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The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Published by Matthews Publishing Group, 2017-06-08 13:35:04

Behind the Wheel Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 -- Governor

The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

Keywords: trucking,business,politics,regulations

ATRI’s Worst

Trump & Trucking

2017 Person of the Year

Governor Larry Hogan

Retaliation in
the Workplace

The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 1

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2 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017

Table of Contents Q2
16 Cover: Person of the Year -
Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR

By Selena Griffin BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 3

6 The Nations Worst

Truck Bottlenecks

By Rebecca M. Brewster

9 Will The Trump Administration

Drain the Regulatory Swamp
Affecting Trucking?

By Dave Osiecki

12 Maryland on the Move
2017 Driver of the Year
By Selena Griffin

20 Recognizing Retaliation

in the Workplace
Moving forward with implementation
of OSHA’s new anti-retaliation rules.
By Albert B. Randall, Jr. & Matthew George Kuspa

27 2017 Maryland General

Assembly Report
A summary of new laws that passed and
will impact your business, as well as some
highlights of legislation that failed.
By Louis Campion


5 Chairman’s Message
29 New Members
30 Dates to Know
30 Advertising Resource Index

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4 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 Delco Remy is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation licensed to BorgWarner PDS (Anderson)

The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association CHAIRMAN’S

Behind the Wheel is owned by the Maryland Motor Truck MESSAGE
Association and is published by Matthews Publishing Group. To
As noted in the General Assembly report that appears on page 27 of this issue of
request additional copies, order reprints of individual articles Behind the Wheel, the Maryland legislature adjourned on April 10. One of the
or to become a subscriber to Behind The Wheel, please contact biggest challenges this session was an effort by some dump truck operators, includ-
Selena Griffin at (410) 644-4600. To inquire about advertising, ing a few MMTA members, who sought to increase the weights for Maryland 3-axle
dump vehicles. In my role as the MMTA Chairman of the Board and the Chairman
please contact the publisher at (501) 690-9393. of the Dump Service Council, I had a chance to participate in the legislative hearings
with MMTA President Louis Campion and fellow Board member Teresa Edelen of
Publisher Sonny’s Trucking. What an experience it was!
Jennifer Matthews-Drake
Matthews Publishing Group While MMTA may support increases in allowable truck weights under certain
[email protected] conditions, after consideration by our Board, the decision was made to oppose this
legislation. This put the association in the difficult position of having to oppose other
Executive Editor members within the dump industry. Claims were made that MMTA only represents
Louis Campion the interests of large companies. Nothing could be further from the truth.
[email protected]
Managing Editor We all know that the trucking industry is extremely diverse. With that diversity
Selena Griffin comes great differences in the impacts that any proposal will have, either positively
[email protected] or negatively, on various segments of the industry. That is MMTA’s dilemma, walk-
ing the tightrope to represent such a diverse group of members. As such, our Board
Art Director of Directors is designed to reflect that diversity, consisting of for-hire motor carriers,
Douglas J. Benjamin vendors, and private carriers that cross all sizes and segments. We have dump trucks,
[email protected] tankers, movers, intermodal, refrigerated, package delivery and more represented on
Copy Editor/Proofer our Board, so that each segment can help develop MMTA policy positions. Compa-
nies range in size from operating just a few trucks to the largest international carriers
Harris Jimanski in the world. It is the Board’s responsibility to develop a position that is best for the
Photographer majority of the industry, not simply a select few. That is why we opposed an increase
David Sinclair in 3-axle dump truck weights.
Contributing Writers
Steve Brawner Under the legislation considered, 3-axle dump trucks would have been allowed to
Mary Lou Jay increase their weight to 65,000 lbs. (current law is 55,000 lbs.), with a 4% tolerance
Renee Miller that would give them a legal weight of 67,600 lbs. on state and local roadways. A
bit of history is needed here. Until the early 1990s, Maryland allowed 3-axle dump
Maryland Motor Truck Association trucks to carry 65,000 lbs., including on the Interstate system. At that time the federal
government told Maryland that this violated federal rules and was prohibited on the
Louis Campion Interstates. Since then, Maryland has limited a 3-axle dump truck’s legal weight to
President & CEO 55,000 lbs. on both Maryland’s Interstates and state roadways.
[email protected]
J. Craig Talbott When the weight law was changed, Maryland made a deal with the federal gov-
Vice President - Safety ernment and was granted an allowance for Maryland registered dump vehicles to haul
[email protected] 70,000 lbs. on a 4-axle dump truck around the entire state (including the Interstate
Dottie C. Duvall system), with no axle weight limitations. No other state has such an allowance on
Vice President - Administration the Interstates, and it was codified in an act of Congress. It gives a tremendous local
[email protected] advantage against out of state competitors, who cannot operate these weights legally
Selena L. Griffin here in Maryland. In addition, recognizing that many local dump truck operators had
3-axle trucks at the time and were used to carrying 65,000 lbs., a 20 year grandfather
Controller was established in 1994 that allowed those vehicles to continue to haul 65,000 lbs.
[email protected]
Margie Anne Bonnett CONTINUED ON 8 
Marketing & Communications Director
[email protected] BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 5

Kathy Norris
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry.
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, education services, operational services and serves
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact MMTA at:

Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc.
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045

Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537


Contributing Writer

Earlier this year, ATRI released its 2017
Top Truck Bottleneck List, which as-
sesses the level of truck-oriented congestion
at 250 locations on the national highway
system. The analysis utilizes ATRI’s truck
GPS database which contains data from over
600,000 heavy duty trucks. The bottleneck
analysis uses several customized software ap-
plications and analysis methods, along with
terabytes of data from trucking operations
to produce a congestion impact ranking for
each location. The data is associated with
the FHWA-sponsored Freight Performance
Measures initiative. The locations detailed
in this latest ATRI list represent the top 100
congested locations.

For the second straight year, Atlanta’s
“Spaghetti Junction,” the intersection of
Interstates 285 and 85 North is the most
congested freight bottleneck in the country.

