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English (Learning Disabilities) Year 1 BT

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English (Learning Disabilities) Year 1 BT

English (Learning Disabilities) Year 1 BT

Let’s listen and say.

1 2 3

one two

5 4 three

five four

6 7 8

six seven eight

10 9

ten nine

42 1.2.1(a) TNeaochteer’ss Say aloud the words and ask pupils to repeat. Get pupils to make the
1.1.1(b) sound of a train.

Let’s listen and say.

Number Chart

ten one

nine 910 12 two
8eight 3 three
7 6seven
54 four

six five

1.2.1(a) TNeaochteer’ss Say aloud the words and ask pupils to repeat. 43

Let’s make. Dice
You need:

cardboard pencil ruler scissors glue marker
1 2

Draw dice template on a Cut out the dice
thin cardboard. template.

3 4

Glue the tabs. Fold the Write a number or
cardboard to form the dice. counters on each side.


44 3.3.1 TNeaochteer’ss Provide pupils with the dice templates. Teacher may get the template from
the Internet. Assist pupils to cut out the templates. Use the dice in various
types of activities such as counting, taking turns or in any games.

10Unit Days of the Week

Let’s sing.

Sunday There are seven days, there are seven days, Saturday

There are seven days in a week,

There are seven days, there are seven days,

There are seven days in a week,

Monday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Tuesday (To the tune of Oh My Darling, Clementine) Thursday


1.1.1(d) TNeaochteer’ss Provide a castanet for each pupil. Sing the song with pupils. Guide pupils 45
2.1.2(i) to tap the castenet every time they see the castenet icon. Emphasise the
(ii) usage of upper-case and lower-case letters for the days.

Let’s listen and say.

Saturday Sunday

Friday watching flying
television kite




Thursday Tuesday

Wednesday painting


playing football

1. On Wednesday, Adi plays football.
2. On Thursday, Adi goes swimming.

46 1.2.1(a) TNeaochteer’ss Introduce days of the week. Get pupils to listen to and repeat after the
teacher. Ask pupils which day they like the most. Why?

Let’s read.

Our Activities on Saturday

Kavita Mei Mei


swimming class piano class

visiting grandparents watching movie



1. On Saturday morning, Kavita has swimming class.
2. On Saturday morning, Mei Mei has piano class.
3. In the afternoon, Kavita visits her grandparents.
4. In the afternoon, Mei Mei watches movie with her family.
5. In the evening, Kavita and Mei Mei go jogging at the


2.2.2 TNeaochteer’ss Get pupils to repeat after the teacher. Ask pupils simple questions about 47
2.2.3 their activities during weekends. Instil the values of loving and caring to
each other.

Let’s read.

1 Bestari Duty Roster


Monday • Adi • Kavita • Mei Mei • Siva

• Kavita • Siva

Tuesday • Mei Mei • Siva • Adi • Adi
• Kavita • Siva

Wednesday • Adi • Mei Mei • Mei Mei • Kavita

• Siva • Kavita

Thursday • Mei Mei • Adi • Siva • Mei Mei
• Adi • Kavita

Friday • Siva • Kavita • Mei Mei • Siva

• Kavita • Adi

1. Every Monday, Adi and Kavita sweep the floor.
2. Every Tuesday, Siva cleans the whiteboard.
3. Every Wednesday, Mei Mei and Kavita arrange the

desks and chairs.
4. Every Thursday, Mei Mei empties the waste-paper

5. Every Friday, Siva and Kavita sweep the floor.

48 2.2.2 TNeaochteer’ss Guide pupils to read the sentences. Instil the values of working together.

Let’s write.

Weather Forecast

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

sunny windy rainy windy

Friday Saturday Sunday

cloudy sunny rainy

1. How’s the weather on Monday? It is ________________________ .
2. How’s the weather on Thursday? It is _______________________ .
3. How’s the weather on Friday? __________________________________ .
4. How’s the weather on Sunday? ________________________________ .

3.2.3 TNeaochteer’ss Guide pupils to fill in the blanks with the correct answers. Pupils copy the 49
sentences in their exercise books.

Let’s make. You need:

Day’s Chart mounting
Steps: marker
1 Write the word sticky
“Today is” and “The
weather is” on the
mounting board.

2 Cut the transparent

Then, paste it beside
each sentence.


Write the pupils’

4 Cut the transparent day
sheet. cards

Then, paste it under

each name.


5 cards

Slot in the day card,

weather card, and

the pictures into the picture of
transparent sheet. waste-paper

basket, whiteboard,
chair, and desk

50 3.3.1 TNeaochteer’ss Get pupils to work in two groups. One group will prepare the day cards and
3.2.2(i) the other group will prepare the weather cards. Assist pupils to change the
(ii) cards every day accordingly.

Dengan ini SAYA BERJANJI akan menjaga buku ini
dengan baik dan bertanggungjawab atas kehilangannya

serta mengembalikannya kepada pihak sekolah pada
tarikh yang ditetapkan.

Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks

Sekolah ________________________________________

Tahun Darjah Nama Penerima Tarikh

Nombor Perolehan: __________________________________
Tarikh Penerimaan: __________________________________


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