025, the
individual income tax rate structure consists Truckers’ Per Diem Allowances
of seven new brackets ranging from 10 percent for Travel and Meals and
to 37 percent. These new rates are slightly Incidental Expenses
lower than the pre-2018 tax rates and the tax
brackets are wider. In addition, the standard Expenses incurred while traveling away from
deduction has been increased to $12,000 for home are deductible by trucking companies
single individuals and $24,000 for joint return as ordinary and necessary business expenses if
filers. However, the TCJA has eliminated the certain substantiation requirements are satisfied.
deductions for personal exemptions and many Per Diem allowances will be deemed to meet
itemized deductions. Among the itemized
deductions that have been eliminated are CONTINUED 


these substantiation requirements if those qualified business income (QBI). Wages are are necessary for the independent trucking
allowance arrangements or reimbursements not qualified as business income for purposes business. One strategy being discussed in the
are: 1) paid for ordinary and necessary of this deduction. However, income from tax community is for an independent trucker
expenses actually incurred or that are a transportation service that is a trade or who is currently a sole business owner to
reasonably anticipated to be incurred by a business should be QBI that qualifies for incorporate that business, make an S election
trucker for lodging, meals and incidental this deduction. It is beyond the scope of this and have the S corporation pay the owner
expenses for travel away from home in the article to discuss all of the limitations of this a salary. The income earned by the trucking
performance of services as an employee; deduction. However, single individuals with corporation in excess of the salary should
2) reasonably calculated not to exceed the taxable income before the QBI deduction qualify for the deduction.
amount of actual expenses or anticipated that does not exceed $157,500 and married
expenses; and 3) are paid at or below taxpayers whose taxable income before this Corporate Tax Rates
applicable federal per diem rates. The IRS deduction does not exceed $315,000 will not
has announced that the federal per diem be subject to any limitations on the amount For tax years beginning after December
rates for meals and incidental expenses of this deduction. Taxpayers with taxable 31, 2017, the corporate tax rate for C
that apply through September 30, 2018 income above these threshold amounts will corporations (regular corporations that are
are $63 per day for any locality in the be subject to a W-2 Wages Limit and/or a W-2 not pass through entities) is 21 percent of
continental United States and $68 per day Wages/Property Limit. However, most truck taxable income. The rate of 15 percent on the
for any locality outside the continental drivers who are independent contractors first $50,000 of corporate taxable income is
United States. own their own trucks. The cost basis of no longer in effect. This is a huge decrease in
those trucks should be qualified property for the tax rate of large C corporations, which
Deduction for Qualified purposes of the W-2 Wages/Property Limit. was previously 35 percent. In addition, the
Business Income In addition, W-2 wages for purposes of corporate alternative minimum tax has been
these limits may be able to be generated by eliminated.
One of the most highly publicized independent truck drivers by paying salaries
deductions for 2018 and future years to spouses and other relatives for services that This reduction in corporate tax rates
is the new deduction for 20 percent of has led some people to reexamine whether
the C corporation form of business is


BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473
FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009

Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester



* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *more advantageous than doing business
through a pass through entity because the

top individual federal tax rate of 37 percent

exceeds the corporate tax rate of 21 percent.

“When we first implemented electronic This discrepancy between the individual

logs, we brought every driver into our tax rates and the corporate tax rates is

North Little Rock office for training before e“xtgphuleyawwsiniiotsinhrhgsoatuhnttoDhtwitrnhaigteinwymoionndbesduoaoeugrrmdtuenubneickcnwwlo—etgtihasosttaa.noxTt,tn,caowhwwotefeihfrosDpcicneichohtthoarohbaisihcayspteienoattthcovontefasooo.ie2iluTfna0tlbtChittplteeoycerDheorttochrigeopsriennooatydurlsesQaigovthesiBiotdhIwn,uehalisch
turning on the unit,” Brown tells us. And, anD why they have itt.otcoundructna ibnusignessiits aocomnpleax tnopDic
keep in mind that Maverick is an OTR letting ‘em loose worequuilrinDg c’avrefeul aDnaelyfsisi.nitely
operation, so bringing their 1,700 drivers
in for training was no easy feat. been a miAsdtadiktieo.n”al Allowance

