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CMA HeartBeat August 2015

CMA HeartBeat August 2015

In this Issue

Letters to the Editor

Misty Bradley


Compliments on the pigment/garment dyed t-shirts. I I want to thank CMA members that were Pallbearers at
LOVE how they feel. They're so soft. Each becomes a my Dad’s funeral.
favorite. Lovely colors, soft, thick, comfy, roomy fabric.
They're warm in cool weather, cool in warm weather. I don't know their names. My Dad, Dale Killough,
My super sensitive skin absolutely loves it! belonged to CMA in Louisiana. He died on March 24.
The funeral was in Shreveport, Louisiana and burial
Janna Walden was in Longview, Texas. Thank you and God bless.
Swordbearers for Christ #49
Independence, Missouri Donna Smith
Pollok, Texas

The message below is an encouraging word about Coordinator. Brad contacted us and informed us 03⎪⎪August 2015
CMA’ers working together. Thanks to Clayton and Vicki that he and Angie had considered attending our
Davis, Louisiana State Coordinators for sending it to us. rally and knowledge of our predicament had sealed
the plan for them! And they brought Area Reps,
CMA LA and MO – Working Together Mark and Jeanie Shelton with them. Craig White, a
former Area Rep and now an IT staff member at the
“The human body has many parts, but the many Support Center, also came to our rally. They were all
parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body members of the Missouri Praise Team.
of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:12, NLT).
Brad played the bass guitar, Angie played the key-
In recent years, we have heard CMA National lead- board and sang, Jeanie played her guitar and sang,
ership encourage members to work together, cross and Craig sang too. Their gracious addition to our
state lines, and work as a team to accomplish the praise team was sweet music to our ears! We
missions the Lord has assigned to each of us. weren't able to practice together in advance, but it
Louisiana CMA would like to express our sincere sounded like we had been playing together for
appreciation to several members of the Missouri years! Talk about crossing boundaries and working
leadership team for their assistance at our CMA together, they made many sacrifices to assist us
State Rally in September 2014. when we needed help. THANK YOU Brad, Angie,
Mark, Jeanie, and Craig! We and all the Louisiana
The Louisiana Praise Team was going to be incom- members had so much fun with you and really
plete at our state rally due to unfortunate circum- appreciate what you did for us. You have an open
stances. We mentioned this to our National invitation to attend any Louisiana state event and
Evangelist, John Ogden Jr, and he passed this infor- make beautiful music with us again. We are sure
mation on to Brad Barton, Missouri State our Lord enjoyed us working together to praise His
Holy Name.

Vicki Davis

From the Director’s Heart

By JOHN Ogden Sr. the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and

“So he answered and said to me: “This is the word darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of
of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by
power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts” God was hovering over the face of the waters.” God
(Zechariah 4:6, NKJV).
stepped out on nothing, took the void and darkness, and
God is amazing. I have said it many times, and it is
still true today. There are two reasons that CMA is the created the world and its inhabitants. He also looked at
successful ministry it is: 1) because of the Holy Spirit and
2) because of you, our members, that allow the Holy the motorcycling world and created CMA out of His love
Spirit to flow through you.
for lost bikers. He does the same thing for each of us. He
I would like to share a few statistics on what God is
doing through you, as you are Changing the world, one took our lives and transformed the darkness into His
heart at a time. We recently completed Run for the Son,
and set a new record raising over $4.4 million. God has light. Nothing is
touched people’s hearts from across the USA to give.
These seeds are being spread around the world in min- too hard for God.
istry to our fellow bikers, persecuted believers, native
pastors, and many other areas. Some of the harvest that Whatever you are
has come in as a result has been over 21 million salva-
tions worldwide with evangelism taking place in 192 of facing, give it to
196 countries. Over 530,000 people were ministered to in
the USA alone! Only God can accomplish feats such as God so that He
these through people who are willing to be used by Him.
may accomplish
I am reminded of Genesis 1:1-2 (NKJV) where the Bible
states, “In the beginning God created the heavens and His will which is

to bring hope

where there is no

hope. He is the

God of I AM. He

loves you and

wants what is

best for you. CMA John and Becky Ogden, John is the CMA
CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors.

04⎪⎪August 2015

Evangelist Article

By HIRAM Villaseñor from a list of rules! in contact with will see the differ-
Read what Paul says; “So Christ ence. Just like a fruit tree; as long as
In our society today, who you are it is firmly planted and gets the right
is pretty much judged by what has really set us free. Now make sure nourishment and water, it will bear
you do and how well you do it. It that you stay free, and don't get tied fruit! It doesn’t have to work hard
seems like everyone judges you by up again in slavery to the law. Listen! and struggle to bear its fruit…the
those standards. You can work to do I, Paul, tell you this: If you are count- fruit just happens!!
everything just right, so that you can ing on circumcision to make you
be accepted, approved and possibly right with God, then Christ will be of Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) says, “But
promoted. It has been my experience no benefit to you. I'll say it again. If the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,
that no matter how hard I try, and no you are trying to find favor with God peace, longsuffering, kindness, good-
matter how well I think I’ve done, by being circumcised, you must obey ness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-
there is usually someone along the every regulation in the whole law of control. Against such there is no
way who is not satisfied and thinks Moses. For if you are trying to make law.” There is no way that we can
that I should have done better. We’ve yourselves right with God by keeping have these in our lives by “doing” all
all heard that old saying, “You can the law, you have been cut off from the right stuff. It is by God’s grace
please some of the people, some of Christ! You have fallen away from and mercy that these will be evident
the time, but you can’t please all the God's grace” (Galatians 5:1-4, NLT). in our lives and ONLY as we abide in
people, all of the time.” As a result Him and have that intimate relation-
we can fall into a defeated attitude, Circumcision was something that ship that He so desires to have with
feeling that we just can’t do anything was required by the law; a list of each of us, His kids! CMA
right so why even try. rules. And there are thousands of
rules on that list! Jesus came to set Hiram and Sharon Villaseñor oversee the
If we are not careful, we can allow us free from that list of rules! Rocky Mountain Region as National Evangelist.
this same type of feeling when it
comes to our relationship with God. We MUST develop a personal, inti-
From all different places we hear mate relationship with our God, the
how we’ve got to act like this or like Creator of heaven and earth! He is
that; we can’t do this and we have to not interested in how well we do
do that. There seems to be a huge list things; all He wants is an intimate
of do’s and don’ts that we need to relationship with you and me! In our
follow so folks around us will know own strength, we just cannot do
we are a Christian. Now, what we do everything right. We as imperfect
and how we act is very important, human beings will mess things up if
but the problem comes when we try we try to do them on our own! ALL
to gain our acceptance from God by God wants is that personal relation-
doing the right things and not doing ship with us!
the wrong things. Our primary goal
must be to work on our personal As we develop this relationship,
relationship with God, not working all the “fruits” of our relationship will
just happen and the people we come

Prayer Points Sturgis 75th Rally 05⎪⎪August 2015

Countries in the Spotlight Ministry Partners Mission Trip Opportunities to witness

• Bulgaria • Portugal Safety for all

• Australia • France Changing of Canadian God’s presence to walk
the Color Rally National Rally with CMA'ers
• Canada

