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Life Positive June Magazine

Life Positive

Karmic connections persist through lifetimes till one resolves them

What is a good resolution? Well, take the case The important thing to know is that such
of a married couple who have been bickering connections will not necessarily sever when
for years and finally decide they want to one or both of the partners leave their bodies.
divorce. If there is lingering resentment These threads continue to connect them
between them, their connection will not between lives and after they reincarnate as
be severed, and if anything, it will remain well. These filaments will then draw them
energetically strong. again to one another. No matter how far
away they live from each other, their paths
To the subtle vision, the etheric filaments will eventually cross, as they are connected
between them will appear tangled and on an etheric level.
convoluted, reflecting the complicated and
distorted nature of the emotions they hold for So, people do not need to be living in physical
one another. There are also scars or wounds proximity to be connected ‘etherically’ to one
in the aura that result from the conflict another—they don’t even need to be living
between them. Some of these wounds are in this world at the same time. This fact has
embedded very deeply in their auric field. great implications. It means that you establish
a binding connection with anyone whom you
The negative threads of connection keep have intensely negative karma with—usually
their acrimony alive, making them think bitter people whom you have hurt or who have hurt
thoughts about one another and keeping you.
their anger simmering. It is also interesting
that when one thinks badly about the other, When you both incarnate again together,
the latter will also have bad thoughts at the often, the acrimony will persist. For example,
same time. There is a constant transfer of you have a child and your relationship
negative energy. Sometimes, these filaments with her is very difficult, full of conflict and
seem to glow red in the astral field, but I often mistrust. You both may have been coupled in
see them as charcoal grey. a previous lifetime and spent your adult lives

Evolution 51

arguing and hurting one another. The cycle Problematic relationships are presented to
is thus repeated, albeit in a different context us so that we can expand our understanding
and with different roles. of ourselves. When we make that huge leap of
letting go, we become free of the dispositions
How to stop the cycle of negative karma with and relationships that bind us in suffering.
others? This is a tricky question. The best The strength and awareness required to
way is to let go of your anger and rancour. unload our pettiness and anger are what will
I always tell people who divorce to try and take us to another level of understanding.
make it as amicable as possible. It is not easy Otherwise, the law of karma dictates that we
to disentangle feelings and even harder to must repeat a similar set of experiences all
disengage from them. A separation which over again, often with the same people.
ends amicably will result in positive karma
for a relationship, which, if it is to continue What about positive karma? The truth is that
in the next lifetime, will start off on a much any form of attachment will create conditions
better footing. that bind us. If we keep wanting to meet and
engage with a specific person whenever
My parents never got along. They were we re-enter the corporeal world because
continuously arguing about every aspect we have strong affections for them, this too
of their life together. I did not have positive may hinder our spiritual progress. In a way,
role models regarding marriage while I was this type of karma is more insidious than a
growing up. When I was older and more negative one, because we want to get caught
aware, I told them that if they did not work up and experience the pleasures of such a
out their differences, they would have to relationship. Ultimately, the goal is to break
try again in a future life. I think they found free of all attachments and desires.
the very thought of such an eventuality so
intolerable that it actually changed their Past-life debts
attitudes about their marriage. There was a Sometimes, people meet one another to
measurable improvement in their reactions repay a debt that they have incurred in a past
to one another after my warning to them. life. For instance, they may have taken the life
of another or caused them great hardship,
What if one person lets go and the other and their soul knows that this wrong must
person cannot? Chances are that the next be righted. They will usually figure in a future
life encounter will be much less problematic lifetime of their victim and have a chance
for the one who does not hold on. These two to redress past wrongs. Interestingly,
people may meet again, but their relationship the debt can also be repaid by helping an
will be different because the one who let go unrelated person, who was not previously
will not be as bound, vulnerable, or reactive the target of harm. The point is to contribute
in their dealings with the other person. If the love and awareness to this world. If one
latter still presents problems, it will be mostly person benefits from an act of kindness or
one-sided, because the decision had been compassion, the whole of humanity benefits
made (on the soul level) by the more aware as well.
person to move beyond the acrimony of their
connection. Thus, there is no separation between
individuals on the level of higher
52 LifePositive | JUNE 2019 consciousness. The truth is that the universe,

Problematic relationships are presented to us so that we can
expand our understanding of ourselves. When we make that
huge leap of letting go, we become free of the dispositions and

relationships that bind us in suffering.

and beyond, is one great whole, and our inter- Would such a ruthless dictator actually
connection is such that any act of goodness go to hell? Only people who live a hellish
as well as that of violence and ignorance is consciousness exist in a hellish place in the
felt by everyone. At the deepest level, it is all afterlife. Dictators, and others like them, have
One Being, One Consciousness! certain lessons to learn, and their evolution
will continue when they are born again.
Although religions speak of a judgment day, Their life may even appear mundane the next
in which our past wrongs are evaluated time around. The issue of punishment is not
and addressed by an outside agency, there relevant, since they, as part of the whole,
is really no such reckoning. We are not fulfilled their destiny. In fact, they were a
punished for misdeeds. In a way, we punish vehicle or tool for the fate of many people to
ourselves because these deeds will attract unfold in the way it was meant to. I am not
negative circumstances to ourselves, and minimising the suffering of the latter people
we will somehow have to make up for them in by any means. In fact, I give thanks that my
future lifetimes. If we are ignorant enough to karma was such as to not reincarnate in a
do harm, it is only because we are suffering country where people are horribly oppressed
beings far removed from the source of our and abused.
So why is there suffering in this world? As I
What about someone who causes great mentioned above, one cannot blame people
harm to a multitude of people in a lifetime? such as dictators because it is not one person
For instance, how can a murderous dictator or many people who are responsible for
possibly address all of his karmic debts human suffering. It is ignorance. We are here
in future lifetimes? Obviously, that is not to lift our own ignorance and, in the process,
possible. One must again look at it from the raise the vibration of humanity as a whole.
perspective of the whole. The people who Ignorance will not be eliminated by punishing
suffered under such tyranny had a certain the ignorant. Rather, it will be removed only
karma to live through. They experienced when the light of consciousness illuminates
great misery, and many likely lost their lives. the soul. We incarnate on this earth, and each
However, it was not the end of the road for time we come, more and more light shines
them; it was simply a part of their evolution through.
as incarnating souls.

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Evolution 53

AHA-MOMENTS Megha Bajaj tells a delightful story about a little
girl whose father made her dream come true—one
Amara fulfils her dream
step at a time!

Amara was a beautiful little girl. a tear slip out of Amara’s eyes. At a certain point, she looked
She had a wild mop of hair which Unable to bear his little girl in down and felt dizzy. It was crazy.
seemed to have a life of its own. pain he asked, yet again, “What She could never do it. She just
Her eyes were huge—always is wrong with my Amara?” She knew it and she stopped. But the
filled with a sense of wonder, opened her eyes and said to him, warm, large, comforting hand of
and she loved to sing for all the “Daddy, it is my dream to go on Daddy held on, and he said, “One
people around her. Her mommy top of the lighthouse and see more step, Amara!” Amara kept
and daddy loved her to the moon the world from that height, but going. On and on. One step after
and back. Everything was perfect as you know, Amara has a fear the other. She had no choice.
in Amara’s life, and yet, Amara of heights and she cannot reach There was no stopping, no
was not happy. there.” looking back. Despite the fear, on
she went.
Amara’s room overlooked the Daddy smiled at his little girl and
sea. She loved to stand in her tousled her curls. He said, “Is it Finally, Daddy said, “Amara,
balcony and watch the waves. okay if I call mommy and tell her there are no more steps to climb
There was a lighthouse in the that this is what has made you now.”
middle of the sea, and Amara so sad? She has been worried
dreamt of being at the top. about you!” Amara nodded. Amara could not believe it. Just
one step at a time, and here she
However, she knew this was a Daddy and Mommy spoke in was at the top of the lighthouse,
dream that could never come hushed tones and told Amara from where the sea looked deep
true. that they had a surprise planned and blue and the sky looked just
for her the next day. Amara a hand’s reach away. Amara
Why? cheered up. was mesmerised. She unknotted
her hair, allowing the breeze to
Amara was petrified of heights. The next morning, daddy told her, flow through. She smiled, she
“Darling, today we shall climb cried, and wished her mommy
There was no way that she would the lighthouse!” Amara’s heart was there too. She hummed and
ever be able to climb those steep started beating widly. She said, sang—and knew she was finally
steps of the lighthouse. There “No Daddy, you know I can’t!” home.
was no way that she would reach “Oh yes baby, you can,” was his
the top, cross her legs, unknot simple promise. Life looked beautiful, from up
the wild mop of hair and watch there.
the world from that tall a tower. They took a ferry and went to the
lighthouse. As Amara stood at An award winning author,
And yet, she wanted to. the bottom and saw the ominous film-script writer and poet,
structure before her, she started Megha is an eternal seeker
Oh yes, she wanted to. crying and said, “Daddy, I can’t!” at heart. She also empowers
He then went ahead of her and people to write and get
There is nothing more saddening said, “Come, just walk a step.” published through her
than a dream that cannot be Amara took a step. He then went online writing workshop.
fulfilled, isn’t it? to the next step and said, “One You can read more on
more step, Amara!” She took the
When her mommy and daddy next one.
saw how sad little Amara had We welcome your comments and
become, they tried to find out the suggestions on this article. Mail us
reason. at [email protected]

