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Published by Forest Hills School District, 2020-01-28 14:32:44

Summer Newsletter 2019

Summer Newsletter 2019

Forest Hills
Ranger Review

No 3

Summer 2018-2019


On a beautiful Tuesday evening, one hundred thirty six Seniors of the Forest Hills High School participated
in the school’s 53rd Annual Commencement Exercises held at the Mount Aloysius College Wellness and
Convocation Center on June 11, 2019. Approximately 1,500 family, relatives, and friends were on hand to
help celebrate the momentous occasion. Several administrators, staff members, and the board of school
directors were in attendance to assist with the night’s ceremony.

Phillip Yuhas, President of the Class of 2019, was the first student to speak and gave the welcoming ad-

dress. Phillip provided humor, poignant moments, and a memorable trip recounting the last thirteen years

seniors experienced at Forest Hills. He touched on the fact that these students attended school in four

buildings and were the last class to spend time in the former high school. The other student speakers were

Valedictorian, Bethany Fetsko, and the Salutatorian of the class, Ben Wechtenhiser. Additional speckers

offering remarks and words of advice and appreciation to the Class of 2019 were Superintendent Dr. David

Lehman, and Mr. Curt Vasas, High School Principal. Dr. Lehman encouraged the class to dream big and

appreciate all their families have done for them over the last eighteen years. Bethany provided selected

inspirational quotes from four retiring high school teachers and gave words of wisdom from each. Ben’s

focus was on being kind to each other and every person you interact with throughout your life. He stated

“The legacy that most of us will leave is one of our relationships with

other people.” Mr. Vasas conferred the

diplomas with Mr. Kostan, Assistant Prin-

cipal, reading the names of each gradu-

ate as they received their diplomas from

the President of the Board of School Di-

rectors, Mr. Galen George.

The 2019 Senior class president is Mr.
Phillip Yuhas. Phillip is the son of Steven
and Claudine Yuhas of Summerhill. Phillip

was an active member of the National
Honor Society, concert band where he
played alto saxophone, marching band
where he served as Commanding Officer,
ski club, varsity volleyball, and FBLA. As
part of the robotics team, Phillip won two
State competitions and competed at the
VEX Robotics World Championships in 2017

and 2019. (Continued on Page 4)


Time has an interesting way of creeping up on us. I do not know about you, but there
have been specific events in my life when I wished I had just a little bit more time to be
around the people who meant the most to me or a second chance to make things right.
Often, we take our most precious commodity, time, for granted. In the book Today Mat-
ters, author John Maxwell states, “You will never change your life until you change some-
thing you do daily.” I have referred back to Maxwell’s text countless times over the
years. A few years back, I made a commitment to make the most of the time I had re-
maining with my wife and son living under the same roof. My plan was to count the num-
ber of days that I believed our son would be in our house until his approximate enroll-
ment in college, purchase marbles to represent each day, place those marbles in a class vase, and remove
a marble each day. The key to this master plan was making most of each marble-moment of time. How
would you fill each day to maximize our impact, legacy, love, and experiences? Well, time has passed and I
have very few marbles remaining in that vase. I recognize it is time for our seniors to grow, experience life,
enjoy freedom, and to pursue their collective dreams and passions. It is time for graduating seniors to
transform into productive young men and women.

I would like to take this time to congratulate the class of 2019. Your accomplishments have been many.
Your legacy will have a lasting impact on generations to come. The class of 2019 reported being awarded
over $1.5 million in scholarships from outside sources. Thus far, 20 students will attend a 2-year tech
school, 68 students will attend a 4-year university, 14 students will enter the work force, and 7 will serve our
country in the armed forces. You and your families should be extremely proud of your accomplishments.
Best wishes as you pursue and live the Forest Hills Tradition of Excellence.

Just as the graduating class’ departure marks a life changing milestone, the closing of the 2018-2019
school year is a significant change for retiring staff members. I would like to recognize the retirees for their
combined sacrifice, dedication, commitment, and accomplishments. These individuals had an opportunity
to shape and mold the future. Their legacy will be displayed by all of the individual lives that they touched in
their careers. Thank you for your service and dedication to the Forest Hills School District. Thank you for
making each lesson, discussion, and learning experience matter for our students.

It is an exciting time to be a Forest Hills Ranger. Time has an interesting way of making us change and re-
flect on what matters most in our lives, work, and relationships. As the Forest Hills School District moves
forward, please take a moment to recognize the changes that are occurring to improve the learning environ-
ment for all students. The District’s willingness to provide an ATTRACTIVE, EFFICIENT, and EFFECTIVE
learning experience has been demonstrated in several invigorating projects. Improvements are underway
to improve and renovate the outdoor facilities. These improvements include the multi-purpose field, track,
and baseball diamond. The Administrative Team is actively planning for an exciting 2019-2020 school year
complete with new programming, learning goals, and experiences for the students. The staff is actively de-
veloping curriculum, learning goals, student profiles, and meaningful, relevant instruction designed to pre-
pare learners to be prepared for the future. The support staff is working hard to provide the community
with a safe, clean, and positive learning environment.

The Forest Hills School District is committed to communicating with invested stakeholders. The District
shares information on Twitter (@ForestHillsSD) and Instagram (foresthillssd). Additionally, the District’s
web page ( has links available for community members to share information.

I would like to thank the Forest Hills Community for their legacy of dedicated support. I would like to thank
the entire learning community for making the 2018-2019 school year successful. Best wishes to the class of
2019 and the retiring teachers. Here’s to making 2019-2020 school year something special.

Dr. David Lehman
Superintendent of Schools


District Retirements

The Forest Hills School District proudly recognizes fourteen staff members who retired during the 2018-2019
school year. June 11, 2019 marked the end of a journey for these staff members who together accumulated
over 416 years of service in the Forest Hills School District. The Board of School Directors, administrators,
staff, and students thank each for taking the time to make a difference in the lives of our young people.

Ed Beyer Missy Boneshefski Joe Carpenter Jennifer Diane Clark
Maintenance Secretary Paraprofessional
Supervisor 26 Years of Service Teacher Chimelewski 20 Years of Service
33 Years of Service Teacher
30 Years of Service
39 Years of Service

John Crookston Jill Gulnac Joel Kosmac Dan Krestar Kathy Krestar
Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher
28 Years of Service 30 Years of Service 29 Years of Service 22 Years of Service 35 Years of Service

Melodi Madison Bonita Makin Judy McIntyre Myra Whysong-Krentz
Paraprofessional Teacher Teacher Teacher
26 Years of Service 24 Years of Service 36 Years of Service 38 Years of Service

The Isaacs Awards

The cast and crew of Mamma Mia! competed again this season in
the Isaacs Awards program sponsored by Altoona Community The-
atre. This was only the third time Forest Hills has been able to take
part. The award ceremony was held at the Mishler Theatre on May
25. Twenty schools competed over two nights.

The cast and crew received 5 nominations this year: Best Stage
Crew, Best Student Choreographer—Skyler Hostetler, Best Ensem-
ble—Donna and the Dynamos, Best Musical Number—“The Winner
Takes It All,” and Best Overall Production. Winter Ehrhart, Makayla
Miller, and Kaitlyn Rusnak won the school’s first ever Isaacs Award
as runner-up for Best Ensemble.

In other awards, Phillip Yuhas was named as FH’s MVP and Avery
Cummings was awarded a scholarship to Penn State Altoona.


Forest Hills High School Graduation—(Continued from Page 1)

Phillip played the part of “Sky” in this year’s musical Mamma Mia and won the Isaacs MVP award. Finally,
Phillip won the trifecta this year being named king of the Homecoming, Snowball, and Prom courts. Phillip
received the School Directors’ award, the President’s Education award, the Senior Band award, the Robert
Morris Academic scholarship, and the Forest Hills Education Endowment scholarship. Phillip will be at-
tending Robert Morris University majoring in Actuarial Science.

The Salutatorian of the Class of 2019 is Mr. Ben Wechtenhiser. Ben is the son of Sean and Annette
Wechtenhiser and resides in South Fork. While at Forest Hills High School, Ben was involved in many activ-
ities: Co-captain of the cross country team, a state qualifier in track, captain of the scholastic quiz team,
historian of the National Honor Society, member of Student Council and Senior Class secretary. He also is
an altar server, vacation bible school teacher, and member of the Mountain Top track and field club. Ben
received the School Directors’ award, the President Education award, the Senior Mathematics award, the
Rotary Club Academic Excellence award, the Rotary Club scholarship for Academic Excellence, the Nation-
al Merit letter of commendation, the University of Pittsburgh scholarship, the Helene and Robert Krantzler
scholarship, and the Challenge Program STEM award. Ben will attend the University of Pittsburgh.

The Valedictorian of the Class of 2019 is Miss Bethany Fetsko. Bethany is the daughter of Ken and Dawn
Fetsko of Ehrenfeld. She was a member of the scholastic quiz team, spirit club, a 2-year letter winner in
soccer, Senior Class vice president, president of FBLA, secretary of the robotics club, vice president of
National Honor Society, and president of Student Council. Bethany received the Tribune Democrat’s Aca-
demic All Star award, the Erin Hostetler Memorial scholarship, the Forest Hills Distinguished Alumni Class
of 2014 scholarship, the School Directors’ award, the Senior Physics award, the Senior Girls Physical Edu-
cation award, the Johnstown Rotary Club “Service Above Self” recognition, the Johnstown Rotary Club Ac-
ademic Excellence recognition and she was a member of the VEX Robotics State Champions advancing to
the VEX Robotics World competition in 2018 and 2019. Bethany will attend Penn State University to study
Astronomy and Astrophysics.


