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Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Published by Matthews Publishing Group, 2017-11-28 14:20:53

Behind the Wheel Q4 Winter 2017-2018

Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

Keywords: trucking,business,politics,safety

Q4 WINTER 2017


MMTA 2017-2018 Chairman
The Ritter Companies

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16 The Ritter Way
The Ritter Companies span three generations
and are still going strong under new MMTA
Chairman Matt Ritter's leadership


7 Driver Recruitment
and Retention Strategies

Tips that work


12 Maryland on the Move
MMTA’s Annual “Boosting Your Business”

24 Phishing for a Solution
Cybersecurity awareness, tips for companies
to fend off cyber-attacks


5 Chairman’s Message
23 New Members
30 Calendar of Events
30 Advertising Resource Index




The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

Behind the Wheel is owned by the Maryland Motor Truck
Association and is published by Matthews Publishing Group.
To request additional copies, order reprints of individual articles
or to become a subscriber to Behind The Wheel, please contact
Selena Griffin at (410) 644-4600. To inquire about advertising,

please contact the publisher at (501) 690-9393.

Publisher “You are not in the driver recruitment business,
Jennifer Matthews-Drake but sometimes, you feel like you are!”
Matthews Publishing Group
[email protected]

Executive Editor The most recent data from the American Trucking Associations, released at its annual
Louis Campion
[email protected]

Managing Editor meeting in October, showed a shortage of 50,000 truck drivers across the country. To
Selena Griffin
quote ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello, “but it feels worse” because of all the churning
[email protected]

Art Director of drivers as they move from one company to another. That’s probably why the American
C. Waynette Traub
[email protected] Transportation Research Institute recently identified the driver shortage as the industry’s

Copy Editor/Proofer number one concern, jumping six spots from last
Harris Jimanski

Photographer year’s annual survey of motor carriers. It’s also
David Sinclair
why I’ve elected to discuss this as the subject of
Contributing Writers
my first Chairman's Message
Steve Brawner Jennifer Barnett Reed
Mary Lou Jay John Schulz
Renee Miller Angela Thomas Ultimately, I believe we are to blame for

Derek Rayment Todd Traub the current shortage of qualified drivers. While

studies point out the importance of positive

recognition of your employees, my sense is that

Maryland Motor Truck Association until driver pay increases dramatically, quality Outgoing MMTA Chairman Jonathan Kuentz,
drivers will be increasingly hard to find. In my Ross Contracting with incoming Chairman
Louis Campion business, I am a facilitator. Drivers are the ones Matt Ritter, The Ritter Companies at MMTA's
President & CEO Annual Conference
[email protected]
Dottie C. Duvall who actually run the business. Ironically, though drivers are critical to the functioning of
Vice President - Administration
[email protected] our companies, they are often underpaid. Their low salaries either force or entice them to

Brenda Tharp investigate opportunities at other trucking companies or in other professions.
Director of Safety
[email protected] In Montgomery County, Maryland, and in other places around the country, there is
Selena L. Griffin
a growing push for a $15 minimum wage. Many of these minimum wage occupations
[email protected] require unskilled labor. But the work day in these jobs have predictable start and end
Margie Anne Bonnett
Marketing & Communications Director times, your responsibility is low, and you are home every night. In contrast, entry-level
[email protected]
truck drivers, and sometimes even veterans, may make just a few dollars more than
Kathy Norris
Administrative Assistant $15 an hour. The hours are long – in some cases 50 to 60 hours a week – and can be
[email protected]
unpredictable. When I see a driver struggling to put food on the table or pay his bills, as
Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland the CEO of my company, I put myself in the “driver’s shoes” and ask, “Would I work
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry. these hours for this amount of pay?”
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive A pay increase is even more deserved when one considers the challenges that truck
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry. The organization also provides public relations drivers face. These include:
services, education services, operational services and serves
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations. TRAFFIC – The Baltimore/Washington corridor is consistently rated as having some

For more information, contact MMTA at: of the worst traffic congestion in the United States. I live in the heart of the corridor –
Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc.
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045 in Howard County. Before the growth of neighborhoods in my area, I could make it
Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537
to Route 29 in less than five minutes to get on my way to work. Now, as that growth
continues, it takes me over 10 minutes to get to this expressway. That short distance
frustrates me at times. Now, imagine you’re a truck driver traveling on a route from

Maryland to New Jersey, and back. Much of your time is spent sitting along a slow-

moving highway, watching passenger car drivers cut you off, tailgate, and talk on their

cell phones as the pressure on you further mounts with pending delivery deadlines and

keeping compliant with hours of service. CONTINUED 


ACCIDENTS – Traffic often leads to there are some routes where that simply TRUCK DRIVING IS ONE
accidents, which can be life threatening. cannot be done. OF THE MOST DANGEROUS
Truck driving is one of the most dangerous
jobs in America, statistically more dangerous Finding, replacing, and training a new JOBS IN AMERICA,
than being a police officer or a firefighter. driver is expensive. We are not in the business STATISTICALLY MORE
Although studies consistently show that the of hiring drivers so we can fire them. When DANGEROUS THAN BEING
fault for most car-truck accidents lies with the a driver leaves my company, whether by his A POLICE OFFICER OR A
car driver, after virtually every accident truck choice or by termination, there’s no guarantee
drivers are put in the position of having to that the next driver walking in my door will FIREFIGHTER.
defend their jobs, either by their companies, be any better. Consistent turnover increases
their insurers, or overzealous plaintiff’s the anxiety level across your company as you service rules to service a customer. I’d rather
attorneys. In some cases, good drivers might beg for more drivers, shuffle your existing build a “we want to keep you” mentality for
even be let go. driver pool to fill gaps, and put your driver those drivers that have potential. This can
managers and dispatchers in a position of involve retraining and investing in a driver to
LIFESTYLE – Trucking is not easy work. temptation to possibly cheat on the hours of further develop his skills.
Even the best jobs are demanding physically
and frequently require 50 to 60 hours on Our businesses should be focused on
duty each week. For long-haul drivers, they serving our customers, yet we are often
sleep where they work and work where preoccupied with our need for drivers. You
they sleep – in an area smaller than a are not in the driver recruitment business,
parking space – eat with strangers, shower but sometimes, you feel like you are! Many
in public bathrooms, and may go days or companies have tried different incentives
weeks without seeing family or friends. such as paying large sign-on bonuses for
Many companies are trying to address this new drivers, but that can encourage drivers
by creating regional driving jobs; however, to repeatedly hop from one company to the
next, and discourages loyalty among your
When was the existing quality drivers. How does this make
last time the them feel?
fuel in your
storage The cost of living often increases faster
tank was than driver wages. Our industry needs to
cleaned? push back on our customers. We have to
turn work away if a job does not pay enough
Don’t let your operations to adequately compensate our drivers. The
be impacted by water, result will be greater customer care, improved
safety, a more satisfied employee, and a more
bacteria or sludge in your fuel. rewarding experience for all of us. Until
wages rise, we will continue to see a driver
shortage across the trucking industry.