• Finland

• England Support Center Staff: Health, Marriages, Children, Finances
• Ireland

06⎪⎪August 2015

2015 Events

Special Feature

A number of years ago our Season testimony is available on DVD from found a local chapter and got plugged 07⎪⎪August 2015
of Refreshing slogan was “the and will encourage in, went to church, and gave his heart
Word Works When the Workman Works your heart, and give you the inspira- to the Lord. An old school paper tract
the Word.” It is a true and catchy say- tion to stay the course. sparking interest and pointing to the
ing that points out the need for tools. vast electronic resources of the inter-
Any workman, worth his salt, needs The Gospel Cup is another of net in turn revealing valuable infor-
tools to accomplish the task at hand those timeless tools that has come to mation about the Christian
and the Word of God is the obvious define CMA and the servant heart Motorcyclists Association leading to
place to start. But once we have the attitude of you, the members, over an active local chapter full of dedicat-
Word in us and are prayed up it is the last 40 years. Many stories have ed loving members equals a changed
time to pick up our tool and go to been related over the years of how life!
work. CMA has tried a variety of the cool water was a physical
ToolBox Items over the years in our refreshing and that the printed mes- This true story is a credit to you,
quest to spread the Gospel. Some sage of hope on the cup had pro- the “workmen who work;” the tract
have certainly been anointed as they duced a changed life in Christ. writer, the printer, the packer, the
were a hit from the start and are still shipper, the distributer, the one who
some of our most effective and well The open doors the Holy Spirit handed it out, the website adminis-
used evangelistic aids many years produces through Bike Blessings are trator, the contact person who
later. truly unbelievable, seemingly impen- responded to the information call,
etrable barriers come down and peo- the chapter members that threw
The CMA Ragg Tract is a prime ple share their deepest needs. What their arms open to love a stranger,
example. One of thousands of rag an amazing opportunity to introduce the church that ministered to him
tracts handed out during a major the love of Jesus into their situation! and the Lord Jesus that shed His
rally in Arkansas laid forgotten for blood to save him. It takes us all. We
over a year in the bottom of a saddle The tracts, cups and other ToolBox each have a job to do and you just
bag, yet that simple paper tract still Items are tried and proven tools, but never know what the Lord is up to, so
held the life changing message of even us old guys have to admit the keep on keeping on, each of us doing
faith that when the Holy Spirit was new technology is just as effective. our part, no matter how seemingly
ready became a new beginning for Al CMA’s presence on the internet with small, and watch what He will do.
Simmerman. “Ragg Tract Al,” as he the CMA website, various social
became known, faithfully served the media pages, and YouTube channel is I could go on and list numbers and
Lord in CMA until his passing in producing results as well, and the fol- statistics; like the fact Bike Blessing
November 2012 and as you would lowing testimony combining the old sales have gone up over 40% in the
expect, the Ragg Tract was one of his and new can’t be beat. A CMA chap- last half dozen years or that you, the
most useful tools that he handed out ter officer serving at the water wagon members distributed nearly 300,000
with this comment; “Read it, it will during Rolling Thunder this year, Gospel Cups and close to 150,000
change your life. I know because it sure related how he had attended as a Ragg Tracts in 2014 or how many
changed mine!” Do you ever wonder if participant several years back, and likes and shares on social media we
it is all worth it or never seem to see after receiving a Ragg Tract and have, but the point is; It works folks!
any results from your efforts? Al’s Gospel Cup went home and Googled God is continuing to use the tools He
the Christian Motorcyclists has inspired CMA to develop in the
Association. Through the website he
(continue on page 26)

State Rallies


Alabama August 28-30 Eufaula David Hall 256-270-7459
Arizona September 10-13 Heber Sam Trevino 928-925-7980
California S Vista Mike Ferry 619-818-3675
Colorado August 21-23 Gunnison Brad Tutor 970-275-2923
Florida July 30-August 2 Fruitland Park Mark Cooley 904-655-7872
Illinois September 25-27 Carlinville Doug Johnson 630-878-2801
Indiana September 11-13 Marion Jay Wilber 812-499-3395
Iowa September 17-20 Dayton 712-295-5781
Kansas Hutchinson Cary Klatt 620-431-7454
Kentucky August 14-16 Renfro Valley Mike Bright 606-831-0282
Louisiana July 31-August 2 Pineville Curtis Daniel 318-347-4944
Michigan Lower September 11-13 Sebewaing Clayton Davis 231-328-2120
Michigan UP September 18-20 Crystal Falls Bill Thompson 906-281-4521
Minnesota September 4-7 Alexandria Jim Sayatovich 651-766-8060
Missouri Roach David Adams 573-576-8216
Montana August 28-30 Lewistown Brad Barton 406-728-8914
Nevada August 21-23 Winnemucca Larry Banister 775-790-4019
New York August 21-23 Rome Greg Hubbard 315-525-8455
North Carolina August 13-16 Black Mountain Ralph Witt 704-888-5502
Ohio August 7-9 St. Mary's David Richey 740-994-0348
Oregon August 21-23 Madras 503-539-8885
Pennsylvania September 18-20 Birdsboro GR Niver 814-224-5177
South Carolina August 7-10 Pickens Cliff Roper 843-607-0446
Tennessee August 14-16 Burns Dale Brubaker 615-830-3183
Texas-N July 30-August 2 Palestine Norm Moore 903-238-6202
Virginia September 11-13 Dublin Jonathan Allgood 540-219-5843
West Virginia August 21-23 Ripley Jeffrey Coker 304-863-3204
September 10-13 Doug Surges
September 18-20 Rick Burkey
August 14-16

Evangelist Article

By TOM Palazzolo Jesus knew that. But Jesus took the night you stay up too late and over 09⎪⎪August 2015
time for this woman. Jesus did not sleep in the morning and in your
We are well into the busy sea- allow the urgent to side track him rush, you run right past the living
son for CMA. Although we from the important. room and out the door and leave
are actively serving God all year your friend waiting alone for you.
long, these are the months when When they finally reached
every weekend is booked and we Jabirus' house, they were met with Another day and you call another
really rack up the miles on the bike. weeping neighbors and friends who friend instead and spend that time
reported that they were too late, she on the phone before you realize you
I know you're busy too. Most of was dead. But Jesus ignored the are late again and you rush out the
us work full time jobs and balance mourners and raised her up, healed door, again leaving your friend qui-
family needs with church callings. and whole. etly patiently waiting. Until this
And the grass still needs to be becomes the habit you have devel-
mowed and the house projects and Jesus wasn't set on following oped as you rush past the living
an endless list of home and vehicle anybodies agenda but God’s. He room door and call out, "sorry,
maintenance always waits for us to knew how to prioritize not just His maybe tomorrow."
have time enough to get to them. time and energy; He knew how to
prioritize His ministry and His life. Meanwhile, your friend has some
We all struggle to balance the He never said yes out of guilt and good news to share with you. Your
many demands on our time and to He never said no because He was friend has been waiting with barely
be sure we are where God wants us tired. He knew day by day, incident suppressed excitement to share
to be, doing what God wants us to by incident, exactly what to do. something wonderful with
be doing. We are told to prioritize you...and every day, you rush past.
our time. It's good to have a plan We all have days when the And that hard thing that happened
and a schedule to adhere to but we urgent side tracks us from the to you at work last week, your
can't allow ourselves to get too important and vice versa. friend had some terrific insight into
caught up in that schedule. We that problem and a great solution,
always want to be ready for Jesus to Jesus may have had super natu- but you didn't give your friend a
change our plans. ral knowledge of the outcome here chance to share with you. And this
but the real secret of His always is how it goes day after day.
Jesus showed us how. Jairus was knowing exactly what to do was
a high priest and a very important that He gave Himself over to prayer. That's how I see Jesus waiting in
and influential leader in the com- Over and over we read how He my living room every morning to
munity. He was also a distraught withdrew to be alone and pray. have a quiet visit with me and
father. He met Jesus as soon as He when I get too busy and miss that
arrived in his community and asked If Jesus had a super natural sense time, I cheat Jesus out of that time
Him to please come right away and of what was most important in the and worse, I cheat myself.
heal his daughter. It was a matter of moment, realize we have that same
life and death. access to the throne of God. That Giving God that tithe of your
was part of the example He left us time is the same as giving God the
On His way there, crowds sur- so we too could know the right tithe of your finances. It is giving
rounded Him and slowed his choices to make day by day, hour by God control of your time, of your
progress. Jesus stopped in the mid- hour. day and of your life. The busier you
dle of a crowd that was pressing in, are, the more important it is to
hemming Him in to ask "who Don't prioritize your schedule until make time for time alone with God.
touched me?" Of course we know it you schedule your priorities.
was the woman who had suffered We all say that we can pray any
12 years with an issue of blood who If you don't schedule in time time and any place and that's true.
thought if she could just touch the with God, life and well meaning Amazing isn't it? The moment we
hem of His robe she might be people will steal every quiet address our Father, we know He's
healed. Jesus stopped, called her moment God wanted you to set listening. But spending time alone
out, healed her and even called her aside for Him. with God isn't just about talking to
"daughter." God, it's about quieting your mind
Imagine you have invited a friend and your body and sitting still long
While Jairus waited impatiently to meet you every morning in your enough for God to talk to you.
on the side lines. Can you see him living room at sunrise to share a
wringing his hands, pacing back cup of coffee and a quiet pleasant When I make time for God, my
and forth and silently pleading, visit before starting your hectic days just seem to flow smoother. I
"Hurry, please hurry!" Jairus was busy days. And your visits with him manage to find the time for all the
desperate to reach his daughter and are just wonderful! But then one
(continue on page 29)

