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The Manifesting Issue - July 2014
Show Casing Amazing People Doing Amazing things!


Channeled Message from
Archangel Michael
With Cindy Smith

Angelic Couseling &
Integrated Energy Therapy
With TIna Marie Bertoli


Missing Persons

Crystal Wheeler
It is really that easy!

Save The Date!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

International Angel Day:

Engaging the Spirit of Community - A Day of Celebration With your Angelic Team

9:30 am - 5 pm

Join us for an uplifting day of connection!

this is a day to come and connect on a deeper level to:
Increase Your Personal Awareness
Raise your Vibration
Connect More Easily With Your Angelic Team
Meet One of Your Guardian Angels
Learn to Trust Your Intuition
Follow Your Inner Truth to Live A Life of Ease and Grace
Make Your Life Easier And More Joyful
Receive Tools And Resources
Automatically Enter Drawings For Hundreds Of Dollars In Valuable Gifts!


only 50 vip ticKets availaBle:
vip (First 50 people to register)
access to Best seats in the Ballroom
aUtomatic entry to draWing For eXclUsive eXtra priZes
spirit gUide cd By Jaden sterling

other great BonUses


CInDY SMITH, founder and instructor of Angel JADen STeRLInG is internationally recognized
Empowerment Practitioner™ Certification Course. for his speaking and coaching on success, financial
Cindy is known for her transformational teachings freedom and developing one’s inner GPS. Beginning
and for empowering people to trust their Angelic his career in corporate America, he joined the top 1%
connection so they can move from, “I can’t to I can.” of U.S. income earners by the age of 26. At age 31, he
Cindy’s greatest passion is teaching others to connect to their left corporate America to become an entrepreneur and within 7 years
inner power and to do so she draws from her background in nursing built a Real Estate portfolio valued in excess of ten million dollars.
and counseling. Cindy has her Masters in Time Line Therapy, and Today, Jaden is North America’s leading Success Expert and is
is expertly trained in NLP and Huna. Cindy has published a journal, a sought after Key-note speaker, Amazon International best-selling
‘Wings of Love’ with inspirational quotes and messages from author, Radio show host of Soul to Profit Radio and has appeared
15 Archangels and recorded two deep Healing Meditation CDs: in International publications such as Fox Business News, Business
Balancing and Clearing Chakra Meditation and Healing with Dolphin, Daily Africa, St. Petersburg Times, Law of Attraction Radio and on
Crystal and Archangel Energy. hundreds of radio and online TV shows.
For more information about cindy’s work please visit: For more information about his work please visit:

sponsored by: Venue: admission:
Frederick Montilla & Team $77.00/individual or
Grey eagle Resort and Casino off of Glenmore Trail West $130.00/two people
3777 Grey eagle Drive, Calgary, AB T3e 3X8
*Catered lunch included
Doors open at 8:30 am

For more inFormation please visit:

2 -Ascending Vibrations July 2014

Editors Note: that I took to learn how to do websites, was actually to
teach me how to work the design software. Things were
just clicking, and now here we are today. Close to two
months after doing this mediation, it became real.

As you all know this venture had begun with the I have to thank everyone who contributed to this is-
channeling of Archangel Nathaniel. He is the angel of sue and helping to create something amazing. Nathaniel
life purpose and passion. For the first magazine, I de- told me this venture will progress; all I am going to say
cided to dedicate this issue to him. I am so happy and is that, it is all baby steps that feel like leaps of faith.
thankful for this venture.
Janine Patterson
As you know that manifesting with him is sometimes
a huge risk, and by risk I mean, you have to be prepared Music Credit:
for the direction that he takes you. Sometimes we al-
low ourselves to be convinced that we are on the right Mark Watson
path, and then the wonderful ego steps in. I personally Reflections
found that it created so many road blocks in my life. I
spent a good eight months prior to this venture, won-
dering where I was heading. The journey was not easy;
there were a lot of few close calls with bills, and health. Thank you to Mark Watson for
However when I cried out one night I asked the angels sharing the music with us. You are
“please, guide me, I desire to change and feel good about able to listen to Mark’s music while
the direction I am taking. Also I am ready to listen and you read... Enjoy!!!
take action on the directions you give me.” All I got was,
meditate. I said to myself, meditate? Ok… So I have a Mark is a fantastic musician that
ton of meditations on my phone and CDs. I probably has created some the most amazing
tried about nine different ones. Every time I got ready, meditations. Ascending Vibrations
comfortable, and started to listen, and all I keep feeling encourages you to look at his web-
was the one I had chosen was not for me. Finally I said site and sample the sounds that he
“I give up.” As it was 3 AM at this point. I was about to has created.
lie down and go to sleep, and I heard “try YouTube.” So I
pulled out my phone and Googled meditations, and low AngelEarth Music offers medita-
and behold, I came across a meditation for finding your tion music written specifically for
life purpose with Nathaniel. You know that moment, you, for your guided meditations,
you say, hmmm ok, if I had just fully listened, I could radio shows, classes or whatever else
have achieved this during an earlier time. Apparently I you need music for.You pay once and
like doing things the difficult way. So lay down and lis- the music is yours and yours alone.
tened, I was grateful at the fact it was only 15mins. Even
though I am a night owl, I was exhausted at this point. Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 3

