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Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Behind the Wheel Q4 Winter 2016 -- Jonathan Kuentz, Ross Manufa

Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

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Ross Contracting
MMTA 2016-2017 Chairman Q4 Winter – 2016
The Official Magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 1

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2 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

Table of Contents Q4
Winter 2016

18 COVER: Maintaining an Even Keel

Jonathan Kuentz, Ross Contracting Company,
takes on a new role as MMTA’s chairman.
By Mary Lou Jay

6 “Exempt” is Over
A review of the new regulations for
“overtime-ineligible” employees.
By Albert B. Randall, Jr. and Matthew George Kuspa

8 Autonomous Trucks
Rules, technology to be determined
By Steve Brawner

12 Maryland on the Move
MMTA 2016 Annual Conference takes
place at Turf Valley Resort
By Selena Griffin

26 Drilling Deep
Fracking to be major issue in 2017
By Steve Brawner

29 A Different Leader for a

Different Environment

Chris Spear, president of the American
Trucking Associations, speaks on trucking
leadership in Washington.
By Bethany May


BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 3

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4 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 Delco Remy is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation licensed to BorgWarner PDS (Andersomn)

The official magazine of the Maryland Motor Truck Association CHAIRMAN’S
Behind The Wheel is owned by the Maryland Motor Truck
Association and is published by Matthews Publishing Group. To I am honored to take on the responsibility of serving as MMTA’s chairman. I
request additional copies, order reprints of individual articles have to thank Barbara Windsor, Steve Parker, Mel Fair and Tom Huesman, who
or to become a subscriber to Behind The Wheel, please contact nominated me as 2nd vice chair in 2014 and got me in the queue to serve as the
Selena Griffin at (410) 644-4600. To inquire about advertising, chairman one day. Now that the time has come, I look forward to the upcoming
please contact the publisher at (501) 690-9393. year with a great deal of excitement and anticipation.

Publisher The trucking industry encompasses so many diverse types of operations – from
Jennifer Matthews-Drake household goods movers to tank haulers to container operations at the Port of
Matthews Publishing Group Baltimore. My specific segment is in the construction industry. Our industry has
[email protected] been fortunate not to have the same challenges facing many freight haulers, such
as the driver shortage and the electronic logging device mandate. However, the
Executive Editor chairman of MMTA must be cognizant of the interests of all members, balancing
Louis Campion everyone’s needs regardless of a company’s individual goals. Currently at the federal
[email protected] level we are faced with two absolutely key issues:
Managing Editor
Selena Griffin • A challenge to the hours of service rules that could result in truck drivers losing
[email protected] the ability to restart their weekly clocks after taking 34 consecutive hours off-
Art Director
Douglas J. Benjamin • Court decisions that ignore existing federal law (FAAAA) preempting states
[email protected] from imposing their own meal and rest break requirements on interstate motor
Copy Editor/Proofer carriers and attempting to invalidate industry-standard piece-rate pay practices.

Harris Jimanski Legislative clarification of these two issues is crucial this year in Congress. For that
Photographer reason I joined MMTA staff and a group of members on a trip to Washington in
David Sinclair July to discuss the importance of getting these matters resolved. We are optimistic
[email protected] that success will be achieved before the end of the calendar year.
Contributing Writers
Steve Brawner At the state level there will be more than 2,500 bills introduced in the Maryland
Mary Lou Jay General Assembly crossing a multitude of different subjects. Many legislators act
Bethany May solely based on the issues brought to them by their constituents. Because they
cannot be experts in every subject that arises, they may not have the knowledge or
Maryland Motor Truck Association the “whole story” behind the issue being discussed. In 2017 we expect continued
legislative pressure for employers to provide mandatory paid sick leave to their
Louis Campion employees. General Assembly leaders have already proclaimed that some form of
President & CEO paid sick leave will pass in 2017.
[email protected]
J. Craig Talbott 7
Vice President - Safety
[email protected] BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 5
Dottie C. Duvall
Vice President - Administration
[email protected]
Selena L. Griffin

[email protected]
Margie Anne Bonnett
Marketing & Communications Director
[email protected]

Kathy Norris
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Maryland Motor Truck Association is an affiliate of the
American Trucking Associations. MMTA is a Maryland
corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets
and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry.
MMTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs
representative before legislative, regulatory and executive
branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry. The organization also provides public relations
services, education services, operational services and serves
as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact MMTA at:

Maryland Motor Truck Association, Inc.
9256 Bendix Road, Suite 203 - Columbia, Md. 21045

Phone 410-644-4600 | Fax 410-644-2537


A review of the new regulations for “overtime-ineligible” employees.

BY ALBERT B. RANDALL, JR. AND they were paid at least $100,000 and level will increase from $455 per week
MATTHEW GEORGE KUSPA passed a “minimal duties” test, meaning to $913 per week (or from $23,660
Guest Writers that they customarily and regularly per year to $47,476 per year), effective
performed at least one of the exempt December 1, 2016.
Editor’s note: On November 22, 2016, duties of an exempt EAP.
just as this magazine issue was being The salary level for HCEs will also
printed, a federal judge issued a Under the new regulations, the DOL change, and will now be set to the 90th
preliminary injunction that temporarily will now refer to nonexempt employees percentile of full-time salaried workers
halts implementation of the overtime as “overtime-protected” or “overtime- nationally. Based on census data from
rule discussed below. The injunction, eligible,” and exempt employees will 2015, the new salary level for HCEs will
coupled with the outcome of the U.S. be referred to as “overtime ineligible” be $134,004, also effective December 1,
elections, places the rule in doubt. Until or “not overtime-protected.” The new 2016.
such time as the injunction is lifted, regulations do not make any changes to
the December 1 implementation date is the duties tests for either EAPs or HCEs, Part of the purpose of tagging the
temporarily suspended. however, the salary levels will be raised salary levels to census data is to allow
substantially for both overtime-ineligible for “automatic updates” to the salary
The U.S. Department of Labor EAPs and HCEs. Finally, in meeting the levels for EAPs and HCEs. The first
(“DOL”) has issued new overtime new standard salary level for overtime- update to the salary levels will take
regulations which are currently ineligible EAPs, employers will be effect on January 1, 2020, and salary
scheduled to go into effect on December allowed to include nondiscretionary levels will be updated every three years
1, 2016. In Maryland alone, an bonuses and make “catch-up” payments thereafter. The DOL will calculate the
estimated 79,630 currently nonexempt as needed. new salary levels based on data from the
employees (1.9% of the working second quarter of the year preceding the
population) will become entitled to Raising the Salary Levels
overtime under the new regulations. update, and will post the new salary
The DOL has set the levels at least 150 days prior to
Under the old regulations, executive, new “standard salary each update (or August 4th of
administrative, or professional level” for EAPs at the the preceding year).
employees (EAPs) were generally 40th percentile of full-
“exempt” from overtime if they time salaried workers in the Bonuses and “Catch-Up”
performed certain job duties (the “duties lowest-wage Census Region Payments
test”) and were paid a salary (the “salary in the United States. Based
basis” test) of not less than $455 per on data from 2015, the Employers are now permitted
week (the “salary level” test). Highly standard salary to count nondiscretionary
compensated employees (HCEs)
were exempt from bonuses, incentives, and
overtime if commissions toward up to
10% of the standard salary
level for overtime-ineligible
EAPs. Examples of such
“nondiscretionary” payments
include bonuses that are
announced to employees

to encourage them to
work more steadily,
rapidly, or efficiently
(in other words,
bonuses tied to
productivity or

