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Published by Kelly Echeta, 2019-12-06 16:06:22

Games Flipbook

Games Flipbook


Kelly Echeta

KINE 1151 – P07
20 October 2019

Table of Contents

Table of Game Page Number
Contents Warm-up 2
Knockout 3
Chase Race 6
Ship, Dock, Shore 7
Dead Ants 8
Telephone 9
Four Square 10
Steal the Bacon 11
Cup War 13
Hot Potato 14
Clean out Your Backyard
Duck, Duck, Goose


• Run/jog 2 laps around in-door track
• Bend over and stretch (10 seconds each)

• Middle
• Left leg
• Right leg
• Arm circles (10 seconds each)
• Clockwise
• Counterclockwise


• Skill Focus: Shooting, quickness, and layups

• Space Requirement: Half-court

• Equipment: Two basketballs

• Objective: Make the shot in the net before the player behind you

• How to Play: All players will line up behind a spot. To begin the game,
the first player in line shoots from the designated spot. If they miss, the
shooter immediately sprint in to rebound the basketball, and then finish
with a layup or close shot around the hoop. As soon as the ball leaves
the shooter hands, the second player in line, can shoot the ball. If the
first player makes a shot before the second player, then they rebound
the ball and pass it back to the next person in line. If the second player
makes a shot before the first player, the first player is out. This continues
until there is a winner.

• Time Limit: 10 minutes


• Skill Focus: Quickness and concentration

• Space Requirement: Half-court

• Equipment: None

• Objective: Don’t get shot

• How to Play: All players stand in a circle facing inwards. The leader running the game
stands in the middle of the circle. When leader points at someone in the circle, that
person must duck down straight away and the two people on either side of them must
turn to face each other and hold their hands in the shape of a gun and say/yell "bang“.
Whoever ends up getting "shot" is out. So if the person who gets pointed at originally
doesn't duck down quick enough, then they are out. If they do duck down quickly,
then whoever says "bang" first out of the two people either side of them stays in and
the other person is out. When there are only two people left, they stand back to back,
and the person who was in the middle starts counting. With each count the two
people take steps away from each other slowly. The person who was in the middle
then yells bang, and the two people turn and say "bang". The person who is fastest
wins and gets to be in the middle the next round.

• Time Limit: 5 minutes

Chase Race

• Skill Focus: Teamwork and speed

• Space Requirement: Half-court

• Equipment: Two relay batons

• Objective: Don’t get tagged by the other player

• How to Play: Divide all participants into two even teams. Each team
forms a line on opposite sides of the court. On the instructor’s
command, the first player on each team starts running around in the
same direction (around half-court basketball line). Once the runner goes
around and reaches his team’s line, he passes the baton the next player
in line, and that person starts running around the court. The goal is to
catch the player on the opposite end and tag them with the baton.
When a player gets tagged, that team gets a point and the game
restarts. The team with the most points at the end wins.

• Time Limit: 10 minutes

Ship, Dock, Shore

• Skill Focus: Speed, concentration, and listening

• Space Requirement: Half-court

• Equipment: None

• Objective: Obey the instructors orders swiftly

• How to Play: The instructor first designates the three areas “ship”,
“dock”, and “shore” between the baseline, free-throw line, and
half-court line. All participants start off on the baseline, when the
instructor yells “ship”, “dock”, or “shore”, the players must run
immediately to that area, the last participant there is out. As well,
the instructor can shout things similar to the call words like
“Shipley’s” or “door”. If any of the players hesitate, they are out.
The last player still in the game wins.

• Time Limit: 5 minutes

Dead Ants

• Skill Focus: Teamwork, speed, strategy, cooperation

• Space Requirement: Full court

• Equipment: 5-8 hula hoops

• Objective: Do not get tagged by the anteaters

• How to Play: The instructor will spread the hula hoops around the gym floor. Then they will
select 2-5 players to become the “anteaters”, these players will stand in the middle. All other
players will be the “ants”. On the signal to begin, the “anteaters" will begin to tag as many ants
as possible. When an ant is tagged, they must assume the dead ant position on the floor. The
dead ant position is laying on your back with your arms and legs extended toward the ceiling.
Dead ants must remain in this position until the game ends or they get rescued by the other
ants. To rescue a dead ant, four live ants must pick up the dead ant by his/her arms and legs (1
ant per appendage) and carry them to an open hoop. Once the dead ant is placed into a hoop,
they are immediately brought back to life. At the end of the round the instructor will count the
number of dead ants. If there are 5 or more dead ants on the floor, then the “anteaters” win
the game. However, if there are less than 5 dead ants on the floor, then the ants win the