The Top 10 includes: “With President Trump’s focus on sig- The entire list is available on ATRI’s
nificant long-term infrastructure spending, website and can be sorted by state. For each
1. I-285 at I-85 North in Atlanta, Georgia this ATRI analysis should be a key guide bottleneck location on the list, ATRI pro-
2. I-95 at State Route 4 in Fort Lee, for deciding what projects are worthy of vides a detailed time-of-day profile showing
funding,” said American Trucking Asso- the best and worst times to travel through
New Jersey ciations President Chris Spear. “Ensuring that area based on congestion levels.
3. I-290 at I-90/94 in Chicago the safe and efficient movement of goods
4. I-65 at I-64/71 in Louisville, Kentucky should be a national priority and this “Trucks move 70 percent of the nation’s
5. I-71 at I-75 in Cincinnati report draws attention to the places where goods, so knowing where there are kinks
6. SR 60 at SR 57 in Los Angeles our highway network needs improvement and slowdowns in the system is important
7. SR 18 at SR 167 in Auburn, Washington in order to meet that goal.” for motor carriers and our professional
8. I-45 at US 59 in Houston drivers, making this analysis a key tool for
9. I-75 at I-285 North in Atlanta ATRI’s annual bottleneck analysis gets identifying where and when to route our
10. I-5 at I-90 in Seattle results. In 2012, the State of Illinois com- trucks to avoid congestion,” said Prime
menced work on the reconstruction of the Inc. President and CEO Robert Low.
Chicago Circle Interchange (now called
the Byrne Interchange) based on its ATRI Rebecca M. Brewster is ATRI’s President and COO.
ranking as the nation’s #1 bottleneck. The She may be reached at [email protected].
$500 million project is expected to be
completed by 2019.

Top 100 Bottlenecks
States with the Most Bottlenecks

Congestion Costs the Economy

ATRI research identified trucking industry costs of $49.6 billion as a result of congestion on the nation’s highways. That cost gener-
ates from 728 million lost hours of industry productivity, the equivalent of 264,500 truck drivers sitting still for an entire year.

Source: BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 7

Chairman’s Message stop. Studies by the U.S. DOT, Wiscon- dump truck weights. Although I am sure
sin DOT and Minnesota DOT all con- our opponents feel differently, I believe it
Continued from page 5 cluded that truck braking performance was a position that was justified for the
becomes a concern if a vehicle’s weight greater good of the industry. It was a real
After the 20 years passed, these trucks is increased without adding brakes and treat to be part of that process. Listening
had to install a 4th axle (allowing them to axles. at our hearing, and many others that oc-
carry 70,000 lbs.) or drop down to 55,000 4. Encourage the use of older vehicles that curred that day beforehand, observing the
lbs. are not equipped with today’s modern process, and seeing how your participation
innovations, such as: can directly impact an issue, I left excited
With this in mind, the Board felt that if • Better visibility and encouraged, asking myself, “What
the proposed legislation passed it would: • Antilock brake systems else should I be speaking to my legislators
• Automatic brake adjusters about?” It was a chance to witness how
1. Jeopardize the agreement that Mary- • Clean engine emissions – A single your MMTA membership dollars are used
land has with the federal government in Annapolis. Legislative representation is
to allow 4 axle dump trucks carrying truck from 30 years ago emits MMTA’s bread and butter and the Asso-
70,000 lbs. to operate on the Interstate as much as 60 new clean trucks ciation’s reputation at the capitol is alive
system without axle weights. 89% today. and well. If you ever have a chance to
of Maryland registered 3- and 4-axle 5. Competitively reward companies who participate, don’t miss it!
dump vehicles already have 4-axles. If have not invested in safer, cleaner and
this agreement was ever voided by the more efficient 4-axle vehicles since the Jonathan Kuentz
feds, we would never get it back and carrying capacity of a 3-axle dump 2016-2017
it would turn Maryland’s entire dump would be virtually identical to one with
truck industry on its head. 4-axles. MMTA Chairman of the Board

2. Create additional wear and tear on Fortunately after a lengthy committee
the roadways. A 2011 State Highway hearing where we got to tell our story
Administration research study showed and answer many questions, the General
that a 3-axle truck creates about 3 Assembly voted not to increase 3-axle
times more damage than a 4-axle truck.

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Glen Burnie, MD 21060 Suite 10 & 11, Lakeland, FL 33815
(410) 787-0002 (863) 225-5500

8 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017





Guest Writer

During the first 100 days of the Trump will also be anxious to see how long it will
Administration, many industries have take to change.
been trying to answer the question of how
the regulatory agenda will change under Let’s start with timing…that is, how
President Trump. No doubt it will change, long will it take. The short answer is, some
change will be seen soon and some quite
and certain industries (think banking, a bit later. President Trump’s regulatory
coal and healthcare) are already seeing moratorium, initiated within hours of his
change and potential relief. Many in inauguration on Jan. 20, froze regulations
trucking, from professional drivers to in process but not yet implemented. Other
small and large fleet owners alike, are regulatory changes that will take more
likely still wondering how the robust time are those that proactively provide
regulatory agenda pursued under remedies, incentives or safe harbors de-
President Obama will change. They signed to stimulate business activity.


* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *President Trump’s “Regulatory Freeze later as it relates to electronic logging de- ated regulatory work will be at odds with
Pending Review” means that any regu- vices and the recently published large truck Trump Administration policy, and will find

lation published by the Obama Admin- fuel efficiency rules. the cutting room (i.e., government cubicle)

istration that’s not yet effective, is being The President’s ‘regulatory freeze’ also floor. In fact, for trucking, the first decision

reviewed and scrutinized by President means that ongoing agency work on final was seen just a few weeks ago—that is,
regulations not yet published, or those the decision directing the Federal Motor
DTrautmap’Tsrnaenwstfeearm: at various Agencies

acrEoLsDs tshme ufesdtebrealagbolevteorntmraennstf.eTr hdeatParesle-c-
tronically via either:
1. A “telematics ” approach capable of

wireless Web service; or

It’s a safe bet that some of the Obama2. A “local” method capable of Bluetooth
recehnotlayfpnDuebDllrisDlhievesd Dea.srtpcrhsoope—orsetdrirrefuulectst,thhleyisi—mtCmiptrspaahobrCdplreiaaoeeerqsrrectuiSmdeiacrorftkSueeltalmyhyef,n.eoAWteetydthhymFeaiarilitsenntfvwiteshsiitisiirlnoslaDDttdaiDeneoktcnueeirsteismiosoosilnmwneawDeitrthtaioissdmsnrea,w
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ance, either on the ELD’s display or on a daigncruccetlesyussidsnoio(nnetag.gdlt.r,ariuapvcpiynkragoirnvdtgai),mlw.theFi.leol drbeemlaraeyncoaysrisdnoedcduiaasttserodiens-,

(i.e., government cubicle) floor.hardcopy paper printout.
electronic log must be repaired within 8

elD Malfunctions: Personal Conveyance and yard Dwirtihvtehrisetrdaintssit:ion process, and the review
Moves: atvinimdnDeeorsititoavsmteeirloefsnurwseniltldioleefbtr.ehaeaimbrloeelrteaocttomrroainukimec ,elodwgiitsls;l apnrod-
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* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *economy standards for large trucks. On
pipeline. Below is a short list of some of stakeholder support for this rule, it’s very

electronic logging, while the compliance the more controversial trucking-related likely to move forward this Summer.