I look forward to working with you on
this and other issues as the MMTA Chairman
of the Board for the next year.

Carpe Viam (Seize the Road),

Call 410-834-5000 for your free fuel test. BRAD’S Matt Ritter
MMTA Chairman of the Board


Recruitment & Retention

WorkTips that



Who doesn’t remember the voice of Guard, still sailing when he can, and he pilots
Dionne Warwick singing Bill J. Kramer’s tune, his own plane. Yes, “Planes, and Boats and
“Trains and Boats and Planes?” If Dionne Trucks” would make a fitting song title for Kelly
were singing that song with Kelly Anderson in Anderson.
mind, the words would ring out in Warwick
style as “Planes and Boats and Trucks…” In October the American Trucking
Kelly Anderson, President of Impact Solutions Associations released its latest information
and Founder of the International Society of on the truck driver shortage, now at 50,000
Recruitment and Retention Professionals nationally. The American Transportation
(ISRRP), has been in the trucking industry Research Institute’s annual survey of motor
for 30 years. He has also served in the Coast

“If I Didn’t Try to Get Hired, I Would Not Be Hired”


* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *carriers revealed the driver shortage is the
and retention and for companies to have essential tool in the recruitment process.

industry’s top concern. Anderson agrees, clear goals, strategies, and objectives in For companies that know they should use

saying, “It’s the toughest driver shortage these two areas. Anderson says, “Without social media, but are unsure how to make

we’ve ever seen and the number one concern goals, you lack direction. Without direction the best use of it, Anderson suggests sites

for fleets in America.” At MMTA’s recent you will be driven by circumstance. If driven like that assist companies

DanantuaalTcoranvnesnfteiorn:, he noted that there are by circumstance you will be crazy busy, but in learning the most effective ways to use

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Call us aCta4Cl1Cla0aull.ls4lu7VusaC7istsaa.0i4alttl7t14uu0401ss21.04a0a.4t7.|t47Vw747V7i.Ews107i.ms0i07.wt0i7.0tau.470ci2usl702osu27ansa.|tt|0ataw|7itwnEE0wcemEwm2prwmpgwaa.obcaii|[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]
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* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

“Simply taking calls from drivers

limloiteod ekxcienptigonsftohart dojoNObTshaaventod poairennottirnequgiretdhtoeusme ELDs. FMCSA rec- not driving, time. The final rule requires
comply: ognizes that these drivers occasionally do fleets to retain up to eight supporting doc-
to the company website to fill out an• Drivers who use paper logs for no more not meet the conditions of these exemp- uments from several categories per driver
for each 24-hour period. They are:
than 8 days during any 30 day period. tions. In those instances, drivers are • Bills of lading, itineraries, schedules or

application is not a productive pathrequired to keep a paper log; however, driv- equivalent documents indicating the
• foDrrivfiersn ofd veihniclegs mdanruifvacteurreds ,” Keelrlsywhosuaseyaspaper log more than 8 days in origin and destination of a trip;
before model year 2000, due to any 30 day period must start using ELDs.

electronic connectivity capability of location Monitoring: • Dispatch records, trip records, or
the vehicle. equivalent documents;

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asking him questions (as they always do), said. Yet, even after showing the recruiter a•n d wTeaxitt fmoersssoamgeeso,neemtaoilcmalleshsiamg.eHs,e does
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laongds hbaescaaunseimthpeeyccmabeleetsoanfeetoyfrtahtiensgh. oHrte npoexrtti–nghodowcuhme ceanntsatcotuvaelrlyifyapdprliyvifnogr ttihmee,
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payments. CONTINUED➥

Baltimore Potomac truck ceNters, iNc.

Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now offering full-service
leasing and rental! NAVY BLUE: PMS 2965 |BBEEHHIiNnDdTtHHE EWWHEHEELElQ~4 QW3INFTaElRl 22001176 159

and inadequate follow-up, the recruiter has When it comes to orientation,
lost access to that driver. Anderson quips, “If I Anderson gives companies a taste
didn’t try to get hired – I would not be hired.” of their own medicine. He has their
executives sit for several hours in
“Companies need to begin by assessing hard chairs to listen to his thoughts
their recruitment and orientation process,” about how orientation affects
Anderson says. “Recruiters should have two driver retention.
goals: first, give the applicant every reason to
stop calling any other recruiters, and second, clear hiring criteria so that decisions can be how orientation affects driver retention.
make the driver ‘yours’ until you make your made on the spot. Too often, recruiters spend He explains that cramming everything into
hiring decision.” This requires really getting to time working on applications that they know one day to reduce hotel expenses can lead
know the driver, working out a plan of action, won’t qualify. “That,” says Anderson, “is to losing potential drivers. Even the choice
and setting a target date for orientation. The money and time wasted. When companies of hotels, he tells them, can negatively affect
longer you stay in communication with the give recruiters the authority for decision- the driver’s morale and confidence in the
driver, the better. “If the driver hangs up and making, there is a marked increase in the company. Instead of picking drivers up at
nothing has happened, they’ll go somewhere number of hires.” 5:30 a.m. and keeping them sitting in a room
else,” Anderson cautions. Instead of directing with hard chairs until 6:00 p.m. that night,
them to the website, take their application When it comes to orientation, Anderson Anderson suggests making orientation a
over the phone, or immediately send them an gives companies a taste of their own medicine. reasonable, even pleasant, experience for
email link to the application. Creating ease He has their executives sit for several hours drivers. He also reminds companies to review
in accessibility for the driver will improve in hard chairs to listen to his thoughts about
results. Setting the date of orientation before
getting off the phone with the driver shows
that the process is moving forward with
determination. It’s Anderson’s belief that
companies need to empower recruiters with With Over 500 Part Numbers In Stock
And Two Convenient Locations, ERS Is The
Solution For Your Cooling System Needs