One of those nights, as Daddy
kissed Amara’s forehead he saw

54 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Angels_Speak_CoverV02.pdf 1 17/04/17 10:16 AM 7KarmaCodes_FinalCover.pdf 1 31/07/17 4:07 PM

Angels Speak is the �irst Indian Oracle book of divine messages, Angels Speak Roshani (Shenazz Nadirshah) This book is a dialogue every man’s soul wants to have with him
af�irmations and �ifteen Archangels channeled illustrations, all infused
with potent divine energy to bring extraordinary transformations. Before the change is an affirmation. Before the affirmation SUMA VARUGHESE Heal the Storm Within
Wisdom, knowledge and above all - love, pour out of this book and is is an insight. Before the insight is a seeking. Beyond the
ready to �low into the lives of all who read and experience it. This book seeking is a struggle. But in the deep dark origins of human
is a powerful source of daily divine guidance, as well as an oracle book of pain, perhaps an illness, a helplessness, a self-destructive

A n g e lsguidance for speci�ic situations of life that may need to be transcended. despondency, is the singularly unique path forged by our
Angels Speak will help you heal and �ind joy, peace and love within and own original compassionate energies to help us transcend Speak
with everyone and everything around you. It awakens you to not just our most debilitating weaknesses. Further down this path
stay positive, but attract positive energies into your life, just as Roshani's of letting go of our fundamental darkness, we become the
channelled prayers, messages and af�irmations have done to all who bear lighter beings of light we were always meant to be.

testimony in the book. Suma Varughese’s long awaited second volume of life’s insights Have you ever wondered why your life has turned out the way it has?
Is there a reason you keep attracting the same patterns repeatedly?
chronicles a universally human journey into the light. In a Are you struggling with challenges at work and in your relationships?
Do negative emotions, stress, exhaustion and loneliness plague you?
world of spiritual hares and tortoises, no one is left behind

and the finishing line is an ever-shifting beckoning to rise

to our own incredible potential. The 7 karma codes give you startling insights to why things happen

C Each of us embodies an emotional baggage of sanskars (personality TRAVELLING LIGHTER and what you can do to transform your relationship with yourself
and others. Replete with thought provoking insights, easy to-do
traits) and karmic accounts not only of this lifetime, but of many techniques, diagrams and real life examples, this book shall guide
M births. These are deep rooted rejections, doubts, low self-esteem, you through the turbulent sea of distressing emotions and complex
questions. Be it your career, personal relationships, the search for
Y insecurities, which we will carry forward with us into our next birth, self-esteem or the relationship with God; the 7 Karma Codes
embraces the unending quest for purpose, love, balance, peace,
CM unless we let go now. Suma’s wisdom and personal experiences touch joy and contentment.
The 7 Karma Codes contains secrets every man must know. As you
MY "Being a great follower of Roshani's accurate Angel Messages, when I the soul and help us to start unpacking. She inspires us to start loving embrace the wisdom of these codes, you will move from confusion
CY heard she was writing a book I could not wait to pick it up as I knew it ourselves and then letting go becomes easy. Travelling Lighter, in our to clarity, victimhood to power, and darkness to light. Not only do
CMY would be a treasure trove. If you are reading these words, then you must hands as a book today, will very soon become our natural way of the 7 Karma Codes teach you how to heal your wounds and reduce
pick up this book too as I truly believe the Universe brings treasures into being and living. your karmic burden, they also show you how to unfold your most

K your hands. Simply recognise them." s i s t e r b k s h i va n i Rajyoga Meditation teacher and presenter

- Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop of the television programme, Awakening with Brahmakumaris
Singer, Actor & Motivational Speaker, London - UK/India Suma’s columns are a seeker’s personal diary. The lofty becomes

"This is the �irst book on Oracles that I have seen from India and each word routine. The universal becomes particular. The infinite comes home. Your Daily powerful destiny. They guide you to think, feel and act in ways that
resonates with a sense of strength and divinity. Treat it as good as divine Jargon dissolves and a very lived wisdom emerges. will fulfil your soul’s deepest yearning.
guidance on a daily basis. A must read for every person who is desirous This book is a dialogue every man’s soul wants to have with him.
of positive transformations in their life and making it your permanent d e v d u t t pat ta n a i k Chief Belief Officer of Future Group and
partner." bestselling author of several books

- Abha Maryada Banerjee Dose of Divine Love Eighteen years into an adrenaline-filled career in
India's 1st internationally acclaimed Woman Motivational Speaker and advertising, Suzy quit her job to focus on her passion
Roshani and spiritual calling to help heal the personal and
Leadership Author (Shenazz Nadirshah) collective consciousness. Soon after, she encountered
a terrible car crash that caused her near death
experience, further accelerating this deep desire. As a
therapist and healer, Suzy has extensive clinical
For the Body, Mind & Spirit ` 225 The �irst Indian Book of Divine Oracle Messages and Af�irmations Author photo by experience in multidisciplinary approaches to Foreword by Ruzbeh Bharucha, Author of ‘The Fakir’ Trilogy and many other bestsellers
`450 Deepak Rai vibrational healing and energy medicine. Her work
` 325/- ` 450/- Code: C07 ` 225/- Code: C06has helped innumerable people across the globe experience
Code: A03 personal transformations, improve their health, find clarity,
overcome depression and rebuild relationships. She also has many Heal the Storm Within
published articles to her credit.

For the Body, Mind & Spirit ` 390

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Ph. (011) 49563777, Dharamveer: 09312191587


The world of crystals

Crystals come not only in a variety of shapes and hues,but are
laden with immense healing and rejuvenating properties says

Rashmi Rawat

56 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Mr. Rahul Bhatt, a senior into the clefts. They have a precise vibration
manager in a big and pattern. Each type of crystal has its
company was suddenly own unique mix of elements and specific
faced with the challenge properties. A lot of crystals are man-made
of replacing another employee who was in laboratories as they are extremely rare
fired for his corrupt behaviour. Mr Bhatt to find on earth. Their appearance depends
had sacrificed 30 years for the company and upon the natural characteristics of their type
was unwilling take up a new post that was and the condition in which they grow. Some
already in deep problems. Amit Raissoni, take on strange shapes, some are very small,
an events manager and a spiritual coach and others grow very large, developing over
suggested that he wear a specific crystal thousands of years.
to resolve this problem. Mr Bhatt took his
advice. Soon after he had an amenable Their usage dates back to Stone-Age when
discussion with his boss following which he crystals were used as weapons and tools
was able to retain his position. to produce fire (example: Flint, a healing
A couple used to have frequent fights, due to According to sources, the first historical
the pugnacious nature of the wife who would references to crystals comes from the
argue with her in-laws and husband over the ancient Sumerians, who used crystals in
smallest of issues. So much that her aunt their magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptians
who was a client of Amit Raissoni, asked him used crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise,
for a crystal to calm her tantrums. He gave Carnelian, Emerald and Clear Quartz in their
her a rose quartz pendant which not only jewellery. Crystals were not only popular
improved her health but also smoothened amongst the Egyptians but even among
her marital life. Was it the energy of love the Arabs, who vouched for the miraculous
in the rose quartz that helped the woman efficacy of ‘Hakik’ and ‘Firoza’ crystals, also
balance her behaviour? To find answers let known as Agates and Turquoise respectively.
us dig deep into the world of healing crystals. They were frequently used in the medieval
period as amulets for healing, and protecting
What are crystals? the individual from negative energies.
Geologically, crystals are natural solids
made of minerals that are formed naturally What makes them an ideal tool for
inside the earth. Available in different healing?
shapes, colours and sizes, each crystal has Undoubtedly these beautiful rock formations
a precise geometry of atoms or structured have amazed us since time immemorial.  
atomic arrangement. Crystals are formed They are considered portals for inner
when the liquid present inside the earth work, spiritual awakening and ascension.
consolidates at a very low temperature Crystals contain minerals that have healing
and also when the liquid makes its way properties. For example; the copper in
through the clefts and dispenses minerals Malachite reduces swelling, the Lithium in

