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Published by Ellie_Windy, 2015-07-27 21:23:14

December 2013, Winter Issue Vol. 1

-December 2013, Winter Issue Vol. 1


4 Christina, Editor in Chief
14 Michael, Managing Editor
18 Alex, Creative Director
26 Casey, Photographer
36 Heidi, Editor at Large
60 Dharma, Hair & Makeup Artist
68 Krizia, Fashion Editor
78 Angela, Jewelry Editor
90 Denise, Home Designs
& Planning Editor
102 Melissa, Nutritionist
108 Briana, Houston Event

116 Ministry Spotlight,
122 Unconditional Love Ministries

Testimony with Tara

128 Closing


Also known as Christy! Actually, I preferred to be called Christy
growing up, because I disliked my name "Christina" greatly! Now,
I'm thankful that my mom named me this, thanks mom! Christina
means “Christ Follower”.
Though I've always loved God, I haven't always followed Him. My
life has been a process that has brought me to be a Christ
Follower, and I want to use it to encourage you. My passion with
Christina Magazine is to EMPOWER women with God's POWER
through encouragement, testimonies, love, fashion, jewelry, home
designs, and so much more!
I look forward to this journey with you and fulfilling my God given
talent and calling in life.



HTeHaErt One morning I stood in my closet weeping and
praying, “Lord, I want to be used in a mighty way for
your kingdom. I want to focus on my strengths and
not my weaknesses. I want to help women who are
going through things that I have gone through. I want
to bring them to you, Jesus.” He Heard. He Spoke. I
listened. I obeyed. Now, you’re reading Christina
The heart behind Christina Magazine is to encourage,
comfort, and be with Christian women through good
times and times of no hope. I know if I can just get
her to Jesus, He will take over from there. My prayer
is that you will be encouraged and inspired through
Christina’s online magazine’s ministry, beauty and
lifestyle tabs with articles, photography, fashion
spreads, hair and makeup layouts, home design tips
and so much more.
In this issue, “The Launch Issue”, you will meet the
incredible talented ladies and the guy who is behind it
all. I love my team and I couldn’t do it without them or
you, my readers. Please enjoy the “meet the team”
editorial, Krizia’s winter must-haves, Angela’s bling,
Dharma’s hair and makeup spread, our editor
must-haves, Denise’s Christmas Décor, Heidi’s
encouragement, Tara’s powerful testimony and so
much more!
Our passion is to EMPOWER women with God’s
POWER! We love you and want to hear from you. If
you have a testimony, a ministry, an article, you want
to share with us, please do so. If you would like to
advertise with us or just send a note of
encouragement contact us and let us know. Thank
God Bless You




1 I have to have Jesus, my Bible, Grace and Faith daily
to survive!

2 I love my little family and couldn't go a day without
them! I love each and every one of our friends too!
They make life go round much smoother!

3 My black heels, purse, shades, lip gloss, and iPhone!
How did we function before these things! ?

4 I'm sure by now you've seen the picture floating
around the internet that says, "some mornings I need
a WHOLE lot of Jesus & Coffee! :) Yes, me too!

5 AND lastly.. FACEBOOK! I can't even imagine life
without it; I wouldn't have met you lovely ladies!



Gifts? You can’t go wrong with any
of these gifts! My all time fave
is still cash & gift cards! I’m
sure you’ll all agree that
handbags, jewelry, makeup,
perfume & accessories make
perfect gifts too!



I am currently in my senior year at Strayer University com-
pleting my degree in Finance. I am a father to (2) gor-
geous teenage daughters and a Navy veteran from
Gainesville, Ga. I grew up in the church mostly because of
my uncle Mike. As my pastor and spiritual mentor, he has
both challenged and inspired me to get off my pew and
strive to leave a legacy for future generations that brings
honor to Jesus Christ.
I look forward to collaborating with Christina as managing

Michael Holland, Managing Editor




I began painting at the age of 7. I had an Aunt, a professional artist, in
Managua, Nicaragua who would let me play with her acrylic paints and
give me canvases to explore my creativity. It was from then on my interest
for art and painting began to develop. I told my dad my 7 year old "When I
grow up dream..." that I wanted to be an artist and he simply said "Honey,
most artist do not make money until they die." As I got older those words
stuck with me and I began to think what could I get my Bachelors in so I
may continue to create?

I decided I would get a BFA in Interior Design. My Grandfather has several
properties that he designed and had constructed when I lived in Managua

ment to a precise square footage as a grade. I realized how much I loved
placing the furniture throughout the apartment/houses. I began to design
several little homes after that.

began to paint professionally. It was through writing poetry, singing, and
painting that God began to heal my heart from my past. God has blessed
me with the ability to see things and create them into something tangible.
I love graphic design, creating graphic illustrations, painting, singing, and

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