10⎪⎪August 2015


Evangelist Article

By PETER Helgerson in our chapter strikes, a disagree- just the underlined verses again. We
ment with a fellow member arises, or are to be humble, with an attitude
John 1:1-5 (NIV), “In the begin- we are confronted with a standard in like Jesus, a servant, obedient and our
ning was the Word, and the CMA ministry that we don’t par- tongue should confess Him with the
the Word was with God, and the ticularly like, we can sense the urge name that is above all names, “Jesus
Word was God. He was with God in to share our opposing views with is Lord.” It is an honor to be able to
the beginning. Through him all things those around us. And often we can address the King of Kings and Lord of
were made; without him nothing was believe that we are doing it in a posi- Lords with our lips. But we ought to
made that has been made. In him tive manner. But “IF” Jesus is Lord of take heed of the majesty of Jesus,
was life, and that life was the light of our lives, and as believers He needs exalted by the Father, and never for-
men. The light shines in the dark- to be that, we should always turn our get that He is Lord and to deny self
ness, but the darkness has not over- concerns to Him through prayer. and take on the role of a servant to
come it.” Consider the words in Philippians those around us considering them
2:3-11 (NIV), “Do nothing out of self- better than ourselves. Paul wrote in
As many times as I’ve had read ish ambition or vain conceit, but in Philippians 1:20- 21 (NIV), “I eagerly
this familiar beginning to the book of humility consider others better than expect and hope that I will in no way
John, I continue to receive new yourselves. Each of you should look be ashamed, but will have sufficient
thoughts of blessing from its impor- not only to your own interests, but courage so that now as always Christ
tance. We understand that John is also to the interests of others. Your will be exalted in my body, whether
speaking of Jesus and that He is one attitude should be the same as that by life or by death. For to me, to live
with the Father and that they have of Christ Jesus. Who, being in very is Christ and to die is gain.” May the
been since the beginning. However, nature God, did not consider equality grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with
as I write these thoughts I am with God something to be grasped, your spirit, Amen. CMA
absorbed in, “In him was life, and that but made himself nothing, taking the
life was the light of men. The light shines very nature of a servant, being made Peter and Connie Helgerson serve CMA as
in the darkness, but the darkness has not in human likeness. And being found Evangelists in Training.
overcome it.” This of course is our in appearance as a man he humbled
hope in Christ. It is our responsibility himself and became obedient to
as Christians to reflect the Light. It’s death – even death on a cross!
our desire that the darkness we Therefore God exalted him to the
sometimes find ourselves in is over- highest place and gave him the name
come. That the Light that lives within that is above every name, that at the
us shines so that those around us name of Jesus every knee should bow,
see, hear, and understand who the in heaven and on earth and under
true Light (Jesus) is. the earth, and every tongue confess
that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God
From this thought, however, I have the Father.”
been pondering how often we can
hear, either in song, message This Scripture really sums it all up
preached, or through a Christian’s for me and I would ask you to re-read
testimony the words, “Jesus is Lord”
and this of course is the absolute
truth. But sometimes when conflict

John Ogden Sr. Ray Burns Lyle Herman Chet Upp Bob Sandberg Sandberg continued 11⎪⎪August 2015
870-389-6196 785-582-4011 701-663-8699 479-394-1014 209-586-4419
July 31-August 2 August 21-23
August 3-9 KS State Rally August 3-8 August 7-9 August 7-9 CA-S State Rally
Sturgis Hutchinson, KS Sturgis Rally OH State Rally NV State Rally
Sturgis, SD St. Mary’s, OH Winnemucca, NV Vista, CA
Sturgis, SD Charles Hale
903-796-6692 August 13-16
OR State Rally

Madras, OR

12⎪⎪August 2015


Youth Movement

By JEROD McPherson 1. It’s so fun. MX races and ex- of RVing and camping, with

Every weekend at tracks, treme shows are high energy plenty of other activity going on
arenas, trails and
often in open fields, you will find party atmospheres, filled with outside of racing. To be certain,
people on off-road motorcycles.
They are exploring, racing, jumping, music, competition and plenty it’s not necessarily always a God
tricking and generally having lots of
fun. You probably see these sights of activities. There is always honoring environment, but what
and might even quip, “Back when I
was young I used to do that,” or something going on at a better reason for CMA members
“Boy, if I had the time I would love
to spend some time on one of those motocross week- to be a light to entire
bikes.” But have you ever stopped to
consider the open ministry oppor- end. From the families who spend
tunity in the motocross and off-
road segments of motorcycling? hole shot to the weekend after week-

The truth is the off-road segment podium, the con- end together playing
of motorcycling is continuing to
grow. And it’s not just for young stant rush of in the dirt.
children either. Yet, this incredible
ministry opportunity for the min- motos through-
istry of CMA often goes overlooked
or even worse ignored. But followers out a day of MX 4. You are minister-
of Christ are giving the encourage-
ment to “make the most of every racing is hard to ing the future of
opportunity” (Ephesians 5:16 NLT),
so here are a few reasons why you describe. It’s street motorcycling.
shouldn’t ignore motocross min-
istry any longer: intense, fast Jennifer and I have

Tim Reich, Area Rep for Texas West, praying paced and will prayed with young
with young MX ATV rider.
keep your inter- Jerod and Jennifer McPherson serve men who chased
est from start to CMA as Vice President of Evangelistic their amateur
finish. Outreach. motocross dreams

to professional

2. Parts, Performance, and supercross, the X games and

Wrenching. If you like gear, get- even to NASCAR. When you

ting the most out of your have the privilege to minister to

machine or customizing any- the families and young motorcy-

thing, then the MX culture will clists in the off-road sector of

interest you. Pops and biking, remember, these young

Grandpops really know what people love their bikes, and one

they are doing and day soon, they will be attending

absolutely love to the same biker rallies your local

visit with you about CMA chapter serves.

