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This book is about value in children's stories; about little animals and adventures

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Adventures and Values in Childten's Stories

This book is about value in children's stories; about little animals and adventures

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Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Adventures and Values in Children’s Stories

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi

Charlotte Huston Johnson


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Adventures and Values

Children’s Stories


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

All stories are dedicated to children who love to read


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

If you purchased this book without a cover you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as “unsold and destroyed” to the
publisher, and neither the author nor the publisher has received any payment for this “stripped book.”
۩ PnPAuthors
Children’s Stories with Adventures and Values
Copyright © 2015 by Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi
All rights reserved.
This work is fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously, and any
resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

First Printing: September 2010


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Consa, the Gatekeeper

There once was a hummingbird named Simon, who lived in the Valley of the Yellow Stones. He was like no other
hummingbird. For one thing he was born with feathers that stuck up on top of his head. All the other birds laughed at him,
but he didn’t mind because he was a happy hummingbird who flew from flower to flower making humming sounds with
his red wings. He loved to fly and land in trees while he watched all of nature’s things.
Even with his unusual feathers he was a beautiful hummingbird with bright colors of red and emerald green.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

One day he dipped his long slender beak into the cool water of the valley’s pond to get a drink of water, but instead
sucked up a pebble. Wouldn’t you know it, it caught in his throat? He coughed and coughed, but it still wouldn’t come
out. He went from tree to tree hiccupping. He hiccupped all day and into the night.

Then along came a beautiful orange butterfly with tiny spots of black, whose name was Jasmine. She flew around flowers
like a princess. She saw Simon sitting on a limb and asked, “What’s wrong Simon?” But all poor Simon could do was

Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup.

Finally out came the words and he said, “I have a pebble stuck in my throat.” Princess Jasmine Butterfly thought for a
moment and then said, “Simon, I know a gatekeeper over at the Secret Garden of Cyrus. Her name is Consa. I am sure she
will be able to help you. She always helps anyone who is in a jam.”

Simon Hummingbird was very happy to hear someone could help him with his problem.
“Come on Simon, follow me,” said Jasmine as she flew off in the direction of the garden. They flew down the path
along Blue Bells and Daffodils, down by the river and across the bridge. They came across Tagger Turtle who was sitting
alone on a rock looking sad. Princess Jasmine Butterfly asked, “What’s wrong Tagger Turtle?”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Tagger Turtle said, “I have lost my spots and I don’t know what to do.” Princess Jasmine Butterfly said, “Tagger Turtle
come with Simon Hummingbird and me to see Consa, the gatekeeper. She might be able to help you.”

Tagger Turtle lighted up like a light bulb.

So off the three went; down the path leading to Consa. They came upon an intersection where they could go in four
different directions.

All three stood wondering which way to go. Princess Jasmine Butterfly said, “Oh dear, which way should we go?”
All Simon Hummingbird could do was hiccup, hiccup, and hiccup. Tagger Turtle said, “Without my spots I can’t
decide which direction to go”
They looked to the right, then to the left. All three shook their heads in puzzlement.

Suddenly Cody Horse and his cousin Ryan Horse galloped over to Princess Jasmine Butterfly. Cody Horse said, “I always
go to the right when I don’t know which way to go.”

“If you go straight, you will reach a dry desert and nothing grows there. No one goes to the desert,” said Ryan Horse.
Simon Hummingbird took a closer look in all four directions and said, “I’m mighty confused, but we have to take a


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

chance or we’ll never make it to Consa, the gatekeeper.”
Princess Jasmine thanked Cody Horse and Ryan Horse, and decided they should go to the left. She believed it was the

right direction to go in order to get to Consa, the gatekeeper.
A forceful voice said, “No! Go to the right because it’s a shortcut. It is the right way to Consa, the gatekeeper.”
“Who said that? Tagger Turtle cried out.
“Why, it’s me. I’m Tony Rock.”
All three turned their heads and looked at an old brown pile of rocks and saw the biggest unsightly rock pointing to the

“I do declare,” said Simon Hummingbird and then hurried off to the right. The other two followed. The three began

their journey, walking down the path where wild flowers twinkled with their array of colors. They talked as they walked,
about the Valley of the Yellow Stones.

Tagger Turtle said, “Did you know that in the land of the ancients there was a place called the Valley of the Yellow

“Yes,” said Simon Hummingbird. “It was called that because of all the yellow stones in the great rivers and lakes
where ancient people made beautiful jewelry and coins with the stones.”

The three continued on down the path leading to Consa. The clouds in the sky looked like white fluffy cotton balls and
the hills were sprinkled with carpets of colored wild flowers. As the three walked along the side of the path, they came
upon a big old tree with brown mushrooms growing by a smooth large rock.

They heard a deep voice say, “Tony Rock told you to take a short cut to the right, well, he was wrong. You should
have gone with your first thought, Princess Jasmine Butterfly because going to the left was right. Remember to always
believe in yourself. Tony Rock is a dreadful rock. He leads strangers to the bad land so spiders can have a feast when they
wake up from their winter naps.”

“I do declare,” said Simon Hummingbird.
“Oh, we were just about to cross over the Rosetta River. Who are you?” Princess Jasmine Butterfly called out.
“I’m Jimmy Mushroom. No, you must not cross over the Rosetta River. The sky gets dark and the trees start to move.
They are alive and will surely destroy you long before you reach Consa, the gatekeeper. Go down that embankment and
you will reach a river; follow it and it will lead you to Consa.”
“Thank you, Jimmy Mushroom. You have saved our lives. How can we repay you for your kind warnings?” Princess
Jasmine Butterfly asked.
“You may repay me by trusting in yourself.” Jimmy Mushroom said, and then he turned and went back beside the tree.
“When I get my spots back, I shall always trust in myself,” Tagger Turtle said.
Simon Hummingbird started to thank Jimmy Mushroom, but all he could say was, “Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup.”
The trees were watching as Jimmy Mushroom warned the three. They were swaying back and forth saying, “Don’t go
the way Tony Rock said to go.”
Tagger Turtle rolled down the hill while Simon Hummingbird and Princess Jasmine Butterfly flew over the beauty of
the valley.
“Oh, this is great fun!” Tagger Turtle cried out as he rolled over grassy land and then into the sand near the river.
Right away, all three saw a clearing on the other side of the river, and then saw a big tall gate.
“I see a garden gate!” Simon Hummingbird squealed.
“I see a garden gate too! Tagger Turtle yelled.
Princess Jasmine Butterfly flew over to the raft and hollered, “Hurry Tagger Turtle. Hurry! Climb on the raft.”
Soon after arriving and getting off the raft, all three stood wondering what to do as they looked at the huge white gate
with tall stones and a large brass ring over the center of the gate. Simon Hummingbird grabbed the ring with his beak and
then dropped it. The door made a creaking sound and then slowly moved open. There stood a beautiful lady with a long
white dress made of daisies. She was stunning with her long shiny glowing hair with glittering stars.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

She stood proud and tall, holding onto a tall wooden staff with a crystal sphere on top and attached was an eagle’s feather.
Her eyes sparkled with kindness and beside her sat a golden brown lion with a fluffy yellow mane. Consa stepped forward
and said, “I’m Consa, gate keeper of the Secret Garden of Cyrus, and this is Akish my lion guard of the garden.”

Consa smiled as she pointed her sphere at the gate and it opened wider. “You may enter the garden of Cyrus if you
have a pure heart. Consa pointed her crystal sphere toward the three and rays of light beamed with beautiful rainbow
colors which swirled around them and quickly disappeared.

Consa’s smile was glowing as she put out her hand for them to come inside.
“All three of you have a pure heart; please enter into my garden.”
As Soon as they entered the gate closed. Consa Gatekeeper asked them to follow her. She took them into a room

overflowing with flowers and fruit trees of all kinds with soft fluffy pillows of yellow, orange and red.
Consa sat down on her white pillow and pointed for them to join her on the colorful pillows. After each sat down, she

asked them what she could do for them.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Jasmine Butterfly began telling Consa about Simon Hummingbird and how he has hiccups because he sucked up a pebble
and it stuck in his throat. Consa immediately picked up one mint leaf off the table in front of her and then a eucalyptus leaf
and put them into a glass. She stepped over to the spring water flowing in naturally from a stream coming in from the bed
of rocks leading to the forest, and added water into the glass. She then squeezed nectar from the trumpet flower into the
glass and handed it to Simon Hummingbird.