• Radiators • Condensers

• Charge Air Coolers • A/C Compressors

Maryland Florida Our Maryland location offers a number of services including
DPF/DOC Cleaning, Fuel Tank Repair, Gas Tank Renu,
113 Holsum Way, 4300 South Frontage Rd, EGR Cleaning and Radiator Services.
Glen Burnie, MD 21060 Suite 10 & 11, Lakeland, FL 33815
(410) 787-0002 (863) 225-5500


their orientation curriculum to see if it has right; the driver was hired and experienced And, if all that isn’t enough, here are three
been designed using adult learning principles. a meaningful and enjoyable orientation, yet final tips:
after working for four months they decide
While showing care in these few things to leave the company. What then? “Go into First, ask if what you’re doing is getting
will help ensure a successful recruitment and re-hire mode,” exclaims Anderson. The the results you want. If not, go back and
orientation process, Anderson doesn’t stop usual re-hiring response of recruiters is to tweak the system to get what you want.
there. He maintains that if driver managers wait until the driver calls and wants to work Second, pay attention to the past. See where
have a conversation with a driver before you experienced success and replicate it.
that driver even attends orientation, driver
retention will be improved. Anderson notes Too often, recruiters spend time working on applications
that when asked, driver managers find it that they know won’t qualify. “That,” says Anderson, “is
difficult to describe what success would look money and time wasted. When companies give recruiters
like. “It’s imperative to purposefully plan
for intentional success,” Anderson remarks. the authority for decision-making, there is a marked
In other words, some things are just too increase in the number of hires.”
important to be left to chance. Having a plan
in place for what success looks like and how it again. Anderson warns recruiters that this Third, if you’re not sure what to do when
will be achieved will boost retention. Drivers method will not only result in a low number it comes to recruitment and retention, call
need to feel they are known, cared about and of re-hires, but a low-quality re-hire. Since Kelly Anderson. He’s your man.
appreciated. In fact, Anderson suggests that 75% of turnover occurs during the first 90
driver managers “purposefully show specific days, Anderson suggests that recruiters send Renee Miller is CEO of
and genuine appreciation to one driver each a re-hire letter to the driver 30 days after they She can be reached at [email protected]
day.” It might be as simple as a thank you have quit, to encourage their return.
note left on the Driver’s seat, but it conveys
gratitude and builds loyalty from the driver.

But, suppose everything has been done





2017 Annual Meeting Convenes at Turf Valley Resort
MMTA’s “Boosting Your Business” workshop kicked off on Thursday, October 5th.

Valuable workshops were held again of an Undercover Trucker” – his real-life Those who stayed for the Chairman’s
this year – and we finally broke the streak of experiences going through various trucking Banquet celebrated the achievements of
stormy wet weather with perfect blue skies companies’ driver orientations. outgoing MMTA Chairman Jonathan Kuentz
and mild temperatures for the day. and welcomed incoming Chairman Matt
We had another strong turnout of 150 guests The final workshop of the day enlightened Ritter. Several awards were also given at the
who joined us to learn more about some of guests on truck safety practices that work. Banquet, including:
today’s issues facing trucking companies. This Our panel included Maria Wittmeyer
year’s topics covered tips and tricks for how (Burris Logistics), Tim O’Hea (Perdue The winners of the annual safety
to communicate assertively without being Transportation) and Nicole Brushmiller competition, sponsored by Great West, were
aggressive, driver recruitment and retention, (ASCD), with Matt Ritter (The Ritter Ross Contracting and ABF Freight. Ross
and smart practices to ensure truck safety Companies) serving as moderator. Among the Contracting received the Grand Champion
from a panel of experts. items discussed were ways to spec a vehicle Award in recognition of having the lowest
for safety, technologies that can enhance safe accident frequency rate among the winners.
Highlights of the workshops operations, driver incentive programs, steps
included: to take at the scene of an accident and more. Kuentz announced his selection of
Audience members could text questions to the Richard Anderson of BGE as the recipient
Whether you are negotiating on a property, moderator so that guests could get answers to of the MMTA Chairman’s Award. Jonathan
setting up a business deal or communicating their own burning questions. reflected on all of Richard’s contributions to
at home assertiveness skills are essential for all our annual Truck Driving Championships
walks of life. Sometimes our body language The daily workshops wrapped up and Driver of the Year events, his time serving
and tone have more impact on the outcome with the election of new MMTA on various committees and his unmatched
of a conversation than the words we speak. officers and directors. dedication to safety in the trucking industry.
Learning how to communicate effectively and
assertively without coming off aggressively is The new officers are: The event concluded with improv
the key to successful outcomes – empowering CHAIR: Matt Ritter, The Ritter Companies entertainment from Otter Productions,
yourself and maintaining the respect of others who closed the evening with a series of
was the key message from guest speaker Kelli 1ST VICE CHAIR: Maria Wittmeyer, interactive skits. Guests got a good laugh at
Vrla from National Training Institute. Burris Logistics the outlandish suggestions made by audience
members while also learning about the
Kelly Anderson, Impact Solutions, shared SECRETARY: Tom Huesman, different types of improv techniques.
his latest techniques on the number one Terminal Corporation
problem facing the trucking industry – driver Events like these are not possible without
shortages. Kelly discussed what you can (and TREASURER: Howard Levine, the support of our sponsors, who really
cannot) ask as part of the driver application Ramar Moving Systems stepped up to make sure the event was a
process, the top sites online for recruiting success. Thanks go out to each of them, listed
drivers, ways to shorten the qualification IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR: on page 14. We encourage our members
cycle, and lessons learned from “Memoirs Jonathan Kuentz, Ross Contracting to consider these companies when making
product and service purchasing decisions
throughout the year.


