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Published by aqilahnabilah.azman, 2020-02-18 01:08:00

The crocodile and the bird

Presentation 2


By: Aqilah Nabilah binti Azman(402)

Once upon a time, there live a crocodile named Crocky.
Crocky never had a friend, he doesn’t like anyone, he is in
his own world.All the things that he loves to do is just
searching for food and sleeping.The tons of crocodile never
try to approach Crocky as Crocky always ignore them.One
day, a unique bird named Mackeyn who was traveling for
her migration. After a long journey,Mackeyn stop to one of
the river to have a sip of water as she was having
dehydration from flying for a long measure time. While
Mackeyn was happily drink the water, Crocky come out
from the water to have a nap at the riverbank.When Crocky
saw Mackey having a sip of water, Crocky was really
desperate about Mackeyn’s existence at that riverbank.

After a while, Crocky just sitting there and just staring at
Mackeyn. Mackeyn who was having a sip of water,found a
gigantic fish! She wanted to give that fish to Crocky who
was non-stop staring at her. After Mackeyn said that she
wanted to give the fish to Crocky, Crocky replied with
arrogantly “Why do I need fish from weird and immigrant
bird like you?? That ridiculous! For a mighty crocodile like
me, a cow is more suited. Mackeyn replied “Ohh okay,it’s
depends on you,I doesn’t want to eat right know as it will
sluggish my movement”. Even after Mackeyn invited
Crocky, Crocky felt really annoyed of Mackeyn kindness.
With feeling fierce Crocky tried to bulldoze his big tail to
harm Mackeyn. But Mackeyn got a chance to dodge the

attack from Crocky.

Crocky felt really mad as Mackeyn dodged his attack ,he
went to the upper side of the riverbank to find the cow to
prove himself that cow is suited for him.While Crocky was
searching for a cow, he heard a bushy and footsteps sound,
he taught that it was a cow. Unluckily, it was a hunter.The
hunter vigorously catch Crocky and put Crocky inside of the
cage. Crocky felt really regret that he act badly towards
Mackeyn. He noticed that he should not act badly towards
people. Especially the one who act kind toward him.

Moral of the story=
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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