Seniors were honored at the annual Awards Night Ceremony on June 5, 2019 for their academic achieve-
ment, athletic prowess, citizenship and extra-curricular activities. A total of over $1.5 million was presented
to individual students who excelled in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in the community. Students
receiving awards/scholarships were:

Lindsey Alochney – Senior Scholarship Award, National Technical Honor Society; Aidan Balasco – Presi-
dent’s Education Award; Mandi Bearjar – School Directors Award, Senior Girls Band Award, Challenge Pro-
gram Attendance Award, Superintendent’s Award, Arthur Gatty Scholarship, West Virginia University Crea-
tive Arts Scholarship, West Virginia University Academic Scholarship, Beaverdale American Legion 3rd place
winner, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Emily Belinda – Senior Art Award, Senior Cheerlead-
er Award, Allied Artist Scholarship, Erin Bosworth Scholarship, Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of
Recognition; Alexandria Block – Saint Francis University McQuire Scholarship; Christyn Blough – National
Technical Honor Society, Outstanding Vocational-Technical Senior Cosmetology Award; Alexus Bobak –
School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior English Award, Senior Chemistry Award, Indi-
ana University of Pennsylvania Sutton Scholarship, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, National Honor
Society; Christopher Bobak – Saint Francis University Assisi Scholarship; Brenden Bopp – Outstanding Voca-
tional-Technical Co-op Student (Welding); Jordan Burda – School Directors Award, President’s Education
Award, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sutton Scholarship; Kristi Burkett – School Directors Award, Pres-
ident’s Education Award, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sutton Scholarship, Beaverdale American Le-
gion 1st place winner, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Adam Cecere – School Directors
Award, President’s Education Award, Wendy’s Heisman – State Winner, Senior Baseball Award, Senior Boys
Basketball Award, Senior Football Award, Wake Forest University Athletic Scholarship, National Football
Foundation Scholarship, National Honor Society; Mitchell Chunta – School Directors Award, Senior Boys
Cross Country Award, Senior Boys Track Award, National Honor Society; Gabriella Cimba – School Directors
Award , Elizabeth Brawley Nursing Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Achievement Scholar-
ship, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Visit Scholarship, Dunlo American Legion 2nd place winner;

(Continued on Page 5)



Hannah Croyle – Senior Scholarship Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Rifle Award, SADD Red
Cross Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Achievement Scholarship, National Honor Socie-
ty; Chloe Csikos – Wendy’s Heisman – School Winner, Saint Francis University Assisi Scholarship; Avery
Cummings – Senior Scholarship Award, National Honor Society; Byron Daubert - School Directors Award,
President’s Education Award, Senior Wrestling Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Universi-
ty of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Presidential Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Athletic
Scholarship, National Honor Society; Carly Davis – Senior Scholarship Award; Isabella Deitle – Senior
Scholarship Award; Winter Ehrhart – Senior Girls Chorus Award; Bethany Fetsko – School Directors
Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls Physical Education Award, Senior Physics Award, Trib-
une-Democrat Academic All-Star, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Rotary Club Service Above
Self Award, 2014 Distinguished Alumni Scholarship, Erin Hostetler Memorial Scholarship, St. Michael
American Legion 3rd place winner, National Honor Society; Connor Freidhoff – School Directors Award,
President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Rotary Club Service Above Self
Award, Johnstown Rotary Club Arthur Hagadus Memorial Scholarship, Paul Keeney Scholarship, Penn
State Department of Meteorology Academic Scholarship, St. Michael American Legion 2nd place winner,
National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Ericka Frombach – Alicia Lynn Richardson Memorial
Scholarship, Heather Alt Reininger Memorial Scholarship, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sutton
Scholarship; Courtney Golden – Senior Softball Award, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Academic
Scholarship; Makennah Gray – School Directors Award, National Honor Society, Indiana University of
Pennsylvania Sutton Scholarship; Cassidy Grove – President’s Education Award; Shane Hoffman – Presi-
dent’s Education Award, Outstanding Vocational-Technical Senior Collision Repair Award, University of
Pittsburgh at Johnstown Academic Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Visit Scholarship;
Madison Hogue – School Directors Award, Robert Morris University Merit Scholarship; Michael Hribar –
School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Computer Applications Award, Senior Com-
puterized Reading Award, Walter Wood Scholarship, Beaverdale American Legion 2nd place winner, Na-
tional Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Kara Jarvie – Senior Girls Soccer Award, Claudia Mehall Me-
morial Scholarship, Carl & Anna Sherbine Scholarship, Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of Recogni-
tion; Megan Jennings – National Technical Honor Society; Joshua Jones – School Directors Award, Presi-
dent’s Education Award, Senior Boys Soccer Award, Saint Francis Presidential Scholarship, National Hon-
or Society, Spanish Honor Society; Abigail Josephson – School Directors Award, President’s Education
Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Challenge Program Academic Excellence Award, Dunlo
American Legion 1st place winner, National Honor Society; Cody Knepper – President’s Education Award;
Victoria Koeck – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls Basketball Award,
Washington & Jefferson Presidential Scholars Award, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society;
Robert Krug – District VI Sportsmanship Award, Superintendent’s Award; Lauren Lampel – Senior Scholar-
ship Award, Spanish Honor Society; Ryan Latshaw – Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of Recognition;
Tanner Lehman – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, National Honor Society, Spanish
Honor Society; Hannah Leone – Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of Recognition, Saint Francis Univer-
sity Captain McGuire Scholarship; Nathan Long – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award,
Senior Golf Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Rotary Club Service Above Self Award,
Johnstown Rotary Club Scholarship for Academic Achievement, Texas A & M National Merit Finalist Schol-
arship, Texas A & M Aggiebound Scholarship, Texas A & M Community Scholarship, National Merit College
Sponsored Scholarship, Cape & Garanich Sapphire Scholarship, Forest Hills Alumni Association Scholar-
ship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Erica Lybarger – Senior Forensics Award, Juniata
College Phoebe Norris Scholarship, Juniata Community Scholarship in honor of Toni Wentzel; Alexis
Macey – Senior Family & Consumer Science Award; Jared Mangus – Senior Boys Physical Education
Award; Corey Miller – American Black & Tan Coonhound Association Scholarship, Treeing Walker Breeder
& Fanciers Association Scholarship; Dylan Miller – USSCO Scholarship; Lindsay Miller – School Directors
Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Color Guard Award, National Honor Society; (Continued on Page 6)



Emily Montag – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls Cross Country
Award, Senior Girls Track Award, Senior Yearbook Award, Adams Township Lions/Merlin Woodring
Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of
Recognition, National Honor Society; Lucas Myers – President’s Education Award, Artists of the 21st
Century Certificate of Recognition, Point Park Presidential Scholarship; Jacklyn Nanna – Outstanding
Skills in the Construction Trades, Construction Technology Senior; Michael Noon – Senior Scholarship
Award, President’s Education Award, Rangers Becoming Rangers Scholarship; Alyssa Penrod – School
Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls Tennis Award, Forest Hills Alumni Associa-
tion Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Hon-
or Society; Michael Perla – President’s Education Award, Mount Aloysius Academic Excellence Scholar-
ship, Mount Aloysius Merit Scholarship; Courtney Pisarski – School Directors Award, President’s Educa-
tion Award, AmeriServ Financial Scholarship, Mount Aloysius McAuley Academic Excellence Scholar-
ship; Colton Platt – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Penny Matlin Memorial Schol-
arship, Mount Aloysius Academic Excellence Scholarship, Mount Aloysius Mounties in High School
Scholarship, Mount Aloysius Visitation Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society;
Alayna Plaza – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, National Honor Society, Spanish
Honor Society; Charles Rese – National Technical Honor Society; Gregory Ricnavsky – Outstanding Vo-
cational-Technical Senior Welding Award; Regina Rios – School Directors Award, President’s Education
Award, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, Slippery Rock University Board of Governor’s
Scholarship; Mason Rodgers – Brandon Baxter Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholar-
ship, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Achievement Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh VIP
Scholarship; Simeon Rosage – Senior Video Producer Award; Courtney Roxby – School Directors
Award, President’s Education Award, National Honor Society; MacKenzie Sarka – Senior Majorette
Award, Mount Aloysius Academic Scholarship, Mount Aloysius Accepted Students Day Scholarship;
Kaitlynn Saucedo – Senior Scholarship Award, Penn Highlands Board of Trustees Academic Scholar-
ship, National Technical Honor Society; Joshua Schrock – School Directors Award, President’s Educa-
tion Award, Arthur Burkett Memorial Scholarship, Saint Francis University Presidential Scholarship, Na-
tional Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Isaac Shirt – Senior Hockey Award, Brad Wess Memorial
Scholarship; Jacob Shope – President’s Education Award, Senior Accounting Award; Chelsea Sikora –
Challenge Program Academic Improvement Award, National Technical Honor Society; Emma Simpson –
School Directors Award, Senior Spanish Award, Saint Francis University Assisi Scholarship, Saint Fran-
cis University Legacy Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Blane Smay – Presi-
dent’s Education Award, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Achievement Scholarship, University of
Pittsburgh at Johnstown VIP Scholarship; Quinn Spangler – School Directors Award, President’s Educa-
tion Award, Senior Social Studies Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Challenge Program
Community Service Award, Don & Diane Bailey Scholarship, Knights of Columbus Scholarship, Syra-
cuse University Dean’s Scholarship, St. Michael Catholic Church Higher Education Award, St. Michael
Catholic Church REACH Service Award, Dunlo American Legion 3rd place winner, National Honor Socie-
ty; Dominic Spinos – Brandon Baxter Scholarship; Margaret Stains – School Directors Award, Presi-
dent’s Education Award, Waynesburg University A. B. Miller Scholarship, Waynesburg University Lead-
ership Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Anthony Stigers – Senior Boys Cho-
rus Award; Carly Stigers – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Saint Vincent Presi-
dential Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Kayla Stohon – School Directors
Award, President’s Education Award, District VI Sportsmanship Award, Waynesburg University A. B.
Miller Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Michael Trovato – School Directors
Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, University of Pittsburgh
Presidential Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Chloe Valinsky – Senior Media
Award; Kylie Wadsworth – Senior Scholarship Award, Senior Girls Volleyball Award, Mount Aloysius Col-
lege Merit Scholarship; Kainen Walsh – Senior Mock Trial Award; Benjamin Wechtenhiser – School Di-
rectors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Mathematics Award, Rotary Club Academic Excel-
lence Award, Johnstown Rotary Club Scholarship for Academic Achievement, Challenge Program STEM
Award, Helene & Robert Krantzler Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh Academic Scholarship, Diocese
of Altoona-Johnstown Matthew 25 Award, National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation, St. Mi-
chael American Legion 1st place winner, National Honor Society; Jeremy Weis – St. Michael Catholic
Church REACH Service Award, St. Michael Catholic Church Higher Education Award; Desirae Wherry –
President’s Education Award, National Technical Honor Society; Amanda Wilson – Artists of the 21st
Century Certificate of Recognition (Continued on Page 7)