date was set by the Obama Administration rules initiated by the Obama Administra- Keep in mind that the three contro-

for December 2017, technically speaking tion that will likely be snagged in Trump’s versial trucking-related rules above are

tlihme iEteLdDexrucelepthioasnsbethenatedffoecNtiOveTshinavce Ftoeb- amroernaotot rrieuqmuinreedt,taonudseiEthLeDr ss.loFwMedCSoAr rec- ninottenddrievdintog,itmimpreo. vTehseafeintya—l rbuolethreiqnudiursetsry

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requairseadntaodkvaenecpeanpoatipceerolfopgr;ohpoosweedvreurl,edriv- • PBreilslisd oenf tlaTdriunmg,p itiisnneroatrtihese, fsircshtePdruelse-s or
Congress mandated the ELD rule and a ers winhoMaursceha20p1a6p;er log more than 8 days in identeqtouiivmapleonstedaocreugmuelanttosriynfdrieceaztein, agntdhe
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PresiedleencttrTornuicmcpo’ns nteeacmtivaittyDcOapTa.bTilhiteysoafme proposed rule in September 2016; t•h e nDuimspbaetrcha nrdectoyrpdes,o tfrripe gruelcaotridosn,s oarf fect-
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truck ‘phase 2’ fuel efficiency standards, o•f thEexlpasetnesieg rhetcyeeipatrss .related to on-duty,
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industry and, more recently, as a policy, regulatory and
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Baltimore Potomac truck ceNters, iNc.

Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now offering full-service
leasing and rental! NAVY BLUE: PMS 2965 BEHINBDEHTHinE dWHtEHEEL W| HQE2ESlpr~ingQ/S3umFamlelr22001176 1151

MMTA 2016 Drivers of the Month

January 2016 October 2016 December 2016
Robert Hess John Connell William Bodnar
Carroll Independent Fuel
UPS Freight 2.7 million miles in a 37-year career BGE
1.3 million miles in a 15-year career 880,000 miles in a 31-year career
November 2016
February 2016 Paul Nesslerodt MMTA’s 2016 Drivers of the Month:
Wharton Marks an elite deserving group of truck
Terminal Transportation D.M. Bowman  drivers that make us proud.
2.8 million miles in a 39-year career 4.7 million miles in a 40-year career

March 2016 CONTINUED 
Willard Nearhoof III
When was the
Pitt Ohio last time the
2.9 million miles in a 40-year career fuel in your
April 2016 tank was
Charles Dennis cleaned?
Perdue Transportation
2+ million miles in a 25-year career Don’t let your operations
be impacted by water,
May 2016
James Walke bacteria or sludge in your fuel.
Interstate Van Lines
4 million miles in a 45-year career Call 410-834-5000 for your free fuel test. BRAD’S

Stanley Sutton, Jr. AT A FAIR PRICE.

Giant of Maryland
1.3 million miles in a 21-year career
BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 13
July 2016
Lawrence Tisdale

Forman, Inc.
3.9 million miles in a 50-year career

August 2016
Richard Bates
Farruggio’s Express
2.7 million miles in a 36-year career

September 2016
Daniel Carter
Cowan Systems

3 million miles in a 30-year career

Maryland on the Move

Continued from page 13

THEY T? Wharton M…has been known to play San- rie, has a little time left over for ice hockey
ta Claus for his customers – showing up in and once sailed from the U.S. to Bermuda!
REALLY a tractor-trailer!
DID T HA Paul (Joe) N… taught his 4’10” wife to
Charles D…also drives a Harley, has drive a freightliner with blocks on the
Lawrence T…with a 50-year career at one participated in one of the largest truck pedals so she could keep the pedal to the
company Lawrence has seen a lot, he’s convoys ever and loves to participate in floor while downshifting! Karen eventually
safely driven the equivalent of 160 trips local “Touch A Truck” events, he is also in- became certified and they drove as a team
around the earth, when he started gas was volved in “Operation Teddy Bear”, which for several years.
.32/gallon, Lyndon B. Johnson was the offers people with mental and physical
President and has since worked at Forman disabilities to “take a ride in a big rig” with William B…coaches little league baseball
through an additional nine presidencies! Perdue’s professional drivers. Very cool. and is an avid motorcycle rider; he also
Wow! enjoys muscle cars & hot rods!
Jim W…actually moved “The Donald”
Stanley S…is a 32-year veteran as a vol- from his casino hotel in NJ to his new Willard N…loves bass fishing and dirt
unteer firefighter and sits on the Board of house in Aspen, CO. Trump put him up in track racing
Directors for the State of Maryland Fire the Trump Plaza Hotel and gave him mon-
Foreman’s Association. ey for the casino…but Jim doesn’t gamble! ~ Great job to all drivers, we are proud to
call you MMTA’s Drivers of the Month/Year ~

Johnny C…has 4 accomplished children, Here’s to another year of SAFE and
takes in foster children with his wife Lau- HEALTHY driving!

1 2
1. Perdue gentlemen anticipate the nights event.
14 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 2. UPS Freight is excited to honor their driver
Robert Hess (left).

3. Cowan folks enjoy the night supporting their
winning driver.
6 4. Interstate Van Lines friends stand proud with

winning driver James Walke (center).

5. Giant staff join the celebration of their driver
Stanly Sutton Jr.

6. Pitt Ohio folks are proud of their driver Willard
Nearhoof (center).

7. Forman staffers here to support their driver
Lawrence Tisdale.

8. Bowman gents getting ready for the night of


* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

itnnhoveteyttSosahhcntkamelonyyiewnaanrcctgnet,ouptcuahhraloelleryvdsreiypndesreo’totdaefvmsrtitdhuesheecaaeascfyfrfehoseetretoedwudmmarbnwoileseof,iun&bttshuheftdoeaumstuikplynp•. oorwttThieineancghgho wyutohrsuiev-roy edf-rssai.evrDreevrrsica ihevtorewhegr otusoml asctaoeiomynpsl,y with such as the safety regulations, defensive
and compliant driving, ongoing training
correctly and to its potential. • Stop the vehicle when the driver and communications, performance
tracking, and remedial training.
There is also the issue of purchasing a reaches a limit,
If used correctly, the system can serve as
system that does what you want it to do. a proactive tool. You should be able to see
trends in hours-of-service violations, as
Not all systems are created equal. Some • Make sure the driver has all well as speed, idle time, hard braking, and
other driver behaviors in advance of the
include an extensive communications and credentials, or driver getting into trouble or being
involved in a crash.
tracking capability, while others are a more
ELDs will only make you compliant if
simple ELog-only system. The more capa- • Make the drivers obey the traffic laws. you put the legwork into implementing the
program, training drivers and supervisors,
bilities you want in the system, the more and use the data to identify drivers that are
not complying.
costly it will become. ELDs will not make you compliant
Do not let myths and rumors derail the
One question to ask every vendor you overnight. implementation of ELDs.

