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Behind the Wheel Q2 Spring/Summer 2019 -- Wayne Gaumer, Lightning Transporta

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WaynePersonof theYear

Lightning Transportation

INSIDE: Big Data/Telematics MMTA Driver Spotlight
in Trucking of the Year on KELLY

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14 MMTA’s Person
of the Year:
Wayne Gaumer,
Lightning Transportation

Slow and Steady Wins the Race. If there’s a
task to be performed in the trucking industry,
he’s likely performed it at some point.



9 Big Rigs Using Big Data
From profit optimization to remote
diagnostics, motor carriers are crunching
numbers to increase efficiency and profits.


20 Spotlight on KELLY

KELLY helps truckers navigate health,
benefits landscape.

23 Maryland on the Move

Perdue’s Steve Williams Named MMTA
Driver of the Year



5 Chairman’s Message
6 Dates to Know
26 New MMTA Members
26 Advertising Resource Index



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According to the
Association for Talent

Development, companies that

offer comprehensive training

programs have 218% higher

Maryland Motor Truck Association revenue per employee and enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than companies

Louis Campion without formalized training.
President & CEO
[email protected] It seems that investing in training and development is one of the most effective
Dottie C. Duvall
Vice President - Administration things that a company can do to increase productivity and create a satisfied
[email protected]
workforce. Unfortunately, while training is fundamental to a trucking company’s
Brenda Tharp
Director of Safety success, too many drivers view training negatively and/or as punitive because it is
[email protected]
Selena L. Griffin incorporated only when a driver does something wrong.

Controller That is an obstacle to employee development that our industry must overcome.
[email protected]
Margie Anne Bonnett Your training program impacts everything your company does – from safety
Marketing & Communications Director
[email protected] performance, to regulatory compliance, to employee morale and retention, to the

Kathy Norris ability to service your customers at a higher quality level. It is fundamental to a
Administrative Assistant
[email protected] trucking company’s overall success. And it’s not just limited to drivers.

Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the Did you know that in the six months between October 2018 and March 2019,
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets over 700 people have gone through various training programs at Maryland Motor
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry.
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs Truck Association? These include classes on FMCSA compliance, drug & alcohol
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking testing, brake adjustment, safety certification, packing household goods, vehicle
industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, education services, operational services and serves maintenance and more. In addition, MMTA recently added the “Compliance Tip of
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.
the Week” email to help you stay up to date on various rules, and launched a new
For more information, contact MMTA at:
Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc. drug and alcohol testing consortium in partnership with other industry experts that
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045
Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537 can help you with questions about specific topics. CONTINUED  |BEHIND THE WHEEL Q2 SPRING/SUMMER 2019 5



Maryland Safe Truck
Driving Championships CONTACT WITH THE DRIVER, YOU
Timonium Fairgrounds ~ members, TO INTERACT PROFESSIONALLY, TO
families and spectators all welcome ~ PROVIDE KNOWLEDGEABLE ANSWERS
Free event! Maryland’s safest drivers TO DRIVER QUESTIONS, AND TO BUILD
demonstrate their expertise navigating A STRONGER RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN
challenging real-life road conditions.
JUNE 22, 2019

SuperTech Maryland

Center for Applied Technology North
(CAT North), Severn, MD
Diesel truck mechanics and students
show off their skills at keeping our
trucks on the road.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 Although MMTA’s programs are training opportunities. Most members
primarily designed for supervisors will likely never go to Annapolis to testify
Call on Washington (not drivers), any time you invest in a on legislation. They may not ever contact
supervisor through training – whether their elected officials to express support or
Call Louis Campion for more it be compliance, safety, or hours of opposition on an industry issue. However,
information service – you are indirectly investing in they can participate and take advantage of
A vital opportunity to convey the your driver as well. By strengthening other opportunities like the many training
importance of Maryland’s trucking the supervisor who has the most programs the Association provides.
industry to our representatives in direct contact with the driver, you are
Congress. improving his or her ability to interact Whether for personal or professional
professionally, to provide knowledgeable reasons, people don’t want to be in a
SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 answers to driver questions, and to business where they are not trained and
build a stronger relationship between given chances to develop. Are you taking
MMTA Annual Meeting – the driver and the company. We advantage of those opportunities through
Boosting Your Business have all heard that if the work and your membership in MMTA?
the compensation are aligned, most
Save the date for our signature event employees who voluntarily leave are Maria Wittmeyer
of the year! Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott “quitting their manager/supervisor,” not 2018-2019 MMTA
City, MD quitting the company. Chairman of the Board
More detailed information to come
but mark your calendars now for this One way to maximize the return on
“must attend” event. your MMTA membership investment is
to take advantage of the Association’s




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Big Rigs
Big DataUsing



The trucking industry has always been gives us (our) profitability down to the load
dependent on big rigs. Increasingly, it’s also level,” he said.
relying on big data. From profit optimization to
remote diagnostics, motor carriers are crunching Having that information makes it easier to
numbers to increase efficiency and profits. identify which lanes and customers are most
profitable, and which ones could be more
Big data has helped D.M. Bowman improve profitable with changes. If the problem is caused
profitability in several ways, said Brian Hall, by fleet inefficiencies, then the data can help
chief operating officer. The Williamsport-based the fleet correct them. The fleet has eliminated
diversified truckload carrier operates about unprofitable lanes. And if the problems are
380 tractors hauling dry vans, flatbeds and caused by shippers, such as long dwell times,
pneumatic bulk tankers. then the fleet is armed with information that
can encourage a change in that behavior.
D.M. Bowman uses data internally for
profitability analysis and for understanding Good shippers will actually appreciate the
its network. It tracks time and cost factors information. After all, if the inefficiency is
for every shipment. It compares current loads costing the carrier money, it’s probably costing
with previous ones to analyze dwell times as the shipper as well.
well as delays caused by traffic, the shipper or
the driver. It also analyzes high numbers “The customers that truly want to work
of deadheads. with you as a partnership and eliminate costs

