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City of Hot Springs Parks & Trails December 2019 Newsletter

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Published by CHS Parks & Trails, 2019-12-01 15:12:58

Parks & Trail December 2019 Newsletter

City of Hot Springs Parks & Trails December 2019 Newsletter

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 Photo Contest Winners 1st Place Winning Photo
 Holiday Lights submitted by: Hap Proctor
 Huff, Puff, the Stuff 5K
 Indoor Soccer Sign-ups
 Christmas Memories
 Beat the Holiday Blues
 Winter Craft...and more!

111 Opera Street Table of Contents 2
P.O. Box 700 Calendar: meetings and events 3
Pavilion Rentals 4
Hot Springs, AR 71902 Seasonal Reminders 4
Holiday Lights 5
Call: 501-321-6871 Northwoods Photo Contest
Email: [email protected] Winners 6
Huff, Puff, then Stuff 5K 8
Visit: Indoor Soccer 10

Like us on Facebook: Christmas Memories 11
Hot Springs Parks & Trails Beat the Holiday Blues Away! 12
Growing Healthy Communities- Winter Craft 13
Trail Etiquette 14
Hot Springs Trails in Your City Parks 15
Greenway Sponsorships 16
OUR STAFF Vandalism Notice 17

Director 2
Anthony Whittington
Landscape Superintendent

Brian Fisher
Parks Superintendent

Larry Golden
Office Manager
Kathleen Fason

Jennifer Shinn

 12/6 December is:
Christmas Memories
Kenneth Adair Memorial Park Write a Friend Month
358 Central Avenue Bingo Month
6:00 - 8:00 p.m. (details page 11)
Special Days:
 12/9
Hot Springs Christmas Parade Eat a Red Apple Day 1
Downtown Hot Springs
6:30 p.m. Christmas Memories 6

 12/11 Christmas Parade 9
Parks & Trails Advisory Committee joint
meeting with Friends of the Parks Board National Poinsettia Day 12
Smokin In Style at 5:00 p.m.
Answer the phone like
 12/12
Northwoods Final Full Moon Ride of 2019! Buddy the Elf Day 18
Northwoods Trailhead, 300 Pineland Dr.
5:00 p.m. Winter Solstice 21

 12/21 Christmas Eve 24
Winter Solstice - Shortest Day of the Year!
Christmas Day 25
 12/24-25
City Offices will be closed in observance of 120th Christmas Bird 29
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Count

 12/31 New Year’s Eve 31
New Year’s Eve!


Renting a city park pavilion is quick and easy.
Cost is minimal and clean up will be, too!

 Birthday Parties
 Family Reunions
 Wedding Receptions
 Baby Showers
 Retirement Farewells
 Fishing Derbies

Cost to reserve pavilions:
$10 per hour for city residents
$20 per hour for non-city residents

Additional fees may apply for large groups and special events. Please refer to our
Reservation Policy for fee schedules or call the Parks and Trails Department at
501-321-6871 for more information.

To make your reservation, call or come by the Parks and Trails Department at 111 Opera Street,
or fill out an interactive online form at Reservations must be made a least two
(2) weeks prior to your event date. Postings in the information kiosks of each park reflect who
has a pavilion reserved and when each week (Monday - Sunday).

Please Remember…. The City of Hot
Motorized Vehicles Springs Noise Ordi-
are NOT allowed on
nance is enforced
from 10:00 PM to 7:00

Fireworks are NOT
allowed in any


Hap Proctor snapped this delightful
photo of Terri Barhoush (bike) and
Mike Kemp on the Freeman Trail.
The hollowed log is a distinct indicator
of where they are on the trail.
He is the winner of the 50 oz.
Camelbak Hydrobak.

Logan Hunt took this photo at the
“Hub P” while taking a quick rest
before dropping back in!
He is the winner of a Crankbrothers
M19 Bicycle Multi-Tool Steel Bike Tool
(Hex and Chain Tool Compatible)

Debbie Rigsby took this beautiful
photo of Lake Bethel at sunset. She
is the winner of a 25 oz. CamelBak
Podium Big Chill Insulated Water

6 is the place to
go online for information and maps
of not only the Northwoods Trails
but all trails in and around Hot
Springs, AR. From intermediate
to advanced, there is a trail for
everyone who wants to get outside
and walk, run, or ride the trails!