are considering is, “What is your ‘range’ of However, they do help you, if used Finally, remember that the clock is
ticking. By December 18, 2017, you will
offerings within your system?” Can it be correctly, get more compliant by eliminating have had to deal with all of these myths
and the resistance that comes with them,
expanded to include other options or func- two of the most common HOS violations, and successfully implemented electronic
logs. BTW
tionality? Do you want the options they are “Form and Manner” and “Log Not Current.”

offering? How much are they increasing They also help with compliance with the

your cost? HOS limits, provided the system gives the

driver a warning when approaching a limit

MyTH: elDs will make us and the driver heeds the warning.

compliant overnight The ELD can be a powerful tool if used

This is more of a wish than a myth. The as part of an overall compliance program

truth is that ELDs do not: that includes training on critical topics BEHINBDEHTHinE dWHtEHEEL W| HQE2ESlpr~ingQ/S3umFamlelr22001176 2115

person of

2017 the year:

Managing Editor

Photos by Steve Kwak
Executive Office of the Governor

“We’re open for business” is the and their results. Being responsible is not
greeting on twenty signs leading just a buzz word among this staff, it’s the
into the state of Maryland since the day bottom line. Wrapping up the banquet,
Larry Hogan was inaugurated as the 62nd Governor Hogan let MMTA members
governor in 2015. As a frustrated private know that as long as he’s in office, the
sector business owner, Hogan’s election trucking industry will have an advocate at
platform promised to bringing fiscal re- the top of the state.
sponsibility to Maryland state government.
Hogan also founded Change Maryland, “We are experiencing tremendous
which is the largest nonpartisan organi- job growth, business growth, and an
zation in state history fighting to make exciting economic resurgence in our
Maryland better. Thanks to his recognition state, and the men and women of the
of the positive impacts of the trucking and Maryland Motor Truck Association
transportation industries, Maryland Motor have played a key role in that success,”
Truck Association honored Governor Larry said Governor Hogan. “With our ad-
Hogan as its 2017 Person of the Year on ministration, the trucking industry will
May 4, 2017. continue to have a friend in the gover-
nor’s office, and a tireless advocate who
Nearly 200 guests came out to the will be fighting on your behalf each and
Loew’s Annapolis Hotel to celebrate with every day.”
the governor and his wife Yumi. Some
of Hogan’s positive contributions to the Proceeds from the event benefit the
trucking industry include a toll reduction Walter and Harriet Thompson Schol-
for the first time in the state’s history, arship Fund, which provides support to
elimination of the stormwater fee mandate students enrolled in truck driving and
and rededication of transportation funds diesel mechanic programs at MMTA
to highway projects. Secretary of Labor, member community colleges. This year’s
Licensing & Regulation Kelly Schulz students are enrolled at the Mountaintop
served as the emcee at the banquet, shar- Truck Driving Institute at Garrett College.
ing her experiences of working with the Since the inception of the scholarship
governor. Schulz made it crystal clear that program, over $75,000 has been donated
she is a fan, touting his focus and work to students through this event. We sincere-
effort to make each day on the job count. ly thank all of our sponsors and guests,
Hogan holds every single cabinet member not just this year, but for all the years of
accountable for their actions, their goals attendance that have helped us reach this
exceptional milestone.

16 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017

maryland governor

BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 17

scenes from the 2017 per

18 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017

son of the year banquet BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 19


Moving forward with implementation of OSHA’s new anti-retaliation rules


Guest Writers

On May 12, 2016, the Occupational of a preliminary injunction. against employees who file complaints
Safety and Health Administration As no appeal was filed, the decision with OSHA. The new regulations reiter-
(“OSHA”) issued new regulations which ated this statutory prohibition on retali-
were ostensibly designed to encourage currently stands, and OSHA began ation, but also allow OSHA to bring suit
prompt and accurate reporting of work- enforcement of the new regulations on against an employer even if the employee
place injuries, and to prohibit employers Dec. 1, 2016. However, the revisions to did not file a complaint.
from “retaliating” against employees for the regulations prohibiting “retaliation”
reporting work-related injuries or illness- were considered by many to be vague OSHA defines “retaliation” as any
es. The regulations faced an immediate and overbroad. materially “adverse action,” that is, any
challenge in the United States District action which would deter a reasonable
Court for the Northern District of Texas, Since the initial publication of the employee from reporting a work-related
where multiple employers brought suit regulations in May of 2016, OSHA has illness or injury. Retaliation is usually
and demanded a preliminary injunction, issued multiple memorandums to region- thought of in the context of disciplinary
alleging that the new rules were “unlawful al administrators in an attempt to further policies, and often involves circumstances
to the extent that they prohibit or other- clarify the rule changes and provide pro- where employers terminate an employ-
wise limit incident-based employer safety cedures for enforcing the new rules. As ee, cut an employee’s pay, give a poor
incentive programs and/or routine manda- a practical matter, these memorandums performance evaluation, or otherwise
tory post-accident drug testing programs.” also provided employers with additional unfairly punish an employee for reporting
guidance for revising their workplace a work-related injury.
On Nov. 28, 2016, the presiding judge policies and procedures in order to com-
denied the injunction, finding that the ply with the new rules. The recent regulations were designed
plaintiffs did not meet their burden to to combat less apparent instances of
provide a clear showing that they would Preventing All Instances of Retaliation retaliation. As a result of the new rules,
suffer “irreparable harm” in the absence employers will need to develop “reason-
Previously, the Occupational Safety able” procedures for reporting work-relat-
and Health Act prohibited retaliation

20 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017

someone will be contacting him or her, just Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester
like is done currently.
Maryland Mobile
MedyinTjHur:ieWs oer willinlelslsoess,eeldimriinvaintegbltainmkeet Trailer Service, Inc.
apnosdt-imnjournyedyru‘ghtaenstdingovpoelricfieiss,ta’ nifdwe
irmevpielwemanednretveisleDems ployee incentive • Since 1983 •

