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Brighton Mega Zine



ISSUE 01 / 2013

Guess what? Oh No! Page 34 has
It's story
time! been SLIMED!

Best kids'
websites Of

All Time!
Page 21

Feeling Let's cook up a storm
CRAFTY?Check with these delicious
out pages 32-39 recipes on pages 40-47



Welcome to our
first edition of

Michael Laetitia Hamish Annalissa

Emica Athul

Polin Taby

Mariam Robbie

Lucas Tara


Introducing the

Brighton MEGA-zine Editorial Team...

Shaun Hoyori AJ


India Billy
(Senior Editor)


Olivia Kevin


What's inside

Pages 2-3 - Introducing the Editorial Team

4Pages -5 - Brighton MEGA-Zine

Pages 6-10 - Brighton School News, Gossip,

11Page - Can we persuade you?

Pages 12-15 - Book bites - what's great to read
Pages - 17 - Spectacular Spectacular!


Pages 18-21 - Gaming central1

Pages 22-31 - Poet's corner

Pages 32-37 - Our how-to section will have you
feeling crafty

Pages 38-45 - Feeling hungry? Unleash

you inner Masterchef!!

Pages 46-51 - Some fun stuff

The End!Page 52 - A message from the

Senior Editor, Billy

P - Gaming central



An interview with our Principal,
Mr Power

An interview with our Principal, Mr

Billy: As we know you have other so the school can have and the teamwork as I said
taught at other schools. What many different things. Here is before. I also admire the
schools were they and did you an example, Mr Allum has all supportive parents and
think any schools were as his sport duties to take care of everyone who contributes.
magnificent as this? at lunch, so when it is his turn Billy: What sports did you play
Mr Power: I have taught at to take playground duty he has as a child?
many schools including, being got something on, then a Mr Power: Ah... I did swimming
a teacher at Menai, Engadine, teacher like Mrs Dabron offers and won the state finals in Year
and Bonnet Bay. I was Assistant to step in and take her lunch 5-6, I won the soccer state
Principal at Tharawal and time up to help Mr Allum so if it knockout, I played golf with Mr
Alford’s Point. I was also was not for her all the sport Pillay and I was also a beach
Principal at Greenwood Point, coaches won’t get a training sprinter but I didn’t make it
Caringbah and Gymea North session in if you know what I anywhere as good as Mr Allum.
but the funny thing was I came mean. Same applies with Miss Billy: What moment of your life
back to Menai not as a teacher Stathopoulos and her aerobics would you like to relive?
but as a Principal and of course or Mrs Bernhardt and her Mr Power: When I rode on a
Brighton. And a big no! This is football so what I am trying to fake Bull when I was 13.
by far the best school I have say is without one another this Billy: And finally before you
been to for many different school would crumble but became a teacher, what dream
reasons. because we have such caring career did you set your hopes
Billy: Have you ever had any and giving staff members, the on?
other jobs and what were they? school has many wonderful Mr Power: Becoming a vet.
Mr Power: I worked in a paint activities for the children to
shop selling paint and wall enjoy. Billy: Thanks for allowing me to
paper and I also worked in a Billy: Overall what do you like interview you Mr Power.
construction site digging holes. and dislike about this school:
Billy: What is one of your most Mr Power: I’ll start with the Interview by Billy Ijaz
embarrassing moments? dislikes, I don’t like how the
Mr Power: Um... Splitting my buildings are set out and I wish Questions by Billy Ijaz and
pants in front of a class as a I could start the structure again Taby Juncal
teacher! but that can’t happen. Onto the
Billy: Which teacher do you likes, I like the amazing
admire the most? children and staff members
Mr Power: I’ll have to say all of and the way everybody works
them, for many different together as a team and how
reasons. They all have different they get on with each other
strengths and they help each