“It evaluates the whole time-cost factor and CONTINUED 


in their systems too will work with you in the short term. knows how much revenue each truck must
because they know it pays off in the end,” One of the company’s specific tools is a generate each day in order to make a profit,
he said. “And once a customer starts to see knowing that the average will be skewed by
the benefit, the good customers will ask for fuel and routing optimization system that breakdowns and other problems.
the data so they can be proactive on their analyzes all contracted fueling locations
side to identify issues and to work with as well as its own terminals, and then it “So that’s one of the key things we look
their plants or locations where they may optimizes the route. It may tell a driver to at every day: How’d we do yesterday?” he
have issues.” stop at a location and fill completely up, or said. “And being able to know today what
if prices are high, to purchase only enough we did yesterday is better than waiting for a
If a fleet customer won’t or can’t adjust to travel to a cheaper stop. It also looks at month for your profit and loss statement to
its operations, then D.M. Bowman can toll roads and considers the costs in terms come out, and you have two weeks after the
adjust pricing or if necessary, eliminate of miles and time added for avoiding them. end of the month to figure out what you did.
customers, which it has done. The system helps the fleet know if another So we’ve tried to shorten that reporting, tried
route would be better – the only downside to improve the accuracy of the reporting, and
Hall said trucking is a cyclical business, being that it means sometimes drivers are try to look at it every day.”
and the last couple of years have been routed away from a favorite truck stop.
favorable to carriers. The data has enabled Morgan has an accounting and
it to show customers that the carrier has Baltimore-based Cowan Systems is information technology background and
limited price increases by working with a truckload dry van carrier with 1,500 has had no trouble embracing big data in
shippers to increase efficiencies. Hopefully, company-owned trucks and 600 owner- trucking since he joined Cowan Systems in
that will create goodwill that will be operators that operates primarily on the 1978. The company typically isn’t the first
remembered when the cycle turns and East Coast. Dennis Morgan, the company’s fleet to adopt a new technology. Instead, it
shippers have the upper hand. Perhaps president, said it generates a lot of software becomes aware of a technology, becomes
shippers’ experiences will remind them reports that find key point indicators such convinced of its worth, and then takes time
they can save more money through a as the number of loads that have been to implement it. The company recently
long-term partnership even if another fleet delivered and how many have been done on purchased a business intelligence application,
promises to help them save a few pennies time. That can help a company know if it’s which is a newer database reporting tool
meeting a mark of, for example, delivering that can perform operations more quickly
96 percent of its loads on time. The company and robustly than other applications. It
has the capability of merging a financial
database, trucking management software

and maintenance software. The




Rely On Us.

Maryland I Virginia I West Virginia


company selected the units and about 500 trailers serving its It’s helped drivers
application several months warehousing operations. Maria Wittmeyer, correct behaviors, and
before Morgan’s interview vice president, said the fleet has made changes it’s also resulted in a
with Behind the Wheel in in its routing based on specific data rather reduction in accidents.
March, but had only been than relying on anecdotal feedback from The company has used
using it in the office for 60 drivers. It has learned what routes work the data collected by
days, with the first results best and which stop sequence is the most the technology to select
due to come soon. productive, even if it adds more miles. The its drivers of the month
company’s electronic logging devices tie into and year, recognize
“It’s a very robust its transportation management software and individuals who have
reporting tool, and it geofencing capabilities so it can automatically gone a specific length
gives you the ability to update its software with pickups and of time without a
take unlike databases and deliveries. Drivers can record overs, shorts, coachable event, and
merge them together to damages, and excessive detention time that provide examples to
do some cross reporting,” warrants additional pay. other drivers.
he said.
The fleet receives real-time alerts Likewise, D.M.
Another way that from the cooling units, so if there are Bowman has used
Cowan Systems is using temperature variances or mechanical issues, telematics capabilities
data is through remote it automatically notifies dispatch. The to measure all kinds
diagnostics. The fleet technology also lets it prove to customers of driver behaviors,
only has two shops that that trailers have maintained adequate including overspeeds
perform minor preventive temperatures. and excessive speeds,
maintenance; the rest of over idles, hard braking
the fleet’s maintenance Data has been a safety tool for Burris events, lane departures
is outsourced. Its Logistics as well. The company has been and fuel consumption.
maintenance personnel using event recorders for close to 11 years. In the last four years, it’s added inward and
do most of their work sitting in an office outward facing cameras. The technology
and talking through problems with drivers serves as a coaching tool that has improved
via telephone. Remote diagnostics has given behaviors; even experienced drivers realized
those personnel “eyes in the truck” so they they were doing things that could have led
can interpret those warning lights on the to an accident and have become advocates.
dashboard and fault codes, and then decide Drivers are scored on a point system, and
if the truck needs a tow or if the load can be the company uses the technology for a driver
delivered. The result: “Less downtime, less bonus program based on key diagnostics.
unscheduled breakdowns, less tows, happier It’s not enough simply to have all this
drivers, and better customer service,” he said. access to data. A fleet also must know
how to use it, which parts to focus on, and
Two-thirds of D.M. Bowman’s equipment which parts to ignore. Hall said fleets must
is a 2018 model or newer – the rest is no identify what’s important and what can be
older than a 2016 model – and all of it is controlled, and then use that information to
equipped with remote diagnostics capabilities. make decisions. Fleets must know what data
As with Cowan Systems, instead of having actually impacts operations. D.M. Bowman
to pull into a maintenance shop every time has created standardized reports based on
a check engine light appears, maintenance the most relevant information. It tries to
personnel know if a problem requires ensure every employee focuses on three or
immediate attention or if it can wait for a four areas, not 10 or 20. Moreover, fleets
more opportune time. The company estimates must ensure the data is offering an accurate
the capability has decreased downtime by 6-7 picture, because some events can skew it. For
hours per truck per quarter at a savings of example, the profitability analysis tool might
about $80 per hour. show a load had a high dwell time and was