At Maverick, training consisted of two —wayne brown, vp of infoforrmDaetipornectieacthionnology,
hours of instructor-led and hands-on train-
ing. Drivers spent time in a lab, changing maverick transpPororpetratytaicoqunired and placed in
duty statuses and getting comfortable with
the devices before they ever even attempted service after September 27, 2017 and
to operate the electronic logs in their cabs.
before January 1, 2023 is subject to a
Trainers then took their education one
step further. They climbed into the cab 100 percent bonus depreciation rate. This
with each driver, logged them in, made
sure the technology was working as expect- a much more positive experience for every- Twmeufofereuanclndtinis’vvgteehliytadtoed,fneiindnauinetcfedtfleytlechbtte,teciaenontgsrtau‘eocmmfkaisldontraoeikwvseee,rt”rmusacakyys
ed, and double-checked to ensure drivers one involved. Binrothweny.ear of acquisition. This deduction
understood how it worked. is aOllfowcoeudrsfoe,rdrergivuelarsr wtaexrepnu’rtptohseesoannlydofonres
“The worst thing you can do to these
In the end, this investment on the front guys is hand them new technology without
end dramatically minimized frustration

and confusion among their drivers. It training — without explaining how it to undergo training at MCaOveNriTckIN. EUveErDyone

wasn’t a simple thing to do, but it made for works, what it does, and why they have it. ➥



2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230
410-685-4474 |BEHIND BTHEEHWinHdEEtLHEQW2 HSPEREIlNG~/SQU3MMFaElRl 22001186 2153

alternative minimum tax (AMT) purposes. effect, this rule limits the amount of a loss The amount of this deduction is limited to
There is no limit on the amount of this from a trade or business that is deductible the taxpayer’s taxable income that is derived
additional allowance for depreciation. This against other income to $250,000 for a single from the active conduct by the taxpayer of
is a mandatory provision unless the taxpayer individual or $500,000 for a joint return. any trade or business during that taxable year.
elects out of it. In addition, property that Second, many states have “decoupling” Any amount disallowed by this limitation is
qualifies for this deduction no longer has to rules that limit a taxpayer’s depreciation carried over to subsequent taxable years.
be new property as long as the taxpayer did deductions to amounts that would have been
not use the property at any time before it was deductible under prior tax laws. A taxpayer Since this is an election, a trucker may
acquired. may not receive the benefits of this deduction decide not to expense the cost of any trucks
for state income tax purposes. Third, the or other business equipment acquired
A trucker that has his own trade or additional allowance for depreciation reduces during the year. Many of the considerations
business should be able to deduct the cost qualified business income for purposes for taking the additional allowance for
of a truck purchased in 2018. However, of the QBI deduction. These and other depreciation also apply to the decision to
there are several matters that should be considerations mean that the decision to take, elect to expense the cost of qualified property.
considered before automatically taking this partially take, or elect out of the additional Many states, such as Maryland, may allow
deduction. First, taking the full amount of the allowance for depreciation requires careful this deduction but limit it to amounts allowed
additional depreciation may create an Excess tax planning. under prior tax laws. As is the case with the
Business Loss. An Excess Business Loss is decision to take the additional allowance
the taxpayer’s total deductions for the tax Expensing of Depreciable for depreciation, careful tax planning that
year from the taxpayer’s trades or businesses Assets takes state income tax laws into account is
that exceeds the sum of the taxpayer’s required.
gross income or gain from those trades or Under the TCJA, a taxpayer may elect
businesses plus $250,000 ($500,000 for a to expense the first $1 million of qualifying Like-kind Exchanges
joint return). An Excess Business Loss is not property. This $1 million limit is reduced
currently deductible but is a net operating dollar-for-dollar by the amount of the cost of Under the tax law prior to the TCJA,
loss carryover to the following tax year. In qualifying property that exceeds $2.5 million. a trucker could do a tax-free exchange of
an old truck used in his trucking business

1902+Calls made TO ®
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BY truckers alone

545 likely INVOLVING

human trafficking 1,008

cases identified TRAFFICKING VICTIMS




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for a new truck that was also to be used of income or loss not allocable to a trade more than 35 percent owned by non-active
in that trade or business. Under the TCJA, or business, any business interest income owners may not be able to avail themselves
this type of exchange will no longer be tax- or business interest expense, any net of this exception.
free because like-kind exchange treatment operating loss deduction, the 20 percent of
is only allowed for exchanges of real QBI deduction, or, for tax years that begin The full effects of the TCJA on truckers
property held for productive use in a trade before January 1, 2022, any depreciation, and other taxpayers in 2018 and in the
or business or for investment. The effect of amortization or depletion deductions. year to come are still somewhat uncertain
this rule on trade-ins of old trucks for new at this time. This article mentions only a
trucks is uncertain. This is one of many This limitation does not apply to few aspects of this law. Truckers and other
topics that may be addressed by future businesses that are not “tax shelters” and participants in the transportation industry
legislation and regulations. that have less than $25 million of average are encouraged to begin planning now to
annual gross receipts for the three tax fully benefit from this new legislation.
Limitation on Deduction years that precede the current tax year.
of Business Interest There are related party rules that require Andy Garrett is the managing partner
the aggregation of the gross receipts and Jim Kehl is a principal at WABC in
For tax years that begin after 2017, a of commonly controlled taxpayers for Timonium. WABC is a full service certi ed
taxpayer’s deduction for business interest purposes of the $25 million limitation. It public accounting rm serving the Mid-
expense may be limited to the sum of the should also be noted that a “tax shelter” is Atlantic region with professionals working
taxpayer’s business interest income, floor any business that allocates more than 35 in all areas of accounting, tax, business
plan financing interest and 30 percent percent of its losses to limited partners or consulting, bookkeeping, nancial analysis,
of adjusted taxable income. Any interest limited entrepreneurs who do not actively audits and business valuations. Andy has
expense disallowed by this limitation may participate in the business. The $25 million served as the accountant for Maryland
be carried forward to the following year exception to the business interest limitation Motor Truck Association for more than 20
and be subjected to these limits again. should not apply to truckers who own years and can be reached at 410-561-4411
For purposes of this limitation, adjusted their business and who are active in that or [email protected]
taxable income does not include any item business. However, businesses that are