When the meditation was over, I began to plan. I had
come up with a name, a site to host the magazine, and
an idea of what to add to the magazine. I was up until
about 5am at this point. I have never in my life have
experienced so much clarity in my life or excitement. I
had manifested a desirable job that enabled me to work
from home. Many of you who know me, know I have a
toddler who is very busy. I wanted to be able to spend as
much time with her as possible. This allowed me to work
and still be close to her. Not only that, I am an artist, I
love to paint and draw. I soon discovered all the classes


Shamanic Drum Journey 8
Cherl Traxler
Hypnotherapy 9
Sandra Richardson
Cindy Smith 10 - 13
Channeled Message 10
Crystal Wheeler (Cover)
Interview 16 - 19
Manifesting, Its that Simple 18 - 19

Tina Marie Bertoli 20 - 23
Angelic Counselling 22

Intergrated Therapy Energy 23

Mediumship & Missing Persons 24
Mommy Medium
Enlightened Podcast 25
Pete Cossaboon
Making right, Right 27
David Cutting

4 -Ascending Vibrations July 2014

Ascending Vibrations Mentors The Manifesting Issue - July 2014 People Doing Amazing things!
Show Casing Amazing
Cindy Smith
Angel Empowerment Practitioner Vibrations
Angel Empowerment Instructor
Channeled Message from
Angel Therapy Practitioner Archangel Michael
Spiritual Teacher / Speaker With Cindy Smith

Cheryl Traxler Angelic Couseling & Marie
Shamanic Practitioner/Coach Integrated Energy Therapy With TIna
Crystal Wheeler
Angel Medium Mediumship
Akashic Records &
Angel Card Reader Missing Persons
Jessica aka Mommy Medium
Medium Crystal Wheeler
Earth Angel Realms Reader It is really that easy!
Certified Angel Tarot Reader Cover Expose Photograhper Credit:
Tina Marie Bertoli ALSP Janine Patterson

Angel Therapist
Reiki Master
Janine Patterson
Integrated Energy Therapy Instructor Editor
Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Design Layout
Liscensed Spiritual Counselor Photography
International Teacher/Speaker
Sales Angel Therapy Practitioner

Certified Medium
Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

Reiki Master
Fairy Intuitive
Wicca Teacher
Spiritual Teacher / Speaker
Jason Wisser

Website Design


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material for distribution is strictly prohibited without written permission from the contributor.
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Calgary, AB. Canada T2X0S5
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All rights reserved.

Copyright & Reprint Information -
Contact: [email protected] Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 3

6 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014

Intuitive Fairy Practitioner

With Janine Patterson

You will learn how to give a Fairy Reading
Meet the fairies
Learn fairy etiquette
Healing with fairies
Manifesting with fairies
History of the fairies
Enjoy a day in nature with the fairies
and much more...........