Jason Wissinger – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excel-
lence Award, Senior Boys Volleyball Award, Waynesburg University A. B. Miller Scholarship, Waynesburg
University Leadership Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; Forrest Wolfhope –
Senior Engineering Technology Award; Kaitlyn Yeager – Senior Scholarship Award, Senior Biology/Life
Sciences Award; Phillip Yuhas – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Boys Band
Award, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, Robert Morris Academic Scholarship, National
Honor Society; Anthony Zangaglia – Senior Scholarship Award, President’s Education Award, University
of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Achievement Scholarship.

Lindsey Aidan Mandi Emily Alexandria Christyn
Alochney Balasco Bearjar Belinda Block Blough

Alexus Christopher Brenden Jordan Kristi Adam
Bobak Bobak Bopp Burda Burkett Cecere

Mitchell Gabriella Hannah Chole Avery Byron
Chunta Cimba Croyle Csikos Cummings Daubert



Carly Winter Bethany Connor Erika Courtney
Davis Ehrhart Fetsko Freidhoff Frombach Golden

Makennah Cassidy Shane Madison Michael Kara
Gray Grove Hoffman Hogue Hribar Jarvie

Megan Joshua Abigail Cody Victoria Robert
Jennings Jones Josephson Knepper Koeck Krug

Lauren Ryan Tanner Hannah Nathan Erica
Lampel Latshaw Lehman Leone Long Lybarger

Alexis Jaren Corey Dylan Lindsay Emily
Macey Mangus Miller Miller Miller Montag



Lucas Jacklyn Michael Alyssa Michael Courtney
Myers Nanna Noon Penrod Perla Pisarski

Colton Gregory Regina Mason Simeon Courtney
Platt Ricnavsky Rios Rodgers Rosage Roxby

MacKenzie Kaitlyn Joshua Isaac Jacob Chelsea
Sarka Saucedo Schrock Shirt Shope Sikora

Emma Blane Quinn Dominic Margaret Anthony
Simpson Smay Spangler Spinos Stains Stigers

Carly Kayla Michael Chloe Kylie Kainen
Stigers Stohon Travato Valinsky Wadsworth Walsh



Benjamin Jeremy Desirae Amanda Jason Forrest
Wherry Wilson Wissinger Wolfhope
Wechtenhiser Weis

Not Pictured:

Isabella Deitle
Charles Rese

Kaitlyn Phillip Anthony Alayna
Yeager Yuhas Zangaglia Plaza

Principal’s Corner ~ Mr. Curt Vasas

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation. The summer months bring a well-deserved
break for our students and staff. However, it’s important to always be preparing for what lies ahead.
The summer can be a great time for recharging your batteries to gear up for the next school year. I
would encourage all students to take advantage of our summer library hours. Each student should in-
vest the time to read at least one book over the summer months.
Some time devoted to college and career planning would also be beneficial. Students should consider
summer employment, job shadowing, or college visits. All of these options can help students decide
where their interests lie and assist them in scheduling classes throughout their high school careers.
As always, we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Please visit our web-
site for valuable information including the link for the “High School Years” newsletter under the Admin-
istration link within the Our School tab of the High School homepage. We continue to strive to provide a
quality education so our students develop into life-long learners and understand their importance in a
democratic society. Thank you for continued support and assistance towards this end.


Senior Nathan Long Recognized As National Merit Scholarship Program Finalist

For the first time since 2000, Forest Hills High School has a National Merit Schol-
arship Program Finalist, Mr. Nathan Long.

The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recogni-
tion and scholarships that began in 1955. High school students enter the National
Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualify-
ing Test (PSAT/NMSQT®)—which serves as an initial screen of approximately 1.6
million entrants each year—and they must also meet published program entry
and participation requirements. In early September, more than two-thirds (about
34,000) of the approximately 50,000 high scorers on the PSAT receive Letters of
Commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise.

In late September, about 16,000 students, or approximately one-third of the
50,000 high scorers, are notified that they have qualified as Semifinalists. To be
considered for a National Merit® Scholarship, Semifinalists must advance to Final-
ist standing in the competition by meeting high academic standards and all other requirements explained in
the information provided to each Semifinalist.

In February, some 15,000 Semifinalists were notified that they had advanced to Finalist standing. This rep-
resents less than 1% of the initial applicants. All winners of Merit Scholarship® awards are chosen from the
Finalist group based on their abilities, skills, and accomplishments. A variety of information is available for
National Merit Scholarship Corporation selectors to evaluate: the Finalist's academic record, information
about the school's curricula and grading system, two sets of test scores, the high school official's written
recommendation, information about the student's activities and leadership, and the Finalist's own essay.

We are proud to announce that Nathan Long is our National Merit Scholarship Program finalist and he has
earned a scholarship to Texas A & M University worth approximately $40,000 per year. We congratulate
Nathan and wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

Drama Department Performs The Mystery Comedy, Alibis

The Senior Drama Department performed the mystery comedy, Alibis, on May 9, 10, and 11 in the senior
high theatre. After a dramatic turn in last year’s production of Our Town the cast was challenged with
developing comic timing. The whodunit asked the audience to follow closely, avoid the red herrings, and
determine the culprit. Character names offered clues on characters’ personalities and hidden agendas.
At one point in the second act, the audience was permitted to ask questions and offer their theories. This
is was an especially challenging part for the actors as they had no idea what would be asked and were
forced to ad-lib.

A core group of 16, comprised of the cast and stage man-
agers, worked tirelessly for 6 weeks to bring the produc-
tion together. An additional group of 20 New York bound
students built the set. Cast members included Joey
Schrader as the bumbling detective, Mr. E.S. Solvedd and
the group of party guests/suspects: Libby Dobbins as the
butler, Justin; Winter Ehrhart as socialite, Hope Leslie
Trite; Makayla Miller as golfer, Sandy Lynxe; Natalya Teno
as the moody, Dr. Jacqueline Hyde; Abby Seese as aristo-
crat, Sir Tanley A. Fraud; Rosalie DiPaola as the silent nun, Sister Bella Donna; Rebecca Williamson as
the French maid, Monique; and Shannon Shaffer as a mysterious, sombrero-wearing Stranger. Phillip
Yuhas and Sam Zatek were understudies, and stage managers included Lucas Myers, Kaitlyn Rusnak,
Mackenzie Sherry, Damian Shrift, and Daniel Velasquez.

Stay tuned for announcements on next year’s shows and another great year of productions from the per-
forming arts!


Ronald McDonald House Donation

After his sister had recently stayed at the Ronald McDonald House, Donovan Faith realized how thankful his
family was for this blessing and what a wonderful charity this would be to help, especially for families deal-
ing with a sick child. During the month of December Donovan, a junior, organized a Dress Down Day and
soda tab collection to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Camden, New Jersey. He enlisted the help of
our elementary school by creating a contest to see which homeroom could bring in the most soda tabs. That
homeroom would then be rewarded with an ice-cream treat from the dairy princess. He never thought that it
would be such an exciting competition for the students and was pleasingly overwhelmed by the response.
These elementary students were so thrilled to have such a friendly competi-
tion and be rewarded for their efforts with ice cream, that they ended up
collecting over 20 paper boxes of these tiny tabs weighing over 400
pounds. Donovan was so thankful to the Forest Hills Community for pulling
together to benefit such a worthwhile cause. He and his family delivered the
tabs to the Camden, New Jersey Ronald McDonald House on a snow day. It
was an exciting trip! The RMD house was extremely thankful to the Forest

Hills School District for the Dress
Down Day Check presented along
with all of the soda tabs!