“Simon Hummingbird, you drink this and after you swallow the last drop say, come out pebble.”
Simon Hummingbird drank the last drop and then said, “Come out pebble.” Before he could hand the glass back to
Consa, he let out a big burp, then another burp. They were so forceful that the pebble popped out.
“Oh, Consa Gatekeeper, thank you so much.” Just as he started to say thank you again, another big burp come out and
everybody laughed.
Tagger Turtle stood up and said, “Consa, I’ve lost all my spots. Can you help me?”
Consa Gatekeeper stepped over to the pond and dipped her hand into the bottom and drew out a hand full of clay mud
and mixed it with a lotus flower and rubbed it all over Tagger Turtle’s back and then said, “Now, Tagger Turtle, say, I
want my spots back.”
After seeing how Consa helped Simon Butterfly, he cried out loudly, “I want my spots back!” Soon after, Princess
Jasmine Butterfly screamed, “Look Tagger Turtle, a spot appeared on your back. Oh look, another one!”
Tagger Turtle squealed with joy and quickly thanked Consa Gatekeeper. Consa beamed and then said, “I’m glad you
all feel better my friends. Please allow me to show you my garden.”
As she walked in the garden showing her new friends the beauty of nature, she told them that the garden was grown in
ancient times where Kings and Queens used to walk through the gardens. Flowers used to sing while lush grass full of life
swayed to the music. The music from the flowers was so magical that rainbows appeared so they could listen.
“See that waterfall? Consa asked. “Tundra the unicorn who is the master of all the unicorns, used to bath in this
As the four of them walked through the garden there were butterflies, snails, toads, frogs and hummingbirds of many
colors and even hummingbirds with funny haircuts like Simon. All were happy.
Tagger Turtle cried out, “I’d love to live here. It’s the most beautiful place ever!”
“You are all welcome to stay if you would like.” Consa said in her silky voice.
Akish Lion roared his wishes, "Please stay you will be happy and safe here.”
Tagger Turtle cried out that he wanted to stay, and so did Simon Hummingbird as he flew around circles.
Princess Jasmine Butterfly said, “I must go back and fly the forest in search of those in need, but I will come back
from time to time to see you all my friends.”
“Oh please do.” Akish Lion roared. “The more the merrier!”
They all sang songs of joy, dancing into the night and when Princess Jasmine Butterfly left the next morning, Simon
Hummingbird, Tagger Turtle, Consa Gatekeeper, and Akish Lion were at the gate waving good-bye.
“Please come back soon Princess Jasmine Butterfly,” they all called out in unison.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Story by Joylene Cross

Christmas in August

We pack everything on top of our bulky van. I sit in the very back squished between two-year-old Shannon and six-
month-old Andrew. Mom and Aunt Becky are crammed in the middle.

Papa attempts to drive and Grandma, being the only one of us with a good sense of direction, sits by Papa who has no
sense of direction whatsoever. So here we were; all seven of us squeezed in the van that once seemed so big.

The first hour or so of our trip is smooth sailing. We planned for a three hour drive. Shannon and I play with dolls.
Andrew being a six-month-old baby sleeps. Aunt Becky and Mom talk about mother stuff (how boring). Grandma guides
Papa, who is reading an upside down map.

All of a sudden there is a loud thump!
“Oh, Don, there goes our tent!” Grandma yells.
“Oh, darn it!” Papa says snapping his fingers. He pulls the van to the side of the road and restores our tent.
Within twenty minutes we again lose a suitcase, a sleeping bag and a blow-up mattress. Poor Papa keeps retrieving
things, but objects still fly off the junky van. Mom and Aunt Becky sit in the back trying to keep a straight face. Shannon
and I add to the chaos with, “Are we there yet? I’m hungry. She hit me! I’m tired. I have to go to the bathroom.”
Lucky Andrew is completely unaware of anything. He just lays back snoozing in his car seat without a care in the
Hours go by.
“I’ve got an idea,” Papa says, “We…Thump!”
“Oh, Don, our tent!” Grandma says with her eyes closed and her hair pressed again the head rest.
Papa hops out and restores our tent once again. Grandma puts on some music.
“How about everyone comes up with a nickname for the van, and I’ll be the judge.” Papa said.
Mom suggests, “Bulk.” Aunt Becky says, “Hulk.” Grandma calls it, “The Beast.”
Everybody agrees ‘The Beast’ fit our van the best.
More hours go by and everything the Beast passed looked the same. Shannon fusses in her car seat. I just sat there in
boredom and Andrew is still snoring.
“Let’s play, “I Spy,” Aunt Becky says. Papa says he saw something wide.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

“A mountain.” Mom guesses.
Ten minutes into the game we realize it isn’t ‘I Spy.’ It is how many ways you can describe a mountain and only adults
are playing. Our three hour drive is now into seven hours and we are still on the highway.
“Mom, I’m hungry.” I sigh.

Thank God for McDonald’s, a place where tired hungry children can refuel. Grandma likes Mc Donald’s because you get
a free toy with your meal. You give her a kid’s meal in her darkest hour and it would bring a smile to her face. So
Grandma goes up and stands in a long line for the kid’s meal. Mom seats Shannon and me at a table and Aunt Becky
changes Andrews diaper; which earlier caused a terrible stench in the van.

Papa sits at a table reading his newspaper. Grandma returns with our food. We all are happy to see her carrying that
beautiful tray of food. We all rummage through the different meals with our stomachs rambling.

“Wait a minute!” Grandma cries in shock. “They forgot the toys!”
“Oh June, we don’t need the toys.” Papa says.
“No, no! This won’t do.’ Grandma replies; taking back all the meals, all the wonderful beautiful hamburgers, French
fries and yummy chicken nuggets. Papa looks like a puppy dog that just had his bone taken away.
The sweet aroma fills the room and our tummies growls as we watch Grandma slowly make it to the front of the line
which was twice as long as the first one. It feels like years as we watch one person after another order and sit down.
Finally Grandma comes back with everyone’s meal. We sink our teeth into hamburgers, munch down the chicken nuggets
and devour our French fries.
After we finish our glorious meal Papa decides it is time to hit the road. It is now getting dark and we have lost our tent
countless times.
“Let’s sing a song.” Grandma suggests. “Ninety-nine bottles of soda pop on the …”
“Don, there goes our tent again.” Grandma says.
Papa climbs out of the van and once again restores our tent for what seemed like a hundred times, at ten o’clock at
night. A three hour trip became a seven hour trip.
After driving and singing ’99 bottles’ and retrieving our tent numerous times, we finally reach our destination.
Shannon and I immediately jump out of the Beast and chase each other around the campsite. Andrew becomes cranky
so Aunt Becky gives him a bottle while Mom settles down Shannon and me. That left Papa to unload the Beast.
“June, I’ll finish unloading the Beast and you get the tent set up,” he says.
“Okay, Don, Grandma says. Mom laid blankets on the floor of the van. Shannon and I giggle and squirm in the rough
“Don, is this a joke?” Grandma says.
“No June, I don’t like to set up tents.” he and answers as Shannon and I peek out the windows of the van.
“Not that, Don, we all know you can’t put up a tent,” Grandma said, “I mean, where is the tent?” She is looking into a
colossal long narrow cardboard box.
“What do you mean? That is the tent,” Papa said confused.
“Don, this is no tent,” she replied, dumping the box upside down and out comes the green artificial limbs of a fake
Christmas tree.
“W-what…how did those get here? Papa says.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

“Don, you never brought the tent. You brought the artificial Christmas tree,” Grandma grumbled and then laughed all over
as she sometimes does. I jump out of the van and hug Papa who stands stunned.