Alchemy 57

Lithium Quartz helps in reducing stress, and flow into the body as the negative, disease-
the iron oxide in Hematite is good for blood causing energy flows out.
circulation. There are modern medicines
that are made from the same mineral content Providing historical reference, she
as that of crystals. adds,“Ancient Egyptians are considered as
one of the first people to adorn themselves
Jyotika Chhibber, a clinical therapist, with crystals such as Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian
clairvoyant, intuitive and psychic medium and Turquoise to ward off illnesses and
says, “The repeating chemical structure of negative energy. The stones and their
crystals is said to invest them with a kind positioning are chosen on the basis of the
of memory. This means that crystals have symptoms reposted by the patient. All this
the power to hold energies. You may hold is influenced by the healer’s skill, and the
a quartz crystal with the intention of filling chakra philosophy of disease and energy
it with your love. This is what is meant by imbalances.”
programming a crystal. You do not need
any wires or a special connection with God Can I choose my own crystal?
— all you need is intention and focus. The Choosing a crystal on your own is perfectly
crystal will remember your love, which will fine and easy. The popular adage “Crystal
then permeate any environment in which the chooses you” rightly fits here. Our
crystal is placed. Crystals can remember subconscious gets attracted to a specific
negative as well as positive energies and so colour or vibration or maybe the crystal that
will sometimes need to be cleansed.” fascinates or attracts us is the one meant for
us. One must always go by one’s gut feeling
Effect of crystal on mental and physical or the first inner response.
Talking about the effects of crystals on Also, reading up the properties of a crystal
mental health, Amit Raissoni says, “Certain to find if it matches your needs too is a great
crystals like Amethyst, Rose quartz, Kunzite, way of choosing a crystal. But they should
and Selenite have a subtle, soothing and be used only after following the proper
calming energy. They work directly on the procedure of cleaning or charging them as
senses, calming them, thus helping us relax suggested by a crystal expert. Described
mentally. Other crystals help in balancing below are few common crystals from the
different imbalances in the body and heal world of healing crystals.
the body gradually.”
Validating the healing effect of crystals Also known as Merchant’s Stone, this
on our physical health Dr. Chhibber says, pale yellow to brownish shade crystal is
“Crystal healing is an alternative medical a transparent quartz composed of silicon
technique in which crystals and other stones oxide. Carrying the power of sun, this stone
are used to cure ailments and protect against emanates positivity and joy, and stimulates
disease. Proponents of this technique believe the chakras, thus clearing the mind and
that crystals act as conduits for healing stirring the soul to action. The property of
— allowing positive and healing energy to attracting wealth and abundance are some
of the most well-known of Citrine. If seeking

58 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

abundance in financial or business ventures, eye fuels the energies of boldness, courage
this stone aids in its manifestation. Citrine and mental strength in a person to make
is an excellent crystal for interpersonal them emerge a winner. It deflects unwanted
relationships. It smoothens family or group energies, raises your vibration, and attracts
relations by promoting solutions and success and good fortune, empowering you
cohesiveness. It also helps in understanding to become successful in life.
and dealing with absorbed impressions
from those around us. Citrine is also useful Carnelian
in meditation as it opens the doors to inner Member of the quartz family, this glassy,
thought. When meditating with Citrine, one translucent crystal comes in shades of red
feels a glowing warmth both within and and brown and is used for its incredible
without. healing powers. This vibrant crystal helps
you to get rid of difficult situations in life.
Tiger’s eye It holds the energy that lends courage and
If you find yourself in the doldrums of stability to a person who has lost liveliness
negative emotions like fear, anxiety, self-
doubt or any other unfriendly thought, then and motivation. Carnelian helps you break
Tiger’s eye is the right crystal for you.   As the through creative blocks so that you can
name itself explains; ‘The eye of a tiger,’ this show the best version of yourself. Spiritually
crystal will help you balance toxic emotions it resonates well with the solar plexus or
by keeping the mind sharply focussed on power chakra, and the base or the root
your true desires. A crystal with lovely chakra. This healing crystal in its beautiful
bands of golden yellow etched on it, Tiger’s shades of orange, floods you with inspiration,
confidence, and motivation, making it perfect
for anyone looking for a rush of creative
So, wear Carnelian and be creative!

Are you stuck in the loop of scarcity? Do you
lack abundance? Go for Pyrite. A very easy to
find gemstone in any crystal store, it helps in
attracting abundance. Also known as fool’s

Alchemy 59

gold because of its glittery hue and metallic are close but are at the same time negative.
lustre, this crystal is highly recommended for Obsidian also aids in releasing feelings of
your workspace to attract wealth and good resentment, fear, anger and stress that
luck. It brings a revitalising energy to your drain your energy. It resonates with the base
workplace helping you overcome laziness, or the root chakra and grounds, blocking out
procrastination and lack of discipline. This psychic attacks and any evil eye completely.
crystal is a concentration-booster and Laden with metaphysical properties, the
enables you to think new thoughts. It helps energy of this stone may also stimulate the
you get rid of old ideas by shifting your gift of prophecy.
mindset. Eventually, working with this crystal
will help you manifest luck and abundance in Amazonite
reality. Our mental chaos can be our biggest foe that
never lets us stay in peace. If this is the case
Obsidian with you, then you must go for Amazonite –
This shiny black stone which is formed by the a beautiful blue-green crystal that holds the
cooling of lava, absorbs negativity, and deep property of pacification. Amazonite soothes
cleanses your body of psychic ailments. and calms the maelstrom of thoughts
Guardian of the soul, this crystal is highly caused by negative energies around us.
recommended for those areas of your home It works as a great pacifier for the ones
or office where you might host negative suffering from nervous disorders and fiery
people. This stone has a great ability to
break negative attachments to people who temperament. This anti- anxiety medication
of the crystal world provides harmony
and balances the masculine and feminine
qualities in an individual. Meditating with
Amazonite with the intention of bringing
clarity and transparency to the purpose of
life rejuvenates an individual. It is a powerful
heart and throat chakra stone that helps one
release toxic emotions and express oneself
fearlessly and clearly.

60 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Jade assists a feeling of joy in one’s ideas and
Jade, a crystal that occurs in lovely shades of desires.
olive green, is laden with healing properties.
Illuminating various aspects of life like Selenite
health, wealth and love, this crystal aids you Selenite occur in several hues of white and
in experiencing a sense of happiness and belongs to the family of gypsum crystals.
satisfaction that you have been waiting for. This self-cleansing crystal helps raise our
In terms of career, Jade helps you to realise vibrations and shine more of our unique
your full potential at work. Also known as light onto the world. Our aura accumulates
the stone of eternal youth, Jade is used certain negative energies and these energies
in various beauty modalities. It is known gets stuck in us in the form of emotions like
to promote wisdom, balance and peace. anger, sadness, depression, fear and even
Meditating with Green Jade, which is known anxiety. Selenite acts as a magical wand
as the crystal of immortality helps you to that cleanses all the negativity in our aura,
open your heart chakra, making you develop making it vibrant and filling it with colours
a sense of gratitude for the things you have of positivity. Softer than any other crystal,
in life. It lifts self-imposed limitations and Selenite is an ideal stone which can be placed
in the living area to fill it with positivity and
purity. Also, meditating with this crystal is a
great way to align the chakras since it clears
energy blockages and heightens our psychic

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Alchemy 61

JOURNEY Life’s tumultuous journey has taught Shivi Verma to accept that love is being
the open space in which relationships can happen and take their own course in
Being there
accordance with divine wisdom

I lived in a happy home and was to people for fear of getting hurt. excitement to love and help, I had
cherished by my parents. My But when spirituality happened, not seen that I was stepping on
father, especially, would open I became totally helpless before people’s pride. I was too eager
his heart to me and talk about his the gush of feelings in my heart. to tell them what to do to end
feelings for those who mattered I no longer felt the need to their suffering. This was not
to him, as well as grave social analyse people before sharing appreciated by them.
issues such as poverty, injustice, my feelings with them. For some
and discrimination. time, I was in a state of bliss. I wised up.
I absorbed his sensitivity like I was happy because I didn’t
a sponge and would think of care about anything in return I may know the tools that end
doing great things on growing from others. I was happy to love suffering, but the Universe has
up to end human suffering. I them as they were and be there different plans. Each person has
had a natural love for people, for them during their trials and decided for themself when they
even though I was shy and sufferings. want to wake up from this dream,
introverted, I wanted to embrace and I am nobody to disturb their
more and more of them. I would I embraced as many people as sleep prematurely. I still believe
easily fall in love with smiling possible, telling them that their in love but do not necessarily feel
faces, friendly gestures, and soft trials were only temporary and the need to profess it to people
words. that the Divine loved them to bits. and try to bring a difference to
I would pray for their happiness their lives. I am no longer trying
Unfortunately, I also used to get and do everything in my capacity to prove anything. These days, my
intrigued by people who seemed to help them. I was okay if they attempt is to simply be the space
cold, distant, or insensitive. My did not love me in return and where people can feel calm and
mind did not want to accept that were unable to reciprocate in relaxed. Sometimes, this involves
it was possible for a person to the same way. seeing people suffer, yet doing
not feel empathy and kindness nothing because they are not
towards others. To prove myself But there was something I had ready for any help or guidance.
wrong, I would increase my not anticipated—that I would
proximity with them, to find be backstabbed and betrayed It is enough to feel love, send
some iota of emotion, feeling, by the same people whom I had love, and not seek the company
and caring in them, only to get stood by and would become the of people in return. God ensures
disappointed again and again. target of their hate, anger, and as to who enters or leaves my
And the rest who were not as jealousy. The wounds ran deep. life as per His plans.
unfeeling had other issues of All my attempts to expand my
extreme emotions, clinginess, family of friends were backfiring. Editor of Life Positive, Shivi
and judgementalism, which I was heartbroken to see that Verma is a devotee who
made it difficult for me to connect when I pointed towards the found all her answers in
deeply with them. moon, people focussed on my loving God passionately.
Because of these things I was We welcome your comments and
unable to fully express my love Life is a journey of growth. In my suggestions on this article. Mail us
at [email protected]

