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(a) Water consists of hydrogen and was true in the past, is true in

oxygen. the present, and will be true

(b) Most animals kill only for food. in the future.

(c) The world is round. for general statements of


(d) I study for two hours every night. express habitual or everyday

(e) My classes begin at nine. activity.

(f) He always eats a sandwich for


(g) I have only a dollar right now. a situation that exists right
(h) I don’t recognize that man. now, at the moment of

(i) He needs a pen right now. speaking

(j) John’s plane arrives at 6.05 pm next Future event on definite

Monday timetable


(j ) John is sleeping right now. expresses an activity that is in
(k) I need an umbrella because it is progress at the moment of
speaking. It began in the
raining. recent past, is continuing at
(d) John and Mary are talking on the present, and will probably end
at some point in the future.
phone. Often the activity is of a
general nature: something
(m) I am taking five courses this generally in progress this
semester. week, this month, this year.
Note (o): The sentence
(n) John is trying to improve his work means that writing a book is a
habits. general activity she is
engaged in at present
(o) She is writing another book this Planned event/ definite
year. intention

(p) She is leaving at noon tomorrow


3 PRESENT PERFECT ( S+Vhave+Vpast participle+C)

(a) They have moved into a new expresses the idea that

apartment. something happened (or

(b) Have you ever visited Mexico? never happened) before now,

(c) I have already seen that movie. at an unspecified time in the

(d) I have never seen snow. past.

(e) She has had four tests so far this


(f) He has written my wife a letter

every other repetition of an activity before
day for the last two weeks. now. The exact time of each
(g) I have met many people since I repetition is not important.

Here in June.

(h) I have flown on an airplane many


(i) I have been here since seven The present perfect also,
o’clock. when used with for or since,

(j) We have been here for two weeks. expresses a situation that

(k) I have liked cowboy movies ever began in the past and

since I continues to the present.

was a child. since + a particular time

(m) I have known him for many years. for + a duration of time

PERFECT (n) I have been studying for 2 hours Activity in progress-before
now up to now- for 2 hours

Recently /lately



1.I walked to school yesterday. The simple past indicates that

2.He lived in Paris for ten years, but an activity or situation began

now he is living in Rome. and ended at a particular

3. I bought a new car three days ago. time in the past.

4. I stood under a tree when it If a sentence contains when

began to rain. and has the simple past in both

5. When she heard a strange clauses, the action in the
noise, she got up to investigate. “when clause” happens first. In

6. When I dropped my cup, the (4): 1st: The rain began. 2nd: I

coffee spilled on my lap. stood under a tree.

5 PAST CONTINUOUS ( S + Vbe + Ving + C)

1.I was walking down the street when

it began to rain.

2.While I was walking down the street,

it began to rain.

3.I was standing under a tree when it

began to rain. both actions occurred at the
4 At eight o’clock last night, I was same time, but one action

studying. began earlier and was in

5. Last year at this time, I was progress when the other

attending school. action occurred.

1.While I was studying in one room of Two actions are in progress

our apartment, my roommate was simultaneously.

sleeping in the other room.


6. PAST PERFECT ( S + Vhad + Vpast participle + C)

1. My parents had already eaten by

the time I got home.

2. Until yesterday, I had never heard an activity that was

about it. completed before another

3. The thief simply walked in. Someone activity or time in the past.

had forgotten to lock the door.

PERFECT 1.The police had been looking
CONTINUOUS for the criminal for two years before
they caught him.
3.The patient had been duration of an activity that
waiting in the emergency room for was in progress before
almost an hour before a doctor finally another activity or time in the
treated her. past

1. Her eyes were red because she had express an activity in
been crying. progress recent to another
2. When Judy got home, her hair was time or activity in the past.
still wet because she had been


7. PASSIVE VOICE ( O+Vbe+Vpast participle+by S)

Present tense ( S+V+O) ( O+Vbe+Vpast participle+by S)
Mary helps John John is helped by Mary
SIMPLE Mary helps orphans Orphans are helped by Mary
CONTINUOUS Mary is helping John John is being helped by Mary
PERFECT Mary has helped John John has been helped by Mary