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MMTA Chairman
Matt Ritter honors
Howard Levine with
Governor’s citation


Howard Levine, Ramar Moving Systems, is

PeMMrTsAo’ s n2018of the Year
But he still sees himself as
‘just an old trucker’

Howard Levine did not expect to Levine was selected consumer education on how to
be named the MMTA Person of the through a process that begins find a mover you can trust. He
Year – not this year, and not any year. annually at a Maryland Motor continued that approach when he
Truck Association executive became the chairman of the board
The reason? “Well, because it committee meeting last July. of MMTA in 2014. To ensure he
goes to prestigious people, and I Committee members discuss represented all segments of the
kind of look at myself as just an old potential honorees who have trucking industry well, Howard
trucker,” he said. made substantial contributions to visited several different trucking
the trucking industry. Three companies to understand how they
The vice president and founder governors, key industry owners, operate and what their key issues
of Ramar Moving Systems is and others have won the award.
both. At 77, he’s still active in the According to Louis Campion, CONTINUED 
company and in the industry, serving MMTA president and CEO, the
as treasurer and a member of the committee usually arrives at a
MMTA executive committee. He consensus, though sometimes a
served as chairman of the MMTA vote is required.
for a year-and-a-half starting in 2014
at age 74 and chaired the MMTA’s The committee then
Maryland Movers Conference recommends the nominee to
for two years from 2006-08. He the board of directors. This
also is active in the Frederick Area year, board members were sent
Committee for Transportation. Levine’s name in advance so they
could vote beforehand without his
Levine was at an MMTA board knowledge.
meeting when he learned he would
be this year’s Person of the Year. For “There are few people as
once, he was speechless. dedicated to the betterment
of their industry as Howard,”
“I talk a lot,” he said. “I try to Campion said. “When he chaired
make jokes a lot. I love life. But our movers group, he aggressively
it’s the first time I couldn’t think of helped combat rogue operators,
anything to say. I just sat there kind pushed for licensing of the moving
of stunned.” He said he was “very industry, and partnered with the
honored, very humbled and very Better Business Bureau to improve
nervous about the dinner held on
Apr. 28.


Rachel (Levine) Atkins, RA of Ramar Mark Levine, MAR of Ramar

and challenges were. He was instrumental became an agent for Mayflower Transit, “There’s a lot they have to do in our
in introducing the Emerging Leaders which like United is owned by UniGroup. industry versus the freight industry,” he
Program to develop the next generation That part of the company is called Ramar said. “The freight industry, they hand you
of MMTA leaders. Howard always wants Transportation and Logistics Group. a bill of lading, and you go back under
to make a difference in every activity he The combined operations include a your trailer because somebody’s loaded
takes on, and MMTA is stronger because 56,000-square-foot warehouse and about it, and you drive from point A to point B
of his efforts. Just don’t ever ask him to 100 pieces of equipment. and back up to a dock, somebody unloads
tell a joke.” it, and you go back to your home base, or
It’s a family-owned and family- you drop that trailer somewhere else and
Levine got his start in the moving run affair. Wife Ibby is the company’s pick up another full trailer.
industry delivering furniture for president, Mark is vice president of
his grandfather’s furniture store in operations, and Rachel heads the “Drivers have to be customer service
Kittanning, PA, a coal mining town. His accounting department. Rachel’s husband, reps for us. They have to know the bills
early adult years included, among other Randy, also works for the company. of ladings. They have to go to an agency
stops, a stint in the Army and about six to pick up their help before they can go
years working for the Secret Service. He The company hauls residential and load. And then they’ve got to make the
went to work in 1970 as a salesman for office furnishings and materials locally, wife and the husband or the kids at the
North American Van Lines and then was nationally and internationally. There have house happy. The customer is putting
employed by a North American Van Lines been times when Levine had to employ a their worldly possessions on a truck being
agency. In 1976, he and a partner started crane in order to move items that wouldn’t loaded by a driver and two, three, four
a moving company that remained in fit into an elevator. men who they don’t even know, and then
business for a decade. they wave goodbye to them as they go
“When you’re in the moving business, down the street, hoping they show up at
That was a little ironic, given that he you’ve got to do almost everything, and the other end.”
had once been told after taking a test to be fortunately, I know enough people that if
an insurance agent that he wasn’t the type we can’t do it properly, I have people who Preparing a driver to do all of that
who could sell an intangible. can,” he said for a previous feature in this takes time. The entire training process
magazine in 2014. can take up to two years, though Ramar
“And then I wound up getting in hires drivers who already have experience.
the moving business, which is totally Levine’s 47 years in the industry Moreover, the driver pool is aging, and
intangible,” he said. have given him an up-close view of its not enough young people are entering the
challenges. The biggest one, he says, is industry.
He started Ramar Moving Systems, drivers and labor.
named for his children, RAchel and Solutions? Levine is hopeful the federal
MARk, as a United Van Lines Agency on Finding drivers is a particular challenge government will let drivers ages 18-21
April 15, 1987. The company started with in the moving sector. A moving company engage in interstate commerce. Because
one tractor, one trailer, two pup trailers, needs strong healthy professionals who
one straight truck and 5,000 square feet can load and unload heavy furniture, etc. CONTINUED 
of warehouse space. In 1999, Ramar Moreover, moving company drivers have
extra duties.


