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Published by mehedi.hasan, 2019-12-25 13:06:04

Order User Manual

Order User Manual


cÖ_‡g wfwRU Kiæb

2 ‡h †cvÖ Wv±wU mvP© Ki‡Z Pvb †mwU mvP© e‡· wjLby A_ev K¨v‡UMwi wm‡j± Kiæb t

3 mvP© †_‡K †cWÖ v± wm‡j± Kiæb t

4 ‡cvÖ Wv‡±i cwigvY w`‡q (Add to Cart) wK¬K Kiæb t


Shopping Cart ‡_‡K (Chekout) wKK¬ Kiæb t


Avcbvi m¤úb~ © wVKvbv, †gvevBj b¤i^ I B‡gBj G¨v‡Wmª w`‡q ci~ Y Kiæb| hw` K¨vk Ab †Wwjfvwi‡Z cb¨
wiwmf Ki‡Z Pvb Zvn‡j (Cash on delivery) wm‡j± Kiæb, hw` AbjvB‡b (‡WwfU, †µwWU KvW©, weKvk, i‡KU) G

†c‡g›U Ki‡Z Pvb Zvn‡j wm‡j± Kiæb(Pay by Mobile banking, Credit or Debit card or internet banking.)

me©‡kl (Place order) G wK¬K K‡i AW©vi m¤úbœ Kiæb t


AWv© i m¤úbœ Kivi ci Avcbvi AWv© i b¤^i, UvKvi cwigvY Avcbvi †`Iqv B‡gBj G¨‡Wª‡m Bbf‡qm I
†gvevBj bg‡¦ i †g‡m‡Ri gva¨‡g P‡j hv‡e |

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