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Published by Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, 2018-12-12 04:48:43

Fresh Restaurant_Lunch menu

Fresh Restaurant_Lunch menu


Caesar salad Tomato gazpacho
Your choice of: poached chicken, grilled prawn or tuna, Chilled tomato soup , crunchy vegetables & croutons
Romaine lettuce, crispy parma ham, croutons, parmesan cheese & poached egg
Greek quinoa & avocado salad Wonton soup
Quinoa, avocado, alamata olives, tomato, cucumber, capscicum, Prawn & pork wrapped wonton skin, bean sprouts,
red onion, rocket & lemon vinaigrette
chives & master broth
190 220
Buddha bowl
Barley, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, carrot, spinach Artichoke soup
& creamy yoghurt turmeric dressing Creamy artichoke soup, crème fraiche & evoo

170 220
Burrata salad
Burrata cheese, grilled asparagus, heirloom tomato, prosciutto, “Pho”
rocket & crispy ciabatta Your choice of: beef or chicken rice noodles,

270 bean sprouts & fresh local herbs
Grilled beef salad 260
Hanging tenderloin, lemongrass, chili, shallot, mint, lettuce,
coriander & lime vinaigrette SANDWICHES & BURGER

230 (Served with fries or mixed salad)
Prawn salad
Poached prawns mixed micro herbs, chili passion fruit vinaigrette Steak baguette
Angus hanging tenderloin, avocado, aioli, grilled capsicum,
Hargaw cheddar cheese & crispy onion
Prawn & pork dimsum with asparagus & soy dipping sauce 290

230 Salmon bagel
Coconut fried king prawn (3 pcs) Dill cured salmon, mustard cream, capers, lemon,
Coconut crumbled marinated king prawns,
rocket & red onions
plum sauce & herbs salad 290
Fusion club sandwich
FRESH SPRING ROLLS (3 PCS) Whole grain bread, chicken, bacon, tomato, cheddar cheese,

Vegetarian mayonnaise & lettuce & egg
Fresh rice noodles, tofu, mushrooms, radish & lemongrass dip 230

110 Traditional Vietnamese baguette
Prawn & pork Homemade chicken liver pate, pork siu mai,
Fresh rice noodles, prawns, pork, fresh herbs & peanut dipping sauce
pickled vegetables & mayo/chili sauce
190 170

CRISPY SPRING ROLLS (3 PCS) Summer vegetable sandwich
Zucchni, eggplant, bell pepper, tapenade, pesto,
Crispy vegetarian
Sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, tofu, Burrata cheese & Ciabatta
vermicelli, fresh herbs & soy dipping sauce 230

120 Beef burger
Crispy pork Whole wheat bun, caramelized onion, bacon,
Minced pork, vermicelli, ear mushrooms, sweet potato,
fresh herbs, sweet & sour fish sauce Gruyere cheese & grain mustard
Crispy seafood Chicken burger
Scallops, crab meat, prawns, vermicelli, ear mushrooms, Beetroot bun, chicken patty,
sweet potato, sweet & sour fish sauce Asian style coleslaw & ginger chili sauce

190 230

Vegetarian burger
Whole wheat bun, vegetable patty & mango chutney


Vegan Vegetarian Gluten Free

Prices are in thousands Vietnam Dong and subject to 10% VAT and 5% service charge


Halloumi tandoori Vegetarian
Baked halloumi cheese with marinated tandoori sauce Shallots, garlic, carrots, green beans, string beans, broccoli,

served with couscous salad asparagus, omelet & pickled vegetables
380 220

Grilled tofu Seafood
Marinated tofu with lemongrass, chili, fresh rice noodles, Prawns, squid, green beans,
string beans, omelet & pickled vegetables
herbs, chili & garlic dipping sauce
190 290

Roasted drumtick chicken Chicken
Soy marinated drumstick chicken, Chicken satay, pea, pea, carrot, French bean,

honey & coleslaw omelet & pickled vegetables
250 260

Chargrilled pork shoulder Beef
Marinated pork shoulder, rice noodles, spring rolls, Beef satay, pea, carrot, French bean,

fresh herbs & fish sauce dip omelet & pickled vegetables
230 290

Grilled AUS beef striploin, fried egg, fries
& baby vegetables Carrots, onions, bok choy, cauliflower, broccoli,
370 Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, shallots, garlic & bell pepper

Pan seared seabass 250
Scallion fish sauce, green mango salsa
350 Chicken, bok choy, mushrooms, shallots & bell pepper

Teriyaki salmon 260
Norwegian salmon, baby leeks, asparagus, mushroom,
green pepper & teriyaki sauce Beef, bok choy, mushrooms, shallots, garlic & bell pepper
Seabass tacos
Grilled seabass, cabbage, mango salsa Seafood
Prawns, squid, onions, bok choy, mushrooms,
& guacamole
350 shallots & bell pepper
Your choice of Pasta:
Penne, spaghetti, linguini Passionfruit & tofu cheesecake
With infused fennel, passion fruit spheres,
Gluten free penne
mint moss & black sesame galette
Your choice of sauce: 200

Bolognaise Panna cotta
Meat ragout, parmesan cheese, tomato & Italian basil Coffee panna cotta with baileys jelly on chocolate soil,
candied orange peel, Kahlua gel, crunchy caramel pearls,
spiced crostini & vanilla ice cream
Pesto 200
Italian basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese & cherry tomatoes
Passion crème brulle
230 Cinnamon passion crème brulle & biscotte

Arrabiata 200
Chili flakes, plum tomatoes, Italian basil, oregano & red wine
Fresh fruits
250 Seasonal exotic fresh fruit platter

Marinara 140
Prawns, squid, scallops, mussel, anchovy, garlic,
Ice creams & sorbets 60/scoop
white wine & tomato
290 Ice cream Sorbets
Coffee Passionfruit
Carbonara Vanilla Mandarin-star anise
Light creamy egg yolk sauce, bacon , parmesan cheese Granny Smith-EVOO
Dark chocolate & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vegan Vegetarian Gluten Free

Prices are in thousands Vietnam Dong and subject to 10% VAT and 5% service charge

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