Past tense

SIMPLE ( S+V+O) (O+Vbe+Vpast participle+by S)
CONTINUOUS Mary helped John John was helped by Mary
PERFECT Mary helps orphans Orphans were helped by Mary
Mary was helping John John was being helped by Mary
Mary had helped John John had been helped by Mary

Modals ( S+modal +V+O) (O+modal+be+Vpast participle+by S)
John should be helped by Mary
Can/could Mary should help John Orphans must be helped by Mary
May/might Mary must help orphans John will be helped by Mary
Should /Shall
Will/ Would



1. After Modals Must/can/could He could see it clearly.
2. Does/do/did /shall/should/will/would He shall do it soon.
3. Had better may/might Md. Talha will be there.
I do like your new dress.
4. to Bir Singh didn’t come
You had better go home .

Want/wish/hope/ Nobody wants to cause problems.
expect/ought/need/ If you wish to leave, please tell me
dare now.
Haji Suleiman hopes to retire soon.
advise We expect to make a million-dollar
The chairman ought to resign.
Leave Emily alone - she needs to
rest./she need not rest
Ramli lost his job because he dared
to argue with his boss.
The minister advised the youths to
develop good habits

9. VERB + ING Cycling is my favourite sport
1. as the subject- to cycle : After completing my training, I hope to work in Sabah
2. after preposition : I am looking forward to playing chess/I am used to
playing chess.
3. After certain verbs : Swee Ping enjoys being a housewife.
This man denies knowing anything about the robbery.
Botak admitted stealing the motor-cycles.
Please finish tidying up before you leave.
Do you mind helping Noraini with the washing?
I can’t stand doing English exercises. Azlan started


Choose simple form or continuous for the verb in bracket

1 I told the Customs officer that my bag (contain) only books.
2 Hamid rushed on to the platform just as the train (leave). Luckily, he was able to jump

into the last carriage.
3 I (think) your goldfish is quite friendly. It (seem) to be smiling at me.
4 As Tong Chai came round the comer he could see that Ridzuan (wait) for him.
5 The old house (belong) to our family for many years, but then we (sell) it.
6 Can you see that light in the sky? It (move), and it (appear) to be coming towards us!
7 Siva says she (feel) very hot. She (feel) that we ought to go indoors, out of the hot sun.


Choose simple past, present perfect or past perfect forms for the verb in the bracket

1 I (study) French, so I don't expect to have any problems when I go to Paris.
2 I (study) French for a year, but I've forgotten it all now.
3 Martin didn't want to come to the film with us because he (see) it already.
4 I'm afraid I (not study) enough for the test tomorrow.
5 My family (live) in Ipoh for years and years, but they may move soon.
6 Proudly, Abu Talib showed me the motor-bike he (buy) the day before.
7 He gave me a crash helmet and (take) me for a ride.
8 Susila (cook) curry for us and she's expecting us for dinner.
9 Susila (cook) curry for us, but her greedy brother ate it all.
10 We (decide) that you may take the advanced course next year.



Find correct form of the verbs in brackets

(a) Dolphins can [make) many different sounds. They [have) their own sounds but they
can also (imitate) other noises such as machines and human voices. Ahmad Nasir, a
dolphin expert, [claim) that when dolphins [make) sounds, they are [talk). They [not
talk) in the same way as parrots, who can be [teach) to [copy) human words. Instead,
they [have) a language of their own, [say) Encik Ahmad, who has [study) dolphins for
many years. This [be) possible because dolphins (possess) brains which (be) larger
than ours. Encik Ahmad (believe) that dolphins [want) to [talk) to us as much as he
[want) to [talk) to them.