Board Members

2 3
1 5

1Past MMTA Chairs attending the conference: Top from left: Tom 4
Huesman, The Terminal Corporation; Barbara Windsor, Hahn
Transportation; Paul Kelly, retired; Dennis Morgan, Cowan Systems
BOTTOM ROW: Howard Levine, Ramar Moving Systems; Jim
Ward, D.M. Bowman; Ray Shipley, Shipley Transport

2 Past Chairmen Howard Levine and Jonathan Kuentz reminisce
with MMTA President Louis Campion

3 Chairman Matt’s parents, Dee and Edmond Ritter

4 Ray Shipley catches up with MMTA Accountant Andy Garrett,

5 Wayne Gaumer, Lightning Trans and Dennis Morgan, Cowan





PLATINUM • Beltway • Kelly • Scott Taylor

Companies • UPS

• Cowan Systems & Associates

SILVER • Baltimore Freightliner • Franklin & Prokopik • Richard B. Rudy
• Baltimore Potomac • Great West Casualty • Sprint
• Hale Trailer Brake • The Ritter Companies
Truck Centers • TMW Systems
• Cummins & Wheel • WABC
• FedEx • Revolution Rayment


BRONZE • Builders FirstSource • Omnitracs • Towing & Recovery
• Mack Trucks • The Pete Store Professionals of
• Michelin • The Selzer Company Maryland
• Moving Masters
• Volvo Trucks


John Becker accepts safety award for ABF Freight Jonathan Kuentz of Ross Contracting is happy
to accept the Grand Champion Award of the
|14 BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 FALL 2017 Chairman’s Safety contest


Expert Safety Panel:

L-R Matt Ritter, moderator; Tim O’Hea,
Perdue Transportation; Maria Wittmeyer,
Burris Logistics; Nicole Brushmiller, ASCD

Guests Enjoying the Conference



The Ritter Companies span three generations and are still going
strong under new MMTA Chairman Matt Ritter's leadership



Matt Ritter, the new MMTA chair, knew “I was anxious to start something new,
that he and his brother Michael faced some and I felt like my dad provided me with an
long odds when they took over John W. Ritter opportunity, so I wasn’t going to let him down.
Trucking in 2008. Less than 15 percent of I gave 110 percent,” said Ritter. “The first things
all family businesses make it into the third I learned how to do were billing, payroll and
generation; on top of that, the recession was dispatch. In between all that, I would come in
just starting. But they persevered, and next year on weekends or stay late to learn how to drive a
Ritter (as the parent company is now known) truck. After the first two months I got my CDL.
will be celebrating its 54th year in business and I really wanted to be able to speak the language
its tenth with the third generation in charge. and to have credibility when talking with a
driver about runs and about things related to
Ritter dates back to 1964, when Matt’s safety.”
grandparents, John and Marie, incorporated
their small trucking company. Their primary Controlled growth
customer was the U.S. Postal Service. After
working with them for several years, their son Seeing the opportunity in the family business,
Edmond bought the company in 1983 after Ritter went to Loyola College in Baltimore to
John passed away. earn a master’s degree in business. He became
vice president of John W. Ritter Trucking,
Matt Ritter was born in Baltimore and later overseeing operations and service as the
moved with his family to Howard County. He company’s only sales person.
graduated from the University of Maryland
College Park with a degree in elementary At that time, the bulk of the company’s
education, but after two years of teaching business was with the Postal Service, but the
realized that profession was not for him. He margins were semi-thin. “If we were going to
accepted a job offer from his father and joined
the family business in 1997. CONTINUED 



* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *continue to be in the trucking industry long
“I don’t want to look for another and you feel that you’re not pulling your

term, my father understood we needed to customer until I’m confident that I can weight, you step up your game even more.

diversify,” said Ritter. The company had satisfy my current customers,” he added. We also try to outwork everybody who

opened a dedicated freight service, Semi- “We have to be smart about who we bring works for us, but that’s hard because we

Express (now Ritter Transport), but it was in. Does it fit what we’re trying to do here? have a lot of good people here.”

a small operation. Ritter reached out to Sometimes we have to say “no” because it Their first years as business owners

some large companies like Circuit City and doesn’t fit. We have to be able to handle were tough, however. Ritter recalls many

Best Buy and secured their business. what we say we can handle and deliver on sleepless nights as the recession worsened

Meanwhile, he stayed connected with what we’re promising,” he added. “Our and the trucking industry suffered.

the mail industry by overseeing scheduling reputation means everything; that’s where Circuit City went out of business and

and routing and participating in the our repeat business is going to come from, Best Buy decided to move all its business

National Star Route Mail Contractors so I can’t underproduce for a customer.” to a national carrier. Ritter had trouble

Association. (He served a term as Shared responsibilities collecting a sizable debt owed by the Postal
president of the Maryland organization Service.

and is currently regional director for the Matt and his brother Mike bought the “Mike and I worked closely together

National’s eastern region.) business from their father on December 31, during this time, and the first thing we did

In 2007, responding to customers’ 2008. Despite the advice of one attorney, was cut spending and built up our cash

requests, the company launched a they split ownership 50/50, which has reserves,” Ritter said.

third-party brokerage business, Ritter worked well. The company’s long-term contracts

Transportation Systems, increasing its “Mike and I have a wonderful helped it survive, Ritter said. “In my

footprint to meet customer demands. But relationship, both personal and opinion, if you could take your business

Ritter didn’t want to expand too rapidly. professional,” Ritter said. “We try to through this recession, you had something

“Some companies’ growth strategy is to outdo each other with who is contributing good, because a lot of businesses at that

grow through acquisition. Our focus is on the most to our business. When you’re time failed.”

organic growth. watching the other person work hard

899 Mearns Road #DeloDrives
Warminster, PA 18974 PERFORMANCE

Introducing the Next Generation of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Up to 35% Better
Oxidation Control*
Delo 400 with ISOSYN®Advanced Technology
Up to 68% Better
Wear Protection*

Up to 46% Better
Piston Deposit Control*

Up to 60% Better
Component Durability* 800-227-1808

*Delo 400 API CK-4 and FA-4 products as compared to previous generation HDMO product test limits.
© 2017 Chevron U.S.A.,Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property owned by Chevron Intellectual Property LLC or their respective owners.


* * * sPEcial Edition onMatt and Mike Ritter Elds * * *

“O“Wuhrernewpe ufirtsat timioplnemmenteeadnelesctervoneicrything; that’s where
tuurnndinegropn rthoeduunitc,”eBfroowrnatecllus usst. oAnmd,er.” com“etfrhoemw, sooIrcsant’tthing you can Do to these
guys is hanD them new technology
keep in mind that Maverick is an OTR without training — without
operation, so bringing their 1,700 drivers explaining how it works, what it Does,

in for training was no easy feat.