POB App, With Good Info
For Truckers, Available On:

Ibby and Howard Levine (center) with their daughter, Rachel (Levine) Atkins and son Mark Levine.

Notorious for his less than perfect joke-telling skills, Howard has just noticed the sign and gets a kick out of it. Emcee Mel Fair prepared
this sign in advance to ensure audience support. (Note: Howard was in the middle of a joke when noticed this and stopped!)


From left
• Emcee and long-time

friend of Howard,
Mel Fair, retired.

• Don Pottieger, friend
and past business
partner of 30 years.

• Pat Bahler, Sr. VP of
Sales & Marketing for
UniGroup, Inc., has
been working with
Ramar since the very

they currently can’t, many opt for another the industry will have to find other ways Drivers will always be needed to transport
trade when they graduate high school. of moving freight. His company already goods into neighborhoods and load and
uses rail and intermodal, and he sees more unload trucks. But Levine can imagine,
“Three years later, when he becomes containerization as a potential solution. sometime in the future, an autonomous
21, we go after him and say, ‘Hey, you tractor traveling along the Interstate until
want to be a truck driver?’ And he says, The other solution, when there aren’t a driver with a sister agency mans the
‘Nope, I’m loving being an electrician or enough drivers, is autonomous trucks vehicle for the last part of the trip.
a plumber or whatever,’” he said. “So we that don’t need a driver. Like everyone
don’t get a shot at him.” else in the industry, Levine is watching Regardless of what happens, he said,
the development of autonomous vehicles.
If drivers can’t be found, Levine says CONTINUED 