6 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

profitability), and bonuses designed to employees from salaried to hourly in Chairman’s Message
encourage employees to remain with the order to pay overtime. Employers may
employer. Examples of “discretionary” instead calculate an employee’s rate Continued from page 5
bonuses include unannounced bonuses of pay by dividing the total pay for
or spontaneous rewards for specific acts. the employee in any workweek by the While most businesses already offer
total number of hours actually worked, some form of paid sick leave to
In order to be counted toward the and use that rate to pay the salaried their employees, legislation that was
standard salary level, nondiscretionary employee overtime. proposed in the past was virtually
bonuses must be paid at least quarterly. impossible to comply with, created
In some situations, the bonuses may be Preparing for the Change many questions because of its lack of
less than expected and an EAP’s weekly clarity, and had Draconian penalties
salary plus bonuses for the quarter will In preparing for the change on even for businesses that were trying
not equal or exceed one-quarter of the December 1, 2016, employers should to comply. We also expect a vigorous
yearly salary level. In such a case, the consider: debate on the issue of hydraulic
DOL will permit employers to make a fracking, which you can read more
“catch-up” payment no later than the • Identifying employees who are at about in the contents of this magazine
pay period after the end of the quarter or near the new standard salary issue. We will be working hard to
to raise the employee’s salary to the level, educate those representing us and
standard salary level. explain how their vote or proposal
• Preparing early by having impacts trucking/transportation.
Motor Carrier Exemption salaried employees who are newly
“overtime-eligible” track their time A lot has been happening at MMTA
Section 13(b)(1) of the Fair Labor in anticipation of the change, in recent months. Most of you know
Standards Act, also known as the that we relocated to Columbia in July
“motor carrier exemption,” continues • Developing policies for tracking after almost 60 years in Baltimore.
to provide an overtime exemption for time for employees who work That was not an easy decision, but
employees regulated by the Department remotely and/or are issued a it was time. I want to acknowledge
of Transportation (DOT). Drivers who company computer or cell phone, my predecessor who oversaw this
transport goods across state lines and and relocation, Dennis Morgan of Cowan
certain other employees whose duties Systems, whose term as MMTA
may affect the safety of motor vehicles • Evaluating bonuses to determine chairman ended in September.
in interstate commerce generally fall whether they are “discretionary” or Our new facility has opened up
within DOT jurisdiction and are not “nondiscretionary” and reviewing opportunities for expanded member
entitled to overtime under FLSA, even if and adjusting their compensation training programs, council and
they also work on intrastate routes. The schemes and policies accordingly. chapter meetings, and much more.
new regulations do not affect the motor
carrier exemption. Under Maryland Private employers may also refer The future is bright at MMTA. I
law, state overtime law does not apply to to guidance issued by the DOL on the welcome your thoughts, opinions, and
employees regulated by the Department final overtime rule (available at https:// suggestions as I enter into what is for
of Transportation. Whether employees are me an exciting opportunity and year.
“exempt,” “overtime ineligible,” or “not I look forward to meeting and visiting
Options for Employers overtime-protected,” employers will have with many of you as fellow MMTA
to pay much closer attention to employee members.
Employers may increase the salary compensation and overtime work as the
of newly overtime-eligible employees regulations continue to update. Jonathan Kuentz
to keep the employee exempt from 2016-2017
overtime. This may be a good option Both authors are with Franklin &
for employees who have salaries slightly Prokopik, P.C. Albert B. Randall, MMTA Chairman of the Board
under the new exempt salary level. Jr. serves as general counsel to the
Maryland Motor Truck Association, and BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 7
Employers may also choose to keep may be reached at [email protected]
salaried employees that will now be com. Matthew George Kuspa may be
overtime-eligible at the same rate of pay reached at [email protected]
and pay overtime as needed. There is
no requirement that employers convert


Rules, technology to be determined

BY STEVE BRAWNER the technology, Daimler Trucks North docking.
Contributing Writer America rented the Hoover Dam, and But Daimler also says it will be years
a Freightliner Inspiration drove itself
In 2007, the first iPhone went on sale. across it. A video accompanying the before the trucks will be on the road.
By 2015, according to the Pew Research event featured a driver letting go of ATA annual meeting in Las Vegas
Center, 68% of American adults owned the wheel to work on a tablet. Martin
a smartphone. Daum, president and CEO, said in a in October 2016, the organization
speech then that the technology would announced it was upgrading its
In 2015, an autonomous truck drove change the duties of the commercial Automated Truck Task Force to a
itself across the Hoover Dam with two driver. “He [will] become a logistics sub-committee. In his address to the
people on board. manager while driving,” he said. members, ATA president & CEO Chris
Spear stressed the need for the trucking
Does that mean that, in less than With a special permit from the industry to keep abreast of autonomous
a decade, the trucking industry will Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, vehicle and truck platooning innovation.
be dominated by autonomous trucks? the Freightliner Inspiration Truck can
Probably not, but a recent study by “The trucking industry loses $49.6
McKinsey & Company projected that, be driven on public roads near Las billion each year to congestion”, said
by 2025, at least one of every three Vegas. The truck operates under what
new heavy trucks will be either fully the National Highway Traffic Safety Spear; investing in the new technology
autonomous or have a high level of Administration (NHTSA) defines as a “has the potential to get trucks moving,
autonomy today. We’re still at the Level 3 capability, meaning the driver reduce fuel burn and emissions, and
phase where those trucks produce more can cede control in certain conditions. increase miles driven.”
questions than answers. How quickly The truck has sensors, camera
will the motor carrier industry follow technology and radar systems that “Platooning”, where one truck is
the cell phone industry’s example and allow it to maintain speed, remain in electronically driven 30-50 feet behind
adopt the new technology? How must the lane, and keep a safe distance from another (a distance that human drivers
the regulatory climate change? And what other vehicles. The driver is in control of cannot safely maintain), is likely to be
other challenges will remain? highway exits, driving on local roads and an early technology adopted because it
does not require major infrastructure
Autonomous technology has been improvements. Ted Scott, ATA director
around a long time – think cruise of engineering, noted platooning has
control – and has spread to mechanical
systems throughout trucks in recent
years. Today’s trucks have lane departure
warning systems, automatic braking, and
will even inflate the tires on the road.
Other industries, such as mining, have
used self-driving vehicles that operate in
off-road situations for years.

