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Published by maiyadbaldwin, 2019-12-05 09:17:30

Maiya Baldwin LOG Games Packet

Maiya Baldwin LOG Games Packet



Maiya d. Baldwin
Wednesday, October 6, 2019
Low organized games (kine 1151-p02)
MONDAY’S & Wednesday's 11:00AM-11:50AM

 Blind Fold Hide n Seek
 Dodgeball  Octopus Tag
 Musical Hula Hoop  Tug of War
 Hot Potato  Simon Says
 Red Light, Green Light  Blind Fold Tic Tac Toe
 Duck, Duck, Goose  Traveling through the Hula Hoop
 Blind Fold Mine Field


 2 Laps Around

**Every Activity Hold for 10 Seconds**
 Front Arm Circle/Back Arm Circle

 Left Arm Stretch /Right Arm Stretch
 Left Arm Behind
 Right Arm Behind
 Left Leg Stretch
 Right Leg Stretch

 Middle of Leg Stretch
 Left Calf Raise
 Right Calf Raise


 Objective: The objective of the game is for the
seekers to catch as many hiders as they can.

 Equipment: No equipment needed
 Instructions: One student is selected to be the

seeker for the game. After the seeker is
established then a base (home) is now labeled.
Once the base and seeker is selected every hider
(other students) need to find some where to go
and hide. While the hiders are finding
somewhere to hide the seeker will close their
eyes and turn around in a circle for 20 seconds at
the base. After 20 seconds the seeker may go
after all hiders to tag them before they return to
base. If no one is caught the seeker is still it, and
the game will continue until the last man is
 Note: If you are tagged then you are out.


 Objective: The object of the game is for a
team to hit all students of the opposite
team with a dodgeball to get them all out.

 Equipment: Any Type of Soft Balls
 Instructions: Students will be divided up into

2 teams with 1 team being on each side of
the court. On the middle line that divides
the two teams there will be approximately
12 soft balls that will be used to throw at
each other. Each team player is responsible
for either throwing a ball at the other team
to hit them out all while not getting hit
themselves. Whichever team has all of their
players out first they will loose the game
 Note: If you are hit during the game with a
dodgeball you are out. The team with the
most remaining wins.


 Objective: The object of the game is to be the
last person with a hula hoop.

 Equipment: Hula Hoops, Music
 Instruction: There will be a variety of hula hoops

placed around the gym, but only enough for 1
less the total amount of students. When the
music begins students will walk around the gym
until the music stops. When the music stops
every student will run to a hula hoop, if you are
not standing in a hula hoop you are out. If 2
students land in a hula hoop at the same time
they must Rock, Paper, Scissor it out to decide
who will stay in the game. A hula hoop is taken
out every time the music stops.
 Note: There should be only one person in the
hula hoop when the music stops.


 Objective: The objective of the game is to
not have the hot potato when the music is

 Equipment: Small object (ball, bean bag,

 Instructions: The students will spread out
into a big circle around the gym. The
instructor will hand the “potato” to a
random student, and then start the music.
When the music starts the students will pass
the “potato” around the circle in no special
order until the music stops. When the music
stops and you have the “potato” in your
hand then you are out.

 Note: Pass the “potato” as fast as you can so
that you won’t be out.


 Objective: The object of this activity is to
get to the other side of the gym first.

 Equipment: None
 Instructions: The students will start at one

end of the gym while the instructor is at
the other end. The teacher will call out
green light which means power walk,
yellow light which means walk in slow
motion, and red light which means stop.
Whichever student reaches the instructor
first that is who wins the game.
 Note: You are not allowed to run at all
during this activity, you may only power


 Objective: The object of the game is to
catch the “it” person before they get back
to your seat.

 Equipment: None
 Instructions: Students will spread out in a

large circle in the gym and sit on their
bottoms. There will be one selected person
to be “it” at first. The selected student will
go around the circle saying the word duck
however many times they would like. Once
the “it” person says, “goose” whoever was
selected has to get up and chase the “it”
person before they make it back to their
seat. If the current “it” person makes it back
then the goose is now it.
 Note: N/A


 Objective: The objective of the game is to make
it to the other side of the court without being

 Equipment: None
 Instructions: There will be one selected Octopus

that is trying to catch their prey. Once a student
is selected to be an octopus that student will
stand on the middle line of the gym while the
rest of the students stand on a specific side.
When the whistle blows students will have to run
to the other side of the gym without being
touched by the octopus. If students are touched
by the octopus they are now apart of the octopus
team and have to sit in the middle of the floor
with their arms out trying to tag other students.
 Note:You must stay in the perimeter lines
assigned at the beginning of the game.


 Objective: The objective of this game is to
use your strength to pull the rope back
towards your side to get the other team
pass the cone.

 Equipment: Cone, Rope
 Instructions: The students will be divided up

evenly into 2 teams on each side of the
rope. The students will then spread out on
each end of the rope. A cone is placed in the
middle of the rope. Once the whistle blows
each team will begin pulling the rope their
direction. Whatever team pulls the other
team 90% past the middle cone wins.
 Note: A wise decision is to carefully assess
your team to know where to put your team
mates on the rope as far as their strength.


 Objective: The objective of this game is
for students to pay attention to the leader
at all times.

 Equipment: None
 Instructions: Simon will be selected at

random from the group of students. Once
Simon is selected the remaining students
will be spread out across the gym. Simon
will begin to give orders and students will
have 3 seconds to do what Simon says. If
a student fails to do what Simon says in 3
seconds they are out.
 Note:You have to listen carefully or you
will miss the directions and be out


 Objective: The objective of the game is for one
team to get 3 in a row first

 Equipment: Hula Hoops, 2 Different Color Balls
or Bean Bags or Misc. Item, Blin Fold

 Instructions: The students will be divided into 2
teams. Each team will be given a specific color
item to represent them in Tic Tac Toe. The
student that is first will place the blind fold on,
run to the hula hoops and drop their item in one
of the hula hoops, run back to their team do 5
jumping jacks and then pass the blind fold to
the next person. The game will repeat until a
team has 3 in a row for their team.

 Note: The game is continuous until the 3 in the
row happens for a team


 Objective: The objective of this game is to
get each student through the hula hoop
without breaking hands.

 Equipment: Hula Hoop
 Instructions: The students will form a

large circle around the gym holding
hands. One large hula hoop will start on
the arms of one student. The key
objective is to have the hula hoop pass
around the circle through each persons
ENTIRE body without them having to
break hands. If you break hands you are
out of the game.
 Note: Strategize with organizing your
classmates to best fit the needs of getting
through the hula hoop


 Objective: The objective is to make it through the
mine field without tripping or touching any of the

 Equipment: Buckets, Hula Hoops, Bean Bags,
Balls, and other Miscellaneous Items

 Instructions: Students will be placed into 2 teams
to go through the mine field. Each team will be
given a blind fold for their representative to wear
as they travel. The teams are responsible for
telling their “it” player while blind folded how to
navigate through and how to come back from
the mine field. If a student steps on or hits an
object they must start over. The team to have all
of their players get through the mine field first

 Note:You must listen for your team as they are
your guiding light

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