Delaware-based Burris Logistics is a MMTANET.COM
refrigerated carrier with about 210 power


* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *very unprofitable, when in reality it might
have coincided with the driver’s required 10- Data has been a safety tool for Burris Logistics as well.

hour break. The company has been using event recorders for close to

Morgan said fleets must find a way to are1n1otyreeqaurirse.dItto’sushe eELlpDse. dFMdCrSiAvreerc-s conrortedcritvibnge,htimave.iTohresf,inaanl rduleitr’esquailresso
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dcoemteprmlyi:ne which information is important,
a•n d fDinrdiveerxsc ewphtoio unsse. Fpoarpeerx laomgsp lfeo,ri nf oth me ore not meet the conditions of these exemp- uments from several categories per driver
fleet tihs amne8asduaryinsgdurervinenguaensy, i3t0wdilalylopoekrioadt .
teisopnesc.iaIlnlythcoosneceinrnsitnagncpeasy,.dTrhiveecros marpeany for Sehacehsa2i4d-hfloeuetrspcearniobde. oTvheerywahreel:med
emm•a aacnyhybeDstlehrremfuiocovictrrlerkteero-sshtnm, haohiaocufot dlcvweorleoalnhmnaynidecaetalshnce.rtesyCi2 vmde0oiamt0wayyn0pacbu,tnaydefpafuSmoacyetrbisuetliteoler–isemt,dyhhs ooowfw riseqstuililrewdotrokiknegepinatepranpaellrylotog;chenowtreavliezre, driv- b•y thBeildlsa toaf claodminingg, iftrinoemrabroietsh, tshcheetdruucleks or
genetrhateevse7h5icrleep. orts every day rather raenldattoeehqdreiugtitoivrnaapialoelnensrdi.ttTiddoehonsceitunisnmgy,asetttneeiommtnsspioengfredaanitcetuarrrtaieiptnse;,gddtaohtoear
than trying to look at everything from a
linococraptoiroante Mtheotnecihtonorlionggy.:Challenges s•e nsoDrisspaantdche lrseecwohrderse, ,tsroipt rheecoflredest, hoars to
c•o mpDarnivyeprse rwspheoc ctoivned. uct driveaway- pull eitqaulilvianletontsodmoceutmhienngttsh; at’s cohesive
Mtoowrgaawnaysaoipderthateiognosawl ihsetroe tthakeevehicle incEluLdDesamvouisdtinregcworhdaat Wveihtticmlee’syelor ccaatliloend at rather than distracting.
“evsceorypechcarenegpe,”ofwdhuetrye stthaetuflseeatnids caotnletiansutally • AEnxdpwenhsiele rethceeipdtast areclaantebde tou soenfu-dl,utthye, re
feivnedriyng60admdiintiuotneasl. tTrioggperrosteocrtfdurnicvteironparilvitayc. y

“ and“aSgoaninoswt halalroafssamsuedndt,enthtehidsevveircyespwecililfic will anlowtadyrsivbine gb,utsiimnes;s reasons to make

function and trying to narrow it down rpelacnorhdalsoecxaptiaonnddedu,r”inshgeosna-id.uty time at a other decisions, Wittmeyer said. Two

t•o thSehsomrta hllaeuslt dmrievaesrusr uasbilnegt tohoel lsoogbtohoakt precInissitoenado,fsahpepsraoixdi,mflaeteetlsynoeneedma iwleealln-d s•m alTl eexxta mepslessagaerse, nemoisaeil omrdeisnsagnecse,s and

it’s etaismyetcoarudnedxecrespttainodn a(in.ed., y1o0u0 acrireamteiles) duefriinnegdosfcfo-dpuetfyotrimwheaotftwheityh’rine unloiandsitnagnot rmdeinsasangces,. or other electronic
reporting vehicles.” trying to accomplish, with defined Ams oabrielseuclto,mbimg udantiacactainonhseltpratrnuscmkiinttged

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lFhdatorneraygidudivsnelepbrgeraresxtolceotvaMomuiidnobspecetetooittcorhrhonpeCenosyatfrriiranmdartieienseeneeiritncttSstigonaifonnfutneeehntc3eoycet9fssRis5oyteahs.n1grteseyu(mselfha)o,tooriroftnths e gssFpreapeoMtiterdetcCtiniintSanthgAligieosdndhtcisoaovr“csemeurdqitpmmoueadipearnnelbyepmt’ymsrseetiettnhnonttefytsvoebgertdrmoroiinogfvaydehetwitrdojioarfndbniyvotdoicoenucnfsghhm-ndnitoneuiomtnytl.toy”e,g, y
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Baltimore Potomac truck ceNters, iNc.

Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now offering full-service
leasing and rental! NAVY BLUE: PMS 2965 |BEHIND TBHEEHWinHdEEtLHEQW2 HSPEREINlG~/SQUM3 MFaElRl 22001196 1153