• Time Limit: 10 minutes


• Skill Focus: Listening and comprehension
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: None
• Objective: Relay the message that was told initially
• How to Play: All participants sit down in a single line. The

instructor will whisper one sentence to the first person in line,
that person then whispers the message to the next person, and
so on. The person whispering the message can only say it
twice, the listener must come up with whatever they heard.
The last person in line says the message out loud for the
instructor to confirm if it was correct.
• Time Limit: 5 minutes

Four Square

• Skill Focus: Concentration

• Space Requirement: Half-court

• Equipment: Tape and ball that bounces

• Objective: Reach the King/Queen square

• How to Play: The instructor will use the tape to form four squares like a window. Each square
will be numbered from 1-4. All participants line-up near the squares, the first four that will be
participating first each go to a square. The person in the queen/king square (number one) will
serve the ball. Play will continue until someone gets “out”. When a player gets “out” the
remaining players rotate up one square. The game continues until the instructor ends the

• Rules:
• No slamming of the ball
• Each player only gets one touch when it enters their square
• Pass must be underhand
• If ball bounces on a line, the person who bounced it there is out

• Time Limit: 10 minutes

Steal the Bacon

• Skill Focus: Teamwork, quickness, memory, and listening
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: An object that will serve as the “bacon”
• Objective: Bring the object back to your side without being tagged
• How to Play: All participants are split into two even teams. Both

teams line up on opposite sides of the gym facing each other, and
then are given a number starting from 1 all the way up until
everyone has an assigned number. For each round the instructor
will call out a number and that player must attempt to retrieve the
object and take it to their team, without being tagged. If done
successfully that team gets a point
• Time Limit: 10 minutes

Cup War

• Skill Focus: Teamwork, coordination, and strategy
• Space Requirement: Full court
• Equipment: Scooter boards for all players, rods for all players, same colored cups for

each team.

• Objective: Do not get your cup knocked over
• How to Play: The instructor will divide all players equally into two teams and give each

player a scooter and rod. The players on each team will also get a team colored cup.
All players will sit on their scooter with the rod in one hand and the cup on the rod.
When the signal is given, all player will move around attempting to tip over the cups
of other teams. The last player left on whichever team wins.
• Rules:

• All players must always stay seated on their scooter
• Players cannot use their hand to prevent their cup from tipping over
• Players cannot move the hands of opposing players to tip their cup

• Time Limit: 10-15 minutes

Hot Potato

• Skill Focus: Passing, concentration, and speed
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: Any small object to pass around
• Objective: Do not have the object in your hands when

the music ends
• How to Play: All players will form a circle. The instructor

will then play music, as the music is playing students
will pass around the object to the player next to them.
When the instructor stops the music, whichever player
has the ball in their hands is out.
• Time Limit: 5 minutes

Clean out Your

• Skill Focus: Teamwork, cooperation, throwing

• Space Requirement: Full court

• Equipment: 4-6 mats, 30-40 throwable objects (yarn balls, bean bags,

• Objective: Have the least amount of “trash” on your side.

• How to Play: The instructor will set up the mats to split the gym into two
sides and spread the “trash” on both sides. Then the instructor will split
all players into two equal teams, each team will be one side. On the
signal, teams will keep throwing “trash” over to the other side trying to
keep their own yard clean. The players can only have one piece of trash
in their hand at a time. After a time period, the instructor will stop the
game and count the amount of “trash” on each side. The side with the
least amount of “trash” wins.

• Time Limit: 10 minutes

Duck, Duck, Goose

• Skill Focus: Speed and listening

• Space Requirement: Half-court

• Equipment: None

• Objective: Catch the individual that tags you

• How to Play: Have all players sit down in a circle. The instructor will pick
a student to start off as “it”. This person will walk around the circle,
tapping everyone on the head while saying “duck.” Whenever they
eventually tap a player and say “goose”, that individual that was tagged
must get up and run around the circle as quickly as possible attempting
to catch the player that tapped their head. If the tagger is able to run
around the circle and sit in the empty space, then they are safe. Now the
play that was tagged becomes “it”. If the player, they tagged catches
them then they lose and must play “it” again.

• Time Limit: 10 minutes

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