But in May 2015, the technology
advanced to a new level when Nevada
Governor Brian Sandoval granted
the first license for an autonomous
commercial truck to drive on an
American public highway. To introduce

8 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

the potential to improve safety and fuel with Daimler and other manufacturers History suggests the technology will

economy, with studies showing a 4% in the European Truck Platooning happen faster than expected; however,

increase in fuel efficiency for the lead Challenge, where autonomous trucks the legal and regulatory climate must

vDeahticaleTarnadnasf1e0r%: improvement for the drove across Europe. Former Google adapt. In January, U.S. Transportation

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at work. In April, Volvo participated



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Visit usVaistiwt
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* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

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MMTA 2016 Annual Conference takes place at Turf Valley Resort

BY SELENA GRIFFIN can raise blood pressure, elevate heart • The ELD panel consisting of
Managing Editor rates and incite the infamous eye roll Gene Funk (Cowan Systems),
from executives as they prepare for Anthony Triggs (DM Bowman)
MMTA’s “Boosting Your the mandatory use of electronic logs. and moderator Dennis Morgan
Business” workshop Luckily our panel of experts was able to discussed everything from selecting
kicked off on Thursday, discuss virtually every aspect of actual an ELD provider based on what
September 29. implementation. you want to get out of the system,
implementation, training, ongoing
Valuable workshops were held again And finally, MMTA’s general council challenges, productivity impacts,
this year - ironically the weather forecast Bert Randall schooled attendees on the and driver response. The panel
was just as rainy and dreary as last year. Department of Labor’s new Overtime agreed that even resistant drivers
Despite the gray skies, we had a strong Rule slated to take effect December 1, have gotten so used to electronic
turnout of 150 guests and once the first 2016 and what company leaders can do logging that they now say they
speaker took the podium it didn’t matter now to prepare. would hate to go back to paper
what was happening outside that room. logs.
Highlights of the workshops included:
This year’s topics were so essential
and the top-notch presenters so • Secretary Gill highlighted Governor • Randall explained how the OT
knowledgeable that all eyes stayed
focused inside for what turned out to be Hogan’s decrease of the state’s tolls rule will affect many companies
some of the most relevant presentations
industry leaders may have heard in a – the first time in Maryland history and what steps employers should
long time.
that tolls were lowered – as well as take now to prevent it from hurting
When he was elected Governor
Hogan proclaimed “Maryland is open a meaningful reduction of the many your bottom line. Examples
for business.” His top economic advisor,
Maryland Department of Commerce regulations that businesses must include evaluating the exempt
Secretary Mike Gill gave members the
rundown on what the state is doing to follow. class of your existing employees
improve the business climate.
• Mark Luterman challenged us to see if any need reclassified,
The next guest speaker, Mark to identify our purpose, not only reviewing employee salary levels to
Luterman of Primax Ventures, in big picture style, but for each determine which employees could
expounded on practical ways to manage day and for each role we play. He remain exempt from OT with a
your time wisely despite the technology encouraged members to create a modest salary adjustment and/or
information overloads we face daily. task list every day and prioritize a reduction in hours worked per
each task. Break your list into four week.
The letters E-L-D have become a
buzz word in the trucking industry that categories, things you can eliminate, The daily workshops wrapped up
things you can automate, things with the election of new MMTA officers
you can delegate, and then you and directors. Those who stayed for the
can concentrate. Mark reminded Chairman’s Banquet were surprised to
attendees that “busyness” does not see the skies clearing, but even better was
equal “productivity.” the performance happening inside.

12 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

Guests sat dumbfounded by mentalist companies honored were: management of the Association’s toll
Dick Steiner as he executed amazing Pitt Ohio Express was named the discount program, her instrumental role
feats that made it appear as if he could in the relocation of MMTA’s offices this
read their minds. The audience sat competition’s Grand Champion for year, and her willingness to do whatever
stunned as he showed us one stunt after having the lowest accident frequency it takes to help the organization
another. rate among the class winners. succeed without complaint or desire for
recognition. Congratulations Dottie!
The Chairman’s Banquet recognized Congratulations to all the companies
the achievements of outgoing MMTA recognized. They deserve to stand out Events like these are not possible
Chairman Dennis Morgan, Cowan for their commitment to safety. Before without the support of our sponsors,
Systems, and introduced members to passing the gavel to Jonathan Kuentz, who really stepped up to make sure
incoming Chairman Jonathan Kuentz of Chairman Morgan had the honor of the event was a success. Thanks go out
Ross Contracting. selecting the recipient of the MMTA to each of them, listed on page 17. We
Chairman’s Award. Each year this award encourage our members to consider these
Each year since 2002 MMTA holds is given by the outgoing chair to the companies when making product and
a safety competition among members. individual he or she feels has provided service purchasing decisions throughout
Those with the lowest accident frequency extraordinary service to the Association the year.
rates are recognized at the banquet and and its members.
awarded plaques or trophies by Great 
West Casualty Company. For 2016 the This year’s recipient was MMTA’s
own Dottie Duvall. Dennis cited Dottie’s


Mileage Classification Winner

0 – 250,000 Miles HeHaul, Inc.

250,001 – 500,000 Miles Duffield Hauling

500,001 – 1 Million Miles Ross Contracting

Over 1 Million Miles Pitt Ohio Express BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 13


 Jonathan Kuentz of Ross Contracting (left)
accepts the gavel and the job as MMTA’s
2016-2017 MMTA Chairman of the Board,
bestowed by outgoing Chairman Dennis
Morgan, Cowan Systems.

 Dennis Morgan (left) congratulates Pitt Ohio’s
Dean Yockey as he accepts the award for Grand
Champion of the Safety Contest, presented by
Mark Lauresevage of Great West Casualty

 Dennis Morgan proudly
presents the Chairman’s
Award to Dottie Duvall,
MMTA Vice President,


 Josh Phillips of Hehaul, Inc. happily accepts the plaque recognizing  Mentalist Dick Steiner, he might
the company’s Safety Award for winning the 0 – 250,000 mile category. look innocent and innocuous here,
(Pictured with Dennis Morgan (L) and Mark Lauresevage (R) but don’t be fooled – he just might
be reading your mind right now!
14 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *


limited exceptions that do NOT have to are not required to use ELDs. FMCSA rec- not driving, time. The final rule requires
comply: ognizes that these drivers occasionally do fleets to retain up to eight supporting doc-
• Drivers who use paper logs for no more not meet the conditions of these exemp- uments from several categories per driver
tions. In those instances, drivers are for each 24-hour period. They are:
than 8 days during any 30 day period. required to keep a paper log; however, driv- • Bills of lading, itineraries, schedules or
ers who use a paper log more than 8 days in
• Drivers of vehicles manufactured any 30 day period must start using ELDs. equivalent documents indicating the
before model year 2000, due to origin and destination of a trip;
electronic connectivity capability of location Monitoring:
the vehicle. • Dispatch records, trip records, or
ELDs must record a vehicle’s location at equivalent documents;
• Drivers who conduct driveaway- every change of duty status and at least
towaway operations where the vehicle every 60 minutes. To protect driver privacy • Expense receipts related to on-duty,
is the product being delivered. and against harassment, the devices will not driving, time;
record location during on-duty time at a
• Short haul drivers using the logbook precision of approximately one mile and • Text messages, email messages,
timecard exception (i.e., 100 air miles) during off-duty time of within 10 miles. instant messages, or other electronic
mobile communications transmitted
Short Haul Drivers: Supporting Documents: through a fleet management system;

Drivers who are not required to complete Because ELDs negate the need for sup- • Payroll records, settlement sheets, or
logs because they meet one of the short porting documents to verify driving time,
haul exemptions in section 395.1 (e) of the FMCSA has implemented new document other documents reflecting driver
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations retention requirements to verify on-duty,
payments. 