Fri, September 19 th, 2014 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Sat, September 20th, 2014 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, September 21st, 2014 10:00am - 5:00pm

Cost: 500.00 + GST
Includes - Lunch and transportation on Sunday
Location: Calgary, Alberta
info: (403)305-2546 or [email protected]

Register Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 7

What is a
Shamanic Drum

By: Cheryl Traxler

Shamanic Drumming Journeys are tions that stand in the way of self-fulfill- events  or ourselves  in relation to
wonderful for their visual imagery, ment.  It is a way of understanding the our lives.
sensory input and their ability to em- subtle language of sound and vibration.
power us with experiences that stretch Drumming connects you with your A great way experience your first
our imaginations. They are a great bones, your heartbeat, and your natural drum journey is to find your Power
way to  give  us a sense of what is real- rhythms. The beat brings you down- animal. A Power animal is the animal
ly important. These journeys open our to-earth, out of your head, into your that we are most like, in this life time.
hearts, teach us new tools, offer healing feelings, and your connection to Moth- The Power animal reflects the natural-
assistance  and answer our life ques- er Earth. The rhythmical beat pushes ness of your true nature. In studying
tions with clarity! The vibrations of the through the emotions, the intellect, and the animal it can give you insight on it’s
drum have a deep, transformative effect into the spirit, the most etheric part of gifts and abilities, and how that applies
on the body, bringing about profound our nature. to your life, that has meaning for you.
and lasting changes. As a form of sound Where your strengths and weaknesses
healing, it is undoubtedly one of the As the drum beats we enter into can be used for your advantage. How
most accessible methods to experience. a light, aware trance much like lucid to move strategically for the biggest im-
dreaming. Our personal experience of pact and ease. So it’s about seeing where
“Drumming Connects You this state may vary each time we jour- you could change or heal to bring great-
with Your Bones, ney. You might  experience vivid  sen- er balance in your life, by emulating
Your Heartbeat, sations and or sounds while another your power animal.
& person might  have technicolor visions
similar to watching TV. As individu- As a Shamanic Practitioner, I am
Your Natural Rhythms.” als we discover which of our senses are available to facilitate a Shamanic Drum
heightened in this state - sight, hear- Journey for individuals and small
The Drum represents the heartbeat ing, sensation, even smell. All our sen- groups. I invite you to learn more about
of Mother Earth. In Shamanic ways, the sory experiences that take place in a Drum Journeys and several other tech-
drum is a fundamental tool, an ancient shamanic journey have meaning. Our niques to assist you along your journey.
tool used by our ancestors throughout experiences offer messages  which we
time. The drum is used as a guide to Fire Goddess Risingcan then decipher in order to under-
achieve altered states of consciousness. stand our own communicative abili-
In these altered states, a person is able ties and personal symbology. We may
to access their authentic truth & tran- Journey to the Lower, Middle or Upper
scend belief systems they have adopted Worlds.  We may seek out Power Ani-
as their own. They overcome the limita- mals or Spirit Guides, your sacred femi-   SChhameraynlicTPrraaxctlietironer
nine or masculine, Ancestors or Angels (403)801-8434
to ask them questions about  things,

8 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014

What is Hypnotherapy??

By: Sandra Richardson

The subconscious mind holds When the rapport between the Hypnotherapist and
the key to all our limiting be- Client is filled with trust, safety, confidentiality and
liefs, and through hypnosis, we can successfully compassion, you have a recipe for great and perma-
change those beliefs in an easy, natural way. The nent success. As in any other form of therapy, the
goal of Hypnotherapy is to empower others to trav- client must have a desire to change and participate
el deeply within their psyche to find the orginal ex- fully in their success.
perience(s) that have created the limiting beliefs,
behaviours and habits which holds them back from One of the most common myths about Hypnosis is
living the life they desire and deserve. A Client that you are in an eerie, ‘Trance State’ that you do
needs a special kind of safety, gentleness and integ- not remember. This is not true. The Client is fully
rity that allows them to explore their sub-conscious participating in the sessions, in a co-operative ex-
issues easily with lasting impact and success. change to reach release, understanding, resolution
and forgiveness; thus allowing new and positive be-
The International Medical and Dental liefs and awareness. This then creates an environ-

Hynoptherapy Association defines Hypno- ment for the Client’s future success.
sis as:

“An Education communication process
that allows the co nscio us and sub-c on-
scious mind to believe the same message.”