62 LifePositive | JUNE 2019




WVO’s 4th Annual Conference

6-7th JULY | Saturday & Sunday NEW DELHI, INDIA

Global Plantrepreneurs, Exporters, hospitality
professionals, Supply chain professionals, retailers,
Institutions, Industry Experts, Policy Makers, Activists,

ImpactInvestors & more!




Healing our ancestors

Transgenerational healing is an effective way to heal karmic
complications that travels from one generation to another, negatively

affecting our lives, says Jamuna Rangachari

64 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

According to genetics our life experiences
get passed onto our children and our
children’s children through our genes.
Studies on survivors of traumatic events
suggest that exposure to stress, trauma and shock may
have a lasting impact on people and their subsequent
generations. To a great extent most of our habits,
tendencies, and diseases can be blamed on the genes of
our ancestors. But it cannot be denied that believing in
it incapacitates us and renders us almost incapable of
changing our reality.

The question is, is it possible to make a difference? Can
healing our own traumas prevent them from being passed
onto our children and subsequently our grandchildren?

In a new development, scientists have discovered how
this genetic inheritance can be regulated. A new Tel
Aviv University study led by Dr Oded Rechavi, pinpoints
the precise mechanism that turns the inheritance of
environmental influences ‘on’ and ‘off.’

The good news is that healing personal trauma can make
a huge difference to this process.

The modality of transgenerational healing helps in
resolving those energetic blockages in our bodies as well
as our consciousness, that may be coming to us from our

How wounds travel
“Attending to the wounds of the past can connect us with
‘The collective wound.’” Says Joan Halifax, an American
Zen Buddhist teacher and author.

What is overwhelming and unnameable is passed on to those we are closest to. Our loved ones
carry what we cannot. And all this happens at a deep subconscious level.

This is the subject of the book, Lost in Transmission: Studies of Trauma Across Generations,
written by M Gerard Fromm in 2012. This collection of essays on traumatic transmission is
built on the idea that, “What human beings cannot contain of their experience—what has been
traumatically overwhelming, unbearable, unthinkable—falls out of social discourse, but very
often goes onto and into the next generation as an affective sensitivity or a chaotic urgency.”

Healing 65

The transmission of trauma may be culminated into the Great Depression of
particular to a given family suffering a loss, 1929. Did this lead to concentration camps?
such as the death of an infant, or it can be a We can only speculate, but surely, the hurt of
shared response to societal trauma. starvation seems to have remained.

For instance, Maurice De Witt, a sidewalk Author Harold Kushner raises a pertinent
Santa on Fifth Avenue noticed a marked question in his book, When Bad Things
change in the behaviour of people in the happen to Good People, “The question we
holiday season following 9/11. “Parents should be asking is not, why did this happen
would not let the hands of their children go. to me? What did I do to deserve this? That is
The kids sense that. It’s like water seeping really an unanswerable, pointless question.
down, and the kids can feel it… There is A better question would be, ‘Now that this
an anxiety, but the kids can’t make the has happened to me, what am I going to do
connections,” he observed. about it?’”

“This astute man was noticing a powerful This is what healing processes are all about.
double message in the parent’s action,” We must remember that we are born to learn
Fromm says, “Consciously and verbally, lessons and healing is a part of it. Whether
the message was, ‘Here’s Santa. Love him.’ or not we chose the family we are born into –
Whereas unconsciously and physically, it as some people say – we do need to heal the
was ‘Here’s Santa. Fear him.’ The unnamed wounds that are a part of it to become whole
trauma of 9/11 was communicated to the and complete in ourselves.
next generation by the squeeze of a hand.”
In her book, The Fruitful Darkness, Joan
Psychic legacies are often passed on through Halifax writes, “We cannot eliminate the so-
unconscious cues or messages that flow called negative forces of afflictive emotions.
between the child and the adult. Sometimes The only way to work with them is to
anxiety gets transferred from one generation encounter them directly, enter their world,
to the next through stories told. and transform them. They then become
manifestations of wisdom. Our weaknesses
Psycho-historian Peter Loewenberg recalls become our strengths, the source of our
the oral tradition of his parents who lived compassion for others, and the basis of our
through the hunger years in Germany during awakened nature.”
the First World War. Because of the scourge,
the physical health and stature of a generation
was stunted due to prolonged
malnutrition. According to
the stories, a once-a-
year indulgence was an
orange, segmented and
apportioned among the
entire family. Loewenberg
further identifies a cause
chain between physical privations of
the German people during WWI, which

66 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Healing processes
There are many routes to healing transgenerational trauma. Profound changes can occur
during individual therapy, group processes, ceremonies, or in personal meditations. One model
for healing comes from Bert Hellinger, a German psychologist, philosopher, and author, who
developed a model for healing transgenerational wounds through a technique called Family
Constellations. As a Catholic missionary in South Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, his work was
influenced by the Zulu People who called upon their ancestors through indigenous healing
traditions to heal family wounds. Traditionally carried out in a group format, Family Constellations
are a form of psychodrama and somatic psychology; a process of allowing the wisdom of your
associations, sensations, and emotions to guide the healing journey.

Many traditional cultures
offer ceremonies to honour
their ancestors, recognising
the fact that illness or disease
can arise from unresolved
patterns in the family lineage.
Rituals attending to the past
are observed to free the new
generation from the fate of
its ancestors. No matter what
approach we take to healing,
releasing the burden of traumas,
either our own or that of our
ancestors, increases our chances
of scripting a new reality for

Though the above is mainly about
communities, the same is applicable
to families and family structures as
well. Communities are after all made
of families. From family structures, one
goes into individual healing.

Transgenerational healing
An inevitable energy transfer happens
down the generations of a family. This
energy manifests in different ways in our
lives. While some of it is easily recognisable
such as hereditary features, characteristics
and traits, sometimes the propensity for
certain types of physical, emotional and

Healing 67

mental ailments in a family too is because that frees us when we forgive and love
of this energy transfer. Since ancient times everyone in our lives. This is what we learn in
rituals and practices have been performed to transgenerational healing too.
‘heal’ this kind of transference that limits the
quality of life. In modern times, the method of Hitesh Vashishth, a seasoned and much
transgenerational healing is used to address sought-after coach from Gurgaon along with
family issues. his wife, Shubhangi, learnt this therapy from
Dr Newton and Dr Lakshmi Kondaveti a few
Transgenerational healing is a blend of years ago.
psychotherapeutic process, energy-work
and soul-work that is known to alleviate He says, “Family constellation therapy has
many difficulties and challenges. In the helped me clear my transgenerational
Indian context, transgenerational healing patterns with love and awareness. It has
is an ancient process that addresses the strengthened my faith in the Universal Field of
karmic baggage or ‘Pitru-dosh’ that we Intelligence and anchored me fully in my life
inherit from our ancestors. This particular with the support of my ancestors behind me.
modality involves reflecting upon one’s own If I was wise before, the transgenerational
family lineage while mindfully attending to healing has made me wiser. It is the most
one’s body, mind, and emotions. liberating, pragmatic and powerful work I
have come across till today in my decade of
How it works working with various healing modalities.”
A large part of the emotionally-disruptive
life patterns we could be dealing with, He cured his asthma after understanding
originates from our family system rather why his father was not overtly loving towards
than from direct personal experiences. For him. Once he understood, he only had love
example, a heavy burden of guilt, pain and to give and blessing to seek from his father.
trauma carried by the entire family-soul After this his asthma left him for good.
gets passed down from one generation to
another when unresolved issues have not He has helped others too in this area. Sandhya,
been dealt with and healed by the people a 48 years old woman shared an unpleasant
concerned. Furthermore, complex issues relationship with her daughter. In the
of hidden loyalties to the person wronged constellation, the client and her daughter’s
by our ancestors can cause us to hold on to representative were brought to the energy
experiences of pain and trauma which infact field. The daughter didn’t want to face her
do not belong to us in the first place. mother and stood with her back towards her.
She also looked angrily at her mother. Based
Through the healing process, we are able on the facts shared by the client, Sandhya’s
to identify and resolve those issues. This mother’s energy was also brought to the field
as a consequence releases blockage to with the help of a representative. Sandhya
the stream of life-force that enters our life shared an unpleasant relationship with her
through our family lineage to help us create mother and showed the same anger which
health, wealth and joy. her daughter carried. Sometime was spent
in bringing resolution between Sandhya and
In other words, we are connected with her mother. A healing statement completely
each other through karma and it is karma melted the hearts, the effect of which was

