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Published by sd0455, 2019-11-24 12:53:41

Tau Lambda Newsletter 2019

Tau lambda


Shippensburg University

Hello Everyone, PRESIDENT
My name is Alexis Hammons and I was elected for the
role of Chapter President for Tau Lambda in November RECRUITMENT
2018 and will be serving until November 2019. This UPDATES
semester, we have accomplished some amazing goals.
Last year, we were determined to reach our Strike Out! PG. 2
goal which was higher than ever. We have been very
busy with philanthropy events and fundraising to RAISING MONEY FOR
accomplish this goal. We have also strived to be more JUVENILE ARTHRITIS
involved in the Shippensburg community by
volunteering our time as well as aspiring to be more PG. 4
Panhellenic by attending many Greek Life events.
Internally, we are working on hitting a Ruby level with CHECK OUT OUR SOCIAL
our SOEs for the end of this year while maintaining a MEDIA PAGES
influential role within the Panhellenic community. I am
very excited to see what will be further accomplished PG. 5
when all of our sisters work together for a greater
purpose. More updates to come soon. We hope you enjoy
this issue!


Alexis Hammons


Vice President of Administration - Paige Totten

Hi Sisters! My name is Paige Totten and I was elected as the Vice President of Administration for Tau Lambda in November 2018!
Being Vice President of Administration, this past year has given me many opportunities, not only in the chapter, but also in other
organizations. We were so thankful for all the help from our advisors and all the dedication they had put forth to help our chapter
continually succeed. By recognizing other organizations for their commitment and accomplishments, this will continue to help us
have a closer bond with the Greek Community.
This past spring semester, we were able to have an ELC visit with Alexis Stockton and she helped educate our members with more
information on how to better our chapter through Alpha Omicron Pi's values. We were so thankful for her visit and all the help and
support she provided us with. As a chapter, we were able to accomplish and work towards all the SOEs that were assigned throughout
the year. We worked together and had high standards, which helped us work towards our goals.
Overall, I was happy to be Vice President of Administration this past year and I can't wait to see what the following years will have
in store for the members of Alpha Omicron Pi of Tau Lambda at Shippensburg University!

Vice President of Membership Recruitment - Courtney Lesik

Pictured: Sisters having fun at Fall 2019 Bid Day! Pictured: A Big and Little duo enjoying Spring Recruitment.

Hi Everyone! My name is Courtney Lesik and I was elected as the Vice President of Membership Recruitment for Fall 2019 -
Spring 2020 recruitment seasons. Formal recruitment during spring of 2019 was a great success, just as our previous spring
recruitment. Tau Lambda reached quota and total for the spring and received high praise from the dean of Greek Life for having
one of the best recruitment seasons during spring 2019. We welcomed six amazing new pandas during spring formal recruitment
and welcomed three more during the COB process.
So far this fall, we have worked diligently to put on great events for our potential new members. We, again, were able to reach
quota and total and took in four new girls.
We have big plans for spring 2020 formal recruitment and will be spending plenty of time focused on bumping workshops within
our chapter and with another organization on campus as well as a conversation workshop to perfect our recruitment skills. We
are very hopeful that we will take on a large new member class in the spring. In the meantime, we are planning plenty of
smaller events to keep Alpha Omicron Pi on the radar for incoming freshmen and girls who have attended our previous events
but were unable to join. We look forward to seeing how our chapter will grow during spring recruitment, so make sure you keep
an eye out!


Vice President of Finance - Morgan Kowalski

Hi! My name is Morgan Kowalski and I was elected as Vice President of Finance in November 2018. This year, I really focused on

keeping the finances in order. In the past, we have struggled with our finances and members paying dues on time. As the Vice

President of Finance, I worked with members to make sure that their dues were paid on time. The budgets were followed, and the

dues were able to stay at a lower cost than in past years.

New Member Educator - Shana Louden

Hi Everyone! My name is Shana Louden and I was

elected as the New Member Educator in November 2018.

Both the Spring and Fall of 2019 were one for the books!

In the spring, we welcomed home six new amazing

members and after formal recruitment, we were able to

welcome three more! This fall, we welcomed another

four incredible pandas! I was able to get to know and

educate these thirteen fantastic women all about Alpha

Omicron Pi. During their six weekly lessons, we

discussed AOII's history, the structure of our

organization and our philanthropy. Each new member

would come to the meetings excited to learn more and

full of questions. After initiation, one member told me

Pictured: Our four new members who were initated on November 16 "I'm going to miss our weekly lessons and you teaching
us all about Alpha Omicron Pi."

Besides lessons, the new members were able to experience bid day, a week full of gifts and surprises leading up to getting their bigs

and a new member retreat. All our girls both semesters completed the requirements and became newly initiated members of Alpha

Omicron Pi!