(b) 'I [not remember) anything,' [say) Cheong as he (sit) up very slowly in his hospital bed.
'I [think ) something (strike) me. Wait! I remember [stop) my car beside the highway.
There (be) no petrol in the tank. I had (forget) [stop) at the petrol station! I [open) the
car door and [begin) [get] out. Suddenly I (see) a lorry [come) towards me. I [not know)
what (happen) after that.' 'You [bring) to the hospital by a passing motorist,' Inspector
Ramli [tell) him. 'How (you feel) now?' 'Not too bad,' Cheong [answer). '[You have) [tell]
my wife about the accident? I [not want) her to [panic) when I [not come) home.'

(c) I (receive) your letter about two weeks ago and (try) to find time to write you back ever

since. I (be) very busy lately. In the past two weeks, I (have) four tests, and I have

another test next week. In addition, a friend (stay) with me since last Thursday. She

wanted to see the city, so we (spend) a lot of time visiting some of the interesting places

here. We (be) to the zoo, the art museum, and the botanical gardens.

Yesterday we (go) to the park and (watch) a balloon race. Between showing her

the city and studying for my exams, I (have, barely) enough time to breathe. Right now
it (be) 3 a.m and I (sit) at my desk. I (sit) here five hours doing my studying. My friend’s

plane (leave) at 6:05, so I (decide) not to go to bed. That’s why I (write) to you

such an early hour in the day. I (be) a little sleepy, but I would rather stay up. I (take) a

nap after I (come) back from taking her to the airport. How are you getting along? How

about your classes? Please write soon.



The following passages have errors in the verb forms only. Correct any mistakes you can
see. Sometimes there is more than one correct answer. Not all the verbs are wrong.

1. All producers wants to increasing their sales, so they are use advertisements to
helped them. It is believe that advertisements can increase sales. When a producer
make a profit, he trying to expand his business so that that he can producing more
goods more cheaply. This will being a benefit to the consumer.

2. I would like to say that advertisements are not bad in themselves, but because some
advertisers not acting responsibly, the public are sometimes be cheat. When this
happen, people spending too much. This is help the company whose products are
advertising, but it cause problems in other areas because consumers are not save
any money.

3. My boss had a case for me. It was a murder case and I would had to defended my
client. The next morning I was went to Kajang Prison to see my client. He was accuse
of murdering his business partner. While I have studying the case, my client has
brought into the room by a prison guard. He look very handsome. He did not had the
violent look of a murderer, as I had been expecting. We were leave alone in the room
so that we could discussed his case. I was tell him all that I knew, and he is gave me
his side of the story.

4. Why are we laugh when we are happy? Why we cry in pain, or feel hurt when we are
insulted? It all beginning in our hearts. It is come from our deepest feelings, which can
being touched by all kinds of events. These emotions is a kind of reaction inside us
which affect our thoughts and influences our actions. Only man have this reaction.
Modern scientists have create robots that can doing all the various things that man
doing; but if they try created a robot with emotions they will failed. Robots do not
laughed or cry and they are not feel anything.


5. City life began in the morning with traffic jams full of people who going to work in their
offices. The situation could not be imagine. There hooting and there is screaming from
the car drivers. Sometimes it led to quarrels between them. This situation did not occur
in villages or small towns, although villagers also needed their own transport. It is not
very easy for villagers to going anywhere if they didn't have their own transport. There
are many types of people in the city. Some of them prefer to stayed alone without
mixing around, and some of them didn't even know their next-door neighbour. They just
didn't care to make friends with them. They lead their own life and had their own way
of living. Maybe this is because of their job that is needed them to work hard all day.


Replace the words in brackets with the correct form of the simple past tense.
Hurry . can . open . bring . be . make . want . walk . head . do . have . reduce . see .
will . know . is like . choose . smile . look.