Forest Hills High School Media
Students Win Award

Three students from the Forest Hills
School District have won 2nd place in the
Pittsburgh FBI and Penguin Foundation
HOPE video contest. The students were
among 37 entries to compete.
Joey Schrader, Lucas Myers, and Chloe
Valinsky were the members of the team
to create, edit, and produce the video.
The video is highlights a local man who
lost his battle against addiction and the effects this battle has not only on the addict but the family that is
left behind. The students traveled to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, February 5 to be recognized during the Pitts-
burgh Penguin game and were seated in a PNC Legend Level Suite.
The students also received a $2,500 grant to be put towards new equipment for the Media class. The video
contest is held through the Pittsburgh FBI HOPE Initiative the Youth Action Working Group, PSA contest
and sponsored by the Pittsburgh Penguins. The students are part of the Media II class at Forest Hills School
District under the Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Jennifer Raptosh.


High School Art Displayed and Awarded

Forest Hills High School Art students participated in the annual Greater Johnstown Young Artists Exhibit
held at the Community Arts Center of Cambria County in conjunction with the Allied Artists of Johnstown.
The Community Arts Center is located in Westmont and the show was held May 8 – 24.

Ten beautiful pieces of art was submitted for the show. Pieces included drawings from the Drawing I & II
classes; batik from Art II, scherenschnitte-style paper cutting project from Art I; and acrylic paintings from
Painting I and II classes.

Freshmen Samantha Heilman and Haley Myers both were awarded for their artwork.

Samantha Heilman created a Scherenschnitte paper cut project that was a color theory project created in
Art I. She received an Achievement Award for her project.

Haley Myers created a colored pencil drawing titled “18 Day Drawing” which was a realistic collage of
items that teamed up into a self-portrait. Haley received a Merit Award
for her drawing.

PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs Annual Art Poster Contest

Art students in the Art I and Drawing classes during The top three winners in each category won a mone-
the fall semester with Mrs. Cecere had the oppor- tary gift.
tunity to create a poster for the PA Federation of Grade 10 – 12
Sportsmen’s Clubs annual art poster contest. First Place – Autumn Holdsworth, grade 11
Second Place – Rachael Wolfhope, grade 12
Students in grades 4-12 are invited to participate.
This year’s theme was “First Encounters” where stu- Grade 7 – 9
dents were asked to share their first experiences of First Place – Amber Troy, grade 9
what got them hooked on the outdoors. Second Place – Jazlyn Rozier, grade 9
Third Place – Brady Christ, grade 9
Submissions were judged on their artwork and the Fourth Place – Quinn Charney, grade 9
brief essay about their encounter experience. Stu- Fifth Place – Lance Latshaw, grade 9
dents not only created artwork but they also wrote Sixth Place – Paje Yochimowitz, grade 9
about how they interact and enjoy nature.

All submitted posters moved on to the state level for
the next round of competition.


Junior-Senior High School Chorus
Forest Hills Chorus Represented In Pittsburgh
By The Rusnak Sisters

Juniors Megan and Kaitlyn Rusnak performed in Pittsburgh
this past April at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Associa-
tion/ National Association for Music Education All-Eastern
Division conference. Kaitlyn had been selected to perform
with the All-East Treble Choir from across the 12 states and
the District of Columbia. This spring Megan became the 7th
student in school history to make the Pennsylvania All-State
Chorus. Their concerts were phenomenal and were attended by thousands.

Spring Performance Season

Forest Hills choruses gave their spring concert on Monday, May 20. Groups performing included 7th
Grade Chorus, 8/9th Grade Chorus, Boys Ensemble, Girls Quartet, Senior High Chorus, and A Cappella
Ensemble. All groups sang a combined piece “The Awakening” by Joseph M. Martin. Boys Ensemble,
Girls Quartet, and A Cappella Ensemble also performed in the 3rd annual Small Ensembles concert on
Friday, May 24. All ensembles gave an in-school performance for students on Tuesday, May 28. 8/9th
Grade Chorus performed for the Elementary school students on June 10. The Senior High Chorus gave
additional performances including an adjudication at IUP, and a mother-daughter banquet at Trinity Lu-
theran in Sidman. A Cappella Ensemble made its first big trip by attending the Hersheypark Choral festi-
val where they received a rating of Excellent.

Junior-Senior High School Instrumental Music

This year for the Forest Hills music program was very busy. We’ve had a multitude of different suc-
cesses. Our students have worked very hard and we are so proud of all they’ve accomplished. In
band, we had students attend District Band, District Jazz, Region Band, All-State Band, and All-East
Band. The following students represented Forest Hills at District Jazz: Mandi Bearjar, Julie Douglas,
Hadan Romanow, Baylee Frampton, and Lexi Bobak. The following students participated in District
Band; Taylor Hampton, Mandi Bearjar, Lexi Bobak, Julie Douglas, Alissa Damian, Alexzya Bjornberg,
Hadan Romanow, Baylee Frampton, and Rebecca Williamson. At District’s, students compete to ad-
vance on to Region Band. The students that attended Region Band were; Taylor Hampton, Mandi
Bearjar, Lexi Bobak, Julie Douglas, Baylee Frampton, and Rebecca Williamson. At Regions students
compete to move on to All-State. Baylee Frampton advanced on to All-State Band. Mandi Bearjar also
qualified for All-State Band, but was not able to attend because All-East Band was held at the same
time. Mandi submitted a video recording last fall and was selected to participate as a one of the 21
clarinets that made up the ensemble. She competed against students in 13 states. She was the first
student from Forest Hills to make this group since 2005.


This year, Forest Hills had the pleasure of hosting PMEA District 6 Band. We welcomed in schools from
Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, and Blair counties for this two and a half day event. Students rehearsed in
the auditorium from 8:30am to 8:30pm for two days to prepare and perform a fantastic concert for a
packed house. This was a massive undertaking, and Mr. Custer would like to thank anyone that helped out.
The Marching Rangers traveled with 5 other local schools to perform in Walt Disney World. They marched
in a parade down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. This was an awesome experience for our students.
The Senior High Band performed at an adjudication again this spring. The band scored Excellent, which
was 2nd of 5 categories. Our Concert Bands presented a fantastic spring concert. They performed music
in a variety of styles and difficulty levels. The Jazz Bands and small ensembles performed another exciting
concert with a wide variety of types of music. The Jazz Ensemble and JV Jazz Band performed in school at
our Empty Bowls event, and the Jazz Ensemble also performed for the Marching Rangers Spaghetti dinner
fundraiser. We are excited for the future and hope to see you at an event coming up. Follow us on Twitter
@FHFinearts to stay up to date with all our events.

Disney Parade View District Band

Mandi Bearjar


26th Annual “SuperConference”

Students from the Forest Hills School District attended the 26th annual “SuperConference” for student
leaders on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at Mount Aloysius College.
This conference provided student leaders from middle and high schools in the county an opportunity to
enhance leadership traits, develop leadership skills, and foster pride and spirit in their schools. At the

conference, students had the opportunity to attend multiple
workshops on various topics in finance, diversity, chasing
dreams, and more. Each workshop and speaker reinforced
the importance of leadership within our schools and how
leadership ideas and traits can translate into their academic
and personal futures.
Only two students from each grade, 7th through 11th grades,
were eligible to attend the conference. Based upon teacher
recommendations, these students were picked to attend the
“SuperConference”. These student leaders are the pride of
our school and we would once again like to congratulate
them on this honor.
(Students delegates: Levi Hockensmith, Zach Fisher, Natalie
Carosi, Alexis Henderson, Grace Beyer, Katelyn Kurtz, Liz
Zajdel, Lucas Smay & Seth Richardson).

Prom 2019—A Night of Gold and Glitz

The Forest Hills Prom 2019, A Night of Gold and Glitz, was a shimmering success at the Pasquerilla
Conference Center. Students danced the night away in their elegant attire and took stunning snap-
shots in the photo booth. The committee did an excellent job of pulling off a classy event for the stu-
dents to enjoy. The court included the following: Lucas Myers, Kristi Burkett, Blane Smay, Jordan
Burda, Isabella Deitle, Adam Cecere, Margaret Stains, Mitch Chunt. Philip Yuhas was crowned prom
king and Avery Cummings was crowned prom queen. Thank you to all who attended and helped make
the night a brilliant event.



Principal’s Corner ~ Mr. Ed Alexander

The 2018-2019 school year has come and gone! This past year was another huge success, as we
have implemented MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) in 7th and 8th grade math classes. This
intervention has allowed us to help all students develop and refine fundamental, targeted math
skills, which are necessary to success in pre-algebra and algebra 1. As we bid a farewell to some
retiring teachers, we look forward to hiring some new, quality educators to fill some big shoes!

We are working very hard this summer to put together another solid schedule, which will maximize
learning opportunities for all students in grades 7-12. Again, we will incorporate some new courses
in computer science and STEAM, which allows our students to continue experiencing 21st Century
learning opportunities. We plan to host a Parent Orientation for all incoming grade 7 students and
any new student to the building on August 20 at 6:00 pm in the LGI. This was a huge success last
year so we hope to see you there! Information will be shared this summer. Thank you all for anoth-
er great school year! Have a relaxing, fun and safe summer vacation!