68 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

An inevitable energy transfer happens from the ancestors to the current members of a family.

seen on the daughter as well. Now, the She is now a trained therapist and does
daughter looked towards Sandhya with sessions in healing family-karma–the karmic
comfort and love.  baggage that might have been passed on
to us by the virtue of being born into our
It has been observed that if one shares an family. Through the healing process, she is
unpleasant relationship with one’s parents, able to create health, wealth and joy for the
there is a great possibility that one may have participants.
a difficult relationship with one’s child as well,
as there is a blockage in the sacred order Healing family wounds with love
of love. When one heals one’s relationship Mallika, a 46 year old healer from Hyderabad
with one’s parents, one also steps towards was born with a twin sister. A twin who
healing it with one’s children, automatically.  was not liked by both her parents as they
considered her unlucky due to some tantrik
Shoheli Biswas, a healer from Delhi, who also rituals followed by her mother. 
learnt it from Dr Newton in Bangalore, says,
“The first time I witnessed a transgenerational She went through a highly traumatic
healing process I was very fascinated childhood and even tried to commit suicide
and wanted to experience it myself. I was four times.  The fourth time her suicide was
fortunate to have been selected for a role at unsuccessful, she pulled herself together,
a later time in the session. I was chosen as after a bout of depression, and worked on
a mother-in-law, and interestingly it was the making a life for herself. It was clear to her
same situation I was confronted with in my that the higher consciousness wanted her to
personal life. Thereafter my relationship with live, love and heal.
my mother-in-law was completely healed. 

Healing 69

It has been observed that if one shares an unpleasant
relationship with one’s parents, there is a great possibility that
one may have a difficult relationship with one’s child as well, as

there is a blockage in the sacred order of love.

Now a mother, she is even more clear about as the most important learnings from this
the power of love and has healed many process. One of the participants Anita Bali
people asking them to love themselves at all attended the programme in Hyderabad and
levels, whether they have been loved by their came out with huge shifts. For a long time,
family or not. she had felt that she was playing a mother
to her mother, especially after her father
“Remember that you were hated because passed away. She says, “What I like about
your parent carried a baggage of hatred the TGH process is that it allows us to step
and love alone can heal you,” she says. She into the role of another person (unknown,
believes that healing is a lifelong process. alive or dead) and speak on their behalf
at the energetic level (not at the rational/
A trained psychologist, she follows intellectual level, where we often block out
the scientific process of psychological the truth). And through the exchange of
counselling and healing, and has successfully energies, healing happens.”
put many on the path of true realisation and
emotional wellness. Anita has reclaimed being a daughter to
her mother, and no longer mothers her. She
Hyderabad based Anuradha Ramesh, who feels enveloped by the presence of a larger
learnt this technique in 2005, swears by this intelligence and consciousness after the TGH
methodology. process.

She offered her first trans-generational “They wronged me. I can never forgive
healing session to a private group of students them”, is something we often say. They often
who were willing to offer themselves as becomes, ‘My father/mother/grandfather’
guinea pigs and found this experiment to be and so on. In this context as in all healing
very beneficial to all. Today, she offers this journeys, we must learn to accept what is
work in several countries all over the world. and then forgive and love them. After all, they
are part of our identity and to become whole,
She found, the interconnectedness of we need to forgive, heal and love completely.
consciousness and the power of intention

70 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

What is healing

Healing means, 
It’s a lifelong conscious effort of putting the hurt behind you and going forward with the
knowledge that you’re now ok.

Healing means,
You sometimes acknowledge your feelings of wretchedness and unworthiness. You sometimes
remember who put it there too.

Healing means,
You accept that you are an accident, a causality in someone else’s life,
You also forgive the loss of an opportunity to love and be loved by someone.

Healing means,
You refuse to scar your soul with unexpressed grief and unvoiced regrets.
You speak of it as long as it takes and as painful as it seems.

Understanding this completely would enable us to:
• Transform our relationship with our family members, especially parents.
• Break the chain of distorted patterns of ill health, be it physical, mental or emotional.
• Develop reverence and compassion by understanding the story of our ancestors.
• Heal recurring family patterns in the area of health, relationships or prosperity.
• Accept life gracefully as a gift of our ancestors.
• Stand grounded in our place of belonging.
• Accept that nothing needs to be excluded, everything needs to included and  acknowledged as

is. What is excluded or denied will ultimately make its way to be included in our system.

Techniques to practice
• Imagine yourself among your entire family, all ancestors from both sides.
• Thank them and hug them. Feel them bless you.
• Visualise your entire family, including ancestors, meeting in soul space.
• Affirm that our family is together and strong and visualise all others also doing this.

– Mallika Chandrasekhar

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Healing 71

MUDRAS In the first of a series of articles, Abhaykumar Shah
explains the basics of the ancient science of hand
The magic of mudras gestures called hasta mudra

Is there any health remedy sans energies keeps us healthy, and In the middle of the twentieth
medication, exercise, or external imbalance creates ailments.  century, Acharya Shree Keshav
energy supplement that can Dasji conducted research on
cure diseases and ailments from • Imbalance can be corrected by the subject and scanned ancient
their very root? Can you imagine diverting the emissions going scriptures like Gherand Samhita,
a treatment which works on back to the Universe to our body Kularnava Tantra, and Hathyog
your body, mind, and soul, all at again. Pradipika. The credit for reviving
once?  Can you believe that this this miraculous science goes
miraculous cure lies in your very • Only the fingers of humans are to him.  Based on this scholarly
own hands —literally! You need capable of making gestures to foundation laid by him, some
not move an inch to get its benefits. form circuits for redirecting the enthusiasts like Mr Vijaykumar
energies going out, to the body, to Bansal and Mrs Suman Chiplunkar
Yes! It exists!  correct the balance of energies started to penetrate the depths
of the Five Elements. These of this science. Today, combined
Sages, in the course of their circuits are called mudras. with modern diagnostic systems,
sadhana, established the practice Every finger is dedicated to Mudra Shastra is used powerfully
of hand gestures, designed to emitting and receiving the and more efficiently to reduce the
divert or change the energy flow energy of one of the Five pains of human beings. 
to the desired organs. These hand Elements: thumb—Agni; index
gestures are called hasta mudra finger—Vaayu; middle finger— In the next few articles, we will
in Sanskrit. To understand this Aakaash; ring finger—Prithvi; learn about some of the important
fully, we need to understand some little finger—Jal. mudras and their usages.  Your
basic principles of Mudra Science queries on the subject are
or Mudra Shastra: • T he proportion of the Elements welcome. I will try to answer them
in our body can be changed, if in my articles.
• E very living or non-living body on required, with the help of the
earth is created using energies mudras, to cure ailments.  *Abhaykumar will be
of the Five Elements, namely, conducting Mudra Therapy
Aakash (space), Vaayu (air), Ancient Indian scholars studied workshop at the Coimbatore
Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth), and and found thousands of variants International Spiritual Festival
Jal (water). of the hand gestures, which
were used to uplift seekers on on August 25, 2019.
• E very body is receiving and the spiritual path. Therapy was
emitting these very energies regarded as a byproduct of the Abhaykumar Shah is a
from and to the Universe. This science. mechanical engineer,
exchange of energies keeps the who has learnt Mudra
body growing, whether we see The tremendous power and Shastra from experts
the growth or not. potential of mudras was and established his own
recognised and was accessible method to use this science
• S ome parts of the human body only to a few who learnt it from correctly, and in the modern
work as antennas for such their gurus. Because of a decline context. [email protected]
reception and emission: ear in the guru-shishya parampara
lobes, lips, tips of the toes, and (tradition), oral knowledge
fingers.  regarding this science was lost We welcome your comments and
over the ages. suggestions on this article. Mail us
• A correct balance of these at [email protected]