Mother________ my brother and me out of the house so that we_________ be the first to
enter the complex when the doors to the shops _________ for business. We each _________
along three green shopping bags. There _____ to be no more plastic bags. I ________ a
beeline for the brand I ________ as I had already scouted the pants, Tshirts and blouses
online. I was not interested in dresses so I _______ past the rows of dresses and _________
towards the aisle I had my eye on. As I was only allowed four pieces of clothing at a time, I
________ my little brother, Andy, stand outside the changing room so that he could run errands
for me to get a different colour or another pair of pants. T-shirt or blouse. He was so obliging
and _________ seem to mind running up and down with my requests. I would have to treat
him to his favourite juice later. Finally, I ________ my choices _________ to six articles of
clothing; two pairs of pants, two T-shirts and two blouses. As I was walking towards my mum
with my purchases, I ________ a beautiful hoodie. There and then, I __________ to get it
because it was just like the one I saw in a teen magazine. It was quite pricey but with a fifty
percent discount, Mum ________ not think twice about it and besides she said I did not dress
too well and she _________ be as pleased as Punch with this particular choice. I was done
with my shopping so I decided to tag along with Mum to see what she _________ buy for little
Andy. Andy _______ not fussy about his clothes. He _________ Mum _________ get him
what he _________. He only _________ one choice: a T-shirt with his favourite Marvel
superhero. Mum __________ for him a dozen T-shirts in assorted colours and a few long and
short pants to match his T-shirts. He ________ happily as he ___________ at his clothes. He
__________so easy to please.


buy . know . want . walk . drag . suggest . smile . be . pay . leave . make . drag .
suggest . will give
It ________ Mum's turn. Before Mum ________ any outfits for herself, she ________ Dad two
ties, a shirt and a T-shirt. She ________ exactly what Dad ________ and she just ________
to the men's department and ________ her choice so efficiently! I ________ Mum to a rack of
blouses and ________ she try on a black ensemble that would look perfect on her for a dinner
function. She ________ at my choice and gave the thumbs-up sign. Once we ________ done,
Mum ________ for the purchases and we then ________ for lunch at one of the restaurants
in the complex. As we ________, the crowd was starting to build. Luckily we were such quick
shoppers, we were done within three hours. It was not such a harrowing shopping day after
all. It was Mum's turn. Before Mum ________ any outfits for herself, she bought Dad two ties,
a shirt and a T-shirt. She ________ exactly what Dad wanted and she just walked to the men's
department and ________ her choice so efficiently! I ________Mum to a rack of blouses and
________ she try on a black ensemble that ________ look perfect on her for a dinner function.
She ________ at my choice and ________ the thumbs-up sign. Once we were done, Mum
________for the purchases and we then ________ for lunch at one of the restaurants in the
complex. As we ________, the crowd was starting to build. Luckily we ________ such quick
shoppers, we ________ done within three hours. It ________ not such a harrowing shopping
day after all.



Use the words in the following list to complete the sentences. All of the sentences are
passive. Use any appropriate tense
build . cause . confuse . divide . expect , frighten . invent . kill. offer. order
report . spell . surprise . surround . swear

1. The electric light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.
2. An island __________ by water.
3. The -ing form of "sit" __________ with a double t.
4. Even though construction costs are high, a new dormitory __________ next year.
5. The class was too large, so it __________ into two sections.
6. A bracelet __________ around the wrist.
7. The Johnson's house burned down. According to the inspector, the fire __________ by

8. Ben got a ticket for reckless driving. When he went to traffic court, he __________ to pay a

fine of $100.
9. I read about a hunter who __________ by a wild animal.
10. The hunter's fatal accident __________ in the newspaper yesterday.
11. I didn't expect Lisa to come to the meeting last night, but she was there. I __________ to

see her there.
12. Last week, I __________ a job at a local bank, but I didn't accept.
13. The children __________ in the middle of the night when they heard strange noises in the

14. Could you try to explain this math problem to me again? Yesterday in class I __________

by the teacher's explanation.
15. A: Is the plane going to be late? B: No. It __________ to be on time.


