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TellZim News E-Copy 8- 14 july 2022_compressed(1)

TellZim News E-Copy 8- 14 july 2022_compressed(1)

Keeping it real... committed to tell Zimbabwe 267 Trade Centre, Masvingo, Tel: (039) 2262 401, EEmmaaiill:: [email protected]@tteellll..ccoo..zzww Budding Chiredzi Stars
winger aims higher
Gweru councillor imprisoned Gold coins, another
over domestic violence big scam Page 19 US$1
8 - 14 July 2022
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Voter registration:
5,8 milion
Story on page 3

so far
ZEC Chairperson Priscilla Chigumba

…Masvingo province on 7th place with 632,624

As only 1398 register Youth carefree attitude
to vote in Masvingo towards electoral

in June participation a tragedy
for democracy
See Story on page 5
See Story on page 2

2 News TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022


Youth carefree attitude towards electoral participation a tragedy for democracy

Cephas Shava neration," said Sibanda.

MWENEZI- In his Platform for Youth and
prophetic warnings
to the nation of Community Development
Israel prophet Hosea sums up:
‘my people are destroyed from Zimbabwe Director (PYCDZ)
lack of knowledge’ in Hosea
4:6. Claris Madhuku whose orga-
Distinct as it is, the prophetic
message insinuates that devoid nization is making commen-
of knowledge, inhabitants are
destined for doom. dable strides in mobilizing
The prophetic message seems
to be squarely apt for most the public to consider young
of the country's youth with
regards to their reluctance to people as the most informed
participate in the country's
politics, could it be as voters or and versatile politicians with
political office holders.
A 24-year old lady from village craft said although together
4, Mwenezi ward 13 and is also
yet to register as a voter with with several other stakeholders
the Zimbabwe Electoral Com-
mission (ZEC) told TellZim they have managed to record
News that politics does not
matter to her. remarkable successes in their
"I have never voted in my
lifetime and to be honest I don't work, more still needs to be Claris Madhuku Lovemore Mapuranga
think I will in anyway take my
time to participate in elections. done such that come next year's in most rural areas where the obviously vote for one another," titutions where youth are inevi-
Honestly to me politics do resourcefulness of a candidate he added. tably exposed to the messages.
not matter that much. It is elections more youth will parti- inevitably determines his or her Some analysts argue the As the count down to 2023
something that is completely political destiny. gospel of youth participation general elections gather
off my plans," she said. cipate in the electoral processes "It is unfortunate that most in electoral processes to effe- momentum, with political
Her scenario is a microcosm youth have developed a carefree ctively penetrate and to fully parties claiming to be at the
of most reluctant youth espe- as voters as well as candidates. attitude towards elections and bear tangible fruits it ought not forefront of championing the
cially in rural communities like some have developed a habit of to be spearheaded by political youth's cause in the political
Mwenezi where most youth "The interest of the young completely shunning election parties. field, stakeholders' commit-
have become political bystan- participation. Since youth They insist that it is an initiati- ment towards the genuine
ders. people to vote and contest has constitute the majority, they ve which should be seriously implementation of the youth
They seldom participate in need to mobilise and register nurtured at every family level quota system will have its
elections either as voters or been very minimal due to a to vote such that whenever they and then vigorously cascaded litmus test.
candidates. Many are increa- race against the older generati- to institutions like schools,
sing devoid of the fact that number of factors. Some of on, they will prevail as they will churches and other critical ins-
every facet of human life is de-
termined by politics; failure to the reasons being cultural and
participate is a disservice which
is a double-edged sword to ge- behavioural patterns of voters
Zanu PF provincial youth who consider young people
secretary for transport and
warfare Maggie Sibanda ack- in a rural set up as having not
nowledged that youth in rural
communities like Mwenezi matured enough to handle the
have since time immemorial
been political back sitters and rigours of politics which are
more still needs to be done to
correct the anomalies. interpreted as sustained by
"As Zanu PF youth, we are
happy that during our recent money and chicanery.
youth conference, President
Emmerson Mnangangwa gave “Most young people in the rural
emphasis to the youth quota
system and we are confident areas have not yet overcome
that come next year's elections
more youth are going to contest their basic needs within the
in various posts.
“It is regrettable that for the hierarchy of needs as pro-
past years youth in com-
munities like Mwenezi have pounded by scholar Maslow.
developed a culture of preser-
ving politically elected posts This has been a hindrance
could it be in the local authority
or the legislator to the older ge- because most voters expect the

candidates and their political

leadership to improve their

economic standing," said


On his part, the Citizen Coalition

for Change (CCC) interim pro-

vincial deputy youth chairper-

son Lovemore Mapuranga who

squarely blamed youth them-

selves on their reluctance to

participate in politics, pointed

out that CCC has so far made a

giant leap towards prioritising

youth's voices as evidenced

by the number of youth who

contested in the recent by-ele-


"As a clear reflection that our

party priorities youth voices,

two youthful candidates were

fielded in Masvingo Urban

council by-elections and they

managed to triumph. What has

now remained is for such ini-

tiatives to be brought to rural

communities like Mwenezi and

I am confident come next year's

general elections more youth

from rural communities are

going to contest for the local

authority and legislative posts,"

said Mapuranga.