proFigrrsatmofsf., you need to ask yourself: Why COMPLETE TRAILER & TRUCK MAINTENANCE FACILITY
do you believe this? Is it that you know you
hRaevaesdornivaebrlseoRpeerpaotirntignpgaPstrothceehdouurerss-of- • Fleet P.M. Program
s–erTvhicee “liTmimites ”toa gnedne“rMateea enxstr”a Tresvet nfoure? • D.O.T. Indpections
ARreepyoorutionvgerInbojuorkiiensg loads, making promis- • MD State Inspections “Trailers”
leossyeUotuonroddemrriuvthceherstnciemawne’trtuokleueesnp,n,eehmcaepvslisonaygreydrsrsiiavttreiernsg, • Road Service
orreqsuufirfeedrintog fdreovmeloapwaorrkelaosaodndaibslteripbruotcioen- • DuPont Certified Paint Facility / 60ft. Paint Booth
pdruorbelefmor?reporting work-related injuries • R.V. Body Repairs
orTilhlneetsrsuetsh, tios tihnafot rimf yoemu hpalovyeedersivoefrtshtahtat • Maxon Liftgate Distributor
aprreoocpederuartei,nagnodvetor tihnefohromuresm-opfl-oseyreveisceoflim- • Interlift Liftgate Distributor
itthsetior griegnhetratotermepoorretrwevoernku-ere, lyaotuedarienjautries • Morgan Parts Distributor / Warranty
hwigithhoriustk rfeotraaliasitgionnif.iAcacnctofridnianngctioal OanSdHA, • Great Dane / Utility Warranty Facility
cerxeadmibpillietsy olofs“sudnureeatosoannaabuled”itrinepgopretninaglty
aosprrerevoPtoeuocrsespaidsonliubsgsrtlte-epecspasrposianelsoucrhrtlluilodoidtgniiefsgsfiaorctetrouipoEltotnLhrrDit—esiqsnd.ugwiilprehemoemtlmihceeinaertssywothuitaht 6735 DORSEY ROAD, ELKRIDGE, MD 21075
idnectleurdeemefpfelocytienegs afrcohmanrgeepoinrttihneg oinpjeurraiteison-
a(lotrewmhpiochanadrereovtehneurwe eisxep“euctnadtuiolynsb,urer-duc- 410-761-4884 410-379-6090
idnegnssiottmineg”)t,imanedwriitghiidn“tphreofmlepett-r(teipmoertsipnegnt PHONE FAX
wreaqituiinrgemtoenlotasd” othrautnrleosaudl,tbinreeamkdpolwoynese,
edtics.c),ipbleitnteerfodrisltartieburetipnogrtoifntgh. e workload, RICE TIRE SINCEB1EH95in6dRtIHCE EWHTEIERl E~ QH3AFaSll 2016 19
Since the issuance of the rules, OSH➥A 60CELEBRATING MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS
is “Fuinnarellays, oynouabwlei”ll infeietdwtoualddddrestesrthoer “big WWW.RICETIRE.COM
bdriosctohuer”agfeeaarsr.eOansoenoafbtlheeeemapsileosytewe afyros mto
daocctuhriastieslytoreepxoprlatiinngtoa twhoerdkrpivlaecrethinejury or FACEBOOK.COM/RICETIRE
tqhueisreessythstaetmthseuesme wplhoeyneeitaccotm“erseatsootnraacbkly-” FOR HIGH LEVEL SERVICE AND VALUE VISIT US AT ONE OF OUR 10 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS.
idanasgtwaaentlhdl.artAetpnhoeersmteipnslgyo.syDteeurmewstiogleltnnheoertvabtoeleu, limtiaiebsolaefllfor
baunteimmpploosyseibel’se ufonrrseoamsoenoanbeletoinstietrdporwetnatainond BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
“owf aatncho”ththeerwdirsievearpspfrroompritahtee breapckorotfifnigce. To
mpoalkiceys.ense out of the data, the system CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473
aitrseelofcicsuarrpepnrcoepsrsiautceh, aOsSvHioAlathiaosnst(agtoeidngthat FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009
ipnrgo)c,eadnudrepofoorr pfielirnfogramraenpcoeritsosufeasn(ein.gj.ury Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester
eoxrcielslnsievses imdluinstgboer rfaelalsinognaobultes.idTehteh“etime”
st“rrhdyeeqqseetluuveiviiemrreheersmipycaelewermnaiitnspmrdlboeeoetfywieeenrr”egss)s,.tonTtopoohewerroerahnepteefeonodirrsttewhl,,deausre BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 21
andIntehfefe“cmt,etahnes”sitrueqatuioirnemsheonutlrdebfeerns otodif-
fheorewntthtehapnroitceisdtuorde arye.qWuihreesn idllrnivesesrstoarbee job correctly, no one will be
looking over their shoulder. However, if a
like is done currently. will lose driving time

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *OSHA appears to take particular issue serious enough to be recordable.
suffered a work-related injury or illness.”

with the “time” component of reporting In one case, an employee developed Likewise, it is obviously not reasonable to

wproorckesd, uwrheast. Phrei/osrhetonetheedsnteowdroetgoulianttieornasc,t rpeagiunldatuioentos awnodrtkh-ereslyastteedmreapsewtietilvl.e reqOunirceeaandjeumstpmloeynetes atorermepaodret taowreofrinke-rteh-e
wseivtehriatl, ehmowpltooyseerst ihtaudp“fporroamropatd-rseipdoert- Smuopteiorvnissobresgninenedintgooknneowweheokwetahrleieurn. Tithe plartoecdesinsejusrbyasimedmoendtiahteeleyxpwehreiennhcee oofrtshhee is
binectaapgarcoiutapt,eydouduweatnot tthoepiuntjuyoryu.r “more
inspection and/or how to get corrections functions, what information is available to engAagsead ”redcreinvet resxoanmtopltehoe fsyasrteevmisnedext.

made will quickly become frustrated with them, and how to interpret what they’re Trehpeosretidnrgivpeorsliwcyi,llinhaJvuelyth2e0b1e6s,tOexSpHeArience

the system. Frustrated drivers are not seeing. wseittthletdhae scyassteemth,aatpwparescbiartoeuigthqtuaicgkaeinr,satnd
sUh.aSr.eStteheel wfoorrdmwaiitnhtatihneinirgcaonwoimrkmeresd. iSaatvee
happy drivers, and drivers that are not What you don’t want is the driver being trhepeodrrtiivnegrspaonlidcys.uApserpvairstorosftthhaetsyeotutlekmnoenwt,
haOppyStHendAto sdtaret lfoionkineg sfor“arjoebtelasel-iatciaougnht”beatwseean anhyighlmy acacutraeterloigagilnlgy o“wtpahfoinfelleltiencib-mydet.eepaTcrlshhco,hneydaoefrlrluiolvelaglendyrtgo”seexpdwfttroeiitorvdhfelaartesshxrt,eteh(rvsreaieumbslceeihtedvulayaranselntpyleoosoggeruacttritinivogen
where. Make it a point that all drivers will aintttihtuedseest,tleetmc.)e.nYtocuhdaongneodt wthaenetmdrpilvoeyresra’snd
spuopliecryvitsoo:rs who are having a bad experi-
“adverse action,” that is, any action whichbe thoroughly trained before being put on
system and a dispatcher who, based on etanlcAksAeis/nnwhygeioettumhbometpthchlieoogeymihsretyecesiosmtewwamaohwgroitkanoerieserb,setaoaittfgbhhwaoetnuoeftrniikrinitsn.jwtugohrunyepens
customer and/or operational demands, is papoerr liollgneausdsimtinugstanredpuosritngitaa“sbsetoaongroup”
willarseqreuairseotniambel.yWpiotshstihbelel,oobmutinign cnoompli-
the system. trying to force the driver to do too much. ancevdeenatdliantee,rctahrarinerlsecaavninngottahfefoprldatnot
would deter a reasonable employee fromTo accomplish this, follow the tried-and- This will lead to frustration and possible
true trarineinpg moetrhtodinof g“telal mwe, shoowrkme-, redlraivetrelodssesilifltnheesitsusatioonrisianllowjuedrtoy. delaoyr e8xphlourirnsgaeflteecrtrboencicomlogins.gTahweraerearoef
and have me do it.” Teach the driver about continue. manthyestienpjus rtyhaotrmilulnset sbse,awcchoimchpelivsehredis
(deveealrolpieinr.g specifications, vendor selec-
the system, show the driver what he/she tion, high-level and supervisor training,