Premier's Spelling Bee

This year was Brighton-Le-Sands Public School ‘s first year to participate in the
Premier's Spelling Bee. Children in classes across the school participatedin Spelling
games and completed a couple of tests. After a week or two the teachers decided
their 2 best spellers in the class to participate in their stage final.
Our competitors were: Adrian, David, Jedd, Joseph, Adam, Renee Tea, Hamoudi,
Sarah, Daniil, Luc, Mariam, Oscar, Vivica, Hana, Aazeen, Gian, Raghib, Jack, and India
for the Stage 1 final. Vivian, Isaac Claudia, Michael, Mikayla , Mohammad, Alexander,
Jessica, Alex, Yiren, Mia, Kevin, Laetitia, and Owen for the Stage 2 final. AJ, Koy,
Christos, Amy, Lataysia, Jahan, Scott, Allen, Keenan, Phoebe, Taby, Bianca and Rocky
for the Stage 3 final. After a succes ful competition the winners and runners up
Stage 1 Winner: Jack
Stage 1 Runner up: Gian

Stage 2 Winner: Yiren
Stage 2 Runner Up: Kevin

Stage 3 Winner: Taby
Stage 3 Runner Up: Christos

Our Stage 2 and 3 Winners and Runner Ups went to the Regional Final at Illawong
Public School and even though we had no winners there, all of the contestants
should be proud of their efforts to make it to this stage. The 2013 Spelling Bee was
very successful so if you are in Year 1 to Year 6 you should try hard and get ready for
the 2014 Spelling Bee.

By Billy Ijaz


No More Homework

I slam my homework on the table, praying on my knees that I don’t
have a surprising assignment that is due tomorrow and requires a
whole lot of equipment that I don’t have. Before I start to stress and in
frustration, rip my hair out, my mum calls, “Darling come down for
dinner. It’s your favourite”. I rush down the stairs in excitement
totally forgetting about my homework. As I slurp down the delicious
pasta and gulp a big sip of Coke I enjoy my dinner peacefully. After a
sweet tiramisu for dessert I plod up the stairs with a filled tummy
ready to go to bed. As I am about to turn off the lights, I take a quick
look at the room... and sitting on my table, giving me an evil stare is
my homework book. I had completely forgotten about it and just
when things couldn’t get worse, mum exclaims, “Lights out in 5!” I
panic and think of all the negative things that are going to happen. I
really don’t want to but I dare myself to open the homework book. I
wish I hadn't because the sheet says, in big, bold, black writing: “
Create a time line about the Gold Rush Era then study a miner and

either write 5 diary entries from them or write a 500 word
information report on them”. It also stated that it has to be handed
in TOMORROW! I also read that this needs to be presented on A3
paper. I gulp in shame and worry! Knowing the consequences will be
harsh, I get scared. For a moment I had the idea of printing off some

information from the internet and as I jump on the computer with
excitement I realise that I could get a big fine for copywriting and
even if that wouldn’t occur, I don’t have any A3 paper so I stress. What

am I going to do?? I’m doomed...


Homework, one of the many terrors in today’s childrens’ society.
Pages and pages of work to occupy and waste children’s time.

Repeating all the sheets of work done at school just to tire children
out. Teachers think they are doing the best for children but simply

things couldn’t be worse. Children stress about having so much
homework that they haven’t finished. Children worry about the
overload of work and they have a terrible sleep dreaming of the

consequences that they will face.
Also children can do so many things during the hours of work. By

the time they finish an assignment they could have probably
finished a good workout and sport outside to keep their fitness
level high and also have extra time to have a snack, relax, talk with

friends and family or even do practice tests for an upcoming
assignment which has not been taught yet. All these things are

much more important than doing boring homework.
Even though this is not a main point, it is still important: paper is
important and lots of paper is wasted on homework. The paper is
important because we do not want to waste trees, do we? After all,

every little save counts. So teachers all we ask you is,
is this what you want?

Homework is a nightmare that every child hates, so why do teachers
force us to do it again and again? These are only a few reasons
because the list goes on.
All we ask is a simple favour ... STOP THE HOMEWORK!