Students Skype With Dr. Jane Goodall

On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 students interested in ca-
reers in environmentalism and conservation participated
in a live Skype session with Dr. Jane Goodall, sponsored
by Microsoft Education. They had the opportunity to ask
Dr. Goodall questions in a live chatroom with students
from around the globe, and learned about Dr. Goodall’s
lifetime of work with chimpanzee conservation in Africa.
Students were also introduced to the Roots & Shoots
program, which promotes further conservation work.

New Immunization Regulations mitted to attend school. Now a child must have the
required vaccines, or a medical plan (specific red
Parents are reminded to make sure their children and white card signed by a health care provider) to
are adequately immunized prior to the start of the complete the vaccine schedule or risk exclusion
new school year. Immunization laws are to ensure from school; some risk exclusion if the vaccines are
students are safeguarded from outbreaks of vac- not given by the first day of the school year.
cine preventable diseases. Many of the immuniza-
tion regulations are pertinent to those students reg- A student may still obtain medical, religious or phil-
istering for entry into school, 7th grade and 12th osophical exemption from meeting the immunization
grade. The most recent new vaccination require- requirements. Even if a child is exempt from immun-
ments for PA schools in August 2017 included: izations, he/she may be excluded from school dur-
ing an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease.
combination form for diphtheria and tetanus;
Specific information has been mailed to parents
pertussis vaccination; whose child needs required vaccines by the begin-
ning of the 2019-2020 school year. Information is
combination form for measles, mumps and ru- available on the district website and on the immun-
bella; ization page of the PA Department of Health web-
site. For additional information contact your child’s
meningococcal conjugate vaccine for entry into health care provider, your child’s school nurse or 1-
12th grade, or in an ungraded school, in the 877-PA-Health. Please provide your child’s updated
school year the child turns 18; vaccine documentation to the school nurses before
the first day of school.
change in number of polio doses required for
school attendance.

Prior to the new regulations students had 8 months
to get the required shots before they were not per-


9th grade Honors Composition Students Host A Pop-Up Poetry

On Friday, March 29th during lunch in the cafeteria's SGI, Dr. Mock’s 9th grade
Honors Composition students hosted a pop-up poetry slam of their original po-
ems and letters written to raise awareness about promoting Cyprian unity in
Cyprus. Students participated in National Geographic's Classroom Challenge
focusing on the Human Journey, and have been connected with National Geo-
graphic Fellow and Explorer Anna Antoniou, who headed a project in which she
and other volunteers walked a 400-mile journey across Cyprus, collecting sto-
ries of unity and hope. In response, our students have created a chapbook on We
shared our chapbook with Ms. Antoniou and National Geographic, and they were so moved by our stu-
dents’ efforts and the chapbook itself that they plan to share it with the Cypriot community in Nicosia to
promote bicommunal efforts to reunite the country as one. Our students have been able to amplify their
voices and be global change-makers! Please scan the QR code to view our e-chapbook!

Junior High School Student Council faculty by creating special treats for teachers and

This year has been very busy for the Junior High staff each month.

Student Council. We’ve sponsored the 9th grade With all the work council members put in throughout

field trip to Gettysburg in the fall, all of the Junior the year, students participated in an end of the year

High dances, most notably Snowball in January, the ‘thank you’ field trip. This year we went caving at
Million Pennies campaign for Easter Seals, a canned Laurel Caverns. This was a true splunking adven-
ture with rock climbing and military crawls within
food drive for the needy, pinwheels for Austism
the cave. Considering all the rain we’ve had, the
awareness, and several events within the school
including ice cream and freezer pop treats on spe- cave was very wet and muddy and our members
cial occasions. Student council also remembers our came out after looking the parts of true adventurers.

Forest Hills Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

As another exciting year at Forest Hills Elementary School draws to a close, the Forest Hills Elementary
Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) would like to thank everyone that helped make this year the very best
it could be.

The PTO is made up of actively involved parents and teachers working together with school administra-
tion to provide programs for all the students at the elementary school. The Forest Hills community contin-
ues to be supportive and generous with PTO fundraisers and calls for donations. This year, the PTO was
able to provide the students with field trips, free yearbooks, a student appreciation t-shirt, a trip to the
Ranger for ice cream, and the student favorite, the End of the Year Carnival, along with many other activi-
ties and events throughout the year.

In addition, the support of the Forest Hills community filled the shelves of our community food banks,
which allowed them to take care of our neighbors in need. Also, your support allowed us to provide thank
you gifts and a breakfast to the bus drivers that make sure our children get to school safely.

As this year comes to a close, the PTO is already making preparations for the upcoming 2019-2020
school year. Over the next few months, keep an eye out for the upcoming 2019 Ranger-thon Fundraiser.
This is our main fundraiser, and your generosity and support allows us to provide the very best for our

Thank you Forest Hills community! We could not do it without you!



Principal’s Corner ~ Mrs. Rebecca Roberts

Congratulations on another successful school year! What a great year at the elementary school and an-
other year that has truly “flown by”. Thank you to the great teachers, staff, students, parents, and family
members who make Forest Hills Elementary a great place to learn! A special thanks to the PTO and the
Forest Hills Community because with your support, OUR students are provided many additional opportuni-
ties and experiences that might not be possible. We not only appreciate your financial support, but your
time and dedication to OUR kids!

This year as we implemented the Ranger Pride Pledge at the elementary school, we were overwhelmed by
the success of this program. Thank you to our emergency personnel who came to the school as a partner
with the program. Thanks to Bible2School for implementing this program weekly. This commitment to
improvement shows the adults and students our willingness to work together to make great change. We
will be continuing the program next school year, including more classroom interventions and soon hope to
get our bus drivers on board. With clear expectations, students succeed!

For the upcoming school year we will be implementing new literacy programs in grades K-2 as well as
math programming at the upper elementary levels. Remember, our library is open to all 5th and 6th grade
students this summer beginning July 2 and will be open weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
from 9AM – 2PM through August 15. Please call the school if you have any questions or to confirm the li-
brary is open.

Americorp workers are providing reading tutoring this summer for students in grades 1-3 through
August 1st. Sessions occur Tuesday – Thursday and times are scheduled throughout the morning. If you
did not get an application or forgot to turn yours in, please call the school office. A special thank you to
Miss Lucas, Miss Conant and Miss Kundrod for their continued support of literacy at Forest Hills.

Remember, our Meet the Teacher Night is August 22 from 6-7:30. Please schedule to stop in and visit with
your teacher, join the PTO, and ask questions before the school year begins!

I wish you all a happy and relaxing summer spent with friends and family. I look forward to seeing you in

Rock-It Rangers Robotics

The Forest Hills Elementary “Rock-It Rangers” participated in the Central Pennsylvania First LEGO com-
petition held on January 12, 2019 at Altoona Area Junior High School. The Ranger team is comprised of
nine 6th grade students under the guidance of coaches Mrs. Hostetler and Mr. Pasierb. The competition
drew nearly 50 teams from across the state for this year’s “Into Orbit” challenge, which focused on trou-
bleshooting common issues associated with space travel. Students were responsible for building and

programming a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot, in addi-
tion to researching a dilemma faced by astronauts and
finding an innovative solution. The Rangers were
judged on their robot design, overall mission score,
research project, and CORE values. Throughout the
competition, they exhibited sportsmanship and cooper-
ation toward all teams. At the end of the competition,
the Rangers came home with a first place trophy for
their project presentation, an impressive feat for a first-
year team!

(left to right) Kaden Carpenter, Eli Rudnik, Jadon Stains,
Haley Allsopp, Sophia Jacobs, Mya Kehn, Olivia McLeary,
Julia Chunta, Mr. Pasierb, Ana Spangler


Cuddles for Kids

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet for two elementary classes this year! Mrs. Bahorik (1st grade) and Mrs.

Shope (3rd grade) were two of the winning teachers selected in a contest held by Cuddles for Kids. Each of

Mrs. Bahorik’s first graders and Mrs. Shope’s third graders received a stuffed elephant to cuddle this Val-

entine’s Day. These teachers would like to give a special thanks to

Cuddles for Kids for making this Valentine’s Day an extra special one

for their students. Cuddles for Kids is a non-profit charity started in

2006 by Conner Hagins. Since its

inception, CFK has donated more

than $500,000 worth of goods to

children's agencies locally &

around the world. The organiza-

tion has sent toys to Haiti, to those Mrs. Shope’s Class
living in Mexican orphanages and even had local

soldiers transport toys to children in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Bahorik’s Class

6th Grade Spelling Bee

Sixth grade held its annual spelling bee on May 17, in the elementary school cafeteria. The entire sixth
grade student body attended the competition to watch the bee and support their fellow classmates. All 27
participants did a fantastic job and went through several exciting round of spelling before the final three
places were decided.

The third place winner was Ana Spangler. Second place went to Aiden Middleton, and the first place winner
was Lyla Breto. The winners each received a Books-A-Million gift card thanks to the Forest Hills PTO.

Congratulations to all three winners!!!

Elementary Music Department

Students in the elementary music department have been hard at
work this spring preparing for several concerts and programs.
In March, Mrs. Tully’s 5th and 6th Grade Ukulele students had the
unique opportunity to work with the professional folk group
called “Simple Gifts.” They learned a few new ukulele songs and
performed in a concert for the community. They even learned to

play the spoons! Four 6th Grade Band students attended
District VI Band Fest at Berlin. Six 5th Graders represented
FH in District VI Song Fest at Central Cambria.