Beyond Belief Hynoptherapy,
Reiki & Sound

Sandra Richardson
R.C.H./Reiki Master

Full range of services offered
FREE loyalty card with cash back and benefits

(403)306-0034 Char Niemi
Reiki Master/ Sound Intuiteive
[email protected]
Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 9

Guided message through Cindy Smith from Archangel Michael

The Power of Intention

‘My children, your intent and focus creates the positive energy you desire. Bring your focus to clari-
ty of love, joy, passion of white light energy. Take time with self and explore your inner expression of
thoughts. ASK yourself what do I focus my intent on? Is my universe focused on the DON’TS AND
NOT’S or is my intent clear of exactly what I am creating or asking for. What do you desire in the cre-
ation of love and light vibration? Set your intent of positive thoughts and actions with love. Your next
step is to ALLOW the Universe to unfold steps and actions to create within your intent. My children we
can assist and provide when asked and we hear your thoughts. We are unable to stop the thoughts or
intent set at an unconscious or conscious level which you deem negative. WE are here to assist on love
and light vibration, we are able to enhance the positive vibration and unable to stop negative vibration
sent out to your Universe. ASK for assistance and TRUST in your positive intent of healing or creating
all you desire. We walk with you my children, FOCUS ON YOUR POSITIVE INTENTIONS AND AL-
LOW ALL TO UNFOLD. Time is irrelevant to the Divine; let it BE as it is to BE in your NOW.
ACTION, Find a quiet place to go within, focus your intent and know we hear all you are thinking.
Perhaps TRUST, in the messages you receive from us thru your feelings, inner divine voice, pictures and
knowing. Create with us your desire of truth and knowing. BE in your truth my children, and acknowl-
edge your Divine positive energy, we will assist in YOUR POWER OF POSITIVE INTENTION.

10 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014 Cindy Smith

My life purpose is to teach others to find their own power and trust in themselves!
Find what works for you. We all connect to our guardian angels; sometimes we just
miss the signs or messages. They are nondenominational and never leave us. We all
have free will; therefore, we need to ask for guidance and support. Then, learn to be
patient for the answers which can present themselves in many forms, just learn to
trust. So many of the answers to your questions about relationships, family, career,
health and life purpose are at your own fingertips and I can teach you how to listen
to your angels by hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing.

Read more about:

International Angel Day on page 2
Angel Empowerment Practitioner Class on page 12
Advance Empowerment Practioner Class (in Hawaii) on page 12
Celtic Angel Tour In Ireland on page 13 Cindy Smith Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 11

Annual Celtic Angel Tour in Ireland

Take the 4 Day Angel Empowerment Course in Ireland and learn to
connect to your own Individual and Unique Angel Team - empowered by

the Land of Ancient Celtic Energy & Wisdom.

Fun tours to ancient sites, with a chance to see the real Visit magical places in
Ireland. Come with us as we visit the Cliff of Moher and
Kiss the Blarney Stone.

Be part of the magical Glendalough monastic settelment.

Experience the Viking tour, Ross Castle, Innifallen Island,
Kerry, Killarney National Park & Ring Forts.

Enjoy traditional Irish home Cooking, Art & Music

- Arrival & Departure Transfers $3288 CDN per person sharing.
- 15 nights in Hotels (swimming pool, suana & nightly entertainment) Single supplement $600
- 15 Full Irish Breakfasts
- 1 Group Dinner (vegetarian, dairy-free & gluten free available) Due to limited space & to be fair
- 6+ days full guided luxury tours to visit Scenic & Ancient sites no HOLDING
- 4 day AEP course with Cindy Smith no EXCEPTIONS!
- Special Irish Guest Speakers. Visit & meet Irish Artists & Authors Send questions to:
- Special day to be part of the St. Patrick Day parades & celebrations [email protected]
- Many sacred ancient sites, leylines, portal sites & stone circles
- Your tour guides are available & on hand to assist at all stages of the Please add the course name in the
tour & your own spiritual journey. subject line.

Sign Up

Tour does not Include:
- Airfare to Ireland - Dart Train, Taxi & local bus fares during free time* - Medical & Cancellation Insurance
{ask K. Banks Travel for a quote} - Lunch, Meals & drinks not specified - Cost to obtain valid passport. No Visa
is required for Ireland - Any items of personal nature such as laundry, drinks, Pay TV, gratitude tips & telephone
calls - Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final tour itinerary. BC Reg #2776-4

12 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014 Cindy Smith

Join Cindy Smith

Angel Empowerment Advanced Angel Empowerment
Practitioner Course Practitioner™ Course
(4 Days) (5 Day Course)

