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Giving Education a New
Meaning and Dimension


Growing Learners

Who we areRight from the beginning of our session, inclusive, multicultural, co-educational
we are stressing on innovative thinking community.
and new ideas. Sharda Global Preparatory
School has continued to deliver a very Our unique environment gives access and
high standard of education. With an exposure to a vast array of experiences
extraordinary array of subjects and in every field which helps our students
activities tailored to meet pupils’ interests to discover their talents and direction.
and abilities, we are always striving to Students are encouraged to think and
improve our pupils’ learning experiences. develop confidence by taking risks within a
Our strong family ethos ensures that our safe and creative environment.
broad curriculum approach provides our
pupils with a supportive environment to Our teachers are learners who, through their
learn. We especially emphasise inculcating passion, intellect and commitment engage
in the children core values such as and connect with their students. Through
respect, honesty, teamwork, humility and fresh, real-world thinking they transmit
friendliness. knowledge and a deep understanding to
their students, who at times, surpass their
Our founder Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjana Swarup is teachers in intellectual pursuits.
an eminent personality in academic and at
heart. She has been in education field since Within our community we instill a deep
27 years and has imbibed strong morals appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness.
and ethnic values individualism creativity We have a strong global outlook, which is
and innovation and strive to nurture them crucial for students preparing for life in this
in her students. dynamic world.

We pride ourselves on being deliberately This prospectus encapsulates some
different. We nurture children and young of the many activities and initiatives in
people to be confident, accomplished and which children participate. The children
original. experience joy, learning, challenges and
satisfaction each day. Academically, the
Our unique learning Prep School pupils excel in many subjects.
environment We firmly believe in the philosophy of
holistic education, which leads to the
Sharda Global Preparatory School provides development of a child who is equipped
an environment which feeds and nurtures with life-long learning skills.
the growth of kindergarten students. Here
all individuals are valued in a secular,


Our Vision
Extraordinary education : a place of inspiration
and innovation

Our Mission
Outstanding teaching within a unique learning
environment : fostering each student's potential
for greatness.

Our Aim
 Become confident, resilient and responsible

 Develop a deep understanding and strive for

personal excellence as learners.
 Embody the humanitarian values of respect,

integrity, service and excellence.
 Display a strong sense of environmental


Our Values and attributes

Our value and attributes, which align with our guiding statements, are

integral to creating a school culture and climate to realise our educational


 Cleanliness  Integrity

 Respect  Compassion

 Determination  Responsibility

 Teamwork  Honesty

 Perseverance  Trust

 Commitment

4  Self-discipline

What makes SGPS distinctive? What makes SGPS distinctive? Awell-balanced curriculum and themebased
instruction help the young minds integrate their
 Celebrate a culture of excellence learning smoothly. The emphasis is on exploring,
in academic and the all-round knowing, understanding and forming their own
development of children. ideas. The principles. of learning applied in
kindergarten include holistic development and
 Individualised attention to each learning (aesthetics and creative expression,
child to cater to their diverse language and literacy, numeracy, self and social
learning needs. awareness); integrated learning active learning;
supportive learning; interactive learning and
 Talented, experienced and learning through play. The curriculum prepares
dedicated teachers with linguistic children for a smooth transition to a more formal
and cultural diversity primary curriculum.

 Inclusive education, with a The kindergarten programme makes use of a wide
committed team of student care range of individual and group activities which
professionals. creates a lively and positive learning environment.
Games, songs, creative projects, story-telling,
 Upholds Indian culture and values, roleplaying, drawing and painting help develop
whilst fostering global citizenship. children’s foundational skills in literacy and
numeracy. They are encouraged to play, explore
 A safe and secure learning and discover through dance, music art and craft.
environment, with focus on student Singing, rhyming and reciting are employed in the
well-being. language arts, and the phonics programme. The
use of manipulative, pictures and symbols helps
Kindergarten programme - Classes them identify relationships between sets and
groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and
KG I and KG II represented. Sports and interaction with sports
teachers help in strengthening, coordination
The kindergarten programme and motor skills, and instill enthusiasm for
inculcates in children the qualities of sports. Picnics and fields trip enhance students
curiosity, exploration and discovery understanding of their surroundings. Celebration
in a fun-filled, safe and happy of festivals sensitises them to multiple tradition
learning environment. The emphasis and cultures.
is on developing in students self-
confidence and the ability to effectively
communicate in English as well as in
their mother tongue; teachers ensure
this through effective use of language
and by encouraging children to express
themselves freely.