We find a motel that night, but we do set up the Christmas tree at our campsite at Morrow Bay just for fun and use left
over Christmas napkins Grandma always seems to bring to every occasion. So we have a Christmas at the beach in
August. Just remember; there can be a silver lining even in a hulking tent…or…artificial Christmas tree box.

Mr. & Mrs. Holstein’s Giant Turnip

Down the path just outside of town lived a nice family, Mr. & Mrs. Holstein. They were beautiful black cows with white
spots and everybody in the neighborhood said they had the prettiest garden in the land.

In their orchards they have all kinds of fruit trees; cherries, pears, apples and apricots. But they are especially proud of
their vegetable garden where they grow turnips, corn, string beans, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots.

One day they took their usual trip to the garden and Mrs. Holstein gasped at what she saw. Mr. Holstein pointed at the
bigger than big turnip growing in the middle of the garden, and shouted, “Look!”

Mrs. Holstein cried, “Land sakes, how in the world did this happen?”
Billy Goat came running over and offered a hand in pulling up the giant turnip, and then along came Rose Bud Pig
with a rope to help, but nothing they did worked.
Dillon Squirrel brought a shovel but hollered, “It isn’t working because the root is too big.”

Jordan Raccoon tried to jump up on it and wrestle it, but only fell to the ground. “It’s way too big. I cannot get a grip of


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

the stock. It’s too big.”
Sissy the happy mule was walking by carrying firewood and quickly dropped her wood and started to pull on the rope

that Rose Bud Pig had given up on, but still it didn’t work.
Donnie Rabbit said, “I have a great big strong tractor.” Off he dashed and quickly drove up with the tractor and tied the

rope to the back and pulled and pulled until finally it jerked the turnip’s root clear out of the ground. “Whew!” he said as
he climbed off the tractor shaking his head.

“Thank you. Thank you, Donnie Rabbit and thank you all for your help,” Mr. Holstein said as he chuckled at all the

Later that day, Mrs. Holstein cut up the big turnip with the help of Billy Goat, Rose Bud Pig, Dillon Squirrel, Jordan
Raccoon, Sissy the happy mule, and Donnie Rabbit. They invited all of their friends in the village for a lovely picnic in
the park. Laughing and carrying on, they had a wonderful time eating the giant turnip.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson


There once was a seven year old girl named Sierra, just like the high Sierra Mountains, who had an older brother and
sister. She was precious to her family. Her mother always said that angels had chosen her and sent her to their family.
Everyone loved Sierra because she was happy and always had a smile on her face. Her daddy said she had a big heart, and
was the most loving little girl he ever knew. Sierra was always happy to help people. She was a pretty little girl with soft
blond hair, big round eyes that were so blue they would sparkle like stars on a moonlit night. One day her mommy and
daddy noticed she was losing weight and her skin began looking dry. Sierra said, “Mommy, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel

Her mommy scooped her up and took her to see a pediatrician. Doctor Emma Finra ran several tests on her and
discovered Sierra was very sick girl.

The doctor put Sierra in the hospital and gave her medication, but it didn’t work. Even though she was still very sick,
she still had that wonderful sparkle in her eyes and a great big smile. One day when Sierra’s mommy and daddy went to
the hospital to see her, she told them that she wasn’t going to make it to her eighth birthday. She gave her brother, Brad,
her teddy bear and said, “Brad keep this bear, Mr. Sniggles, and always remember me okay? You will always be my

The next day, she gave her favorite necklace to her sister, Emily, and said, “When you wear this necklace, always
remember our good times together when we laughed, ate popcorn and watched movies.

Before her mommy and daddy left the hospital, she said, “Mommy and Daddy, thank you for being my parents. You
are the best parents a little girl could ever have. Mommy and Daddy, I love you, but you see I must go and see the angels.”
She gave them both a hug and then said, “I invited the angels into my heart and you both know they are good spirits, and
soon they will be holding me up in their arms.

As time went by Sierra fought the battle of her sickness, but in the end she left to go home with her angels. She talked
about them often the last few weeks before she left. Everyone was sad to lose Sierra, but knew she was in a good place
and knew she was smiling somewhere with her angel friends.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

At her funeral, everyone signed a pink balloon and sent it up into the air. All those at the funeral never saw the balloon
again, but it was their good-bye to Sierra.

Then one day it landed on a beautiful ranch with lots of horses and a little girl who lived there found it on a fence. Her
name was Kyli and when she saw it, she said to her father, “Look Daddy, see what I found.” Kyli carried the balloon
around for days, feeling happy and smiling every day. She knew the balloon was special.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Mermaid Sips

There was a mermaid named Sips, who lived in a house made
of sea shells in the bottom of the sea. She had a magical
mirror made of precious stones and her comb was made of
corral. One day, she lost her mirror. She looked everywhere,
under rocks and sea weed, but she still couldn’t find her

Along came sea horse and she asked him, “Mr. Sea Horse
have you seen my mirror?”

“No, Mermaid Sips, I haven’t.” The sea horse said as he swam away.
Mermaid Sips went to the big school of skinny blue fish and asked if they had seen her mirror.
“No,” said the school of fish as they hid in
between the rocks.
“Oh dear, no one has seen my mirror. What should I do?” Mermaid Sips asked.
As she swam toward home, she ran into Jewels the dolphin and asked her if she had seen her mirror. “Why yes, I have,
Mermaid Sips. I saw it on the rocks by the old lighthouse.”
“Oh, no! Sips said, “I must hurry for it’s a magic mirror. Whoever finds it, I have to grant them three wishes.”

Mermaid Sips dashed off toward the lighthouse as fast as she could swim. She swam faster and faster until she became so
tired, she sat up on a rock to see if she could see the mirror. When she saw it she cried, “Oh no, bad Prince Hektor is
reaching for it. What will I do if he gets it? I will have to grant him three wishes.” She knew Hektor was mean to all the
people in his kingdom. She always tried to stay away from him. Hektor picked up Mermaid Sips’ mirror and saw her face
in it. “Oh no!” She said. As awful as it was Mermaid Sips knew she had to grant him three wishes. Hektor, you found my
mirror, so now you may make three wishes; which ones do you want?


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Hektor said, “I am the meanest prince in the land, and I’d like a big chest of gold coins.”
Poof! A chest of gold coins appeared. Sips said, “Prince Hektor, you have two more wishes. What shall be your next
Prince Hektor said, “I want a white horse so I can ride him to my kingdom.”
Poof! A beautiful white horse appeared beside the prince.
Mermaid Sips said, “You have one more wish Prince Hektor.”
The prince said, “My third wish is for you to stay here as long as I wish.”
“Please don’t make me stay here, the sea is my home and where I am happy,” Mermaid Sips cried.
For many years, Mermaid Sips stayed in the pool of many colors that sparkled of beautiful red yellow and green colors
and each year the colors faded. Sips was so lonely because no one ever came to visit her except the mean old prince.
Then one day a tall knight came riding on his horse into the palace. He decided to go for a walk and went out to the
rainbow pool. He saw Mermaid Sips swimming.
The knight asked, “Why are you so sad Mermaid?”
Sips began telling the knight how she had to be in the prince’s pool because he found her mirror and she had to grant
him three wishes. “His third wish was for me to stay here instead of the sea where I have always lived.” Mermaid Sips
The night passed and the moon beams shined on the water’s pool when the knight visited Sips again. He said, “Wake
up. Wake up my little Mermaid.”
Mermaid Sips rubbed her eyes that shined like pearls and said, “You are so kind to visit me again Knight. I have been
so lonely.”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

The knight looked at Sips and said, “I have your mirror Mermaid.”
“Oh Knight you do? How did you get it?” Sips said.
The knight grinned and said, “I won it playing a game. Now mermaid I am about to make my three wishes.”
Mermaid Sips smiled and said, “What is your first wish?”
“Mermaid, my first wish is for you to go back to the sea.”
“Oh, that is so wonderful! Thank you. Thank you Knight.” She said as she splashed in the water.
Mermaid Sips’ colors started to come back the way they were before the mean old prince made them fade.
“I am so happy Knight.” Mermaid Sips said.
The Knight said, “My second wish is that I am to become King of the Kingdom.”
“Granted,” Mermaid Sips said. And so the knight became the King.