Make necessary correction to construct passive sentences
1 Sometimes, I asked by my manager to chair meetings.
2 The newspaper's permit was cancel last year.
3 Nasri chosen to play for Pahang Darulmakmur.
4 If prisoners behave well, they may allow to leave prison sooner.
5 Any product that is advertise usually costs more.
6 After each check has completed, my boss writes a report.
7 The plane was hijacking by two men, who flew it to North Korea.
8 Adults can be influence by these programmes, as well as children.
9 The book was wrote over a hundred years ago.
10 City people are disturbing by the noise and pollution.


Use gerund

1. You can wash this shirt by soak it in water for a few hours.
2. Are you sure of find my house without a map?
3. This boy saved me from drowned in the river.
4. I cannot cope with listened to complaints all day.
5. I am fed up with always told you what to do.
6. This method is very good for teaches intelligent children.
7. We must stop accidents like this from happened again.
8. Because of lost my passport, I was delayed at the airport.
9. To prevent fear from torture us, we must do something.
10. Marry my loved one and raise a family are my greatest desires in life.
11. I'm glad of have an opportunity to work with your company.
12. Even without education, our grandmothers could carry on with their usual activities like ate

every day, cleaned the house and communicate with other people.
13. Know English better will make me more confident in reply to letters.
14. Type fast and accurately, know how to answer the telephone and be able to speak several

languages are all things which the successful secretary must learn how to do.




1 If we smoke, our teeth will yellow and ugly.
2 Malaysia can also famous in science and technology.
3 Some people very angry when they lose money.
4 My elder brother always very kind to me.
5 Wars of 100 years ago less dangerous than modern ones.
6 Fang Loong always happy although he very poor.
7 Some of these so-called 'experts' not experienced enough.
8 500 ringgit may not sufficient to pay for the trip.
9 Everyone can safe on the roads if they drive carefully.
10 I advised her many times, but she still stubborn.
11. Many students so keen to join our choir that they stay back after school.
12. Young men should conscious that one day they, too, will be old.
13. If we work harder our country will more prosperous.
14. These facilities not only for foreigners but also for local tourists.
15. Mrs Lee's comments quite interesting, but, frankly, I disagree with her.
16. Some people only interested in education because they want good jobs.



 Zul was very excited about going to Manila ,and taking part in the badminton

 Zul was very excited about going to Manila, and keen to do his best.
 Zul was very excited about going to Manila, and knew that he was very lucky


Change the word which does not fit logically
1 See Ping lives in an old and beautifully house.
2 Please use the equipment properly or leaving it alone.
3 Poor old Kadri has just fallen and break his leg!
4 I saw Roland Fong walking along Jalan Pelangi and talk to his girlfriend.
5 People who are ill or old age need help and friendly.
6 Shamsul goes to bed late but awake early.
7 I went into a goldsmith's shop, buy a ring and coming out $500 poorer.
8 There is a lot of violence such as theft, murdered and vandalism.
9 Enjoy a more satisfying and saves cost service at Zoom Fast Motors!
10 Mat Nor ought to take a holiday and going to a relaxing place like Pulau Tioman.
11 Our exhibition has attracted a lot of interest and enjoyed by everybody.
12 I hope that you will allow me to attend this course and also to give me an early reply.
13 I can solve the company's problems of over-spending and also helping myself.
14 It is easy to distinguish these two types of grass, the second being greener and grows

in the shade.
15 You had better stay at home and don't face these problems.



Make necessary correction pertaining S_V/Singular plural agreement

1 The people who lives in this village is a padi planter.
2 All my aunty are a housewife.
3 Old people need their sons and all his family near them.
4 As a human, we sometimes feel very bored.
5 To know and get close to someone are not easy.
6 Most of my friends is a pupil at SM Bukit Jelutong.
8 Being a students, one should develop his good qualities.
9 Most of these people are working as a farmer, rubber tapper and fishermen.
10 When a woman go to work, they are often also a mother.
1 In order to overcome these problem, I read newspapers.
2 The entrance is odd: they comprises several wooden doors.
3 Other problems are the question of responsibility.
4 Another item on the agenda were managers' salaries and

the new building project.
5 If any part breaks, they are replaced at once.
6 The team have to move out of their old clubhouse.
7 The government, who know the truth, is unable to act.
8 We should be optimistic and not a narrow-minded person.
9 There are many place throughout our country which are known for its beautiful scenery.
10 Some of the points that he mentioned was that the root of moral problems is the lack

of self-consciousness among youngsters.