Wayne Gaumer, Lightning Transportation

Slow & Steady Wins the Race



In an age when people jump from job and prosperity over time. sufficient customer base as we opened up
to job every few years – or months, or even “We were never mandated by our different terminals through the years,”
weeks – it’s almost hard to conceive of a man Gaumer said. “That’s the direction and
who spent 53 years in the same industry, ownership to be at X number of terminals freedom I was given. Certainly, we’re also
essentially with only two companies. or X amount of revenue next year or the looking for growth, but we did it in a very
following year,” Gaumer recalls, going all careful and planned out process.”
But that doesn’t mean Wayne Gaumer the way back to his early days as company
hasn’t had a lot of different jobs. He has. president in the mid-1980s. Wayne believed that if you do things
If there’s a task to be performed in the right consistently, the rewards you’re
trucking industry, he’s likely performed it You might expect a company with a seeking will be there when the time is right.
at some point. It’s just that he hasn’t gotten name like Lightning to seek the fastest And the results of a 53-year career pretty
all that experience by jumping around and growth trajectory possible. You might even well bear that out.
pursuing new job leads on LinkedIn (not expect its owners to pressure management
that you could do that in 1966). to hit certain growth goals every year, or “Without the customer, there is no
face consequences. paycheck,” Gaumer said. “But that has
Gaumer’s been committed to his two grown even more important throughout the
employers and committed to steady, organic That’s never been the way it’s worked at last several years with the driver shortage.
growth – even as he’s committed himself Lightning Transportation, and that’s been a The driver is as important as the customer.”
to promoting the overall betterment of the good fit with Gaumer’s management style
broader trucking industry. And it’s that and philosophies. Growth is a byproduct of Gaumer’s commitment to his people
broad-ranging commitment that has earned doing things right consistently. has been matched by a commitment to the
him a big honor this year from his peers in strength of the industry in general. He is
the state of Maryland. Sure, you can grow by setting also a long-time board member of MMTA,
aggressive targets, opening new operations and he’s been widely recognized for his
Gaumer is the Maryland Motor Truck at new ports for the sake of opening new contributions to the industry.
Association’s Person of the Year for 2019, operations, and generally trying to be as
which is ironic in a way, because he’s big and ubiquitous as you can, as soon as “Wayne Gaumer is one of the most
never been the kind of guy to focus on you can. highly-respected individuals in the
only one year. intermodal trucking industry – a man
If that had been the policy of Lightning’s who has always been willing to assist
The longtime president of Lightning owners, they probably would have been with policy development and finding
Transportation – recently transitioned into better off with a different president. But it solutions to industry challenges through his
president emeritus status – Gaumer has long wasn’t, and because of that they had just the participation in groups like the Intermodal
led the company with the belief that sticking man they needed.
to the right game plan would bring growth CONTINUED 
“We’ve been conservative in our
growth and pretty much knew we had a


Motor Carriers Conference, on port congestion before the Federal School of Hard Knocks,
the MMTA Board of Directors Maritime Commission, and believes his Gaumer grew up in Salisbury,
and serving as the state’s vice knowledge of Maryland issues made him a Pennsylvania, which is in
president representing Maryland valuable resource. southwestern Pennsylvania
to the American Trucking nearly 80 miles south of
Associations,” said Louis “I remain active in all I can with issues Pittsburgh. Trucking is in
Campion, president and CEO and discussions concerning the Port of his blood. His father was a
of MMTA. “His value has been Baltimore, which is the easiest location driver for more than 30 years,
extraordinary.” for me to spend the time that’s needed and Wayne’s first job in the
because it’s in close proximity to our office,” industry was in dispatch with
Gaumer emphasizes Gaumer said. the company where his father
MMTA’s serving everyone in the worked – Charlton Brothers
trucking industry as part of the A graduate of the widely attended Transportation.
organization’s value.
He started there in 1966
“MMTA knows the and held various positions at seven different
problems truckers in all industry segments terminals of the company.
are dealing with, and they do an excellent
job of updating everyone of changes – from “My wife and I moved seven times
the driver shortages to new regulations to in 11 years,” he recalls. “That’s not
electronic logs – to help everyone prepare,” easy, but certainly I had a wife who was
Gaumer said. understanding of the hours and the moves
at the time, which enhanced my career.”
Wayne also served on various committees
for the American Trucking Associations, That’s his wife Hazel, by the way,
including ATA’s Intermodal Motor Carriers and they’ll celebrate their 50th wedding
Conference and its Independent Contractor anniversary this year. So, the patience paid
Policy Committee. He gave crucial testimony off in the marriage, but it paid off in career

KELLY Benefit Strategies

is proud to be endorsed by the

Maryland Motor
Truck Association




* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *value as well. Gaumer eventually rose to the things – domestic truckload and also
leadership style has been crucial to the

position of president of Charlton Brothers. containers – but early on as the company company’s long-term success.

How? The answer won’t contain evolved it appeared to be the best mode of “He’s the most hard-working, dedicated

anything shocking. transportation that fits what the company person I know in this business,” Rankin

““WOhpepnowrteunfiirtsietsi,mwpolrekminegntheadrdeleacntdronic was trying to achieve.” said. “He cares about everybody and wants

laocgcso,mwpelibsrhomugenhttseavtearyll dorfitvheer pinotsoitoiounrs I The company had no interest in being to be fair to everybody, and it doesn’t
NwoarstghivLeintt,”leGRaoucmk eorffriecceaflolsr. training before
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itnhga.tDapripvreorascshp,eanntdtiimt’se cineratalianbl,ycbhoarnngeinfrguit been a mistake.”individual freight movements from original Rankin says it helped get him started on his
dsiuntcyeshteattuosoeks aonvdergaetttLinigghctonminfgo.rtable with
theAdet vthiceestibmeef,otrheethceoymepvaenryevoepneraattteedmaptted soervdeSerroa,tload—feftiecnrawadalead5sey3as-stnyinaeeaacrtobiocmarnrp.moeaenwraytvhnparet,ersivnidicpcelunkodt,eftdrinafnoRcsaarrpne“moekHrinraetrstktaajnaiiedooct.wto“nisorItya’t.nslenooct tahbjuonsutotthelavoterhygebyaos,dkye,”d
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sGtreopwfuthrtwhears.cTehrteayinclyimwbeelcdoimnteo, bthuet cGaabumer Gaumer decided it was time to hand the questions, but he remembers everything.