Mr. Kearney and Mrs. Tully’s 3rd Graders learned about the
History of Jazz through the mini-musicale, “We Haz Jazz.”
They impressed the audience with toe-tapping songs and
dances! Our students brought to life great Jazz musicians of the
past, workers in the fields, hobos during the Great Depression,
swing dancers and sophisticated ladies. A few students also per-
formed songs on the recorder! Great job, 3rd Grade!

We are very proud of our students who performed in the annual
Elementary Spring Band and Chorus concert! They performed
two in-school concerts for the student body and faculty, in addi-
tion to an evening concert for the community.

Stay tuned to see what the music department has in store for next year! Have a great summer!



Junior High Boys Track & Field

With only three returning athletes from the previous campaign,
the 2019 Junior High Boys Track & Field team entered the sea-
son with much uncertainty and inexperience in many events.
The team worked diligently throughout the season to build a
strong foundation for the future. The young Rangers finished the
season with an overall record of 2-6 and much optimism for next
season. Three athletes qualified for the Laurel Mountain Meet in
Loretto, with Colten Danel securing 4th place finishes in both the
shot put and discus. Colten also captured another 4th place fin-
ish in the discus amidst a very competitive field at the Altoona Middle School Championships. Overall, the
team showed much growth, achieved numerous personal goals, and did its part to continue the tradition of

Junior High Girls Track & Field

The Forest Hills Junior High Girls Track & Field team completed yet another successful season! This young
group of motivated athletes finished with a winning record of 7-1. They were the top AA girls team at the
Clearfield Junior High Invitational, where Delaney Dumm set a
new meet record in the 1600M. At the Laurel Mountain Cham-
pionships meet, the team made podium honors in seven
events; 4x800M relay, 1600M, 800M, 3200M, 4x400M relay,
high jump and pole vault. They were the 5th place AA team at
the Altoona Middle School Championships, 13th out of 37
schools overall. At Altoona, the 4x800M relay team finished as
the runner-up team, comprised of Danielle Dumm, Nadia
Daubert, Laura Montag, and Delaney Dumm. We are proud of
the hard work this team put in day in and day out to achieve
new personal bests. We can’t wait to see what next season brings!

Forest Hills Junior High Girls’ Volleyball

The junior high girls' volleyball team finished the season with
a 12-6 record. The JV squad finished with a record of 13-5.

This season’s squad was comprised of three freshman: Lex-
ington Koeck, Madison Gdula, and Sofie Poborski; eight
eighth grade athletes: Ciera Deffenbaugh, Aislinn Myers, Ri-
Lynn Swinger, Mykenzie Webb, Kayla Weinzierl, Anna Wirfel,
Leah Wirfel, and Sydney Vitko; and eight seventh grade ath-
letes: Alexis Henderson, Lia Konchan, Nina Martyak, Paige
Miller, Alexa Papcunik, Sydney Rickley, Addison Schirato, and Madalynn Stiffler. These girls have been ex-
ceptional examples of student-athletes and role models for one another. Throughout the season they have
demonstrated discipline, hard work and dedication.

The future looks bright! We look to have another successful season next spring as we will be returning a
very talented group of athletes to continue the tradition. All of the underclassmen contributed greatly to the
success the team had this season and will certainly continue that into future seasons.

Good luck to the freshmen as they compete at the varsity level in the fall. These three freshmen provided the
underclassmen with something to strive for. Their immense talent, positive attitudes, and love of the game
was demonstrated every day. We are excited to watch them continue to excel and to see what the future has
in store for them!


Junior High Boys Basketball 2018-19

The Junior High Basketball team had a successful
season finishing with an 11-10 record for the 2018-
2019 season under Coach Alan Myers. The team
placed emphasis on improving, while learning what it
means to be a team player and to display sportsman-
ship. Hard work, tough defense, and unselfish play
were the trademarks of this team. Jeremy Burda led
the team with 205 points, followed by Nick Singer
with 174 points. Captains of the team were 8th grad-
er Jeremy Burda and 9th graders Shane Miller and Nick Singer.

The 7th and 8th grade team also enjoyed great improvement as their season progressed. Under first year
Coach Marc Myers, the team’s consistent play was evident as the team finished with a 14-7 record. Players
learned to appreciate the hard work that makes a successful basketball team while focusing on the funda-
mentals of the game. These traits will help these young men succeed at the next level.

The Junior High Girls Basketball Team Played a Successful 2018-2019 Season

Under the leadership of 8th graders Audrey Peretin, Aislinn Myers, and Sydney Vitko as well as 7th graders
Arissa Britt and Alexis Henderson the young squad worked collectively to reach the high expectations
placed upon them. The played, competed, and improved every time they stepped onto the basketball court.

Other key contributors included; Anna Burkey, Laura Montag, Addison Schirato, Alexa Papcunik, and
Chelsea Myers. Together the girls fought to notch a number of key victories, beating teams from Cambria
Heights, Central Cambria, and Bishop Carroll.

The 7th and 8th grade team competed hard all season as well! Both teams should return a number of this
year’s members, leading to another promising season next year!

2018-2019 Forest Hills JH Wrestling finalists and 3 champions.

The team wrestled at the Bellefonte Jr. High Tourna-
ment, which is regarded as the second toughest Jr.
High Tournament in the state of Pennsylvania. The
Rangers had 1 wrestler finish 6th and 1 finish 3rd.
The Rangers also placed third at the Penn Cambria
Individual Tournament. The team placed 7 wres-
tlers, 5 finalists, and 3 champions.

The last tournament was the 2018-2019 Mountain

The Forest Hills Jr. High Wrestling Team had anoth- Conference Championship which took place at North
er outstanding season, finishing with a dual meet Star. The Rangers finished third as a team and were
record of 10-4 and second in the Laurel Highland well represented at the Mountain Conference tour-
Athletic Conference. nament with 10 place winners, 4 finalists, and 2
The team competed in five tournaments this season,
placing well in all of the tournaments. They started Individual winners from the Mt. Conference includ-
the year off with the Burrell Dual Meet Tournament in ed: Isiah Shilcosky, 80 lbs,- 2nd place; John Moyer, 85
which the Rangers were missing a few kids and had lbs.- 8th place; Devon Magro, 90 lbs,- 1st place; Gage
some injuries which led them to where they attained Miller, 95 lbs. – 4th place; Chance Gorzelsky, 105 lbs.
3 of their 4 losses. They were all close matches and - 3rd place; Toby Gorzelsky, 122 lbs.- 6th place; Lance
with a full team it could have been a different story. Latshaw, 138 lbs.- 2nd place; Dustin Flinn, 145 lbs.-
Next, The Jr. High Wrestling team competed at the 1st place; Ryan Shaw, 155 lbs. – 3rd place; Kory
Trojan War Tournament, placing 4 wrestlers, with 3 Marsalko, 165 lbs.- 6th place.



2019 Varsity Softball

The 2019 Softball team had a solid season, winning 11 contests and falling just one spot short of qualifying
for the District 6 playoffs. The team made big improvements
on offense from last season. The team was impressive from
the plate, finishing with a team batting average of .418. This
season the team had 7 players batting over .400. The top 2
hitters were Senior Erica Lybarger, and Sophomore Paige
Debias. Erica finished the season with a .590 batting aver-
age with 36 hits, 21 RBIs, and 1 home run. Paige was a close
second with a .547 batting average, 35 hits, 11 RBIs, and 1
home run. Other big hitters were Sophomore Josi Wehner,

Junior Sydney McCormick and Freshman Mackenzie Hoover. Josi had a .498 average with 2 home runs,
Sydney had a .479 average with 4 home runs, and Mackenzie finished with a .411 batting average for the
season. Senior pitcher Courtney Golden had a great season on the mound earning 8 of the team’s 11 victo-
ries, while recording 58 strikeouts. On April 8th, Courtney pitched a perfect game against Bishop Guilfoyle.
Sophomore Taylor Burda was also important on the mound, recording 16 strikeouts for the season. 8 of 11
wins this season were high scoring games with 10 runs for more. We lose 4 great seniors to graduation,
and all brought important leadership to the program and will be greatly missed. Our seniors were Lexi
Bobak, Courtney Golden, Erica Lybarger, and Rosie Plaza. This year’s Senior Award recipient is Courtney
Golden, and our All-Conference selection is Erica Lybarger. The Lady Rangers look to build upon this
year’s success next spring.

Forest Hills Rifle Team

Forest Hills Varsity Rifle continues to move ahead in wins
over losses for another season. This season’s 7 wins was
an improvement over last year’s 6-win season. The team
also crushed their previous record by surpassing the 1,300
plus score six times over last year’s three times. Leading
the team's successful season were several solid varsity
members including the team captain Hannah Croyle and Co
-captain Kristi Burkett. Seniors Megan Jennings and Alys-
sa Penrod were also high-scoring shooters and aided in
strengthening this season’s team. Top Varsity juniors in-
cluded Donovan Faith, Thomas Hockensmith, and Luke Docherty. Leading the younger group of team
members was Mitchell Costlow, who also shot in the top 5 all season. Six varsity members qualified for
states including, Kristi Burkett, Hannah Croyle, Donovan Faith, Mitchell Costlow, Megan Jennings and
Alyssa Penrod.