The Knight beamed and said, “My third wish is to see you Mermaid whenever I sing my song to you.”
So after Mermaid Sips went back to the ocean, to her home made of sea shells, she appeared when the new King Sigmund
would sing his songs. She would come riding a dolphin to the shore. Everybody was happy and so were the people in the
kingdom for Sigmund was a good king. All ended well.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Ozzy, the Cricket

There once was a cricket whose name was Ozzy. He was a cute little cricket, but he had a big long nose that he didn’t
like. No one knew how he got his big nose. All the other crickets made fun of him. But it didn’t bother Ozzy because he
was a happy cricket.

He played by himself in the forest. He jumped over small stones in the streams and climbed big trees.
One day he walked to a different part of the forest and wouldn’t you know it, there in the middle of the clearing stood a
magnificent tree. It was a mighty oak tree with a great big trunk. As Ozzy moved up to the tree, he stood and looked in
amazement at its beauty.
The oak tree said, “Who goes there?”
Ozzy looked around and said, “Are you talking to me, a wee little cricket like me?”
“Why yes, I am,” said the mighty oak tree.
“I’m sorry I took the wrong path. It led me straight to you,” said Ozzy.
A small little door opened at the base of the tree and out walked a little man with a funny pointed hat who said, “I am
the caretaker of this mighty oak tree. That’s my job. Yes it is. My name is Ratchet. Hey, what can I do for you?”
Ozzy smiled and said, “I play by myself because the other crickets don’t like me. They say I am different.”
“What might that be little cricket,” asked the little man.
Cricket Ozzy frowned and said, “Because I have a big nose they laugh at me and call me names.”
“Oh, they do, do they? Well, little cricket, I like your nose and I like you. You may come anytime to visit me. It gets
mighty lonely out here all by my lonesome self.” The little man said.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Ozzy smiled and felt wonderfully happy. He waved good-bye to his new friend and was so excited that he ran home
skipping and jumping to tell his mommy all about it. “Mommy! Mommy!” Ozzy yelled as he ran in through the door of
his mud house.

His mommy was stirring a beet stew on the tiny stove top and said, “What is it Ozzy?”
“Oh mommy, I made a new friend. His name is Ratchet and he likes my nose,” Ozzy said as he beamed.
“Ozzy, that is wonderful news. I always knew you would make friends.”
The next day Ozzy hopped down to the big old oak tree and knocked on Ratchet’s door and yelled, “Ratchet, it’s me,
Ozzy. I brought you some beet stew and some Pansy biscuits. Ratchet opened the door and said, “Well hello little cricket
friend. Thank you.”
Ratchet opened the door wider and invited Ozzy into his home. It had a bed, table and wood stove. Ozzy saw the
chocolate and acorn pudding on the table and was happy when Ratchet offered him some. The two of them laughed and
told stories as they feasted on all the food they each had put on the table.
“What a wonderful day this is Ratchet. It’s ever so nice to have a friend.”
From that day on, Rachet and Ozzy became the best of friends.
After Ozzy Cricket grew up and had a family of his own, he built his mud house not far from the old oak tree. He took
care of Ratchet when he got old and always made sure he had plenty of stew on cold winter nights. The mighty oak tree
was happy and still today you can hear it humming happy songs through his branches with such delight as it sways in the
warm sunlight.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson


Bootsy lived in a small cabin in the country with a nice little bed made of feathers. His cute little cabin was small, but just
right for him. His yard was sprinkled with carpets of colored wild flowers, and the hummingbirds dipped their long beaks
into the yummy flavors Bootsy had over twenty trees that had an array of red, orange, and yellow colors in the autumn
that looked like a beautiful painting.

His cabin kept him warm because he had a big wood stove. He chopped wood and stacked it high on his porch to build
big fires on cold winter nights.

Bootsy had a garden that he shared with Shorty and his wife, Conbee who took care of all the children who had lost
their parents.

Bootsy was a happy man who enjoyed helping people. Many mornings you could hear him humming as he worked in
his garden.

A mile or so down the road lived a man named Toffy, who walked with a limp and needed Bootsy’s help from time to
time. Toffy’s house was cold and damp because his roof leaked when it rained. He always placed buckets on the floor to
catch the rain when his roof leaked.

One day when Bootsy went to visit Toffy, he found his cabin flooded with water so high that his bed was floating. He
put his hand on his face and thought for a moment, then decided to take Toffy back to his cabin, and put him in his nice
feather bed. Bootsy built a big fire to warm Toffy up, and then cooked a pot of vegetable soup for him.

Soon after, he ran back down to Toffy’s old cabin, climbed up on the roof to repair all the holes with pieces of wood he
found in the shed. As Bootsy worked, he sung children’s songs and hampered away.

A neighbor named Cookie drove up on his horse and said, “Bootsy, what in the world are you doing?”
“Hi Cookie, well, I am fixing Toffy’s roof.” Bootsy said.
“Goodness! You are making such a ruckus that my cows ran over the hill.” Cookie grumbled.
“Hmm,” Bootsy said. “Why don’t you climb up here and help me, then I will help you round up your cows?”
Cookie frowned and then said, “Sorry Bootsy, I don’t have time. I’m going to see Mrs. George to see if she has any
green apples. My Sara wants to bake an apple pie.” He kicked the sides of his horse and away they went.
Soon after, Mr. Holman pulled up in his wagon and asked, “Bootsy, what in dickens are you doing?” You disturbed my
hens and now they won’t produce any eggs.”
“Sorry Mr. Holman, why don’t you climb up here and help me and then I’ll get you some of my hen’s eggs.”
“Nope. I can’t do that Bootsy, I’m going over to see Grandma Dooty to see if I can borrow her wheelbarrow.”
“Hmm,” said Bootsy, “I guess everyone is too busy to help me fix Toffy’s roof.”
In the late afternoon, Bootsy finished Toffy’s roof and headed back to his cabin to see if Toffy wanted more vegetable
soup. When he got back to the cabin, his eyes got bigger than small saucers when he saw Toffy putting more wood in the


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

fire looking happy and well.
Bootsy put down his hammer and said, “Its mighty warm in here Toffy. You are a good man to keep the cabin warm

and it’s wonderfully good to see you looking well.”
“I am an old man, Bootsy. I was just lonely, but you came along and helped me feel better, so I’m going to leave you

my house and everything in it when I go meet Cee Cee in heaven.”
For weeks after that day, Bootsy and Toffy became best friends. They worked in the garden together and Bootsy made

sure Toffy was never lonely again.
One sunny morning, Toffy didn’t come to Bootsy’s cabin as usual, so he went to his house and found Toffy sleeping

on the feather bed Bootsy had bought him. He shook Toffy, but he didn’t wake up. He soon discovered Toffy had gone to
heaven to see Cee Cee, his wife.

Weeks later, a man showed up at Bootsy’s cabin with papers in his hand and handed them over to Bootsy, telling him
that Toffy had left him his house and everything he owned. Bootsy smiled because he knew his dear friend had kept his
word, although he would give it all up in order to have his friend back.

The next day Bootsy went to Toffy’s cabin and sat down at the table. He missed his friend so much he wanted to cry.
He got up to leave and stubbed his toe on a loose board in the floor. He hopped on one foot as he hollered in pain. After
a few minutes he pulled the board up thinking he would go get his hammer and repair it. But instead his eyes got bigger
than big when he saw a box. He pulled out the box and opened it. He hollered in amazement. The box was filled with
hundred dollar bills.

It didn’t take long for the neighbors to hear about the money Toffy had left Bootsy. They came in wagons with
hammers and told Bootsy, they’d like to help him fix up Toffy’s cabin. Cookie and Mr. Holman had grand ideas. They
said it would make a great meeting place where they could all have parties and have wonderful fun.

Bootsy said, “No. I don’t think I will do that. But what I think I’m going to do is donate it to Shorty and his wife,
Conbee, who has taken in a lot of orphans. I’ll add more rooms. I will put in a big stove so they can cook hot meals for the
children and I’ll go over the hill and buy new feather beds for them all. Yep! That‘s what I‘m going to do.”