Baltimore Potomac truck ceNters, iNc.

Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Baltimore Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc. Potomac Truck Center, Inc.
610 Nursery Road 803 Central Avenue 11715 Greencastle Pike 3371 Kenilworth Avenue 7750 Progress Court
Linthicum, MD 21090 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Bladensburg, MD 20710 Gainesville, VA 20155
Linthicum, MD 21090 410-636-9330 301-733-1707 301-864-2000 703-753-6444
410-636-6200 Now offering full-service
leasing and rental! NAVY BLUE: PMS 2965 BEHBINEDHTinHEdWtHHEEEWL H—EElQ~4 QW3inFtaelrl 22001166 1155

MCCoHnMtAinTuiAredMSfrToAmAnFpa’FgSe C5MAeTSCSHAEGSeUP WITH MEMBERSmakes the honest mistake of “correct” small discrepancies
starting his day a few minutes in his logs. Every time the
before his 10 hour break is truck moves, that movement is
recorded. Movements during
complete. Once that happens and a driver’s 30 minute break, or
during his off-duty or sleeper
Even after you’ve addressed front-end issues he’s out of our yard, it creates a berth time will create violations
of the HOS regulations and
like the ones noted above, companies need problem. Some drivers have lost a frustration for you and your
driver until you adjust to the
to be prepared for operational challenges workday as a result. “brave new world.”
Mandatory ELDs are on the way. Nothing is
that will arise. Here are a few examples of • What happens when a driver going to change that. Don’t stick your head
what we have seen: get stuck in traffic due to in the sand and wait until 2017 to start
exploring them and taking the steps you
• Drivers need to make sure circumstances out of his control need to ensure a smooth transition for your
company. The time to act is now.
they log into the system before (e.g. weather, congestion, an
 Howard Levine and Selena Griffin
conducting a pre-trip inspection accident) and is only 15 minutes
Dennis Morgan
because they are on-duty. This away from home when his time MMTA Chairman

means a driver needs to physically expires? It’s difficult to expect a

enter the truck, start up the driver to sleep in a truck for 10

system, log in, and start recording hours when he is only 15 minutes

his day before ever beginning his away from a night in his bed. We

walk-around the vehicle. try to limit our driving shifts to

 G•a ryIfR au ddyriavnedr iLso tuaiksiCnagm hpisio 1n0 hour 9 hours so that drivers have a
off-duty rest break, he cannot log buffer period to overcome these
in early and begin moving the obstacles.

vehicle on the road. We have had • Remember, the ELD records

incidents where a driver arrives everything as it happens. Gone

10 minutes early for a shift and are the days when a driver could

 Kathy Norris and Armand Patella


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Thank you to our 2016 Annual Conference Sponsors!


Financial Services


ds * * * * * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

“When we first implemented electronic “the worst thing you can Do to these SILVER
logs, we brought every driver into our guys is hanD them new technology
North Little Rock office for training before without training — without
turning on the unit,” Brown tells us. And,
keep in mind that Maverick is an OTR explaining how it works, what it Does,
operation, so bringing their 1,700 drivers anD why they have it. turning it on anD
in for training was no easy feat. letting ‘em loose woulD’ve Definitely

At Maverick, training consisted of two been a mistake.”
hours of instructor-led and hands-on train-
ing. Drivers spent time in a lab, changing —wayne brown, vp of information technology,
duty statuses and getting comfortable with maverick transportation
the devices before they ever even attempted
to operate the electronic logs in their cabs. a much more positive experience for every- Turning it on and letting ‘em loose
one involved. would’ve definitely been a mistake,” says
Trainers then took their education one Brown.
step further. They climbed into the cab “The worst thing you can do to these
with each driver, logged them in, made guys is hand them new technology without Of course, drivers weren’t the only ones
sure the technology was working as expect- training — without explaining how it to undergo training at Maverick. Everyone
ed, and double-checked to ensure drivers works, what it does, and why they have it.
understood how it worked. ➥

In the end, this investment on the front
end dramatically minimized frustration
and confusion among their drivers. It
wasn’t a simple thing to do, but it made for

SALES • PARTS BEHind tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 25


2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230

BGE BRONZE Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA
Chaney Enterprises The Selzer Company
Moving Masters
Cummins Omnitracs Towing & Recovery Professionals of MD
Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel Perdue Town & Country Movers
Lightning Transportation Picorp Volvo Trucks

Michelin Ramar Moving Systems BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 17
Rimkus Consulting

After two decades of service as an MMTA board member,
Jonathan Kuentz, director of maintenance at Ross
Contracting Company, has taken on a new role as MMTA’s
2016-2017 chairman.


BY MARY LOU JAY After Kuentz completed high school, his interest in all
Contributing Writer things mechanical led him to Benjamin Franklin Institute
of Technology in Boston, MA where he studied automotive
Growing up in Green Brook, New Jersey, technology. From there he went to Engine City Institute of
Jonathan Kuentz was “in awe” of people who Technology in Union, New Jersey where he took courses
had the skills to build houses and work on to specialize in diesel engines to include truck-related
vehicles and equipment. He began his own components. He moved to the Washington D.C. area and got a
experimentation with mechanical devices at job with a construction company maintaining their trucks and
an early age with somewhat mixed results. rebuilding major components.