The Junior Varsity also improved from last season, recording 7 victories. Rounding out the top 3 JV
Shooters were Juniors Bryce Conner and Alex Bambino, and freshman Gabe Nginyo.

Varsity Wrestling 2019

The varsity wrestling team finished the season with an impressive 20-4 record. The team finished 3rd in the
District 6 team duals, losing a close, hard fought battle 39-34 in the district semi-finals to the eventual Dis-
trict Champions Westmont. The team was led by seniors: Michael Noon, Byron Daubert, Bob Krug, Corey
Miller, Ryan Latshaw and Mason Rodgers. The entire team worked extremely hard all season long, practic-
ing daily and even sometimes twice a day coming in before school to practice. The addition of some very
talented freshman to the roster this season, mixed with the experience of the seniors, made for a fun team
to watch. The team racked up a total of 165 pins throughout the season. The Rangers look to have a quality
off-season workout schedule and hope to come back strong again next year. (Continued on Page 26)


Forest Hills Claims 5th Championship in a Row

The Varsity Girls Basketball team opened the 2018-19 season with
a setback against PIAA runner-up Juniata Valley in the Forest
Hills Tip-Off tournament.

The team bounced back, winning the next 14 games in a row. The
team finished as Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference regular
season champions with a 17-1 record, their only loss coming on
the road at Bishop McCort.

Over the Christmas break, the team traveled to Penn Hills High
School in Pittsburgh for a holiday tournament. This 12-team tour-
nament allowed our girls to play a variety of schools of different sizes and from different leagues, which
prepared them for the grind they face in January, February, and hopefully into March.

The Lady Rangers added to their District 6 reign by adding their fifth D6 championship in a row with their
win over Huntingdon, 64-44. In this game, the team opened the first quarter with a 23-7 scoring advantage
and the team never stopped, as 10 players scored and all 13 players in attendance contributed.

The team won their opening round contest in the PIAA state tournament with a convincing victory over a
strong Keystone Oaks team, 50-39. The season ended in the quarterfinals, as our Rangers fell to Villa-
Maria Academy by a 46-34 final score.

Senior Carly Stigers was the Laurel Highlands All-Conference selection. Senior Victoria Koeck received
the Girls Basketball Senior Award.

The season was hugely successful in part because of the team, their off-season work, dedication and com-
mitment to keeping Lady Ranger basketball as one of the top teams in the area. This team was led by four
seniors who have played together for quite some time: Victoria Koeck, Maggie Stains, Carly Stigers and
Kayla Stohon. All four players will be participating in a sport at the collegiate level and signed to play on
June 4, 2019. Victoria Koeck was recruited by Washington & Jefferson for women’s basketball and will
play in the President’s Athletic Conference. W & J is located in Washington, PA. Carly Stigers will also
continue her athletic career in basketball, as she was recruited by St. Vincent College women’s basketball
in Latrobe, PA. She will also play in the President’s Athletic Conference.

Kayla Stohon and Maggie Stains will both continue academically and athletically at Waynesburg Universi-
ty, in Waynesburg, PA. Kayla will be part of the women’s volleyball team and Maggie will run on both cross
country and track teams for the school.

Varsity Boys Basketball 2018-2019

This year’s Varsity Boys Basketball team raised the bar to new
heights with their successful season. The team made the state
playoffs and advanced to t he sweet sixteen for the first time in
24 seasons. This year’s team was anchored by six seniors who
brought leadership, hard work, and toughness to every practice
and game. The end result of all of the hard work was an overall
17-10 record and a fifth place finish in a difficult Laurel High-
lands Conference.

The players on the team complemented each other both on and
off of the court. A balanced attack allowed Forest Hills to score from many spots on the court and kept de-
fenses guessing. Defense and tenacity accompanied the Rangers on the court all season and allowed
them to prevail in a number of close contests and make other contests lopsided in the Rangers favor.

The seniors on this team included: Adam Cecere, Mitchell Chunta, Josh Schrock, Jake Shope, Quinn
Spangler, and Dom Spinos. These seniors have shown the underclassmen what it takes to win a state
playoff game and how to be leaders on and off of the basketball court. The seniors will truly be missed, but
they have left a great foundation for the underclassmen to build on. Next year’s Rangers are ready to start
the difficult job of following a tremendous season on the hardwood for Forest Hills.


Girls Varsity Track Team Success Continues

The Varsity Girls Track & Field team completed another successful season. The team finished with a dual
meet record of 11 wins and 1 loss. During the past 13 seasons the team has compiled a dual meet record
of 145 wins and 7 losses. The team placed 2nd at the Bedford Giant Eagle Invitational, 2nd out of 25 teams
at the Altoona Mt. Lion Classic, 2nd at the LHAC Meet, 3rd out of 31 teams at the district meet, and won the
Northern Bedford Invitational (10th consecutive year).

Seven girls qualified for the PIAA State meet in 3 events. Sophomore Alyssa Caddy in the 200 meter dash
(District champion and 19th at the state meet), 4X400 relay team of junior Lacey Greathouse, senior
Maggie Stains, and sophomores Alyssa Caddy, Remi Smith and Payton McGough (3rd at the district meet
and 22nd at the state meet), and in the javelin, sophomores Haley Croyle (2nd at the district meet and 7th at
the state meet) and Josi Wehner (3rd at the district meet and 12th at the state meet). Haley’s personal best
throw of 123‘-10” at the state meet earned her a 7th place state meet medal.

Once again the success of the team was
the result of “team effort”. Twenty-four
girls out of a team of 35 girls earned a
varsity letter. 21 girls earned 129 indi-
vidual awards at major meets. 30 girls
scored at least 1 point during the sea-
son. We were truly 35 girls strong!

Everyone is excited to be competing on
the new all-weather track and is looking
forward to another exciting and success-
ful season in 2020.The varsity girls track
and field team is coached by Tom Hunter
and Scott Krise.

Varsity Boys Volleyball

The Rangers returned to the court in 2019 after a one-year hiatus from competition within District 6 and
the Mid-State Boys Volleyball League. The roster included 14 players, only four players were on the ros-
ter in 2017 when the Rangers captured the District VI title.

Although inexperienced, the team started their season with two victories, beating Huntingdon and
Central. In the third match of the year, the Rangers suffered their first loss when they hosted rival Bishop
Guilfoyle. However, the loss motivated the team to work hard and prepare for the rematch the following
week in which the Rangers traveled to Bishop Guilfoyle and returned with a victory improving their record
to 3-1. In addition to Huntingdon, Central and Bishop Guilfoyle, the Rangers completed matches with
Dubois and West Shamokin. The Rangers finished the regular season with a 7-6 record earning a place in
the District Playoffs. The Rangers traveled to West Shamokin for the District 6 Semi-final match and alt-
hough they lost to the eventual District 6 Champions, they performed well and finished the season with
pride! Three of the Rangers were honored with a place on the Mid-State Boys Volleyball League All Star
Team - Tony Zangaglia, Jason Wissinger, and Josh Schrock.

Team members include seven seniors; Connor
Freidhoff, Colton Platt, Simeon Rosage, Jason
Wissinger, Josh Schrock, Philip Yuhas and Tony
Zangaglia. The underclassmen include Juniors,
Thomas Hockensmith, John Rhinier, and Michael
Vasbinder; Sophomores, Carson Berkhimer, Mitchell
Costlow and Tanner Kalmanir; Freshman, Connor
Wysocki. The Head Coach is Jen Poldiak, Assistant
Coach is Tim Kestermont and Volunteer Coach is
Timmy Kestermont.


Varsity Baseball 2019

The 2019 Varsity Baseball season was successful with a rec-
ord of 16 wins and 4 losses. All 4 losses came at the hands of
teams who advanced to the District finals. The seniors
amassed 64 wins and 21 losses in their 4 years of competition.

Wake Forest bound Adam Cecere led this group of seniors,
and he also earned the Senior Award. Adam accumulated 99
total hits along with 90 RBI in his glorious career. This year he
led the team in batting average (.500), On-base percentage
(.627), RBI (27), tied for the lead in home runs (4) and hits (25).
He won 5 games on the mound as well. Jake Shope also was
a 4 year starter and was the Laurel Highlands All Conference
selection. He had 95 total hits for his career, as well as 112
runs scored. This year Jake led the team in runs scored (29),
along with sharing the home run title with 4. His finished with a .371 batting average, and an On-base per-
centage of .500. He also was exceptional on the mound posting 6 wins and recording a no-hitter against
Penn Cambria. These two players will be remembered for years to come in Ranger baseball folklore.
Forrest Wolfhope played an instrument part this season, hitting .327 and he was on base at a .413 clip.
Chase Hudson was one of the most coachable and hardest working players we have had at Forest Hills.
Sam Cobaugh made a positive impact and had his best game of the year getting 3 hits against Bedford in
the last regular season game. Dom Spinos was also a positive contributor this year.