it. The MX racing

culture is a high 5. It’s a wide open door. MX pro-

adrenaline competi- moters are asking CMA leaders

tion and all those for their presence at tracks all

who are involved in over the country. The racing 13⎪⎪August 2015

it say it’s very hard families are welcoming CMA

to get out of your members into their close knit

system once you get circles. There is an openness for

started. prayer, compassion and sharing

the Good News about Jesus. We

3. It’s a family envi- have that hope and the families

ronment. Off-road and riders in the off-road com-

and MX events often munity need it. CMA

involve the entire

family. There is lots

14⎪⎪August 2015

Goodies and ToolBox

Goodie Corner ☐ ___ Badge T-Shirt, navy S-2X, 4X $18 ☐ ___ Fast Lane One-Piece Riding 46, 48 $650
Suit w/ CE Armor
☐ ___ Cutout Flame V-Neck T-Shirt, black L, XL, 3X $18
To order: check item, write in quantity and circle size. Carry Goodie ☐ ___ Under Shirt ☐ 3X ☐ 4X $61.50
total to reverse side. ITEMS IN RED ARE AVAILABLE ONLY TO ☐ ___ Connect to the Power T-Shirt, blk S-3X, 5X $18
TEAM COURSE OR WERE MEMBERS PRIOR TO MARCH 1, 1997. ☐ ___ Tribal Tie-Dye T-Shirt S-L $20 ☐ 2X ☐ 3X ☐ 4X

Shirts & Jackets ☐ ___ Hatfield Shirt, red S, L-XL $18 ☐ ___ Tall Coconut Socks ☐ M $19.50
☐ ___ CMA Knuckles Riding Gloves, blk S-3X $32.95
☐ ___ NEW! Ladies’ 40th Cross Shirt S-2X $24.95 ☐ ___ My Chains Are Gone, white M-2X $18
☐ ___ Deerskin Outseam Gloves w/ embossed logo $40.00
☐ ___ NEW! Ladies’ Hummingbird Shirt L-XL, 4X $26.50 ☐ ___ Road Warrior L/S T-Shirt, gray L-XL $20 ☐ XXS ☐ XS ☐ S

☐ ___ Surrendered Heart Shirt S, L-2X $19.95 ☐ ___ Weapons Of Our Warfare, gray S-L $18 ☐ ___ Deer/Buffalo Gauntlet Gloves w/ $70.00
embossed logo ☐ XS ☐ S
☐ ___ Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt S-XL $27.45 ☐ ___ Ride the World, l/s, brown S-M $20

☐ ___ Ladies Papaya V-Neck Polo XS-4X $29.50 ☐ ___ CMAUSA Bike T-Shirt, charcoal blue S-XL, 3X $18 ☐ ___ Deerskin Fingerless Gloves w/ $29.50
embossed logo ☐ S
☐ ___ Ladies Church Clothes, scoup neck XS-2X $26.50 ☐ ___ Rebel w/ a Cause T-Shirt, gray S-XL $18

☐ ___ Ladies Blue Nepal, runs small S, L-3X $29.95 ☐ ___ God Speaks T-Shirt, navy S-M $18 Vests

☐ ___ Ladies Salvation SS, red S, L, 2X $18.95 ☐ ___ Embossed Logo T-Shirt w/ S-L $22.50 ☐ ___ Men’s Demin Vest w/ Patches, blk S-3X $99
pocket, black 3X $99
☐ ___ Ladies Full Color Logo V-Neck, blk XS-4X $21.95 $119
☐ ___ Old School T-Shirt, brown S-XL, 3X $18 ☐ ___ Ladies Demin Vest w/ Patches, blk S-2X $114
☐ ___ Ladies Eternity Shirt, white L $18 $77
☐ ___ Tribal Ride T-Shirt, green S-L $18 ☐ ___ Men’s Leather Vest w/ Patches, blk S-L $77
☐ ___ Ladies Island Time, teal 4X $20 $30
☐ ___ POW-MIA T-Shirt, black, POW S-L $25 ☐ ___ Ladies Leather Vest w/ Patches, blk S-3X $205
☐ ___ Ladies 3/4 Polo, navy, embroidered XS-2X $29.95 logo, Memorial, Isaiah 49:16 3X-4X
logo on front 4X ☐ ___ Hi-Viz Air Mesh Vest S-5X $8
☐ ___ Youth Movement Tire Tread Shirt, gray S, XL, 2X $6
☐ ___ Ladies Raspberry Glitter, l/s M-XL $20 ☐ ___ Air Mesh Vest W/ Ties S-5X
☐ ___ CMA Logo L/S Shirt, logo on S-5X $19
☐ ___ Ladies Riding for the Son Shirt, navy 2X-4X $22.50 front/back ☐ white ☐ blk ☐ gray ☐ ___ Yellow Reflective Vest S

☐ ___ Ladies Butterfly 3/4 Shirt, white S-L $24.95 ☐ ___ CMA Logo T-shirts, full color S-5X $18 ☐ ___ Leather Shawl, black w/ trim, medium
logo on front/back ☐ white leather patch, one size Trim Colors
☐ ___ Ladies Lasting Peace T-Shirt, lavender S-L $18 ☐ black ☐ red ☐ blue ☐ gray Choose One: ☐ Yellow ☐ Blue ☐ Black ☐ Red

☐ ___ Ladies Flower Power T-Shirt S, XL $18 ☐ ___ White Flame T-shirt S-XL $18 ☐ ___ Leather Vest Extenders w/ CMA Logo Snaps
☐ ___ Ladies Polo, black, silver S-3X $35 Caps & Headwraps
embroidered logo on front
☐ ___ Fully Alive Kids T-Shirt YM-YXL $18 ☐ ___ NEW! 40th Anniversary Embrod. Cap, black
☐ ___ Ladies L/S Mini Check Button S-3X $54 AL ☐ ___ NEW! Pink Sequined Logo Cap, black $20
☐ ___ NEW! Logo Flame Skullcap $20
☐ ___ NEW! Men’s V Twin T-Shirt, navy S-5X $18 ☐ ___ KIDS Road Warrior L/S YM-YXL $18 ☐ ___ NEW! High Viz Full Color Duragg $18
T-Shirt, gray, youth sizes ☐ ___ NEW! High Viz Yellow Cap $16
☐ ___ Men’s Oxford Embroidered S-L, 2X-4X $37.50 ☐ ___ NEW! Diamond Plate Cap $20
Shirt, blue, CMAUSA above pocket LT, 2XT ☐ ___ CMA Kids Green “Ride Shirt” L $14 ☐ ___ Patriotic Cap $20
☐ ___ Ladies Motorcycle Bling Hat, black $15.25
☐ ___ Men’s Button Up Eagle Wing S-L, 2X-3X $39.95 ☐ ___ NEW! Ladies Carbon Jacket, orange S-3X $69.50 ☐ ___ Flat Top Cap w/ CMA on side $20
☐ ___ Patriotic Cap $20
☐ ___ Microfiber Shirt, l/s, sage S-L $34.95 ☐ ___ Gray Fleece Vest M-3X $34.95 ☐ ___ Grey/Black Flame Mesh Cap $15.25
☐ ___ CMA Full Color Logo Print Duragg $20
☐ ___ Men’s Polo Shirt, brown, embroi- S-2X $34.95 ☐ ___ Surrendered Heart Hoodie S-3X $34.95 ☐ ___ Beanie w/ Reflective Stripe, orange $16
dered logo on front ☐ ___ Black Beanie w/ white logo $14
☐ ___ Surrendered Heart Pants S-2X $22.95 ☐ ___ Ivy Cap ☐ S/M ☐ L/XL $14
☐ ___ Unity Shirt w/ CMA patches S-M $25 ☐ ___ Low Profile Cap, black $20
☐ ___ Sweatpants, purple M-XL $16.95 ☐ ___ Yowie, black/pink logos $16
☐ ___ Men's Polo, black, silver em- S-M $35 ☐ ___ CMAUSA Skull Cap $19.95
broidered logo on front ☐ ___ Color Logo Hoodie, black L-XL $41.95 ☐ ___ Gears Headwrap $15
☐ ___ Flair Hair Visor $22
☐ ___ Men's Mini Check L/S Button S-M, 3X $54 ☐ ___ Victory in Jesus Hoodie, black L-2X $43.95 ☐ ___ Black/White Ladies Cap $18.50
☐ ___ CMA Beanie, pink $15.25
☐ ___ Patriotic Eagle Dickies® S/S S-M $35 Riding Gear & Gloves ☐ ___ CMA Custom Buff® $11.95
Shirt, gray ☐ ___ Black/Red Cap w/ Red Outline $24.95
☐ ___ CMA Kids, royal blue and black $15.25
☐ ___ Dickies® L/S Navy w/ Flame S-3X $36.50 ☐ ___ Armored Leather Riding Jacket S-4X $250 ☐ ___ Silver Tribal Low Crown Cap w/ Liquid $18.50
detail on sleeve 3-4 Weeks Delivery $18
Metal, black
☐ ___ NEW! 40th Embrod. Dickies®, blk S-5X $49.95 ☐ ___ Air Mesh Riding Jacket, black S-XL $119 $12.50
☐ ___ NEW! 40th Faithful Years, orange S-5X $18 3X-5X ☐ ___ Pink Duragg w/ Black Logo $20
☐ ___ Black “Light Up” Cap, low crown
☐ ___ 40th Anniv L/S Shirt, black M-5X $24.95 ☐ ___ Ladies Textile Riding Jacket, white S-5X $125