At Maverick, training consisted of two anD why they have it. turning it on anD

hBouurislodfiinnsgtrutchtoer-lbedraannd dhands-on train- with tlheeptrevtioiuns JgR lo‘geomon elacoh torucsk’es woulD’ve Definitely
fairing as a tribute to their fabtheer. en a mistake.”
ing.InDr2i0ve1r4s tshpeencot mtimpaeniynbarloaubg, hcht aanllgiitnsg
dseurtvyicsetsattuosgeesthaenrdugnedtetirntgheconmamfoertoafblReiwttietrh. In 1997, John W. Ritter Trucking
tThheedreevairceesnobewfotrherethe edyiveivseiornesv:eJnohatnteWm. pted
tRoitotpererTartuectkhienge,leRctitrtoenr iTc rlaongsspinortth(efiorrcmaebrsl.y owned a—bowuta3y5 ntrueckbsraondwhnad, 4v5ptoof information technology,
euwssfScRSetuodyeniiaemrtslt,Tdptotethauereeirn-ftarmrrseEuhisidamncntsxrecoog.dtepehthTmoroaraesedduehncerkstrbhesh.shfinyln“)vTroeeioekoaga-whncrmldnhneo,htioitdyltggoetop(yhhccwRohgtlktekewogioi”etmderrrttadisekdehnbasedretee)tw,odnGTihdcrbe.oreeehwliearnmranedknmcsstluisskuooinapcnrpgngtaoae,oih.tnreamdi,Ttedcosareahncteiydiave-xoeoebelpnnlroesecwt- 50 drivers. Today, acrossmallaitvs edriviiscioknst, ranosfpseorvricte.aRtititoernis looking forward this

Ritter has about 120 trucks, 340 dry year to getting his own ring for 20 years of
freight trailers, 280 full-time employees service.
and 50 part-timers. One employee has been
oawannmietdhuimncthhvaoenmlycvooeordmet.hppeaornssiythifavovereetwxhpeoererknieetndirceteh5fe3orreyefeovaerrrs2y,0- , Meanwhile, the company has thrived
of IthnethMeaernydla,ntdhisstainteveflsatgm. TenhteoRnitttheer lforognot 30“oTrh4e0w-porlusts can do to these Binronwegno.tiations for a 10-acre property and
eanpdpedarrasmonataicllalolyf tmheinciommizpeadnyfr’sutsrtarialetirosnand guyDs irsivhearsndgetthceommnpeawnytericnhgnsofloorgy20wyitehaorsut
Of course, drivers weren’t the only ones
apnodwceornufnuistsio, nbuatmthoenrge’tshaelisrodarisvmerasl.l Istticker torfasinafiengdr—iviwngit;hnoount-derxipvlearisnfionrg2h0owyeiatrs to undergo training at MaCveOriNckT. IENveUrEyoDne

wasn’t a simple thing to do, but it made for works, what it does, and why they have it. ➥


2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230

“I am looking forward to making this a good year.
I hope I lead with integrity—and some comedy.”

expects to spend a great deal of time in the grandfather dressed up as Santa Claus, and he a good father, and the business helps me
coming months trying to determine which would give gifts to all the employees’ kids—a provide a better life for my wife and my
parts of the business will relocate there. matchbox car. We’re still doing the same children.”
thing today. Every year we have a clown with
Despite the growth, the company a magic show, and every kid 12 and under He and his wife Maureen have three
employees remain a close-knit community. gets a gift. It’s good family fun.” children: Jake, Joanna, and Melanie. “I
“We go to each other’s weddings and support spend a lot of time with my children. I
each other at funerals. We have a good Motivators love watching them and coaching them
relationship with everyone here,” Ritter in sports. I’m their biggest fan,” he said.
said. One treasured tradition is an annual Ritter works hard to make his company He’s also a strong supporter of the Orioles
Christmas party, which his grandfather a success, but his motivation doesn’t and the Ravens and attends many of their
started when Matt was a baby. “My come from a desire to be the biggest, best games each year.
trucking company in the world. “If it was,
I’d have three or four sales people and five Happy employees and positive feedback
or six offices up and down the East Coast, from customers are also motivators.
and my life would be 100 percent devoted “When a customer tells me we’re doing
to this business,” he said. “The reality is my a good job, it makes me feel like it’s all
purpose in life is to be a good husband and worthwhile,” he said.

His proudest accomplishments include

Insurance Brokers
Since 1984

Quality Insurance Solutions for
the Transportation Industry

Contact Lisa Tapper (800) 843-8427
Ext. 111 or Rob Smith Ext. 123
[email protected]
[email protected]

Household Goods Movers Last Mile Delivery Freight Haulers
Office Movers Owner Operators Amazon Contractors


* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *earning his CDL during his first months at
Ritter believes in “using God’s gifts to help Matt Ritter to join the board, he didn’t feel

Ritter; stepping out of his comfort zone to others.” The company has made substantial prepared.

become a sales person and earn the trust and donations to charity over the years and has “At my first meeting, I was in this

abnudsi/noerssadojfussotminegFyoorutur nraet5e0s.0 companies; MactyivTelHy s:uTphpoersteedsbyresatset mcanscearraewvareernyess. cliotmtlemrouonmicawtiitohnasllmoeftthhoedsespceaompeleifnrtoom
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cpautntinagfaforirbdboonndeecal on it. Within two
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acdujsutostmmeresn;tasnadsanwecaerdssafryomtotphreoctoemctptahney’s whads n1o5tddruiveertsortehqeueEsLtDtos.dWrivheaitt.lePdeotpolethaere tHroanhincsl,otghestCanodw-anlosnweefruenacltlitohnearlei;tyit. wPraisceasbit

binostutroemr floinr eb.eing best-in-class for safety. hexigchitecdosatboofuthite; sIycsatne’mt ws awitafsotrhiatttothheitEtLhDe vinatriym, biduattiango,”ohdererelicaablleds.ystem can cost as