The inaugural Huff, Puff, then Stuff 5K walk/run was hosted by the Hot Springs Friends of the
Parks, Spa Pacers, and City of Hot Springs Parks & Trails Department on Thanksgiving morning,
November 28, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. There were a total of 266 registered participants from 19 different
states. Friends was thrilled to have such an amazing response for their first year. They were sure
to thank their presenting sponsor Window Mart and each of their other sponsors. They also were
very thankful for all of the volunteers without whom this event would never have been possible! A
little bit of rain didn’t stop anyone from coming out and having a fun run along the Hot Springs
Creek Greenway Trail. Friends is looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Thank you Coleman Gocio of the Hot Springs Bicycle Touring Participants lined up at the start area on Broadway Terrace in
Company for being our lead off for the event and for all front of the Transportation Depot.
of your support for the greenway!

SISTERS: #26 Allie (1st) and #27 Amy (2nd) took the top two And their off!
spots in the 6-9 year old age division. They are pictured here
with their little sister Jane who also participated. Their brother
Sam in the stroller may be joining them next year! They were
visiting with their mother Melissa Callister from Beaumont, TX.


Almost everyone stopped to pose with Mr. Turkey at the Hot Springs Creek Green-
way Trailhead. Here are a few of the photos that were shared!



New this year to the downtown Christmas
lights is a walkthrough Christmas ornament
(photo at right). Located at Hill Wheatley
Plaza, this will be the perfect photo
opportunity along with last year’s
life-sized Christmas postcard. Parks &
Trails employees install more than 1 million
lights each year, as well as update/enhance
their current inventory and add new
elements or displays. Another new feature
this year is an ice-skating scene located in
the Convention Center lawn.


The holidays are a wonderful time to catch up with friends and family, attend parties, drink
eggnog and eat decadent foods! Of course, when the party’s over you might find yourself feeling
a little blue. Here are some tips for beating those holiday blues away!

1) BE ACTIVE: take a walk on the Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail, rent a bike at the Hot
Springs Bicycle Touring Company, 436 Broadway Avenue, and ride the greenway or Historic
Downtown Hot Springs! Staying active is the best way to beat away the blues. If you know the
holidays are a difficult time for you, it is best to not spend too much time alone, so ask a
friend, family member, or co-worker to join you!

2) GET PLENTY OF SLEEP: whether it’s early morning Black Friday shopping or late night gift
wrapping, the temptation to skip on sleep plagues us all. While sleep requirements vary
slightly from person to person, according to a Mayo Clinic report on sleep, the hours of sleep
needed start at 14-17 hours per day for newborns and decrease until around age 20, at which
time the amount needed is 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function at our best. Lastly, quality
is as important as quantity, so be sure you are experiencing uninterrupted sleep for your best
chances at beating those blues away.

3) LIMIT LIQUID CALORIES: alcohol, soda, and other sweetened beverages are full of empty
calories that can actually increase appetite, interrupt your sleep, and cause weight gain. Try
to limit these and let your calories come from foods you eat instead. If you know you are
going to be enjoying a few empty liquid calories, try to have them at least 2 hours before

4) REMEMBRANCES: you may have lost a beloved family member or friend and it is leaving
you feeling sad and depressed at the holidays. Allow those feelings and don’t try to push
them down. Instead find ways to remember those you have lost in a healthy, active way, such
as the Christmas Memories event at Adair Memorial Park, 358 Central Avenue. It is held
every year for people to hang ornaments on memorial trees in memory of those they have
lost or those who are away serving in the armed forces during the holidays. This year it is
being held on Friday, December 6, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Setting aside time for remembrance
is important for healing. It can really lift the spirits.

5) HELP SOMEONE ELSE: It’s hard to feel down while you are busy helping someone else.
Volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit a nursing home, help out at an animal shelter, whatever you
can do to be of help to others will help you to feel better!