Our community learning opportunities provided by our teachers.

Students We attract and retain exceptional staff who relish
the opportunity to work in our highly professional
We aim to create the best possible environment and respectful learning community.
to foster the student’s love of learning, their
talents and their innate curiosity. Their social and Parents
emotional development is essential to all programs
at SGPS. There are lot of ways that we encourage parents
to be active within the school community. We offer
Staff a special orientation programme for parents at
the beginning of the session. We conduct parent
Our staff delight in the opportunity to work in such teacher meeting at regular interval. It is vital for
a professional, academic and friendly community. our staff to cultivate positive relationships with our
Our school owes much of its success to the families so our students can thrive.

Our 5 Unique Pillars of SGPS

Every child is unique with his/her inherent intelligence and talents. At SGPS we create an environment
that caters to all the aspects of growth and development for each child through these 5 Unique pillars
of Schooling.

Nurturing students to achieve
academic excellence through
innovative teaching methods

Ensuring the safely of every DEVELOPMENT
Learning beyond
child on campus through the classrooms
comprehensive security through extra
curricular activities
measures. to ensure all-round

World-class infrastructure
Expert and experienced to support academic and
teachers who provide co-curricular activities

personal attention to each


Kindergarten Programme (KGP)

(KG1, KG2)

The Early Years Programme nurtures student in
the formative years of their life, by stimulating
curiosity through conceptual learning methods,
transforming them into lifelong learners.

Early Years Programme
 Explores through Educational field trips for

real-world applications.
 Emphasizes kinaesthetic learning and motor

skills development.
 Boosts stamina balance and rhythm through

 Builds a strong foundation for lifetime



Extra-Curricular Activities

Sharda Global Preparatory School nurtures
the creative potential in each student through
diverse training programmes. Art and craft,
Music, dance, gardening, Recitation, Fancy
dress Competition, Story telling etc. are some
of the co-curricular activities offered.


Personal Attention Library

Individual Care and Support Easy free access to thousand of books can be used in a
safe, warm and comforting environment.
Each member of SGS family contributes in their unique way,
be it out teaching or non-teaching staff. Not only are the Best-In-Class Infrastructure
students open to approach the school counsellors anytime,
they are provided with various workshop such as Good Our campus are facilitated with world-class infrastructure
touch-Bad touch. etc. for academic and co-curricular activities. Our aesthetically
and ergonomically designed classrooms complement our
Counselling advanced teaching methods making learning easier and
impact full.
Unique counselling program to help provide our students a
healthy and open environment for any kind of psychological Equipped with modern infrastructure like Smart-books,
or personal support. Science lab, we enable every child to explore new ideas and
learn through hands-on- experience. The campuses also
Parent App offer facilities like swimming pools, skating rinks and play
areas that extend learning beyond classrooms.
Helps parents with real-time updates regarding academic
progress, attendance reports, assessments live tracking of
buses through GPS. etc

Mode of Communication

Our open door approach towards communication helps. Safety and Security
parents stay updated regarding their child’s progress Committee
at all times. Be it the Parent portal on our website or This meeting is held every month, where the head
our Parent App, we are constantly in touch with the security, Principal and the Management scrutinize the
through various methods for smooth communication working of the school.
and support.
Parent Portal (ERP) Timely circulars for current happenings, competitions
A Parent Portal (ERP) for the parent to stay informed events or urgent notices are forwarded to the parents.
of announcement, daily class works and homework, or
even details of fee payment and certificates. SMS Updates
SMS updates also include timely announcement of
PTMs events or any immediate announcement that needs to
Parents Teacher Meets are organized to notify the be addressed by the parent.
parent of their child updates

Weekly Communications
In case of any enquiry the section in charges contact
number is provided to the parents to discuss about the
child’s performance


Safe Campus We ensure a safe and secure environment for
our students through various comprehensive
security measures. Our safety measures upgrade
timely with advancement technology.