“I am very engaged in safety. I have fruonadct,”iohnewadadsendo.rmally tied to an expensive littleBuast Ra ictoteurpbleecoafmheunmdorreedcdoonlfliadresnftoarshhaerd-
a sCafaeltcyudlairteioctnosr,tboudteitfetrhme binoessimisnp’atcatlsaond comSmevuenraiclayteiaornssaagnod, atsraactkhianngks-yyostuemto.tThhee wtoaorke aonndaamfeowredaocltliavresraomle oinntthhesearssvoicceiafteioe.n.
RinOvoI lpvoeidnot utor dthrievseersfaacretonr’tsgoonintghetoptlauksesiitde: mlouvilntigp,lcea-fruinngcsttioafnf natathuisrechoifldtrheen’ssynsutersmery HeOpfafrsteictitpiantgedthinestehecoCstasllaorne Wthaeshbienngetfoints,
s1e.rioGusaliyn,”shine eexffpilcaiiennecdy. (better use of csochmoboiln, ehde wpuitthtotgheethceorstaotrfatnhsepo“nrteawti”otnedchay-, tthhaetmthaneasgyesmteemntwcoilnl fberrienngc.eMploarneneinfgficient
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drivers and equipment); cuotmilitmyuconmicaptainoiness,wpeorlieceneawnd) ifsirwe dheaptalertdmteonts pnaopwerhleo’sgslo!)o, kniongpuforrcwhaasrdintgootnhee yoeratrwaohead.
tahnedseotshyesrtetrmucskcsotsoticnogmtehotoustahne dscshoofodl.oMllaurcsh papeRritltoegrbhoaoskcsopnecrermnsoanbthouftoirsseuaecshtdharitver,
2. Reductions in back-office costs (less ptoerthuensitta. ff (and the preschoolers’) delight, it’s aanffdecntothaeutdriutcinkginagnidndfuilsitnrgy olofnpgatpeerrml.oOgsnaere
auditing and filing); stabfieyneeescdTdlto“ehmbtmImoetao’escesrcketaaoah-nrmfololusyfasmlofenfoiinlructnleyeeun-qpdabhiue,cl”oasaiearrhtvoderieefoddwnstnhtasae.syiirxdnesat.gtenasendnmtshdtisavrsatetochmifknataitw-nkcwagearebmeree adsdbdiidnselrriiulseisitIBenvtdthn“arreagietidinMrorblbteipsiduinurbcmra(etcttcoirircgiloooelyboutinnrdfclendaeebotuncernreoamcaeeondbefnntflpiedeidttoitwafethssnsiotnraettpesttishoiehrehwthfestieeape’onherdctrerrmgaeeperkcat.nlftaaplnuotiotrntmcdehrtyatsrmeodaiewodofn,,safflaftycisnimhrtenstehcehtetgtepheeoe)taromf,shobEorutbeovaipasweltemeisectetdsitnotlyeeltsrhrttno.e
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3. Eliminating inefficiencies in the ssByyssetteecmmosmw. Taishnejughsticgifhhieacdoibsrtymopfratohnveidoivnegrall
operation, such as excessive waiting ance position.
times becoming visible (you can only custTohmeeRrsittweritchomrepqauneystheads sbeerevnicaem. Beeminbger
fix what you can see); and aobflMe tMo TtrAacfkorthdeecvaedhesic. lBeuatnind 2co0m07m, wunheicnate maWdeh,eitnbtehceocmoesst/cbleeanreffiatiCrclayOlcqNuulTiactIkiNolynUtshEaaDrte 
iAnnstnaenFtelyrrwo,itthhetnhMe dMriTvAerpjruesstidifeinetd, athskeecdost
driveprso.sitioning, which can lead to lower before cheaper tracking and

insurance rates and fewer fines.

M2M0TANBETE.CHOiMnd tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 |BEHIND THE WHEEL Qw4wWwIN.mTEmRt2a0n1e7t.co2m1

THE INSIDE SCOOP they knew that finding additional capacity
would be tough,” he added.
1. Last movie you saw in a theater? Cars 3 10. What famous person (dead or alive)
would you most like to meet? Good pay is even more important to
2. Favorite Quote? “A ship in the harbor Ray Lewis. Besides being a local hero drivers now that many of the old perks that
is safe, but that is not what ships are for my favorite football team, he is made their jobs attractive have been taken
built for.” the best at his area of expertise and away. GPS keeps drivers tethered to their
a strong source of energy, positivity, companies, so they no longer have the sense
3. Best Vacation Spot? Any place I and inspiration. of autonomy they once did. Previously
haven’t been. I enjoy new adventures, diverse areas of the country now have the
exploring new places, and learning 11. If you could live anywhere, where would same chain stores and restaurants, and
new cultures. it be? Maryland. I love all that this traffic congestion is making driving more
area has to offer. difficult than ever before. “If we’re not
4. What one piece of advice would you going to raise the drivers’ pay, of course we
offer a young person today? Aspire to be 12. Who or what makes you laugh most? are going to have a driver shortage,” Ritter
physically, intellectually, and spiritually I laugh watching Impractical Jokers said. Giving drivers more recognition might
healthy. You’ll never be fulfilled (truTV) because of the creative and help, but in the end, it’s money that talks.
excelling at just one or two of those. unpredictable humor. It’s one of the
few shows that makes me ache from Ritter is concerned with the American
5. If you could learn to do anything, what laughing. Trucking Associations’ push to get more
would it be? Fly a plane or helicopter 18-year-olds on the road. “If it’s done, it
13. If you could only eat one food the has to be done with safety as a top priority.
6. First car? Hyundai Excel. I was proud rest of your life, what would it be? It will hurt our industry if there are more
to pay for it myself. Thanksgiving Dinner. If I had to crashes on the road, and that will invite
choose just one dish, green bean more regulations. Our industry is already
7. What is something you learned in casserole would win. so heavily regulated it can be paralyzing
the last week? I get more long term sometimes,” he added.
success with my kids when I take a 14. If you could choose any job for one day,
few extra moments to help them set what would it be? Lead singer for the Despite such concerns, Ritter is
personal goals instead of telling them band, KISS. Where’s my make-up? anticipating a good year as MMTA chair.
what to do. “Everybody says it goes by too fast; I
15. Biggest pet peeve? When people tell keep asking them what do you regret not
8. Name one of your weaknesses? me that something I’ve done is a pet doing, what do you wish you had done
According to my wife, I over-volunteer peeve of theirs. more of, but no one really has the answer,”
when I see people who need help he said. He got some insight, however,
serving a worthwhile cause. 16. Do you collect anything? Memories when he walked into the MMTA offices
(Meaning, I enjoy creating moments and everyone addressed him as “Mr.
9. One word to describe yourself? My that will become great memories.) Chairman.”
wife's one word to describe me is
considerate. “You get treated like a hero for a year,”
he said. “What really meant a lot to me,
the focal point of the warehouse business,” the driver shortage, but the reality is it’s a however, was when past MMTA chairmen
he added. New distribution centers could shortage of talented professionals,” Ritter like Howard Levine, Jim Ward and Dennis
bring in much-needed jobs and open up said. Trucking companies that froze wages Morgan came up and congratulated me at
new opportunities to residents in the city and laid off drivers during the recession the chairman’s banquet.”
and other areas. I’m hopeful the situation now want them back but only want to offer
will continue to improve, as it has done the same pay as five years ago. Then, the day after the chairman’s
under our current governor, who has banquet, his employees threw a
worked hard to dispel the reputation of Ritter said his company reissued rates congratulatory surprise party at the office.
Maryland as being unfriendly to business. to customers in order to give drivers what “That was overwhelming,” he added.
they deserve. “We attempted to eliminate
The lack of qualified drivers will some unprofitable business, but most “I am looking forward to making this
continue to be an issue. “We all talk about companies agreed to rate increases because a good year. I hope I lead with integrity—
and some comedy.”