Become a certified Angel Empowerment The Advanced AEP is an intense 5 days of
Practitioner™ (AEP™) and learn how to heal and skill work and strengthening in confidence us-
connect with the angels. Cindy has blended her ing your gifts.
learnings together to create a well balanced An- There is focus on presentation skills develop-
gel Empowerment tool box! Take this certifica- ment, working with the Archangels doing guid-
tion for your personal development or use it as ed meditations, building confidence in facilitat-
an opportunity to put new skills in to effect to ing groups.
enhance your spiritual, healing, counselling or
energy based business. • Full day developing skills in mediumship
• Extensive work with all Archangels
• You will develop and enhance your intuitive • Each student will facilitate a guided medita-
abilities. tion (to be announced at course)
• Open and Trust in your own natural psychic • Psychic Spa techniques
and healing power. • Lecture Presenation
• Gain practical skills with other students.
• In the process Cindy will teach you all Doreen
Virtue has taught her and much much more.! Requirements for Second level:
• Some key skills taught are: how to do pro- Completed AEP™ Course with a 6 week break in
fessional angel card readings, chakra clearing, between courses.
working with Archangels, Aura work, energy Upon completion of Advanced class, you can be
cord cutting, basics of mediumship, past life certified as a medium if you qualify.

healing and more……………. Sign Up*Not required for Certification in AEP™

July 11 - 14, 2014 Sign Up July 17 - 21, 2014
Calgary, Alberta Here Calgary, Alberta
November, 2014
The Big Island Hawaii

Location details will be provided upon registrations.
Feel free to inquire with questions at [email protected]
With course of interest in subject line
Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 13 Cindy Smith


Contact us today to book your space
or visit

AV is intended to reach the Homeopathic, Holistic &
New-age Spiritual communities. A source for network-
ing between businesses, practitioners, and consumers in
these areas. We hope to enlighten & educate our readers
through interesting and factual articles and provide a
place for readers to find products & services world wide.

[email protected]


Crystal Wheeler
Light and Love Readings

Crystal is an Angel Medium. Over the past few years, she has taken
a number of classes to be able to connect to the angelic realm. By
doing this, she has been able to bring healing messages to people
from all over.

AV: How long have you been on this journey?

Crystal: Technically it has been five years. However, Spend time meditating and practising with each
now that I have scanned and remembered parts of Archangel individually. Getting to know that angels
my past, I have come to believe that I was actually unique energy and physical signs that they present.
following Angelic guidance my whole life. It wasn’t This will help gain the connection that you require
until I have taken the class that I soon discovered to be able to get used to their energy being around
that I had protection, and a strong intuition. I am you. You will also begin to learn what each one feels
so thankful that I was able to discover this, as it has like, what colors they are, and discover what phys-
completely changed my life. ical signs they present, such “Angel Bumps” which
are goose bumps.
AV: Any particular angel you work the most with? A sign for me is that Uriel plays with my hair in the
Crystal: One way I learned about which Angel I was back. Raphael tends to place his hand on my left
the most close with at the time was during class in shoulder. I can feel Archangel Michael’s energy make
an exercise. We had to go through a list of all the my heart and chest swell with love.
angels and the name that stood the most out to me,
was the angel that we would learn to connect with AV: Is there a suggestion that you can offer to
to begin our journey. help people, that may feel that aren’t connected?
For myself, Uriel was the strongest. At the time, I
had no idea that Uriel was the angel of wisdom and
philosophy. He illuminates our mind with insight
and ideas. This is interesting because I do have
prophetic dreams.
AV: How do you do you connect?

Crystal: It is actually quite simple; all it really takes is Crystal: As you know that everyone has guardian
desire. If you sit there and ask the angels to enter your angels, just trust that you have angels with you at
life, they will instantly be there for you. I find it is always all times. Remember you are never alone, they are
a good idea to take some classes to learn how to connect always with you. Have faith. And if it seems that
with the angels. Therefore you are in a safe environment you are struggling to hear, it may be because you
that enables you to validate the messages you may al- are trying too hard; taking a deep breath and relax.
ready be receiving. Learning about the Angels and who This is meant to be fun!!!
they are always helps. There are several different angels Ask for clear signs such as coin, rainbows, and
that specialize in certain areas, such as money, love, ca- feathers, songs on the radio, billboards, and num-
reer, courage and justice. bers (111).this is always a sure sign to let you know

16 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014 they are there.

