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Published by edward.scheppink, 2018-07-26 19:14:36

Life & Form Product Catalogue

When Nature never felt so good

Our Story

Phatthanaphon (short Phat) Scheppink, immigrated from Thailand to the Netherlands
and started there her nurse education. After graduation, she worked for many years in
nursery homes, first in the Netherlands and later on also in the United States.

As a nurse, she started to understand the importance of skin and hair care for a healthy
life. However, many (expensive) products do not deliver what it promises. Her roots
brought her back to the ancient knowledge of the many benefits that coconut oil has for
skin, hair and health. Together with a laboratory in Thailand, she started to formulate
products created from the best of the world, organic, cold-pressed, non bleached
coconut oil, from the famous area of Amphawa, Thailand. Every product that has been
developed is extensively tested by Phat, before it is turned into a commercial product.

Thai spa products are highly appreciated for their unrivaled high quality and ancient
beauty knowledge. It is Phat her mission to share that an eco-conscious and healthy
lifestyle can be comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

Born from this desire, Phat started the company Life & Form with the philosophy to
provide products with ingredients that do not harm the skin. All cosmetic products under
this umbrella have to be free from toxic ingredients, such as paraben, sls/sles, mineral
oil, silicone, petrochemicals and Phat does not accept animal testing.

A Life & Form product is only labeled Life & Form, if it meets the highest and strictest
standards of production, with as little to no impact to the environment. Our producers
have to commit paying their staff and suppliers a fair rate and we encourage our
suppliers and clients to be environmental conscious.

Now, Life & Form has developed spa essentials that meet the highest quality standards,
made from the finest, purest, organic, natural ingredients. The product portfolio
embraces many products for spa at home (also considered as feeling good at home),
such as fragrance reed diffusers, cosmetics, pillow spray and bamboo towels.

Only this way we keep our promises

Life & Form. Nature never felt so good.

Pillow Spray

Works through spraying a mist of

aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils on

your pillow case. The mist affects the mood

and relaxes nyootucr rmeainted.sLtaifiens&oFnocrmasPeilolorwpillow

Spray does

Healthy Life

Deep Sleep Good Night

Featuring Chamomile Roman Featuring Lavender
Famous for its’ powerful natural sleep aid Promotes feeling of calm and
3.38 fl.oz. 3.38 fl.oz.
Wild Chamomile Blend
Peppermint Roman Chamomile

Wake up refreshed and reinvigorated Orange

Body Care Essentials
Treat your body the natural way

Coconut Hand Cream

To help repair and protect dry chopped hands
Created from organic coconut oil
Fortified with Shea Butter, Jojoba, Beeswax and
Stores moisture longer than normal and protect
the skin from (sun) pollution and dryness

Leaving your hands soft and supple

Coconut Shower Gel

Unique 2 in 1 formulation that exfoliates AND
moisturizes at the same time
Created from organic coconut oil, enriched with
vitamin E and B3

Delicious exotic aroma is a bonus
Exfoliates dry and dead cells on your skin, while the
coconut nurtures and hydrates your skin

Leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant

Coconut Series of Hair Care Essentials

Created from the best of the world, organic, cold-
pressed, and non-bleached coconut oil from the
famous area of Amphawa, Thailand.
This specific coconut species is small and has thick
white flesh, loaded with naturally occurring
ingredients, that are good for the hair

Hair Care Essentials

Treat your hair the natural way

Coconut Hair Shampoo

Gentle shampoo with distinct aroma

Created from organic coconut oil, fortified with
Argan Oil, and vitamin B5

Coats the hair without using silicone

Cleans and nourishes the scalp, nurtures the hair follicles
and helps to remove sebum build up from hair follicles

Leaving your hair silky to the touch, healthy
and lustrous

Coconut Hair Conditioner

The perfect after shampoo conditioner

Created from organic coconut oil, fortified with Shea Butter,

Argan Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin C and B5

The oil of coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other
conditioners, without the use of silicone

Replenishes damaged hair and reduces frizz and static

Leaving your hair strong, shiny and with a healthy look

Hair Care Essentials

Treat your hair the natural way

Kaffir Lime & Lavender

For the woman or man that want their daily morning bliss

For itchy scalp, dull or thin hair (or excessive hair loss)

Created from natural coconut oil and enriched with Kaffir Lime
(Bergamot) and Lavender Essential Oils

Stimulates a positive mood and relaxes

Cleans the scalp and nurtures the hair follicles

Leaving your hair silky to the touch, healthy and

Ginger & Rosemary

For the self-conscious woman or man that want their morning bliss

For itchy, sensitive scalp or unmanageable, stiff or dull hair

Created from natural coconut oil and enriched with Ginger and
Rosemary Essential Oils

Stimulates the senses and improves the mood, softens the hair and
helps to keep the scalp healthy and clean

Leaving your hair silky to the touch, healthy and

Handmade True Soap

Naturally better

The benefits of Hand Made True Soap

Blend of five carefully chosen oils, to deliver the best lathering, cleaning and containing
Free of any chemical ingredient that can be harmful to your skin
The obtained glycerin is a natural humectant, to attract moisture to the skin
Does not disturb the PH levels on your skin
Kills germs as good as hand-sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap (without the use of
Fortified with Vitamin E to nurture your skin
*) according to a study sponsored by ABC news


Lotus, Coconut, Aloe Vera - Orchid, Ylang - Ylang, Rose, Vanilla, Neroli, Apple -
Cinnamon, Honey - Cucumber, Jasmine - Pandan

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