“There was a point when I loved to take Searching for more opportunities, he went through the
things apart, but it wasn’t until later in my phone book and sent out resumes to every company that
life that I learned to put them back together,”
he recalled laughing.  BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 19

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

appeared to have trucking or communicating effectively across your during a stint working at the Anaconda
entire team — even before the logging
mit’secvhaalunaicbalel-irnesliagthetd, abtutshinaet.sses. “It was solution has been selected. CsooftpwpaereM. Biuntefoinr cAarrirzioernsat.h“aOt nareeosftatrhteing
a cBlarsoswicneixs aamn apclteivoefvboeicinegininthtehteraringshptor- wfroomrkaercsletahnerselaatsek, Bedromwen ioffIfewrsatnhtiesdsatoge
ptalaticoenattecthhneorliogghytftiiemlde, ,s”erhveinsgaiodn. “seIvjeursatl At Maverick, there was complete gadovoicne:a blind date; that’s how I met my
EohIwainTdfanidftvptituhcieepsseartoetpmhonrrreyyfeiwsd2bsaeua0o;tscp1aotoprr2hdemlseiBcseeyopenragssadnftn.ondFiiarynzuawercrcBdeattaushirblousldeyneimrendCmcdeeoosDoimmsttroeeImptln,aotuMthivtteteeatlahelrlviseegWeaiserrlnoeficosrckrled’s transparency across the entire nswtvtaiyeioigipnf“ndheeId..,tohsTDrofihlglitiuehnahtrlgnaeiyo,tawrnb.hesuiIacltottlshwmbiataeamrthaesmaeasnsllueo-dtelptaitmtposhtftoheeatsedtcreouymd4nco0itkunnoseyistcmbeoetlaepeuerdcmaEst,sL”oaoDnlhu-ee--
mEdaiitnoro’sfCfihceoiicne AOwaakrlda.nd, California.” organization, including the drivers. “Every requKiureemntezntthseonf tshpeenretgsuixlatmioonn,tbhustitnhey
KuIennsthzoervt,ehnetuknaollwysawchceapt theed’s atajlkoibngwaibtohut. bit of pain that we felt or we felt they Sreaauldlyi wAorna’btiparoovviedreseceoimngpatnhieescownitshtruthcetion
Delaval’s Engine and Compressor would feel, that was communicated across odaf ttahtrheeypnoeweedrtoplmanatnsaogne athnde RuteidlizSeetaheir
the board,” says Brown. ceoquasipt,mwenrittiinngatmo oDreiaenfafictiheentenantidrektniomwel.-
wDifmuoivrlpilksyliieon-Cnmg ooaesmnnalmtaCargituteisotteoonnmgtPiehnrreeoSscee(re1lvs8iDcs-einRchepb,ore Tedhgeeacbulsetowmayerthwaannttheedyhdiomtotdoasyt.a” y
It’s a little different now that the ELD anoBtrhoewrnsigxoems oonntthos,rebcuotmKmueenndtzansaEidLDhe
andIf 2y1ou-i’nrechsesrtiorouks ea)buousetdlafuonrcshhinipgsaasnudc- mandate is now realized — implementa- mrcsveeaeaartnevrldldriyociecerwldsot,haaubsnadntuds’otteAfIrifPnvetIoitrscesletr,dsoeastwtihtnaeiettdmmeh.g“iprntaoIhitrmweetauoawlsmnsintlo,hy’trsywoewopvaeuhebyrnisIti-
mzsceaausftesiDnotfiunyuclir—mpEinaLugtlDsopthpiodi,msewdmpfoeolweroumnnprs,leytaanrennatatatdrsets.aioacwnrcoi,otsymhsomuDthrieetolmabrgvoeaaannlrt,dit-.o tion is no longer a choice — but that wexoisutlidngcotemchenboalockgiews.aTs hifatI wbraoy,uygohut’lml bye
KItuweinlltzretqruaivreeleadn cinovnessttamnetlnyt. Hofetiwmeenotn the doesn’t change the importance of commu- wabilfeetboaucske weviethrymbeit. oIffidgautraeadvathileayblwe ionurledal
tforoPnet-aernl dHaanrdbothrearnedwTilrl ibneidaaldeatronirnegpacuirrve nication. staimyentoowgaaiyn dmuaextimo uthme edfiffifcicieunlcties.for
ethnagtinweisllosnloswhiyposu/odiol to
Brown will tell you, “You’ve got to com- women to obtain a Saudi visa.” But to
tEhxepMectiltithaarty. Sealift Command; to Alaska municate to your guys and train them for a
whHeroewheevewr,oifrkyeodu doon itthweeelnl,gyionue’slltohpaetrate lot of reasons, including retention and opti- hinisvseusrtpriinsee, tlhDe cTormaipnainnygagreed.
bsiatuufepilAvelpdneelirtdinetw,dghiatatpsahto’blselwessAfateoalfrraeretsrt.oksaawnthdpiteimhpceaoalrmicenopeems;ffmafiocniitrdemnwtteoontrhtkateonrs mization. We had that commitment.”
ABsuktBhreowstnillanndeehdee’dll tteollgyeotumtahrartietrda.i“nI-
Jonathan in Pearl Harbor working on engine repairs for firlnoeglwloisutota.bTsuolcustoenlyacnridtipcarlotpooasesductcoesDsfiualnEaLD

Choosea 2T5,e00c0hDWnToMilliotagryySeatlhiftaCotmOmafnfdeoirl tsanker
proewaelr-TpilmanetsiinnsFiglohritda, Iowa, Nebraska


Unmatched customer support and industry knowledge are the cornerstones of our business as well as
our dedication to our customers. We service all industries but focus heavily on the Commercial On-Road
market and support the entire Mid Atlantic Region. We support the over the road trucking industry with
customized solutions from performance driven lubricants and oil analysis to ultra clean Diesel Exhaust
Fluid. We have the products and services you will need to take your fleet to the next level!

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2204 BEBHEIHNDinTdHEtWHEHEWELHE—El ~QQ43WFinaltler20210616 www.mmmmtatanneett..ccoomm

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

that evening. Two weeks later we got followed by

married,” he said. The young couple Jeremey in 1983

live“Wd ihnenSawuedfiiArsrtaibmaplfeomr esnixtemd oelnetchtsro. nic and Tyler in 1992.
logs“,MweobstrooufgthhteeAvemryerdirciavnesr iwnthooowurent
NtooSrtahuLdiitAtleraRboiackliovfefdicewfiotrhitnraainginagtebdefore During this time,
tcuormnminugnointyththeautnwit,a”sBarlomwonsttellilkseusa. cAintyd., Kuent“ztsuhpeerviwsedorst thing you can Do to these
okitTnhephaeefeoptryaryitntcoirooumanuiwn,ilndsionodeugbtnlhwrdjoiannatys’gtMainnnoalgoovertetamhrosieaycfiklrftleyh1isa,e7eta.n0tnhj0oiOndyTgrliRsivveirnsg personngel uys is hanD them new technology
ouAtstidMeatvheericcka,mtrpa.inBiuntgmcoynwsisifteedaonfdtwI o involved in thewithout training — without
hwoeurres loivf iinngstarumcotonrg-lsetdtahnedpheaonpdles;-oInwtroauinld- mainetexnapncle aining how it works, what it Does,
isntagn. Ddriinvetrhsespsaenmtetibmreaindlainlaeba, schthanegriensgt of andaopnerDatiown hy they have it. turning it on anD
dthuetytostwatnusfoeslkasndangdetwtinegwcomulfdorftloabalteowuitrh of healvey ttrutckisng ‘em loose woulD’ve Definitely
tehgegsdetovicmesakbeefosurerethtehyaet vtehreeyvweneraettoemkapyt.ed been a mistake.”
tIot’sopaenraetxeptehreieenleccetrtohnaitcIl’omgsginlatdhIeihracdab. sA. t and equipment
shuerseatihde. technology was working as expect- f&orSFo.nEs.—, GJowrhengaoyryne brown, vp of information technology,
maverick transportation
euPdna,dasenrssditnodoogdubholoen-wchtithecwekoersdkketodil.elnssure drivers Driggs Company
Jonathan with an Enterprise RV12, Port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
IKn uthene teznadn, tdhhisisinwveifsetmseetntlteodninthtehferont’otarhnaratmefesuariasmCtaiionpconadluelalrbtymthenmgoienaniygnngwittmrohaaidesizsioerbi,ndodbgrfrurniatvueiisftnratsmrm1.aIat9itild8oye.n0f,or and Mattern

