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Verdant Magazine-compressed

Verdant Magazine-compressed


We are a family owned, ingredient focused and blockchain verified company
rooted in southern Minnesota’s rolling hills. We are dedicated to creating
exceptional, small batch products infused with the highest quality
full spectrum, THC-free Hemp Extract.



Ver-dant is derived from the Old French, “verdoier”, meaning green, lush,
luxuriant, covered in a healthy, growing green;
implying an ongoing, rich wellness.

At Verdant, we obsess over every ingredient– how, where

and when it’s grown, harvested, produced, mixed, tested,
packaged, stored and shipped. From the planted field to
our customers’ welcome mats. We make it for our family and
share it with our customers.

All of our products are produced in small batches,
ensuring quality, freshness and consistency, and backed by
thousands of hours of research and product development,
and the highest food standards on the planet.

Our products are always:

Made in America Organically Grown Effective & Best Tasting No THC Triple Tested Socially Small Batch Crafted by Experts

May our life be filled with the rich moments of a
life well lived,

Travis, Kirk and Kara

Our Story

How three siblings from southern Minnesota came to found Verdant.

Since their launch in 2018, Verdant has set the MADE FOR FAMILY, SHARED WITH
standard for the Hemp CBD industry with unparal- We three siblings were on a solutions search for
leled, industry-first quality standards, from the our family members’ ongoing medical issues
seeds to their customers’ front doors. when we discovered both CBD’s meaningful,
everyday benefits and the CBD industry’s alarming
FARMING ROOTS, PROFESSIONAL (and at times dishonest) ingredients and methods.
SOPHISTICATION Given our relevant expertise and need, we
We were raised on a 150 year old organic founded Verdant, devoting a year to investigate
Minnesota farm and understand how ingredients every ingredient and detail before we proudly
are thoughtfully grown. We've worked in, with, and produced our first full spectrum hemp product,
managed sophisticated food productionand retail for our family and yours.
companies, so we know how ingredients are care-
fully transformed into final products. This growing OUR INGREDIENTS, YOUR MOMENTS.
and production background drives our ingredient We strongly believe our expertise driven, best in
focus, blending Fortune 500 standards (science, class ingredients can improve our and your family’s
safety, consistency), technology innovation (THC daily minutes and hours, which is what we truly
removal, blockchain verification), and small organic value. So, we make fresh, small batches and ensure
farm DNA (quality, transparency, authenticity) to consistent, transparent ingredient quality through
deliver the best version of a thousands year old multiple lab tests and cutting edge blockchain verifi-
beneficial plant based ingredient. cation. Please confidently enjoy our products’
wholesome, beneficial ingredients.



USA organic hemp easy turns with cap’s ridges
USDA organic carrier oil

UV protection with guaranteed CBD a mount
frosted a mber glass bottles
(every time)
(plus it looks pretty cool, too!)
f ms milayllo wb antecdh e+s wc riatfhte d in
whole plant, full spectrum standards

(aka all the GOOD stuff, not just CBD) * n o TH C
* no toxins
w it h goao d to gtlhaes sl apstip ette * no worries

htaesi+nt e d
b l oc k c i fi e d

Wholesome ingredients crafted by experts to
improve everyday moments.

L I V E B E T T E R . L I V E N O W. TM

Full Spectrum, THC-Free Hemp Extract

Organically grown and handcrafted in America
according to the highest food standards on the planet.


Whether you’re heading to the office or jetting around Whether you’re new to the Verdant community or trying
the world, this full spectrum, certified THC-free Hemp full spectrum, THC-free Hemp Extract for the first time,
Extract is the perfect partner for your busy lifestyle. our Standard size offers the perfect introduction.

Approximately 13mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil per Approximately 13mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil per
1ml serving. 1ml serving.


Enjoy our Select full spectrum, THC-free Hemp Extract– Meet our powerhouse and staff favorite. Our Signature
the perfect bridge between our Standard and full spectrum, THC-free Hemp Extract offers our highest
Signature products. concentration of CBD oil per mg.

Approximately 26mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil per Approximately 40mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil per
1ml serving. 1ml serving.