“It’s still going to be a people industry. THE INSIDE SCOOP And then they talk nicely. … We find that
People have to take care of people. And the best thing with unhappy customers is
we’re going to constantly have people 1. First job? I was cutting grass as a get in touch with them as quick as you can.
loading people’s goods and making the kid. I got a quarter an hour to push If they know you’re talking to them, they
customer happy. How we get it from point a mower. Those were the old push know you care about them.”
A to point B will change.” mowers with the blades.
Levine credits wife Ibby for much of the
It’s noteworthy that Levine would 2. First car? 1960 Ford Falcon. I loved company’s success. She has supported him
mention people, because people are one it. It was a little light putt-putt, but I from the beginning, doing the office work
of the main reasons he’s still working in loved it. It was like owning a VW. when he was the only driver, and staying
trucking. late at the office when necessary – and it
3. Favorite hobby? Working. often was necessary. He said his children’s
“They’re down to earth, hardworking involvement makes it “a dream come true
Americans. … I’m talking about the whole 4. Favorite unhealthy thing to eat? I eat for me.” At this point, they run much of the
industry, made up of unique people,” chocolate by the pounds. company’s daily operations.
he said. “Hey, I got out of this business
once because I couldn’t stand it, and four 5. A skill few know you have? You know “I know the business will be theirs,” he
months later I was back in. … I missed the what I tell everybody? “I have no said. “Everything I own will be theirs. And
people.” skills. I can only talk. So therefore that’s the only thing in my legacy I have
I’m a salesman.” to leave to them. But they’re deserving of
Daughter Rachel said her dad “trusts every penny of it. Their blood, sweat and
everybody and is just a great guy. He 6. Strangest thing you’ve ever moved? tears is in this business right beside me and
treats everybody the same no matter I moved a telescope – the only my wife.”
what.” telescope to be moved within 100
years from D.C. to Arizona. Levine said his role involves sales and
“Everybody just loves him,” she said. “the politicking that needs to be done.”
“He tries taking the drivers to lunch when 7. A guilty pleasure few people know Son Mark notes that his dad “should
they come into town. He takes employees about? Taking a vacation. be a politician. He knows everybody. …
out to lunch. I’m very fortunate for the Literally knows everybody.”
opportunity to be in the business, working 8. Favorite part about working with the
with him and being around him day to MMTA? The people. Solving problems But Mark said his dad also knows how
day.” for the trucking industry. Or I should to manage the company’s operations.
say, ‘Helping to solve the problems.’
He enjoys making customers happy “Everyone in the company’s got their
whether he’s moving a household, an 9. I never... have learned that everyone job to do,” he said. “He will make sure
office or some of his more interesting, is not my best friend. everybody’s got adequate means to be able
high-value cargo. In years past, the firm to fulfill their job – whether it’s training,
has moved public relations replicas of “I’ll take the calls, or I will call them technology, whatever it is. He tries to make
Navy aircraft carriers and destroyers, because I tell my people here: ‘You must sure they’ve got the right tools.”
including replicas to President Reagan’s address an unhappy customer unless they
White House. It recently hauled satellites cuss at you,’” he said. “You tell them, Levine doesn’t have a lot of hobbies
to Florida and to NASA’s Wallops Flight ‘Sir or Ma’am, when you can talk to me outside of work and family. He has four
Facility in eastern Virginia to resupply the respectfully, call me back. I’m hanging up.’ grandchildren, one of whom is about to
International Space Station. The company And I tell them to hang up. And nine times serve in Afghanistan as a Black Hawk
has a specialized flatbed trailer for big out of 10 when they call back, they respect helicopter pilot, and a nine-year-old great-
satellites, which are carried in an oversized that. They were just blowing off some heat. granddaughter who lives within a mile of
container and accompanied by police his house.
escorts and extensive prep work.
He still has his CDL, and he still drives.
Despite, Levine’s efforts, sometimes Last June, his son was sending a shipment
customers are unhappy. It’s the nature to St. Louis, and Levine agreed to drive it.
of a business that involves trying to
keep individual items stationary while “My wife kind of puts a halt (to that),”
they are packed inside a trailer traveling he said. “She tells my son, ‘Don’t send your
along bumpy highways. If something is dad out. He’s 77, for crying out loud.’ I
damaged, Levine has a couple of rules. said, ‘There’s guys out there 80 years old
First, contact the customer quickly. But still driving, and I’m in good health, so
second, demand respect. don’t worry about it.’”

He is, after all, an old trucker.





MMTA Honors Maryland’s Extraordinary Drivers

In January, Maryland Motor Truck has competed in MMTA’s Truck Driving Driver of the Year from an extraordinary
Association named Michael Miltenberger Championships every year since 2007, pool of candidates. It was once said that
as its 2017 Driver of the Year at its Annual placing in the top three seven times, and a commercial truck driver makes more
Driver of the Month/Year Awards Banquet winning two Grand Championships. decisions in a shift than a pilot does
at Matthews 1600 in Catonsville. His being named the Driver of the Year flying a passenger jet. With today’s traffic,
capped off an extraordinary 2017 in congestion, and increased accountability
Miltenberger is a local driver for Pitt which he also was the Grand Champion with compliance regulations, drivers are
Ohio and has an exemplary service record at the 2017 Maryland State Truck Driving doing much more than holding a steering
with 25 years’ experience and over 1.7 Championships and won the national wheel. Making it to the nomination list is
million safe driving miles. According to his championship in the 5-axle class at the an accomplishment to be proud of as these
terminal manager, Jim Patterson, “Mike National Truck Driving Championships. drivers are the elite of our industry.
started at Pitt Ohio as a dock worker
and quickly made his way thru the ranks Every year, MMTA honors 12 The safety records of the Drivers of
by getting into the driver advancement professional drivers whose safe driving the Month are phenomenal—a total of
program. He was immediately recognized records and professional conduct earned more than 15 million safe miles traveled
as a rising star. Today, Mike can also be them recognition as Maryland Drivers of with 267 years of driving experience. Each
relied upon as a fill in supervisor in many the Month. Employers statewide nominate Driver of the Month was honored with a
roles, including a Route Planner, Dock their drivers for this recognition, with
Supervisor, and a Driver Trainer.” Mike the Maryland State Police selecting the CONTINUED 