Bootsy ended up adding four more rooms to Toffy’s house, put in a wood stove, a new roof, and went over the hill to
purchase feather beds for all the children.

Several weeks later, Bootsy went to Shorty and Conbee’s home to invite them to come and see Toffy’s house. When
they arrived, he told them that he was giving the house to them so they would have enough room for all the children they
care for.

Shorty and Conbee shouted with happiness as Bootsy handed them the keys to their newly built house.
Later that day, the children ran to their feather beds and said, “Thank you Bootsy. We’ll sleep well tonight.”
From that time on, all the neighbors stood in amazement at how well all the children helped Bootsy in his garden. From
miles around people could hear him singing with the children.
After all the ripe vegetables were gathered from the garden, he would sit down on his porch while the children
gathered around to listen to his stories. They often called him Grandpa. Bootsy still missed his friend, Toffy, but was ever
so happy.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Johnsy the Guard Cat

Once upon a time there was a mother cat that lived in an old Mansion with her two little kittens. She played with them
from morning until night. But as they got older, she knew she had to teach them to go out into the world and fend for

One day she sent Johnsy out to seek his fortune. On his first day out in the world, he met a woman whose cellar had
two mice that she wanted to get rid of, so he asked her to hire him to catch the two mice.

“Please Ms. Towns, give me a job,” Johnsy pleaded. And so she did. He slept on the cold floor during the night and sat
by the crack on the wall, where the mice came in during the day.

He waited and waited, but none came so he decided to take a nap. About the time he dozed off, in came the two mice.
They ran up and down Johnsy’s leg, over his stomach and then stood on his head, but Johnsy was tired from sleeping on
the cold floor so he didn’t wake up.

“Hey, Myro, look at this silly cat. He’s supposed to be guarding us, but instead sleeps. Let’s go in through that hole
leading to Ms. Towns’ kitchen and get some cheese.” Dancer said.

Myro chuckled as he stood on Johnsy head and said, “This cat doesn’t even know we’re here. Come on Dancer, let’s


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

About that time, Johnsy opened one eye and snatched up Myro with his hand and then leaped to the door and ran upstairs
to Ms. Towns’ kitchen and dropped Myro into a jar and handed it to Ms. Towns.

“Oh Johnsy, you’re such a good guard. I think I’m going to give you a raise.”
Johnsy glowed with happiness and ran back to the cellar to see about catching another mouse. He grabbed a cookie on
the way out the door and leaped down into the cold dark cellar.
But after eating his cookie his eyes began to droop and he fell fast asleep.
Dancer jumped on Johnsy’s stomach and then went through the hole into Ms. Towns’ kitchen. He journeyed over to the
cupboard. There on the high shelf was a big sack of lemon cookies. Dancer gnawed a hole in the bag and started to nibble.
He knew he had never tasted anything so yummy in his life. He wasn’t paying attention and when the door opened with a
bang he jumped and ran as fast as he could but Johnsy Cat scooped Dancer up and squeezed his hand around Dancer’s
waist until all Dancer could do was wiggle his head and try to escape. But it didn’t do any good because Johnsy just
squeezed his hand tighter until Dancer couldn’t breathe. Johnsy held his hand up to his face and looked right into Dancer’s

“Oh,” Dancer said, “You’re hurting me!”

Johnsy had never looked at a mouse eye to eye. He released his tight grip and said, “Why are you making such a mess
and eating all of Ms. Towns’ cookies?”

“We are hungry and cold and we can’t find food anywhere else,” cried Dancer.
“I am Ms. Town’s guard cat and I can’t allow you to drop crumbs everywhere and eat all her cookies.” Johnsy said in a
gruff voice.
With that the mouse turned sadly and twisted out of Johnsy’s hand and ran away.
“Wait! Come back Dancer, I won’t hurt you.” Johnsy said.
The mouse turned around and said, “My sister Myro is locked in a jar, sitting in the trash can, won’t you please help
free her?” Dancer cried.
Johnsy picked up Dancer and ran to the trash can and looked deep inside it and saw Mayo struggling to get out of the
jar. He twisted the lid off and out jumped Mayo.
“Oh thank you Johnsy. Thank you.” Mayo said.
Later, as Ms. Towns did every afternoon, she sat in front of her fire, drinking her cup of hot chocolate and all of a
sudden, she saw Dancer and Myro running across the floor. She jumped up and screamed, knocking over her cup of
chocolate and it flew everywhere. Johnsy ran in and looked at the mess. He ran and hid under the chair, only peeking out
when Ms. Town wasn’t looking.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

“I do declare those mice have made such a mess.” Ms. Towns yelled.
Johnsy poked his head out from under the chair and said, “Ms. Towns they are cute little mice. They wouldn’t hurt

anyone. Can’t we make them a bed and give them food?” Johnsy asked.
“Food? Why would we give them food and make them a bed?” Ms. Town said.
“Well, because then they’d stay out of your cupboards and stop leaving behind crumbs.” Johnsy said
Dancer and Mayo poked their little heads out of the hole in the floor and listened. Then Mayo ran over and stood in

front of Ms. Town, and began wiping up the spilled chocolate with a leaf. Ms.Towns looked down at the cutest little
mouse and said, “I do declare.”

Johnsy finally got enough courage to step forward and said, “Ms. Town, their just hungry and cold. Couldn’t we help
them? “

Just about the time Ms. Town was about to speak, Dancer ran up in front of Ms. Towns, and said, “We’d never make a
mess and will always help clean up crumbs. We promise.”

Ms. Towns looked around her floor and saw the mice dashing quickly here and there, wiping up the mess and picking
up tiny pieces of cake Ms. Towns had dropped earlier in the day, and then said, “Okay mice, we have a deal. But you’re
never to come when my guests are here. Johnsy will fix you a bed near the fire.
But scoot for now because Mr. Meltzer is coming soon.”
Just like that, Ms. Town had agreed.

Johnsy ran down to the cellar with the mice and they had dust flying everywhere while they cleaned and swept the

Soon after Mr. Meltzer left, the three ran upstairs and Johnsy fixed Dancer and Mayo a tiny box deep beneath the one
that Ms. Town had fixed for him.

Most afternoons, Ms. Town hurries in to pick up her sewing basket to make Dancer and Mayo little coats so they will
never be cold again.

Johnsy jumped up on Ms. Towns lap and purred. “Oh Johnsy, you are the kindest, most loveable cat around.
They four of them lived happily ever after.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Donnie and the Duck

There once was a little boy named Donnie who had two sisters, Melinda and Donna. He had just turned five years old so
his mommy decided to bake him a cake. It was his favorite chocolate cake with a picture of a baseball bat on it, and big
red letters that spelled out, Happy Birthday Donnie.

It was a beautiful spring day. The sun was out, making the weather perfect for an outing, so Donnie’s mommy decided
to take her three children to the park in celebration of Donnie’s birthday. It was a marvelous park called Woodward Park.

Donnie’s mommy announced the plan and all three jumped with glee as they began helping mommy pack up for the


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Donnie took a big kitchen chair and used it to step up on so he could reach his favorite things in the pantry to pack into the
basket. He saw the bag of chips and quickly grabbed it and threw it over on the counter. Then he saw his favorite Oreo
cookies. He reached on his tip-toes until he had the bag in his hand. He climbed down and began packing his favorites into
the basket.

“Melinda! Donna! Come and pick out your favorite things.” Donnie yelled.
Melinda came running and reached up on the pantry’s shelf and grabbed two Mountain Dew soda bottles and said, “I
got one for you too, Donnie.”
“Oh, Melinda, grab that box of Macaroni and Cheese.” Donnie yelled.
“No silly, we can’t cook it at the park. We’ll have it later.” Melinda said.
Donna stepped over to the refrigerator and pulled out the potato salad, grabbed a couple hard boiled eggs and added
them into the salad. “I like a lot of eggs in my salad.”
Donnie’s mommy grabbed, plates, a loaf of bread and Donnie’s birthday cake, then closed the basket and said, “Okay
children, let’s load up the car.”
Everyone climbed into the car, giggling while they all were talking at the same time. It was going to be a great day at
the park.
Soon after arriving, Donnie jumped out and ran as fast as his little legs could go over to the picnic table. Melinda ran
after Donnie carrying his birthday present while Donna helped her mommy carry the picnic things to the table near the
While mommy placed the red checker’s table cloth over the table, her two daughters ran off to the pond with Donnie
running after them screaming, “Wait for me.”
Donnie’s mommy placed the birthday cake on the table and stuck in five red candles. From the distance she could see
the children. The ducks and geese were swimming around in the pond and the children were laughing and yelling while
having fun.
“I bet you can’t catch me, Melinda!” Donnie screamed.
Donnie started throwing rocks in the pond and then it became a game. All three stood on the shore and threw rocks,
seeing who could throw the farthest.