What do YOU think?? Submit your own exposition on why you think
homework should stop and place your entry in to Billy Ijaz by the

end of Week 6, Term 1, 2014. The best exposition will win their very
own $5 voucher for the school canteen.

By Billy Ijaz
(By the way I love homework so I wrote this for the kids out there

who don’t!)

food tech 10
In term 3 every Tuesday from the meringue on top. We had great fun

6th August till the 24th of August, using an electrical mixer and learning
Marnie, Loren, Hennessy and I new piping skills. That week we had to
went to Moorefield Girls High bring our own decorations for
presenting our dish. We were

School to participate in the Talent commended on our decorations and

Acceleration Program (TAP) for food the turnout was amazing. It put our
mouths in heaven!!
technology. We had lots of fun In the final week we went to the

cooking and learning new computer lab and made our own

computer skills. recipe cards. It was fun learning new

On the first week we had great fun computer skills using Microsoft

making mouth- watering brownies Publisher.

which were delicious. We had fun On the last Tuesday we had a

mixing the ingredients and using a presentation. Some of our parents

hot stove. The plating was also very came along to see us get our

fun using icing sugar and strawberry certificates, me and Hennessy got an

sauce for decorations; they really extra gift, me for my amazing recipe

were a great treat. card and Hennessy for his

The next week we made some enthusiasm. The presentations were

appetizing tacos. Having turns to enjoyable and we had a yummy

cook the mince, chop the vegetables morning tea with meatballs,

and most importantly the taste test. cupcakes, pavlova and sausage rolls.

We filled our tacos with some mince, Term 3 was a really enjoyable TAP

vegetables and cheese and for a side, program and we would all like to

we had sour cream and some taco thank Mrs Williams for taking us to

sauce. They were so nice we had none the program and also Moorefield

left to take home. Girls' High School and the Bayside

But personally I believe the third committee for this wonderful

week was the best and I’m sure the opportunity.

others would agree. We made some By Billy Ijaz. Edited by Taby Juncal.

scrumptious caramel tarts with

Friends Vs Family 11

Friends vs. Family. Who would win in this epic showdown? Family
would win for sure. Without family, who would’ve brought you into
this world? Who would’ve lived with you and taken care of you?
Without family, who would you talk to and who would you play with
without family?
To begin, without your mum and dad, grandma and grandpa and all
your ancestors you wouldn’t have been born.
Furthermore, when you were a kid, who took care of you, who gave
you your bottle of milk? It was your parents. No one else would’ve
taken care of you. You’d be a bird without a flock or an elephant
without a herd.
Finally, who would you talk to, who would you play with every single
day of your life? Without family, life would be a great big bore.
To summarise, family is definitely more important than friends
because technically you wouldn’t be alive. So don’t take your
family for granted. Cherish them for the rest of your life.

Written by A.J Hekkenberg


An extract from 'Eldest'
By Christopher Paolini
Book 2 of the Inheritance Cycle

Chapter One: The Council of Elders

This is the second book in the series, book one being 'Eragon'. I have a
recommendation and extras at the bottom of the page.

Saphira’s breathing quickened, and she opened her eyes, yawning
“Good morning, little one.”
“Is it?” He looked down and leaned on his hands, compressing the mattress.
“It’s terrible… Murtagh and Ajihad… Why didn’t sentries in the tunnels warn us of
the Urgals? They shouldn’t have been able to track Ajihad’s group without being
noticed… Arya was right, it doesn’t make sense.”
“We may never know the truth,” said Saphira gently. She stood, wings brushing
the ceiling. “You need to eat, then we must discover what the Varden are
planning. We can’t waste time; a new leader could be chosen within hours.”
Eragon agreed, thinking of how they had left everyone yesterday: Orik rushing
off to give King Hrothgar the tidings, Jömundur taking Ajihad’s body to a place
where it would be safe until the funeral, and Arya, who stood alone, watching
the goings-on. Eragon strapped on Zar’roc and his bow, then bent and lifted
Snowfire’s saddle. A line of pain sheared through his torso, driving him to the
floor, scrabbling at his back. It felt like he was being sawed in half. Saphira
growled as the ripping sensation reached her. She tried to soothe him using
her own mind but was unable to alleviate (help with) his suffering. Her tail
instinctually lifted, as if to fight.