☐ ___ NEW! Polo w/ Red CMA Logo, blk S-4X $39.95 ☐ ___ Ladies Textile Riding Jacket, black S-5X $125

☐ ___ NEW! Fast Lane Motocross Shirt S-4X $39.95 ☐ ___ Soft Shell Jacket, gray S-3X $99.50

☐ ___ NEW! Create A Spark, charcoal S-2X $18 ☐ ___ Soft Shell Pants, gray S-3X $77.50

☐ ___ NEW! Soul Savage T-Shirt, black S-5X $18 ☐ ___ Microfiber Performance Pants S-XL 3X $42.50
Choose one: ☐ Gray ☐ Green
☐ ___ NEW! Someday T-Shirt, lime S-5X $18
☐ ___ Performance Parka, black S, M, 2X $129.95
☐ ___ NEW! CMA Worldwide, white S-5X $18
☐ ___ Men’s Microfiber Pants, black S-XL $44.95
☐ ___ NEW! Tech L/S Shirt, yellow S-3X $19.50
☐ ___ PolarTec Pants L-XL $39.95

☐ ___ Jesus First T-Shirt, gray S-2X $18 ☐ ___ Riding Jacket, black S-XL $119
☐ ___ Jesus First Pants, black XS-2X $37

☐ ___ Inner Armor T-Shirt, gray S-4X $18 ☐ ___ Rain Jacket, black w/ red and S-L, 2X $35.50
white stripe 3X-5X
☐ ___ Yellow Performance LS Nepal S-4X $34.95
☐ ___ Rain Pants, black S-4X $34
☐ ___ LIFT T-Shirt, black S-XL $18 CMA Decals
☐ ___ 3/4 Leather Jacket, black S-L, 3X $250
☐ ___ Red Polo, black logo on front/back S-4X $19.95
☐ ___ Xtreme Riding Jacket S-L $250 ☐ ___ 8¼” $8.50 ☐ ___ 5¼” $6.25
☐ ___ Twist Tie-Dye T-Shirt, orange S-L, 2X $19.95 2X-5X $2.50
☐ ___ 3½” $3.25 ☐ ___ 2½” $1.50
☐ ___ Jesus Went T-Shirt, white S-3X $19.95 XS, M, L, $250
☐ ___ Ladies Xtreme Riding Jacket XL-2X ☐ ___ 2½” Colored Decal, die-cut, clear $3.25
L, XL $18 background Choose One:
☐ ___ Come To Me T-Shirt 4X-5X ☐ ___ Hi Viz® Mesh Jacket 38-50, 54 $119 ☐ White ☐ Silver ☐ Black ☐ Orange $65
☐ Blue ☐ Yellow ☐ Green ☐ Red $8
☐ ___ Tire Tread T-Shirt S-XL $18 ☐ ___ Air Mesh Jacket 38-46 $119 $10
50-54 ☐ ___ 5” Colored Decal, die-cut, clear back-
☐ ___ Finish Well T-Shirt S-L $18 ground Choose One:
2X-3X ☐ ___ Ladies Air Mesh Jacket XS, S $119 ☐ White ☐ Silver ☐ Black ☐ Blue ☐ Red
☐ ___ CMA Motorcycle T-Shirt, gray S-XL $18 ☐ ___ 2ft Logo Decal
☐ ___ Air Mesh Pants 28-50 $123.50
☐ ___ Safety Green T-Shirt w/ black logos L-XL $18 ☐ ___ Flame Decal (3” x11”)
3X-4X ☐ ___ Leather Pants 28-50 $245.50
☐ ___ 18" Flame Decal

CMA Decals (continued) Miscellaneous Items ☐ ___ CMA Tumbler w/ straw, clear $11.50

☐ ___ 40th Anniversary Decal $3.50 ☐ ___ NEW! 40th Anniversary Rally Towel $10 ☐ ___ Leather Checkbook Cover, black $22.50
☐ ___ CMAUSA Decal (21/2” x 31/2”) $3.25 ☐ ___ NEW! 40th Anniversary Mug, 15oz $18
☐ ___ HD Road Glide Graphics Package $169.95 ☐ ___ NEW! Black & Green Coffee Mug, 15oz $15 ☐ ___ Chrome Embossed Logo Emblem $12
☐ ___ Riding for the Son 8" Decal ☐ ___ NEW! Stadium Cup, 16oz $5
☐ ___ “It is Finished” Decal (3”) $4 ☐ ___ NEW! Logo Necklace w/ Cord $16 ☐ ___ Diamond Finish Car License Plate $10.50
☐ ___ On Track for Jesus Decal $3 ☐ ___ NEW! Full Color Logo Zipper Pull $6.50
$12 ☐ ___ NEW! Logo Flame Bandana, tan $8 ☐ ___ Women’s CMA Bling Bandana $19.50
Choose One: ☐ White ☐ Black ☐ ___ NEW! Travel Ear Plugs w/ Case $3 ☐ black ☐ white
☐ ___ “Christian Motorcyclists Assoc.” Silver $14.50 ☐ ___ Brass Belt Buckle $33.50
☐ ___ Skin Art (CMA Kids) pk of 2 $3.50 ☐ ___ It Is Finished Earrings $10.50
Windshield Legend, etched look $10.50 ☐ ___ Belt Key Ring w/ Logo $14
$8 ☐ ___ Travel Tumbler, 16 oz $14 ☐ ___ White Angel Bear $12
☐ ___ Fast Lane Windshield Decal, Blue ☐ ___ Christmas Ornament $10.50
☐ ___ Youth Movement Tire Tread Decal ☐ ___ Christmas Cards, 10 pack $12 ☐ ___ Camo Bear $11
☐ ___ Ladies Charm Bracelet w/ Bling $16
☐ ___ Youth Sunglasses $12 ☐ ___ CMA Youth Movement Bracelets $3
$20 Choose One: ☐ Red ☐ Black
☐ ___ Blaze Orange Neck Warmer $3.50
☐ ___ Black Sunglasses w/ safety lens $14
☐ ___ Pen w/ Stylus Tip, black
☐ ___ CMA Traveler Backpack ☐ Yellow ☐ Silver $179.50