wanitdhtheaecchodmrpivaenry, ’lsoogwgendertshebmeliienv,emd iatde reins over to a trusted associate – although Whenever you have a conversation with

sshuoreultdhebetetchhenboylopgroydwuacst wofodrkoiinngg absuesixnpeessct- that doesn’t mean Gaumer’s hands will him – maybe it’s something to do with
ethde, aringdhtdwouabyl.e-checked to ensure drivers adimsaupcpheamrocroemppolseitteivlye. experience for every- Tyuorunriknigdsit–onhearnedmleemttbinegrs‘eimt. Alonodseyou never
undAerlssotocorduchiaolwwitaswfoorrktehde. company to oneMinivcohlaveeldR. ankin, who has worked wknoouwld’wvehdeneftihnaitteilnyfboermenataiomnisistauksee,f”uslatyos
sticIkn wthietheintds ,sttrheinsgitnhvse.stment on the front for“TGhaeuwmoerrstsitnhcieng19y9ou0 caannddroecteontthlyese Bhreolpwsno.meone.”
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Of course, drivers weren’t the only ones

to undergo training at MaCveOriNckT. IENveUrEyoDne



2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230

For Gaumer, it was simply the right SIaNnCd Ethe1c9o5m6pRaInCy’sEsuTcIcRessEinHthAaSt area. And locations in Hagerstown, Baltimore,
RICE TIREway to treat people, as well as the right BEEwNhiDle EgrDowIiCngAtTheEcDomTpOanFy’sLdErEiveTr base Norfolk, Charlotte, Savannah, Atlanta
big growtEhXPsEtRrTaStIeNgTyIR.E SOLUTIONS MAtNooAkGtimEeM, LEigNhtTninSgOtoLdUayTiIsOa mNaSjor player and Charleston. Currently Lightning has
o approximately 350 drivers in addition to 50
60“BriCngEilnEgBinRtAhTeIrNigGht people who IN aMt aAllRarYeLa ApoNrtDs, a&ndVaIwReGll-IeNstaIbAli.shed employees throughout its terminal network.
k- believe in the company philosophy, having eWntiWty Wwit.hRinICthEe iTnIdRusEtr.yC. OM And all the growth has been strictly
a more family-type company, is pretty much FAC“IEt’Bs OhiOs Kre.lCatOioMns/hRipICs,”ETRIaRnEkin said. organic.
l the way we’YveErAuRn Sthe company the whole “It’s the satisfaction of the customers
and “It all comes down to customer relations
. To time,” Gaumer said. that created a lot of the opportunities for and having the right management staff in
place, which we’ve been pretty successful at
g Because recruiting good drivers was growth, because our current customers are over the years,” Gaumer said. “It all starts
k- with the customer.”
so crucial to the company’s growth goals, what drove us into other markets.”
s The recent driver shortage, of course, has
Rankin makes a direct connection between The company’s terminal network has also accentuated the importance of not only
if- drivers but an entire team pulling together
Gaumer’s people-oriented leadership style grown from one to seven, with terminal in the same direction. He acknowledged
a that the nature of the trucking industry can
ly, Q4 WINTER 2018 make it difficult to maintain that type of
ust atmosphere, especially the ones that grow to
HEY! ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT ME? significant size.
his family now that he’s relinquished the
hy Yeah, I thought so. presidency to Rankin.
- Know what that means? Advertising works! Gaumer expects to be a regular presence
around the office at Lightning, but he and
mis- FOR HIGH LEVEL SERVICE AND VALUYEoVuISaITnUdSmAToOreNEthOaFnO8U,R00100 CreOaNdVeENrsIEoNfTBLeOhCAinTdIONS. Hazel have given their entire adult lives to
s the trucking industry. Although they don’t
ng, BALTIMORE: 410-737-80sthe1ee0iWnghetheils—­ aadllFlaeRsaEwdDeerllsE. TiRnaIktCeraKcnhs:pa3ro0gr1et-a6oti9fo5yn-o—9ua6rr5e2 intend to stop giving entirely, there are
n MariaCUMBERLAND: 301-777-c0o4r0p0orateGmAesIsTaHgeEbRyScBoUnfRirmGi:n3g0y1o-3u3r0a-d8-473 things to do in life that are best experienced
WittmeyerBurris Logistics vertising plans with our publisher by email without divided attention. There are sights
hat FORESTVILLE:2018-2019MMTAChairman [email protected]:.c2o4m0-.420-0009 to be seen and places to visit that offer a
im- richer experience when your phone isn’t
3INSIDE: Virginia Locations: MaYnaossuas', lBlrabndey Sstaotiogn,lHaadrrisyonobuurgd, Widinc!hester blowing up every few seconds.
y Maryland Stepping into Steps to Improving
u the Autonomous Age Driver Retention In his emeritus role, Gaumer believes
he has found the right balance – 53 years
on- Maryland Mobile into his career – between continuing to
uc- Trailer Service, Inc. serve the company whose ascension he
pent led and finally realizing some of the rich
• Since 1983 • rewards of having done so.
COMPLETE TRAILER & TRUCK MAINTENANCE FACILITY “I’m 71 years old, and it was time to
➥ slow down,” Gaumer said. “I don’t care
• Fleet P.M. Program what you do – whether it’s drive, dispatch,
• D.O.T. Indpections or sell, trucking is a very hour-intensive
• MD State Inspections “Trailers” business. You need time to slow down and
• Road Service I’m ready to do some of the things my wife
• DuPont Certified Paint Facility / 60ft. Paint Booth and I have talked about.”
• R.V. Body Repairs
• Maxon Liftgate Distributor Of course, “slow down” is a relative
• Interlift Liftgate Distributor term. It depends how fast you were going
• Morgan Parts Distributor / Warranty in the first place. Gaumer said “at my
• Great Dane / Utility Warranty Facility own pace” is probably not an accurate