Construction Company, all site He became director of maintenance

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otinmeeinavsotlhveds.afety director for Duffield wLooucaldt’evde idnefMinoituelnytbAeierny,atmheisctoamkep,”asnayys
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2723 Annapolis Road • Baltimore, MD 21230
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Jonathan surrounded by his hard working equipment management crew and demanding standards”. There’s not
a part of that that doesn’t hold true
development, paving, demolition near future. I can’t imagine what it’s for today. People want their duties,
and underground utilities. It employs going to be like 20 years from now; I’m what is asked of them, to be clear and
approximately 150 people. Kuentz sure that trucks and heavy equipment demanding. They don’t want a manager
is responsible for overseeing the will be operated from a remote who waffles on what they want done.
maintenance of the company’s 150 location, with the operator removed Once the job is complete, there should
trucks (light, medium and heavy from the unit,” he said. be some positive recognition involved,”
duty) and its 250-plus pieces of heavy he said.
equipment. He oversees the company’s While the thought of driverless
heavy truck drivers and shop personnel vehicles may be a relief to some “I know that I need that positive
to include providing guidance on truck- companies that are dealing with recognition every now and then, and I
related rules and regulations to the manpower shortages, Ross Contracting believe that other people need it, too.
dispatch office. is fortunate that it doesn’t have that It doesn’t always have to be monetary;
problem. “Because we are considered there are plenty of non-monetary
To keep track of the service and a 100 air-mile radius company, driver motivators, including a simple pat on the
maintenance requirements for the retention has not been a challenge,” back,” he said. Some of the recognitions
hundreds of trucks and other pieces of Kuentz said. “I have to believe that is come during the weekly toolbox
equipment under his jurisdiction, Kuentz due to a combination of wage and also meetings he holds.
developed his own Microsoft-Access non-money motivators, which may be
based program. “All I have to do is plug just the positive recognition of individual Finding skilled technicians is not
in the data regarding meter, meter date accomplishments for what he or she has a problem, either, because Kuentz
and the last level of service done, and the done and not looking at your employees and Terry Strawbridge, Ross’s shop
program does the rest for me; it provides as numbers.” foreman, work as a team to provide
great reports,” he said. whatever training is required. “Between
A fleet maintenance course that he the knowledge that the two of us have,
Kuentz is also responsible for took at Penn State many years ago has we can bring in entry level people
maintaining the technology installed in helped shape his approach to managing and help them along,” Kuentz said.
the company’s various trucks and heavy employees. “I remember the instructor Their mechanics receive not only
equipment. “We have heavy equipment saying the following which really hit hands-on experience but also formal
using GPS/blade positioning systems home; “Produce long and short term training sessions that focus on the
and trucks using GPS tracking. We’ll results through positive recognition of different components of the trucks or
be installing in-cab cameras in the very worker/manager success based on clear equipment. Because of his confidence
in his employees’ skills and in his
own knowledge, Kuentz has his team
rebuilding major components, something
that few other construction companies
will do.

Kuentz believes that the true
definition of management is the
development of personnel, which he
does through training and one-on-one
instruction. Passing on the knowledge
that he’s gained throughout his career is
very satisfying.

“When I first started in the industry,
my only thought was that I wanted to
work on things. But all of a sudden,
people started coming over to me and

22 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

asking me how I did it. To this day, when The climb up the mountain took six also because of the migration of the

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Because of those portals and whenever we know that sosmuepbpoodryt’spoefofpfoler a caurostuonmdetrh’saltotciamtieo.nW. Thheenmwoerefinsoisphheidsticat-
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integrations, you know exactly how many And, those efforts are mthaekyinngeaeded on har“mIfruela, ltlhyedyojulsikt edobne’itnugnidnearstthainrdd the
hours that driver has every time he updates the mountain. rwuolersldancodudnrtirvye;r ihtahrealspssmmenetp, suot tthhiantg’ssain
his position or sends in a message. difference.

How many hours does he have
remaining to drive and to work? Is she on
break and when is she coming off?

These are the key data points you can The same goes for traffKicu, wenetazthwera,stjruusctk bpiegrsdpeeacl.t”ive. The way that we live here is

only easily access with a connected breakdowns, and more. Cl3ea0n0, faecectuorafttehe no“tTtheswe iasysutehsaatrme oust of tthe dpreioveprl’es in

solution, and you can put them to work for data allows you to utilize tthoopsoefhsouumrsmofit of cthonetwroolrnldowli,”veB,r”ohwenacdodnetidn.ues. “He doesn’t
your fleet. service or shut drivers dowthnein19th,3e4m1-ofsotot- have the ability to necessarily fudge the

Maverick has also developed optimized way possible. high mountain lMogas fionrt1a5inmiinnugtetsh. Tehecyohuavreseno control

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looking at delivery times. As newer, as AMt MtheTAencdhoafirt.hHe deabye, cwahmate daocetisvaellinofthe

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What’s more, Brown says, “We’ve 

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years ago, when doctors gave him the

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bacteria or sludge in your fuel.

raebgoaurdtiangyesharifat nddiffaerheanltfiainlsaadnvdatnhceei;r I Call 410-834-5000 for your free fuel test. BRAD’S
immapdaectaocnosuapfeletyo, fthceliymdbisscoovnesrmedaalletire
bmeotwuneetaninexsthenerdeedintiMmearoyflfaanndd, binujut rmieossatnlyd Brad’s Fuel Filtering - a valuaBle service FUEL FILTERING
csrpaeBsnrhotewtsi.nmsehianretsh,e“Wgyemle,atrrnyeidngthtroouggeht our at a Fair price.
dmaytasetlhfaitngsuhyaspteh,a”thaeresoafidf .for more than 72 BEHBINEDHiTnHdE WtHHEEEWL H—EElQ~4QW3inFtaelrl 22001166 2273

Fracking would provide economic sources, operators can use only air- or and companies have moved elsewhere. 

benefits in a part of the state that badly fresh water-based drilling fluid as well as The fracking industry also represents

needs them. But the current economy additives safe for drinking water. Strict a business opportunity for some carriers.

depends on tourism, including Deep standards were created regarding well Tanker trucks are needed to haul water,

Creek Lake, where many fear roads are construction and well pads.  sand and chemicals, while flatbed

not designed to accommodate truck The proposed regulations were trucks are used for piping and cement.