IRREGULAR VERBS Past Participle s / es/ ies ‘ing’ form
.No. Base Form Past Form Form
abode abides abiding
1 abide abode alit alights alighting
arisen arises arising
2 alight alit awoken awakes awaking
been is being
3 arise arose born/borne bears bearing
beaten beats beating
4 awake awoke become becomes becoming
befallen befalls befalling
5 be (am,are) was / were begun begins beginning
beheld beholds beholding
6 bear bore bent bends bending
bereft bereaves bereaving
7 beat beat besought beseeches beseeching
bet bets betting
8 become became bidden bids bidding
bid bids bidding
9 befall befell bound binds binding
bitten bites biting
10 begin began bled bleeds bleeding
blown blows blowing
11 behold beheld broken breaks breaking
bred breeds breeding
12 bend bent brought brings bringing
broadcast broadcasts broadcasting
13 bereave bereft built builds building
burnt burns burning
14 beseech besought burst bursts bursting
bust busts busting
15 bet bet bought buys buying
cast casts casting
16 bid bade caught catches catching
chidden chides chiding
17 bid bid

18 bind bound

19 bite bit

20 bleed bled

21 blow blew

22 break broke

23 breed bred

24 bring brought

25 broadcast broadcast

26 build built

27 burn burnt

28 burst burst

29 bust bust

30 buy bought

31 cast cast

32 catch caught

33 chide chid


34 choose chose chosen chooses choosing
35 cleave clove/cleft cloven/cleft cleaves cleaving
36 cling clung clung clings clinging
37 clothe clad clad clothes clothing
38 come came come comes coming
39 cost cost cost costs costing
40 creep crept crept creeps creeping
41 cut cut cut cuts cutting
42 deal dealt dealt deals dealing
43 dig dug dug digs digging
44 do did done does doing
45 draw drew drawn draws drawing
46 dream dreamt dreamt dreams dreaming
47 drink drank drunk drinks drinking
48 drive drove driven drives driving
49 dwell dwelt dwelt dwells dwelling
50 eat ate eaten eats eating
51 fall fell fallen falls falling
52 fart fart fart farts farting
53 feed fed fed feeds feeding
54 feel felt felt feels feeling
55 fight fought fought fights fighting
56 find found found finds finding
57 fit fit fit fits fitting
58 flee fled fled flees fleeing
59 fling flung flung flings flinging
60 fly flew flown flies flying
61 forbid forbade forbidden forbids forbidding
62 forecast forecast forecast forecasts forecasting
63 forget forgot forgotten forgets forgetting
64 forgive forgave forgiven forgives forgiving
65 forsake forsook forsaken forsakes forsaking
66 freeze froze frozen freezes freezing
67 gainsay gainsaid gainsaid gainsays gainsaying
68 get got got gets getting
69 gird girt girt girds girding
70 give gave given gives giving


71 go went gone goes going
72 grave grove graven graves graving
73 grow grew grown grows growing
74 hang hung hung hangs hanging
75 have had had has having
76 hear heard heard hears hearing
77 heave hove hove heaves heaving
78 hew hewed hewn hews hewing
79 hide hid hidden hides hiding
80 hit hit hit hits hitting
81 hold held held holds holding
82 hurt hurt hurt hurts hurting
83 inlay inlaid inlaid inlays inlaying
84 input input input inputs inputting
85 keep kept kept keeps keeping
86 kneel knelt knelt kneels kneeling
87 knit knit knit knits knitting
88 know knew known knows knowing
89 lade laded laden lades lading
90 lay laid laid lays laying
91 lead led led leads leading
92 lean leant leant leans leaning
93 leap leapt leapt leaps leaping
94 learn learnt learnt learns learning
95 leave left left leaves leaving
96 lend lent lent lends lending
97 let let let lets letting
98 lie lay lain lies lying
99 light lit lit lights lighting
100 lose lost lost loses losing
101 make made made makes making
102 mean meant meant means meaning
103 meet met met meets meeting
104 mistake mistook mistaken mistakes mistaking
105 mow mowed mown mows mowing
106 partake partook partaken partakes partaking
107 pay paid paid pays paying


