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The second issue for Nevaseen's Inside Voice Magazine features stories, poems and artwork from and for veterans!

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Published by Dynasty Kings Empire, 2019-02-26 23:15:09

Inside Voice Magazine: Veterans Issue

The second issue for Nevaseen's Inside Voice Magazine features stories, poems and artwork from and for veterans!

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A Generals Order

I salute those who continue to evolve no matter the
circumstances. Trauma is a part of our growth and unfortunately,
it is how we respond to these situations that classify us as survivors,
fighters, or flat out losers. In positions of leadership, we must
understand our personnel completely which means psychological,
mental, and emotional triggers that can help us work together more
effectively. By learning about ourselves, only then can we begin to make
healthy changes. This issue is about a serious topic which affects us all.
Mental health and PTSD go hand-in-hand and we as a culture and
community need to take these topics seriously. We go through so much
in life: death, drug abuse, sexual abuse, incarceration and domestic
violence are all situations that can lead to some serious mental health
issues if untreated.

Those of us incarcerated don’t even know we have the serious issues until
we get back around our loved ones or continue to come back to prison.
How many years away from society makes you crazy? How do you know if
it is happening to you? There needs to be some type of protocol for this!
I’ve seen many people who have been locked up for many years for cases
that were non-violent and now being released and expected to find jobs;
take care of parole responsibilities; and be the husbands, wives, mothers,
and fathers. The pressure to this after being incarcerated is insane in
itself, considering “normal“ people struggle with these very things on a
day-to-day basis. We must also understand that our veterans that
fight for this country are under the same circumstances and I left in
here like used DOC boots. The government doesn’t show enough
that they care so we at Dynasty Kings will shine light on the
subjects and raise awareness for mental health and PTSD
due to incarceration. For questions or comments please
write or email: [email protected]

Dynasty Kings Empire
PO Box 472913
Aurora CO. 80047


Welder – US Navy



Saluting our veterans is more than just a gesture

Interview with Quintessant Flow

Meet Flowessent one of the newest members of the Dynasty Kings Music family. His drive is focused on burying his
past in a field full of dreams and admirations and being a rebuilding block in the part of society that many of us know
too well. Addiction….with that being I introduce to you a rhyme grind addict.
INSIDE VOICE: What is your name?
FLOW: Flowessent
INSIDE VOICE: What does that mean?
FLOW: Growing up rapping, I was always known to have that perfect catchy flow
to any beat at any given time. My favorite word to this day is “Quintessent” which
means the purest essence of something, the most perfect example. So it made
sense to bridge to two together, creating Flowessent.
INSIDE VOICE: That’s pretty cool where you from, man?
FLOW: Born in Taunton, MA. Raised in the Carver/Plymouth area
INSIDE VOICE: What is your music style?
FLOW: My style is authentic, but at the same time I’m the only me that exists. I
believe in trend setting, so what I’m bringing to the music industry is a whole new ball game.
INSIDE VOICE: What projects do you have or are you currently working on?
FLOW: I’m currently working on “Nightmares from Heaven” My first solo album under Dynasty Kings Music.
INSIDE VOICE: What do you want people to know about you?
FLOW: I want people to know that I’ve never faked it to make it. I come from a broken past with depression and
drug addiction, but I count my struggle as a blessing because it honestly made me the man that I am today. It really
all started when my mom passed away. I was only 10 years and at that time, I was confused and for several years
struggled with my coping skills. Honestly music saved my life, being able to express myself through my lyrics.
While being incarcerated I’ve started a non-profit organization with Dynasty Kings called “Quintessent Living”
which targets people ages 13-24 who struggle with addiction, depression, self-confidence, and mental health issues.
We aim to provide housing, resources, and help clean up the communities that these diagnoses have plagued. We
come from where they are at and we want them to know that they are not alone.
INSIDE VOICE: Any Shout outs?
FLOW: Yea shout out to my pops for being the best father a son could ever ask for, as well as my family for never
losing faith in me through my trials and tribulations. To Angela, for picking me up when I was down and giving
me an opportunity out of the kindness of her heart when at the time she didn’t even know me. Also thank you for
giving birth to my best friend and love of my life. Sierra the realest woman I’ve ever met thanks for believing in me
and being my light in times of darkness and loving me when I didn’t love myself. To my little sister Shyanna, you’re
so strong and incredibly smart, I love you more than words could explain I’m right here with you no matter what
you will never be alone we’re doing this together. To all my fans for the love and support you are my inspiration. A
huge shout out to the Dynasty Kings Family and team, Especially NEVASEEN for giving me the opportunity to not
only reach my dreams but to be a part of the biggest movement in Colorado History.