He also bemoaned that for

the past years most poorly

resourced youth have preferred

to prop up the older generati-

on as political office bearers as

News TELLZIM News >> 01 - 07 July 2022 3


Voter registration: 5,8 milion registered so far

…Masvingo province on 7th place with 632,624

TellZim reporter embark on a delimitation of sometimes people claim that Dr Last Alfandika
constituency exercise whose when they vote, their votes are
Ahigh voter apathy success could be dependent on not respected especially if one respected with these allegations voting population without confi-
beckons in Zimbabwe numbers of registered voters looks at the manner in which of vote rigging surfacing. dence in the political processes.
in 2023 following re- and results of the household legislators were recalled (appa- Another political analyst Dr Last “Basically there are two
velations by electoral manage- and population census. rently by MDC Alliance leader Alfandika echoed the same sen- problems that voter registrati-
ment body Zimbabwe Electoral Despite constituting a greater Douglas Mwonzora). timents while at the same time on apathy could be attributed
Commission (ZEC) that the chunk of the total national “Since 1980 voting has only he pointed out the position of to. One the national populati-
mobile voter registration population, the youth have helped those who have been the youth in electoral processes on is quite youthful and despite
exercise bore undesired fruits been reluctant to embrace the voted into power for not those which he says is poor. them being disgruntled, poor or
marred by a poor turn-out na- voting systems as is evidenced who vote. People are now busy “There are various issues that I adversely affected by economic
tionwide. by failure or little turn-out for with their means of survival think are contributing to voter challenges, has lost confidence
While the main political parties, voter registration. with some even migrating to registration apathy. People are in voting because of the manner
Zanu PF and Citizens Coalition Political analyst Dr Wellington other countries. I think they tired because of voting with in which previous election
for Change (CCC) have a target Gadzikwa said a greater part have now come to a conclu- no meaningful changes taking results failed to reflect reality
of five and six million votes of the population has lost faith sion that voting will not solve place. The other issue is of on the ground.
respectively, only 5,804 975 in electoral system and voting anything. The blitz, even if it people failing to understand the “Everybody in Zimbabwe now
people had registered in June. itself. is to be done will not motivate importance of voting itself or thinks that if elections cannot
ZEC reported that a total per- “People are tired; they have people to register to vote as they reasons for voting. change effectively the political
centage of two was realized been voting over so many have lost confidence in electoral “People seem to be deliberate- atmosphere which is controlled
from the just- concluded re- years and have not seen the systems,” said Dr Gadzikwa. ly not registering because they by the military, hence apathy
gistration exercise while at the results. Voting in Zimbabwe He also said they know that if have lost faith in the electoral stems from the realization
same time there were plans to has become a ritual because they vote, their votes will not be system while at the same time that no direct change would be
they lack knowledge. They seem realized.
to be living in the old narrative “The same youth seem to be
which is reflective of the fact frustrated to the extent of not
that the older generation par- even caring about elections
ticipate in elections while the and are devastated such that
younger does not. Young people most of them have resorted to
fail to understand that voting drug abuse even in institutions
is their constitutional right in of higher learning. They are
a democratic society,” said Dr not really politically-conscious
Alfandika. people and I don’t know how
He however pointed out that best to awaken them to the rea-
ZEC is poorly resourced to lization that voting is important
ensure effective voter education to turn around their lives,” said
is rolled out countrywide. Dr Mugodzwa.
“The other issue is that ZEC He pointed out that governme-
does not have resources to carry nt minimized the number of
massive voter education. Before Civic Society Organizations par-
we embark on voter registration, ticipating in voter education for
there is need for voter education fear that the private ones could
of which ZEC is failing to do so. influence outcome of elections.
They lack enough equipment, “Government would not allow
human resource as well as cars private sector to act indepen-
to ensure voter education is dently in the area of elections
carried out. because they are afraid that the
“If they had resources, they CSOs might not only conscenti-
would have been able to capture se people to vote but influence
the youthful generation which is whom to vote for. Government
missing in electoral processes,” fingers are even crossed such
he said. that they want the apathy to
Another analyst Dr Davidson continue,” he added.
Mugodzwa said the apathy
could be attributed to a youthful

4 Leader page TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022

website: Zimparks, communities should find everlasting solutions to HWC
Cases of Human-Wild-
DIRECTORS: life Conflict have been livestock by lions would good. stiffer and deterrent penalties
on the increase with the arguably lead to communi- Organizations like Conven- would be another way to go in
GOLDEN MAUNGANIDZE: ties to think otherwise. These tion on International Trade in curbing destruction of game
goldenmaun[email protected]
latest being the spotting of the animals need to live within Endangered Species (CITES) reserves.
0773 280 487
jungle’s king along Tanganda their confinements where could be taken on board as On that note as well, Zimparks
[email protected] road near Chisase and the human beings are not there they are key to conserva- should always educate commu-
0772 729 937
lions reportedly killing cattle instead. tion issues nities of their role in fighting
in Shindi area before crossing As such it the respon- and they HWC that is by respecting
PASSMORE KUZIPA Runde River into Mwenezi. sibility of may also boundaries which entail not

[email protected] These HWC are a serious cause t h e play a role destroying game reserve
0772 729 937
0718 729 937 for concern for the communi- m a - in dealing fences.

NEWS EDITOR: ties who suffer and being on the n a g e - with this The communities should also
Email: [email protected] receiving end of these troubled m e n t menace. actively participate towards the
[email protected]
0717 410 792 / 0775 144 273 animals’ actions as they lose Z i m p a r k s initiatives bearing in mind that

SENIOR REPORTER: either crops to herbivores or also in partnership with they are at the receiving end
0775 182 876 / 0719 599 617 livestock to carnivores. authority Zimbabwe Republic Police of the challenges that arise as

DIGITAL OFFICER Through numerous calls have and any other critical (ZRP) if they jointly work on a result of vandalism and they
Email: [email protected] been made wildlife conser- stakeholders like governme- preventing the vandalism of stand to lose more at the end.

0775 904 507 vationists to ensure peaceful nt departments to play their game reserve infrastructu- Traditional leadership, council-

NEWSROOM co-habitation so as to avoid role towards arresting the re which has been the major lors should take a leading role

MELINDA KUSEMACHIBI culling of animals, it is the marauding problem that is driver of wildlife straying into in ensuring their subjects stay
FREDRICK MOYO destructive nature to human rising tremendously. Zimparks human communities is another away from animal territories
BRENTON MATONDO and livestock lives most of should rope in stakeholders way to go about it. Setting the because once they disturb them
these animals pose that would that will help invest in everlas- record straight even in incor- in their own backyards, they
force people to think otherwise. ting solutions towards the era- porating the judiciary and le- would invade human habitats
[email protected] For example the killing of dication of the occurrences for gislature in coming up with and people lose more.

(039) 226 2401 Gweru councillor imprisoned over domestic violence

BRIGHTON CHISEVA TellZim Reporter ting his wife sometime last year. magistrate Progress Murandu.
[email protected] Ward 16 councillor Tawanda Appearing before a Gweru ma-
Gweru- MDC Alliance Magidi was initially sentenced gistrate this week, Magidi in his
[email protected] councillor will spend to 12 months before six were defence denied the allegations
077 735 5808 / 071 935 5808 the next four months in however suspended on condi- saying they were meant to fix
prison after being found guilty tion of good behaviour reducing him as the complainant's rela-
BUREAUS of domestic violence for assaul- the sentence to six months by tives were in bad books with his


0774 192 490

ZVISHAVANE: Tawanda Magidi

0772 789 546, 0714 259 843

GWERU BUREAU: relatives.
TINAANI NYABEREKA The accused was charged with
Physical Abuse as defined in
0777 573 613 section 3(1) (a) as read between
section 4(1) of the domestic vi-
MWENEZI: olence act chapter 5:16.
CEPHAS SHAVA According to state papers in
0715 263 991, 0774 178 851 the hands of this publication,
on December 8, 2021 at around
MUTARE: 2100 hours, the accused person
FELIX MATASVA returned from work and gave
the complainant who happened
0775 655 992 to be his wife (Muchaneta Ven-
ganai) some meat to cook for
GUTU supper.
PRISCILLA TAKABVIRAKARE While the complainant was pre-
paring food, the accused started
0773 752 018 shouting and insulting Mucha-
neta saying she was a bad wife
CHIPINGE who could not cook well.
LIVINGSTONE MTETWA The accused further went on to
assault the complainant with
0777 011 496 bare hands on the cheeks. He
further took a pick handle and
ACCOUNTS struck the complainant on the
back several times.
SENIOR ACCOUNTANT After the incident, the complai-
MARRYLINE KATENJELE nant however fled to her rural
home in Bikita since she had
073 450 1813 been told by the accused that he
no longer had affection for her
ACCOUNTANT and wanted to marry another
Agnes Madechihwe wife instead.
The matter later came to light
0 77 1773433

TellZim News subscribes to a Code of
Conduct that promotes truthful,
accurate, fair and balanced news
If we do not meet these standards,

register your complaints with VMCZ
at Number 34 Colenbrander Road,
Milton Park, Harare.
(04) 778096/ 778006.

e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

whatsapp 0772125658. 24hr
complaints line 0772 125 659.

Twitter; @vmcz.

