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Published by amarvell, 2019-12-02 18:08:50

Winter Passport

Winter Passport


Directed by
Anthony Marvelli

December 4, 2019
Toby Johnson Middle School

10099 Franklin High Road

Elk Grove, CA 95757


The Program

Concert Band Symphonic Band

Ode to Joy A Stowaway on Santa’s
by Ludwig Van Sleigh
Beethoven by Various
arranged by Bruce arranged by Chris
Pearson Sharp

The Dreidel Song Pacem Noel
by Samuel Goldfarb by Various
arranged by Bruce arranged by Larry
Pearson Clark

Secret Agent Sugar Snow Day Celebration!
Plum by Alan Stein
by P.I. Tchaikovsky
arranged by Scott

A Ukrainian Christmas
by Various
arranged by Robert


Program Notes

Ode to Joy-

is an ode written in the summer of 1785 by
German poet, playwright, and historian
Friedrich Schiller and published the
following year in Thalia. A slightly
revised version appeared in 1808,
changing two lines of the first and
omitting the last stanza.
“Ode to Joy" is best known for its use by
Ludwig van Beethoven in the final (fourth)
movement of his Ninth Symphony, completed
in 1824. Beethoven's text is not based
entirely on Schiller's poem, and
introduces a few new sections. His tune
(but not Schiller's words) was adopted as
the Anthem of Europe by the Council of
Europe in 1972 and subsequently by the
European Union.


Program Notes (cont.)

The Dreidel Song-

The composer of the English version is
listed as Samuel E. Goldfarb (also S. E.
Goldfarb). The Yiddish version was
composed by Mikhl Gelbart. The meaning of
the lyrics to the Yiddish and English
versions is largely the same. However, in
English the singer sings about a dreidel,
whereas in the Kafkaesque original
Judeo-German version, the singer is the
four-sided spinning top made out of blay
or lead. In the English version, the singer
has a four-sided spinning top made out of
clay, yet clay is not easily spun.


Program Notes (cont.)

Secret Agent Sugar Plum-

is an arrangement of Dance of the Sugar
Plum Fairy from Tchaikovsky's The
Nutcracker. This particular arrangement
is combined with a secret agent theme
running in the background setting the
stage for a fun version of the well known
melody. Despite Tchaikovsky not being
overly satisfied with the work it has
become one of his most recognizable works.
Audiences are introduced to the Sugar
Plum Fairy in the second act. She is the
ruler of The Land of Sweets. The Sweets
come from all around the world including:
Chocolate from Spain, Coffee from Arabia,
Tea from China, and Candy Canes from


Program Notes (cont.)

A Ukrainian Christmas-

The holiday favorite Ukrainian Bell Carol
serves as the foundation for an array of
Christmas tunes that weave in and out of
this fascinating arrangement. Along with
the Bell Carol, you will hear snippets of
We Three Kings; Silent Night; The First
Noel; God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Bring a
Torch, Jeanette, Isabella; and Away in a


Program Notes (cont.)

Stowaway on Santa’s Sleigh-

Experience what it's like to be Santa as he
travels the world on Christmas Eve. Hop
aboard his sleigh as it flies over Asia,
Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Germany,
Italy, England, Latin America and the good
ol' USA. While in each country, a favorite
holiday tune is heard in the style of that
country's music. Try to figure out the
carols as we fly from country to country.


Program Notes (cont.)

Pacem Noel-

“Dona Nobis Pacem” comes from the last
movement of the Mass in B minor (compiled
1749) by Johann Sebastian Bach Johann
Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). While the Mass
was not compiled until one year before his
death, Bach composed each section of the
Mass at varying points in his life as
separate works.
"The First Noel" is a traditional classical
English Christmas carol, most likely from
the early modern period, although
possibly earlier.[2][3] Noel is an Early
Modern English synonym of "Christmas".

Larry Clark weaves these
two great melodies
seamlessly together.


Program Notes (cont.)

Snow Day Celebration!-

Although not very familiar to our
students from California, this holiday
treat captures the joyous mood of the
happiest of childhood memories- a SNOW
DAY!!! This piece opens with just a glimmer
of the icy wonderland outside and quickly
moves into a gleeful celebration that
captures the freedom and playfulness of
this treasured winter event.