New MMTA Members who joined
MMTA between April 17 - Oct. 26, 2017

A.J. Yoder, Inc. Long Fence
Allan Myers VA, Inc. Long Life Treated Wood, Inc.
ARC NCR Maryland Auto & Truck Repair
Bates Trucking Company McCarthy Tire - Essex Location
Bay Transport, LLC Midwestern Insurance Alliance
BL Enterprise, Inc. Pure Flow Technologies
BTR Trucks & Service Recleim Nova, LLC
Charles S Poole DBA Bad Reaction Transport Ryder Systems - Baltimore
D & A Transport, LLC Seword, Inc.
Dedicated Tanker Group Smart Delivery, Inc.
Delta Contractors & Associates, LLC T-Mobile
FleetMatics True Blue Movers, LLC
Groff Tractor & Equipment, Inc. Whitehouse & Schapiro
Hooe's Towing Inc. Windmill Acres
L.S. Lee, Inc.

KELLY Benefit Strategies

is proud to be endorsed by the

Maryland Motor
Truck Association




Cybercriminals threaten
with deadlines that make
you feel like you’ll miss
out, lose something, or go
to jail tomorrow.


Phishing for
a Solution

Cybersecurity awareness, tips for
companies to fend off cyber-attacks



Credit Cards Credit card theft These statistics are only for businesses who are
accepting credit card payments, on the other side of
is one of the top issues trending in our society today. that is the regular use of employee issued credit cards,
It seems that each step the authorities have made to which are at risk every single day. We pull out that
strengthen security leaves us all still one step behind. square piece of plastic without even thinking several
The statistics are staggering: 55 percent of small times a week, we give out the information over the
businesses have had a data breach, 41 percent of those phone to almost anyone and we also fill it out on
are the result of a criminal attack and 66 percent were forms and orders on a regular basis. The bottom line is
not discovered for at least a month or more. Can your that everyone should be on guard all the time.
business afford that?

In addition to strong passwords, digital security software/apps,
try practicing the following tips recommended by merchant processors.

• Sign your card immediately upon receipt. • Online transactions: look for www.https:// in the
website – the ‘s’ stands for ‘secured’.
• Never email or text your full credit card
information or a picture of your card. • Review your account on a regular basis if you
have online access and consider paperless
• Whenever there are extra fields provided, such statements (the new trend among thieves is to
as billing address, zip or CVV code – USE THEM. process smaller amounts, but more frequent
The more pieces of information the processor transactions – check each one).
must verify the safer it is for you.
• Consider RFID protection sleeves or security
• If possible keep your card in your sight always, wallets to protect from skimming (use of
especially when others are running it. magnetic devices that steal the card information
when near the card – even through clothes and
• Only give over the phone if you have initiated purses).
the call to someone, not the other way around.
• Destroy credit card offers you receive in the mail
• Keep your information up to date with the card so someone doesn’t apply for you without your
issuing bank. knowledge by stealing the pre-approved offer.

• Draw a line through any blank lines on the • Use credit instead of debit whenever you can –
merchant’s receipt so extra amounts cannot be so you can dispute the charge if needed.
filled in and charged (i.e. – tip amount if you’ve
left cash).



Cybersecurity is set up just like one of the original trojan IDENTIFY 3 THINGS FIRST:
worm viruses that started this chaos. It’s Your most valuable information that needs
Cybersecurity refers to the body of easy to shake our heads when reading about protection, identify threats and risks to
technologies, processes and practices “other people’s” problems regarding digital that information, and lastly what damage
designed to protect networks, devices, protection or breaches, but perhaps we better would occur if it was wrongfully exposed
programs and data from attack, damage step up our safety practices because it could or lost. Create a risk assessment and
or unauthorized access. In other words, it’s happen in a blink of an eye. management plan to protect your business.
the reason so many of us have a password There are many online sites dedicated to
list! Businesses cannot afford to put off Passwords are a pain. Everyone knows helping you outline and set up your plan.
cybersecurity any more. The first computer it, yet everyone still uses the same one
“worm” was created in 1989 by Robert for multiple programs, sites or apps. We PROTECT YOUR NETWORK:
Morris and was extremely devastating at write them down and we don’t make Dedicated banking computers that are not
the time. Internet usage was of course not so them complicated enough – it’s just a connected to the network are a good idea
widespread, but his worm single-handedly fact of life. But it’s a heavy risk with little if possible. Make sure admin privileges are
shut down almost the entire internet leading justification if you are the one that caused only given to those who need it. Keep your
the way for a series of viruses in the 90s. a breach. Consider these tips and practices system current with software and anti-virus
Credit card directed fraud was the next to protect yourself, your company and updates always, encrypt your data if possible,
phase to take place in the late 2000s and your customers. Make sure your company and finally invest in cybersecurity insurance
has now grown to entire retailer breaches is prepared to respond to a cyber-attack protection. Consider upgrading equipment at
that have affected large companies such as immediately, efficiently and responsibly if regular intervals for additional protection.
Target, Home Depot and Adobe. The latest it happened tomorrow.
trend is “ransom-ware”, which ironically



The Oyster Roast

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The bottom line is that
everyone should be
on guard all the time.