5 News TellZim News >> 8 - 14 July 2022


1398 register to vote in Masvingo in June-ZEC

Maxwell Ncube ATellZim Reporter going to close, a good number working tirelessly to ensu-
total of 1 398 people of people panicked and were in re that more people register
registered to vote a rush to visit our registration to vote as we approach 2023
during the month centres though the closure was polls.
ending June 2022 according meant for delimitation and not “In some cases, we have inci-
to statistics released by Zim- registration. dents in which political parties
babwe Electoral Commission “After the pronouncement of or even CSOs would even pro-
(ZEC) provincial office. closing date for delimitation, vide transport to those willing
ZEC Masvingo Deputy Elec- we saw more people trickling to visit registration centres,' he
tions Officer Maxwell Ncube ZEC registration centres for said.
confirmed the development them to register,” said Ncube. Among the registered are 779
and said the numbers keep on He went on to express satis- males and 619 females. A total
rising which is a positive as the faction on the role played by of 723 transfers were recorded
country march towards 2023 stakeholders including Civic with 365 men and 358 women.
harmonized elections. Society Organizations (CSOs) During the month of May, a
“During the month of June, and political parties in mobi- total of 6 538 people registered
we saw the number of people lizing their following to emb- with 3 464 being female while
registering to vote increasing race the exercise. 3 074 are men.
and that is positive. Initially, “Such a huge turnout in voter 2 280 transfers were recorded
when the announcement was registration shows how well with 1 313 females and 967 ma-
made that the voters roll was our various stakeholders are les.

Gweru councillor imprisoned
over domestic violence
From page 4
produced in court as exhibit.
after the complainant disclo- Meanwhile from further in-
sed the matter to her relatives vestigations closer sources
who reported the matter to revealed that, the accused
the police. was cautioned before over
acts of violence as such inci-
The complainant however dents once occurred before.
went for a medical examina-
tion and a medical report was


First scheduled (Section 2)

Notice is hereby given that an application in terms of Section
53 of the Liquor Act ( Chapter 14: 12) will be made to Liquor
Licensing Board, Harare, for the issue of a liquor licence for
a Night Club in respect of premises situated at Stand No.
8211Makondo Extension, Chiredzi trading as Ghetto Oasis.
All persons who have any objections to the application may
lodge their objections in writing with the Secretary of the
Liquor Licensing Board, Harare, not later than 7 days from
the day of publication.


Munyaradzi Rufasha
1174 Chivangu Road Tsovani

6 News TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022


Speed up Cambria works completion- Masvingo council told

Emmanuel Chitsika generated from the bio-diges-
ters that we have there at the
Masvingo City plant so that the system at the
treatment plant runs on energy
Council has been generated from there. If we do
that, we will not have problems
challenged to up even if when we have power
their efforts towards comple- “Planning authorities should
uphold environmental protec-
tion of the waste recycling plant tion in their activities and ensu-
re that agriculture, settlements
currently under construction at and industrial infrastructure
do not cause harm to our Mot-
the new Cambria Farm landfill her Earth. Urban agriculture
should be done under approval
as way of easing the burden on from authorities. Our rivers are
suffering. Siltation is high be-
the old dumpsite. cause of stream bank cultivati-
on. The law says at least 30 me-
The call was made by Acting ters from the naturally defined
banks of a river, is where agri-
Environmental Management culture should be practiced,”
said Uriga.
Agency provincial manager He also called upon residents
and council to practice waste
Celestino Uriga during the be- separation.
“Let’s separate waste. There is
lated World Environment Day need for us to have compost

commemoration held at the Ci-

vic Centre on July 7, 2022.

“Let me take this opportuni-

ty to urge our City Fathers to

speed up the construction of

the modern landfill at Cambria

Farm so that we do away with File picture: Work at Cambria farm

the old dumpsite at Runyararo

West. pits at our homes for use in “The theme ‘only one earth’ and climatory health. The call is
gardens. Let us not waste was- highlights the importance of for everyone to take appropria-
“In addition because of techno- te, let us re-use it. All waste is a actions to ensure conservation te action to live sustainably in
resource because of technology, and sustainable management harmony with nature.
logy, let us also put strategies he said. of the environment for human
To page 6
to solarize the sewerage treat-

ment plant, harness the energy

Gweru man electrocuted

while tempering with

Tinaani Nyabereka
and his clothes were partially
Gweru- Police has
confirmed receiving burnt.
a report of death by
electrocution which occurred It is suspected that the
in Habern Park along June 29
along Kenny road. deceased tampered with
The now deceased Job
Ziyambi (31) of Harben Park electricity infrastructure,
Suburb, Gweru was found by
a passers-by at about 0600 leading to his demise.
hours hanging on a Zimbabwe
Electricity Supply Authority Midlands provincial police
(ZESA) power transformer.
Police attended the scene ac- spokesperson Inspector
companied by ZESA officials
and it was established that Emmanuel Mahoko warned
the electrocution occurred
after red phase connecting the public over tampering
cables connecting a transfor-
mer were cut. with electrical infrastructure.
Ziyambi's body was bleeding
from the nose and mouth "Members of the public are

reminded that apart from

being a very serious crime att-

racting heavy punishment at

law, tampering with electrici-

ty infrastructure is dangerous

to life," he warned.

Cases of vandalism involving

electricity infrastructure

have been cited as the major

reasons behind electrical

faults country wide.

TellZim News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 News 7


Major boost for Masvingo City environment

Emmanuel Chitsika …as business world chip in with donations

Masvingo City

Council’s efforts to

ensure a clean en-

vironment received a major

boost as the corporate world

chipped in with various

donations set to complement

efforts of the Environmental

and Health section on July 7.

Various organizations donated

assortment of equipment set

to improve solid waste ma-

nagement which has been a

challenge to the local authority.

Receiving the equipment

during a belated World Envi-

ronment Day commemoration

held at Town House, Masvingo Mahwende receiving a donation from Chevron’s representative

deputy Mayor Councillor Wel-

lington Mahwende expressed

gratitude to the corporate

world and challenged other or-

ganizations in the city to join

the band wagon.

“I would like to take this op-

portunity to express our ap-

preciation to you organizations

for coming in handy towards

our efforts to ensure the city is

kept clean and smart. I would

also like to express council’s

wish for more players to join

the initiative such that next

time when we gather for a

similar commemoration, more

gifts will be donated.

“I would also like to congra-

tulate those who managed Equipment received from BYWORD Services

to scoop some awards that out of the good and those are the ones keep the city clean.
who have won,” said Mahwende. “As the chairperson, I also urge you
are schools and some of our His sentiments were echoed by council residents to play your role towards
chairperson of the Health, Housing and ensuring a clean environment by ridding
health clubs for spearheading Environmental Services Committee our city of litter and make use of proper
chairperson councillor Against Chiteme waste disposal facilities as a way of sup-
a clean environment as a way who challenged residents to work hand porting our efforts towards that initiati-
in glove with council in their efforts to ve,” said Chiteme.
of ensuring cleanliness reigns