Concert Band

Flute Bass Clarinet Trumpet (cont.)
Isabella Ablog Douglas Lair Isabelle Lopez
Sherisa Chen Gerardo Maravilla
Leah Diep Alto Saxophone Maizy Rosner
Suhani Hazari Humza Azeemi Sophia Sierras
Tristan Hoang Roman Bernal Abbey Thomas
Amber Hunt Noah Bohn Lauren Vo
Autumn Lee Gunner Champion
Arav Parikh Kyle Fong French Horn
Said-Asif Sadat Ma’ata Fuka Jacob Ellis
Riya Singh Nathaniel Johnson
Emily Valente Justin Kemp Trombone
Hailey Wong Dylan Magaso Varun Naidu
Ilizabeth Manu Omar Saahir
Oboe Aarav Mishra Ana Winters
Omaid Hassani Paulyn Ventura
Tessa Farris Euphonium
Sophia Matela Tenor Saxophone Johnathan Oyoung
Joshua Cisneros Joiya Smith
Bassoon Samara Lawrence
Orion Daniels Khloe Nguyen Tuba
Dinil Wijetunga Mark Brown
Clarinet Benjamin Pimentel
Gavinbir Bling Bari Saxophone
Jadin Capuras Isis Garcia Bass
Heaven Cimafranca Marrick Piazza Carlos Castellanos
Oliver Custard Jonah Elmore
Victor Gellineau Trumpet
Matthew Forsyth Evan Armstrong Percussion
Lauren Joven Reginald Bowens Philip Pierre
Nathan Lee Marie Capuras Kirti Sharma
Eden Nanca Jared Darrington Rachel Song
Miles Rosner Charles Horwath Alexis Steward
Maxwell Ruiz Maverick Jones Kamari Tabor
Kayla Tapiador Jailyn Tham
Bruce Toan Jason Wen
Travis Tran Louise Wright
Kyler Williams


Symphonic Band

Flute Bass Clarinet Trumpet (cont.)
Audrey Au Ethan Pham Tanner Seely
Anson Chen Dylan Sobott
Maxwell Estrella Alto Saxophone Joseph Vu
Samantha Horwath Ethan Estrada
Katie Lee Madelyne Hom French Horn
Mia Madhaw Jia Le Alex Kemp
Allison Mendoza Paul Sausman Ben Nguyen
Aaron Ng Justin Valdez Brandon Nguyen
Christabel Pantoja Rena Wright Avinash Vegesina
Abigalle Reyes Jonathan Yik
Angela Wang Trombone
Sarah Woo Tenor Saxophone Joshua Darrington
Arissa Hughey Anthony Johnson
Oboe Roger Ni
Bryce Lee Bari Saxophone Jeremiah Jordan
Mason Bullard Vincent Trotta
Jiya Dhillon Trumpet Tuba
Jayla Kwong Isabella Angeles Tyler Parrish
Ruben Hendriks Evelyn Deip
Kenny Liu Levrovick De La Cruz Percussion
Malachi McNeal Matthew Fontanilla Leilani Edinburgh
Albert Mulingtapang Nikhil Kumar Christopher Her
Julian Ramos Jaden Ott Darren Ngo
Michael Wanner Jordanka Panggabean Yahir Ruiz
Charles Pimentel Jordiss Smith
Dillon Sullivan



Without the following team members, it would not be possible to

provide a quality music education to the students of Toby Johnson.

Thank you all for your continued support of The Jaguar Band!

School Board Office Staff
Chet Madison, Sr., President Jasbir Bhupal, Secretary
Beth Albiani, Board Clerk Robin Valle, Data Processor
Nancy Chaires Espinoza Alejandra Ferriolli,
Carmine S. Forcina Technician
Dr. Crystal Martinez-Alire Susan Bainter, Technician
Anthony “Tony” Perez Deana Tillman, Technician
Bobbie Singh-Allen Tyesha Ross, Technician

District Administration Site Controller
Christopher R. Hoffman, Sheila Runyon
Mark Cerutti – Deputy School Custodians
Superintendent, Ed. Services and Rubelio Marroquin
Schools Henry Ly
Craig Murray – Asst. Eric Saechao
Superintendent, Sec. Ed.
Melanie Dopson, Ed.D – Director, High School Band Director
Sec. Ed. Matthew Mackey
John Dixon, Ed.D – Director, Sec.
Ed. Elementary Band Director
Amy Besler, Ed. D – Director, Sec. Marion Umgelter
Site Administration Dana La Chapelle, Department
Adam Wood, Principal Chair
Dolores Moore, Vice Principal Corinne Garcia, Theatre Arts
Joshua Crabtree, Vice Principal Jaime Shilen, Art/Adv. Art
Laura Zhu, Photoshop
School Counselors
Eileen Baclig, Hornets/Bears
Nicole Harada, Aggies
Julie Munguia, Tigers


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