Patches & Pins ☐ ___ CMA Car/Trailer Logo Magnet $14

☐ ___ 40th Anniversary Patch $5 ☐ ___ CMA Antenna Flag, hem, 9”x6” $13

☐ ___ It’s All About Jesus Patch $5 Books

☐ ___ Changing the World... Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ Leather Ride Guide $29.95

☐ ___ 21/2” CMA Kids Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ Ride Guide, paperback $19.95

☐ ___ It Is Finished Patch (21/2” x 3”) $4.50 ☐ ___ Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes $12.95

☐ ___ “100% for Jesus” Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ How to Forgive... $15.95

☐ ___ “Here if you need us.” Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook $17.95

☐ ___ “Jesus is #1” Leather Patch $14.95 ☐ ___ Leather Fring Hip Bag $45 ☐ ___ Devotional Book by John Ogden Sr. $6.50
☐ ___ Leather Concho Blet, black, 30-38 $37
☐ ___ “Jesus is #1” Cloth Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ It Is Finished Flag, black $13 ☐ ___ “Hope for the Highway” ea $4.81
New Testament Bible, NIV 50/case $142
☐ ___ Bible/Cross Cloth w/ CMA Patch $4.50

☐ ___ Bible/Cross Leather w/ CMA Patch $14.95 ☐ ___ Gray Headband w/ Bling $20 ☐ ___ God’s Promise Book $4
☐ ___ Helmet Sack Pack in CMA Colors and $35
☐ ___ “Jesus is my Road King” Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ If My People Book $5
Embroidered Logo
☐ ___ Flame Patch w/ CMA Logo $4.50 ☐ ___ Spanish “Hope for the High- 1-9 $5 ea
way” New Testament Bible 10-49 $4 ea
☐ ___ CMA-USA Flag Cloth Patch $4.50 ☐ ___ Duffle Bag Gray/Black w/ Red Embroi- $50
dered Logo (med size) 50+ $3.50 ea
☐ ___ CMA-USA Flag Leather Patch $35
☐ ___ Silver MC License Plate Frame $12 Personalized Items (Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)
☐ ___ U.S.A. Cloth Map Patch (2” x 3”) $3.50 ☐ ___ Red Stadium Blanket $22
☐ ___ Pink Canvas Cinch Bag $20 Be sure to fill out the personalized section below! PLEASE PRINT
☐ ___ U.S.A. Cloth Map Patch (4” x 6”) $5 ☐ ___ Black MC License Plate Frame $8 GIVEN NAME ONLY, NO ROAD NAMES!
☐ ___ Denim Pocket Pack, black & denim $17.50
☐ ___ U.S.A. Leather Map Patch (4” x 6”) $17.50 ☐ ___ Personalized Cloth Name Tag (6 wks delivery) $5
(10 letters, ALL CAPS) ___________________
☐ ___ Wing Logo Patch $4

☐ ___ Youth Movement Tire Tread Patch $5 ☐ ___ 2” Laser Name Tag $8.75

☐ ___ Vest Guideline Cloth Patch Set, Large $25 ☐ ___ Ladies Earwarmers w/ CMA Emb $16 ☐ ___ 2” Laser Name Tag w/ magnets $9.75
Backpatch, 3” Patch, CMAUSA Patch
☐ ___ Wallet Chain w/ CMA Logo $20 ☐ ___ CMA Laser Name Tag w/ Pin, 3”, Yellow $8.75
☐ ___ 2” Cloth Logo Patch $4.50 plasitc, has lasered CMA logo and your name
☐ ___ Knit Scarf w/ Emb Logo, gray w/ purple $22
☐ ___ 3” Plastic Logo Patch $6 ☐ ___ CMA Laser Name Tag w/ magnets, 3” $12.50
☐ ___ Aluminum Water Bottle 26oz $16
☐ ___ Medium Plastic Back Patch $9 Choose One: ☐ Green ☐ Blue ☐ ___ CMA Metal Logo Name Tag w/ pin back, 2” $10.75

☐ ___ Large Plastic Back Patch $12 ☐ ___ Compression Bag, yellow/black $16.95 ☐ ___ CMA Metal Logo Name Tag w/ magnets, 2” $12.50

☐ ___ 3” “Leather Look” Logo Patch, PVC $10 ☐ ___ Smoke Lens Safety Sunglasses w/cord $18 ☐ ___ CMA Metal Logo Name Tag w/ pin back, 3” $12.25

☐ ___ Medium “Leather Look” Logo Patch, PVC $21.50 ☐ ___ 16oz Glossy Orange Logo Coffee Mug $15 ☐ ___ CMA Metal Logo Name Tag w/ magnets, 3” $15.25

☐ ___ Large “Leather Look” Logo Patch, PVC $22.50 ☐ ___ Multi-Color Bandanas $7.50 Laser and Metal Name Tags are allowed up to 4 lines, not 2”
Choose One: ☐ Black ☐ White ☐ Orange ___________________________________________
☐ ___ CMAUSA “Leather Look” Patch, PVC $10 ☐ Red ☐ Yellow ☐ Pink ___________________________________________
☐ ___ “Leather Look” Vest Guideline Patch $37.50 ☐ ___ CMAUSA Black/Red Lanyard w/ text $5.95 ___________________________________________
Set, Large Backpatch, 3” Patch, CMAUSA Patch

☐ ___ 3” Cloth Logo Patch (3” x 3”) $6.50 ☐ ___ Basic Black Lanyard $3.49 ☐ ___ CMA Name Tag Dangles Up to $2.00

☐ ___ Medium Cloth Back Patch (5” x 6”) $17 ☐ ___ Antique Zipper Pull $6.50 (Chapter Name, Officer Positions, etc.) 2 Lines

☐ ___ Large Cloth Logo Patch (9” x 10”) $19 ☐ ___ Kickstand Coasters w/ CMA Logo, phone $3 ___________________________
number, website, “John 10:10” ___________________________
☐ ___ Small Leather Logo Patch $35 Choose One: ☐ Black ☐ Orange ☐ Red
☐ Blue ☐ Yellow ☐ Lime ☐ Pink
☐ ___ Medium Leather Back Patch (5” x 6”) $42 Banners

☐ ___ Large Leather Back Patch (9” x 10”) $49.50 ☐ ___ Logo Stickers 5 pack (80 Qty) $8 ☐ ___ Fast Lane Sport Bike Banner 4’ x 6’ $100
☐ ___ Fast Lane Promo Banner 4’ x 6’ $100
☐ ___ Check for available Rockers ☐ ___ Insect Repellent Spray $3.50 ☐ ___ RFS World Vision Promotional Banner 4’ x 6’ $50
☐ ___ CMA Support Banner 4’ x 6’ $30
☐ ___ Flag & Cross Pin $5.50 ☐ ___ Denim Embossed Apron ☐ Black ☐ Blue $20 ☐ ___ CMA Support Banner 2’ x 3’ $25
☐ ___ Booth Banner and Table Skirt Set $275
☐ ___ Prayer Warrior Pin $5.50 ☐ ___ Absorbent Coasters w/ logo, set of 4 $20.95 ☐ ___ Vertical Banner Set, 6 Banners $200
☐ ___ Table Skirt Banner $100
☐ ___ MPB Commemorative Gift Pin $50 ☐ ___ CMA Custom Pop Up Booth Tent $385 ☐ ___ Vertical Banners 26” x 60” $40