will need to do, and then run simulations uSe A BeTA GrOuP TO TeST COnCePTS installation plans developed, etc.) before

using the system in “real world” situations. Be selective when it comes to the drivers

Tinhgeptoraliicniiensg” nweheidcshtroebqeuiwreedll ipmlamnnedeidaatend aemndpslouypeeervriescoerisveydouaifninitaial lwlyapruntinogntfrootmhe
erexpeocurttiendgsooffwruosrtkraptliaocnesiilnlnuesssinogrtihnejusryise-s. sthyesteemmp. lSotyaertr wfoirthfaail“ibnegtato” gtrimoueply. Treh-is ini-
tTehme at these policies, ttaupeidonasvrrltaetgyanarosconuoeurniponatfjorbutaflhriednye.rbiwniOevgcieSd,arHesusrysaAserntoefidltomlosuduu,nipdtad.nenTrdtovhhpitiessos“oleparicosldlileorciisacwvynienrs
fciOtirngTeHxeamDrpilveseorf’SinSjuArkiees, aDnOd nillOnTesses afonrdrseuppoerrtvinisgowrsicthainntaherneasseornvaebalse“tmimene -
fwOhricGhedTevTeHloepSouvPeerrtivmiSe,OhraSv!e latency taoftresr,”aonr eevmepnlo“tyreaeinreerasl,i”zweshtehnatthheewoirdsehre
perNioedxst,, moradkoe snuorteitnhitaitatllhyeadprpiveearrs’tosubpeer-

visors are trained on the hours-of-service implementation takes place.

15 Sylmar Road, Nottingham, PA 19362 When you protect your truck’s parts, you protect your
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of products with ISOSYN® Technology and Delo Extended
Life Coolants. Delo helps:

• Provide extended service protection
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619981_Reit.indd 1

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05/04/13 3:12 AM

Employee Incentive Programs Should out discouraging the reporting of injuries any instances of workplace retaliation.
“Promote Safety” and illnesses.” Going forward, employers Most recently, in January 2017, OSHA
should develop safety incentive programs recently released “Recommended Practices
OSHA now prohibits which “promote worker participation in for Anti-Retaliation Programs,” a guide
employers from several safety-related activities.” For example, for employers to create workplaces that
types of employee incentive an employer may have a periodic prize are free of retaliation (available at http://
programs, many of which drawing for all employees who partic- As OSHA continues
“have the potential to dis- ipated in a safety training program, or to redefine the meaning of retaliation,
courage reporting of work-re- may offer rate-based incentives based on employers will need to continue to revise
lated injuries and illnesses without compliance with legitimate safety rules their policies and procedures to keep pace
improving workplace safety.” Exam- (rather than based on reported acci- with the shifting guidance on the regula-
ples of inappropriate policies include: dents). These programs may not be pre- tions.
periodic prize drawings for employees textual; that is, if OSHA determines that
who did not report injuries, rate-based an employer withheld a benefit from an Albert B. Randall, Jr. is the President of Franklin &
incentives rewarding workers for low employee simply for reporting a work-re- Prokopik, P.C., and can be reached at arandall@
rates of injuries, and incentive programs lated injury or illness, OSHA may issue a Matthew George Kuspa is an associate
based on teams of workers remaining citation to the employer. with Franklin & Prokopik, P.C., and can be reached at
injury-free, leading to peer pressure on [email protected].
employees not to report injuries. Conclusion
Importantly, the new regulations do
not constitute a blanket ban on employee The revised regulations reflect a sig-
safety incentive programs, but “programs nificant shift in the definition of retali-
must be structured in such a way as to ation, and OSHA is presently showing
encourage safety in the workplace with- no signs of slowing its efforts to combat

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Office Movers Owner Operators Amazon Contractors BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 25

26 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017

2017 Maryland General Assembly Report

Executive Editor

Maryland’s 90-day General Maryland; however, there are some recycling collection trucks will now
Assembly session ended April 10. changes in how to obtain the credit. be allowed to display yellow or amber
As always, MMTA maintained a full-time There is now a $500,000 maximum lights while a vehicle is in motion to
presence in Annapolis to protect the in- that may be given out to all taxpayers indicate it is slow moving and may
terests of the trucking industry. Below is a in a year, and a cap of $10,000 that a impede traffic. Previously these vehicles
summary of the new laws that passed and single taxpayer may receive under this could not legally turn on these warning
will impact your business, as well as some credit in a tax year. Applicants must lights while moving.
highlights of legislation that failed. Please obtain a certificate from the MVA so • Tow Trucks Using HOV Lanes (MMTA
call Louis Campion at MMTA at 410-644- the agency can track how much money position: support) – Tow trucks re-
4600 if you have any questions about a has been given out on a first-come, sponding to a call for service will now
specific piece of legislation. first-serve basis until the $500,000 cap be able to use a high occupancy vehicle
is reached. (HOV) lane. This will expedite a tow
Bills that Passed: • Hydraulic fracking ban (MMTA truck’s arrival at the scene of an acci-
position: oppose) – To the dismay of dent and/or ability to remove a broken
• Mandatory paid “sick” leave (MMTA many in Western Maryland, during the down vehicle that is impeding traffic.
position: oppose) – One of the highest session Gov. Hogan unexpectedly an- • Prohibition on Lead and Mercury
profile issues that passed was a man- nounced he did not support hydraulic Wheel Weights (MMTA position: mon-
date that businesses with 15+ employ- fracking for natural gas and would sign itor) – In response to concerns about
ees provide workers with 1 hour of a ban if it passed. This opened the door the health impacts of lead and mercury
paid leave for every 30 hours worked. for the General Assembly, who expected exposure, the Assembly passed a ban
Companies with 14 or less employees he would veto such a ban. Within days on the use of lead and mercury wheel
must offer unpaid leave at the same of the Governor’s announcement, the weights. After January 1, 2020, motor
rate. Gov. Hogan promised to veto this legislature passed a ban on hydraulic vehicle or tire manufacturers, wholesal-
law; however, the advocates are pres- fracking for natural gas in Maryland. ers, retailers, repair facilities, or anyone
suring him not to veto this mandate. • Seasonal Exceptional Milk Hauling who installs wheel weights may not
MMTA urged the Governor to hold Permit (MMTA position: support) – use or sell an externally attached lead
true to his pledge and demonstrate that This bill allows raw liquid milk haulers or mercury wheel weight during the
Maryland truly is “open for business” to obtain a permit that allows them to first tire installation, replacement, or
by proceeding with a veto. In late May, carry 88,000 lbs. on a 5 axle vehicle balancing on any new or used vehicle
the Governor vetoed this legislation. from March 1 to June 30 each year. registered in the state.
The General Assembly will attempt to • Live Poultry Haul Weights (MMTA po-
override his veto when it reconvenes in sition: support) – Live poultry haulers Bills that Failed:
January 2018. traveling from a farm to a processing
facility between November 1 and April • Higher weights for 3 axle dump
• $400 tax credit for Class F tractors 30 will be able to carry 90,000 lbs. over trucks (MMTA position: oppose) -
(MMTA position: support) – MMTA 5 axles on state roads. Jurisdictions are Some dump truck companies pursued
was successful in getting a 3-year limited to the Eastern Shore counties increasing the allowed weight on a 3
renewal of the $400 tax credit that only, with vehicles subject to Level 1 or axle dump truck to 65,000 lbs.,
individuals or companies may claim on Level 5 inspections twice a year.
their state income tax for each Class • Slow Moving Trash Truck Lights CONTINUED 
F tractor that they title and register in (MMTA position: support) – Waste or BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017 27