108 plead pled pled pleads pleading
109 put put put puts putting
110 quit quit quit quits quitting
111 read (રીડ) read (રડે ) read (રડે ) reads reading
112 rend rent rent rends rending
113 rid rid rid rids ridding
114 ride rode ridden rides riding
115 ring rang rung rings ringing
116 rise rose risen rises rising
117 run ran run runs running
118 saw sawed sawn saws sawing
119 say said said says saying
120 see saw seen sees seeing
121 seek sought sought seeks seeking
122 sell sold sold sells selling
123 send sent sent sends sending
124 set set set sets setting
125 sew sewed sewn sews sewing
126 shake shook shaken shakes shaking
127 shave shove shaven shaves shaving
128 shear shore shorn shears shearing
129 shed shed shed sheds shedding
130 shine shone shone shines shining
131 shit shit shit shits shitting
132 shoe shod shod shoes shoeing
133 shoot shot shot shoots shooting
134 show showed shown shows showing
135 shrink shrank shrunk shrinks shrinking
136 shrive shrove shriven shrives shriving
137 shut shut shut shuts shutting
138 sing sang sung sings singing
139 sink sank sunk sinks sinking
140 sit sat sat sits sitting
141 slay slew slain slays slaying
142 sleep slept slept sleeps sleeping
143 slide slid slid slides sliding
144 sling slung slung slings slinging


145 slink slunk slunk slinks slinking
146 slit slit slit slits slitting
147 smell smelt smelt smells smelling
148 smite smote smitten smites smiting
149 sneak snuck snuck sneaks sneaking
150 speak spoke spoken speaks speaking
151 speed sped sped speeds speeding
152 spell spelt spelt spells spelling
153 spend spent spent spends spending
154 spill spilt spilt spills spilling
155 spin spun spun spins spinning
156 spit spat spat spits spitting
157 split split split splits splitting
158 spoil spoilt spoilt spoils spoiling
159 spread spread spread spreads spreading
160 spring sprang sprung springs springing
161 stand stood stood stands standing
162 steal stole stolen steals stealing
163 stick stuck stuck sticks sticking
164 sting stung stung stings stinging
165 stink stank stunk stinks stinking
166 strew strewed strewn strews strewing
167 stride strode stridden strides striding
168 strike struck stricken strikes striking
169 string strung strung strings stringing
170 strive strove striven strives striving
171 swear swore sworn swears swearing
172 sweat sweat sweat sweats sweating
173 sweep swept swept sweeps sweeping
174 swell swelled swollen swells swelling
175 swim swam swum swims swimming
176 swing swung swung swings swinging
177 take took taken takes taking
178 teach taught taught teaches teaching
179 tear tore torn tears tearing
180 tell told told tells telling
181 think thought thought thinks thinking


182 thrive throve thriven thrives thriving
thrown throws throwing
183 throw threw thrust thrusts thrusting
trodden treads treading
184 thrust thrust understood understands understanding
woken wakes waking
185 tread trod way-laid way-lays way-laying
worn wears wearing
186 understand understood woven weaves weaving
wed weds wedding
187 wake woke wept weeps weeping
welcomed welcomes welcoming
188 way-lay way-laid went wends wending
wet wets wetting
189 wear wore won wins winning
wound winds winding
190 weave wove withdrawn withdraws withdrawing
wrung wrings wringing
191 wed wed written writes writing

192 weep wept

193 welcome welcomed

194 wend went

195 wet wet

196 win won

197 wind wound

198 withdraw withdrew

199 wring wrung

200 write wrote


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