For the rest of this chapter, go to
To borrow this book, it is available at the school library, as well as 'Eragon',
'Brisingr' and 'Inheritance', which are the books in the rest of the series.
This book is recommended for more mature and confident readers. I give this
book a ?? ? ? /?? ? ? ?

** Also check out the Eldest Guide if you don’t understand everything in this


Your Guide to 'Eldest'

Mind Touch
In the book 'Eldest', characters talk through what is known as
mind touch. This means that they can hear each other, but the
other characters cannot. Mind touch will be shown by having all
speech in italics between the quotation marks.

In the book, Saphira (sa-fear-a) is a dragon; Eragon is a human
who wields a sword called Zar’roc (zar rock).
Arya is an elf who lives in a place called Ellesm?ra.
Orik is a dwarf who lives in the Beor Mountains, ruled by King
Hrothgar, also a dwarf. Jömundur (Your-mun-dour [rhymes with
lure]) and Ajihad (pronounced ah-zi-hod) are also dwarves.
Snowfire is a horse.

Eragon©, Eldest©, Brisingr© and Inheritance© are set in Alag?
esia, a world of magic, monsters and wonder.

For a map of Alag?esia, go to

Sé ono sverdar sitjar hvass!
May your swords stay sharp!


AJ Looks at the Image supplied by
popular novel,
"Once" by Morris

Review of Once sets his mind to walk as fast as he can
The Plot towards the city. During the walk Felix
stumbles across a burning house. He

'Once' is first book of the 'Once', finds a little girl called Zelda and
'Then', 'After' and 'Now' book series. decides to take her along the journey.
It begins with the main protagonist, Along the way, Felix and Zelda come
Felix who is a 10 year old Jewish across many hardships, obstacles and
boy, in the midst of World War 2 friends.

but he has no clue that he is. Nazis The Verdict

(German Soldiers) arrive at Felix’s Morris Gleitzman’s writing style is
Catholic orphanage to discover great but he should improve on
that the orphanage has been describing action. The beginning starts
keeping Jewish books. The Nazis off a bit slow so you may be deterred
burn these Jewish books, and Felix from the book, just keep reading and
witnesses them doing it. Felix you’ll end up sticking to the book like
recalls his parents owning a book glue. The plot is amazing and I highly
store containing Jewish books. recommend this book to others,
although some scenes may be

Felix packs his bags and escapes disturbing. (Recomm

from the orphanage to save his for ages 9+) The whole series is

parents’ store. available at the BLSPS school library. I

Felix arrives at his parents’ store only give "Once" 9.5 out of 10.

to discover every Jewish person had

been taken away to the city.

Determined to find his parents, Felix


DIARY of a wimpy kid 7: THE

Love is in the air-but what does that mean
for Greg Heffley?

A Valentine’s Day dance at Greg’s middle
school has turned his life upside down. As
Greg struggles to find a date, he is worried
he’ll be left out on the night. His best frien
Rowley doesn’t have a date, but he has
chicken pox.



Spectacular Schools


Born 30 years ago in 1993, Schools Spectacular has been an

enjoyable and entertaining show for thousands of people. It
showcases the performing arts talents of public school students
throughout New South Wales. Each year, this amazing show
consists of around 4000 participants and 30 000 audience
members. Even though at the end it looks great, it takes a lot of time
and effort to achieve this.