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *with a 4 percent tolerance. MMTA
wage, sick leave) that exceed the state trative, executive, or professional em-

opposed this because it jeopardized standards. A bill to prohibit counties ployees making less than $913 per week

an agreement that Maryland has with and localities from passing their own ($47,476 per year) be paid overtime.

the federal government allowing 4 laws going forward unfortunately died Those rules have been on hold since

“aWxlheednuwmepfitrrsutcikmsptloemcaernrtye7d0e,l0e0ct0ronic in committee. December and have not been imple-

logsl,bws.ewbirtohungohtaexvle rwy edigrihvtesrointtohoeur • Predictive scheduling (MMTA position: mented. HB 665 & SB 607 would have

NorItnhteLristttalteeRs,oacnkdobffeicaeufoser ittrawinoiunlgd bgeivfoere osttIfohcpehec“prheexeodtaqmgsunuephplg)ieurlels–oeseyaLyeaaetmwerrwlsegiepwinamsliooslioatatyusitde2linhrdoer1snhwhgdsotawoiaatvtyhapuehssionntitisotnnot2Dthpa1wrtadowodyvidtrraanuktynhchsaiceegtede.inwymoionn•u gre(bid“mMckuuSw—aptcMaefslteedhT”m,,tenAwyspewueanwppcDtcoeipkehdsrtoaoiehgrtthaitehdonaoendttfsos:eeeaoloaoiimruvtpuetepledlrttenoy.osDdshmeiendgaaoe)sMn–ydisenaaTtrtesroyeol,aa-dn-d,
eampnloDyeew“prhediyctatbilhityepyay”h, aandvif e it. tduresrs inncrienasigng tihteftoofnpacakangesDfrom
turn3inaxgloenduthmeputnriut,c”kBsraowconmteplelstituisv.eAnd, a slhieft tis tcainncelgled ‘weitmhin 2l4ohoourss oef wourelsidDen’cvese, legDisleatfioinnwaistinetrloyduced to
starting or after an emplobyeee reepnortas mistreaqukireep.a”ckage delivery companies to
keeapdivnamntiangdetohvaetrMcoamvepriacnkieis athnaOt hTaRd to work the employer would have to store delivery preferences for each ad-

opeirnavteiosnte,dsoinb4rinagxilnegvetheicilre1s.,700 drivers pay a—mwinaimyunmelebverl oofwconm,pvenpsaotiofn.infordmreasstwiohenre ttheeycdhenlivoerl, goivge ycu, stomers
i•n fLorotcraalirneignuglawtaiosnnsooefahseyafveyatw. eight The bill would also hamveapvreevrenictekd ttheransptoheratbailittyiotonreroute a shipment, and

AttruMckavse(rMicMk, TtrAainpionsgitcioonn:siosptepdoosef)tw– o use of independent contractors on a more. After demonstrating that the ma-
houTrshoisf winosutrludchtoarv-elegdivaennd lhoacnadl sg-oovnetrrna-in-
ing.mDernivtserssusbpsetanntttiiaml eauinthaolraibty, cthoarneggiunlgate job until the work was first offered to jor package delivery companies already
thewdeavnitciensgbteofourseetshpeeyceifvieedr ervoeandsatttoemenptteerd employees. Fortunately it died without do this, the bill was amended with
to oipnetoramteatihneteenleacntcroenaigcrleoegms einnttshweiritchatbhse.
oa•n me“OapuTionchhvhsveeeioratmwitlroviioomennrrdg:see.t.oprtpuohplseioinstsigfevo)yero–euexLmpcaaepsnrtloieydyneoeacetersotf(hotMhreeeMUsve.eTSr.Ay- wTBurooruwnfdMlodiinenrM’d.vgpeTaiintdAcoek’csfnaoisgnmaueinptmdedplieoytlletirebvtteteet.ireonyngitna‘hecmemrfetias;lotshaoeokspweee,e”nvsaealrty,iseits
Tgroavineernrsmtehnetn, atonodkmthoereir. eFdourctautnioanteolyne guyDs iespht.aonfdLtahbeomr naenwnotuenchcendolcohgaynwgeitshtoout Of course, drivers weren’t the only ones
uesws•tud niert,IdpehclPGtnaeahernftreewtnieuhsdsoahettrsecremeodtyhg(fthooeeMfepeedoduna’ctsrrrrbidhMh.ostiCl,nvToenwMTteoo-whhcAroluaeo,oihifsnsyltgnepotldiyccwotoygngelkcwsgiovfaoemiaeeretandmlakdisbsodtwetteetenwmodrBhdda:y.oeeeag.sirnmnlCenuktsttipoaimuoinopnunrngotodne,hrramttdbeetyhs)r,eacCeeinP–davxiferebetIrpifynroniestnccrette-- traionvinergti—mewriuthleosuttoerxepqluaiirneinthgahtoawdmit inis-
endhdarvaemaallticcoanllsyidmerinedimoirzepdasfsreudsttrhaetiironown to undergo training at Maverick. Everyone

wasn’t a simple thing to do, but it made for works, what it does, and why they have it. ➥