There are many parks and trails in and around Hot Springs, Arkansas where you can soak up
some sun and breath in some fresh air. For a list of parks and trails in the city go to and check the City Parks link under Parks & Trails (Departments). We hope you
will have no problems beating the holiday blues away to start 2020 refreshed and ready for new


Supplies needed Step 1 and 2 For this fun snowman ornament you will
Step 3 Step 4 need the following supplies:
Step 5, 6,
 Round clear glass/plastic ornament
 Acrylic paints in white, blue, black, red,

orange, green
 Rubbing Alcohol
 Foam Spouncer®
 Liner Brush #1
 Decorative ribbon
 Foam Plates
 Paper towels
 Water basin

Step 7 Instructions:
1) Wipe outside of ornament with

rubbing alcohol

2) Squeeze approximately one tablespoon
of blue inside ornament. Place finger or
paper towel over opening and swirl paint
to coat the inside. Shake to completely
cover. Shake excess paint out and place
opening side down in a cup or bowl to
drain. Let dry overnight if necessary.

3) Using a Spouncer, apply white paint to
bottom part of ornament to create snow.

4) Spounce white onto three fingers and
press them onto ornament as shown.
Let dry.

5) Paint scarves with green and red paint
using liner brush. Paint noses and arms
with orange and black paint.

6) Create all dot detail by dipping opposite
end of paintbrush into paint and applying
to ornament.

7) Tie decorative ribbon around ornament
holder to finish.


More and more Hot Springs residents and visitors are flocking to parks and trails for fitness and
fun! Whether you are on the Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail or a city park trail, it’s good to
follow these simple etiquette rules so everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the trails.
Be Safe
Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle
Use bicycle lights and reflectors after dusk/before dawn
Wear bright or light colored clothing so you’re easily seen
Be aware of your surroundings
Carry a charged cell phone and proper identification
Communicate to family and friends where you’re going
Carry water
Utilize the buddy system when possible
Observe posted park rules and hours
Keep an eye on children
Travel at a safe speed
Slow down on curves
Do not ride on wet or muddy nature trails
Dismount and walk you bike on steep nature trails to avoid locking your breaking or skidding
Stay to right and pass with care
Always pass on the left
Ring a bell or give clear, verbal warning to nearby trail users before passing
Yield to oncoming traffic when passing
Bikes yield to pedestrians
Single file in groups
Motorized vehicles are prohibited on trails except motorized wheelchairs
Be Courteous
Stay on the trails to protect vegetation and minimize erosion
“Leave No Trace”- carry out what’s carried in
Do not disturb wildlife
Keep to the edge when stopped to allow others to pass
Be Responsible with pets
Keep all pets on a short leash
Pick-up pet waste

Park Name and Location Surface Type ADA Length

Baseball Trail Park - 1201 Whittington Ave Asphalt Yes 1/6 Mile
Yes 1/4 Mile
Chattanooga Park - 530 Chattanooga St Asphalt
1/5 Mile
Desoto Park - 1700 Park Ave Asphalt Yes
1/4 Mile
Entergy Park - 530 Lakepark Dr Asphalt Yes 2/10 Mile
North Loop Trail Asphalt Yes 3/4 Mile
Wildlife Observation Trail
Natural Surface No 1/5 Mile
Water Tower Loop Trail
1/2 Mile
Lakefront Trail Natural Surface No 1/10 Mile
1/10 Mile
Fenceline Trail Natural Surface No 1/10 Mile
3/10 Mile
Eagle Scout Trail Natural Surface No 1/5 mile
Yes 1 Mile
Playground Connector Trail Asphalt No 1/2 Mile
Pavilion on the Point Asphalt Yes 1/4 Mile
Sunnybrook Connector Trail Asphalt Yes
1/4 Mile
Family Park - 215 Family Park Rd Asphalt No 1/2 Mile
2/3 Mile
Hill Wheatley Park - 688 Majestic Lodge Rd Natural Surface No 1/2 Mile
Yes 1/4 Mile
Hinsley Park - Kingsway and Meadowlake Natural Surface 1/4 Mile

Wade Street Park - 300 Wade St Asphalt

Hot Springs Creek Greenway- Concrete Yes
Transportation Plaza Trail Asphalt Yes
Valley Street Creekwalk Concrete Yes
Jaycee Trail and Friendship Park Trail Asphalt Yes
Hollywood Trail Asphalt Yes
Blue Heron Trail
Asphalt Yes
Utility Service Center Trail



Photo submitted by:
Debbie Rigsby

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