982 Dynasty Kings Music

Interview with Young Filthy Money Boi

Inside Voice: What is your name?
YFMB: My name is YFMB.

Inside Voice: What does it mean?
YFMB: Young Filthy Money Boi. My name came from when I was younger. I never had money, so
during my addiction I’ve resorted to getting dirty money. Now that I am at a better place in my
life, my name reminds me of where I’m at now and where I came from.

Inside Voice: Where are you from?
YFMB: I was born in Alabama, raised in Colorado.

Inside Voice: what is your style
YFMB: I can’t say I have a specific style yet. Honestly,
I’m still building and working on myself as an artist. I’m
learning that I love telling my story and things I’ve been
through. I make my music about real things in my life,
because people will actually feel and relate to what I’m
talking about.

Inside voice: What project do you have or are currently
working on?
YFMB: I’m currently working on a “Forever Filthy“,
my first solo album on Dynasty Kings Music.

Inside Voice: What do you want people to know about you?
YFMB: I want people to know and feel where I’m coming from to my music. Everybody has hard
times, I just want everyone to know you’re not alone. I also want people to know that I have
overcome addiction and am now the creator and owner of Cancemini Productions, which will
be the music production and sound engineering for the Dynasty Kings. I will also be attending
school for audio engineering in the Spring. You can have whatever you want in life, but nothing
comes without work. Work hard and stay focused and anything you want in life would be

Inside Voice: Do your have any shout outs?
YFMB: I want to shout out God first in foremost. Nothing is possible without him. Next, I want
to shout out all my family and kids, for loving me unconditionally and being there for me when
no one else was. Finally I want to shout out Nevaseen and Da Dynasty for also being my family,
giving me lots of new opportunities, and actually believing in me at my lowest point. This is for
ya’ll! It’s Dynasty forever!

Dynasty Kings Music 93 9

Is He A Genius? Or A Maniac? with WH7SANE

Meet WH7sane 4 a Dynasty Kings Cornerstone from the Dynasty Kings Empire. If you like puzzles or spending time
figuring out hard problems, look no further than this enigmatic artist.

INSIDE VOICE: What’s Good WH7SANE? It’s pronounced (WHO-SANE FOE) right?
WH7SANE: What’s up? Yea that’s how you pronounce it.

INSIDE VOICE: What city and State are you from?
WH7SANE: I was born in Denver, Colorado but I grew up in between Aurora and
Denver, Colorado.

INSIDE VOICE: How old are you?
WH7SANE: I’m 28, I’ll be 29 on February 23rd 2019.

INSIDE VOICE: How long have you been doing music?
WH7SANE: I wrote my first rap in the fourth grade, but my first grade teacher Mrs. Snow
is the reason I even knew I could be an artist one day after she read a poem I wrote.

INSIDE VOICE: Do you still remember the poem?
WH7SANE: Hell naw! Bro that was a long time ago lol.

INSIDE VOICE: I feel you I figured I’d ask. But what inspires you the most?
WH7SANE: Myself I mean my kids are my daily inspiration and my driving force but if I can’t find a way or ways to
stay inspiring myself on a daily basis then I’ll lose focus.

INSIDE VOICE: What do you think about the Colorado music scene?
WH7SANE: Well a lot of people and fans know me by Big Dinomite. I’ve been on this music scene and rotating with
local rappers and mainstream artists from other states for as long as I can remember, and Colorado has always
lacked genuine support for each other’s craft. A lot of urban Colorado still raps about gang stuff, so because of that
artists don’t support people from the other “side” so to speak. I have seen in a change in the 9 ½ years I’ve been
locked up because everybody is chasing money, so now we link in with other sides more.

INSIDE VOICE: What are you trying to see more of from artists?
WH7SANE: Honestly, it ain’t no shortage of talent but artists are lacking the ability to stay authentic to who they are
as far as their craft. I don’t have 1 lane in my music wherever my creativity takes me in the midst of me writing that’s
where I’m meant to go.

INSIDE VOICE: What can we expect from your music?
WH7SANE: Expect it to sound like I’m talking from God’s lips nothing short of a higher powers doing because it’s
him, it’s not me.

INSIDE VOICE: Any Shout outs?
WH7SANE: Shout out my kings and queens from Da Dynasty and everybody behind the whole movement and shout
out to my real family “Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family”.