SALES • PARTS BEHind tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2m0m1t6anet2.co5m


2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230

2w8ww.mBEmHItNaDneTtH.cEoWmHEEL | Q2 Spring/Summer 2017

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *
Welcome New Members
it’s valuable insight, at that. communicating effectively across your software. But for carriers that are starting
BrAodwelny is an active voice in the transpor- enGtreiraet tMeiallms Tr—adienvgePnosbtefore the logging Qufarolimty FaurcnleitaunresWlaatreeh, oBursoewdnbaoPffriecresBtuhsitserssage
soHleurtrinogntohnaTsrabnesepnorstaetleiocnt,eIdnc. . Riagdhvt iWcien:g Transport, LLC
tatioAnlltPeoclhisnhoedloOguytfTirealdns,psoerrtvatiniogn on several

advisAortrhyubr oJ.aGradlslaagnhderaction committees for InAsutrManaceveOrfifcicke,otfhAemrerwicas complete RM T“hIorhnitgohnlMyercehcaonmicmal end that you select a

induAsstrkyRseuggpipeliers. Furthermore, Maverick’s trJaPnTsrpuackrienngcy across the entire RovbeenrtdLoeretHhuantgherafsorad real-time connected solu-

IT teBaemnnwetatsCroencsotrguncitzioend, Ibnyc.Computer World orJ.gWan. Tirzeauttiho&n,Sionncsluding the drivers. “Every RotsioenTr.aTnhspeorretawtiiolnl,bIneca. lot of truckstop ELD-
withCth&eC2V0e1n2tuBreess,tLiLnCBusiness Intelligence biJt.Ro.’fs pHaaiunlintgha&tRwolel-fOeflftSoerrvwiceesf,eLlLtCthey Rotwyep-eA-sWoaluytIinocn. s that meet the minimum
EditoCrB’sHCighhoEicneteArpwriasredL.LC wKoauslkdinfse&el,Ctoh. at was communicated across SaruenqdueirrseBmroetnhtesrso, fIntch. e regulation, but they
InCsehnotrrat,ChaereknAodwvesnwtishtaHtehaelt’shtCaalkreinUgrgaebnotuCt.are tmtihMLMoaeeInaanatblr’dddssiosfehaoaannto&reltoSidtMoTi,ltsrl”ocuulenlnstceikaoongdiynwnenissfargfrnBaeCerAroaceognhlniewsozntueinclcntdi.eaeosn—w—tstibhmuapttlttehhmeaetEnLtDa- SST.ttErederee.udqvaMaceugt.tlaeiuGlTpyarretaumbyhwlceleeekCroysinonnwnTtng’rtac,aeirynpIneenrtsdtaceoph.tvomIaonrintcdoam.erttiehaocnneoe,yfmafIgndipcecoai.eantnnoiteddsaaunwyt.di”iltikhznetohtwheel-ir

fullCyh-aCpmoamn Amssiotcitaotest,hInec.elD
impCloedmdinegtnontaLutmiobenr CPor.,oIncce. ss

IfCyroeuek’rSetsoenreiLoaunsdascbaopuet&laEuxncacvhaitningga suc- doMeyslinn’,tLcLhCadnbgaeMtyhlien’ismPpooolrWtaantecre of commu- TarJeBt Hroawulningg,oLeLsCon to recommend an ELD
cessfDuelnEveLrDCoimmppalneimese,nLtLaCtion, your organi- nNicoartthioAnm. erican Commercial Vehicle Show Tovsekonvd&orStohnsatExocfafvearsti,nagt, Iancm. inimum, sophisti-
zatioDnepmenudsatbdleemDroaynasgtera3t6e0a commitment to NVBSroTwranswpoirltlatteiolnl ,yLoLuC, “You’ve got to com- ToctalteCdivicllCouondstsreurcvtiiocnes&wEnitghinpeeorrintagl,sLLoCr web

safetDyig—z Trtaonps,pdorotwSyns,teamnd across the board. mOudnysicsaetyeMtiodaytolaunrticguLLyCs and train them for a TrasenrsvloigciesstixanLLdCAPIs to integrate with your

It wiFlal nretaqsutiicreFiarenwionrkvsestment of time on the lot ofdbreaaHsFoMnsC,oilnlecgleudHuinngksretention and opti- Uneixveisrstianl gTratedcehSnoolultoiognies,s.InTch. at way, you’ll be
frontF-oewnledr aTrnudcktinhge,rLeLwC ill be a learning curve
thatFwreidllRs.loMwooyreou& dSoonw, nInct.emporarily. mOiMzaOtiBounlk. WLogeishtaicds that commitment.” UpatbolwentoBaukseersevery bit of data available in real
Expect tdhbaatC. ollins Wharf Sod UStiRmeceytcolinggaGinromupa, xInimc. um efficiencies.
iat felHveeGFeoYrtowIotweTdhrvayaaeesntar’sbrs,peiCsoffoaroytmfaroeemtrui.oeandrncoidailtmTwioreerlel,eyfofiuc’ilelnotptehraatne CrPOhearatorikzloe-TrTrsBaienlmoscTpkeoerCtcionLhmLsnCpiaognylhotgy that Offers
caPPbarIenstcseiMpscoihoarntnvXHoe,elrLoaiLcgltCkyh’sthcaastew, othueldy Wainynve’es sWtelidningeSleDrvicTer, aInicn. ing
already had in-
support elec- Ask Brown and he’ll tell you that train-
ing is absolutely critical to a successful ELD

And, it all starts with a commitment to tronic logs — they just had to turn on the rollout.

Unmatched customer support and industry knowledge are the cornerstones of our business as well as
our dedication to our customers. We service all industries but focus heavily on the Commercial On-Road
market and support the entire Mid Atlantic Region. We support the over the road trucking industry with
customized solutions from performance driven lubricants and oil analysis to ultra clean Diesel Exhaust
Fluid. We have the products and services you will need to take your fleet to the next level!

Call us today to ask how PPC Lubricants can help reduce your overall operating costs.

Call (800)772-5823 or visit us at

m2m4tanetB.cEomHind tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 Sprwingw/Swu.mmmmert2a0n1e7t.co2m9

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WTAEC BEHIND THE WHEEL | Q2 SpWrinygo/mSuinmgmTreurc2kYi0nR1gC7AWssoorcl3dia1wtiiodne
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800.228.8602 Knowledge is Power Not All Trucking Companies Are Alike

Trucking is all we do. When you choose Great West to insure your trucking
business, you are getting over 60 years of experience in the trucking industry.

Our agents work with you. Not every insurance agent can represent Great
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GREAT WEST CASUALTY COMPANY – No matter where the road takes you, you
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