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Vanna Venturi House & Bruder Klaus Field Chapel

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Published by Arrawee Kaltiyanun, 2022-05-17 17:24:39


Vanna Venturi House & Bruder Klaus Field Chapel

1 Vanna Venturi
p 1 House

2 Bruder Klaus Field
p 13 Chapel


Vanna Venturi House

PCehnensstnyulvtaHniilal,,PUhniiltaeddelSpthaiate, s

One of the first prominent works of the
postmodern architecture...


Architect who designed
this house.

This house is complex and contradictory in both formal and functional
aspects and soon became a platform from which Venturi achieved
international recognition.

Staircase Outwardly the
house shows its

There are resources that
challenge laid consistency of
the modern movement,
complex and contradictory as


It is difficult to identify, ie it shows a typical
porch, but no access, which is located on the
sides of it.

The Chimney

Besides we can see the appeal of the
citation and collage (the window is quoted
verbatim from Rossi, the long window
typical of Le Corbusier in the modern
movement and the chimney of Frank Lloyd
Wright) and how these elements from
different backgrounds, live in the same
work, one can speak of collage.

The ladder

At the bottom the ladder is extended
to facilitate the function of seat.


The ground floor contains entrance hall,

dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and
bathroom. Top floor has a study, a small

health center and two storage areas.


Brick Masonry plasters, both exterior and interior, covered with veneer and wood mezzanines of lathing.

Section and details of Vanna Venturi House



Klaus Field


Mechernich, Eifel,


Architect who designed
this chapel.

“… To me, buildings can have a beautiful silence
that I associate with attributes such as composure,
self- evidence, durability, presence and integrity,
and with warmth and sensuality, a building that is
being itself, being a building, that does not
represent anything, it’s just… “

(Peter Zumthor )

The field chapel is dedicated to Swiss Saint Nicholas von der Flue (1417-1487), known as Brother Klaus.

The Chapel is made of pine
logs and reinforced

Triangular metal gate
at the entrance

It obtained by
recycling and
smelting 4tn cans.

The aperture controls
the indoor climatel..

Both sunlight, air and rain
penetrate the opening and

create a very specific .

The oculus, daylight enters the chapel through small holes 350 located in the concrete walls.

Small holes, made with chromed steel tubes,
covering the concrete wall were closed with
glass blowing with hemispherical Bohemia.

In his unique and intimate space inside a
statue of Brother Klaus, a bench and
some candles are located.

The bronze relief figure in the chapel attached to the sculptor Hans Josephsohn.


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