410-761-4884 410-379-6090

|18 BEHIND THE WHEEL Q2 SPRING/SUMMER 2019 BEHind tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 19

description of how he will work for “We both had different responsibilities for safety and recruiting. So, he has the
Lightning going forward, but he does expect in the company,” Mike said. “Wayne was relationships with the customers that I don’t
to have more time to pursue some traveling the main salesperson for the company, while have yet, and that’s going to take time to
and other personal interests. I was the main operations person for the evolve. I want him involved for as long as
company. Before that I had responsibilities he wants to be involved.”
“I’m talking about traveling or just
having the flexibility during each day to That’s an investment in the stability of
do whatever we want at the time and not customer relationships, but for Rankin,
looking at 1,200 to 1,500 emails a day,” there’s something even more fundamental
Gaumer said. “I’ll put those aside and let about wanting to see Gaumer stick around.
the team do their job, and they’ll do it well.”
“He has 53 years in the business,”
Surely, they will, but that doesn’t Rankin said. “How do you replace that?”
mean the team at Lightning is celebrating
Gaumer’s semi-departure. Quite the You don’t. You take as much advantage
contrary, they’re hoping to see as much of of it as you can, and fortunately for Rankin
him as possible – and that includes the man and the rest of the Lightning Transportation
you might think would be looking over his team, Gaumer is willing to stick around and
shoulder at his predecessor. offer them plenty of benefit from all those
years of experience.
When a company president retires
and a new one takes over, it wouldn’t be Granted, he’ll now be offering it
surprising that the new president doesn’t somewhat more on his terms, but after 53
really want the old one hanging around and years he’s earned that, right? And for all
toting an “emeritus” title, but that is not the the reasons discussed here, he’s earned the
way Rankin feels about Gaumer’s continued Person of the Year distinction bestowed
involvement with Lightning. upon him by MMTA.

Congratulations, Wayne!


BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473
FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009

Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester



KELLYToday, Corporate Headquarters, 1 Kelly Way, Sparks, Maryland 21152
The Kelly Family: (from left) John, Frank III, The Honorable Francis X.
Kelly Jr, Janet Kelly, David Kelly and Bryan Kelly




In May 1994, Kelly & Associates variety of employee benefits and payroll so they know when their waiting period
Insurance Group celebrated its 18th services. It has customers in 28 states and is over and can enroll in a health plan
anniversary. Only two months later, on serves employees in all 50 states as well as online. The service also has an applicant
July 1, 1994, the company’s old business territories including Puerto Rico. tracking system allowing companies
model was turned upside down thanks to the administrative ability to manage the
changes in state law that reformed health Among its divisions are KELLY Benefit process of posting open positions.
care across Maryland – changes that the Strategies, which helps companies design,
company supported, even though it could manage and administer employee benefits Louis Campion, MMTA’s president
have been the end of its business. plans. It’s the division that works most and CEO, says the payroll service is
closely with MMTA members. It can meaningful for motor carriers because it
Since then, the KELLY organization has help clients control costs, understand and integrates with workers’ compensation
grown from 20 employees serving 1,500 respond to complicated regulations, and premiums. That way, carriers are paying
clients with $25 million in premium under navigate a diverse vendor marketplace. based on actual payroll versus estimated
management, to 500 employees serving The division’s expertise, administrative payroll. Workers’ comp premiums are
10,000 clients and more than $2 billion in abilities and technology match benefits audited at the end of the year, and motor
premium under management. packages to a client’s needs, and then it carriers can owe a lot of money if their
can administer those benefits, perform payroll estimates at the year’s beginning
How does a company enjoy such billing services, and provide U.S.-based were not accurate.
explosive growth after facing such a call center services for employees.
roadblock? By sticking with the principles The company is run by four brothers
that made it great in the first place, Another offering, KELLY Payroll, who are the sons of the company’s
including loyalty to its client base, such as provides payroll and HR tools and founders, Janet and Francis X. Kelly Jr.
the trucking industry and the Maryland resources to more than 2,000 businesses. Frank III is CEO of KELLY. David Kelly
Motor Truck Association. The service integrates employees with the is President of KELLY Payroll and also
benefits system when they are onboarded, executive vice president of KELLY Benefit
The Sparks-based company offers a


Strategies. John Kelly is president of the number taking advantage of it had would be one group with an adjusted

KELLY Benefit Strategies and is a senior dwindled to about 30 companies and 300 community rating. Each group would be

consultant. Bryan Kelly is the President of lives. Kelly & Associates negotiated a guaranteed coverage for all employees, and

KELLY Marketing Services, which works better benefit at a lower rate, redeveloped coverage also would be guaranteed to be

with brokers. the program, and it quickly grew to serve renewable and portable. Groups couldn’t

Corporate history and more than 300 MMTA companies and be sectioned by industry or according to
association partnerships more than 3,000 employee lives. risk or experiences. Each small business
paid a similar rate with differences based
MMTA’s Campion said the partnership

The company opened for business in was valuable for both entities. Not only on the ages of its employees.

Lutherville-Timonium in May 1976, but did it build Kelly’s business, but it helped Despite the reforms having a major

its roots run much deeper. Frank and Janet MMTA greatly expand its membership effect on Kelly & Associates’ business

were raised in Philadelphia and moved to and also benefit financially from its ties to model, the company supported the

Maryland in the 1960s. He was a salesman the program. legislation. It was just too good of a

for an engineering equipment company and Frank Kelly III pointed out that the chance to enact needed reforms so that

then moved into the insurance industry program also benefited insurance carriers. all employees could get insured and that

in the early 1970s. While working for an “It really did serve the member, the renewals wouldn’t be cancelled because an

agency, he developed a connection with the employees of the member, as well as employee had too many claims.