~ 400MG ~ 400MG

We know you care for and give your pets only the best, Whether you’re new to the Verdant community or trying
just as we do ours. They’re part of the family, after all. full spectrum, THC-free Hemp Extract for the first time,
That’s why we’ve crafted this full spectrum, THC-free Hemp our Standard and Crafted for Pets products offer the
Extract especially for them. perfect introduction for you and your family.

Approximately 13mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil per Approximately 13mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil per
1ml serving. 1ml serving.

Organically-Grown in the USA | USDA Organic MCT Oil | Triple Tested | Blockchain Verified
No Chemicals | No Gluten | No Sugar | No GMOs

The Making of Verdant

In CBD’s “overnight brand” industry, why did we take a year to develop our first products?

A little background. We three siblings grew up to evaluate and customize every ingredient and
production step, from the planted fields to our
on a small organic Minnesota farm before moving customers’ welcome mats. So, we began an
onto "big city" careers in Fortune 100 corporate, exhaustive 12 month investigation covering how,
consumer packaged goods, brand management, when, and where our ingredients were grown,
and private equity where we received "hands in processed, combined, evaluated, packaged,
the dirt" food production, supply chain, and retail shipped, and experienced.
We were initially driven to evaluate CBD by family Hemp farming practices vary widely. We ensured
need and, with our backgrounds, extensively seed type, which determines the level of THC,
studied the science and the industry. CBD’s soil quality, which can transmit heavy metals if
ancient and modern anecdotal evidence contaminated, actual organic practices, not just
abounds, and recently legalized CBD scientific claims, no harmful chemicals/pesticides, and U.S.
research "has shown CBD to have a range of grown rather than from foreign sources like China,
effects that may be therapeutically useful” as is common.
(U.S. government testimony link) with a “good
safety profile” (WHO - link). CBD’s “wild west” PROCESSING
industry, however, is fraught with bad ingredients, The hemp CBD extraction method is crucial.
poor processes, and downright deceit, with Usual processes rely on butane, which is danger-
~70% of CBD products “either over or under ous and retains toxins, or CO2, which is cheap
labeled, causing potential serious harm” (link). and diminishes the ingredients, often resulting
Not safe for our family or yours. in an isolate CBD or retain meaningful THC levels.
We employ an innovative, gentle method using
We believed CBD had meaningful potential ben- food grade, FDA “safe” ethanol (grain alcohol),
efits, but only if made well, with great care taken

the same solvent used in vanilla extract. This verification system to further prove
produces a “full spectrum” hemp extract which ingredient trustability.
retains all of the beneficial bioactive elements (CBD
plus the numerous naturally occurring cannabinoids, PACKAGING
flavonoids, and terpenes) while removing impurities, We painstakingly designed every packaging
chlorophyl (which produces a bitter taste), wax and detail including custom bottles, caps, and boxes
the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. to improve ingredient integrity and customer
experience. From frosted amber glass bottles
CARRIER OIL that limit UV rays to ridged caps for opening ease
Unlike most, we spent months diligencing our MCT to cushioned sliding tray boxes designed for
coconut “carrier oil” to ensure its benefits, truly pleasant daily use.
USDA organic farming practices, and natural, chemi-
cal-free processing methods. SHIPPING
After evaluating numerous nationwide
MIXING & BOTTLING possibilities, we developed a supply chain that
We carefully made sure food manufacturing partners ensures proper product storage and industry
met FDA and GMP guidelines and had proper rare, free 1-3 day shipping.
licenses and certifications. We also ensured quality
and freshness through small batch manufacturing A year later, we hope our meticulous ingredient
requirements. research, from the initial science to the final prod-
uct, rewards our customer’s trust with meaning-
LAB TESTING & BLOCKCHAIN VERIFICATION fully improved everyday moments. Made for our
Ingredient quality and transparency are imperative. family and shared with you.
So, we require three customer available third-party
tests to ensure ingredient purity and potency and
innovated a cutting- edge, industry-first blockchain


For more information, visit us at or
email us at [email protected]

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