Suddenly, the children’s mommy heard Donna screaming, “Go away! Go away!”
Mommy looked over to see what was going on and saw the three children running toward her with a big white duck
chasing Donnie. With each step he ran, the duck took a bite in the seat of his pants. He was screaming and running as fast
as he could. Mommy was laughing so hard that she couldn’t say a word. The duck chased Donnie down the shore to the
grassy area while biting him every step of the way.
By the time Donnie got to the table, the duck turned and ran away. The three children started trying to tell their
mommy while laughing all the while.
Donnie cried, “It’s not funny!” But after a few minutes he started laughing too. Mommy gave Donnie a big hug and
told the children to sit down to eat their yummy food.
While eating, they all laughed and laughed about the duck. Mommy told Donnie she was sure he’d never forget the
It’s been a long time since Donnie’s birthday party at the park, but still today the four of them laugh about it while
telling others the story.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Luna the Fairy


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

There was a fairy named Luna who always knew her name meant goddess of the moon.
On a beautiful sunny day Luna sat on a large granite rock overlooking the river. It should have been a good day since

the sun was out and the crickets were chirping while the frogs were jumping from one Lilly pad to another, making deep
sounds of errrrr-it! But it wasn’t a good day for Luna because she was sad and lonely.

Even the dragon flies were trying to make Luna happy by flying around chasing one another doing their best tricks in
the air. The trout jumped out of the river grabbing flies as they got closer to the water, but Luna wasn’t paying attention to
the beauty of the day, nor to her flying friends. She was looking down in the water seeing her reflection with tears
streaming down her face. She waved her hand into the water making a small splash as it hit.

A beautiful white horse named Jakar with a long flowing mane was standing behind her and as she saw his reflection
in the water she turned to look at him.

“Why are you so sad, fairy?” Jakar asked.
“I am lost, that is why I’m sad.”
“Well, my sad fairy, then we must find your way home.” Jakar said.
“Oh, that would be ever so wonderful. But why would you help me?”
“I have watched you from afar and I’ve seen you are a good fairy. Come on fairy, we will go talk to the forest people
and I know they will help you find your way home, “Jakar white horse said. “Oh thank you Jakar. Thank you. Jump up on
my back and we will go to the forest,” Jakar said.
Luna hopped upon Jakar’s back and held on to his long mane. They galloped down a dirt path through the pine tree grove,
near the only giant redwood tree in the land. Jakar called out, “Atari, Trident, Kleitos.”
A cloud of smoke came up and out came two wise sages of the tree people. The short one stepped forward and asked,
“Do you need our help Jakar?”
“Why yes, Atari, I do need your help. Luna, the fairy has lost her way.” Jakar said.
Atari held his hands up into the air and said, “Come with me and we will look into the magic stone and see if we can
find her way back home.”
Luna got off Jakar the white horse and followed the wise sages down around the creek to where stones were lined up in
a circle, and in the middle of the circled stood a large bright stone.
Atari walked up to the stone, it lighted up bright and then glowed like a blazing fire. He asked the stone what path
Luna should take to get back to her homeland. More wise sages came out of the tree and they all stood in a circle with
their hands on one another’s shoulder, and then closed their eyes and waited. The wise sages whispered among
themselves. Then Atari walked back to Luna and told her to go west and follow the mountain around the curve and that
would lead her home. Atari handed Luna a small pouch of stones and said, “Take these little fairy. They are for your
protection. You will need them when you cross over into the dark forest.”
Jakar shuttered to think he had to go through the dark forest, but he would do it for Luna fairy. They waved good-bye
to the wise sages and then went west.
They traveled down the path and through the woods and just as they entered onto the new path, they saw a little man
peek his head from behind a clump of berry bushes.
“Come on out little man so I can meet you. What is your name?” Luna asked.
“My name is Senbi.”
“Senbi, what are you doing hiding in the Berry Bushes?” Luna asked.
“I heard you coming and I thought you were one of the giant people from the dark forest,” Senbi said with a frightened
look on his face.
“No Senbi, I am Fairy Luna and this is my friend, Jakar White Horse. We won’t hurt you. Would you like to come with
us? We are going through the dark forest to the other side. That’s where my Castle is.”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

“Why thank you. Yes, I would like to travel with you to the other side. It gets lonely and scary alone.”
Senbi hopped up on Jakar and they galloped on down the path. Within minutes they began entering the dark forest. It

was understandable why it was called dark forest because it was dark and very gloomy. Not one animal roamed in these
parts. The giant people were very mean.

As Jakar walked down the path, neither Senbi nor Luna said a word. They didn’t want anyone to know they were
entering into the dark forest. Senbi held his breath almost the whole time while Luna had her hand over her mouth.

All at once a heavy net came down on all three of them as they passed under a big tree. Luna screamed. Jakar reared up
in a fright while Senbi was hanging on to Luna for dear life.

“Shhh.” A voice that was high up in the tree said. “I am Kosmos and on my way back home. We thought you were the
giants. Please excuse the net. We shall remove it at once.”

Kosmos removed the net and said, “Follow me to my village. It’s not far from here. The three of them followed
Kosmos riding on his big lion all through the dark forest to his village.

Soon after arriving, they started a camp fire, and Kosmos showed them where he lived in the big trees. “The Giants do
not know of this tree. It is magical and won’t open to anyone but to my people. You’ll be safe.” Kosmos said.

All Kosmos’ people welcomed Jakar, Luna and Senbi to their village camp and told them to sit by the fire and warm
themselves. Luna told them she was lost and couldn’t find her way back to the castle until the wise sages told her the way.

Kosmos sit down beside Luna and said, “You can stay here tonight and then go on to your castle with the Kosmos
people guarding you.”

Luna smiled and leaned over and kissed Kosmos on the cheek, “Thank you.”
It was getting dark and the moon was full and shining bright. The stars were twinkling like diamonds in the sky when
Luna cried out, “Oh look! A star dust is falling across the heavens.”
“Such a sight,” Kosmos said, and then started telling her about the Giant People. “We need to carry fresh bread when
we leave in the early morning hour because it’s the symbol of life and dropping crumbs behind us will stop them and they
won’t be able to cross over them.
The giants have told all those that listened that there is a pot of gold in their secret place, but we know better. We won’t
be fooled. Their trick is useless to us because we know the gold turns to leaves when someone gets close. We’ve hidden in
bushes and watched. We have roosters that are magical and when they crow, the giant people cannot bother us. I’m sure
you’ve noticed we have bells on our horses that chase them away. For now, Luna you and your friends need to get some
sleep because we will leave at the first sign of the sunrise.”

The next morning, Kosmos tied a bell around Jakar’s neck and placed fresh baked bread in Luna’s pocket. He called
out to his guards and they arrived ready for the journey. Luna Fairy and her friends waved goodbye and they followed the
path to the river with the noise of the bells sounding through the land.

Suddenly, all around them popped up the Leaf People from the ground where they lived. Their clothing was made of
leaves so it was difficult to see them at first.
“Oh no!” Jakar shouted. “What do you want with us?”