2018 Drivers of the Month honorees |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q2 SPRING/SUMMER 2018 23

Inspector of the Year 2018 Driver of
Award goes to Master the Year – Michael
Trooper Jeffrey Dean Miltenberger, Pitt
(not pictured) – Award Ohio
was accepted by
Jeffrey's Commander,
Captain Michael

plaque and custom jacket in recognition of MMTA 2017 DRIVERS OF THE MONTH
his achievement. Mr. Miltenberger was also
presented with numerous gifts and citations January 2017 Kevin Reichert, Allan Myers
from various organizations.
February 2017 Richard Lewis, UPS Freight
MMTA’s Safety Management Council
presented an additional award at the March 2017 John Lyons, Builders FirstSource
Banquet. Each year at the National
Truck Driving Championships another April 2017 Michael Miltenberger, Pitt Ohio
competition takes place among commercial
motor vehicle (CMV) inspectors from many May 2017 Gene Collins, Chaney Enterprises
states. The North American Inspectors
Championship tests their knowledge and June 2017 Jay Gray, Lee Transport Systems
skills in CMV inspection procedures,
hazmat inspections and knowledge of out July 2017 Kirk Christenson, Giant Food
of service criteria and other violations.
Maryland’s 2017 winner was Master August 2017 Michael Scarano, Cowan Systems
Trooper Jeffrey Dean of the Maryland
State Police. Dean was honored with the September 2017 George Petry III, C. J. Miller
Inspector of the Year Award. Great job
to all drivers, we are proud to call you October 2017 Ernest Thomas, Carroll Independent Fuel
MMTA's Drivers of the Month/Year!
Here's to another year of safe and healthy November 2017 Jason Trego, UPS Freight
December 2017 Roger Stokes, D.M. Bowman

“Growing up with trucking was such a big part of my life
[raised on a dairy farm], it just gets in your blood.”

~Mike Miltenberger ~ MMTA’s 2017 Driver of the Year


Mike M. … is a “lifetime” volunteer firefight- Richard L. … is active in Truckers Against Buddy P…has cross-trained on various
er and frequently works on project cars with Trafficking and enjoys travel and gardening. style trucks at his company, on his own
his son. initiative, so he can jump in to help when a
Jason T. … is an active volunteer firefighter need arises. He even assisted in snow plow
Kevin R. … lives on a small PA farm and rais- and Fire Chief for this hometown of Hurlock. operations during a snowstorm.
es cattle, chickens and horses!
Gene C. … enjoys exercising? Yes – it’s more Roger S…spends time blacksmithing and
Ernie T. … has been driving so long he started than just a hobby to him, he is dedicated to knife forging as a hobby! WOW!
out in a coal truck! He also spent more than maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. He also
2 hours digging his company truck out of the shares this passion with other drivers at a
snow by himself rather than “waste money or company level.
bother dispatch” ~ what a guy!


ATA’s New
Fleet CyWatch Program
Helps Protect Trucking

from Cyber-Attacks



You may have seen major corporations and even yet another step taken to create a dynamic group of
government entities become victims of cyber-attacks in members who are engaged in security issues.
recent years. The trucking and transportation industry
is no different, in that it can be attacked by cyber Robert Braswell, executive director of ATA’s
criminals. The American Technology and Maintenance Council notes, “Cyber-
Trucking Associations is
being proactive in preventing crime is a growing concern
such attacks by launching for the trucking industry.
the Fleet CyWatch program. As trucking becomes more
The new Fleet CyWatch program improves awareness dependent on sophisticated
of efforts being taken to combat potential acts of computer systems, the risk
terrorism using commercial vehicles. The program is for cyber-related shutdowns becomes greater. That’s
why ATA, TMC and others are partnering to launch
the Fleet CyWatch program with the help of the FBI



big RICE TIRE SINCE 1956 RICE TIRE HAS direction from the FBI and Department of
o EXPERTS IN TIRE SOLUTIONS BEEN DEDICATED TO FLEET Homeland Security also played a role.”
CElEBRATING IN MARYLAND & VIRGINIA. ATA says there are three ways in which
of the Fleet CyWatch program can serve
WWW.RICETIRE.COM members. The first is that it will report cyber-
60k- YEARS crime that impacts operations. The second
FACEBOOK.COM/RICETIRE is that it will help implement best practice

solutions. Third, it will share cyber security
l trends, patterns and bring awareness.
and Froat says trucking companies should be
. To proactive in helping protect their networks

by closing internet access and changing

g and the Department of Homeland Security. such as the Fleet CyWatch program is passwords.
k- “In general, fleets and manufacturers
This new motor carrier program will to unite trucking stakeholders over the
need to be active in industry developments,”

identify emerging cyber threats and help common problem of national security. Froat says. “TMC’s Cyber Security Issues

s guard against malicious acts by cyber Launching a program that connects fleets, Task Force is a great example in that they
criminals. It will assist fleet members in technology suppliers and service providers are developing best practices in a number of