☐ ___ It Is Finished Pin $5 ☐ ___ Tervis® Tumbler w/ Logo Patch, 24 oz $19.95 ☐ Dual ☐ Goldwing ☐ Harley $60
☐ Supermoto ☐ Dirt Bike ☐ Quad $60
☐ ___ Small CMA Logo Pin $5.50 ☐ ___ Leather Journal, cover w/ lined journal $29.95 ☐ ___ Fast Lane Banner 2’ x 3’ $60
☐ ___ Veterans Banner 2’ x 3’ $60
☐ ___ Larger CMA Logo Pin $7 ☐ ___ Ride Brite Travel Kit $28.95 ☐ ___ CMA Highway Banner 2’ x 3’ $60
☐ ___ Ladies Banner 3’ x 2’ $60
☐ ___ Flame Logo Pin $5.50 ☐ ___ Youth Movement Banner 3’ x 2’
☐ ___ Logo with Flames Banner 3’ x 2’
☐ ___ Hidden JESUS Pin $3 ☐ ___ Koolgator Neck Cooler $9.50

☐ ___ Chapter Officers Pewter Lapel Pin $4.50 ☐ ___ Hitch Hider ☐ Motorcycle ☐ Auto $10.50

Position: __________________________________ ☐ ___ Regional Map Refrigerator Magnet $2.50

☐ ___ Cloth Chapter Officers Patch $3 ☐ ___ It's All About Jesus Bumper Sticker $5
Position: __________________________________
☐ ___ Ride Brite One Step 8 oz $10
☐ ___ Cloth Patch Choose One: $3 Bike Wash 32 oz $15
☐ Chapter ☐ State ☐ Coordinator ☐ Area Rep
☐ ___ CMA Logo Bronze Plaque $75

☐ ___ Stoneware Mug, black $19.50

Banners (continued) ☐ ____ NEW! Hand Sanitizer (Pack of 5) $8.50 ☐ ___ Spiritual Growth Bible Study Set $22
☐ ___ It Is Finished Banner 2’ x 3’ $60 ☐ ____ Emery Boards 10/$3.50 ☐ ___ For Mature Audiences Only DVD $4
☐ ___ It’s All About Jesus Banner 2’ x 3’ $60 ☐ ____ Salvation Band Bracelet Tract 25/$12 ☐ ___ Lifelines for Living DVD (Hope for the Heart) $5
☐ ___ Heart of CMA Banner 4’ x 6’ $200 ☐ ____ Collapsible Fan Tract $4 ☐ ___ Youth Movement Info DVD $6
☐ ___ Kids Banner 2’ x 3’ $60 ☐ ____ Coin Tract (Set of 25) $8.50 ☐ ___ Off-Road, MX, ATV Ministry DVD
☐ ___ CMA White Logo Banner 3’ x 2’ $60 ☐ ____ Mirror Tract (Set of 10) $11 ☐ ___ Ragg Tract Al DVD $6.50

☐ ___ “Here if you need us.” Banner 4’ x 6’ $200 ☐ ____ World Map Info Brochure 25/ $12.95 ☐ ___ Magdalena Film DVD $7

☐ ___ “CMA Welcomes You” Banner 4’ x 6’ $200 ☐ ____ 4 Color Information Brochure, 25/ $9 ☐ ___ Real Freedom the JESUS film English $6.50
application not included 50/ $14 DVD, biker version Spanish
☐ ___ CMA “Blessing of the Bikes” 1½’ x 4’ $60
☐ ____ Iron Mountain Postcards, 3 designs 30/$10 ☐ ___ What Can Jesus Do? DVD 5 Pack
☐ ___ CMA “Blessing of the Bikes” 3’ x 2’ $60
☐ ____ Ladies’ Note Cards, folded, 4 color 10/$6.75 ☐ ___ Discipleship DVD by Kerry Gibson
☐ ___ CMA Service Banner 2’ x 2’ $55
☐ ____ Thank You Note Cards, blank 25/$9.50 ☐ ___ Life Changing Stories DVDs
☐ ___ Fast Lane Banner 4’ x 6’, collage $200 ☐ DVD 1 (Gibson/Ogden) ☐ DVD 2 (Gibson/Wadding)
☐ ____ RFS Memorial Cards 25/$8
☐ ___ Youth Movement Banner 4’ x 6’, racers $200 ☐ ___ Four Elements of a Healthy Chapter
☐ ____ RFS Thank You Cards 25/$9 and Forming a CMA Chapter DVD
☐ ___ CMA Kids Ministry Banner 4’ x 6’ $200
☐ ____ 2015 Biker Blessing Decals & Cards 50/$8
☐ ___ Ladies Banner 4’ x 6’, Isaiah 49:16 $200 CMA Logo Fine Jewelry
☐ ____ Youth Biker Blessing, stars 50/$9.50 Visit or call the orderline at 1-800-300-6530
☐ ___ CMA Custom Chapter Banner 4’ x 6’ $250
(Must send in chapter patch, 3 weeks) ☐ ____ Decision Cards 50/$4

☐ ___ Please check website for Build A Banners ☐ ____ “New Believers” Tri-Fold 50/$10 Order FOrm
Banners come in two sizes 2’x3’ and 4’x6’
☐ ____ Born Again Birth Certificate 50/$5 ORDER

ToolBox Items ☐ ____ Fast Lane Brochure w/ pictures 25/$9 $ _________ ORDER TOTAL
$ _________ Send a year’s subscription of the
Member Training Material ☐ ____ Youth Movement Info Brochure 25/$10
CMA HeartBeat for only $20
☐ ___ Member Training DVD Set, ☐ ____ CMA Membership Certificate $5 $ _________ Sales Tax (Please see notice*)
DVDs & Workbook $ _________ ORDER SUB-TOTAL
☐ ____ CMA Appreciation Certificate 25/$4.50
☐ ___ Member Training Workbook
☐ ___ Member Training Youth DVD Set, $22 ☐ ____ CMA Handbook, CD ROM $5
DVDs & Workbook (12-18 yrs. old) $12 ☐ ____ Non-Personalized CMA Business Cards, 500/$11.50
☐ ___ Member Training Youth Workbook $6 plan of salvation on back
(12-18 yrs. old) $10 ☐ ____ Personalized CMA Business Cards, Prices *SALES TAX APPLIES TO THE FOLLWING STATES: AL, AR, FL, GA, IN,
☐ ___ Member Training Spanish Adult & Youth 14 different graphics to choose from, vary with IL, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, NE, NV, NC, ND, OK, PA, RI, WV
available online only at, quantity
Workbooks on USB more info call 501.376.8436 DONATION
☐ ___ CMA Kids Patch and DVD Set (8-12 yrs. old)
☐ ____ New Forming Chapter Poster 5/$7.50 ☐ $10 ☐ $20 ☐ $50 Donation to CMA
$ _________ Gift Certificate ☐ $5 ☐ $10 ☐ $25 ☐ $50
☐ ____ “Take A Ride With Us” Poster 5/$7.50 $ _________ Please accept my gift for the Iron