The junior class also made valuable contributions on this year’s team. Seth Richardson had a .373 batting
average and won 2 games pitching this year. He will be counted upon to be a team leader next year along
with fellow Junior Brycen Rearick, who hit 3 home runs and batted .300, while providing great defense at
the catcher position. Caleb Sorchilla and Eli Kline also contributed on the varsity this year. The sopho-
more class development played a huge part in this year’s team. Brad Madigan had an average of .426 and
established himself as a key cog in next year’s plans. Zach Myers played a dependable 1st base, getting on
base 40% of the time, while also earning two wins on the mound. Fellow sophomore Drew Mehall developed
into a reliable 2nd baseman and Dan & Josh Blanchetti gained some valuable experience on the varsity ros-
ter. Freshman Colton Cornell became a starter at 3rd base and hit .304. He will be counted on heavily in the
2020 campaign. Tyson Snyder also matured and gained experience learning behind Brycen Rearick. The
Ranger Junior Varsity squad also had success, winning 11 games and losing only 3.

Varsity Wrestling 2019 (Continued from Page 23)

The individual season was one of the best in
Forest Hills history. We had 5 individuals place
at the District 6 tournament and advanced to
the PIAA Southwest Regional tournament.
Those wrestlers were: Easton Toth–2nd
place, Jackson Arrington –1st place, Byron
Daubert–3rd place, Erik Gibson–1st place
(named outstanding wrestler), Bob Krug–5th
place. All of these wrestlers fought hard at the
Southwest Regional Tournament, which con-
sists of 56 schools from Districts 5, 6, and 7. All 5 Rangers fiercely competed and advanced to the state
tournament. This tied a school record set in 2004. Easton Toth was able to battle to a 4th place fin-
ish. Jackson Arrington advanced through his bracket before losing a hard fought match in the finals plac-
ing 2nd. Byron Daubert was able to punch his ticket to the state meet for the third time placing 5th. Erik Gib-
son was able to breeze his way into the finals before suffering a tough loss to the eventual state champion
giving him a 2nd place finish. Lastly, Bob Krug secured a 6th place finish which enabled him to achieve his
goal and advance to his first trip to Hershey to wrestle in the State Championships.

The Rangers did an outstanding job at Hershey, bringing home two state medals. Erik Gibson was able to
place 3rd in the state at 138 pounds which is exceptional for a freshman, finishing with 44 wins on the year,
which is the most by a Forest Hills freshman. Jackson Arrington had the tournament of his life and did the
unthinkable, winning a state title as a freshman at 113 pounds. He became the school’s 3rd state champi-

The future is very bright for the program, and it will be exciting to see what success is to come. The varsity
wrestling team would also like the thank all of our wonderful fans and local businesses who supported our
program during this season!


Krug Wins Silver at States

At the PIAA Track and Field Championship in Shippensburg on May 25, 2019, Bob Krug
placed 2nd in the pole vault. Bob cleared a height of 14 feet on his first attempt. This

made Bob the third Ranger to place in the top two at
the state championship meet. His jump broke the
school record of 13 feet that Bob previously held.
This was Bob’s second trip to the state meet after
qualifying his sophomore year. An injury prevented
a return trip as a junior, but Bob made the most of
his senior year. Bob, a four year letterman, was the
Laurel Highlands Champion and District 6 runner-up
before closing his outstanding Ranger career as
PIAA State runner-up. Congratulations Bob on a
terrific senior campaign!

6th Grade Trout Stocking Forest Hills School District | 2019-2020 CALENDAR Board Approved
On May 7th, grade 6 science classes
participated in the yearly tradition Revised 4/9/19
of stocking trout in Laurel Run.
Through partnership with the 19 Pre-K Orientation AUGUST 2019 FEBRUARY 2020 17 Teacher In-Service (Act 80)
“Trout in the Classroom” program, 20 Kindergarten Orientation S M T W Th F S S M T W Th F S 18 Teacher In-Service (Act 80)
over 85 brook trout were success- 21 Teacher In-Service Day
fully raised by students throughout 22 Clerical Day 123 1
the year. In addition to stocking the 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2345678
trout, the students also practiced ES Open House 6:00 – 7:30 pm 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
fly fishing skills and conducted a 26 First Student Day 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
macroinvertebrate study to monitor 30 Schools Closed (Offices open) 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
the quality of the stream ecosys-
tem. A special thank you to volun- 2 Labor Day (schools & offices SEPTEMBER 2019 MARCH 2020 26 Early Dismissal Teacher In-Service
teers from Trout Unlimited and closed) S M T W Th F S S M T W Th F S (end of 3rd quarter)
Brandywine Conservancy for mak- 1234567 1234567
ing this event an amazing success. 4 Jr-Sr HS Open House 6:00 – 7:30 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 27 FIRST DAY OF QUARTER 4 and
pm 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Teacher In-Service (Act 80)
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
20 Early Dismissal Teacher In- 29 30 29 30 31
Service (Act 80)

14 Parent-Teacher Conferences (Act OCTOBER 2019 APRIL 2020 8 Early Dismissal
80) S M T W Th F S S M T W Th F S 9 Easter Break (snow make-up
ES: 12 – 8 pm (break 4:00 – 5:00
pm) 12345 1234 day #1) (schools closed &
Jr-Sr HS: 10 am – 6 pm (break 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 offices opened)
2:-00 - 3:00 pm) 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 10 Easter Break (schools &
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 offices closed)
15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 27 28 29 30 31 26 27 28 29 30 13 Easter Break (schools &
8:00 am – 4:00 pm (break 12:00 – offices closed)
1:00 pm) (Act 80) 20-24 English/Language Arts PSSA
27-May 8 Math/Science PSSA
28 Early Dismissal Teacher In-
Service (End of 1st quarter)


11 Veterans Day (schools & offices NOVEMBER 2019 MAY 2020 4 Teacher In-Service Day
closed) S M T W Th F S S M T W Th F S 11-22 Keystone Exam Testing
27 Early Dismissal 25 Memorial Day (schools & offices
28-29 Thanksgiving Break (schools & 12 12 closed)
offices closed) 3456789 3456789
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 24/31 25 26 27 28 29 30

2 Thanksgiving Break (schools & DECEMBER 2019 JUNE 2020 2 Early Dismissal
offices closed) S M T W Th F S S M T W Th F S 3 Tentative Last Day 2019-2020
1234567 School Year
2-13 Keystone Exam Testing 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 123456 4 Snow Make-up Day #2
20 Early Dismissal 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 5 Snow Make-up Day #3
23-31 Christmas Break (schools & 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 8 Snow Make-up Day #4
29 30 31 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 9 Snow Make-up Day #5
offices closed) 28 29 30

1 Schools & Offices Closed January 2020 1st Quarter: August 26 – October 28 Student Days – 42
6 – 17 Keystone Exam Testing S M T W Th F S 2nd Quarter: October 29 – January 17 Teacher Days – 46
17 Early Dismissal End of Semester 1 3rd Quarter: January 20 – March 26
20 Schools Closed 1234 4th Quarter: March 27 – June 3 Student Days – 47
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Teacher Days – 47
Offices Opened 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
FIRST DAY OF QUARTER 3 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Student Days – 46
26 27 28 29 30 31 Teacher Days – 48
Left to Right: Bryce Roberts, Aiden Middleton, Ryder
Anspach, Chase Williamson, Tommy Russell Student Days – 43
Teacher Days – 45


U.S. Postage Paid
Permit #5
Johnstown, PA

“BTohaerdmoifsSsciohnooolfDtihreecFtoorrsest HiDlDlissistSrtirccihct toAAoddlmmDiniisnististrrtiarcattitoiiosnnto

proviGdaleentGheoergeb, Peresstidesntt udent-centeDaErvdeiwddiLneBheomwdasnue,rSc,uSapueptreiinroitnentnednesdneotnt all

studeTrnactysHealscelq, 1ustiVricee-Parensiddenat pply the knowledge and skillsLuVcaanseJsascaoSbrsa,lD, DiriercetcotrorofoEf Edducuactaiotinon to

DonnCa lMauudrpiahMy-eChaarlol,sSi,cShcohool oPlsPyscyhcohloogloisgtist
succeed in an ever-changing world.”Deborah Petrunak, 2nd Vice-President

John Bopp, SecrePtuabrliyshed by the Office oEfrtihceaSLuapCeMruianrntetVniada,esnSatpso,ef HcthiieaglFhoESrdecushtcHoaoitllilsoPSnrciShnoucopilpeDarisvltirsicotr

Timothy Ondrejik, Treasurer CurtBVriaasnaKs,oSsetannio, rHHSigAhssSiscthaonotlPPrrininccipipaall

Robert Beyer, Member BriEadnwKaorsdtaAnle, xSaenndioerr,HMigidhdAlessSiscthaonotlPPrrininccipipaall

Richard Knavel, Member Edward AleLxaaunrdaeMr,ilJleurn, iDoer aHnigohf SSctuhdoeonl tPsrincipal

Corina Long, Member MicLhuacealsBJraacnoabs,sJ, uEnleiomreHnitgahryDSecahnoooflSPtruindceinptasl

Keith Rager, Member RebeccLaarRroybCeertlms,eErl,eEmSeAnstasrisytSancthPoorilnPcripinaclipal

Ronald Repak, Solicitor RoberCthDriilsl,REeleigmheanrtda,rByuAssinseisstsanMtaPnraingceirpal

CMharrisiaRneBigohyaerrd, ,FBooudsinSeesrsviMceanDairgeecrtor

Jesslyn Anslinger, Food Service Director

“The mission of the Forest Hills School District is to
provide the best student-centered education so all

students acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to
succeed in an ever-changing world.”

Published by the Office of the Superintendent of the Forest Hills School District


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