if- rreeFlpaOotRertdHinIiGngtHienrLfnEoeVrtmEcLarSitmiEoRensVaIaCbnEoduActNytDbrueVrcA-kaLitUntEagc-VkIsSIT US AcwTyibOtheNrEferOdeseForOauUlrcRlaesw10iseCniOmfoNprVocEerNtmaIEennNt tTtoaLnOtdhCeAinTUIdOnuNistSetr.dy areas and responsibilities.”
He also explains that being aware of email
and diBssAemLTinaItMe iOnfRorEm:a4ti1o0n-a7b3o7u-t8c0y1b0er StateFs RanEdDitsEeRcoICnoKm:y3. 01-695-9652
phishing attempts and training employees on

threaCtsUtMhatBiEmRpaLctAtNheDir :o3p0er1a-t7io7n7s-.”0400 GA“TITheHprEogRraSmBUwaRsGde:v3el0o1p-e3d3f0ro-m84t7h3e such hack tactics is important. But he says the
a Ross Froat, director of Engineering and members of ATA and its Transportation industry can still be susceptible.
y, InformFOatiRonETSeTchVnIoLloLgEy :a3t 0A1T-A7,3e6x-p8la7i9n7s SeHcuAritGy CEoRuSncTilO,” sWayNs F:r2o4at0.-“4T2h0e-0009
“Trucking is a complex industry that

ust that the purpose of lauVnircghiniianLgocaatiopnsr: Mojaenacsstas, Brandy StaTtioenc,hHnarorisloongbuyrg,aWnidnchMestearintenance Council and is full of various businesses with different

customers hauling different loads and

performing different services across the
e nation – all on equipment designed from
e a vast amount of technology suppliers,”

Maryland Mobile Froat explains. “This equipment could be

hy as much as 30 years old with numerous

Trailer Service, attachments and accessories added on
• Since 1983 • to stay compliant, or it could be brand
new with the latest state of the art
s COMPLETE TRAILER & TRUCK MAINTENANCE FACILITY technology. Whatever the combination,
it’s all connected through an open sourced
Controller Area Network (CAN) bus
n • Fleet P.M. Program that connects all motor functions to be
• D.O.T. Indpections diagnosed, enforced and used as a service
to make its business more efficient, more
hat • MD State Inspections “Trailers” productive and more compliant.”
im- • Road Service
If a member believes they have been a
• DuPont Certified Paint Facility / 60ft. Paint Booth
• R.V. Body Repairs
y • Maxon Liftgate Distributor victim of a cyber-attack, they should visit
u • Interlift Liftgate Distributor and report the
• Morgan Parts Distributor / Warranty crime by filling out as much information as

on- • Great Dane / Utility Warranty Facility possible. There are also links provided that

can lead members to key contacts for law

uc- 6735 DORSEY ROAD, ELKRIDGE, MD 21075 enforcement cyber incident reporting. For
ent more information on the program, go to

410-761-4884 410-379-6090



JUNE 2, 2018

Maryland Safe Truck
Driving Championships

Timonium Fairgrounds ~ members,
families and spectators all welcome ~
Free event!
Maryland’s safest drivers demonstrate
their expertise navigating challenging real-
life road conditions.

JUNE 16, 2018

SuperTech Maryland

Center for Applied Technology North
(CAT North), Severn, MD
Diesel truck mechanics and students show
off their skills at keeping our trucks on
the road.

Yep, I thought so. That means you're one 4Hatphpy

of more than 8,000 readers doing the same of July
thing. It also means, very specifically, that
advertising in Behind the Wheel is not only SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
a good business decision. It works!
Call on Washington
Contact us today to get more eyes on your company:
[email protected] A full day event starting at 8:00 a.m.
Call Louis Campion for more information
MMTANET.COM A vital opportunity to convey the
importance of Maryland’s trucking
industry to our representatives in

OCTOBER 5, 2018

MMTA Annual Meeting –
Boosting Your Business

Save the date for our signature event of
the year! Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City,
More detailed information to come but
mark your calendars now for this “must
attend” event.


WforhWat’esatthheerFoSreercvaicset s?