Crystal Wheeler

AV: Understanding that a lot of people assume
that manifesting is just money, car, house… is it
safe to assume that manifesting will always get
you what you need?

AV: What are you manifesting right now? Crystal: You are able to manifest anything that you
want! You need to remember this. This includes a
Crystal: A brand new car!!!! car, a house, career and monry. The only time that
your manifesting will not work, is if it is hurting
AV: Pertaining to you article you just wrote for As- someone. Do you need it? Remember the angels
cending Vibrations, how do you utilize the Angels will guide you to something better if you do not ac-
during manifesting? tually truly desire this item, or in this case need it.
When manifesting, it is good idea to center your-
Crystal: I always like to connect with my higher self- self, take the time to think about what it is that you
first, then ask the angels to join me. Because when desire. Then take the time to think about how you
you work with your higher self, it will let you know are going to feel when this item comes into your
what is going to best for you. Together the angels life. Ask yourself, “Is this a quick fix for something
and your higher self will never steer you wrong. that is not working well for me?” or “Is it something
For me working with angels, I know when they are that I can see improving my life?” This will make
around, I have gotten used to utilizing all avenues the time and energy you involve really worth it
to incorporate my team when manifesting. The first when you receive this item into your life.
step is to just simply ask, and remember that this
does take time and a lot of faith. This is why it is a AV: How has manifesting impacted you?
good idea to get to know each angel and what they Crystal: I love manifesting; it is so fun and GREAT!!!
do. This will allow the channels to open easily and It allows me to feel more connected, allows me to
effortlessly, then making the journey to manifest realize that my thoughts are what is creating my
your heart’s desire. reality. It helps me and my family to live a better
A great way to do start practicing manifesting: be- life; full of happiness and freedom. Manifesting has
fore you leave the house, ask that angels to help you also helped improve other people’s lives around me
to find a spot right next to the doors of where you as well. This excites me.
are going. This may shock you, because if it is Christ-
mas Eve, and you know the malls are packed. You AV: What challenges have you had to overcome
will find the perfect spot close to the doors. This is while manifesting? Especially while learning.
how easy manifesting is. And when this happens, Crystal: The doubt is the biggest challenge. We
you will find yourself overwhelmed with joy and ex- were programed to not ask for too much, to be
citement, because you accomplished your first man- thankful for what we do have. Thoughts pop up that
ifesting exercise. This is great way to also gain your make you think you might be too greedy because of
confidence that angels are working with you. old patterns that were put into our thinking pro-
cess. Part of the process understands that you are
allowed to have this job that pays you well, you can
ask a for raise, and not worry that you are taking
away from someone else. The world is so abundant,
everyone is able to have what they desire. Crystal Wheeler Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 17

AV: What have you manifested?
Crystal: I have manifested being able to work with
certain people, meditation albums, a brand new
computer, couch and love seat, money, good weath-
er. Honestly there is no limit as to what you can man-
ifest. Just remember that you are capable of so much.
Remember that it is all about the power of thinking.
Your thought process is the jump start to manifest-
ing, so be positive, clear and confident.
Have childlike faith, ask for it, and let it go.

AV: Where do you think you will be one year from Manifesting,
today? its really that easy!