Bang for 2017
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TEST YOUR SECURITY AWARENESS: Most hacks aren’t discovered until long after they’ve
Savvy digital criminals know their victims’ happened, (average breach time before discovery
weaknesses, don’t ignore warning signs or is said to be 211 days!) so be diligent.
“red flags” just because you are rushed,
frustrated or distracted. Anytime there attacker guesses user passwords). It only VPN (virtual private network) as the only
is a sense of urgency to give out your takes one correctly guessed password to allowable email access among employees.
information take a step back and think. access the entire system. Once they are
Cybercriminals threaten with deadlines in, the attacker can access your network, DATA PROTECTION: Hackers spend
that make you feel like you’ll miss out, lose change rules, set off viruses or access a lot of time looking for vulnerabilities
something, or go to jail tomorrow. Open a sensitive data. Experts suggest setting up a in your system. Keep your software up
separate browser and look for an agency
by your own search to be sure you are on
a legitimate website. In case of a phone call
that feels suspicious, request to call them
back, turn the tables by initiating contact
from you to them, or look up the supposed
company’s phone number and call for the
person you just spoke with.

EMAIL SAFETY: Most business use the
Microsoft Exchange server to extend email
access to employees when offsite, however
this exposes companies to “brute-force”
attacks (password spraying is where an

People Must
Come Together
for a Mission

Thank You
Since 1954, the American Transportation
Research Institute and its predecessor have been
the trucking industry’s source for scientific data
and analysis on the many high priority issues
facing freight transportation today. If you or your
company has not contributed in the past, now is
the time to step up and do your part.
Step up and leave your footprint for the good of
the industry.
Visit to explore your giving



someone will be contacting him or her, just Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester
like is done currently.

MatnoyddTamHte,:otWnureenyow‘nhilaalunltoodmseoatvdicerurivpfdiinsattge’sti,fimwee Maryland Mobile
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pervoebrlyem9?0 days. Open wi-fi networks are • D.O.T. Indpections
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itYsotuorgweni-efriaatcecmesosrsehroeuvlednbuee,pyaosuswaroerdat • DuPont Certified Paint Facility / 60ft. Paint Booth
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cerendcirbyiplittiyonloasns dducehatongaentahuedditeifnagulptennaamltey • Maxon Liftgate Distributor
oorftoyopuorstn-ectrwasohrkli.tigation — whether you • Interlift Liftgate Distributor
are uCsyinbgerpseacpueritloygis oerveErLyDbos.dy’s problem – • Morgan Parts Distributor / Warranty
anPdosits’isbnleostogluotiniognaswtoayt.hIits’sdniloetmamqauestion • Great Dane / Utility Warranty Facility
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aal ntedminpowahnadt rweavye.nBuueseinxepsesctsahtoiounlds,traekdeuc- 6735 DORSEY ROAD, ELKRIDGE, MD 21075
winaityionugrteomlopaldoyoereuhnalnoaddb,oborkeafkodr othwens, 410-761-4884 410-379-6090
eitnct.)e,rbneettt,eermdaisiltrainbdutcinelgl pofhothnee wuosargkeloaasd,it PHONE FAX

relates to the job. Minimize your risk b➥y RICE TIRE SIBNEHCinEd1t9H5E6WRHIECElE~TQI3RFEallH20A16S 19
taking steps to protect what’s important, TM MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS
widwewn.tmifmytrainskets.caonmd weaknesses and follow IN MARYLAND & VIRGINIA.
up with employees on a regular basis.
Frequent reminders to practice cyber- WWW.RICETIRE.COM
safety keeps the issues in front of your
staff. Most hacks aren’t discovered FACEBOOK.COM/RICETIRE
until long after they’ve happened,
is said to be 211 days!) so be diligent.
Consider assigning a staff member as a BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
watchkeeper and have them complete
interval checks on all systems. One of the CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473
most important steps you can take now
is to prepare ahead – develop at least an FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009
outline procedure for identifying a risk,
fix the problem and take any corrective
action required. Know what you will tell |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q4 WINTER 2017 29
your customers and how you will solve
the issue before it happens. Statistics
show over 70 percent of companies hit
are already a step behind when they
discover a breach. Preparedness will at
least give you a starting point towards
reconciliation. Don’t wait to deal with
this threat – do something now.


DECEMBER 6, 2017
Alban CAT.........................................................21
MMTA Western Maryland Chapter Legislative Dinner American Transportation
Research Institute............................................28
Dutch’s Daughter, Frederick MD ~ a gathering of members and state legislators will Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star..............19
hear from Senators Andrew Serafini and Ron Young. Baltimore Potomac Truck Centers .................... 9
Behind the Wheel...........................................30
JANUARY 23, 2018 Brad’s Fuel Filtering .......................................... 6
Container Port Group........................................ 8
MMTA’s Driver of the Year Banquet Duralene Heavy Duty Lubricatns ..................... 4
ERS Cooling Systems......................................10
Matthew’s 1600, Catonsville MD ~ don’t miss the chance to submit your best Great West Casualty Co......................Back cover
drivers as candidates for Driver of the Month/Year. Our safest drivers deserve Griffith Energy Services...........Inside front cover
to be noticed & recognized, they power our economy as well as your company. KELLY................................................................23
Submissions accepted in November; contact Brenda Tharp for the necessary Maryland Mobile Trailer Service.....................29
paperwork. Drivers of the Month will be honored at this event with one being MMTA.........................................................26, 27
selected as MMTA’s 2017 Driver of the Year. PPC Lubricants/Drydene ........Inside back cover
REIT Lubricants Co...........................................18
FEBRUARY 14, 2018 Rice Tire............................................................29
The Selzer Company .......................................20
Valentine’s Day ~ Don’t forget your sweetie! Truck Enterprises Hagerstown........................11

FEBRUARY 15, 2018

Oyster Roast & Trade Show ~ Martin’s West

You don’t want to miss this annual feast & impressive trade show, the opportunity
only comes once a year! This event has sold out completely in the last four years –
get your tickets & booths early, sales will start in early January. Watch our website
for updates!


You may view Behind the Wheel — complete with sound effects — online with a This publication was made possible
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