traffic increases. A state level sales tax very specific to trucking, including The amount of truck trips depends on

equivalent on motor fuels was passed the requirement that trucks have GPS various factors such as the well’s depth

in 2013 that focused heavily on transit systems and 2004 or later model engines. and geology. Unlike oil, most of the

investment. But Governor Hogan has Idling is to be limited to five minutes work for motor carriers is available

expressed a willingness to invest instead except for engines kept in ready reserve. during drilling, not production, when

on highways, and it could the product is shipped

provide funding for needed using pipelines. Also, the

infrastructure. Fracking would provide economic petroleum industry is
Until now, progress benefits in a part of the state that badly cyclical. North Dakota
bet big on the technology
has come in fits and starts,

leading to a two-year needs them. But the current economy when it was introduced,
moratorium that ends depends on tourism, including Deep leading to temporary
in 2017. In June 2011, Creek Lake, where many fear roads are housing and services that
then-Governor Martin are not nearly as needed

O’Malley created the not designed to accommodate truck now that prices are down.
Marcellus Shale Safe- traffic increases. Drivers were enticed to
Drilling Initiative Advisory move to the area and

Commission to study the were being paid well, but

issue. It issued its final have since moved to other

report in December 2014 opportunities. 

stating that risks could be managed Permit applicants are required to submit But motor carriers are accustomed

if best practices were followed and plans to ensure truck traffic has minimal to up-and-down cycles, and it’s still

the state monitored and enforced conflicts with the public, avoids school an opportunity. As Campion said,

compliance. The standards were strict buses, and minimizes conflicts with “Whenever people talk about fuel prices

but manageable. Governor Larry Hogan hunting and fishing. being so low and the like, I think that

issued proposed fracking regulations Even if the regulatory environment is short-sighted just to base … major

in January 2015. In 2015, the General is cleared, it could be a while before policy decisions around fuel prices today,

Assembly passed a law requiring the any activity actually occurs. The new because we know they’re going to go

Department of the Environment to adopt technologies have led to increased up.”

regulations by October 1, 2016 and production of both oil and natural As a fuel source for motor carriers,

preventing the issuance of any permits gas, depressing prices. According to natural gas has not fulfilled the promise

for drilling until October 1, 2017. In Drew Cobbs, executive director of of a few years ago. The same technology

September 2016, the department issued the Maryland Petroleum Council, five that made natural gas more available

its final regulations that imposed the years ago more than 100,000 acres in also opened up drilling opportunities

country’s highest safety standards. When Maryland were leased for development, for oil. Prices for diesel fell to levels that

drilling through potential drinking water but now the leases have largely expired eliminated natural gas’ price advantages.

26 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

Still, motor carriers whose routes Institute, and the Consumer Energy on transportation concerns. If the
enable them to stay close to home have Alliance created a trucking safety task report’s recommendations are followed,
been able to make natural gas work for force to consider issues associated with then opponents have one less concern.
them. As Glen Kedzie, the American major natural gas plays such as the Other matters, such as water well
Trucking Associations’ vice president, Bakken and the Eagle Ford. The task contamination and disputes over land
energy and environmental affairs force included producers, haulers and the leases, can be addressed by those who
counsel, pointed out, it’s been a good general public through meetings held by better understand them. 
deal for refuse haulers, who in some the Consumer Energy Alliance. Citizens
cases can fuel using methane produced often have concerns about water, air, “Truck safety is a key element that
by the landfills they serve. Other fleets changes to their rural way of life, and has been raised quite frequently when
use natural gas because their shippers road damage. discussing fracking. We wanted to
want them to be more sustainable. address safety concerns head-on and
Carriers including UPS, FedEx and Their report, which can be take the transportation focus out of the
Ryder have made significant investments viewed at fracking equation,” he said.
in diverse fueling options.  consumerenergyalliance/docs/trucking_
safety_task_force/1, emphasized Brydon Ross, southeast regional
As in Maryland, the debate over driver training and working with local director for the Consumer Energy
fracking has played out across the emergency responders, officials and law Alliance, said the state of Pennsylvania
country, which is why the American enforcement. Carriers can self-impose generated public goodwill by ensuring
Trucking Associations, National Tank time-of-day driving restrictions. that revenues from production were
Truck Carriers, the American Petroleum
Kedzie said the report focused strictly 

KELLY Benefit Strategies

is proud to be endorsed by the

Maryland Motor
Truck Association


BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 27

returned to communities. Maryland there that people are not going to be able blame contamination on producers when

should do the same to address truck to break something in the store and then the reality was that the well was not

traffic and way-of-life concerns. walk away,” he said.  cased correctly. He said Marcellus Shale

Operators should have a bonding Ross warned that Pennsylvania has has a lot of methane in the soil that

migrates into water supplies naturally. 

Natural gas has been seen by many as

a bridge fuel to a future of even cleaner

“Truck safety is a key element that has been technologies such as solar and wind.
raised quite frequently when discussing fracking. But now some in the environmental
We wanted to address safety concerns head- community are opposed to natural gas,
because while it’s cleaner than oil and

on and take the transportation focus out of the coal, it’s still a fossil fuel. A growing
fracking equation.” - Glen Kedzie, ATA issue is methane emissions. Ross said an
increasing number of environmentalists

are part of the “keep in the ground

movement,” and that’s unfortunate.

“We would never suggest that there

requirement for spill remediation.  a lot of rural home water wells with shouldn’t be robust and stringent

“Every state that I can think of that historically weak standards for well regulations out there to ensure

produces has some sort of requirement protection. Opponents have tried to protection of the water supply and the

environment,” he said. “But there are

big RICE TIRE SINCE 1956 RICE TIRE HAS some who will never agree with fracking,
o EXPERTS IN TIRE SOLUTIONS BEEN DEDICATED TO FLEET no matter what the permitting process is
MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS or how safe you make it.”
of Ross pointed out that supporters
WWW.RICETIRE.COM need to point out all the advantages
60k- YEARS of fracking, in addition to natural

l gas’ lower carbon emissions than oil
and and coal. Consumers are paying less
. To for fuel. The fracking revolution has

s helped downtrodden areas in western
Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Fracking

k- has enabled the country to become more

energy-independent and less dependent

on foreign oil, which enhances national
s security.


dif- BALTIMORE: 410-737-8010 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652 2017 is whether Maryland will be a part
e of the revolution or decide to sit on the

CUMBERLAND: 301-777-0400 GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473 sidelines.
ly, FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797 HAGERSTOWN: 240-420-0009

ust Virginia Locations: Manassas, Brandy Station, Harrisonburg, Winchester

e 28 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016


Chris Spear speaks on trucking leadership in Washington

Contributing Writer

The surprising rise of Donald Trump and Chris Spear, President & CEO of the American Trucking Associations
Bernie Sanders in this year’s presidential
campaigns is evidence of the changing Photo: ATA
views of the establishment in Washington,
and lobbyists are finding a new strategy is regulations and interstate commerce issues. (R-Ark.).
necessary. Before he worked in legislative affairs for Elisabeth Barna, recently appointed

