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Final Flipbook

Final Flipbook

Low Organized Games

Tahtiana King

Table of Contents

Slide 1: Title Page Slide 11: Double Douche
Slide 2: Table Of Content Slide 12: Red Rover
Slide 3: Warm-Ups Slide 13: Simon Says
Slide 4: Tug- Of-War Slide 14: Relays
Slide 5: Capture the Flag Slide 15:Dodge Ball
Slide 6: Four Square
Slide 7: Duck-Duck-Goose
Slide 8: Knockout
Slide 9: 7-Up
Slide 10: 4-Corners


• 2 laps around the track.
• Leg stretches(right, left, and middle)
• Arm stretches(right and left arm/ above and to the sides)


Instructions: Playing the Game. Lay out the rope. In tug of war, opposing player

or teams will pull on a rope until one of the teams or players succeeds at pulling
most of the rope over to one side.

Objective: To pull most of the rope before the opposing team does.
Equipment: Rope
Key skills: strength and team work
Space: Depending on rope length and team size, half of full court.
Time: 5 minutes

Capture the flag:

Instructions: Two teams each have a flag and the objective is to capture the other

team's flag, located at the team's "base," and bring it safely back to their own base.
There’s a large amount of people(around 6 or more) per team.

Objective: To capture the opposing teams flag and bring it back safely to your

teams base.

Equipment: 2 flags(1 per team)
Key skills: endurance, observation, and speed.
Space: Full court
Time: 10 minutes

Four square:

Instructions: The server should bounce the ball once in their own square, then hit

the ball so that it goes diagonally to the lowest-ranked square. The receiver can then
hit the ball in any direction they choose. Many people play Four Square so that the 4
square is the highest-ranked square, and therefore the server's square.

Objective: to get the other players to miss the ball so they can get out.
Equipment: a bouncy ball
Key skills: striking, footwork, and awareness.
Time: 5 minutes


Instructions: All the players, except the first person who is It, sit in a circle. It

walks around the circle, tapping each player on the head, saying “duck” each time
until he decides to tap someone and say “goose.” That person becomes the goose
and runs after It, trying to tag him before It can take his seat.

Objective: For goose to tag It before it gets to take a seat.
Equipment: None
Key skills: Speed
Space: Half court
Time: 5 minutes

Knock out:

Instructions: Form a single file line handing the balls to the first two players in the

line. Everybody's first shot must be taken from a determined distance away from the
hoop (typically the free-throw line)If the first shooter makes a basket before the
second, they hand the ball to the next person in line. If the second players makes it
before the person in front of them, that person is out.

Objective: to get everyone else out before they get you out.
Equipment: basketball and basketball goal
Key skills: aim, strength, and speed.
Time: 10 minutes

7 Up:

Instructions: select seven people to be the ones to touch the students thumb. Once

touched, a student sticks his or her thumb up. Then the seven say “heads up seven
up!” The students who were touched then get a chance to guess which of the seven
touched each of them. If they guessed right, they get to change places and be one of
the students in the front.

Equipment: None
Key skills: deduction and communication skills
Space: Half court
Time: 10 minutes

4 Corners:

Instructions: A person is picked to be blind-folded and placed in the
middle while the other participants hide in either 4 corners hoping to be
the last ones standing if “It” doesn’t pick their corner.
Objective: to pick the corner that “It” won’t choose to remain in the
Equipment: Blind folds
Key Skills: having strategy and observation
Time: 10 minutes

Double Douche:

Instructions: Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes
turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players
jumping simultaneously.
Objective: to continue to jump without messing up the ropes or getting
off rhythm.
Equipment: 2 jump ropes
Key skills: endurance, rhythm, and footwork
Time: 10 minutes

Red Rover:

Instructions: Two teams line up opposite each other, no more than 30
feet apart. The first team agrees to call one player from the opposite
team, and chants, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (player's name) on
over!” The person called runs to the other line and attempts to break the
chain (formed by the linking of hands). Failure to break the chain, you
have to join the opposite team.
Objective: to break the arms(chain) of two people you’re running

Equipment: none

Key skills: strength, teamwork, and speed.

Time: 10 minutes

Simon Says:

Instructions: One player takes the role of "Simon" and issues
instructions to the other players, which should be followed only when
prefaced with the phrase "Simon says".
Objective: to do everything that Simon says to do.
Equipment: none
Key skills: listening
Time: 10 minutes


Instructions: In multiple groups of players per team, the teams line up to
start racing. One the team has completed the race, and everyone has run,
whoever has completed the task first wins.
Objective: to complete the relay before the other teams do.
Equipment: none
Key skills: speed, communication, and endurance
Time: 10 minutes

Dodge Ball:

Instructions: Divide into 2 teams with a great amount of people on both.
The main objective in dodgeball is to eliminate all members of the
opposing team by throwing the ball at them. Plays must dodge the ball
to remain in the game and the team who manages to eliminate all of
their opponent’s first are deemed the winners.
Objective: eliminate all players on the opposing team by hitting them
with the ball before they hit you.
Equipment: Dodge balls
Key skills: endurance, aim, and speed.
Time: 15 minutes

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