supreme in Masvingo. I heard

all of you did well, but at the

end we need to have the best

Speed up Cambria works completion- Masvingo council told Among those organizations that
From page 5 donated metal bins, bin liners
Celestino Uriga “The day is there to remind us on the Water conservation is very necessary and brooms are mobile operator
need to protect and conserve our na- as a lot of energy is required to pump Econet, Regency group of hotels’
tural resources and this year the earth. water from the river to your homes,” he Chevron, Family Pharmacy,
The earth is the only home to living added. Safe N Loyal pharmacy, Delta
beings, raising voice against harmful The commemoration is annually held Corporation, ByWord Motors,
activities constantly is necessary and on June 5. Forestry Commission, Great
the importance of that cannot be over Masvingo city scheduled date for Zimbabwe Realtors, Junior
emphasized. Only one earth faces the completion of cells at the Cambria recy- group of companies while New
fact of promoting greener and organic cling plant lapsed with funds being cited Start donated an assortment of
lifestyles. Collective and individual ef- as the reason behind the delays though medication.
forts should care for these,' he said. council emphasise that over 80 percent Ward 1’s Smart club got a
Residents were also challenged to re- of the work is done. trophy after coming out tops in
member how costly it is for water to Council has been battling stream bank the health club categories while
reach their homes and thus the need to farmers with the authority resorting two schools Helen Macghie
use it conservatively. to slashing crops of the errant farmers (previous winners) came second
“In case of one of the scarce resource while leaking taps has also seen around in schools category while
which is water, we can recycle it at our 18 000 cubic meters of water lost in Ru- Masvingo Christian College
homes, fix leaking taps and turn off wa- jeko suburb though plans are underway came in first position and got a
ter when cleaning teeth at homes as that to replace non-functional water meters. floating trophy for their efforts.
consumes more litres. Let’s not waste.

TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 News 8

Masvingo ZNFPC manager Vhoko calls it a day

countant who is now Mas- who gave his subordinates

vingo urban legislator Jacob direction and inspiration.

Nyokanhete described Vhoko “He is one of the best ma-

as a born leader who used his nagers ZNFPC has ever had.

excellent leadership qualities He was more of a mentor

to form a team that always than a boss because he gave

won at the organization’s na- his subordinates direction

tional ratings. and inspiration more than

He said he was a fatherly instructions.

figure who allowed his subor- “We celebrate the end of a

dinates to fully exercise their terrific career that has achie-

potential without too much ved insurmountable goals,

interference. the knowledge and years of

“Mr Vhoko is one of the excel- experience have brought the

lent leaders I have ever met. I organization to where it is to-

started working with him as a day,” said Muza.

student in 2003 and rejoined ZNFPC Provincial Marketing

the organization as a full time and Communications officer

employee in 2006, and was Herbert Chikosi described

later promoted to provincial Vhoko as a leader who cared

accountant in 2009. He ma- about the well-being of his su-

naged to build a very compe- bordinates and cared to listen

tent team and our province to everyone’s problems with

always won at the national his leadership philosophy

ratings because of him. being of leading by example

Abyssnia Vhoko “He would not interfere with and this has been witnessed

After completing secondary edu- people’s work and allowed by the successes recorded by
cation, he went on to train as a
Brighton Chiseva medical assistant at Morgenster provincial performance, and imp- everyone to execute his or her ZNFPC Masvingo.
Mission Hospital and went on to roved stakeholder networking duties to the maximum abili- “Not all bosses are like Meryl
MASVINGO - Zim- train as a general nurse at United and promoted public partnership. ties and when one fails, he Streep in The Devil Wears
babwe National Fa- Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH). A good director of ceremonies, would always give a second Prada, but Mr Vhoko embo-
mily Planning Council He worked in the ministry of Vhoko is also a farmer, marria- chance,” said Nyokanhete. dies the traits of highly effe-
(ZNFPC) Masvingo provincial health from 1979 to August 2003 ge counsellor, book writer and He went on to describe him ctive people as described by
manager Abyssnia Vhoko has cal- and served in different positions has since published a book titled as a professional leader who Steven Covey. Since Mr Vho-
led it a day after serving the ins- over the time. Journey of Marriage and above wanted everything to be done ko has been our provincial
titution as manager for 19 years. He worked as a bedside nurse, all, a family man. to the highest level and cor- manager for the past 19 years,
Vhoko joined the provincial of- Tuberculosis (TB) Officer, Clini- On his future plans Vhoko said he ruption free. we have had the great fortu-
fice in 2003 from the Ministry of cal Instructor, Health Education wanted to concentrate on writing Another former colleague ne of working with someone
Health where he was the Provin- officer and Provincial health Of- books and do consultancy work as Olga Muza who is the Pro- who genuinely cares about
cial Health Education officer. ficer until the time he joined ZN- well as farming. vincial Human Resources our personal well-being and
Born in 1957 in Zaka District, FPC. “I will now concentrate on wri- and Administration Officer professional advancement.
Vhoko did his primary education At ZNFPC, Vhoko said he facili- ting books and doing consultan- said Vhoko is the best mana- He was a student of emetic,
at St Anthony’s Central Primary tated a number of developments, cy work. I also have a passion for ger ZNFC has ever had and mentoring new team mem-
School before enrolling at Mas- including team building, good farming so I will invest some time described him as a mentor bers, providing unwavering
hoko High School in Bikita for Se-
condary education. in it,” said Vhoko. To page 10
Former ZNFPC Provincial Ac-

News TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 9

Masvingo ZNFPC quite difficult, but, allowed us to luminated by the success of ZN-
manager Vhoko
have the chance to expand our FPC Masvingo.
calls it a day
knowledge and build confiden- “He was the gel that bound the

ce in our abilities. team.

“His leadership philosophy was He had a strong human side to

based on the idea that by setting his leadership, humility defined

an example, people can improve him, and humor accentuated

their abilities, increase their va- his character and tough when

lue, and establish a track record necessary.

that makes them valuable. The We affably called him Mudhara

valuable skills that he nurtured wedu or Palatable,” said Chiko-

over the past years have been il- si.

From page 9 leaders who came through him. his subordinates could compre-
“He was a patient, intelligent, hend and then build on.
support for initiatives, helping and powerful man with a great He believed in continuity,
colleagues who were having demeanor for taking the time mentoring, and assigning work
work-related problems. He was to explain things in a way that tasks to us that were sometimes
the gerrymandering baker of
excellence, as noted by many

Vhoko (centre)

10 TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 News


Matapura-Muzenda wins

prestigious PR award
worked for notable organiza-
Farisai Matapura Muzenda tions and institutions like Inter-
market, Musasa Project, Econet
TellZim Reporter after winning a prestigious and Great Zimbabwe University
was recognized among other big
Veteran award at the Meikles Hotel in names in the public relations
public Harare. The event was dubbed ‘Women
in PR and Communicati-
relations practitio- Matapura-Muzenda, who on Conference Awards’ and
was organized by the Women
ner Farisai Matapura has a public relations career in PR and Communications
Zimbabwe (WPRCZ) on June
Muzenda recently walked tall spanning 13 years, having 24 2022, with Deputy Minister
of Information and Broadcas-
ting Services Kindness Paradza
being the guest of honour.
Speaking after receiving the
award, Matapura-Muzenda
who is now the communi-
cations manager for Harare
Institute of Technology (HIT)

Matapura-Muzenda holding her certificate

said she was elated for having you saying about yourself?
been recognized under such What are you saying about the
a prestigious banner, adding organization you are serving?
that being recognized among How are you representing
the 39 who were conferred your organization?” Matapu-
with awards out of over 100 ra-Muzenda said.
other practitioners made her She said what makes any orga-
feel proud of how far she has nization stand is its publics as
come. they should be properly taken
“For myself looking into care of without treating them
the future, I look forward to in a bad way.
making an impact. There is an Apart from PR work, Matapu-
article that I wrote where I am ra-Muzenda is also an entre-
looking at image, reputation, preneur who owns two home
visibility and how our external interior decoration shops in
viewers see us. Masvingo and Gweru.
“When I look at public She attributes the success of
relations I don’t look at it from her entrepreneurial work to
an organization point of view. her PR and communication
I look at it from an individual skills, saying she is planning to
point of view, like how do you grow her business in leaps and
interact with people, what are bounces.

