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Sam gets in some trouble while he is going to his football game so his coach was mine.

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Published by Damon Howell, 2019-05-08 10:13:52

Snowy Day

Sam gets in some trouble while he is going to his football game so his coach was mine.


Have you ever had your car break down? 
Well, my friend, Sam has a 2012 Chevrolet 
pickup. It broke down on a gravel road, you will 
see why in the story. Sam is a Pittsburgh 
Steelers cornerback. He is decently tall, he is 6 
ft 3, and he weighs 192 pounds. 



It was really bad weather out, it was a 

blizzard. You couldn’t even see 5 feet in front of 
yourself. Sam was so close to his football game 
against the Vikings, but he slammed into a deer 
and it broke his engine. The people across the 

street said,¨Are you ok?¨ because all they heard 

was a big ¨BOOM¨. 




called his teammate, Gabe, to come pick him 

up. He didn't answer. Then he called his coach, 

no answer. So Sam jaunted to his game. He 

almost got lost, so it took him 30 minutes to 

just get there. There was one weird thing, 

though. On the way there, he saw a dog walking 

to the side of him in the ditch. 


He got there in the second quarter with five 

minutes left. His coach Landon was furious and 

benched him for being late. He benched him 

until the Fourth Quarter. But in the fourth 

quarter, he got back in, so he let loose and 

played his heart out.  


There were 2 minutes left in the game, and 

the snow shot down as hard as hail. So the 

game got canceled because of the Snowstorm 

and the Vikings got the win because Sam and 

the Steelers had no time to come back.  


So Sam felt like he let down his coach, and 
his team because he makes a big impact on the 
game with his big body. So he reflected on what 
happened that afternoon,¨ What if I was there 
earlier I could have helped my team beat the 
Minnesota Vikings¨. But at the same time, he 
doesn't because the game got canceled anyway. 


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