Psychometric tests Parents Id Cards Classroom Doors SAFETY
of all Teachers Without Locks
3600 Surveillance Security Controlled Trained Security PRECAUTION
Entry & Exit Guards TRANSPORT
Through CCTV Cameras
Periodic Emergency Fire Compliance Background Checks
Drills Of Every Staff

Buses Equipped Daily Breath School Staff On
With Gps Analyser Test Every Bus

AdmissionAdmission  Every candidate needs to be registered prior to
A registration form is included in the
prospectus. Submission of registration  At the time of admission original Birth certificate
form, however, does not guarantee must be produced.
admission. The applicant needs to
appear for an interview or admission Fees
test to seek admission in the school. The
registration fee is not refundable in any Scheduled of fees is enclosed with the registration
case. form. Fees is to be paid in quarterly installments
during the course of year. The school dues should
Criteria of admission : be paid in time to enable the students to appear for
the unit test.
Oral aptitude & intelligence test for KG I.
Fees can be deposited through bank also.
Written test & interview of KG II.
Withdrawal/Refund of fees
Enclosures :
New students :
The following enclosures should be
attached with registration form.  If the student is withdrawn or does not join before
the start of the academic year, registration &
 Aadhar card. (Photocopy) admission fee shall be forfeited and tuition fee
will be refunded.
Two latest passport size coloured
photographs.  If the student joins the school and is withdrawn
after the start of academic year, fee for one
Admission Rules: quarter and other expenses incurred shall be
 Admission is granted purely on
availability of seats.


Rules and Regulation Rules and Regulation Discipline

 All the students are expected to speak in English.  All children must reach the school on time. Students/
No leave is granted during the term except parents should avoid offering gifts or presents to any of
under very urgent/ humanitarian grounds. the staff at any time.
Unauthorised absence from the school shall
be considered a serious misconduct. Periodic Uniform
reports of the student’s progress will be sent
to the parents. In all matters pertaining to the  All Students must wear only prescribed uniform on all
students, behaviour and welfare of the students, weekdays without making any alterations. It should
the head teachers decision is final and binding. always be clean.
Parents/guardians are bound by the school
rules in all respects. In all matters of disputes, Absence
the decision of the head teacher is final In case
of damage to the school property and loss of  Irregular attendance and unjustified absence justifies
library books, the recovery will be made from dismissal. Students must not be kept away from the
the parent of the student concerned. A student school for celebration like engagements, marriage, pujas
who is unwell should not be sent to school. In etc. The parents of the children who remain absent even
case of emergency, medical fees and transport for a day must write a note in the “leave and absentee
charges will be borne by the parents. Students record” in the almanac stating the reason for absentee. It
suffering from contagious or infectious diseases must be signed by both parents as well as the teachers. In
are not permitted to attend the school. Any sort case of the long sickness, a letter must be sent to the head
of complaints/suggestion regarding school teacher on a neat sheet of paper enclosed in an envelope
matters should be handed over to the head with appropriate details written on it. Parents must not
teacher not to the class teachers. wait to send this intimation until the child recovers. Parent
must produce a medial certificate for absence on account
 Parents/guardians can request a meeting with of illness. Attendance is compulsory on Independence
the teacher only on the prior permission of the Day celebration, Republic Day celebration, first and last
head teacher and should never approach the working day of each session.
teacher directly in the classroom.


Route Map 269_(10-19)•[email protected]•9835778101

to school from:

Law Unv.: 3 Kms.
Birsa Agr. Unv.: 4 Kms.
Rock Garden: 9 Kms.
Premsons: 10 Kms.

Email: shardaglobalsch[email protected] | Ph: 9931039500, 9934307000, 9931069966, 9771435100


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