TellZim News News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 News 191


YETT in youth "Some youth might have not for by our constitution.
constitutional literacy gotten the opportunity to learn As you know we were given a
empowerment drive or know about the ZEC blitz, youth quota, whereby ten seats
so it is on platforms like the- are reserved for young people
Takaedzwa Tafirei of YETT (Standing) se that we have invited ZEC to to contest for parliamentary
assist young people and help posts. So as youth, we were
Tinaani Nyabereka sion (ZEC). with regards to elections. them know the requirements saying we have a way in which
Speaking during the engage- "The engagement is also meant needed for them to register to we want the election process
Gweru-Youth Empo- ment, YETT Democracy and to ensure meaningful unders- vote," he said. conducted. Young people are
werment and Tran- Governance Officer Takaedza tanding on how elections are Tafirei further said it was im- worried and want to know how
Tafirei said the reason for the managed or run in the country. portant for young people to the process will go?" he added.
sformation Trust engagement is to help youths Such trainings are meant to be take a leading role and partici- Women Coalition of Zimbabwe
appreciate the legal provisions an eye opener and help them to pate in governance processes. (WCoZ) Gweru Chapter Chair-
with regards to elections in know the relevant authorities "Young people are afraid to be person Nozipho Rutsate said
Zimbabwe. who can assist them in as far involved in issues of national young people are not aware
"The process we were having to- as electoral matters are con- development; some don’t have of their importance in nation
day is the constitutional literacy cerned. Remember we have the resources to contest for posi- building processes.
and electoral process training Zimbabwe Electoral Commis- tions. It’s also good for young "As young people we are
for young people in Gweru. The sion which is responsible for people to contest for leader- backward, we don’t take issues
reason behind this interaction conducting elections and of late ship positions. We want youth seriously sometimes. The rea-
is meant for young people to it was conducting registration to be councillors or Members son why we don’t take active
appreciate the legal provisions blitz across the country. of Parliament. roles in governance issues is
"Only as youth, if we get to we don’t know the importance
understand the importance of of our involvement, or the key
participating in these proces- reason why we should actively
ses, we will get to appreciate exercise our rights in electoral
how crucial our input is in na- processes,” said Rutsate.
tion building. So we touched A youth, Titus Mangoma said it
on a number of issues which is important for young people
include the types of elections to cascade information they
we have in Zimbabwe that is, got to the grassroots.
the hybrid type of election and "I want to encourage youths to
proportional representation share information with their
in which we elect our senators peers. If you have been taught,
when we go to the polls. The don’t keep information to
senators are voted for indire- yourself, go and teach those at
ctly when we choose our MPs home. That way it helps us to
and councillors. build one another as knowled-
"Of much concern are also the ge is power.
contentious issues which are "We have youth in rural areas,
affecting young people who are let’s try to reach to them as
in prisons, hospitals and the well as they need such vital in-
diaspora who cannot cast their formation," he said.
vote because of the various
(YETT) last week engaged conditions which are provided

young people in the Midlands

capital on a constitution and

electoral processes literacy

workshop in an effort to fight It’s also good for young
people to contest for
misinformation and disinfor- leadership positions.

mation among the youth.

The engagement meeting was

attended by various stakehol-

ders including officials from

Zimbabwe Electoral Commis-

12 News TELL ZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022


CIASA/NANGO rehearse adjustment to PVO Bill

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) during social movement building meeting on the PVO bill ties and even conduct common norms and
facilitated by CIASA in partnership with NANGO meetings,” he added. standards, capacitate
The CSOs however CSOs on monitoring
Emmanuel Chitsika provided to this pub- advocacy strategies Forum) were arrested resolved to engage in and evaluation as well
lication said the which suit the context accused of unlawful meetings with different as proposal writing,
Citizens Action meetings were meant and operating environ- gathering with intend stakeholders among develop self-sustai-
Southern to come up with ment of the CSOs in the to promote violence. them international hu- ning support initiatives
Africa (CIASA) possible solutions to regions. The objective CSOs reiterated that manitarian actors, go- among others,” added
has partnered with likely challenges CSOs of these movement paying attention to vernment, church and Madida.
would face in the near building meetings was such events, means business sector. The PVO Bill yet to
the National Associa- future. for CSOs to undertake the operating space is “At Masvingo meeting, be passed in to law by
“The platform created scenario mapping on no longer safe and is CSOs resolved to Zimbabwean gover-
tion of Non-Govern- by CIASA/NANGO operationalization in continuously shrinking engage stakeholders in nment is/has been a
across the three the event of the Bill making it difficult for business sector, gras- bone of contention with
mental Organizations regions was to meant passing in to law,” said humanitarian actors to sroots leaders, church most CSOs as gover-
create an on-going dis- Madida. implement their activi- and international hu- nment seek to control
cussion on the state He also said CSOs are manitarian actors on operations of these
of affairs, identifying in fear of likely escala- the PVO Bill, come up organizations while
gaps and challenges in tion in interference of with agendas to make the organizations feel
the Civic Society Orga- state security agents as a difference and impact the authority want to
nizations (CSOs) and their activities are now rather than sitting back shrink civic space for
have an insight in to labelled political activi- when there are critical political motives.
their needs and build ties. issues which need to be Zimbabwe government
sectorial collaborati- “CSOs who attended attended to and support has labeled most CSOs
ve frameworks for the raised serious issues those CSOs that seek regime change agents,
region in confronting over the way activists to engage government a charge the latter has
the PVO Bill. PVO Bill and Human Rights in wanting to save the declined and thus the
and other legislative Defenders are being sector. former seeks a legal
frameworks are meant arrested for example “In Midlands, we framework to keep
to shrink civic space. in Masvingo alone nine resolved to engage go- them under check.
“The same meetings of them (members of vernment on adoption
(NANGO) in a move also sought to map Masvingo Residents of national, regional
and international ben-
meant to map advocacy chmarks to develop

strategies that would

suit the context of their

operations in case the

Private Voluntary Or-

ganization (PVO) Bill

is passed in to law.