Baltimore County Tavern and Restaurant allowed us to go out and market the At that point, the company’s focus

Association. Its members were having program and bring in premium for the shifted from serving associations to serving

difficulty obtaining health insurance at a carrier that was providing the benefits,” he individual companies. As a result, its

reasonable cost. Frank left the insurance said. “So, it was really a win-win-win.” direct sales division grew substantially,

industry for a short time, but then he and and its revenue never declined despite all

the association the changes it was

reconnected. The Sparks-based company offers a variety of encountering.
In 1976, he employee benefits and payroll services. It has “What we felt was
customers in 28 states and serves employees in all 50
and Janet double- going to be possibly
mortgaged their first a real bang to our

home, and Francis states as well as territories including Puerto Rico. business turned out
X. Kelly Associates, to be a real positive

Inc., was born. It to our business, and

was first housed Expanding services our business ended up

in an extra bedroom and then in the While the company was adding growing significantly after 1994,” David
basement. Kelly was able to negotiate a association members to its client base, it Kelly said.
benefits structure for small companies also was adding services: life, disability,
through a contact at Blue Cross Blue vision, dental. The company was clearly Continued commitment
Shield. The Kelly’s would collect on an upward trajectory. Then forces to the trucking industry
applications and premiums and charge outside its control nearly blew up the & MMTA
an administrative fee, part of which entire business model. In 1993, President
went to the association for its marketing Bill Clinton put first lady Hillary Clinton In spite of the elimination of
endorsement. in charge of health care reform. The effort Association health programs, Kelly &
resulted in sweeping proposed reforms that Associates has remained committed to
The company began to grow. In 1979, were blocked in Congress. the trucking industry and serves as a key
it added the Maryland Veterinary Medical partner of MMTA’s.
Association and the Greater Washington But clearly change was coming, so
Service Station and Automotive Repair Maryland in 1994 responded by passing The company helps motor carriers
Association. In the meantime, Frank was small group health reform. The reforms navigate the complex insurance
elected to the first of three terms he would basically eliminated association programs environment. It determines carriers’ needs
serve in the state Senate. by making the state of Maryland one giant and what they are trying to accomplish,
group managed by the Maryland Insurance and then it goes out into the marketplace,
MMTA became the fourth association Administration. The reforms standardized shops the carriers, finds the most
client in 1981. At the time, it offered benefits and rates so that each carrier
a health benefit to its members, but CONTINUED 


competitive products, very, very expensive,
and the federal
and presents those government cannot
afford to take it
options to the over,” he said.
“They can barely
owner. The motor afford what they’re
handling now,
carrier decides on which is Medicare,
Medicaid and
the plan, and then their own federal
employees. So, it’s going to be, I think,
Kelly & Associates something that the private sector needs
to help solve.”
helps implement The company plans to evolve as well.
Looking ahead, it will continue providing
the plan by leading additional services and improve its
ability to integrate payroll and benefits.
the enrollment (from left) Frank Kelly III, John Kelly, David Kelly and Bryan Kelly Meanwhile, it will enter more markets.
While Kelly & Associates’ role
meetings, managing with associations like the MMTA has
changed, its commitment to serving them
the communication to executives and smart men and women. They understand hasn’t. According to Campion, Kelly
& Associates, “one of the preeminent
employees, placing the business, and quickly. They’ve either done that once corporations in the state of Maryland,”
has remained a committed sponsor of
administering it. Kelly & Associates can and they’ve only needed to do it once and MMTA activities even though Kelly &
Associates works primarily with MMTA
do the billing and premium collection for they’ll never do it again, or they’re just members, not the association as a whole.
“We went to our associations and said,
the company. It can place an employee’s wise enough to understand you get what ‘You were there for us when we needed
you, and we want to be there for you
health insurance with one carrier, you pay for.” now,’” David Kelly said. “And to this day
we still serve those associations.”
disability coverage with another, vision The company’s long history also gives it “Kelly & Associates has remained
committed to Maryland Motor Truck
with another, and life insurance with a insight into health care’s uncertain future. Association even though they didn’t have
to be,” Campion said.
fourth company, combining it all into one Political candidates argue about repealing That commitment stretches back to
the company’s early days and didn’t stop
application with one contact and one bill. Obamacare or, from the other side, when health care reform was enacted
in 1994. That change in the business
Customers can enroll employees online, implementing “Medicare for all.” While environment, which could have marked
the company’s end, instead represented a
and employees can view benefits on their all of that is happening, the system itself is new beginning.
For more information on
mobile phones. That’s especially useful for “trying to get to a place where everybody KELLY’s comprehensive benefits and
payroll solutions, contact Brian
Maryland-based drivers who can be on has skin in the game,” David Kelly said. Hubbard, [email protected],
the West Coast when they need a benefits That means more employers, including
question answered. KELLY Payroll is motor carriers, are implementing health

completely integrated with the benefits savings accounts with high deductibles

offerings. so employees can better see the costs. He

After being in business since 1976, the said unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking

company has learned much about how or being overweight will eventually need a

motor carriers need to think about their cost disincentive. The system hasn’t really

benefits strategies. The most important gotten there yet because those differing

priority to keep in mind is attracting costs are discriminatory. But employers

and retaining good employees, of which that are encouraging healthier lifestyles

benefits packages are an important part and smoking cessation programs are ahead

of any strategy. Motor carriers then need of the curve.

to consider which plan might be right “I believe that the trucking companies

for them. Some insurance providers offer – I know the ones that are working with

better nationwide coverage and would be a us are really on the cutting edge,” he said.

better fit for truckload carriers that travel “They’re probably more aware of what’s

outside Maryland, for example. Price, of happening now that’s going to be reported

course, is another factor. on two years from now because they’re

The biggest mistake a motor carrier can kind of trying to figure out ways to reduce

make is simply choosing the cheapest plan costs and provide excellent benefits to

for that reason alone. But David Kelly said their people.”

most carriers do not make that mistake. He said that however the system

“I would tell you it’s not as common as changes, the private sector will play an

you think,” he said. “Most of the trucking integral part.

companies that we deal with, they’re pretty “One thing’s for sure: Health care is



Steve Williams

Named MMTA
Driver of the Year



In 29 years as a professional
truck driver, Steve Williams has

traveled more than 3 million
miles without an accident.