Panhellenic Delegate - Marissa Cikovic

My name is Marissa Cikovic and I was elected as the 2018-2019 Panhellenic
Delegate for Alpha Omicron Pi. After joining AOII, I knew that I wanted a
position. When talking to the previous Panhellenic Delegate, I was so
excited to be a part of the Greek community and help share other
organizations events with the Tau Lambda chapter. Some events that AOII
attended was Hoops for Heart sponsored by Alpha Phi. This event was a
basketball tournament for the Alpha Phi Foundation to support heart
health. We won this event as well and earned a $25 gift card! We also
attended Bingo nights hosted by Delta Zeta, a Spelling Bee event hosted by
Alpha Sigma Tau and so many other events that were so rewarding to be at.
It is so important to support other Greek organizations to not only
maintain healthy relationships, but also make friendships with the Greek
community. It is always such a joy to attend these events and it’s such a
great opportunity to continue to meet new people.

Pictured: Sisters who attended Alpha Phi's
"Hoops for Heart" event


Philanthorpy Chairman - Emily Hogan

Pictured: Greek Community at Strike Out Arthritis! event Pictured: Greek Community at Spike Out Arthritis! event
in the Spring in the Fall

My name is Emily Hogan and I was elected as the Philanthropy Chairman for Alpha Omicron Pi in November 2018. Tau Lambda
chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi spend the past year raising awareness and donated toward our beloved philanthropy, Juvenile
Arthritis. Along with this, we spent over 600 hours with our sisters volunteering on and off the Shippensburg University campus.
We participated in our annual Strike Out Arthritis event raising over $300 and bringing multiple campus groups to attend. Each
semester, the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi love to hold Pie a Pi which is a fundraising event where you pay to pie our sisters. By
doing this both semesters, we raised awareness on campus and a large amount of donations. Sisters also spend their free time
donating and attending other organizations events. The Tau Lambda chapter decided to go blue for arthritis by making a banner
and getting new shirts that say, "Kids Get Arthritis Too!" This was a very exciting switch from our old shirts and sisters were so
We also participated in Relay for Life with the fraternity Kappa Sigma and, in total, raised $4,446 and spend the whole night
fighting for a cure. In the fall semester, we hosted Spike out Arthritis, raising over $500 towards our philanthropy. This year we
thanked all of our donors and met a young girl with Juvenile Arthritis. Each sister pitched in and we wrote her a note of
encouragement and gave her some of her favorite candy. It was a very successful year spent with the sisters raising money towards
an amazing cause. My time as philanthropy chair was cherished and such a meaningful experience. Alpha Love.

Vice President of Academic Development - Becca Rosikiewicz

As Vice President of Academic Development, I am proud of our chapter’s academic success over the past year. Currently, as
a chapter, Tau Lambda has the second highest GPA on campus, averaging at a 3.0. Many sisters are involved in honors,
including the Greek Honor Society, Order of Omega.
In Spring of 2019, four of our sisters were initiated into Order of Omega. On top of that, Tau Lambda has sisters in other
clubs and organizations and some hold very important leadership positions. I am incredibly proud of our chapter's
academic motivation and campus involvement and am excited to see what the future holds for development in these areas.


Vice President of Communications - Sabrina Disney

Hi Sisters! My name is Sabrina Disney and I was elected as Vice President of
Communications in November 2018. This year was heavily focused on created
a new aesthetic for our social media platforms to attract PNM's while also
shouting out sisters for their hard work both in and outside of our chapter.
During spring recruitment, I worked closely with the Courtney, our Vice
President of Membership Recruitment, to plan out our recruitment video. The
video was done professionally, and I paired it with photoshoots that closely
tied with our recruitment and video theme. I also created many flyers and
graphics that were posted and sent to PNM's for both Spring and Fall
recruitment. I created fliers that were interactive in hopes to generate more
excitement from PNM's. One of my other main goals were to make sisters feel
special on our social media platforms. During the Fall last year, I started a
#SeniorShoutOut on our Facebook page, giving our seniors a way to share
their experiences and love within AOII to our followers. I also posted sisters
birthdays directly on the Instagram to make them feel special on their special
day. Our ELC, Alexis Stockton, also gave me a great idea to start a Weekly
Email that is sent to sisters every Monday. I designed the email through Canva
and notify sisters of upcoming events, Panhellenic events, Sister Shout outs
and more! Throughout the semester, we highlighted sisters for their
achievements while also keeping our Instagram page aesthetic. Follow us on
our Twitter (aoii_ship), our Instagram (Aoiiship), our Facebook (AOIIShip) and
our website ( where we keep you up to date!

Congratulations to our Graduated Seniors: Pictured: Sisters having fun at our
Spring 2019 photoshoot!

In Fall of 2018, our seniors Kelsey Evelyn, Rachael Lynn, Dani McFarland, Taylor Miller, Sarah Bendekovitz, Kayleigh Gibbs and
Amanda Schmid graduated and started a new chapter in their lives. In Spring 2019, they were joined by our sisters Alyssa Smikosky,
Madison Small, Mary McGee, Megan Moorhead, Megan Wexler, Sarah Lecher, Kate Carothers, Morgan Stabinski, Madison
McInerney, Amy Tosten and Taylor Sieg! We are so proud of everything you all have done for our chapter and cannot wait to see
what the future holds for all of you. We miss you all!

Pictured: Graduating seniors of Fall 2018 Pictured: Graduating seniors of Spring 2019

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