☐ ____ Prayer Request Forms, 2 pads of 50 $5 Mountain Development
$ _________ Please accept my gift for the Support
ToolBox Items ☐ ____ Java Cup Sleeves 50/$6
Center Multi-Purpose Building
Tract 1-11, Sold in packs of 100 for $9 ☐ ____ Gospel Cups, 8 oz. paper cups 50/$4.50 $ _________ Please accept my gift to CMA
1000/$90 $ _________ Please accept my gift for RFS
1. ___ The Right Road ☐ ____ Kids Helium Balloons w/ CMA Kids Logo 50/$11.75

2. ___ Everything You Ever Wanted To Know ☐ ____ CMA Balloons w/ CMA Logo 50/$12
About A Motorcyclist
Music & DVD’s
3. ___ Got Control? (Sport Bike Tract)
4. ___ No Fear (Sport Bike Tract) ☐ ___ Riding with the King CD Tract, 5 pack $7 $ _________ TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED
5. ___ Ultimate Moto (Youth Tract, follow the leader) ☐ ___ CMA is Back in Town CD, D. Hill $15

6. ___ Lasting Peace (Active Military Tract) ☐ ___ We’re Coming Down the Highway Now $10.50 SHIPPING INFORMATION
CD, Will Segraves $7.50
7. ___ You Are Special (Ladies’Tract) Ship to address: ______________________________
☐ ___ Flood Over Me CD, Jerry Williams $10 ______________________________
8. ___ In Control (ATV Tract) Buy 8
☐ ___ CMA Promotional Music Videos DVD get 2 Name: _______________________________________
9. ___ Right Trail (ATV Tract) FREE! Member #: ____________________________________
☐ ___ NEW! Life’s Ride Plan DVD E-mail Address: ________________________________
10. ___ Caution: Bridge Out (Dual Sport Tract) Choose One: ☐ Forgiveness ☐ Anger ☐ Fear $10 Daytime Phone Number: _________________________
☐ Depression ☐ Marriage ☐ Communication ☐ My check is enclosed payable to CMA
11. ___ What Would Jesus Ride? ☐ Conflict Resolution ☐ Decision Making ☐ Divorce $10 ☐ Discover ☐ VISA ☐ MasterCard
☐ Pride/Humility ☐ Purpose In Life ☐ Rejection $10 Card #: _________/_________/_________/_________
☐ ____ Tip Tract 100/$9 ☐ Reconciliation ☐ Guilt ☐ Salvation ☐ Parenting $10 Expires: ________/_________
☐ Friendship ☐ Worry/Stress ☐ Ethics/Integrity
☐ ____ What Would Jesus Ride Tract, 4 color 100/$11.25 ☐ Sexual Integrity/Addiction ☐ Alcohol/Drug Abuse Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please Note: CMA
☐ Adultery/Infidelity ☐ Temptation ☐ Finances will mail receipts for your tax deductible gifts annually, rather than monthly.
☐ ____ Thank You Tract 100/$11.25 ☐ Work ☐ Manipulation
Thank you for your support!
☐ ____ Closer Look Tract, 4 color 100/$11.25

☐ ____ POW/MIA Tract, 4 color 50/$11.25

☐ ____ Cherished, Ladies’ Tract, 4 color 100/$11.25 ☐ ___ NEW! Gift Development Series DVDs
☐ ____ You Are Loved, Ladies’Tract, 4 color 100/$11.25 Choose One: ☐ Youth ☐ Prayer ☐ Prison
☐ ____ Wounded, Veterans Tract, 4 color 100/$11.25
☐ ____ Ragg Tracts (Natural color) 50/$31.25 ☐ ___ NEW! Yield to God’s Road Map DVD
☐ ____ Spanish Ragg Tracts (Natural color)
25/$20 ☐ ___ Biker Evangelism DVD

☐ ___ A Hardened Biker Switches Gears Send Order Form to:
Billy Rivers DVD Christian Motorcyclists Association
☐ ____ Spanish Bike Blessing 25/$13
☐ ___ Randal’s Randalism DVD $10 PO Box 9, Hatfield, AR 71945
☐ ____ The Right Road (Spanish) 25/$9 ☐ ___ 2014 Changing of the Colors DVD Set $35

☐ ____ He Would Have Ridden A Motorcycle (Spanish) 25/$9 (single night DVDs will be listed on web) $6.50 Send check, money order, or credit card informa-
$10 tion with order. Please include your member-
☐ ____ Have You Prepared Your Ride Plan? (Spanish) 25/$9 ☐ ___ NEW! 2016 RFS Into All the World DVD $10 ship number on any orders. We cannot fill or-
☐ ____ Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (Spanish) 25/$5 ☐ ___ Committed and Submitted DVD $10 ders without payment (credit card orders may
☐ ___ The Real Cost of Ministry DVD $15 be placed by calling 1-800-300-6530; Discover,
☐ ____ Healthy Heart Tract [Blood Pressure] 50/$9.00 ☐ ___ From Protect and Serve... DVD (Clements) $15 VISA or MasterCard). The 800 number is for or-
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Mail-In Pre-Registration

Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________

Membership #(s): _____________________________________________________________________

You do not have to be a member to attend.

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone: (______)_______________________________ (______)_______________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________________

Mark Your Calendar 2015 Changing of the Colors Changing of the Colors Rally
Wednesday Evening Iron Mountain
Reno, Nevada Opening Service with John Ogden Sr. October 21-25
April 1-3 CMA CEO/Chairman
Postmark September 30 • Online October 7
RUN FOR THE SON Friday Evening
Nationwide ❑ Individual Registration:
May 7 Special 40th Anniversary Celebration ____ # Adults (age 18+) x $20
____ # Children (age 4-17) x $10
Iron Mountain
Goodie Store & Vendors ❑ Family Registration $48.00:
Hatfield, Arkansas Services & Seminars Immediate family only Max 2 adults
June 21-25 Praise & Worship ____ # Adults (age 18+)
____ # Children (age 4-17)
CHANGING OF THE COLORS RALLY Kidz for Christ & Youth services
Iron Mountain Pre-Pay Camping Packages
Saturday ❑ Tent Primitive $22.00 total
Hatfield, Arkansas ❑ Tent Electric $35.00 total
October 19-23 Parade & Bike Games
Run for the Son 5K Fun Run/Walk • Valid for Tuesday-Saturday nights.
FLAME ON! • 5 nights for the price of 4!
Iron Mountain For driving directions & more information, • Camping is available by the night
Hatfield, Arkansas visit:
Dec 29-Jan 1 Lodging and area information upon arrival at Registration.
is available at: • Tent sites are not assigned and or are first-come, first-serve.

18⎪⎪August 2015 PAYMENT: RV by reservation only.
Contact Chris Benner, [email protected].
Enclosed is: ❑ Check/Money Order ❑ VISA ❑ MasterCard ❑ Discover
COLORS Total Amount $ ___________
Expires: __________ Card #:
Pre-registration is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Code: __________ Signature: _____________________________ FIRST PRIORITY for rally pins
to those who pre-register.
Pre-registration prices include applicable sales tax.
ON-SITE REGISTRATION FEES (plus local taxes as applicable): Mail: CMA c/o Events

• Adults (age 18+) $24 each • Children (age 4-17) $12 each • Age 3 & under FREE (no rally pin) PO Box 9
• $57 max for Immediate Family with MAX 2 adults Hatfield, AR 71945
Registration confirmations will be emailed.
Accept email from [email protected] to receive your confirmation. Online:

Any questions can be directed to the CMA National Events Department at (870)389-6196 option 7 or to [email protected].


19⎪⎪August 2015


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