72 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Evolutionary non-duality

By Andrew Cohen

Teachings of non-duality state that the evolution give rise to—galaxies, planets,
ultimate nature of all things—seen and bodies, and minds—are finite and mortal.
unseen, known and unknown—is one and They arise, they enter into the stream of time,
not two. The word non-dual means ‘not and eventually fall away. But the impulse that
two’. If we meditate deeply, we can awaken gives rise to them, the evolutionary impulse,
to this non-dual depth dimension. Our is not separate from the primordial ground of
awareness of passing thoughts starts to everything. It is immortal and indestructible.
fade, and eventually, cognition disappears
altogether. As we keep sinking into meditative In traditional teachings of non-duality, the
depth, our awareness of the world and absolute principle, the deepest dimension of
even our own biological form falls away. reality, is experienced at the level of the self
as infinite peace. When there is no time, no
In this domain, there is no time, no history, history, and no karma, there is only peace.
and no karma. The universe is yet to be But evolutionary non-duality recognises
created. You have not been born. No one has that the absolute principle has taken an
been born and no one has suffered, and so enormous leap. When this principle takes
there is a sense of extraordinary, limitless the leap from nothing to something, from
freedom. When the Buddha sat in meditation being to becoming, peace becomes utterly
under the Bodhi tree 2500 years ago, what transformed. It enters into the realm of
he realised was this primordial awareness. space-time and becomes the consciously felt
experience of overwhelming, intoxicating,
Since the time of the Buddha’s enlightenment, and exhilarating ecstasy and urgency.
our understanding of the cosmos has been
through a revolution. Around 200 years Ecstatic urgency is the felt pulsation and
ago, we finally understood that the world vibration of the non-dual, of evolution itself.
of biological forms is evolving—in a state It is the experience of the evolutionary
of endless becoming and reaching for impulse at the level of the self. It is the urge
ever greater complexity. Given vast aeons towards emergence, creativity, life, and
of time, energy and matter can organise consciousness. It’s the profound glory of
itself into patterns of such unimaginable existence. When we embrace the truth of
complexity that eventually, life, mind, non-duality within an evolutionary context,
consciousness, and the human capacity it becomes a source of infinite spiritual
for self-reflective awareness can emerge. renewal. The non-dual is experienced in two
dimensions—as both being and becoming.
Evolutionary Enlightenment, or evolutionary
non-duality, recognises this new cosmology. It is felt as both infinite peace and as an
It embraces the truth that the ground of ecstatic urgency driving us towards ever
being—the timeless, limitless void that higher levels of awakened consciousness,
abides prior to time and space in every depth, and creativity.
single moment—is not separate from the
creative driver of the evolutionary process ADVT.
itself. The forms that cosmic and biological


Forget ‘weight loss’

Dr Aditya Rattan introspects on why it is difficult to lose weight and comes up
with an answer which is holistic in nature

74 74 LifePoLsifietiPvoes|itJiUveN|EJ2U0N1E92019

She was looking depressed that Brain is intelligent
day, sitting in my consultation Metaphorically, we often say, “The brain
chamber, losing her stream is very clever; it won’t let you lose a battle
of thoughts repeatedly. She easily.” We lose half of the battle if we
had visited me for the control of her blood concentrate on ‘loss’ of weight. The brain
pressure around a month back. Apart from cannot interpret the word ‘loss’ of any kind
her medicines, I had advised her a holistic to our body. It will always send balancing
lifestyle modification approach that included forces in action. Any sense of loss in the body
activity, diet, weight control, and other is just not acceptable to our intelligent brain.
techniques. Little did I know that the solution It will promote our appetite, give hunger
to her problems will become an issue in pangs, slow down the metabolism and do
itself for her. She had just made it to the list many things to make sure you don’t lose a
of depressed cases of unsuccessful weight pound of fat. It is difficult to trick your brain
loss programmes. into accepting weight loss.

How to lose weight? Fear of failure
As she left my chamber, I looked for the To this fight against the natural instincts
answers to questions which often haunted of the body and brain, we add that of
me: “Why is it so difficult to achieve success mental struggle too. Any effort towards
in weight loss programmes?” Why do people weight reduction is looked upon as a huge
tend to regain their weight even after initial challenge by the individual. We take any
success? Why is shedding a few kilos akin to unsuccessful attempt as an overall failure
climbing Mount Everest in the minds of many, on the individual’s part and not just as just
even though they are aware of the immense an unfinished task. The fear of failure and
benefits? Why do people who lose their rejection or ridicule make them go into
weight by prolonged fasting regain it very depression if they cannot get the desired
fast on resuming their regular schedule? results. They lose belief in themselves and
become convinced that they cannot achieve
The human brain is a very complex organ weight loss, sometimes even resulting in an
capable of initiating thoughts and impulses eating disorder and further weight gain.
and organising and managing the actions
of almost every cell of the body. If the brain Does that mean we can’t win over the
perceives any disharmony in the signals situation? Is there no way to reduce weight
of the body, it acts intelligently by putting by dieting? Are all successful results
up defence systems in active mode. Any followed by a rebound phenomenon of weight
effort to reduce the weight is sensed by gain? How can we trick our brain to help us
these counter-regulatory hormones which achieve a healthy weight?
maintain a sense of equilibrium, and we end
up gaining weight.

Mind Matters 75

Accepting the results at each stage while continuing the
efforts of achieving a healthy body does not create stress

ripples in the frequency of brain signals.

Acceptance is the key but, on the other hand, produces stress
The spiritual science applies to all the body hormones which negate the very idea of a
parts and the brain is no exception. If we healthy body and mind. Accepting the results
hate or reject our body shape and weight, at each stage while continuing the efforts
we are bound to go on a downward spiral. of achieving a healthy body does not create
We should see body weight as just a number. stress ripples in the frequency of brain
Each person’s muscle mass, bone mass, signals.
water content, and fat content is different.
We should not try to chase a fancy number Tricking the brain
for our body weight. What others think of Small frequent meals can help in tricking the
our body shape should not be a matter brain to believe that the body is not trying
of concern for us. If our fitness level, our to break the equilibrium. The brain is thus
metabolism, and all our body functions are not alerted to activate the hormonal system.
in perfect rhythm, we should happily accept The harmony of the body and mind is not
the synchrony of our body. disturbed and a big task is achieved slowly
and steadily this way.
Change your outlook
However, if we want to achieve a desired The science and spirituality of the
weight, our focus should shift from ‘loss of body systems act synergistically. The
weight’ to ‘gaining a healthy body.’ Try to understanding of the two is important to
achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind. achieve a perfect and healthy body.
The shift of frequency from loss to gain is
healthily accepted by the brain and the mind As I rose from my seat after this mental
is not subjected to unnecessary stress; marathon, I smiled and thanked the lady
rather, it is more enthusiastic and peaceful. for helping me dig out answers from within
All the systems of the body act in a buoyant myself. I was better equipped now to manage
manner by these psychological vibrations to my overweight patients with the combination
gain a healthy body. of science and spirituality.

The deadline set for achieving a desired
weight may help in building the momentum

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76 LifePositive | JUNE 2019


The outcaste
Jarna Kataria narrates her encounter with a hijra (a
marginalised member of society) in a local train,which
left her dumbfounded with admiration and respect

And yet again, like any other So, going back to her story, she habitually
day, I see her boarding praises most of the commuters, irrespective
the same train—the one I of their donating money or not. I was amazed
board to commute to my at the way she praised people. Comments
workplace. The eunuch carries a peculiar like “May God bless you with the happiest day
grace and confidence that most of the today,” “You have such beautiful eyes,” “You
‘normal’ people fail to possess. Never did I skin looks so fresh and radiant. What do you
see her requesting money from passengers use?” came with so much ease. It seemed like
more than once (for that’s their only means she loved conversing with people or maybe
of generating income), and I was baffled she was simply seeking the acceptance that
as to how she could afford her outfits and we humans fail to share out of ignorance.
jewellery. While women around sniggered at her, she,
however, remained composed as if all of their
Now, you must be wondering why I am comments never reached her ears. She was
narrating this scene, which is so commonplace the epitome of the proverb, “Ignorance is
in India. Well, I found her inspiring and a bliss.”
self-made individual, giving a glimpse of
queerness, devotion, and dedication to me Well, I could tell that she was a competent
and many others. conversationalist, effectively communicating
in English. Her vocabulary seemed to be
While most of us either give away a few coins proficient enough to make me wonder about
or simply behave as if hijras do not exist, her education, considering Indian society
I wonder how they feel about this? Maybe outcasts eunuchs as if they’re aliens. My
acceptance is the key that keeps them going. curiosity was aroused each time I saw her in
Also, that’s exactly why they clap, demanding the train.
attention to make their presence felt, and I am not particularly good at initiating
more importantly, to communicate “I am who conversations, yet gathering all my wits, I
I am.” blabbered, “Where have you schooled?” She

78 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

It seemed like she loved conversing with people or maybe
she was simply seeking the acceptance that we humans fail
to share out of ignorance. While women around sniggered
at her, she, however, remained composed as if all of their

comments never reached her ears.