The leader stepped forward and said, “We want your bread, we are hungry, and then we will let you go.”
“We need our bread in case we run into the Giant people.” Jakar cried.
Luna gave them the bread, and said, “We come in peace. We cannot let them go hungry.”
As promised, they let them go and disappeared back down into their holes.
Jakar galloped on down the dirt road until Senbi said, “We should be at the end of the forest by now.”
Within minutes after Senbi finished saying they should be at the end of the forest, the Giant People surrounded them
with spears. They had big heads and fierce eyes.
“Oh no!” Whispered Luna, “What are we going to do? We gave our bread to the Leaf People.” She then turned to the
Giant People and said, “We come in peace. We don’t want to harm you. All we want to do is get to the other side of the


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

forest. Please let us go.”
“No!” Palamon said, “You will go to our village.”
On their journey to the Giant People’s village, Jakar was trembling and Luna was feeling anxious. Senbi moaned under

his breath, and thought he was going to faint. Soon after arriving, Palamon lead them over to the king who lived in a big
wooden castle where guards stood all around.

What are you doing in my kingdom?” The King asked.
“We just wanted to go home. My castle is on the outside of the forest. Please let us go, we don’t want to harm anyone.”
The king commanded the guards to take Jakar and tie him to a pole and to grind wheat all day and carry heavy rocks.
“Take Senbi and have him pick the corn in the fields. Luna, you are to clean my castle night and day. And all of you
Kosmos guards will be thrown into the Dungun.”
Luna watched them take away the Kosmos guards while she felt in her pocket, realizing she still had the pouch. She
didn’t know what the stones would do to free them all, but she trusted that they would do something. She knew the time
would come for her to use them.
She was taken away and made to sleep on the floor without any cover to keep her warm. The next morning she was
made to rise early and begin the cleaning of the castle. She looked out the window and see Jakar her beautiful friend who
only wanted to take her home to her own castle. A tear fell down her face as she watched him carrying heavy stones. She
saw Senbi carrying big loads of corn on his back looking tired and thin.
A guard yelled at Luna, “Come quickly with me. The Queen is ill and she is asking for you.”
Luna followed the guard and went into the Queens room. As soon as Luna entered the Queen said, “Go get me some
Luna did as she was asked and on her way to the kitchen her pouch started getting warm and it lighted up with bright
colors of red and blue. She wondered if the stones were healing stone so she quickly filled up the glass with water and
went back to the Queen and then handed it to her.
“Queen of the Giants, I feel strongly about laying these stones on your chest, may I?” Luna asked.
“Do as you must.” The Queen said.
Luna opened her pouch and took out an emerald green stone and laid it on the Queen’s chest. It immediately started to
glow. It glowed brighter and brighter until it was very warm. The warmth went into the Queen’s body and after a few
minutes the Queen smiled and said, “Oh my pain has left and I feel better than I have in years.”
“I am ever so glad Queen of the Giants. You will now be able to get up and help the King run his kingdom as you
will.” Luna said with a wide smile.
“How can I repay you for your gift, Luna?” asked the Queen.
“You can help me by letting my friends and I go home.” Luna said.
“I’m sure when I tell the King about your healing stone; he will allow you and your friends to go home. I shall
summon him immediately.” The Queen said.
Within the hour, Luna was called back into the Queen’s chambers and was told that her friends were standing at the
gate waiting for her. “The Kings guards will escort you out into the forest. You will be safe because you have done a good
deed, Luna.” The Queen said as she took hold of Luna’s hand and said, “Thank you Fairy Luna.”
“Oh thank you Queen of the Giants, you are most kind and I shall tell everyone I meet that you are the kindest Queen
in the land.” Luna said as tears fell from her face.
Later that day, Jakar galloped to the front entrance of the castle and immediately the gate opened and Luna was home.
Her heart beat faster and faster as she saw her castle friends running to her with open arms.
Later that night a big party was given in Luna’s honor and her friends attended and were invited to stay as long as they


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Kosmos’ guards said they needed to return back to their village, but Jakar and Senbi accepted the invitation, knowing
they’d be happy always, living at the castle with Luna Fairy. Everybody lived happily ever after.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Somme and Pepi the Mouse

The Evelyn House was on a nice half acre of land filled with all sorts of delightful things. There were big tall trees and
plants of all kinds, flowers and a royal blue pool.

Somme went out each morning to work in her garden. Most mornings she would listen to the chirping birds and laugh
at the squirrels jumping from tree to tree. There was always an array of colors filling pots everywhere. She would often
turn on her music and dance around the pool. She was a happy little girl.

Somme didn’t know it, but from dawn to dusk, through spring until the end of summer, the Tatty family would run and
play in and around the yard. They were a family of mice. They loved it when Somme turned on her music. They never let
Somme see them, but they saw her. They enjoyed watching her work in garden while singing and dancing around her
pool. The trees would sway to the music and if you could watch the Tatty family, you’d see them scurrying from bush to
bush. For nothing more than amusement, they would sit and watch the butterflies flitter from flower to flower. It was a
wonderful garden where almost anyone could have fun playing in it.

Early that spring while the other yard mice were playing games of fun, Pepi would tease the cats hanging around. He’d
get really close to them and then run like the dickens, never getting caught.

One early morning with the sun shining bright and the trees swaying to the music, Pepi ran up to Jetty the cat and got
really close, then he ran as he always did, but this time he ran so fast he didn’t see the pool and fell right into to it.

Poor Pepi swam and swam with his little legs moving so fast. Each time he tried to get out, he’d fall right back into the
pool. This went on so long that poor Pepi was tired so he rested while floating on his back. He tried again and again to get
out, but always fell back. He was beginning to wonder if he’d ever make it out.

All of sudden Somme saw Pepi moving his little legs faster than fast and squealed out, “Little mouse, keep swimming,
I’m running for the pool net.”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Somme ran back holding tightly onto the long pole with the net and scooped little Pepi up and tossed him over in the
flowerbed. Somme was a little frightened of Pepi so she hurried inside the house.
Poor Pepi hit the soil hard, almost knocking him out, but he soon got up feeling dazed and looked around for the little girl
who saved him. She was gone. He’d have to thank her another day.

Pepi slowly staggered over to the bush and decided to take a nap from all the excitement. He fell fast asleep.
That morning bright and early, Pepi saw Somona sitting at the patio table sipping her hot chocolate. She was reading
her book and humming to herself. He wanted to go thank her, but he needed to build up his courage. So he watched her
and slowing moved over toward her.
He got closer and closer until he was right in front her. He didn’t want to frighten her so he stood up on his hind legs
and waved his little hands at her.
Somona looked at him and laughed. He waved one more time, then scurried off, only to look back to see her happy and
still laughing.
From that day on, Pepi felt safe running and playing in the Evelyn yard. He knew Somona would never hurt him.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Scruffy Cat and Friends

Scruffy Cat sprinted high up in the sky
He thinks flying is such a funny thing
as he passes all the birds by.

Then along came Goofy the bear, who always flies on kites with his roller skates.
Scruffy hollers, “Oh dear, look at silly Goofy, high up in the sky.”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Oh dear, oh me, Mrs. Cuddles the cow is flying with her friend Mo Crow.
He’s taking grass and all, thinking it will grow high up in the sky


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Maybe I’d better come down, says, Scruffy Cat.
“Landing! Landing! Scruffy Cat screams.

“Down I come, singing all the way,” giggles Scruffy Cat.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

“Look out Scruffy Cat! I’m down here,” Waddle Duck screams.
“Waddle Duck, don’t you know, cats always land on their feet?” purred Scruffy Cat.
Scruffy Cat looked up at the warm, moonlit night and said, “That was fun, flying high up in the sky.”

Down came Mrs. Cuddles, the cow, with her friend Mo Crow.

“Oh that was fun!” Mr. Cuddles said.
Mo Crow said, “Fun, but it made me tired. I guess I’ll go to bed.”
Goofy Bear was still high up in the sky flying on his kite.
“Come down Goofy Bear, there’s still another day!” Mr. Scruffy Cat said.

“What a fun day!”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

The Carousel Horse

Once upon a time in a faraway place there was a carousel right in the middle of town. The music played most all the time
and the horses were beautiful.