I was in Schools Spectacular in 2012 and I was also part of it in 2013.
Last year, I was in four routines which were ‘Alice in Wonderland’,
‘Revolting Children’, ‘Cootamundra Wattle’ and the finale. As a
result, I had to take about 12 days off in Term 4!
It was great fun when we went to the Lidcombe Netball Stadium to
practice for our major productions. All of the ensembles and
companies met up at the stadium. I didn’t like the boiling weather
though! Everyone, including myself, was hot and sweaty, and we
got tired very, very easily. Luckily, fun took over the bad weather so
we still had a brilliant time.

As I have mentioned before, I was in four routines. My favourite
ones were ‘Revolting Children’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It was
always such a coincidence that my close friend and I got the same
role in all the dances. Such as being the most revolting in Revolting
Children and then needing to stand up on the rolling tables to pull
faces, whilst everyone else was on the ground. We were both
rabbits in ‘Alice’ and there was not one single second that we were
not opposite or next to each other!


Schools Spec is an enjoyable and entertaining show for
all people and it is such a great experience to be a part of!
I hope to have the same amount of fun as I did last year!

Hoyori Maruo 5/6L
Brighton-Le-Sands Mega-Zine


Review of Pokémon X and Y

Every once in a while things take big leaps. This time it’s a game.
Pokémon X and Y is better, faster and more unique than any other
predecessor in the series. But it’s the fantastic new 3D look and
impressive online features that just makes this game overshadow
all previous instalments. As long as you’re within reach of Wi-Fi
you’re never alone. And you have a new 18th Fairy type to
accompany you.

This game gets straight to the point, receiving your first Pokémon,
gym badge and the new roller skates within an hour. (Depending on
how fast you play) X and Y has been released on the 3DS, meaning
new 3D graphics and animations. Though 3D is only present through
battles it still is an improved change to graphics. Characters have
magnificently touched up art style. Pokémon really show their cute,
intimidating or silent but deadly personalities.

The new Mega evolutions show off their pretty designs. One of my

favourite, new, minor details is the character customisation tool.
Allowing players to alter clothes and change hairdos. We finally have
the tools to distinguish ourselves from millions of different players.


Pokémon has the basic “choose a move to attack” that gamers
all know and love. The formula is easy enough to understand for
New Players but it can be really strategic for Hardcore Pokémon
masters. Trading is also still included. Battling never gets old
with the new Player Search System or P.S.S. This allows people
to battle online, enabling players to reach others from all over
the world. Battling players from America or back to where
Pokémon was created, Japan, is amazing.

The Verdict
Pokémon X and Y is an excellent instalment to the series and will
forever be remembered. The Player Search System allows battles to
never get old and you’ll never be alone. X and Y has amazing and
unique art style, and 3D graphics. Although the 3D is only present
through battles and trades this won’t really affect your gaming
experience. So go out there and become a Pokémon Master. I give
Pokémon X and Y 10/10.
Written By: A.J Hekkenberg

(from left to right) Froakie (Water), Chespin (Grass) and Fennekin (Fire)

Image supplied By:, &


What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson
(More commonly known as Notch) and then later developed by Mojang. It was
released for the PC on May 17, 2009 in an Alpha version and was published as a
full release version on November 18th 2011. Minecraft allows players to build
whatever they want like houses, rollercoasters, floating trees and giant statues.
Minecraft lets the player’s imagination run wild.

Minecraft has been released on many platforms including PC, Mac,
Smartphones, Tablets and Xbox.

The game has grown massively since its release and is currently on version 1.7.2
but Mojang is currently working on the next update.

Minecraft currently costs about $28.50 on, the game may sound
expensive but it is worth it and the price will keep going up as it is becoming
better and better so if you want it you should buy it now. When you buy the game
you own it forever, you can get each update for free and download as many times
you want and on any computer you want.

By Lukas Siorokos and Oscar Halliday

Minecraft related websites: to buy the game,
• tips and block IDs,
• maps and mods,
• character skins,
• awesome servers,
• epic Minecraft videos,
• awesome mod packs,
• Minecraft merchandise

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