blushed and laughed saying, “I am home- I go and fight for their behaviour? I can only
schooled by Seema Rai, whom I call my control my deeds, and I am satisfied with the
godmother.” Seeing that she wasn’t offended life I am leading.
and was willing to answer, I almost took the
role of an interviewer. Flabbergasted, I lost my voice. Choked with
tears, I could simply smile in admiration,
Me: So, this is your only means of hoping for her to put words to my silence.
livelihood? She patted my head and left without
She: No, I teach kids in the nearby vicinity. speaking, leaving me wondering as to how
They too are ostracised by society just like she interpreted my silence.
The last time I saw her in the same train, I
Me (astounded): This is phenomenal. I am was equally astounded as earlier with her
sure you have struggled a lot in life. comportment. I was out of change and thus
She: Life is not easy for anyone, child; I am could not give her anything in exchange for
no exception. But I had this unconventional her heartfelt blessings. Queerly, everyone in
desire to do something for the betterment the train seemed to avoid her today; one of
of society. There are so many hidden forces those unlucky days, I presumed. Dejected,
that helped me achieve this. I am grateful to she spoke in a monologue, “I pray to God that
Maa Bauchari to help me become competent. none of you live to see a day when you have
(Bauchari Maa is a Hindu goddess of the to appeal to people for help. May your life be
eunuchs). powerful and you survive against all odds.
Thank you for letting me know that there is
Me: Are you angry with society for its something else or something more to be done
behaviour? in my life than this. Bless you all.” Having said
She: (Giving a pragmatic answer I was not this, she left, never to be seen again.
prepared for) I don’t blame anyone. People She left each one of us appalled. And I, in
are ignorant because that is what is passed silence, pray for her well being as I write this.
down to them for generations. Where should

We welcome your comments and suggestions on this article.
Mail us at [email protected]

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AAI sets a new benchmark in its
commitment to reduce carbon footprint.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) emissions which are under its control.
being the sole Air Navigation
Service (ANS) provider and In line with national as well as global
operator of Airports across the country climate change initiatives, AAI has
is consistently honoring the 2030 initiated GHG management program at
Agenda for Sustainable Development. four of these airports with an objective
By implementing cost effective carbon of ensuring sustainable development of
mitigation action to conserve environment the aviation industry. The Airport Carbon
and reduce its adverse impact on the Accreditation programme has been
society and the larger ecosystem, AAI developed and launched by ACI. It is a
is committed towards the reduction of voluntary Global Carbon Management
Green House Gas (GHG). Standard for Airports. The aim of Airport
Carbon Accreditation is to encourage
Airports Council International (ACI), and enable airports to implement best
an organization representing the world`s practices in carbon management with the
airports has announced that four AAI ultimate objective of becoming carbon
airports – Netaji Subhas Chandra neutral.
Bose International Airport, Kolkata;
Biju Patnaik International Airport, Achievement of accreditation for carbon
Bhubaneswar; Lal Bhadaur Shastri mapping is indeed an example of great
International Airport, Varanasi and the team work. With this achievement, AAI
Trivandrum International Airport have has set up a new benchmark towards
successfully completed the first step of fulfilling environment obligations by
instituting an environment policy and reducing its carbon footprint. Going
carbon mapping as per theAirport Carbon forward, AAI is focusing on energy
Accreditation (ACA) Programme. conservation and exploring alternative
The policy includes a framework to solutions for generating green energy.
reduce emissions and develop a Carbon AAI also aims to increase its solar power
Footprint mapping for the airport’s own generation capacity to 68MW by 2020.

80 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

The Abundance Principle

Scientists are busy discovering planetary systems tapped into are going into your subconscious
millions of light years away from our earth, but some mind, barely noticed by the conscious mind. The
of us still seem to be not able to stop complaining new memories keep on deriving their meaning and
about not having enough. Therefore, it is hardly a purpose from previously stored closest memories
surprise when the World Bank data suggests that which, in most instances, were processed in an
for every $1 in aid a developing country receives, equally unconscious manner disconnected to the
over $25 is spent on debt repayment. What is the Abundance Principle.
reason for this constant gap?
The Abundance Principle teaches us to be
Research suggests that it is easier to complain conscious and to be in tune with the Creative
than to take action. Merely stopping this habit Spirit. This Spirit only responds to a mind that is
can be compared to freeing up disk space on conscious of the limitlessness of Existence. But
a computer’s hard drive. The human body is a little do we realise that what we want in life is
complex organism with memory (very similar to limited by what we know. Our knowledge of the
the computer cache) stored in the unconscious universe itself is rapidly changing with numerous
and subconscious levels of the mind. scientific discoveries made almost on a daily
basis. Imagine what it means to have what you
Almost all our deficiencies, from ill health want when you have no real understanding of the
and professional dissatisfaction to familial infinite possibilities.
incompatibility and financial distress, can be
attributed to the memories we have. Erasing a Be fearless to come out of the grips of the
memory is almost an impossible task, but it is quite memories tuned into a constant feeling of lacking
easy to tap into a particular memory and connect it something. You may need some hand-holding. Be
to the Abundance Principle. How can this be done? equally fearless to ask the guru just for that, and
you will find yourself in the right environment that
Connecting to the Abundance Principle is easy. can propel you to see what you have never seen, to
Identifying the right memories to be tapped into hear what you have never heard, and to be aware
can take some practice. But that is one thing less of that which you have never imagined. That mere
to worry about as the Mahagathe Foundation courage is the first step that puts you in touch with
offers regular assistance in identifying the right the Creative Spirit you have never known.
memories to tap into.
The Abundance Principle is not about having
The human body is constantly scanning the enough unto oneself, but about the fact that
environment for data through the five senses, you are infinite. This very moment, you are the
which it processes and stores through the mind. It personification of infinity. From infinity is born
is important to understand that you cannot control infinity. Infinity cannot be reduced; infinity is
the data collection or storage, but you are the one complete in itself, and you are that.
controlling the processing stage that lies between
the two stages. [For more information on TAP: The Abundance Principle,
write to [email protected] Visit the website
Most often the processing of data is done]
unconsciously, with almost no attention given
to it. Every moment, new memories that can be

Positive Focus 81

Curing thyroid instantly

By Dr BK Chandra Shekhar

Harbouring negative emotions, like a negative Simply practice the following two steps of 20
attitude towards others, and not releasing minutes, regularly, three times a day for one
them from the mind is the root cause of month, or modify depending on the severity of
thyroid disorders, namely, hypothyroidism or the disease.
• C oncentrate on the blue colour 3D
The way we choose to use our mind and respond psychoneurobic image plate to resonate your
to our outer world has more to do with diseases, mind with the frequency of peace for just five
rather than our diet and our environment. minutes.
The body, in essence, is a mirror of our inner
thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Every single cell • Then meditate for 15 minutes in Akash mudra
in the body has its own intelligence and is able to by seeing the peaceful psychoneurobic video
listen to what we are thinking and feel what we with affirmation and visualization of peace in
are expressing emotionally. your mind.

Our cells and our body respond to every thought Side Benefits of this PNP: This will help you feel
we think, every emotion we have, and every word better, get rid of cervical spondylitis, neck pain,
we speak. Repetitive modes of negative thinking and ENT problems.
and expressing as well as suppressing negative
emotions will eventually manifest as dis-ease of You can download the video from SIGFA YouTube
the mind, which further results in many diseases channel. Subscribe to SIGFA YouTube channel
in the body. Suppressed emotions become like for getting regular health tips regarding Psycho
ticking bombs, waiting for the perfect conditions Neurobic Programming (PNP).
to detonate and manifest as many diseases.
(Visit our website For
Psycho Neurobic Programming assistance, call +91 129-2510222, +91 9212278462,
will programme our mind with or +91 8750730530. To contact the author, write to
peace to get rid of thyroid [email protected])
problems. For this, you need
to vibrate your brain cells with
the blue colour frequency, with
a feeling of peace of mind in
Akash mudra.

82 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Move beyond the Gopurams, Step into the Spiritual.
Hurry and sign up!


Pay only ` 7,500/- for two one-day workshops. The investment is inclusive of gourmet meals.