Crystal: I will be on my acreage; my kids will have By: Crystal Wheeler
the room to run around. When I was asked to write this article I was ready
I will have my store open. I also see myself traveling for an adventure. I would be able to spend time with
and giving inspirational workshops and talks. the angels and guides getting some deep insight from
I will be maintaining my happiness and success. the universe…… Nothing. No epiphanies, no magi-
cal lights shining down, no big ah ha moments and I
AV: Touch base on the Ego, how do you suggest began to panic. I scoured my books, asked friends for
working with the Ego? advice, I even asked someone to channel their guide
for what it is according to spirit that we as humans
Crystal: When you create with your higher self, you were missing with manifestation. Friends were telling
have to understand that your higher self is pure, and me to relax, the answer would come and it would be so
there no room for ego to be present. Understand simple because I already know what I needed to write
that ego comes from past and future fears, and when about. I had it inside of me already. It would be so sim-
you are in the moment, there is no room for ego to ple….
step in. If you are concerned that your ego is step-
ping in too much, center yourself and ask “Is this my When I went within and listened I realized I did al-
ego, or my higher self.” Your ego has to tell the truth. ready know the answer because I had been doing what
Take into consideration that there is reason why ego I needed to write about all along. The ability to man-
is creeping in there. And this is usually because of ifest is inside of us. We won’t find the secret answer
past lessons and future ones to come. Next step is buried in a book or in advice from others because
to ask “What is going on? You need to tell me.” Keep manifestation begins inside of us. It is about keeping
in mind that the more you shove your ego out of the things simple. We are groomed from a very early age
way, the louder it can get. Confront it! The ego is not to stop asking for things. How many times were you
evil in any way, it is part of you. told as a kid to “stop asking”? How many times as a
In my experience, the message I got was that I was parent do you tell your kids to “stop asking”. It begins
scared. And I felt that it was important to practice to program your brain that you must not ask. When
assuring ego that I am safe, and that I am in control. we want to manifest we must now go back and tell
Then this allows me to send ego to back burner, and ourselves it is ok to ask and our ego speaks up because
allow my higher self to come in. it is scared that we are doing something we have been
When doubt comes in, and you are asking yourself programmed not to do.
“What if I am not good enough to do this? What
if I can’t get this?” Allow yourself to change your
thoughts into “What if this is going to be the best ex-
perience of my life?” This will enable you to repro-
gram your brain into automatically thinking “I can”.

18 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014 Crystal Wheeler

Light & Love AV: Can you tell us why you have included kids in
your jouney?

Readings Crystal: I was guided to help kids and teens under-
stand their thoughts are what create their reality.
Also to understand that there is support system that
will encourage them to feel safe. Growing up was an
extremely rocky journey, and have suffered count-
less situations that had caused abuse to be present.
Angel Medium So with this experience, it has enabled me to connect
Spiritual Teacher with on many levels with kids of all ages. I honestly

Crystal Wheeler Life Coach wish that I had these tools to work with while grow-
(403)540-5912 Reiki Practitioner ing up to help me to get through the many challenging
days I had. I feel that it is important to have this infor-
[email protected] mation available to kids as they are so much stronger
than many adults give them credit. They just need a nudge in the right direction, understanding that there

ASK, BELIEVE, TRUST & RECEIVE is a support system that they can rely on. Being an
Adult Indigo enables me to see how my son, also an
Indigo, struggle so much with day to day activities;
The easiest way I have manifested was when I such as school. I am able to help him to understand
worked with my higher self. Your higher self is egoless the lessons, that I was forced to learn on my own.
so when you work with your higher self you are work- Now I feel there is tons of information and support
ing from a place of pure love and light. Your higher out there that is giving the indigos of today the sanc-
self knows what is for the highest good and will gently tuary they desire.
guide you and always give you truthful answers. When
thinking about what you want to manifest, become AV: Aside from the use of social media, how do you
one with your higher self. ASK “Is this for my highest intend on reaching out to the kids?

good?” You can manifest anything you want but really Crystal: I trust that by creating this with the angels,
make sure you know all the answers before you begin I know that the world needs this. I ask the angels to
to create your manifestation. “Is this the most benefi- help connect the tools I have channeled for kids and
cial/profitable for me now, or in the future?” Every- teens, and trust that the angels will direct the infor-
thing that you need is inside of you. It is that simple. mation where it is needed most.
Now that you know what you want all you have to do So I do the work, I manifest by giving it to the angels,
is ASK. Allow yourself to have that child-like faith. I and let it go. This is where faith really kicks in, and
love watching my children when they talk about their once you feel it, you will see everything fall into place.
dreams, the cars they will have, places they will go. For
them it is simple because they believe. I will have a red AV: Any last tid bits you want to include that we haven’t
ford truck, I will go to Disneyland. These are affirma- asked about?
tions. There is no doubt in what they are putting out to
the universe. They ask, and know it’s coming. Crystal: When manifesting, make sure you are asking
Manifestation is really that simple…. from a place of graditude. Really focus on opening your
heart center and putting as much love as you can out to
the universe. What I do after asking for what I desire is
put out a “sonic boom” of love. I picture love, happiness
and graditude building up inside of me moving up to
my heart cenert and then smile. I allow myself to be in
the moment of pure bliss. Envsion all my feelings of joy
releasing through one breath; ascending directly to the
universe, from my heart. Crystal Wheeler Ascending Vibrations July 2014 - 19

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20 - Ascending Vibrations July 2014 Tina Marie Bertoli

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