The movement spread

across three regions

namely Western,

Southern and Central

last week saw about

60 such organizations

in attendance as they

discuss on the way


CIASA Programmes

Officer Archibold

Madida in a report

TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 News 13
Gold coins, another big scam
Notorious Mbizo armed gang nabbed Whoever is writing speeches
for the Jenarari should be pocket from all this. No financial solu-
fired with immediate effect, tion that has been put in place has ever
worked, so I dont know where they get

Yes, I mean how can a sane person con- the confidence to think this will. If you

tinue humiliating our esteemed liberator want to believe them, do it at your own

like that. You need not to forget he is the peril, I will never trust Mthuli.

one guy who risked his life to give us the The only solution to the economic woes

problems we are experiencing now. Eve- is change of management which will res-

ryone chanted his name paNovember tore confidence in people. Even if you

2017 paya as a true hero who delivered bring the most noble idea, people no

us from the jaws of Uncle Bob and her longer trust the system. Who can blame

wife Dr Gucci Gire Stop It. So is this now them when Mthuli lied that the country

the thanks he is getting. But honestly was recording surpluses only to report

can’t the speech writer avoid some words an overspending. Iko yakazodiiko nyaya

Yeukai Munetsi allegedly robbed a Honda Fit motor so that it becomes easy for him to read. iya. You want to tell me that yakatofa
vehicle on June 15, 2022 in Mbizo
Kwekwe- Zimbabwe Republic 15, and Mbizo 4 robbery case where Remember he didn’t get time to go to yakaloader? Chete maZimba ndozvatiri,
Police (ZRP) has nabbed a they robbed a man of cell phones and
notorious armed gang which cash," he said. school as he joined the liberation strugg- good at making noise on social media
terrorized the Mbizo community in Mahoko further thanked the public
the mining town. for assisting police with informati- le at a very tender age. Pliz Mr Speech but no action. Direct confrontation is the
The gang commonly referred to as on regarding the whereabouts of the
Maketo brothers comprised of six suspects. writer, shape up or ship out nguva ichi- solution, and these guys are afraid of it
men Edmore Shoshore (33), Kelvin "We highly appreciate the assistance
Machado (20), Munashe Chipaga (19 that we are getting from the public po than this kkkk. Mapombi is in a jovial that’s why they are locking up Sikhala
), Nelson Shunya (31), Admire Jefias through supply of positive informa-
(30), Nyasha Nyahuma (30) all of tion leading to these big arrests," mood today, the western sponsored cold the man of action.
Mbizo 15 in Kwekwe. Mahoko added.
Midlands Provincial Police Spokes- front is subsiding as you can see. But some people will not go to heaven,
person Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko Meanwhile the total value stolen in
confirmed the arrests and said five of the two cases amounted to US$ 4 270. However, Mapombi gets angry when fel- how can they deny bail to Sikhala asina
them were arrested while seated in a The stolen Honda Fit motor vehicle
stolen vehicle. was recovered by the police on June low women are victimized, pliz mazivan- mhosva while real thieves are walking
"Five of the robbers were arrested 17 2022 in Simbi Park Redcliff.
while seated in a Nissan Caravan The six however appeared in court on hu imi siyanani naFadzi wedu, hee hee scot free. Why not caging the authors of
motor vehicle registration number July 6, 2022 for initial remand and
AEQ 8142 belonging to Edmore were remanded in custody and will kutora murume wemunhu what what, this country's misery?
Shoshore after a tip-off from the return to court on July 20, 2022.
public. Shoshore himself was later Investigations are underway to imi hakuna munhu anotorwa anoenda Blessed are those countries where lea-
arrested separately. ascertain the suspicion that some of
"The gang has so far been linked the gang members are out on bail on ega, angatorwa kuti chingwa here. We ders resign kana vabhaiza zvino muno iii,
to two robbery cases where they other crimes.
have serious issues to discuss like the they do reassign chete kkkk. Campbell is

Pomona saga, let’s talk about releasing still enjoying the perks of a Vice presi-

ana Sikhala and unwarranted arrest of dent even though he resigned. Kutofam-

Amos Chibaya. But kana tazogaraka ba achiita mameetings nxaa zvinosiriri-

ladies and gentlemen, Chibaya should sa.

leave Mkoba constituency in 2023 and But guys what do you think, I suggest

concentrate on organising the party. Ha- we just let Chamisa get to State Hou-

tidi vanhu vanoita more than two terms, se in 2023. Zvakaipei asi nhai. Isn’t he

especially kuOpposition who claim to a Zimbabwean? I really wonder why

be democratic. Ndonyaya dzine musoro s o m e people hate him so much. If

not talking about Mjolo, after anybody cared to listen to his

all asingaite ndiani speech at Magaisa' funeral, you

kkkk. But Fadziwo would see that he is a real and

kana wakazviita pliz true statesman. Chete he is also

zvisiye or make sure surrounded by criminals saka

hazvizikanwe becau- ma1. That speech at the fune-

se you are now a pub- ral made me think I would vote for

lic figure, you should lead by him. By the way I haven’t decided who to

example, chete ndogame yaEdmund Ku- vote for 2023 because vanhu vacho vese

dzai ndobasa rake, ndiye wekufumura haa. But if elections were held soon after

ana Chigumba in 2018, he did the same that speech, I tell you would have voted

on Sex More Hard kkk baba vanew ZEC for him. He spoke as a real unifier who is

commissioner. needed to unite the country which is po-

Speaking of Dugish, I hear his daughter larised. People no longer think. Kungoti

is now kuZEC, mmm havana kana ny- uri wedivi ripi chete and that’s the basis

adzi wena. I hope haana kutora musa- of every discussion. Manje tingaendepi?

na waBaba, I tell you if she did, with We need a leader who can do what Scar-

Chigumba, the combination will be fmore failed in 2017. He had chances but

troublesome. She has been groomed and he failed to utilize them now its haunting

now aibva, she has been warming up and him. Kana mati hamudi henyuzve Nelson

now akupinda as a super sub and one madii tipe chero Linda Masarira kkkkk.

expects ZEC to be neutral? It’s further You think angazotadza kugeza here ava

being compromised, kukama mukaka panyanga kkkk. I don’t care who gets in

wakakora kare, asi Zanu, chete Mwari that office, all I need is someone capable

haasi wemunhu umwe. of uniting people because that’s the first

But this time vanhu vasvinura, I saw a step towards development.

handful of Varakashi for ED toy toying in But guys tell me, where is the Godfather

town ndikati nhamo, the numbers could of Masvingo. Baba vaHungwe, that guy

tell kuti vanhu havachada that’s not the is the only one in Zanu PF whom I heard

Zanu I used to know, dai kuri kare they publicly denouncing corruption. Hanzi

could have blocked the road but haa rambai fufuro kkk. I heard he is not cor-

haiwa hapana hapana. rupt that’s why even after serving for so

Can someone care to help me with an many years as govenor for Masvingo, he

explanation on what this gold coin has nothing to show, havana kana chin-

thing is, I dont understand it. What is hu baba vaHungwe. If anyone see baba

Mthuli and Mangudya upto ipapa? We Hungwe please tell him we miss his hus-

should not accept whatever these two ky voice and hope to see him over the

bring about, kana muchifunga ndonyepa Heroes holidays in August.

muchaona henyu. Nothing will matera- Before I pen-off so that I can enjoy my

lise from the move. Chete ndikataurisa usual lunch let me plead with you Zim-

people will say Mapombi atanga but I babweans to respect human life. Eish the

am telling you the truth. I hear the coins killing of people in cold blood is unbeco-

will be sold at more that a thoudand US, ming and thus the need to take heed to

who will afford that beside the few clo- my call, zvakaitika kumaIndustry neva-

wns who have personalised this country. na vanosanganisira waChief Whip weZa-

This is just another gedye gedye scam I nu PF in parliament leaves a lot to be

tell you. Someone is going to have a fat desired shame.