INSIDE VOICE: Anything else?
WH7SANE: “Yea I want to say Colorado is here and we ain’t going nowhere! As one of Colorado’s most talented
artists I’m personally bout to be a big problem in the rap game real soon even while doing this 48-year bid. Shovel
Gang Music coming out late 2019/early 2020… A Mile High Salute to all of Colorado and to any and everybody out
there putting in the work for themselves to be successful”.

1900 Dynasty Kings Music

The Mile High Poseidon

Meet Young Ocean (aka Poseidon), A Dynasty King under Dynasty Kings/Shovel Gang Music. A rapper/
singer/songwriter and ghostwriter, Young Ocean is a jack of all trades from right out of our very own Rocky
Mountains…You better Swim fast or Sink faster than that!

INSIDE VOICE: Welcome to the Dynasty! How does it feel to finally have a loyal team behind you?
Young Ocean: It feels great

INSIDE VOICE: What City and State are you from?
Young Ocean: Denver, Colorado

INSIDE VOICE: How old are you?
Young Ocean: 30 years old

INSIDE VOICE: How long you been rapping?
Young Ocean: since I was 16

INSIDE VOICE: What inspires you?
Young Ocean: What inspires me the most? My kids. To not only do it for myself,
but to give them a better chance off my own work I’m committed to doing.

INSIDE VOICE: Speaking of work what do you think of the Colorado music scene?
Young Ocean: I think it’s a boiling pot full of a lot of artists with huge talent that haven’t been given the chance to

INSIDE VOICE: What would you like to see more of?
Young Ocean: I would like to see more artists open to helping other artists get to where their trying to go instead
of holding them back from reaching their full potential, not just for themselves but for the ones behind the scenes
pushing them.

INSIDE VOICE: What’s something you want people to know about you that they don’t already know?
Young Ocean: I want people know that music is all I got! And it’s something I’ve never failed at.

INSIDE VOICE: I can definitely relate to that any shout outs?
Young Ocean: I would like to give a shout out to WH7SANE 4 for giving me the chance to be a part of something
bigger than us. Also, I would like to give a shout out to NEVASEEN for putting his faith in somebody who he’s
never met personally and placing the ducks in a row for the ones who can’t that on lockdown in the penitentiary.

INSIDE VOICE: What can we expect from your music?
Young Ocean: Nothing less of what it already is…ALL OF ME!

INSIDE VOICE: Anything else you want to say?
Young Ocean: I wanna say that being a part of Da Dynasty has given me a chance to feel how it feels to be in a true
family and to my fans and viewers reading this “ Continuously surround yourself with men and or women of self-
worth because that’s the only way to consider yourself being of value.

Dynasty Kings Music 9111




Such shame a name can bring, a moniker I now denounce.
I lost myself, a man with no light, a man many have denounced.

Foolishly sought fame in a name so few knew.
In my darkest of hours, the man in the mirror mouths….IT’s JUST YOU.

Entourage ghosts, guess I’ll go it alone.
Sowed love in barren lands, in women love has never known.

A life behind walls, fences, forever barred.
Alost boy, servile, my own worst enemy by far.

A criminal mind fettered by addiction.
Shall I continue this dance with the devil and succumb to his affliction.

I’d rather rid myself of mayhem, because mayhem isn’t me.
I guess I’m gonna take this journey in hopes to find the man many see in me.
No longer will mistakes define my life, nor will my future resemble my past.

Knowing hard times have not come to stay, rather, come to pass.
Never is it impossible to overcome what’s already been done.
Eyes open and optimistic, I’m gonna call today DAY ONE.
Gabriel Salazar


Mastering Your Craft by Xavier Claypool

Once upon a time when you were a little kid you had dreams of being a pro
football player, super hero, and a firefighter etc. Those childhood days went by so
fast and now you understand why mom and dad were always fussing about “make up
your bed” and “tie your shoes”. When you’re trying to master your craft it’s the small
things that count to make you proficient at your craft. You want to build your
confidence and the easy way is to do all the small things right and take no short cuts.
My teacher in high school once asked me “Why do you cheat yourself? It takes the
same amount effort to pass as it does to cheat”. Everyone was blessed with the
ability to do anything if you just work at it. No matter what career you take, be a
student of that trade and be willing to learn. Study yourself and take notes. As a
college football player, I studied hundreds of different films of myself and others.
One thing I can say is that the eye in the sky doesn’t lie. So, record yourself so you
can perfect your craft and have a positive result. Success is prey to me and I stock
my opportunities every day. Make mastering your craft a habit and not just an
idea you think of every blue moon.



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