In July, the American Trucking ATA, Spear was vice president of emerging COO at ATA, says, “[Chris is] well-rounded.
Associations announced Chris Spear as markets for Honeywell Process Solutions, He brings Capitol Hill experience, the
its 9th President & CEO. Spear takes on based in Bracknell, United Kingdom and agency experience and the corporate
the same title as his predecessor, retiring served as a board member for two joint experience. He has been on the front lines in
Governor Bill Graves, but his job will be ventures in Libya and Nigeria. Spear Iraq, and he has had to put teams together
markedly different. was also vice president for Honeywell there.”
Government Relations in Washington, D.C.
“Bill and I have very different and Brussels, Belgium, managing corporate Teamwork
backgrounds,” Spear says. “I have and business interests in the U.S., Europe,
tremendous respect for his time as governor, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Latin A new team at the American Trucking
his public service, his family history with America. Associations is already underway. Spear
the trucking industry. It’s quite frankly has named five executives to the senior
exceptional, and he came to the ATA at a In 2001, he was nominated by President leadership team.
time when we had a different environment George W. Bush and was unanimously
and flavor here in Washington D.C. Now confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Assistant “We decentralized the leadership
he leaves this role, and the environment has Secretary of Labor for Policy. Before his structure here,” he says. The type of people
changed dramatically.” nomination, Spear worked as legislative
director for U.S. Senator Tim Hutchinson 
To cope with the changing environment,
fewer bills moving, fewer opportunities
to tell the trucking story, Spear says his
mindset is grounded in his previous
experience legislating on the Hill and
regulating in the agencies in recent years.

Spear’s resume in government relations
and economic development is long and
impressive - the kind of list you’d want
for an association that deals with strict BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 29

* * * sPEcial Edition on Elds * * *

Long term leadership industry and not harmful. That requires just Spear says the enemy isn’t regulations; it’s

andTA/ohtrethakedejAyusmhteiernregiciysaontuoTrsrriutactdkeoisnw. gnAinssaodcviaatniocnes’ MsteyppTiHng:uTphoeusregasmyestaendmfoscausriengvoenrywhat cboamd mreugunliactaitoinosn.sWmeedtohno’dt smcianmd ereignutloations.
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sector shares the same roads. If we are tthheesfeutsuyrset,ebmust cIo’mstqinugictkhtooussaayndthsaotfwdeonlleaerds papAernldogobfocookusrspee,rthmeosntrtahtefogry ecaocuhlddcrhivaenrg, e
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to infrastructure, what is the regulatory tiedTthoe croemgumlautonriycaftroionntsisaanldwtaryasckkeiyngfor eleIcntidoinresc(tthbiesnaerftiitcslethwaatstwheristtyesntebmefowriell
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and hoapnedraetdiotno,tshuecfhedaesreaxlcaensdsisvteatweaiting athnedHbialcl,kS-pofefaircesahyas,rdAwTaArehaasntdoseoxfetrwt asoreme sdeiset“arIinbdduotcnioo’tnnwtrooofrlrtwhyaeaibwtioonurgtktiltio.maLdea,,rtigmheelpyarbobevilceiatdyusteoit
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m2m0 tanBetE.cHoimnd tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Qw4wWwin.mtemr 2ta0n1e6t.co3m1


big RICE TIREboth democrat-controlled Senates as well asBMEAEliNNkeADaGbEuEDsMinIeCEssANtToTgESivDOe mTLeOUmTFbIeLrOsEsNEomSTething forward in order to tell that story effectively
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k- our story, and we use every resource we’ve

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and me, in the end,
. To
if they have a D or an R at the end of their
g title. We have found support in both parties, “We just tell our story, and we use every resource
k- just by doing our job and doing it right.” we’ve got. It’s a good story, and if we tell it right, it

s Return on investment really doesn’t matter to me, in the end, if they have

if- Elisabeth Barna predicts that one of a D or an R at the end of their title. We have found
the biggest changes members can expect support in both parties, just by doing our job and
a is a defined return on investment. She says
ly, after only two weeks on the job, Spear was doing it right.” - Chris Spear, President ATA

e membBerAs aLnTdIcMurOrenRt Em:e4m1b0e-r7s.3H7-e8w0a1s0 FREDERICK: 301-695-9652
eitheCr oUnMthBe EphRoLneAoNr oDn:a3n0a1ir-p7l7a7n-e0tr4y0i0ng GAITHERSBURG: 301-330-8473 compare notes and share information, but
hy comHpAaGnieEs,RaSndTIOthWinNk i:t2is4i0n-h4e2re0n-t0ly009
you to listen and learn and get feedback,” she
? says. FORESTVILLE: 301-736-8797
s Spear’s vision is to ruVnirgitnhiaeLoAcatsiosnos:cMiaantaisosans, Brandy Strateiosnp, Hoanrrsisiobnbluergt,oWitnhchienstker like a business going really what I think our members are looking
n for is a defined ROI, that legislative or

hat Maryland Mobile regulatory win. And that takes us working
im- Trailer Service, Inc. with all sectors of industry, all other
coalition partners.”
ty • Since 1983 •
ou Barna encourages members and
stakeholders to reach out with thoughts,
on- suggestions and ideas because the ATA is all
Spear is optimistic about all the changes
• Fleet P.M. Program and wants members to be as well. “We
➥ • D.O.T. Indpections have proven we can do it, and I think going
• MD State Inspections “Trailers” forward, if we keep looking for that ROI,
• Road Service members will be excited to be part of ATA.
• DuPont Certified Paint Facility / 60ft. Paint Booth They will see the value and the pride it gives
• R.V. Body Repairs to the industry, waving this banner here
• Maxon Liftgate Distributor in D.C. I’m very much looking forward
• Interlift Liftgate Distributor to putting some wins on the board and
• Morgan Parts Distributor / Warranty showing members that their hard-earned
• Great Dane / Utility Warranty Facility dues are paying off.”


410-761-4884 410-379-6090

32 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016 BEHind tHE WHEEl ~ Q3 Fall 2016 19

800-228-8053 Insurance Made Simple Reduce the Hassle of Managing Insurance
Coverage for Independent Contractors
Not available in all states. All policy terms,
conditions, definitions, and exclusions apply Do you spend too much time tracking down signatures, managing and
to this coverage. Please see your agent for maintaining all the paperwork? Well, Great West Casualty Company understands –
that’s why we have the best tools in the business to help you.
exact provisions.
With our InCON system, managing, reviewing, and tracking owner-operator
equipment and insurance coverage is just plain simple. There’s no software
required - InCON works on your web browser. Login and with just a few clicks, you can
get signatures electronically. That way, both you and your owner-operators can spend less
time corralling paperwork and more time managing your business.

We understand your business. InCON is just one of the many ways Great West helps
you keep your focus where it belongs. Give us a call, and we can show you how Great
West makes a difference for our customers.

GREAT WEST CASUALTY COMPANY – Making a difference by giving you the tools to
run your business.

36 BEHIND THE WHEEL — Q4 Winter 2016

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