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Native Vs. Xamarin: Which One is Best? What Are Their Benefits

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Published by appsted, 2019-12-20 02:00:10

Native Vs. Xamarin: Which One is Best? What Are Their Benefits

Native Vs. Xamarin: Which One is Best? What Are Their Benefits

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Native Vs. Xamarin: Which One is Best? What Are Their


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+1.585.416.0088 No doubt 2020 is fastly approaching and all set to create a
vibration in the field of mobile application development with
eye-opening techniques. If your business is still limited with the
Android or iOS mobile app, then its time to jump into the battle
of choosing the perfect cross-platform App development
services that not only put your business at the right curve of
the market but also add core value to your business.

React Native Vs. Xamarin: Understanding The Basics

When it comes to comparing the essential app development
environment of these platforms, you need to know that React
Native is the baby of Facebook. In contrast, Xamarin is
developed and launched by Microsoft.

They both are open-source tools and a great mobile app

CONTACTUS development frameworks but to build reach native app; your

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coding an app in JavaScript and React. On the other hand, to

CALL ON create a Xamarin App, your developer should have experience
in coding in C#.
+1.585.416.0088 The perfect example of React Native apps is Airbnb, Myntra,
Instagram, etc., whereas Olo, Storyo, FreshDirect are the few
application builds with Xamarin.

Performance of Native Vs Xamarin Apps

As Xamarin is the baby of Microsoft, so it allows you to develop
high-performance apps whereas React Native provides near-
native app performance.

CONTACTUS Unlike other web technologies, React Native provides you with

Skype: appsted all the tools that enable you to build super-fast apps. On the
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other side, Xamarin uses-platform-specific hardware

CALL ON acceleration to provide high app speed.
While the official site of Native claims that it provides high
+1.585.416.0088 standard performance, but that can be achieved only with the
languages such as Java, Objective-C and Swift. As Native

framework allow you to use Native codes in your app, so you

can develop some part of your app using Native code and

remaining codes are developed using React Native. And the

perfect example of this type of build is Facebook.

App Development Environment


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CALL ON Xamarin framework offers a complete package of the toolset
for Android Application Development, whereas Native gives
+1.585.416.0088 you all the flexibility to develop an app that perfectly fits your
While developing an app with react native, you can leverage
the great number of good IDEs and text editors available on
the internet to access for free including Atom, Sublime Text,
Visual Studio Code, Deco IDE and more. However, while using
Xamarin for iPhone App Development, you have only option
to work in Visual Studio. Though there are other environments
as well, working with them is quite tricky.

Mobile App Development Speed

The hot reloading feature of React Native platform empowers

the app developers to easily see the changes they made in the

code without following any time-consuming process of code

compilation. For iOS App Development,

developers can formulate the application code into different

independent blocks. Ultimately this enhances the

CONTACTUS flexibilithttp://y of app development and makes it easier for the

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CALL ON On the other hand, the Xamarin platform helps developers
with all the development tools in Visual studio, that speed up
+1.585.416.0088 the development process. Developers don't need to code the
controls from scratch, though it helps you save a great time on building your next app.

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