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Published by Katherine Pasibe, 2019-12-12 16:08:22

Final Sov. 2nd check

Final Sov. 2nd check

Magazine ​by: katie pasibe 


The Country of Coconut 

This beautiful country off the coast of the Philippines is a MUST see and 
definitely somewhere to put on your bucket list to visit! Coconut’s incredible 
waters, food, traditions, and closely related culture with the Philippines will 
draw you in.  



What you really want to know… 

Considering that Coconut is not far from the Philippines, you can 
imagine the temperature is the same, right? Think about the weather in the 
Philippines, and you will know the weather in Coconut! Your were correct if 
you thought tropical, hot, and humid. That climate calls for many beach days! 



With the humidity, you probably do not want to bring your nicest, more 
colorful clothes. Understandable. However, that is okay! In Coconut, the 
people do not wear the most exciting clothes as everyday. The clothes are 
mostly solid colors, and the colors are quite dull. Poncho type tops are very 
common to see among the citizens of Coconut as well.  

The specifics.. 

The name of this country pretty much explains itself. A huge habit or 
tradition of Coconut is planting coconut trees and harvesting them! There are 
also several festivals that take place there. Some of them include the Lechon 
Festival, Coconut Festival, Manggahan Festival, and every 5 years there is a 
Lantern Festival. In 2020, it takes place on June 10th, so plan a vacation, 
because you cannot pass on that festival!  

Much entertainment is the very talented tribal dance groups in 
Coconut! You can find them performing on beaches a lot for certain 
occasions! Another source of entertainment in Coconut is definitely watching 
basketball on television. The people from Coconut sure do love that sport! 
Also, if you want to listen to the tradition music while taking a walk on the 
beach, or laying out to tan,it is probably not what you are used to! Unlike 
America, Coconut does not really have the same Pop music. You should 
expect to hear folk type music, that tells stories about Coconut’s history or 
certain traditions that they cherish. 


Religion in Coconut 

In Coconut, there is not just one religion! Overall, there is basically two 
that make up Coconut’s population. The majority of people are Roman 
Catholic, and they follow the Seven Sacraments to gain salvation to go to 
heaven. The other most followed religion is Buddhism, and those individuals 
go by the Four Noble Truths to reach Nirvana. In fact, Coconut’s government 
is very okay with the diversity. The peoples’ rights are supported to follow any 
religion they choose to. 

Fun Stuff! 

On the weekends, most young people tend to volunteer in the 
community and coconut tree farms with harvesting and farming. Which, by 
the way, the citizens of Coconut LOVE to do!! Some popular sports and games 
are basketball and the coconut throw. The coconut throw is very closely 
related to the javelin throw, as most people know. There is PLENTY of fun 
things to do in Coconut to keep the citizens and the vacationers busy! 


One More Thing!!! 

While promoting travel to the beautiful country of Coconut, cell devices 
are releasing a new emoji! Finally...a coconut tree!!! Currently, it has not been 
digitally released but here is a sneak peek at the emoji in the making. 

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