14 News TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022


Rujeko Primary learner joins Climate Change crusade

wins Stockholm essay competition performances like this to partake in learning. ling sense of responsibili-
one,” he said. The strong work ethic ty in learners.
Asked on the secret drives our school. “At Rujeko, we try and
behind the success, Tabe “As a school we adhere to maintain zero tolerance to
said hard work on part the requirements of the littering, high standards
of teachers and learners Ministry on what they of cleanliness such that if
is the major driver of want learners to learn you visit our school, you
success at the learning especially this updated would realise you are in a
institution. curriculum emphasizing litter free zone.
“The secret behind that on what learners should “There is no burning
run of success is dedi- learn from the syllabus of papers which can
cation by teachers from while text books come cause emission of toxic
Infant leve to Grade 7. All in as complimentary gases into the air. We
the teachers show a lot sources,” he added. also contact Masvingo
of commitment and are Rujeko, according to Tabe council to collect garbage
always punctual and spot is making strides towards timeously,” said Tabe.
on which also drives the Climate Change mitiga-
eagerness of our learners tion measures and instil-

Stray lions spotted along triangle-ngundu
road, Zimparks warns communities

Courage Dutiro turn-off with Triangle/ by the Zimparks after

The Zimbabwe Ngundu road about 15 causing havoc in Chiteni

km from Chisase village. village under Chief

Parks and “We are encoura- Ndanga of Zaka.

Wildlife Ma- ging communities to In a bid to put hu-

nagement Authority minimize movements at man-wildlife conflict

(Zimparks) responsib- night and secure their that is escalating in the

le for conserving the livestock,” said Farawo. country to a minimum

country’s wildlife has He also said they are yet rate, Gonarezhou

warned communities to figure out where the National Park recently

along Triangle-Ngundu pride escaped from. introduced a lion collar

Elina Ringisai road to practice caution “We are still investiga- system.

following the sightings ting to get to know where The use of a satellite

Emmanuel Chitsika be ranked among the learner sailed through all of stray lions at Renco the lions are coming collar system will allow
the levels from school,
With countries top guns in as far as district, provincial to turn-off. from,” said Farawo. the responsible authori-
around the national levels which he
globe chan- Climate Change issues are said raises the flag of the Zimparks spokesperson As of July 07, 2022 the ties to have enough time
school higher as it reflects
concerned. on the good work they are Tinashe Farawo on July lions were spotted near to pre-warn villagers of
“The report of the “To us as a school, the 5, 2022 said the reaction Runde River heading lions or elephants ap-
win is a milestone achie-
nelling resources towards Director of Housing and vement for the school team is on the ground to towards Alternburg proaching their villages
and the learner herself.
Climate Change miti- Social Services on the By virtue of her being track the spotted pride Ranch in Mwenezi. through monitoring
a girl child, the win is
gation and adaptation, participation of Rujeko something the school of lions. Human-wild conflict is the Global Positioning
can boast of among other
Masvingo City Council’s Primary School in essay schools in Zimbabwe. “Zimparks reaction team a significant problem in System (GPS) location
“The victory is a measure
Rujeko Primary School writing competition of standards and thus we is on the ground tracking the province; recently on the collars.
are ranked even higher
girl has joined the initiati- focusing on the environ- than we would have antici- a pride of lions at Renco two elephants were shot
pated. The success of this
ve ensuring that the pen is ment was considered. It school that we usually see
through Grade 7 results
mightier than the sword was reported that Rujeko where we have maintain-
ed higher percentage pass
as the saying goes. Primary School pupil rates is thus justified by
such good works. As a
The young learner Elina Elina Ringisai in Grade result, our pass rate are
complemented by other
Ringisai (11) defied the 5 won the national com-

odds and shrug off all petition and attended the

the competition she en- prize giving ceremony

countered from school hosted by her Excellen-

up to national level in the cy the Ambassador of

essay writing contest. Sweden.

The essay was on ways to “The committee congra-

mitigate Climate Change tulated the learner and

challenges prevailing on Rujeko Primary School

the global arena. for the achievement,”

Minutes from council read the minutes.

meeting held on June 6, Rujeko Primary school

confirmed the learner’s head Aleck Tabe said he

fairy-tale towards was delighted by Ringi-

stardom where she can sai’s achievement as the

News TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022


Renco’s Chiponda Garden Club appeals
for short season variety seeds

TellZim Reporter getables.
“We are appealing to well-wis-
Members of the hers to assist us with quick
Chiponda Garden harvesting vegetable seeds
Club in Renco Mine as these will ensure that we
area have appealed for better do not spend too much on
manure, fertilizers and pestici-
crop and vegetable varieties des before harvest.
“Right now we have drumhead
that mature early to boost cabbages that take four months
to be ready for harvest. That
productivity in their project, hits the farmers hard on the
pocket because they now have
which has brought hope to to spend more on watering fa-
cilities, manure, pesticides and
families in the club. other resources,” Agricultural
Extension Officer Fungai Mu-
The nutritional garden, which sevesaid.
Garden club member
has seen over 50 villagers Kumbirai Munzvenga said
they sometimes cannot afford
growing a variety of leafy and pesticides, thus they end up
losing produce which gets
root vegetables in Chiponda attacked by pests and diseases,
therefore affecting overall
and surrounding areas has yields.
“We really need help with pes-
potential to sustain many live- ticides because sometimes we
end up losing produce due
lihoods if they manage to get to pests and diseases after

short season seed varieties,

they confirmed.

Speaking during a TellZim Chiponda garden club members

organized engagement

meeting at the garden we have worked so hard since Norman Murebwi, who is also a especially supermarkets and
planting up until harvest. member of the garden club said hotels to drive all the way here
last week, the garden club “We want to be competitive on they are appealing to buyers to buy our stuff than it is for
the market when we go sell our of their produce to come and us to transport the produce to
members said they were produce, but if we cannot afford buy directly from them as that Masvingo to sell it. I think we
pesticides our produce will be would lessen the burden of will all win if we get our produce
dreaming big for their project of poor quality compared to transport on them. sold from here,” Murebwi said.
others,” Munzvenga said. “It is easier for some buyers,
if only they could not register

losses in the farming process

which is sometimes dragged

by late harvest varieties of ve-

News TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022

Heavenly Cinema and Restaurant opens doors in Masvingo

TellZim Reporter Inside Heavenly Cinema house, which gives a new feel to
the local entertainment scene
Chivalry and fine dining Heavenly Cinema and Restau- come as a breath of fresh air
lovers in Masvingo rant has opened in the Central to both locals and visitors in
are in for a treat as Business District (CBD) at the Masvingo as the city did not
Junior Complex.
The restaurant and movie

have a movie house and very limited options
when it came to fine dining.
Situated in the second floor of the Junior
Complex building, diners will have a view of
the city while sipping to their favorite drinks
that including both hot and cold beverages.
The movie house has options for both
children and adults, with a popcorn and
beverage booth to cater for movie-goers.
Launching on Saturday June 9 2022, come-
dienne Kudzai ‘Mbuya Piyason’ Chengedza
will entertain guests as there will be exciting
activities that include raffle tickets draw and
some invited disc jockeys.
In an interview, events manager Tatenda
Makava said they were expecting a big crowd
at the launch as well as regular customers
going forward.
“This is something that is going to change the
arts sector in Masvingo as we also showcase
even local movies and local talent.
“We are expecting a big crowd for the launch.
This is something Masvingo will come to ap-
preciate in terms of standards because we
did not have such locally,” Makava said.
Tickets for movies will be sold at the
venue going for US$5 for adults and $3 for
children. The first movie screening will start
at 1100hrs.