DAY 1 - August 24, 2019 (Saturday). Select One

The power of gratitude Manoj J. Lekhi 09:30 am - 06:00 pm

Decoding Abundance Dr. Raman Suri 09:30 am - 06:00 pm

DAY 2 - August 25, 2019 (Sunday). Select One

Alchemy Sound Healing Sonia Wadhwa 09:30 am - 06:00 pm

Mudra Science or 09:30 am - 06:00 pm
Abhaykumar Shah

August 24 & 25, 2019 FEST - 2019

at The Grand Regent, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore

Raman Suri Manoj J. Lekhi

Decoding Abundance The Power of Gratitude

Sonia Wadhwa Abhay Kumar Shah

Alchemy Sound Mudra Healing

8527290282, 9312191587 [email protected], [email protected],

9953929093 [email protected]



My guiding light

one gain clarity and a purpose can change a person’s life.
in life. In one of the chapters, he
talks about transmission,
Designing Destiny: In the humdrum of daily life pranahuti, and explains how
The Heartfulness Way we often forget to sit, relax absorbing prana from the
and examine ourselves. We Infinite and then transmitting
Author: Kamlesh Patel try finding happiness in things it allows the guide to flow the
like success in studies, a divine essence into the hearts
Publisher: Westland happy family,  a healthy bank of seekers, much like mother’s
balance, good friends, and love which flows naturally to
Pages: 214 possessions, not knowing that her children, for their growth
all of these are ephemeral. and sustenance.
Rs. 299 In order to find the source of
lasting happiness, we need to Simple yet profound tools
Rashmi Rawat look deeper within ourselves, like setting intention, being in
The title, Designing Destiny: and heartfulness is the way gratitude, being natural, and
The Heartfulness Way by that catalyses the process eating and speaking with love
spiritual leader and author of introspection, helping us (which play a major role in
Kamlesh Patel, also known maintain a balance between transforming one’s life) are
as Daaji, reminded me of the inner and the outer life. comprehensively described in
a famous quote by William the book.
Shakespeare that says, “It is Comprising 15 chapters, the
not in the stars to hold our Designing destiny is a complex
destiny but in ourselves.” The book is a journal of Daaji’s subject that has raised
book, which is a sequel to his many questions amongst
first, The Heartfulness Way, heartfulness practices philosophers since time
ushers readers to the next immemorial. But the simplicity
stage of the journey on how and Self-observations. His with which Daaji has explained
heartfulness practices help each and every facet of
writing reflects his complete weaving your destiny, leaves
readers awestruck. This book
understanding of human life. is a blessing and an essential
companion in the journey
With each turn of the page, he of discovering our potential
and fulfilling our destiny. A
takes the reader closer to the heartfelt read indeed.

purpose of designing their own


The book discusses the
principles on which destiny
works and offers simple
heartfulness practices that

86 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

Mysteries of mythology

beautifully describes the of The Divine Mother, we
deeper mysteries of life and understand that everything
explains them through various is born of her. Various forms
mythological anecdotes. She of The Divine Mother are
mentions that such stories symbolic and a personification
often defy logic and sense and of the qualities and power that
that one must have faith and are within us. Praying to these
understand that they indicate forms strengthens and evokes
deeper meanings. that same power.

Parashakti The many familiar and rare Divided into six parts, this book
Author: Bhanumathi stories of magic and mysticism conveys that the world is more
Narasimhan described in the book are than how we perceive it, and to
Publisher: Westland likely to resonate with begin unveiling the layers, we
Pages: 207 readers of all generations. have to open our minds and
RS. 599/- Parashakti merges the see beyond the obvious and
knowledge from the ancient accept newer dimensions and
Annesha Banerjee Vedas and Puranas, with the views.
contemporary teachings of
Parashakti is the energy of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The magic and mysteries of
the Beyond, the power and the unknown fascinate us
strength that lies beyond The stories recited to us as compelling us to search for
our understanding of this children by our grandparents this unique power everywhere.
Universe. and parents begin to shine in Yet, when we are in the lap of
a new light as we dive further nature, the sheer beauty and
In India, there are as many into the book. You begin simplicity of a bird chirping
traditions and rituals as there to understand the deeper amazes us, and we realise that
are gods and goddesses, meanings of each of them. this is what magic is—it lies in
each having a story behind The Asuras, Danavas, and the power that created all this.
it. Bhanumathi Narasimhan, Daityas in the tales are all
a meditation teacher and representative of our negative This book is for everyone; it
sister of Gurudev Sri Sri emotions, which have been helps us decipher the meaning
Ravi Shankar, in this book, personified to portray the of our childhood stories as
victory of good over evil. well as life, as it tries to fathom
the greatness of the Universe,
Reading the glorified stories the Supreme Consciousness.

Revelations 87



The Butterfly • Y ou are one thing only. You are a Divine Being.
An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans
Once upon a time, a man found a butterfly and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite
that was starting to hatch from its cocoon. wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative
He sat down and watched the butterfly for force of All that is, will be and ever was.
hours as it struggled to force itself through a
tiny hole. Then, it suddenly stopped making • Dare to dream! If you did not have the capability
progress and looked like it was stuck. to make your wildest wishes come true, your
Watching this, the man decided to help the mind would not have the capacity to conjure
butterfly out. He took a pair of scissors and such ideas in the first place. There is no limitation
cut off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The on what you can potentially achieve, except for
butterfly then emerged easily, although it the limitation you choose to impose on your own
had a swollen body and small, shrivelled imagination. What you believe to be possible will
wings. always come to pass—to the extent that you
The man thought nothing of it, and he sat deem it possible. It really is as simple as that.
there waiting for the wings to enlarge to
support the butterfly. However, that never • W e are not supposed to all be the same, feel the
happened. The butterfly spent the rest of its same, think the same, and believe the same. The
life unable to fly, crawling around with small key to continued expansion of our Universe lies
wings and a swollen body. in diversity, not in conformity and coercion.
After discussing with a friend, he understood Conventionality is the death of creation.
that in his well-intentioned attempt to ease
the troubles of the butterfly, he had • I f we never experience the chill of a dark winter,
unwittingly put it at a disadvantage. The it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the
restricting cocoon and the struggle needed warmth of a bright summer’s day. Nothing
by the butterfly to get itself through the small stimulates our appetite for the simple joys of life
hole were God’s way of forcing fluid from the more than the starvation caused by sadness or
body of the butterfly into its wings to prepare desperation. In order to complete our amazing
itself for flying, once it was free. In life, life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn
without struggles, we never grow stronger; each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom
so it’s important for us to tackle challenges and find the blessing in every curse.
on our own and not rely on help from others
all the time. QUOTE

Realisation is not acquisition of anything new nor
is it a new faculty. It is only removal of all

—Ramana Maharshi

88 LifePositive | JUNE 2019

INSPIRATION The little word or thought in your head
Is it a guide or something you read?
Finding your spiritual guides
My guess is with little effort and care
Who are they, what do they do? You're going on a journey so be prepared
Where do they come from, are they for me and To a wonderful place that's hard to have foreseen
you? Where your guides are and have always been
What do they look like, how do they sound?
Where do you keep them, where are they found? Talk to them and listen with ease
To what they say you will be pleased
Can you hear them, see them, touch them? So now you know your questions fulfilled
How long do they stay? Because you took the time your mind you stilled
Maybe a year, a week or just even a day
It doesn't take much, just a few minutes a day
Questions you ask of them you see To meet your guides who have something to say
They are here to help us you and me Words of great wisdom given with love
To guide and love us through all our years To spread round the world from up above
Keeping away darkness and negative fears
—Terrie Brushette
But to find one yourself there's little to do
Just relax and listen to the true you


The coldest winter

It was one of the coldest winters and many animals were dying because of the cold. The
porcupines, realizing the situation, decided to group together to keep each other warm.
This was a great way to protect themselves from the cold and keep warm, but the quills of
each one wounded their closest companions.
After a while, they decided to distance themselves, but they began to die due to the cold. So
they had to choose between the pricking quills of their companions or death. Wisely, they
decided to be together. They learned to live with the little wounds caused by the close
relationship with their companions in order to receive the warmth of their togetherness.
This way, they were able to survive.


A yogi walked into a pizza parlour and said, “Make
me one with everything.” When the yogi got the
pizza, he gave the proprietor a $20 bill. The
proprietor pocketed the bill. The yogi said,
“Don’t I get any change?” The proprietor said,
“Change must come from within.”

Banyan Tree 89

Contributors Sharmila Bhosale
Sharmila Bhosale is a
Jamuna Rangachari writer with a deep interest
Jamuna Rangachari is a in photography, travel,
writer who has authored music, nature, psychology
two books for children, and and spirituality. Through
compiled and interpreted these means she is intent
Teaching Stories-I and II on arriving at a space of
for Life Positive. authenticity within herself.
She is also the former
Charles Shahar editor of Life Positive Jr.
Charles Shahar is a
Montreal, Canada, based Kamalini Natesan
teacher of yoga and Kamalini Natesan is a
meditation for the last teacher of French and
17 years. Spanish. She is a trained
singer and jams with a
Mithu Basu group of musicians on a
Artist, curator, writer, poet monthly basis. She has
corporate communicator been blogging regularly
Mithu Basu explores this since 2013.
temporary adventure Travelogues, book reviews
called life with childlike and poetry are her favorite
enthusiasm via a myriad genres. Her short stories
channel of expressions. and articles have been
published in magazines
Aditya Rattan such as Parenting and New
Panchkula based Aditya Woman.
Rattan is a practising
doctor with great interest in Jarna Kataria
spirituality, philosophy and Jarna Kataria is a software
has a passion for writing engineer, a book sniffer, a
short stories and articles. writer and a seeker who
loves deciphering myth,
90 LifePositive | JUNE 2019 mythology and anything in

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