All decked out in their finest colorful ribbons, they pranced and danced, and strutted to the music.
But there was one horse on the carousel that didn’t prance or dance. Instead she stood still with her head down, looking
at the ground most of the time. She just couldn’t seem to look up to see the sun.
One day a nice couple came along and saw the carousel. They stopped to listen to the music, and watched the horses go
around and around.
Suddenly they saw Carousel Horse. She wasn’t like the other horses, for she was looking forlorn and the only one with
her head down. Their hearts went out to her and they wanted to help her.
They got on the carousel and quickly found their way to Carousel Horse’s side.
The nice couple stood next to Carousel Horse, but didn’t want to frighten her because they knew she was hurting.
Carousel Horse was in need of much love, so they just let their presence be known.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

The nice couple came the next day to the carousel and saw that Carousel Horse was looking sad. The couple again rode
the carousel, but this time they reached out and put their hands on Carousel Horses’ neck. Their touch made Carousel
Horse start moving because she hadn’t had that kind of touch for many years.

The nice couple spoke to her quietly while soothing her and told her she was beautiful, and how much they loved her.
All too soon, the nice couple had to leave.

The nice couple did not come the next day to the carousel. This made Carousel Horse wonder if she would ever see
them again. She missed them. It was something she hadn’t felt in years.

That night, after the carousel was shut down for the evening, Carousel Horse wondered what it would be like to look
up at the stars and see the night sky. A tear gently fell from her eye.

The next morning, the nice couple came to take a ride on the carousel. When Carousel Horse heard their voice, she
smiled for the first time.

Something had changed in Carousel Horse and she found herself wanting to jump off the old carousel of life and run
and run and run.

The nice couple seemed to feel what Carousel Horse was feeling, for they reached out, touched her, and said, “Why not
take a chance and follow your dream, wherever it may take you. Your freedom and life is worth something, and Carousel
Horse, you are worth a lot.”

All of a sudden, Carousel Horse lifted her head and looked up. She shook her beautiful mane and jumped off the
carousel. She pranced and danced, and then ran all around.

The nice couple laughed and laughed. They clapped their hands in joy.
Carousel Horse was so happy to be free. She started to run, stopping here and there to take in sights and the smells all
around her. What a wonderful feeling to be free!

Carousel Horse knew she had to run, but not away from life, but toward it. So she bid farewell to the nice couple who
had given her courage to make changes and started down the road of a different life.

She ran happily and stopped every now and then just to look up at the blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun on her
pretty face. It was such an amazing feeling.

One day, Carousel Horse came to a fork in a road. “This is a different situation. Should I go right or should I go left?”
Carousel Horse asked.

From a distance, she could hear music, so she took the road to her right. She followed the winding road, noticing it was
very pretty with beautiful trees and flowers lining the road. She heard birds singing in the trees and felt ever so happy.

Carousel Horse realized this wasn’t the music she had first heard. No! It was something more melodic, and there was
something familiar about the sound.

She journeyed on and came to the town square. In the middle of the square was a CAROUSEL! Only this one wasn’t
as pretty as the one Carousel Horse had been on. No, it was drab and the horses weren’t prancing or dancing, but they
were looking upward.

Carousel Horse trotted slowly around the carousel and then came to a sudden stop, for there in front of her was a horse
much like herself before she made a choice to run free.

Carousel Horse walked up to the edge of the carousel and whispered to the horse. “Hey, Golden Horse, why do you
have your head down with such a gloomy look?”

Golden Horse told her he was lonely and forlorn. Carousel Horse said, “Do you want to be free like me, and run and
run and run?”

Golden Horse said, “Yes!”
“Well,” Carousel Horse said, “the first thing you have to learn is that you are not alone and you don’t have to be lonely
anymore, for I am here. Please come with me and together we can discover a whole new world. It will be wonderful, full
of excitement and challenges.”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Golden Horse thought about what Carousel Horse said and looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever

Golden Horse gave a shout of joy and jumped off the carousel. He went up to Carousel Horse and said, “Thank you.
My name is Golden Horse. What is your name?”

“My name is Carousel Horse and you are welcome.”
So off the two beautiful horses ran down their chosen path together, facing whatever life had in store for them.
By Jeanne Trachman, © 2010
[The moral of this story is; it’s never too late to find happiness and run toward it. Isn’t this really the beginning?]


Rabbit Tibia

For months Rabbit Tibia had wanted to spend a lazy day in the country. She bought a new straw hat with a bright red
flower and red boots to keep her feet from stepping on rocks.

She had cooked all morning, and then she was ready to go, for today was the day that she would climb into Mrs.
Zimena’s fancy car and ride out to visit Grandma’s farm.

Rabbit Tibia was happy and had been since Zimena called and invited her to the farm.
When Rabbit Tibia saw Zemena pull up in her shiny car, she grabbed her picnic basket and ran out singing with glee.
Zimena said, “Oh, Rabbit Tibia, we’re going to have a grand time out by the pond where it’s quiet. We can tell stories
while we put our feet in the warm water.”


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Rabbit Tibia let out a cry and said, “We can laugh and even jump in the water if we wish.”
Soon after arriving, they both knew there wasn’t any hope in having a quiet day near the pond.
It had all started when Raspy Giraffe stepped on one of Lacy Hen’s eggs. She began hollering and causing all of kinds

of ruckus.
You clumsy big Giraffe, you could have watched where you’re going. Now I have but three eggs; you old goofy, big

footed Giraffe!”
“I’m sorry Lacy Hen. I was playing and didn’t pay attention,” Raspy Giraffe said.
Lacy Hen stomped off and ran right into Rabbit Tibia, knocking the picnic basket right out of her hand, sending food

and soda bottles flying everywhere.
Zamena tried to help by bending down to pick up the cake, but Penza

and Denza, the twin puppies ran over promptly and began licking the delicious chocolate flavors.
It upset Zamena so much that she stood up and bumped into Rabbit Tibia, knocking her to the ground.

And if that wasn’t enough, Honey Bee buzzed by and scared Giraffe so bad he ran into the fence and knocked it down.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

By the time all settled down, it was time for Rabbit Tibia and Mrs. Zimena to say goodbye.
Rabbit Tibia and Mrs. Zimena didn’t have her nice quiet day, but they both admitted it was indeed a very exciting one.


Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi & Charlotte Huston Johnson

The Black Stallion

Twenty miles outside of Montana there was a beautiful ranch. It wasn’t like any other ranch because the McKinny
family owned it. Everybody knew it was the grandest ranch around.

Not only was it beautiful, but it had majestic mountains that were so high that the snow stayed on them all during the
summer. The bears roamed and caught salmon in streams. It was funny to watch them because after their salmon meal,
they‘d lie down and roll in the snow. It was a beautiful site to see.

Kalli lived on the ranch and she was a happy little girl, who was full of life. She loved to run and play, but she also
liked helping her father on the ranch. Kalli and her brother, Tyler laughed and joked all through their chores.

Kalli’s favorite chore was to feed her precious pig. His name was Peewee, but by no means was he small. Her brother
thought it was funny to name him Peewee because he was so big. When Kalli would walk toward Peewee with treats, he’d
put his feet up on the fence and squeal with delight.

Tyler liked feeding the goats. They were funny and cute and followed him around begging for more treats.
After chores were all done, Kalli and Tyler would go hiking and talk about their happy life. Often they’d stop and fly
fish, but it wasn’t Kalli’s favorite to do. She loved her brother, so she’d join in and fish too.
One winter day, Kalli walked up the mountain and saw a herd of wild mustangs. She stood in awe watching them romp
and play. After a while she realized it was late and she needed to go home, knowing her mama would be worried.
As she started down the mountain, she walked across rocks and all of a sudden she heard a sound. She knew it was a
rattle snake because her father had told her their rattling sounds and how dangerous they were. She looked around for her
brother Tyler, but he was nowhere in sight. He always protected her, but she was alone and she began to feel a panic
moving up her throat. She froze for a second then turned and ran as fast as she could, but soon heard a crunch and knew
she had stepped on a rattle snake. She ran to the edge of the path and sat down, that’s when she saw the big old snake
slither away in the opposite direction as her.
She thought for a moment. “What should I do?”
After looking at her foot, she knew the snake had bitten her. It was starting to swell so she jerked off her shoe, then


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