BY STEVE BRAWNER checking the weather while planning routes. e
tool includes real-time weather reports, tra c
ows and tra c incidents. Drivers also can
WONDERING WHAT THE WEATHER’S GOING be alerted to weather patterns the vehicle will
TO BE LIKE? DEPENDS ON WHICH OF 2.2 BILLION encounter in the next 15-20 minutes.
Jakubov said the myRoads in-cab tool
at’s what e Weather Company says it can Jakubov, product manager for in-cab displays empowers drivers to make more decisions and
o er – information for every 500 meters on earth, for PeopleNet mobile so ware, said eets are initiate conversations with dispatchers.
updated every 15 minutes. interested in his company’s myRoads app for
drivers because of potential reduced insurance “ is is really just painting the picture for
e IBM-owned provider last year premiums, reduced late arrival penalties, better them, giving them all the tools they need to be
introduced its Operations Dashboard for Ground strategies for complying with hours of service successful,” he said.
Transportation, which provides weather tools rules, and better fuel mileage.
for di erent uses in the freight industry: for Motor carriers who e ectively monitor
dispatchers, a comprehensive view for the eet’s “It is becoming a hot market out there for it,” the weather can save money and lives.
vehicles and locations; for distribution center he said. “ ere are a lot of di erent companies, a According to the Federal Motor Carrier
executives, a dashboard view of weather and lot of big companies out there who are starting to Safety Administration, a study by what is now
tra c a ecting the center; for drivers, planning look at how they can play in this space.” Noblis found that weather-related congestion
tools and alerts. annually costs carriers an estimated 32.6
e Weather Company’s John Bosse, o ering billion vehicle hours in 281 metropolitan areas.
And it’s just one of numerous companies manager, said carriers see the bene ts of small,
o ering weather-related services. Ryan sustainable behavior changes, such as drivers e annual cost to carriers of weather-related



• Weather-related
congestion annually costs
carriers an estimated 32.6
billion vehicle hours in 281
metropolitan areas.

• The annual cost to carriers
of weather-related delays
ranged from $2.2 billion
to $3.5 billion. Moreover,
about 1.3 million vehicle
crashes each year are
weather related.

• Almost 6,000 people die in
weather-related crashes.


delays ranged from $2.2 billion to $3.5 billion. “For instance, there’s a weather pattern an In the next few years, e Weather
Moreover, about 1.3 million vehicle crashes hour ahead that’s going to slow you down for Company hopes to be connected to more than
each year are weather related. Almost 6,000 one hour, but your hours of service are up in 2 billion devices. It’s working with trucking
people die in weather-related crashes. 30 minutes,” he said. “You need to pull o now companies to collect data from their telematics
because you won’t get through the weather systems. Passenger and commercial vehicles
However, Daniel Murray, vice president pattern legally with hours of service, and by can provide information such as when wipers
of the American Transportation Research the way, there’s 10 of 15 spots available at exit are operating. If so, that tells the app more
Institute, questions how much can be done 42 to park.” about the weather than the radar can. Engaged
with the information the weather companies anti-lock braking systems can o er an insight
are providing. A er all, there aren’t that many e weather companies obtain their into road conditions and paint a picture of
ways to get from Denver to Chicago and information from many sources. Bosse said where the rain-snow line is.
still comply with contractual delivery time 100 million phones are o ering pressure
obligations. readings from people who have downloaded “ at’s our future,” he said. “We’re just
a Weather Channel app and opted to share going to continue to process more and more
“ e number of drivers that can really act their location. e company processes data information, make our information and our
on any weather information unless it’s really from more than 160 weather models created services more accurate.”
catastrophic weather is really, really small,” he by domestic and foreign meteorological
said. “I can’t pull over and ride out drizzle.” organizations. at information is combined While motor carriers may not be able to
with other data sources, including 50,000 control the weather, that accuracy may allow
Murray would like to see systems that them to plan more e ectively for it.
integrate more pieces of vital information: not just ights for atmospheric information.
weather, but also parking, hours of service, etc. |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q2 SPRING/SUMMER 2018 29


Address Our Mess M & R Trucking, Inc.
Adventures By Dawn Metalpro, Inc. Q2 SPRING/SUMMER 2018
American Fleet Chemicals Monument Express Inc. ATRI..................................Inside back cover
BBSI-Salisbury Monumental Concrete Baltimore Freightliner Western Star....... 13
Buzzy Shamer Towing Need-To-Park Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers ............. 9
C. Steinweg (Baltimore), Inc. Night Owl Transport Behind the Wheel ............................ 27, 30
Continental Automotive Pessin Katz Law, P.A. Brad’s Fuel Filtering.................................. 6
Dahua Technology Power Component Systems, Inc. Drydene Lubricants/PPC......................... 10
DC Trails, Inc. Relo Solutions Group Duralene Heavy Duty Lubricants .............. 4
Dennis H. Odie, MD FACP RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Great West Casualty ...................Back cover
FedEx Express Transportation Griffith Energy Services....Inside front cover
FMB Laundry, Inc. V & D Transport Inc. Kelly.......................................................... 8
Fresh Start Recovery Center Vinny’s Towing & Recovery Maryland Mobile Trailer Services............ 26
Hillis-Carnes Engineering Specialized Hauling LLC Maryland Ports ....................................... 19
Associates Rice Tire .................................................. 12
Insurance One Group The Selzer Company ............................... 15
K & V Limousine Service, LLC Truck Enterprises Hagerstown ................ 21
Louis Transportation Truckers Against Trafficking .................... 14


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The people and companies listed here are our core contributors, annual
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