First scheduled (Section 2)


Notice is hereby given that an applicati-
on in terms of Section 53 of the Liquor
Act ( Chapter 14: 12) will be made to
Liquor Licensing Board, Harare, for the
issue of a liquor licence for a Night Club
in respect of premises situated at Stand
No. 8211Makondo Extension, Chiredzi
trading as Ghetto Oasis. All persons who
have any objections to the application may
lodge their objections in writing with the
Secretary of the Liquor Licensing Board,
Harare, not later than 7 days from the day
of publication.


Munyaradzi Rufasha
1174 Chivangu Road Tsovani

TELLZIM News >> 8 - 14 July 2022 News 15

Participants engage in dance Pottery products on display

‘Pomp and fanfare to attend. Entertainment was fruits, culinary arts, pottery,
at Masvingo Culture across all age groups where lear- basketry and fashion designers
ners and students from Masvin- mounded their stands,” she
month provincial go Teachers College and other said.
launch’ community groups showcased However, on a positive note
different dance and exhibitions Mudefi said the guest of honour
from different ethnic groups. Masvingo Minister of Provin-
“All strategic stakeholders cial Affairs and Devolution Ezra
attended. Government mi- Chadzamira challenged local
nistries, Zimbabwe Tourism authorities to ensure a chunk
Authority (ZTA), Great Zim- of devolution funds is budgeted
babwe National Monuments, towards culture-oriented ini-
community members as well as tiatives.
traditional leaders custodians “In his official launch speech
of our culture were there. Such Minister Chadzamira encoura-
an attendance means apprecia- ged local authorities to budget
tion of our cultures in Masvin- for cultural activities from de-
go,” said Mudefi. volution funds. To appreciate
She said quite a number of exhi- our differences and diversity
bitions were witnessed pointing in cultural terms and explore
to cultural diversity across the the many ways we can express
divide. our unity, happiness and deve-
“Mwenezi being a rainbow lopment as a province, culture
district, we selected entertai- projects need to be prioritised,”
ners from the following grou- added Mudefi.
pings Ndebele, Venda, Ndau, The occasion was graced by
Shangani and Karanga speaking Chiefs Chitanga (host), Mazun-
people. A number of exhibitors gunye (Bikita), Nyakunhuwa
lined up and added value to the (Zaka), Makore (Gutu), Shindi
event with traditional herbs, and Nemauzhe (Chivi).

Minister Chadzamira inspecting displayed products

TellZim Reporter School in Mwenezi was a big up for the annual event with the Part of the entertainers
success, National Arts Council exception of Zaka which failed
Masvingo culture (NAC) has confirmed. to make it.
month provincial NAC Provincial Manager Helen “The launch was a success with
launch on June Mudefi said six out of the pro- a total of six districts turning up
24, 2022 at Chitanga Primary vince’s seven districts pitched for the event while Zaka failed

Shangani dancers in action Cultural products on display

TellZim Lager premier league with the

8 - 14 July 2022

big guns.

“In Chiredzi, I joined Lowveld

United better known as

‘Mahwindi’ before joining

Chiredzi Stars. Despite the

setback of being off-loaded

then, I got support to soldier

on from fellow peers and

adults in my hood because

after the disappointment, I

started working as an assistant

builder. Initially, the move

was initiated by premiership

side Triangle United so am

patiently waiting for their

promise though my heart is

with Dynamos,' said Chatulika

Like any other ambitious foot-

baller, Chatiluka said despite

his target to cater for his fellow

two siblings, he would wish

to ensure youth are occupied

Tawanda Chatiluka from drug and substance
abuse by establishing sporting
Budding Chiredzi Stars facilities that harness their
winger aims higher talents.
“First of all would i like to look
after my fellow siblings so that
they lead a proper and decent
life. Fellow ghetto youth will

also be among my major prio-

Emmanuel Chitsika which was in my neighbour- care of my welfare and I started Black Rhinos plying their trade rities. I want to support them
hood. staying at his place of residence. in Division One before being especially those who want to
Despite a troubled “From then, the club started My neighbour started looking off-loaded from the first team pursue footballing careers so
up-bringing after paying my school fees and that after my needs like providing resulting in my trek downwards that they realise their dreams.
being orphaned at is the point in time when I lost soccer boots for me and other to Chiredzi,” said Chatiluka. If resources permit, I dream
a tender age, one Chiredzi my parents and that marked the forms of encouragement. I am The dribbling wizard says he is of one day owning a soccer
Stars budding soccer winger dawn of a new era of struggles also grateful to then Seke High enjoying his time at Chiredzi academy for junior players,”
aims higher after a ray of hope to make ends meet. Fortunate- School Head who weighed in Stars though he aims higher at he added.

shone on him from well-wis- ly the owner of the team took with his support. I then joined the grand stage in the Castle

hers and caring neighbours

who motivated the upcoming


Tawanda Chatiluka also

known as Porongi among his

team mates says his dream

will be donning the famous POS Team PLD W D L GF GA GD PTS BUFFALOES FC WEEK 20 ERSL Fixtures PRO MELFORT FC
Blue and White stripe of 1 GREENFUEL FC 19 14 5 0 42 5 37 47 00
decorated Zimbabwe soccer
giants Dynamos Dembare and

for him the sky should be the 3 RUWA PROGROUP FC 19 8 9 2 25 14 11 33 MANICA DIAMONDS JUNIORS FC .. .. NZUMA BAR FC


Born 20 years ago in Chitun- 5 PRO MELFORT FC 18 8 5 5 17 12 5 29 MASVINGO UNITED FC 00 CHIREDZI STARS FC
gwiza, the exciting winger 6 FC WANGU MAZODZE 19 7 5 7 22 18 4 26 GREENFUEL FC 32 MUTARE CITY ROVERS
who is a dribbling wizard and 7 BUFFALOES FC 18 6 8 4 17 15 2 26 LOWVELD UNITED FC 02
composed when in possession SURREY FC

and getting past his markers 8 SURREY FC 18 7 4 7 16 13 3 25 GRAYHAM FC 10 RENCO MINE FC

says he aims higher on the 9 CHIREDZI STARS FC 18 5 10 3 11 10 1 25

football journey he embarked 10 GRAYHAM FC 19 4 10 5 20 23 -3 22 WEEK 21 ERSL Fixtures

on at a young age. 11 RENCO MINE FC 19 5 6 8 15 18 -3 21 PRO MELFORT FC RUWA PROGROUP FC
“The manner in which I started 12 JM BUSHA 54 FC 19 2 9 8 10 21 -11 15 BUFFALOES FC MANICA DIAMONDS JUNIORS FC
playing soccer is a bit funny. I 13 MANICA DIAMONDS JUNIORS FC 18 2 7 9 11 22 -11 13 JM BUSHA 54 FC
went at an institution where FC WANGU MAZODZE

young people were being fed 14 LOWVELD UNITED FC 19 3 4 12 6 30 -24 13 NZUMA BAR FC .. .. MASVINGO UNITED FC

and was invited to turn up for 15 ZAKA ACADEMY FC 19 1 4 14 10 41 -31 7 ZAKA ACADEMY FC GREENFUEL FC

training the following day. By 16 NZUMA BAR FC 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 CHIREDZI STARS FC LOWVELD UNITED FC

then I started playing for Chi- MUTARE CITY ROVERS GRAYHAM FC

tungwiza-based side Eagles SURREY FC RENCO MINE FC

Prepared by: RUTSVARA F

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