That’s the equivalent of circling
the earth 120 times or making
12 trips to the moon and back!

Driver of the Year Steve Williams, Perdue Farms,
Inc. (aka “3 Million Mile Man”)

On February 12, 2019 Steve Williams • Serves as a volunteer with disabled children the 2018 Maryland State Truck Driving
of Perdue was named the 2018 Maryland through the Special Olympics Truck Championships and was named the
Truck Driver of the Year. Williams was one Convoy and Operation Teddy Bear. competition’s Rookie of the Year.
of 12 drivers honored as the 2018 Drivers
of the Month by Maryland Motor Truck • Was recognized in 2018 by the National Williams grew up driving tractors and
Association and was selected as the Driver of Private Truck Council as a National Driver other equipment on his grandfather’s farm.
the Year by the Maryland State Police. All-Star for excellence in customer service, His dad drove a cement mixer for many
safety, compliance and community service. years. Williams fondly remembers his dad
In his 29-year career, Steve has traveled
more than three million safe miles. In • Serves as a driver trainer at his CONTINUED 
addition, he: company’s terminal.

MMTANET.COM • Placed first in the Sleeper Berth Class at


Maryland 2018

Drivers of the Month

January 2018 July 2018

Lester Young, Jr. James Maxwell

Carroll Independent Fuel John W. Ritter Trucking

February 2018 August 2018

Samuel Nicholson, Jr. Steven Michael

Giant Food Pitt Ohio

March 2018 September 2018

Steven Williams Max Hickson

Perdue Farms Terminal Transportation

April 2018 October 2018

Paul Schoonover Gregory Hunt

Ross Contracting D. M. Bowman

May 2018 November 2018

Carvell Smith Leann Murphy

Baltimore Gas & Electric Lee Transport Systems

June 2018 December 2018

Richard Franks, Sr. Michael Fultz

Cowan Systems Quest Transport

Driver of the Year

Steve Williams

Perdue Farms

Richard G. Anderson Safety Supervisor of the Year
Barry Wertz

D.M. Bowman

Inspector of the Year

Master Trooper Michael Riwniak

Maryland State Police


Left: All 12 Winners

Right: Safety
Director Barry Wertz,
D.M. Bowman,
receiving the Richard
G. Anderson Award

blowing the air horn when he arrived home “We’re so very proud of Steve Williams them recognition as Maryland Drivers of
from work and then climbing up in the truck. and this well-deserved recognition,” said the Month. Employers statewide nominate
His dad is his role model, so much so that as Perdue Transportation Manager Jay Jones. their drivers for this recognition, with the
he got older, he was inspired to follow in his “Perdue’s professional drivers are some of Maryland State Police selecting the Driver
footsteps and become a professional driver. the company’s most visible ambassadors, and of the Year from an extraordinary pool of
Steve is certainly a role model for Perdue and candidates. The combined records of the
Williams began driving a dump truck all of our drivers. Steve is not only a safe and 2018 Drivers of the Month equal 336 years
for his uncle, then transitioned to Lakeview conscientious driver, but he’s just a great guy.” and over 23 million miles of safe driving!
Farms. He was later offered a job with
Perdue and has been driving for them for 25 Steve enjoys drag racing, fishing, and In addition to the Drivers of the Month/
years. When asked how trucks have changed taking his wife and children to amusement Year, Barry Wertz of D.M. Bowman was
over the years, he replied they are easier to parks. He also drives the tractor on the family honored as the Safety Supervisor of the Year,
drive now, quieter, and more fuel efficient. farm to relax. and Master Trooper Michael Riwiniak of
They require less manual work since they are the Maryland State Police won the 12th
automatic transmissions and the driver does Every year, MMTA honors 12 annual Inspector of the Year competition.
not have to physically shift gears. professional drivers whose safe driving Congratulations to all of our winners!
records and professional conduct earned

1902+Calls made TO ®
the national hotline
BY truckers alone

545 likely INVOLVING

human trafficking 1,008

cases identified TRAFFICKING VICTIMS




20+ 1 MILLION Truckers Against Trafficking

trade shows wallet cards If you'd like to train your drivers to recognize the signs of
human trafficking and to know how to respond, contact
attended since distributed


Truckers Against Trafficking for
your free training materials at:
494,600+ Clearly this partnership [email protected] Make the call,
with TAT and Polaris is
tat trained working well, and it is save lives!
showing the critical role
persons that truckers play. 1-888-3737-888

- Bradley Myles, CEO, Polaris



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whole. If you or your company has not contributed in the past, now is the
time to step up and do your part.
Step up and leave your footprint for the good of the industry.
Visit to explore your giving opportunities.

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800.228.8602 Values Drive Performance Shared Values Can Lead to Organizational Excellence

We understand you are in business to make a profit. Our Value-Driven®
Company modules can help you reduce losses and increase profits by focusing on
influencing employee behavior, changing culture, improving communication, and
managing risk successfully.

We believe it is everyone’s job to do what they can to prevent losses. We have
developed a variety of training tools to help get all employees involved in safety. From
seminars and webinars to Self-Service e-Tools and FAQs, we have solutions to fit your

We see “Critical Crashes” as a risk to your company. Our Value-Driven® Driving
program focuses on helping drivers do what they can to prevent these types of accidents:
rear-end, loss of control, lane change, and run under. All of our driver training programs are
FREE to our insureds and can be accessed 24/7 on Great West’s Online Learning Library.

GREAT WEST CASUALTY COMPANY – No matter where the road takes you, you
will discover that at Great West, The Difference is Service®.


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